Sapha Decides That The Eggs Should Be Touched


01:53 PM
Logfile from Hannah.

—Log Note: Sapha was kind enough to give me the first part of the log

Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are nine firelizards.
You see Beau's Spiffy Alpha Male Pad, Ashlee, Den Of The Alpha-Female, Jesus's Omega Universe, The Loner-NonFish Hideout, Aradia's Harem of Shiny Goodness, Xarine's Cot, Nei's Nest, Ora's Beta Fatale Sanctuary, Malek's Cot, Nefret's Gamma Core, Sainin's Cot, Amaril's Hammock, Mlina's Comfy Cot, Xveiya's Dangerously Stinky Hideout, Niara's Cot, Livesta's Cot, Nayla's Cot, Hikaru's Cot, Oogly, Pasha's Cot, Issket's Cot, and A Mural here.
You notice Jhishivyl, Sainin, Hikaru, Livesta, Xarine, Aradia, and Neiana asleep here.
Nayla, Issket, Malek, Jesiya, Oralia, and Rielle are here.
Obvious exits:

Sapha frowns rather absently as she enters the barracks, there was a reason that she was in here. Oh Yeah. "Everybody get your robes on the dragonets are hatching?" She mutters quietly. No that wasn't quite it. Anxioiusly to looks at Lyria, Help? "Why are we here again?" Sapha's confused. Mmm hormone overload.

Rielle lets out a surprised screech at the first thing Sapha said. Twitch. Twitch. "Don't /scare/ me like that," she complains exasperatedly, before noticing just /who/ it is she's talking to. Oops! Rielle leaps up off her cot and snaps a salute, wide-eyed. "My apologies, 'rider." Yeep. Swallowing hard, she turns her eyes downward. Aw man. Ri's gonna be in trouble. Breathe girlie, breathe. Doing just that, and looking around, Ri is suddenly disappointed that the screech wasn't emitted directly into Malek's ear. But she'll be good. 'Riders present!

Lyria turns around to stare alarmedly at Sapha,"Ooh don't say that." A hand is waved at all the candidates,"No not really. We are going out to the sands though." She edges a bit closer to Sapha to mumble,"We're gonna take them out to the eggs. 'Member?" Sapha is forgiven for forgetfulness, because, well, lookit that pregnantness.

Issket is sleeping. She might well continue sleeping through the whole rider-visit if the candidate one cot over didn't poke her in the back, rousing her with a squeak and a fumble for her glasses as she tries to get off the proper salutes, whatnot. Peer. "We doing what?" Squint-squint.

Nayla looks up from making her bed (or cot, in this case), green eyes narrowing briefly and then widening. "Oh, shards, that scared me." She relaxes, then makes a snappy salute as she moves to stand in front of her cot. She'll make up for her stupidity at some point. "Sands? Why?" No one ever said NayNay can put 2 and 2 together very well.

Oralia eyes Sapha and just about has a heart tremor at the mention of dragonets hatching, she leaps out of her bed and looks around with exasperation. Ah but no, it's only the pregantness, or something. Grinning at Lyria she gets out of her cot and makes an effort to look semi-respectable. No good. She then begins to eye Ri, she's not going to start the yes m'am, no m'am thing is she?

Sapha coughs a littlle. "Oh yeah. Everyone, please form a line over there." She gestures airily to some spot in the barracks randomly. Her other hand remains securely fastened to the bulge that is now the focus of most of her thoughts. "Oooh I just felt a kick." She burbles excitedly. "I think he's gonna be a guard just like Malek."

Lyria goes to stand somewhere about where Sapha gestured to,"Yes, everyone come over here." A happy grin goes to Sapha, which turns into a stare,"/Just/ like Malek?" asks Lyria cautiously. Why? Does Sapha want her bebe to be Malek-like?

Rielle twitches again. No, Ri's not going to do the yes ma'am, no ma'am game. It was a cruel, cruel trick that Sapha played. "Please don't do that," Ri winces. "Until it's time." Then she can have her heart attack and pass out, and fall on the bed and whatnot. Checking to make sure her feet have nice, insulating work boots on, she scoots over to stand in line. Snicker at Sapha's comment, oh she'll hound Malek later for that one, definitely. "I hope not /just/ like Malek. Perhaps a bit nicer, and kinder to the /ladies/." Grr. Grrr at you Malek. Pity he's not standing behind her, or she'd accidentally grind her heel into his toes.

Jesiya steps into the room and blinks, "What are we talking about?" Robes in hands she scampers over to her cot after murmering pleasantries and respectfulness towards the riders, her material shoved beneath a blanket before the turns to eye about, "Are we going somewhere? Somethin' happenin' that I wasn't made aware of?"

"Yes ma'am!" Issket will play the mes ma'am, no ma'am game. She's like that. She shuffles about until she finds her sandals, toes wriggling a time or two before she scurries into line behind Rielle. Peeeeer at Jesiya. "Sapha-ma'am's having a baby just like Malek," she elaborates. "And we're going out to the Sands, because the dragonets aren't hatching."

Oralia hops over excitedly, making sure to bap Malek on the shoulder as she makes her way by. Lucky for Malek their cots happened to be nearby one another. Yayness! Standing behind Ri now, so don't smash her toes please! Ora bounces on her heels and looks around excitedly. Egg touchin's, what fun! Ora gives a nice wave to Jesiya and replies, "We're goin' to the sands, egg touchin's!" I think anyway.

The sound of his name causes one little guardling to twitch as he eyes Pregnant!Sapha, then Lyria, -then- Rielle. C'mon, it's not like he's that bad. "Shut up, -please-" he says to Rielle, words automatic. See? He learned manners! Issket's choice of phrasing leaves something to be desired. It makes it sound as though he's having a baby. Twitch, twitch.

Nayla stares over at Issket, then starts giggling. "Sorry, but that was weird. We're going out to the Sands because the dragonets /aren't/ hatching?" She giggles some more, then claps a hand over her mouth to shut herself up. She once again focuses on Sapha, after looking down quickly to make sure her own feet are properly shoed.

"Oooh, that makes perfect sense. Goin' to the sands because the eggs aren't..hatchin'. And Malek is spawning." Yep, that about sums up the day, "Oooh, egg touching." Okay, see that clears some things up. Iya nods and quickly kneels down back to her bed and slips out a pair of sandals, "Aha.." Slipping those on the candidate stands and dusts off her sarong, "Malek, why don't you use be quiet please instead of shut up."

Rielle won't step on Oralia's feet, nope. Only Malek's. A sweet smile is directed to him as she shakes her head. "No thank you Malek." Then she proceeds to talk to another candidate who has squeezed in line in front of her. "Oh no? /Malek/ is reproducing?" Rielle's face takes on a pained look. Watch out. She might /cry/. And then she'll cry on /Malek/, and he'll melt. Yes. He'll /melt/. "Maybe you can get snuffed up Miyakath's nose today," Rielle giggles suddenly. Okay. Behave now Ri!

"Wait - what?" Issket pauses. Twisting of words! Bad. "Malek's spawning? When?" She's confused herself. Don't mind her; she'll just shuffle over by Jesiya and fidget absently, adjusting her glasses. "Jesiiiiiiya." Fidget. Fidget. Is she supposed to say something? "Hi."

Oralia is bouncing around some and looking excited. C'mon people enough with the /lines/, her ADHD can only be contained for so long. Bounce Bounce. "Malek is doin' what now? Havin' bebes?" She laughs so much she has to hold her side to keep from dying, "Who would wan't do to that?" Ora might just have to cry on Ri then. Malek spawn. Bleh.

Sapha frowns once more as the candidates conversation goes beyond her. "Um. Everybody ready?" She asks brightly her pretty face instantly breaking into an insincere smile. "Excellent. Then if you don't mind, lets get going." And with that she waddles towards the exit to start the trek to the Sands.

Lyria just shakes her head at the silliness of it all. "Right. Well, let us be off. Come on, you all."

Raphael> Rielle nods cheerfully. "Ready!" and she files off, still talking to the candidate in front.

Oh ho ho! You had better be a Rider or a Candidate to have business on the sands! Brooding dragons are not reknowned for their good tempers.

From the hatching sands, Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, all carefully watched by the brilliantly golden mother. In a quieter corner it is apparent that her rider has set up temporary house, all the better to keep a watchful eye on Miyakath's hardening offspring.
Gold Miyakath is here.
You see Shang Yuan Lanterns Egg, Floating Lanterns Spirit Egg, Dia De los Muertos Egg, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day! Egg, Pumpkin Pie Egg, Winter Solstice Egg, Autumn Equinox Egg, Summer Solstice Egg, Spring Equinox Egg, Chinese Lantern Egg, Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg, Canadian Thanksgiving Egg, Pohutukawa Christmas Egg, Trite Chalky Sugar Hearts Egg, Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg, Fall Bazaar Egg, Slurred Guinness And Green Egg, Orient's Lantern Egg, Peaceful Mind Doll's Daydream Egg, Black Thursday Egg, Flames of Prosperity Egg, Bonfire Night Egg, Giant Disco Ball Countdown Egg, Living On In Infamy Egg, Homage to Spring Egg, and Apples n' Honey Egg here.
You notice Yulianna asleep here.
Obvious exits:

From the hatching sands, Sapha makes a graceful little curtsey to the Gold dragon, it's about all she can do with her big old baby bump, and with out any further ceremony she makes her way to the less heated sands. "Okay candidates, don't forget to bow to Miyakath." She instructs from her new vantage point.

From the hatching sands, Rielle rounds onto the actual Sands for the second time in her life, and once again is struck with the awe of… well, the entire place. She stands in one spot for a moment, glancing around and oohing and ahhing. Wait, what's that burning smell?! Well not really a smell, but her toes are getting pretty warm in these boots. Remembering her manners, Rielle bows low to Miyakath, pausing until other candidates are venturing out among the eggs.

From the hatching sands, Oralia dances along to her own little rythm, humming a bit of a tune for it as well. She facepalms to get herself to shut up, because if she doesn't Malek will tell her too. Crackdust, it's hot here. Returning to attention, she bows to Miyakath as instructed. And then, she eyes the eggs with intense interest. Ora scooches her way over until someone tell her to stop.

From the hatching sands, Lyria nods along with Sapha, giving her own nod to Miyakath and going to stand with the pregnant rider. "Yes, bow and go ahead and explore. Get around to as many eggs as you can. Don't spend your whole time with one," advises Lyri.

From the hatching sands, Issket bobbles a curtsy to the gold — and, after a pause, adds a bow in for good measure. "It's /hot/," she gripes under her breath to anyone who'll listen, scurrying toward the eggs. "And I think my sandals are melting, and oooh shiny." i.e. Fall Bazaar egg. Ooh.

From the hatching sands, Ah, but Rielle has /seen/ most of the other eggs. She trails out after Oralia, but splits away and decides she's going to go have a Candidate Moment with the Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg. Today she's more than happy to reach out, and let her fingers press lightly against the warm and hardening shell. Not too hard now, don't want to crack it, but close enough to feel the smoothness of it. A glance is given around the cavern, nervously, as she tries to project her mentality into the future. Come on Ri, imagine. Rocking eggs, frightened candies, and lots and lots of people. Better try and get used to it now, yup.

From the hatching sands, Oralia tries to contain her excitement, fails and skips over to the eggs. She /can/ touch them right? I mean the Gold isn't going to eat her or anything? Ora finds herself planted infront of a most luminous egg, tumbling with orange and red. "Ooooo…." she mumble incoherently and runs smooth fingers over the hard shell. She giggles and peers at it some more, before moving along to the next in a random pattern.

—Log Note: End Sapha's part --

From the hatching sands, "Miyakath." One bowing type thing is given from Jesiya before she makes her way out onto the sands, mincing steps taken forwards, then a few taken back, "Ah, yeh." Okay. Brace. Iya lifts up her sarong ever so slightly to allow for quicker movement of ankles, herself bustling out onto the sand with a mind for one egg in particular, "Okay okay, coming coming." Annnddd. It's the winter solstice egg that gets her barely touching embrace of finger tips, "Hello darlin'."

From the hatching sands, Sapha watches the scene with tears in her eyes. "You know, Phirath is one of Miyakath's daughters don'tcha know. " She murmurs conversationally towards Lyria. "Oh wait that's right, you were there." Duh, how could Sapha forget her clutch-mate like that? Well quite easily really, she's a ditz when she's pregnant. "Oi, Mygeul. Not so rough! " She snaps at the bequest of her lifemate, who was spoken to by her mother.

From the hatching sands, Sainin is slow to enter the sands, stepping forward just enough to give a bow towards the gold. His then averts his attention away and to the eggs. Best for him to concentrate on them instead ofo the large drgon watching them all. He walks slowly off towards one of the eggs.

From the hatching sands, Oralia after moving herself from the awe of the Shang Yuan Lanterns Egg, Ora's bounded over to a forest of green, leafy trees and a few specks of lovely blossoms. It's the Spring Equinox Egg, yesh. Ora oohs and ahhs, and even ventures to add a "Hello there," to the egg and pets it from all angles eyeing the rippling colors. Wide grin, a waggle of fingers, and she's off to the next oblong thing that grabs her attention.

From the hatching sands, Lyria mentally winces. Ah. Emotional not-quite-mums. How frightening and..ah…teary-eyed. "Yes, yes, I do know. Rilskiath's was Dhia's…" One of the candidates and an egg is pointed out,"Aw. How cute." Cuteness. Little candidates trying to bond wif eggs.

From the hatching sands, Rielle stands, hands folded and looking as though she were in a church. If churches existed on Pern. Er, yeah. Her lips move, and to those not immediately near her, she is saying nothing. "You see," she begins to the egg. "We all get to come out here and Stand while you all choose us, so when you come out, don't be be afraid!" Cooing is added to this reassuring 'story'. Really, it's just what she's been told by the 'riders, but hey! The eggs deserve to know too, you know? Finally she unfolds her hands again and reaches out to stroke the colorful shell. "I'll be back," she murmurs to the egg. "Don't get lonely now!" … Ri's such a git around cute things like eggs.

From the hatching sands, s/colorful/colorful part

From the hatching sands, Issket is just in the background, skipping around to the eggs and squealing loudly at irregular intervals. Don't mind her.

From the hatching sands, Beau wiggles his hips provocatively out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Beau is fashionably late, don't you know. He has timed this being late perfectly, apparently, so he manages to annoy everyone and anyone who may see him. He skips over the sands quickly, trying not to look like his feet are frying, and beams at the assembled. "Hello! "

From the hatching sands, Lyria snaps a finger to Beau and gives a pointed nod to the large gold dragon on the sands,"I think it's in your best entrance to bow to our dear clutchmother, here…" Yes. Definately in good interest. Issket is blinked at. Oddness. But, well, that's Issket, it is.

From the hatching sands, Finger tips barely grace the iced speckled surface of the Winter solstice egg, Iya contemplating a moment it, "I figure I should let you know now that if you try and bite me," Pause, Iya lifting her other hand to swirl about the eggs hazed image, "I'll bite you back, baby doll." That's right, "Just fair warning for when you pop out of that thing. Don't want anyone getting hurt." Because you -need- to lay down the ground rules afterall, "Sainin!" Out of the corner of her eye the other candidate is spotted, Iya not moving from the egg she's currently touching, "Which one have you got an eye on?" Oh, then Beau gets told. Ha.

From the hatching sands, Oralia is suddenly infatuated with the splotches and chaos of the Black Thursday Egg, and sets herself near it to look at it from all possible angles. Ora keeps quiet for this exciting spectacle, why she's usually chattering up a storm but not at the moment. She's in her own little eggie world you see, the other Candidates don't even exist anymore. Swooning over the brilliance of the Black Egg, she pets it and murmurs sweet nothings to it. "You know, you might think you're not a very pretty egg. But you're just gorgeous, you are. I wonder what kinda dragonet you'll be? " she asks the Egg, as it answers. Ora grins and nods and then waves goodbye to it. Eggies…

From the hatching sands, Sainin distractedly looks over towards Jesiya with a grin as he points to a nearby egg, the Pohutukawa Christmas Egg, which his feet bring him quickly too. Hey, its pretty and he likes it. Ok, he looks back to the egg, pointing fingers stopping their rude pointing in order to instead give the egg a gentle caress. "Hello…" he begins a bit hesitantly. Hey, others are talking to the eggs, he might as well give it a try.

From the hatching sands, Beau grins at Lyria and drops an elegant bow to the clutchmum, pausing momentarily as if deciding whether to curtsy. That done he looks over to the eggs warily - skipping from foot to foot like a Morris dancer - and then to Lyria. "What do we do?" Dim? Yes. He may wear dresses from time to time but he is still male.

From the hatching sands, Lyria waves a hand off to the eggs,"You can go ahead an' feel up the eggs. Bond. Get used to being around the things. Get used to your feet being warm." Beau is shoo'd off toward the eggs,"Go have fun. Don't run. Don't shout." All those common sense things.

From the hatching sands, Sapha decides to answer Beau. "Oh you put your grubby little mits on the eggs, and get used to them." She starts, before trailing off to listen to Lyria's much more coherent explaination. "Yeah what Lyria said."

From the hatching sands, Nefret sashays out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Issket doesn't have common sense. So she continues to scuttle around, ooohing and aaahing appropriately and generally acting much more hyperactive than Iss usually is, though thta might be because the sand is too hot to keep her feet still for long. "Sainin!" Beam. Poor miner-candie. "Ooooh, this one's so /pretty/." See her barge in on his egg-patting. Aw.

From the hatching sands, Beau looks down to his hand. "Grubby mits? Feeling up eggs?" he shrugs. Okay… After looking around for a while he mooches (it's a slouching rolling-on-the-balls-of-your-feet movement) over to the Living on Infamy Egg, moving forward till he can rest one hand on its gray top. "You're one different egg," he tells it calmly. "Which is good." More random stroking of the egg.

From the hatching sands, "Feeling eggs, Beau. Feeling. Not feeling -up.- That's what you do with girls, not eggs." Nefret is so matter-of-fact, isn't she? "That one's my favourite," she relays to Issket, who's scuttling around madly to Nefret's amusement. The egg she gestures at, Slurred Guiness and Green, is the one that gains her touch once again. "Hello, old thing. Did you miss me from last time?"

From the hatching sands, Beau is about to point up it's not only girls you feel up when - oooooh. Look at that one. A pretty one there. He skips over to the Spring Equinox Egg, running one finger down it's green and pink side, before leaning forward to kiss it very gently. "Heeloooo, little one."

From the hatching sands, Apparently one Candidate has bonded so firmly with an egg she's even taken a moment to nap against it. Iya is leaning against the same egg she was touching before, eyes closed and breathing slowed. Ah yes. Being a candidate is /hard/ and you only get so often to just..nap and rest. And why not do it with your favorite egg, right?

You go to the Hannah's Hideaway.

Hannah's Hideaway (#10719)
Volumptuous bed is the main focus of this room. A four-poster contraption that is draped in silks and velvets of every jewel-hued color. Over-stuffed pillows decorate the plushy mattress, sitting atop a comfortor of the richest jade. Curtains drape from the poster-frame, allowing privacy when occupied. An elegant armoire is set off to the side, allowing the easy storage of clothing and other necessities. Virtually as spartan as the weyr, each personal item has it's own distinct place. Shelves line one wall, storing various knick-knacks that the rider has acquired over the turns.
Obvious exits:
Tunnel Outer Weyr
You go to the Tunnel.

Tunnel (#1017)
The tunnel is large enough to allow a full grown gold passage from her weyr to the hatching grounds. Over the years, stone carvers have smoothed out the rough edges of the tunnel walls, while the traffic is slowly wearing its mark into the floor. The only things in the tunnel are stone holders for glows that light the passage dimmly.
To the west, you see a gold dragon and ten people.
Obvious exits:
Saria's Chambers Hatching Sands Hannah's Nook Annie's Domain
You go to the Hatching Grounds.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, all carefully watched by the brilliantly golden mother. In a quieter corner it is apparent that her rider has set up temporary house, all the better to keep a watchful eye on Miyakath's hardening offspring.
Gold Miyakath is here.
You see Shang Yuan Lanterns Egg, Floating Lanterns Spirit Egg, Dia De los Muertos Egg, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day! Egg, Pumpkin Pie Egg, Winter Solstice Egg, Autumn Equinox Egg, Summer Solstice Egg, Spring Equinox Egg, Chinese Lantern Egg, Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg, Canadian Thanksgiving Egg, Pohutukawa Christmas Egg, Trite Chalky Sugar Hearts Egg, Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg, Fall Bazaar Egg, Slurred Guinness And Green Egg, Orient's Lantern Egg, Peaceful Mind Doll's Daydream Egg, Black Thursday Egg, Flames of Prosperity Egg, Bonfire Night Egg, Giant Disco Ball Countdown Egg, Living On In Infamy Egg, Homage to Spring Egg, and Apples n' Honey Egg here.
You notice Yulianna asleep here.
Sapha, Jesiya, Issket, Rielle, Oralia, Nayla, Lyria, Sainin, Beau, and Nefret are here.
Obvious exits:

Hannah walks with youthful grace in from the Tunnel.

Sapha frowns. "Oh that's not good." She murmurs clutching her over-large stomach. "Very not good." She continues her naturally dark skin paleing under her tan. "You'll be alright won't you? I gotta go…go." She winces, crossing her legs and what not. Before even Lyria has a chance to answer Sapha's running as fast as she can in her pregnant state towards the door. Grimacing a little greeting to Hannah, she rushes past. Poor Sapha.

Sapha waddles pregnantly off the sands.

Oralia twitches and blanks and looks around for something to catch her eye. Oh my, now /what/ is that? Ora scootles over in a hurry to the Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg. Purrrty. Blackness, blueness, pinkness. Ack, it's just all too much for a Candie. Ora shifts around it with a crooked smile and then sits herself down. Ouch, hot bum! She's back up rubbing her posterior with one hand, and petting the Moon Egg with the other. Well, she just might be here for a bit then. Ora runs her fingers over the egg and ventures for another chat. "Well, you certainly are the prettiest eggie. Yes indeedy you are." Though she feel like she's betrayed the Black Thursday Egg and goes to make a quick sentement to it.

Sainin gives the Pohutukawa Christmas Egg once more gentle caress, "Well, I'll be back if they let me." he says to the egg before his feet take him away, this time steering him towards the Canadian Thanksgiving Egg. His eyes catch onto Jesiya for a moment. Seems the heat doesn't seem to bother her, and then he's to the egg and it takes his attention. "Hello there…"

Lyria wiggles her fingers at a Sapha,"Off you go." Lyri leans against the wall, all alone with eggs and candies. Oh how frightening it all is.

Rielle watches Beau with a skeptical eye, before noticing something in the sands she'd never seen before again: the Chinese Lantern Egg. A pet is given to the Black Thursday egg, before Rielle shuffles through the sands to ooh and ahh at the pretty egg. "Ooh…" she murmurs, reaching out to pet its shell and half expecting her hand to vanish through it, because it's only an illusion of the night sky. Nope. Her hand lands very lightly against the shell. Well, now that the hand is there, she might as well give the egg a little caressy-rub. Rubrub. So pretty and smooth… and hard… yes harden little eggies, lets get this over with!

Scuttle-scuttle. Issket is scuttling, pausing for random moments of egg-fondling whenever she finds an egg without anyone else attached to it. "Ooooh, pretty-pretty-pretty." Scurry past Apples n' Honey egg, move on toward the Pumpkin Pie egg, and is it just her player or does Issket have a strange obsession for food-themed eggs? Yes. Moving on. "When do we get to /leeeeave/? My feet are burning off!"

Hannah gives Sapha a sympathetic look as the greenrider waddles off the sands but then turns her attention to the apparent Egg Touching. Spying out Lyria, she wanders over to ask, "How far into it are we? Is Miyakath handling it well?" She gives a quick glance to the clutch mother before turning to eye the candidates.

Beau is whispering something to the egg he is standing by. Maybe he's murmuring sweet nothings into the pretty innocent ears of the… wait. Ears?! Time to move on. He's too loved up with this one. He moves onto the nedxt few eggs, giving a touch here, a welcome there, and every now and again a comment on nice colouring.

Ah no. Heat doesn't bother Iya really. When you're napping you can't feel your toes. Besides. She's tired. Heat usually helps with sleeping more deeply. A few more minutes of her semi-nap is done, Iya finally blinking eyes open to pull back away from the egg, fingers reaching out once again to touch it ever so gently, Iya stepping away and givnig a little bow, "I'm sorry.." Pause to blink, "My feet are so hot it's melting my brain." And that said she gives a lingering touch of fingertips to lips before she moves along to another egg. Oh. Look. A byootiful egg, Trite chalky sugar egg, is eyed and Iya minces over to begin looking at it now. Must not fall asleep.

Lyria waves to Hannah,"Oh, hi Hannah. Not /very/ far. They should've gotten a few eggs in by now. Miyakath's doing fine…." Her own glance is given to the gold, then she nods.

Sainin kneels down next to the Canadian Thanksgiving Egg as he seems to take a moment to examine the shell to a closer degree. yes, he's off in his own world as he peers at it. One hand moves lightly over the shell as he traces the patterns. "Getting ready to come out of there?" he asks quietly. "We're all out here waiting to see you."

Rielle pets the Chinese Lantern egg before reluctantly pulling herself away. "I promised," she insists, shuffling through the sand to the Goddess of the Moon egg, over here /all/ alone… "I'm back," she croons to the little egg. Pet, pet, pet. Fingers graze the shell just a slight, making Ri shiver. Aww, look. Another Candidate Moment. Staring into the swirls of the egg's coloring, Rielle zones out as she thinks. Aw, what's coming out of /this/ one on Hatching day?

Oralia goes all gooey ooey as she locks eyes, no wait, um colors? Yah. As she locks 'colors' with the Orient's Lantern Egg. What is so great about those Lantern Eggs anyway? Um, everything! Shuffle shuffle and hip wiggle or two and she's smack dab in front of it. "Purty you are," she chrips and cooes over the Orient Egg. She's a bit enchanted by the glowyness of it all and can't seem to focus on anything else around here. Happy sigh!

After a albeit brief moment with the Trite Chalky sugar egg Jesiya moves herself on down to the Traditional Badnji Kruh egg and studies it before she touches it. The honey golds are followed about as they make their haphazard way across shells surface, Iya walking slowly around, one hand extending and fingers stretching out. Ah yes, best way to touch an egg, while on the move.

Nefret glances quickly about, eyes shifting here and there before another target is spotted. Look at the prettiness of -that- one! "You look lonely, too. Curses, I'm turning into Rielle and just flirting with the eggs …" Nefret's hands settle around Flames of Prosperity Egg, and it gets a comforting pet or two. "Nice little dragonet thingy … Did you have a nice nap, Iya?" Grin.

Lyria steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Hannah watches the Candidates quietly, then says to Lyria, "Doing this always brings me back to the egg touchings I did while I was a Candidate. And I did a lot of them for the number of times I stood!" She gives Lyria a quick look, "It was always strange to be getting sensations from the eggs, wasn't it?"

Beau feels pretty, oh so pretty, he feels pretty and… his feet /hurt/. He dances between the eggs, unwilling to stay ill, touching each and stopping finally to admire the Pohutukawa Christmas Egg. This one's pretty. He just /looks/ at it for a long time, admiring, something stopping him in his tracks.

Sainin continues to stand by the same egg before giving it a final pat and stepping back. "I'll be sure to come back and see you…" he remarks to the Canadian Thanksgiving Egg before turning about to find another that might strike his fancy as much as it did. His feet slowly take him off towards the Autumn Equinox Egg.

Oralia dances around the sands, it's shardin' hot in here people! "My boots…" she mutters and pick up a foot. "I think they're melting." Sigh. Ora hops around some more and revisits the Black Thursday Egg, deciding it's quite the favorite of the bunch and she should get to know it some more. She runs fingers over the hardened shell and mumbles quietly for only eggie ears, "You're my favorite, but don't tell the other eggs…" She doesn't want to hurt their feelings, see. More petting is involved before she eyes the other Candidates picks with interest. Oh right, there /are/ other people here.

Nefret notices that since Iya's departure, the Trite Chalky Sugar Hearts egg is looking pretty lonely. So to flirt with yet another egg, Nef shuffles toward it — no. Nefret -prances- toward the egg in her new sandals, grinning. "You should have borrowed a pair of sandals, Ora. In fact, I have old ones you can keep." Trite now gets a nice stroking from Nefret's left hand, followed shortly by the right. Hi, egg.

Jesiya lifts a hand up to her mouth, eyes squeezing shut before she drops the hand in a semi-wave towards Nefret, "I stayed up all night working on my robes..I'm so tired.." And that winter equinox egg is just so..Comfortable. Hence why Jesiya is moving right back towards it now, the egg she was just touching almost forgotten save for a quick shift in the sand to blow the egg a kiss, "I'm going to go back and visit the snow.." Yes, indeed. Snow. She hops by Oralia and gives a half crooked smile, "Boots must be nice." Look at the cheap sandals Iya is wearing. Boots would be nice but the girl likes to go as unclothed as possible, "Just hop." See. Do the 'phin crafter. Hopping back towards the winter solstice Iya almost embraces the thing, "You look so -cold- I could kiss you."

Rielle traces her fingers across the shapes that the citrus colors make on the egg. Mesmerized by the patterns, she kneels again to coo and gingerly press her ear to the egg. Helloooo? Anyone home? Strange. Standing up, Rielle hums softly, squinting across the sands. Good. No one's coming this way. Again she crouches down, pressing her hands to the egg and closing her eyes. She can sit here a bit, and see what happens!

Beau finally finishes his silent gazing to walk towards the object of his affection, the Pohutukawa Egg. He kneels before it (hot-hot-hot) almost as if in worship before running gentle hands over it's curves. "So gorgeous…" he whispers. Awwwww. The kid's found one he likes.

Nayla has disconnected.

Lyria raises an eyebrow to Hannah, having never really known much about pre-goldrider Hannah,"How many times did you stand?

Sapha waddles pregnantly out onto the sands.

Sainin glances over the Autumn Equinox Egg as he nears it, hand going out to lightly touch its side. "Are you ready to come out and join us?" he asks the egg quietly, then waits as if for a reply before his eyes take a moment to glance about the sands and at the other candidates.

Lyria raises an eyebrow to Hannah, having never really known much about pre-goldrider Hannah,"How many times did you stand?" Lyria nods and smiles reminiscently as she looks over the eggs. Ah yes. "Yes it was…I only stood that once, you know. The time I Impressed."

Hannah keeps her gaze out on the Candidates and the watching Miyakath while answering, "Three times, I stood for Ista. Elle and her Larisseth caught me all three times too. I've missed Elle since she transferred." She gives Lyria a crooked grin, "That's probably the best way, but Dhiammarath made me wait. And it was worth the wait."

Sapha returns looking very much relieved. "I knew I shouldn't have eaten…" She mutters to herself as she enters. Oh wait right, they don't really need to know. "I'm baaack." She calls, sidling up to the rider duo. "Any trouble?"

It burns! Her feet that is. "Sandles?" But Ora /hates/ those things. Why couldn't she just get some new boots, eh? Anywho she has the urge to perch on the Black Egg, but figures that Miyakath wouldn't much like that and takes to standing awkwardly and cooeing over the Egg some more. She wants it to know that it's /special/. It might have self-esteem issues or something.

Lyria smiles a bit as she considers,"The best way? I don't know if there is. I mean, talk about being well aquainted with candidacy by the time you've got candidates standing for /your/ dragons' eggs." Reasons for everything, right? Sapha gets a grin,"You're gettin' near popping, aren't you? 'Bout when is due?" Obviously she's reffering to the baby currently in residence of Sapha's uterus.

Beau is trying to persuade his egg to Hatch and let its dragonet Impress to him, apparently. "It's kinda odd to think there's a little baby dragon in there. But nice too. I wonder what you'll be like? It would be so cool if you and I could be together…" lovesick sigh. "So wonderful."

Hannah is nodding her head at Lyria's statement when she hears Sapha, "Ah, no troubles so far. They're just happily touching along." She gives the greenrider a quick glance, "You're just about due any day now, eh?"

Rielle picks her head up at the sound of 'Elle'. That's what she gets called sometimes, but hearing the rest of the conversation she goes back to what she was doing, focusing on this egg. C'mon. I know you're in there! Talk to me…! Well not talk, just tap or something. C'mon, humor the girl! A couple people are shooed away as they attempt to tell /her/ to go away. Pffht. She was here first! But that's okay, they hang around and touch the egg anyway, before dismissing it and moving on. Yeah, that's right. But it's such a /pretty/ egg, how dare they dismiss it!

Issket egg-fondles. Yeah. Mmhmm. See her scuttle.

Sapha scowls. "Not soon enough if you ask me, but more than likely in the next month or so?" She glances at her belly. "Not that close, I'm just fat cos I've been eating so much." She says as she smooths the cloth over her belly. "I hate being pregnant in summer, I'm never ever comfortable." she moans, not really paying attention to the sachrrine scenes of candidates and thier bonding.

Sainin gives the Autumn Equinox Egg another caress before stepping back from it. "We'll see you when you decide to join us." he murmers to the egg before striking off for his next destination, though he seems now to just idly stroll pass the various eggs and candidates.

Jesiya leans into the egg and presses her cheek against it as if it alone would cool down her skin. She'd lift her feet up as well but then she'd just look like a total dimglow and she's had enough of that in the last few sevendays, "Y'know, I don't know how you do it lovely." Ah, she's pretty much ignoring every single other person/being on the sand and just exulting in the wintry coolness of Winter Solstice. Oh yes, watch her press up against the egg, small self trying to wrap arms about the eggs circumference, "You're on such hot sands and yet you look so /cool/." Maybe it's time for Iya to get off the sands before she starts to /lick/ the egg.

Hannah has her attention spread over the Candidates and over Sapha's whining. "I've never been pregnant during the summer. With Rhavie, I got pregnant toward the end of the summer and gave birth in the spring." She watches the Candidates, "So far so good with Miyakath. She's tolerating it well."

Lyria nods to Sapha,"Uhuh….Well…I'll make sure that if I ever get pregnant, I won't get pregnant during the summer." Teehee. Should Lyri ever get pregnant. That would just be weird. "Yes…Although the candidates seem to be melting…."

"Wouldn't it be neat if they just started hatching now?" Nefret queries to the group, leaning against the Flames egg. "You and I are going to be friends," is the comment the egg gets before Nefret turns back to the other candidates. "Got a new best friend, Iya? Or perhaps a lover?" Comments about getting pregnant luckily are not noticed.

Suddenly you feel the sensation of searing heat touch your mind. As suddenly as it appears, it dissappears. [Nefret]

Rielle isn't quite into licking the eggs, but she's still hanging out around her Special Egg. That isn't moving. It's not talking to her, cry. Giving up, she slowly stands and removes her hands, shuffling through the sands to flitter about the hardening orbs. Come on little ones, pop on out! Come visit everybody…! Her silent pleas fall on deaf ears, apparently, and Ri decides to stop and pet a few. Maybe if she makes the other egg jealous, it'll try and tap at her, or something. An oooh echoes from Ri at Nefret's words. "Yes, yes, that'd be /wonderful/." Especially if right now. She's getting shardin' anxious, folks!

Gently, you feel a tendril of /something/ touch your mind. It lingers for but a moment before dissipating as if it were never there. [Rielle]

Beau is still conversing with his egg. Silently, albeit, but he nods to the 'early hatching' comments and continues to caress the egg's smooth shell gently, complimenting it. Like trying to woo it to Hatch.

Oralia is from High Reaches Weyr. She is not a heat person really, and she is melting where she stands. But other then the fact that her boots are melting off she's having a rather good time watching her candie-mates take their pic of that special someone. Listening in on Ri's conversation about hatching eggs this very moment, Ora turns to peer at her own special egg. She is now concentrating very hard. Maybe her brain power will hatch it out?

You feel a faint stirring, but not even your own brainpower can will it to crack open and hatch. Cold stillness follows in your wake. [Oralia]

Is Sapha's mouth moving? Why yes it is, chewing in fact. "Good idea." She manages to mumble through her mouthful. "Want one?" She asks holding out a small bag of cherries to the women. "They're very tasty." Uh-huh, but at least the pregnancy has progressed enough to allow her to share those cherries.

Sainin gives Jesiya a curious look as he moves past her on his way through the eggs. Hey, she's enjoying herself, he's not going to be the one to discourage that. Before he knows it though, he finds himself back before the Canadian Thanksgiving Egg. With a smile upon his face he kneels down before it. "Hello again." And of course one hand goes out to touch the shell ever so gently.

A few flurries of /something/ touch you, giving you the impression of full, hearty meals. You feel /something/ turn over, before it's all gone.[Sainin]

"Not a lover, Nefret.." Jesiya replies with a little bit of..well. Annoyance, "I'm bonding. I'm not into molesting the eggs..This one just looks like the snow capped peaks of a mountain, comparable to the sands right now—" Oh oh, she's hopping from foot to foot ever so quickly, "That is deliciously cold. And I need cold. Or at least a drink of something cool." She pulls back from the egg and gives it a very loving sweep of the fingers, "I think it's about time for me to go and visit some other eggs." Yes, she's talking to it. Just like everyone else. Perhaps the green wherry meat has been messing with the candidates brains, "Besides, some of the other candidates think we have a 'thing'." Oh ho. Watch the brows wiggle as Iya minces her way to another egg, the Homage to Spring Egg!, "Well aren't you just all dressed up with no where to go.."

As soon as you move away, you feel /something/. A lingering sensation perhaps? [Jesiya]

At some point, Issket's returned to the shiniest egg in sight: the Giant Disco Ball. Lookit that. (Hey, maybe if the candidates combine their wills, the eggs'll hatch on cue!) "Shiiiiny, and so /pretty/," she croons at the egg, petting it rather possessively. "I think I'll just.. sit here. /Stand/ here. And wait for us to leave. BEcause you're so preeeetty and neat.." Hum-hum. Issket has fallen in love with an egg.

One moment the egg is non responsive and in the next a bright flare of shininess seems to reach out to touch you. As soon as you even notice it's there, the sensation is gone. And the egg is quiet again.[Issket]

Lyria looks over the cherries, mildly surprised that she is being offered one, and takes up on the offer,"Sure, thank you, Saph." She plucks one from the bag and pops it into her mouth and returns to watching the candidates.

Nefret squeaks! And draws back. "Ow! Hot! What did you do -that- for?" she snaps at the egg, before giving it an apologetic glance. "Oh, poor thing. I didn't mean to -yell- at you." The egg gets another few pats, as a bit of an apology for yelling. However, lickety-split, Nefret heads to the Chocolate Covered Cherry Egg. Maybe for Sapha? "Hello. What is your name? I am Nefret." Bow. And then this egg, too, gets a petting.

Beau is composing poetry to the Pohutukawa egg. Really, he is: not /good/ poetry, but it's fun. Listen: "oh most beautiful egg-thing… You are rather the coolest egg-thing… In your praises I sing… Fiddle fiddle ding ding…"

Beneath your hands, echoing taps seem to vibrate the shell very, very /lightly/. Yet, as suddenly as it started, it's gone, drifting back into the abyss of the egg. [Beau]

Issket twitches. Not that unusual for Issket, but — yeah. Twitch. And then she looks midly thrilled, petting the egg again. "Oh, that was /keen/," she burbles, hop-scurrying around it to peer at the shininess from all angles. "Do it again!" Or.. uh.. not. Pet-pet.

Oralia falls over in surprise and stands up quickly to eye the egg. She looks shifty eyed and gets a bit closer to the egg with a whisper "So, you're not hatching yet hmm? Well that's fine, don't want you to come out to early," she says and pets the egg some more. Good egg. Ora is surrounded by a coldness and she sighs. "Ah, coldness."

Rielle lets out a cracked squeak, blinking in surprise. Her icy blue eyes pass over the eggs as she murmurs accusingly. "Which one of you…" Of course it's not a /mean/ accusing tone, but more like a playful one of 'which kidlet stole my socks' sort of thing. It's a light hearted sort of tone, y'know? She continues moving amongst the eggs before passing another gaze to the Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg. "It was /you/ wasn't it?" she murmurs. At least… Ri hopes…!

Hannah takes a cherry, "Thank you, Sapha." She gives the Candidates another look but turns back to the other riders since the little ones are being good for now. "This is your second child, isn't it?" is asked to make conversation.

Beau nearly collapses. His hands move over the egg's shell again. "You /moved/!" He congratulates it lovingly, kissing it with pride. "You clever thing!" Er, yes. This does confirm it is a dragonet inside there. "Who's the cleverest egg of all? And the most beautiful? You!"

Jesiya spares one touch for the Homage to Spring Egg before she is invariably drawn back to the majestic cold peaks of the Winters Solstice Egg, fingers just itching to reach out again, "You know..I thought it best to perhaps stick around you seein' as you're the coolest of the bunch and well.." Yes, she doesn't have to justify herself to an egg! Oh no. She'll stick around if she wants to!, "Well…I've seen all the other eggs, touched a bit here, touched a bit there and you seem to be the most interesting of the bunch." Did she mention coolness? Ah yes, she mentioned coolness. The hopping candidate now makes her way around the egg, feather light touch ever caressing, "And perhaps I /do/ have a thing for you. A friendly thing mind you." Yep. Need to clarify a few 'boundaries'.

Sainin's eyes narrow as he watches the egg closely, pulling his hand quickly back from the Canadian Thanksgiving Egg. "You know, I bet you're going to be one of the best of all the hatchlings, when you finally make your way out to see us." His eyes lose their narrowness as he grins towards the egg. "And I'll be here waiting, to see just how great you really are." His hand returns to the side of the egg, fingers slowly following the lines of color upon it.

Sapha looks sheepish. "Actually….Yeah it's my second." She stammers, still not quite comfortable in admitting her former indescretion. "I can't wait. Phoebe is going to have the cutest little sister." Oh yeah baby Saph doesn't know what the heck it is. With a start she looks towards Miyakath. "Is it me or is she glaring now?" She asks, during the excitement of cherries, the golden mother appears to have awakened.

Hannah turns to look at Miyakath, "Hmm. It's hard to tell, but I think we should get them off the sands all the same." She turns to the nearest Candidate and tells him to spread the word before turning to the other two, "That way we're not over staying our welcome."

Rielle gravitates, very slowly, mind you, back to the Goddess of the Moon egg. Can't make it think she likes it /too/ much! Sapha's comment seems to waft over the sands despite the bit of rumbling in the caverns from the dull roar of talking candidates. A peer goes up to the gold, and Ri backs toward the edges of the eggs. Sorry orbish beauty, Ri will be back /next/ time to play! Already toward the less dense area of eggs, she hears Hannah's words and keeps going. That's alright, though.. it /was/ getting kind of warm, or so the sweat over Ri's body seems to say. Getting out of the eggs, Rielle turns around and bows to the golden Miyakath. "Thank you, clutchmother," she murmurs softly, before trotting away and edging toward the exit while mentally whispering a goodbye to the eggs she touched. Well. It's only polite, seeing as she couldn't do it in person.

Lyria nods and beckons to some of the candidates,"Yes, I think we may want to wrap this up. Besides, I think some of them really /are/ melting." And it's not a good thing to have half-melted candidates.

Beau is in mid of a loving, one-sided conversation with his egg when someone tells him he has to go. Nooooooo! Look! He's crying! He's being taken away from his one true love! Alas for the woe of it all! He gets up and bows to Miyakath before kissing the egg again, whispering, "see ya later!" before hurrying out. Feet=cooked.

"Oh. Time to go." Pulling away from the egg to give it one blown kiss Iya makes her way off the sands but not before turning to bow to Miyakath, "Thank you." Short and sweet, because if Jesiya stands on the sands any longer she's going to be a nice snack for the dragonets waiting in the eggs and naught much else, "Thank you for bringing us out onto the sands." This to the riders accumulated, Iya bowing to them as well before skittering off of the sands as quick as possible.

Feet=cooked, indeed. Issket burbles a goodbye to her egg and skitters off after everyone else.

Beau wiggles his hips provocatively off the sands.

Rielle nods to the 'riders and stops to offer them a bow as well. "Thank you, 'riders," and then scurries off the sands behind everyone else

Rielle strides purposefully off the sands.

Issket nances into the dimly lit tunnel.

Issket nances in from the Tunnel.

Jesiya steps swiftly off the sands.

Issket goes home.

Oralia is rubrubbing Black Egg, again. Kiss kiss. Oh goodness, she's fallen head over heels for an egg. Hearing the call to get off the Sands, seeing as how Miyakath is glaring at the invading, half-melted candies now. Ora just can't bear to tear herself away quite yet…just a few more pets of the egg I promise. Clinging to the coldness of the shell she whispers, "I'll see you at the Hatching dearest." Awe, ain't she just so sweet? Ora runs hurriedly away and nods to Miyakath with a "Goodbye!" to all.

Oralia walks off the sands.

Sainin gives a small frown as he spots other candidates beginning to make their way to the exit and slowly stands up, giving the Canadian Thanksgiving Egg one last gentle pat. His feet then take him along with the others. He stops close to the edge of the sands and turns to give a bow towards the gold. "Thank you." he says before turns and echoing the thanks towards the riders as well before making his way quickly from the sands.

Sainin walks off the sands.

Nefret idly shuffles off the sands, waving cooly to her egg-thing-friends, and bowing her head to Miyakath. "Thank you, Miyakath. Thank you, Hannah, Sapha, Lyria.." Shuffle. Scuttle. Issket-style.

Nefret sashays off the sands.

Sapha waddles pregnantly off the sands.

Too hot for you? Or you just need a break? No matter, this way is out!
Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.
Rielle and Sapha are here.
Obvious exits:
Sands Galleries Bowl

On the sands, Lyria meanders off the sands.

Lyria wanders off the heated desert of dragon-sands.

Lyria meanders to the Bowl.

Hannah lifts a hand in farewell to the departing candidates before heading to her own weyr.

[end of log]

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