Sainin Is Searched

Central Bowl
Looking toward the sky from the center of Ista Weyr's bowl, you view the five towering pinnacles of the Weyr rim that appear to reach into the clouds. The bowl floor slopes gently upward to the southeast, where various tunnels lead to the hatching grounds, ground weyrs, and living caverns. Across the bowl to the northeast are the weyrling barracks and training grounds. The Weyr's artificial waterfall sheets down along the northern wall of the Bowl, its pool concealed at the base of the bowl by a cloud of mist. West, the entire wall of the bowl has been blown out by some long-distant eruption, offering a breathtaking view of the ocean.
It is a spring afternoon.
Gliding about are six firelizards.
Blue Aeokaith is here.
Obvious exits:
Northeastern Bowl Plateau Southeastern Bowl

Tasi walks in.

High above, Elbareth floats across the bowl from the northeast.

High above, Elbareth folds her wings a little and descends.

Above, Elbareth descends from above. Above, Elbareth lands in the central bowl.

Elbareth spirals down for a landing.

Tstar slipps from between two of Elbareth's forest and silver ridges carying with them a faint tinge of faerie dust.

Sainin walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Tasi is outside for the first time in days, and clearly fawning over the poor blue dragon who has waited so patiently in the weyr since she gave birth. She seems entirely oblivious of anyone else's presence, although Aeokaith's low grumble is greeting enough for the both of them as people join them in the bowl.

Sainin emerges from his hiding places deep in the weyr. His purposes? Who knows? Maybe to get his skin a little less pale? His eyes are ever scanning his surroundings, helping to allow his feet to try and keep him away from the dragons, at least the ones he can avoid. A small smile alights his features as he spots the one familiar blue.

Elbareth circles once then lands cautiously, trying to give some of the more sluggish dragons some room. She spies Tasi and waves briefly as she unbuckles herself, Sainin she's not noticed yet. as she slides down of teh green.

Tasi turns around at some prompting from Aeokaith, smiling and waving to Tstar. At further prompting she looks over and spies Sainin, walking a little gingerly over to offer him a hug. "How're you?" she says hurriedly, as if trying to forestall the questions about whether she should be outside yet. Aeokaith moves a little closer, sidling over to be nearer to Elbareth, the riders, and the miner.

Sainin returns the blue riders hug quickly, eager to let his attention drift from the dragons around to something much more pleasant. "I'm doing ok." he replies. "What about you? Are you feeling alright enough to be out here?" Ha, he gets the questions in anyways.

Amaril walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Amaril waves a cautious, one-handed hello to Tasi, the other being full of a very young green lizard. Amaril blinks, shakes his head, and realizes that there are many other people here; these too are greeted, though Amaril seems a bit distracted.

Dea sighs strolling in, with a wet towel, a picnic basket. "HI, I'm heading back to the LC for a bit of food."

Elbareth is never one to turn away from a male, and obliges by shifting closer herself, towards Aeokaith, snuggling up if he'll let her. She sniffs once at the other males in the room, human, dragon, doesn't matter. Ftoranth gets a flirtatious croon from the green.

Ftoranth walks in from the Southeastern Bowl. Tstar just shakes her head and rolls her eyes approaching TAsi and Sainin. "Good day to you both," She greets with a faint smile. Unlike Elbareth she keeps her eyes to herself, then grins at Tasi. "You seem to be feeling better…"

Aeokaith nuzzles Elbareth in return, enjoying the attention. But as more people enter the bowl he leans away, moving closer to his lifemate and warbling something. Tasi sighs, stopping in the middle of a wave to Amaril. "I'm fine, but Aeokaith insists the baby or I will get sick if we're around this many people so soon…come to the caverns with me, love?" she asks him with a smile, glancing apologetically to Dea and Amaril. "Tstar, if you have time for the update on me and the baby, you can brave Sainin's and my excited babble," she adds over her shoulder, practically pushed out of the bowl by her insistant blue.

An unhappy firelizard creel announces Amaril's entry, his greeting already given to those in the bowl. He nods to Tasi, apparently understanding, and glances about worriedly. Long hair is in its typical braid, but mussed, as if it were done quickly; Ke'chara and Ashke droop on his shoulders, and a tiny green curls and wails in his cupped right hand. "Congratulations, Tasi," he states belatedly./

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Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on… [look closer]
Perched near the food are twenty-seven firelizards.
You see Gigi here.
Trik is here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

Sainin walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Tstar stalks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Tasi takes a seat, trying not to look as grateful as she feels for an opportunity not to stand up any longer. "Ugh…I'm so glad to be out, but my poor muscles are all out of shape from lying around so much these past few months." She smiles up at Sainin and Tstar and waves them both to seats next to her. " Aeokaith, by the way, says you and Kia are the only ones allowed very close to me until he says otherwise," she remarks to Sainin with a grin.

Sainin quietly moves to take his seat next to Tasi. " I guess my talks with him haven't gone on deaf ears afterall." he remarks with a sly grin.

Tstar follows Sainin and Tasi in with a laugh. "Oh I'm eager to know, /especially/ in light of our previous conversation on the subject. How is motherhood agreeing with you and I /do/ want the details! Gender, name… even number!"

Tasi smiles proudly. "Well, she was born three days ago, her name is Thaisa, and she's beautiful!" She beams. "However, I have to admit, the joys of motherhood are warring with the joys of riding, and the desire to get back into the skies." She smiles wryly. A look of brief alarm crosses her face, and she turns to look at Sainin. "Aeokaith just asked when you'll be leaving the weyr again…like you used to, sometimes, when the Craft needed you." She seems not to have thought of this, and her voice is tinged with concern, mostly that of her lifemate who stands outside the caverns.

Jesiya steps swiftly in from the South Caverns.

" Don'cha get all fat and chubby and /sick/ ev'ry morn when you get knocked up? I wouldn't enjoy seein' what I ate last night." Hold that thought. From all that lemos, Trik technically does see what she ate the previous night the next morning. Ahem. "But congrats on the child, Tasi…congrats." That's all you'll get out of the rider that's picking at fruit near the hearth. "Agzanth went and caught that…thing…that's flyin' 'round the Weyr, lately. He dun' even feel like flyin' the skies right now. Rather be takin' feline-naps on the beach.."

Rielle walks in from the South Caverns.

Sainin is caught by surprise with the question, having been actually caught up with Tasi's telling about the baby. With a blink, he stares at Tasi blankly for a moment. "I'm not sure, I suppose if they need me or something I'll have to go." he replies with a shrug.

Nefret sashays in from the South Caverns.

Tasi winces, nodding to Tstar. "You do. Sick and fat and ungainly and grounded. But she's finally out, and she was worth it." She smiles at Trik, but cocks her head as Sainin's comment elicits a roar of protest from outside. "Aeo," she calls out, eyes widening in surprise at the blue's vehemence. "He really doesn't want you to go," she says to Sainin with a rueful grin. "Not like I really want you to either, but still." She cocks her head, clearly holding a silent conversation with the cranky lifemate.

Tstar chuckles. "YOu forget I've been there twice, Tasi. Though think I'm heading on too old for such things," She glances towards Sainin, "Oh I think more than just Aeokaith would object to him leaving. Elbareth's taken a liking to you as well… then again, if it's male, at the moment she likes it. She doesn't care." She shakes her head, "Besides you really should be here with your family, I've done the single parenting myself and it's a pain." Even two parents living separately was hard.

Nefret never slips into a room. Nefret enters -loudly-, though not in a literal sense — the clicking of her boots makes her known, and her cries of known persons' names adds to it. "Trik, darling! And Tasi and Rielle!" She doesn't know Jesiya yet, but as the girl is a fellow Candidate, they'll likely get to know each other quickly. "And you," a smile at Sainin, "Must be Tasi and Aeokaith's weyrmate." She's fast.

Rielle has disconnected. Trik has disconnected.

Aeokaith thinks to you, « I bespoke Elbareth with: Aeokaith ahems softly, a burst of greens and reds sparkling as he comments, « We need to keep him in the Weyr. » This assumes Elbareth, too, has been paying attention to the conversation, but that's a characteristic assumption for Aeokaith.»

Sainin's eyes go to look towards the way out and the way to the cranky blue. He never thought his words would have ellicited a reaction like that. his gaze turns to take in Tstar and tasi, "I'll only go if the minecraft calls me for something. Its not like I'm just going to leave for no good reason."

Aeokaith senses Elbareth laughs fae silver dancing merrily around a deep viney green. «But of course! He'd make a /lovely/ addition to my… er, never mind» There's a rather disapointed sigh. «He's already been collected hasn't he? Well he shouldn't leave anywa!»

Oogly walks in from the South Caverns.

Jesiya made her entrance a lot more quietly that Nefret did, bare feet being reason for this, a limp green help in her arms as she walks in on the conversation, "Oh shells, am I interrupting something?" If she hadn't of spoken she wouldn't have been interrupting now would she..And if they persons in the LC happen to notice her then good, but for now her attention goes to the other Candidate, "I don't think..we've met…"

Tasi doesn't even notice Nefret's entrance, too distracted by this recent train of thought. "No, that simply won't do. Aeokaith agrees with me, so do Elbareth and Tstar." She seems perfectly business-like about this, standing up and holding her hands out to the miner, asking the all-important question. "Journeyman Sainin, will you stand candidate for Miyakath and Bydelth's clutch?" A muffled trumpeting from outside the caverns echos her excitement as Aeokaith reinforces her request with his own thoughts.

Tstar grins wickedly, and adds her voice to Tasi's. " Oh indeed, and I warn you, if you /don't/ say yes, I'm afraid Elbareth may try and add you to her own personal collection… which just might get /me/ in trouble with Tasi!" And that would be disasterous, as Tstar's expression plainly shows.

" I'm Nefret," messenger-turned-Candidate whispers toward Jesiya, "And I think they've just caught another to add to her ranks. Tasi's weyrmate, so I think." She gives the dolphincrafter-type a typical Nefret grin. For a change, she's going to be nice … nice to the other Candidates, of course. Not to everyone, that's too unlike her. "Who're you? I bet you're the girl with the cot next to mine, too … I sometimes don't notice things."

Sainin stares up at the blue rider and then over at the other. A grin appears on his lips. "You two really shouldn't joke around like that." His gaze carefully looks the two over. "Someone might over hear and actually think you two were serious about it."

Tasi smiles, turning around and seeing Jesiya and Nefret. "People already did, by the sound of it. And we wouldn't joke about that sort of thing." She smiles at her weyrmate, eyes fixed on him. "Now, you heard what will happen if you say no…and that's just Elbareth's version, it doesn't even touch Aeokaith's." She laughs suddenly, clearly kidding, and asks again, " Sainin, will you stand for the clutch? Please?"

Jesiya lowers her voice down and inches towards the messenger, her ears staying perked towards the trio, " I'm Jesiya." Eyes course over Sainin and she ahhs quietly, "Probably is my cot, are there a bunch of stuffies on it?" She's all about the stuffies, "I bet my green he'll say yes…"

Sainin's grin disappears as he continues to stare at Tasi. No longer confidant that he is being deceived. His eyes flick to Tstar for a moment but quickly return to Tasi. "I…" he stops as though he has to rethink what he was going to say. "I guess I don't have much choice in the matter." He gives a small nod, "I'll do it."

Tasi squeals girlishly at the assent, throwing herself down into Sainin's lap for a kiss. "You really will?" she asks, voice filled with excitement. "You mean it?" She laughs, glancing from Sainin to Tstar for a minute to make sure she's not mis-hearing his answer.

Tstar grins. "You want to get him settled or should I?" She laughs, "Well if he doesn't he'll have pleanty of time to rue his decision. I don't think they've ever /forced/ someone to stand that really didn't want to…" She looks entirely too innocent on that count. Tstar is not above blatant kidnapping.

Sainin can't help but to laugh a little as he wraps his arms about his sudden lap full of rider. He nods again in answer to Tasi's questions. "I'll do it if it'll keep Aeokaith and Elbareth from getting angry at me." NOt to mention at least one of those dragon's riders as well.

Tasi giggles, nodding eagerly. She turns around to give Sainin one last kiss then bounces back out of his lap, inasmuch as a recently pregnant woman can bounce. " Great! Come one, we'll show you the candidate barracks!"

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