Ei'es' Snake Oil Will Work Miracles Green Sarezith

Congrats, Ei'es! You are now an Istan Rider. You've been a blast throughout this Candidacy, and your creativity and sense of humor bring life to your interactions both OOC and IC. We hope that you’ll be as happy to join the Weyr as we are to have you! Members of SearchCo have put many hours into creating Sarezith just for you – your ideas gave life to our inspiration and we tried to create the dragon you wanted. Sarezith is, though, your partner in crime – our ideas are just a guideline, and you can play your new cohort any way you like. We look forward to seeing you grow with the dragon we have thought of for you – and seeing what trouble the two of you unleash on Pern. – T'zyn, Lida, D'baji, Onlie

A Vote For Vegetarianism Egg

Across a plane of matte grey only the subtle shift of shadows varies the orb from stem to stern, but speckling the surface are long ovoids stained in violet. Tubular lengths are striated with fainter shades and darker blotches within the core. Feelers like shredded wheat cascade away from each in long tendrils, reaching out towards other clusters, like sickly pink fingers digging themselves into the brain matter beneath.

Hatching message:

A Vote For Vegetarianism Egg rattles – there's a taptaptapping of a sharp snout against the inside of this egg, its occupant impatient to be free of the confinement. The cracks spread their way slowly across the shell, spiderwebbing out from that central point of pressure, until finally the hammering achieves its goal: with a final burst of energy, the egg shatters, spilling a jade-green dragonet out onto the dark sands. There's a shuddering shake of wings to free herself of stubbornly clinging egg-shards, and then she hops forward, head tilting one way and then another to scent the air around her as her search begins.

Snake Oil Will Work Miracles Green Dragonet

Sharp and pointed, her piercing copper snout cuts away to a sudden dark cobalt mask, downplaying the pronounced protruding ridges that protect slanted eyes, wrapping 'round beneath trim, pointed headknobs, and fading into the deep teals of her crested 'ridges. Her jade body, feather-grained with hints of emerald, is carved small and sleek, narrowing from the shoulders to to the tip of her long navy-dipped tail, down tapered limbs to razor-sharp talons. Her wings are long and wide, wingsails slicing fern-green from cobalt-swiped wingbones, down into a darker mossy hue at serrated edges. Swift, compact, and wickedly sharp, she is precisely wrought and dangerously alluring.

Impression Message

Snake Oil Will Work Miracles Green Dragonet stops short at Eilem's yelling, her head whipping around, her pointy-sharp muzzle pecking threateningly towards the Trader-Candidate. Not far enough to connect, though; after this initial warning thrust, she tilts her head to one side, the sharp whuffle she lets out sounding halfway to a laugh. She circles Eilem once, sniffing, testing, getting his measure, and then stops in front of him, looking down at him with a kind of grudging respect.

Personal Impression Message

Darkness creeps into your mind, blotting out the bright heat of the sands. Far from bleak, what is lacked in visuals is more than made up for in the richness of the other senses that encompass you – a soft cooling breeze brushing against your skin, carrying with it the clean-fresh scent of the earth after a rain shower. « You know I'm to cleave to you, » comes quietly, demurely. Gentle, relaxing – at least for a few seconds. « Hehe. Hehehe. Hehehehe. » An abruptly harsh laugh chatters its way into your mind, replacing the earlier diffidence with a voice strident and confident. « C'mon. We've got a lot to do. I'm Sarezith, and you can be my Ei'es. »


Name Inspiration

You gave us some good concrete suggestions to draw from to name your dragon, and we found them to be perfect for the razor quick magpie green we were creating. We loved the sound of ‘rezi’ from Terezi, but thought that it would be too short, so we took a tiny inspiration from the ‘Cissa’ genus of the magpie and added the ‘Sa’ to the beginning. We have been pronouncing her name Sa-REZ-ith, even taking a tiny cue from the word ‘serrate’, but obviously you can say it however you like.

Egg Inspiration

A terror that struck the meat production market for ages, Mad Cow Disease or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy is a progressive neurolgical disease in cattle that causes us people to feel depressed, dizzy, have pins and needles feeling in our legs and arms, headaches, and death. It's fatal with no effective treatment and you catch it by eating infected beef. I'm still going to bbq though.


Description Inspiration

You asked for an avian-like green with green magpie markings, slender and aerodynamic. This is what we started with when descing, but while trying to render the feathers, and giving her more of an aerodynamic look than the magpie itself has, she started to take on more predatory characteristics. Before we knew it, she was a small and efficient hunter’s knife - and with a character like Saffron as a major inspiration for your dragon, who’s going to say ‘no’ to something so accurate and deadly?

Mind Voice


The starkest thing about Sarezith's mindvoice is its utter lack of visuals. Where some dragons' mental speech comes accompanied by colour or imagery, she has none of that; in the rest of her life she largely prefers to rely on her other senses rather than her somewhat hampered eyesight, and this carries over, too, into her communication.

She is agile, a flier, and the wind and weather, which affect flight patterns so strongly, feature heavily in her voice. When she is younger, her moods will be remarkably easy to gauge from the quality of her mental weather, but just as a deft flier will use the weather patterns to their advantage, as she matures her mental landscape becomes less of a giveaway as to what she is thinking, and more a tool she uses to color her words, accentuate them with just the right weight and just the right mood.

For all its stark lack of visual, Sarezith's mindvoice is still a richly textured thing. She is strongly adept at calling to mind all the vagaries of Pern's weather – from the gentle rush and soft caress of an Istan summer breeze to the harsh sweltering beating of the Igen desert sun; the driving rain and booming crack of a thunderstorm, the icy-frigid bite of northern mountain winds, the gentle patter of a warm spring rain: these and more are the tools with which she colors her communication, vivid enough that when you close your eyes you might sometimes think you /had/ stumbled into that storm.

Though this mental backdrop is a vast and varied thing, the actual /voice/ Sarezith speaks with is considerably harsher. There is a birdlike quality to it, but not the melodic twittering of songbirds – a stronger, raspier cawing sort of tone. It softens occasionally; quieter, more twittery whispers, when she is very sleepy or very relaxed, but for the most part her tones are strong and strident. She tempers this when she has occasion to speak to people who are not you, tending to present a sweeter, gentler front to the others she interacts with.

Internally, Sarezith is prone to an abundance of chattering laughter – an overabundance, really, that you are generally the only one privy to – like all the world is one big joke that only you and she have been let in on, her laughter comes easily and often in her speech to you.

GC: H3H3H3H3H3
GC: H4H4H4H4H4
GC: H4H4H44H4H4H
GC: H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4
GC: 4H4H4H4H4H4H44H4H4H4H4
GC: H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H333H3H3H3H3H
GC: 444444444H4H4HH4H4H4H44H444H4HH4H4H4H4H4
GC: H4H4H4H4H4H4H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H3
GC: FFFF444444444444H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4
GC: H3H3H3H3H3H3H3H33H3H3H3H34H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4
GC: H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4

It is entirely possible she may never stop laughing.


Sarezith is tempered steel, not some big, awkward bar of iron. She will slice almost effortlessly through the air, and be able to turn on the proverbial dime. She is small and agile, as you asked, her full-grown length putting her solidly among the tiniest greens in the Weyr. She’ll be a precision flier, knowing full well she has an advantage where it comes to maneuverability, and feeling no hesitation in making use of it. The inherent strength in her form and a long tail (well, for her size anyway) means she should be able to pull off some of the more wing-snapping, neck-breaking turns the Weyr will see. Watch out - you’ll have to make sure she doesn’t get you too much whiplash in the process.

The one exception to her generally sleek rule is her eyeridges. They’re over-protective, like as if her genes took the ‘protect the eyes’ thing just a bit too seriously. (Think of an unnecessary hand guard on a little hunting knife; the proportions might be right, but there’s still something just a bit out of place with the design.) This means that her vision, at least for things directly overhead, will be a bit impaired by those protruding dragon-brows. And for as much as she likes to twist and turn and pivot and pinwheel when she’s airborne, she’s likely to rely more on her other senses. Eyes will be on the horizon, just like a fighter pilot, but the thermals, the winds? She’ll rely on her other instruments: she can feel and hear the winds much better than she can see them anyway. And there’s something just thrilling about flying eyes closed, especially when there’s no one else around.

Though the air is clearly what she was made for, she won’t be an awkward lump of stumbling dragon on the ground. She will stay light on her feet (maybe she’s more titanium than tempered steel?), but might be a bit more prone to hop-skipping around on her hindlegs instead of just walking. It’ll be faster (oh man, Sarezith has a /need/ for speed), and it will leave her foreclaws free for feeling about - getting a tactile sense of the world around her - while providing for necessary course corrections and ready climbing done on claw tips. Because she’s so tactile, she has a tendency to keep her head held back further than most dragons, her neck holding it firmly over her shoulders to lessen her chances of finding a wall with her snout instead of her hands. Her posture is made even more birdlike in the way she turns and tilts her head often to catch scents and listen to things from many different angles, using her finely honed senses to make up for her awkward sight.


Deceptive is the word you should keep in mind when it comes to Sarezith’s personality. As you know from spending a great deal of time in her head and observing her interactions with others, she’s not always as she appears. She’s intelligent even if she likes to hide it, tricky to say the least and even though she’s not above using people and rank, she actually has a strong sense of justice. More bigger-picture than most dragons and with a better ability to focus on the future, she makes plan and long-term schemes – or at least she seems to! It’s actually impossible to tell when she is exercising her extensive social aptitude and manipulating someone, if she is working them into a long thought out plan, or deftly weeding out advantage in a situation and creating a new scheme. She’s impulsive, headstrong, and restless, but given who she is based on, there’s no way she could be anything else.

Just like a Super Munchkin, Sarezith has all of the advantages and disadvantages of being based on Yo-Saff-Brig from Firefly and Terezi “gallowsCalibrator” Pyrope from MS Paint Adventures’ “Homestuck”. From the Saffron side, you get some skill at maneuvering through the weyr's social hierarchy, but you’ll also find some of her boredom and impatience. Terezi lends Sarezith her strong (but not always entirely well-placed) sense of justice and her great (and near constant) amusement at watching her trickeries unfold, but it also makes her blind to some of the consequences of what she has planned and (even if you may see them and try to point them out to her) stubborn and difficult to sway (especially if the person /should/ get what’s coming to them).

Most dragons are prone to short memories and not a great deal of fore- or hind- sight, tending to be very focused on the here and now, forgetting what is past and not intensely concerned with the future. Sarezith is something of a wild departure from this trend. Bright and sharp, she may rely on your memory for things too far past, but she is good at thinking ahead and making (and sticking with) long-term plans for the future. She has a goal! She always has a goal. She may not be able or willing to describe this goal, but, she has one. At the very least, she is excellent with rolling with the punches and taking every new input and molding into an end goal that benefits you both.

Saffron: "Everybody plays each other. That's all anybody ever does. We play parts."

Smooth-tongued and swift-witted, Sarezith's strengths lie strongly in the social. Though Eilem might not be quite comfortable with the Weyr's strict hierarchy (or Pern's rigid social structure as a whole), Sarezith is far more at home within it. It's not necessarily that she /likes/ The Way Things Are, so much as that the familiar order provides her a perfect playground in which to work her wiles. She needs this interacting. You and her alone would be boring – and that would be bad. She will take forefront in most communication, but speaks primarily to other dragons (this will not be a problem when she decides to start nudging customers in your direct - perhaps peddling a little snake oil or recommending that you might have a salve for that). Without personal interaction with dragons, Sarezith won’t know what to do with herself and you will be the recipient of her bad moods. She’ll always be happiest at the weyr, where she is in her element.

Skilled at turning most all situations to her advantage, Sarezith is perfectly willing to play whatever part is required to get what she needs – it makes people less inclined to suspect her part in whatever Shenanigans she has brewing. Though the face she puts forward may often be that of a 'typical' shallow-flighty green, this charade masks a deep and cunning intelligence; she likes people to underestimate her, as that just makes her plotting easier to get away with.


While she may be all about manipulation and trickery, it’s hardly because she doesn’t have a moral compass. She does, and its a very strong one, and over time you’ll notice that many of her Clever Ploys are in keeping with her overdeveloped sense of justice. She has very firm ideas about the way things should be, and if the world isn’t always aligned with those ideas, she is more than willing to set about attempting to bring it into alignment. Many of the plots she plans out have goals intended to bring about justice, whether this be through correcting social wrongs or making sure wrongdoers Get What Is Coming To Them.


Of note is the fact that no matter what deceptions or contrivances she is getting into, Sarezith is very principled about the way she goes about them. Her tools are cunning and smooth words dropped into the right ears, innocent suggestions here or there – never will she ever resort to leveraging her telepathic abilities to pressure or trick anyone into anything. While she might occasionally have reason to communicate with other humans, she has nothing but scorn for dragons who barge into people’s minds unwanted.


Sarezith’s sense of justice may be strong, but it may not always be right – on the occasions when it isn’t, though, you might have a hard time convincing her of that. Headstrong and impulsive, when she gets an idea she has a tendency to take it and run; there will be many occasions, no doubt, where you wish she’d use her planning abilities to plan a little bit better, rather than jump in first and think about consequences later.

It might fall to you now and then to try and reign in some of her more reckless ideas – ‘try’ being the operative word, as more often than not she may well be too stubborn to listen or clever enough that not even you are really keeping up with all her plans. And where you may be hanging in the background while she works her charm on those around her, she may be more timid about the sorts of ventures you are likely to plan.

Equal parts partner and rival, this is your Sarezith – and when both of you are working together on something (or plotting how to outdo each other on your next Daring Venture), Faranth help us all.


Sarezith, sleek and tricksy as she is, will not have as many tell tale signs of when she is ready to rise to mate. Her hide may shimmer just a tad as the time draws extremely close, but not until mere moments before she bloods will she ever truly let you know that she is ready. She prefers to keep all other dragons out of the loop, which means a more frenzied chase. As soon as she decides that the time is right she is off like a shot, blooding carcasses with a ferocity not completely out of character for her. It’s when she takes to the air, however; that she really has her moment to shine.

She will likely taunt her suitors, not taking any sort of damsel in distress role. /She/ is the one in control of the process, and in her mind it is her game to puppet master.

Saffron: I've been waiting a long time for someone good enough to take me down.

The laughter that will become such a part of her character and mindvoice to you will generally rise to a fever pitch, as Sarezith will be incredibly amused by the entire chase process, often using her small size to her advantage. It is unlikely that any of the larger dragons chasing her will ever come close to becoming true contenders, as she will use her need for speed to her advantage, cackling all the while.

When she finally is caught, the winner will remain in her favor for only a short while. Like Saffron, she has a bit of a wandering itch when it comes to partners, and dislikes being tied down. Once the initial copulating is over, and there’s been at least some post-coitus flattery, Sarezith will be ready to move on to the next conquest, and will be eager for Ei’es to do the same, whether or not that suits him.

Egg: I’no
Dragonet desc: D’baji, T’zyn-tweak
Messages: T’zyn
Name: Lida
Puppetted by: T’zyn
Inspiration: T’zyn, Lida, D’baji, Onlie

Ei'es' Green Sarezith
Harper's Tale: 57th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Pippa's gold Jeyth and I'no's bronze Raeklith
July 30, 2010


A'ru (Andru) and blue Kotoceth
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