CandieQ - Sample Answers

What SearchCo is looking for in your Candidate Questionnaire is constructive, detailed information — proof that you've put thought into the game, your dragon, and this Search cycle as a whole. Each individual dragon creation takes a team of SearchCoers about 24 combined hours on average. That's a lot of effort to put into essentially creating a new character for you to play. We just want to know you're putting in the effort to think about it, too.

We want thoughtful and honest answers for everything! You will get points for showing critical thinking skills. You will not get points for saying, "Whatever 'Co wants to do for me is great." In fact, a vague CandieQ is a great way for 'Co to decide to vote for you to not impress, so we thought we'd give you some more in-depth guidelines to explain what we're looking for!

Question: Among your fellow candidates, which do you believe should impress?

This question, like all the questions on the CandieQ, are entirely confidential. Only SearchCo will know what you've answered. Please don't just say "Everyone!" and leave it at that because you're afraid to speak your mind. We want reasons for the ones you want, and the ones you don't. Candidates have insights into their fellow peers that SearchCo cannot and will not see without feedback from you.

For example, SearchCo may only see activity from Xoober once or twice all candidacy and think it's best to leave him standing, but if 'Co gets all sorts of feedback from the candidates about how active he is, they would know they've missed something and should go searching for logs by the candidates. It goes the other way, too. If Awsuume has really impressed SearchCo but has shredded every last nerve of her fellow candidates, SearchCo won't know that unless it's in the CandieQ! She would likely impress and go on annoying the heck out of her fellow weyrlings for months to come.

Something of the following nature is what we find most useful…

Huey is great. He's active, he's creative, and he almost always spearheads new and exciting scenes. I definitely want him in weyrlinghood with me.

Dewey is a solid player. He's not as creative as the rest, but he's always willing to RP and has been very active and involved throughout candidacy. It couldn't hurt to have him in weyrlinghood too.

Louie has only been snippy on channel, and takes every IC and OOC joke way too personally. I would not want him in weyrlinghood; I believe it would create too much stress in the group and would kill a lot of the fun.

Click hasn't been around much when I've been online, but what I've seen from him makes me think he'd be a good addition to weyrlinghood.

Clack hasn't been around much when I've been online, but what I've seen from him really hasn't impressed me very much.

Clunk hasn't been around at all, so I really can't give any feedback about him.

Feel free to also tell us if you feel a certain character would be great on any given color or with a dragon with any given character traits or quirks. A lot of discussion about that sort of thing happens on the secret candidate channel, and SearchCo never hears about it until after the fact. This is entirely optional, of course, but it is also invaluable.

Question: Which egg is your favorite? From which egg would you like to see your dragon hatch?

They may seem like silly questions, but again, we're trying to build the best dragon we can, which includes the egg! As several candidates may choose the same egg, we need to know why you would like your dragon to hatch from your chosen one, and your reasons for it also help give us insight into the type of dragon you're looking for. It's best to give us your first, second and third choices, and your favorite egg doesn't need to be one of the ones you've chosen for a dragon, either. We just like to know what you think about them.

Question: Which color dragon do you want?

I cannot express just how important this question is, and how vital it is for you to be completely honest. In "olden tymes", it used to be common practice to list two colors equally with the idea it might make you appear more open-minded. Some even listed them equally (or they'd list their true top choice as #2!) in an attempt to see how they measure up — to see what SearchCo thinks of them. This just is not how SearchCo works or thinks. We don't care which color you list, we just want to know what you would most want to play. The only limited color is gold, and that's just because we're playing Pern here, not Candy Shop.

If every single candidate went X*color-only (aside from gold, of course), then they would all impress to X*color. We don't have caps on the number of any given color, and we don't order them by shiny to not-shiny. All we want to know is which color you truly want, and why it appeals to you.

Questions: Personality, physicality, names, quirks, characteristics?

There will be several separate questions relating to these topics. On all of them, we want detail — as much as you can think to tell us! If there's something you don't want to see, there's a spot for that, too.

We really, truly want to know what you want and what you're even considering. Telling us you'd be happy with whatever SearchCo gives you is, first of all, pretty much bogus. Second, it's completely useless to us. Yeah, sometimes people have lucked out, and SearchCo thought of something they really ended up enjoying. Most of the time, though, we've tried to read a candidate's mind and fail miserably, which is a huge downer for the people who spent hours upon hours trying to give you something amazing. Worst of all, it inevitably makes things harder for you down the road, on this character or another.

These days, SearchCo only has a tiny handful of people to work on creating dragons for you and the other weyrlings-to-be. We are investing a minimum of two or three days on each dragon. Even if you're an amazing candidate and we'd love to give you a dragon, if you give us only the barest sort of direction in the sort of dragon you'd like for your character, we're going to assume you don't care that much, and we're not going to bother.

Also, if you have any sorts of preferences in the type of description we give your dragon, please mention that in the physicality section. Some people really love the super-flowery, purple-prose kinds of descriptions, others like it to be kept as simple as possible, and then there are always those who like a little of both. Thanks to Sin, we have some examples of all three styles below. If there's one type you especially enjoy, let us know!

(The dragon we used in the example was Chey's Mynwiyath, who is no longer around. The middle desc was the actual one first-drafted by Sin and retooled by Pyrene. The other two are the expanded / condensed versions, done by Chey.)

1: The stark elegance of lean lines bears the weathering and scarring of the passage of years: from the ancient pages of history, she steps forth. The brilliant, fluid shimmer of molten gold is chilled now, cooled from the malleable gleam of youth. Smooth and mellow amber dances down her wings, singed at the straining spars; the antique parabola of her neckridges shows greenish tarnish; prominent leg-bones bruise the hide that covers them. Dusky chestnut buffs the delicate hammering of her face along the headknobs and the upsweep of eyeridges. Beneath, an old gaze shadows her eyes with wisdom and quiet dignity.

2: A stark elegance is drawn in lean and weathered lines of once malleable, once molten, gold. Smooth and mellow amber sweeps back her wings, only to be burnt brown at the straining spars. The beaten curve of her neckridges is likewise tarnished, and the prominent leg-bones seem to bruise the hide that covers them. The delicate hammering of her face is buffed with soft brown on the headknobs and the upsweep of eyeridges. Beneath, an old gaze shadows her eyes with wisdom and quiet dignity.

3: Lean lines and a crackled hide lend elegance and an appearance of age to this queen. Her mellow amber wings are shadowed along the spars by a hint of brown, and the curve of her neckridges is similarly bronzed. Her leg-bones are prominently visible, the hide over them dark. The delicate lines of her face are buffed with soft brown on the headknobs and the upsweep of her eyeridges. She carries herself with quiet dignity and deep reserve.

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