Saria And Kita A New Friendship

[[Logged by Saria]]

Log: Harpers Tale MOO
Sixty-eighth day of summer, 25th Turn, Tenth Pass
Topics: Ista Weyr: Saria calls for Kita, and a new relationship is
forged; Bronze Weyrling Zi'n tries to save the world.. or at least, AWLM

Quarith's Weyr (#4408)
Glowbaskets cast soft light around the black volcanic rock walls of this
weyr. Saria's bag of rushes is on one side of the sizeable cavern, and
on the other side, Quarith's couch. At the far end, near the exit to the
hatching sands, is a large round table with four chairs. The backs of
the chairs are carved so that each one looks as though there is a small
firelizard sitting on either side with their tails curled down around the
chairs. On the table, Saria's wingleader guide and a few other scrolls
are spread out for her perusal.
It is a summer afternoon.
To the northwest, you see Synth, Serath, and Mnedzanth.
On the wooden perch in the corner are Salic and Dana.
Gold Quarith is here.
You see Liria here.
Obvious exits:
Landing Overlook Saria's Chambers

Saria (#4925)
Saria's long, wavy chestnut hair glints with reddish copper highlights,
plaited neatly to the back of her head and secured with a ribbon. A few
soft, delicate curls, like ringlets, fall from the braid at all times,
framing her face, and causing her to brush them from her chocolate brown
eyes. If you knew her before she was searched, you will surely notice
the depth and clarity her eyes have taken on since her Impression to her
lifemate and love, gold Quarith. Her smooth, creamy skin is an almost
startling contrast to her eyes and hair, and her heart-shaped mouth turns
up in the slightest of smiles as she notices your gaze, a change from her
usual serious demeanor.
Her sienna leathers glow almost luminescently and seem to bring out the
lustre of Saria's hair. Calf-high, sturdy wherhide boots complete the
picture. Strapped to her back is Flamethrower.
Saria wears the Orange and Black knot of Ista Weyr, threaded through with
a fine, bright strand of gold for her lifemate and a rather oddly
contrasting strand of purple for her healing. The knot's intricate loops
show that she is a Weyrwoman.
She is awake and looks alert.
Saria is 45 Turns, 4 months, and 11 days old.

Liria (#14747)
Liria's black hair has grown thick and shiny, and is plaited neatly down
either side of the back of her head in two big braids. Her face is not
quite as stern as her mother Saria's, but she inherited the creamy, pale
while skin. Her dark brown eyes sparkle with her mother's intensity and
her father's sense of mischief, and at just over 9 turns of age she is
certain to find plenty of the latter. She is wearing a sturdy white
sisal tunic and a lovely indigo overdress that's just made for playing
in. On her feet are sturdy wherhide moccasins that have seen better
days, and on her shoulder is a well-kept knot of Istan Orange and Black.

Quarith (#3000)
Glowlight plays over this dragon's silky, smooth hide like the last
flickers of the setting sun against the bellies of thick and rosy-hued
clouds. The white gold on her belly deepens subtly as it rises to her
flanks and spine into a rich and honeyed gold. She moves with a
dignified grace, confident in each well-placed step. When she extends
her wings, the sails show honeyed gold, and the marbling of veins casts
intricate and muted shadows against the ground. The spars, the framework
of her light bones, gleam pale gold, and that lightness of color seems to
bear her aloft.
Her inquisitive nature is evident in her every movement, as she absorbs
the world around her in tandem with her lifemate, Saria.
Her complacent expression gives her an air of refined dignity befitting
her color.
Quarith is 24 Turns, 11 months, and 21 days old.
She is 82 feet (25m) long, with a wingspan of 136 feet (42m).

Kita quietly pads in from the Landing Overlook.

Saria looks up from her place on the floor, sprawled out on a blanket with
her dauther. "Ah, Kita, good," she says. "You're always so punctual."
Changing her tone for just a moment, she addresses her daughter. "Liria,
you play with your things there while I speak with the brownrider."

Kita stands just inside the entrance, a small smile on her lips as she
watches the Weyrwoman play with her daughter. "A habit learnt from all
those times C'dar has sent me to bring various Journeymen and Masters to
the Weyr, Weyrwoman," Kita states calmly, still watching the young girl.

Liria looks up briefly at Kita, and smiles, her two black plaits bobbing a
bit. "Good evening, brownrider," she says, in a practised and studious
manner. Just like mama taught her. She is nothing if not obedient, and so
goes back to playing with her counting beads. Saria stands up. "Aye, that
would do it," she nods to Kita with a wry smile and a rueful chuckle that
make no bones about her feelings for the current Istan Weyrleader. "Come,
sit down - our usual spot." Saria gestures to her table. "Can I have the
drudges bring some wine?"

Kita blinks in some surprise at little Liria's politeness, before nodding
to her and returning the greeting. "Good evening…ah…Liria," she
responds after a moment's hesitation of trying to remember what Saria
called her. Following Saria to the table, Kita's eyes suddenly light up
at the mention of her /favourite/ beverage. "Oh, wine would be
wonderful, thankyou Weyrwoman."

Saria smiles. "I'll send for my best. It'll be a toast, to us continuing
this conversation. I was so glad to hear the last time we talked that
you're interested in learning the art of dragonhealing, Kita." The
Weyrwoman sends her gold skittering off to the kitchens.. presumably,
this is a common occurrence and the drudges know what to make of it.

Zi'n rushes in from the Landing Overlook.

Kita returns the smile a little weakly, dropping her head to allow her
long hair to fall forward and hide her expression. Recovering her
composure, the brownrider then sweeps her head back. "I'm very grateful
that you're willing to teach me. Djarreth is endlessly curious about the
whole thing-" Kita's voice breaks off as one of her students rush in, and
she gazes at him in astonishment.

Liria looks up, visibly startled at the intrusion, and drops a handful of
her beads.. a few go rolling off her blanket, and clatter on the hard
stone floor of the Weyr. She scurries off quickly, crouching low, to pick
up the loose ones.

Kita (#15174)
The most prominent feature of Kita is her bright, flowing red hair. Always
left loose, it hangs in waves and reaches halfway down her back. Her mane
frames a small featured face, with high cheekbones and large, brown eyes.
Narrow shoulders give way to a slim waist and small hips, a legacy to a
youth of physical labour. Her skin is a pale, milky colour, with long but
slender fingers always ready to help others. A shy smile is almost always
playing upon her lips, yet seen only when she stucks the stray strands of
hair behind her ear.
Loam's rich, fertile silence embraces Kita's slender torso, wrapping
covetous fingers of sleek, sly leather about narrow hips and slight
shoulders. Her thin arms are swathed in the broken-in comfort of
long-used leathers, while covert fur's silken brush carefully encircles
sleeves, shutting out *between*'s frigid touch. A tangible darkness
whispers across wherhide surface, infusing the modest cut with a hushed
hint of the unknown; impenetrably black in shadowed light, only Rukbat's
brushed touch reveals their true shade: a subtle, supple brown, earthy
and lusciously deep. Perched on Kita's shoulder is Sara.
Tucked into the strands of hair on her head, a pin gleams with the light
and contrasts bringing a halo of light to Kita's visage.
A double cord of orange and black makes up Kita's knot, with a brown
strand identifying the colour of her lifemate sewn through. A more recent
addition to her uniform lies within the Firestorm wingrider's badge, most
proudly worn.
She is awake and looks alert.
Kita is 27 Turns, 3 months, and 27 days old.

Zi'n (#17149)
Long strands of hair fall in errant strands over this young man's face,
the color a darker brown than before, but the auburn refused to leave and
is now showing in reddish highlights. Eyes, always half-covered behind
the locks, usually gleam with humor and mischief, bright hazel orbs
dusted with emerald flecks always alert and alive with curiosity.
Well-tanned skin stretches over smooth, lean muscles, a sprinkle of
freckles occasionally appearing around nose and cheeks. Although a bit on
the short side, and rather lean, there isn't anything noticeable about
this young man's body, except from a few small scars one might notice
when his arms are bare.
As if painted on, tight leathers cling to the form of slender body. Warm
cinnabar washes from shoulders over chest, past slim hips and down until
disappearing into black riding-boots. Gloves sheat his hands, the russet
leather, done with golden stitches, complimenting both cinnabar leathers
and tarnished bronzen riding straps. Zi's bag hangs loosely over Zi'n's
Ista's colors are worn with pride; darkest black blending with fiery
orange in a weyrling's knot on cinnabar shoulder. A single strand of
golden bronze is weaven into the middle of it, signifying eternal love
for Orbyth.
He is awake and looks alert.
Zi'n is 23 Turns, 9 months, and 2 days old.

"Sir!" Oh, wait, she said /Saria/ - not S'har. "Um, ma'am! She didn't do
it! I mean, it wasn't her fault. I-err…." In comes a very
flustered-looking Zi'n, the bronzeling giving the impression of having
hurried very much to get here. Buttons are in the wrong holes, boots not
laced, hair rumpled… "D'itz said you were in trouble for that lessons
and I, um…." … was obviously mistaken? Squeak. Retreat, retreat. "I'm
sorry! Oh, sorry, so- oh!" Trying to back out of the weyr, his bootheel
catches onto an offensive leg of an offensive chair, and there he slams,
into an offensive wall. Um - whoops?

Just then, a drudge sweeps through the weyr's opening, carrying a tray
bearing two beautiful blown glass goblets in a shade of unmatched purple,
and a wineskin that, if it's headed for Saria's table, could only be the
best pressing of Benden Red. Stopping short in order not to ram herself
into the bronze weyrling, the drudge manages to keep from emitting an
epithet as she then proceeds around him. She places the tray on the
table in front of Saria, who looks up with a sour expression on her face.

Catching herself, Saria smiles understandingly at the drudge. "Thank you,
Evelia," she adds, "You were very quick." Standing up to her full
height, and taking a few steps away from the table towards the hastily
retreating bronze weyrling, Saria barks. "Hold, there. Zi'n, is it?
Don't go away so quickly, there, my boy."

Upon recognising the weyrling, Kita claps a hand to her forehead, gritting
her teeth in consternation. Twisting her body around, she shoots him a
half grateful, half imploring look, mouthing 'What are you /doing/
here?!?' Finally she twists herself back to face the Queen dragon's
couch, her back towards poor notoriously clumsy Zi'n. And there she
stays, motionless, allowing the Weyrwoman to have her say. Kita is only
an Assistant Weyrling Master, afterall.

"Ah… yes, ma'am. I'm Zi'n," said person offers quickly. "Rider of..
bronze Orbyth." Istan knot with the bronze thread is fingered nervously,
as if he needs to remind himself just why he's here - and why he always
seems to get into trouble. "I'm s-sorry - I thought that… I…." Cheeks
burning that lovely shade of embarassed crimson, bronzeling straightens
into his full height, getting ready to receive any verbal or physical
scoldings the weyrwoman might decide to impose on him. Kita gets a hazel
'please don't kill me after Saria does' look - or rather, her back does.

OOC: Zi'n splutters and has this wild mental image of Saria beating up
poor Zi ;)

OOC: Kita laughs. At least I'd imagine you won't fall on top of her? ;P

OOC: Zi'n blushes. Shh ;)

The Weyrwoman steps closer. "Well, you're certainly a loyal one, I'll
give you that. But I'm sure you know, Weyrling," and she accentuates the
word, letting it linger on her tongue, "That when a Weyrwoman calls
anyone, rider or not, to her weyr to talk, it is for good reason, whether
a positive or a negative action was the impetus for her to do so." She
pauses. "It's never a good idea to barge into a goldrider's weyr, Zi'n,
rider of bronze Orbyth. Kita can speak for herself, and if you'd had
anything to say to me, you could well have asked ot see me later on."
Saria stands, hands on hips, facing down the young man just under half
her age with the same stern countenance she had more than 20 turns ago
when she impressed. "Now. You're excused."

Kita curls her lips into her mouth, again twisting herself around to
observe the proceedings. Not that she needs to see- sharp Harper hearing
can tell what's going on. Zi'n is given a sympathetic look with a
little, weak smile before she helplessly glances away once more. After a
moment's hesitation, a look of determination flares in her eyes, and Kita
stands up. "Um..Weyrwoman?" she softly begins, her tone unsure, her
demeanor somewhat more certain.

Saria raises a brow. She's done with Zi'n, at any rate, and turns to
Kita. "Yes, brownrider?"

Zi'n seems to slump a little during the scold, his crimson cheeks lovely
accenting cinnabar leathers. Mouth opens and closes as the 'ling tries to
find suitable words, and in the end, /after/ Saria's done speaking, he
manages to blurt out: "I'm so sorry, Weyrwoman Saria, ma'am. I had no
idea… I didn't realize it was you Assistant Weyrlingmaster Kita came to
see, and I didn't recognize your weyr, and Orbyth gave me the impression
that… that…" Falling silent as Kita suddenly speaks, hazel eyes skip
to her instead as lip is gnawed on. Shardin' lifemate…

Saria takes in the bronzeling's words, but waits a moment to hear Kita out
before responding to either or both.

Suddenly looking as though she'd kept her mouth shut, Kita bites her
bottom lip, and continues. "I must take full responsibility for Weyrling
Zi'n's action. It seems I may have given him the wrong impression at
some point, and he felt that he had to come here and..defend me." Kita
quickly shifts her eyes to Zi'n, shooting him a genuine smile before
returning to her previous seriousness. "There has been rumours that I am
not teaching the Weyrling lessons correctly. Zi'n here seems to think
differently. I will speak to you later, Zi'n," she says menacingly, yet
her eyes show quite the different feeling.

Saria shakes her head. "Your intent is well taken, Assistant
Weyrlingmaster," the Weyrwoman adds, "but nevertheless, Weyrling Zi'n
should be familiar enough with the Weyr and with protocol by now to know
where the Weyrleaders' weyrs are, and furthermore, to know not to barge
into one without first having been asked or invited. As to the
allegation that you are not teaching the Weyrling lessons correctly, I
cannot speak, as I have not been made aware of that fact - but I rest
assured that the Weyrlingmasters and the Weyrleader can handle such
matters among themselves, as is fitting."

"Furthermore," Saria continues, putting a final point on her statement,
"Zi'n should know that he is welcome to request some of my time at any
time if he should have a concern," and she directs this toward the
bronzeling now, "about an issue that relates to his duties or to the Weyr
in general."

Zi'n starts stuttering out another explanation, but suddenly he shuts up.
Right. He's excused, and… whoops. "I really am sorry," he manages to
say for the umpteenth time, looking like he might burst into tears any
moment. "I… it wasn't Kita's fault, really. I take responsibility for
myself." After all, he's not a weyrbrat. Really. Orbyth might be
categorized as one, but not him. "Oh, thank you, weyrwoman, I'll rem…
thank you. I will. If I have concerns, I mean. I don't, at the moment."

Saria gives Zi'n a pointed look, and salutes him as a final dismissal.
She's not one to prolong agony, even in untrained Weyrlings.

Kita sighs, throwing her arms up into the air and rolling her eyes in an
uncharacteristic show of frustration at the entire situation. She shakes
her head for a moment, glances over to the young girl to see how she's
coping with the tension in the cavern, and glances back to Saria.
Catching her look to Zi'n, she nods to him, in a gesture of 'You'd better
go.' Then she adds a sly wink, a small smile, and she sits herself down
in her own gesture of dismissal.

Zi'n hastily makes a reverse retreat - and manages to escape, this time
without catching any chairs. Squeak!

Dana> Zi'n rushes in from the Quarith's Weyr.

Dana> Dana chatters nattily at Zi'n.

Dana> Zi'n almost squeaks and jumps at the sound - ooh, chatter. Scary,
for a very worn weyrling with nerves outside his skin…

Dana> Dana rattles off another round from her perch just above and to one
side of the entrance to Saria's weyr. She seems to think this is a fun

Dana> Zi'n certainly thinks this is a funny game as well - can't you see
that slightly mad grin on his face? A blaming glance is sent lizard-wards
- she could have /warned/ him before he entered! Right.

With her back still to the cavern entrance, Kita waits as she hears the
sound of Zi'n hastily scurrying off. "Weyrwoman Saria, I'm /so/ sorry
about that. I think he was just trying to..protect me in his own unusual
way," she grins meekly, rubbing a hand on the back of her neck. "Believe
me, it came as much of a surprise to me as to you…" Coughing a little
uncomfortably, Kita sits rigidly, as if awaiting her own retribution.

Saria saunters thoughtfully back over to the table and retakes her seat,
giving a glance to Liria who, beads now gathered up again, is playing
quietly over near Quarith's couch. "I understand. You should instruct
them again in self-control, perhaps?"

Kita flushes a deep red, biting her bottom lip as she drops her gaze.
"Yes Weyrwoman," she acknowledges, accepting the mild criticism. After a
moment's silence, Kita dares to raise her eyes again, quite obviously
wondering if she can venture into the topic of why she's here. But
first: "Ah…I can report to C'ran about this matter, if you'd prefer."

Saria pours the Benden carefully into the two purple glass goblets, the
Weyrwoman's own personal vessels, and hands a glass of the red to Kita.
"It's up to you, Kita - whatever you think would be best. But I'm
certainly glad to hear your.. concern, is it?"

Kita winces a little at Saria's choice of words, yet finally nods. "Well,
I suppose it could be a concern. We mustn't let the weyrling riders base
their decisions rashly on strong emotions. They need a clear head for
thinking when flying Fall." After pondering that thought a moment, Kita
finally nods, as if satisfied. Eyeing the goblet warily for a moment,
she checks her expression and assumes one of polite thankfulness. "I was
wondering, Weyrwoman, when we may be able to start lessons?" A small
smirk, perhaps at the abrupt change of topic, perhaps at her dragon, for
she continues: "Djarreth wonders if he may be able your
'model' to work with." The rider hurriedly hides her amused expression
into her goblet by taking a sip, forgets herself and shudders horribly.

Saria nods in agreement at Kita's comment about Weyrlings with clear
heads, and listens to Kita's request. "Well, before we even get to
models, there are some lessons that need to be dealt with that don't
actually involve touching dragons; and the things that we learn, we
dragonhealers don't use live and well dragons to learn on. The actual
technical skills we learn, like how to suture, or transfuse ichor, come
later, and those things are practised on inanimate objects until the
student is skilled enough to assist in dragonhealing; once you've
assisted enough and I am confident in your skills, then I can promote

Kita listens sedately throughout this little speech: afterall, it kind of
is a lesson in itself. "Oh okay," she nods at the end, sipping her wine
for politeness sake. "I shall have to explain that to Djarreth, then."
Kita turns her head and fakes a cough to the side, allowing her hair to
flop forward and hopefully cover her expression from the Weyrwoman. For
at the same time, Kita winces, gritting her teeth as she attempts to get
used to the unfamiliar taste of wine. Not many riders get to dine with
the Weyrleaders. Flicking her hair back over her shoulder, Kita's face
resumes it's normal countenance. "I understand," she reaffirms. "So,
where do we start?"

Saria chuckles. "Well, if anyone accused you of not knowing your lessons,
you'll surely know them after I'm done with you. The first lesson, Kita,
is dragon anatomy, pure and simple - what bits go where. I suppose
Djarreth could be of help to me when we get down to it, so you can tell
him he can help by sticking out a wing for me to refer to, eventually. I
hope that will make him happy." She tilts her head sideways, just a bit.
"Is the wine not to your liking?" she asks. After all, 24 turns of this
can't have left her completely without the ability to tell when someone's
a 'wine novice'. "Perhaps something else, then?"

"Oh thankyou," Kita breathes in relief, pleased that she won't have to
console a disappointed dragon. "He loves being a part of things.
Especially things I'm involved in." As for the wine comment: well, Kita
glances down, once more finding the floor truly fascinating as her face
flushes with embarrassed heat. "Ah no, the wine is fine, really, it's
just…" after a small pause and another wince, Kita raises her eyes.
"It's just that I'm not used to it," she finishes, smiling a little
sheepishly. "I'm more of a klah person."

Saria smiles. "I shall try to remember that. I enjoy klah as much as the
next person, but wine I share on special occasions - this being the
celebration of your being promoted to the status of Dragonhealer Trainee,
of course."

Kita didn't seem to have pondered that idea, or that title, for that
matter. Brown eyes lift to gaze solemly at Saria, before they light up
with undisguised joy, her hand gripping the goblet so tight it looks as
if it could shatter. Nearly. "Of course," she grins, managing to keep
some of her turbulent emotions down. "I didn't consider such a
title…shards, I haven't felt like this since I was accepted by Teraille
into the Harpercraft!" Outside in the bowl, a loud, tiumphant dragon
bugle reverberates around the weyr, causing Kita to lightly laugh.

Saria chuckles. "Well, I'll make sure that it's noted - and I'll assure
C'ran that this won't interfere with your work with the Weyrlings in any
way. He knows my priorities are his as well, when it comes to training

A little bit of childlike wistfulness emerges in Kita's personality in the
form of: " I get a new knot or anything?" The question is asked
quietly, as if Kita knows it's not really the sort of thing one would
ask. Yet she seems unable to deny herself the question.

Saria chuckles. "You know, it's been so long, I shall have to ask Catia
of the 'Reaches if they give a new knot for a trainee, or only after
you've been promoted to full Dragonhealer. I will let you know, of

Kita nods, perhaps a little more violently than necessary due to her
repressed excitement. "I understand." Placing the goblet on the table,
Kita stands up. "Thankyou for being my mentor, Weyrwoman Saria. I have
to admit, I'm very much looking forward to the first lesson. Thankyou
for taking the time to teach me."

Saria smiles. "This will be a treat for me as well - it's the first time
in ages I will have gotten to teach myself… so please bear with me as I
get started again." This is an odd role for her after so long - she
gives herself a little shake as if to settle into it, and stands up as
well. "I will check with C'ran and then set up a time for your first

Kita beams and fidgets, as if having difficulty in keeping
still. Finally she does bring her bouncing body under enough control to
salute. "Good evening, Weyrwoman," she states as a farewell, tilting her
head out to the bowl in an indication of 'Djarreth needs me.'

Saria returns the salute. "Good evening, Kita."

Kita quietly pads to the Landing Overlook.

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