Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. Saikath is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. Long days, and pleasant nights! –-D'lan, Kia and Jia

Dragon: Saikath
Color: Blue
Name: Jia
Egg: Rogue's Courage Egg
Egg Desc: Nuff
Dragonet: Knight of the Rose Blue
Dragonet Desc: Kia, Jia tweak
Messages: Jia
Inspiration: Jia, Kia, D'lan

Clutching Message:

Ryazusith lashes her tail about to move more sand, so fiercely that one would think she'd upset the eggs already laid, but she seems to know exactly what she's doing and each leg is placed delicately as she shifts, moving sand to prepare for another new arrival.

Rogue's Courage Egg:

Shadows prowl through the liquid fires of this large egg like a black cat slipping among burning blades of grass; black to orange, orange to gold, gold to fierce, hot, white burned back to sooty, inky, deadly black. A flash of axe's hard silver scores the shell like lightning, slicing across the pyre of hues and cutting the shell with a dangerous flash of virile courage. Rooster's bold crimson emblazons one end, a bold and cocky color sacrificed against a backdrop of darkness and flames.

Hatching Message:

Rogue's Courage Egg shimmers golden and tangerine, offsetting and overpowering the obsidian. The shakes that have overpowered it grow ever more violent until a muzzle pokes itself through the reddest part of the orb and the shell explodes, sending shards left and right and abandoning Knight of the Rose Blue Dragonet within this world.

Knight of the Rose Blue Dragonet:

Murky eddies of turquoise swirl along the skeletal thinness of this young dragon, twisting and winding midst grays and tans as if his hide were marked by the waters of a desert pool and then bleached under a midday sun. Bluer sky reflections sweep from unusually pale oculars to the expanse of a staunch neck, only to give way to a sunworn cadet blue at the apex of shoulders, and across oddly creased-looking wings. This faded hue drifts along a slim back, touching every well-formed 'ridge, only to be reclaimed by sandy tides along his sides and stomach. Emaciated ribs emulate submerged driftwood, seeming ready to poke from the hide at any moment. There isn't an ounce of bulkiness on this blue; he looks as if his entire body has been honed to nothing but the essentials. Even the largeness of his seemingly dust-spattered paws do nothing to detract from his overall thinness, their mismatched size itself somehow fitting, as is the length of his formidable whiplash tail.

Public Impression Message:

Knight of the Rose Blue Dragonet slides over the sands with effortless grace, his unusual eyes trained on a certain dark-haired lad. Yes. Yes, he will do. Letting out a quiet, joyful croon, he stands at full height and raises his wings behind him in elegant greeting. His quest will never end, but at least he's found a soulmate to share it with: Syke.

Personal Impression Message:

White. There is white, edging into the corners of your mind. it has certainly been there for a few moments, but it's so quiet, so gentle that it was almost impossible to notice. « By my sire and dam, » says a quiet, deep voice, in tones of heartbreaking solemnity, « S'ke. I am bound to you, to the end of our days. » Royal blue infuses the white, painting a landscape beset by clear skies and a tangle of blood-red blooms. « I am Saikath. Well met. »

Name Inspiration:

As a Dark Tower fan, you should already recognize the two bases of this name: Sai, and Ka. (Ka ka.) Chary old ka. He's an honorable soul but bound by destiny. So, Saikath.

Egg Inspiration:

Changs, is the Santerma (Macumba, and Kongo) Orisha of Courage, Truth and intelligence; as well as being the Lord of fire, thunder, lightening, rain and (male) fertility. Changs is identified with St. Barbara and St. Gerome of the Catholic faith. He is wedded to Oya and they have nine children. His mother is Yemayah. He is thought of being shrewd, smooth-talking, kingly, and a con-artist; he is stimulated by challenge and he always wins against all odds. Shangs is depicted in a double-headed dance wand headress, called the oshe Sangs, and carries a double-headed axe which symbolizes his preparedness, and courage. He also carries the phallic mortar, or odo, in his right hand, and his totem animals are the black cat, quail and tortoise. He embodies the value of truth, and demands a young rooster as sacrifice.

Description Inspiration:

Saikath's description was inspired by a disturbed pond. The clear blue is at the surface, but underneath run currents of silt and earth. He's also got bleached shoulders, as if he's been in the sun too long: similar to what Roland's clothes looked like after his trek across the desert.

Mind Voice:

Every color Saikath paints in your mind is backed by a canvas of purest, cleanest white, and every hue is vibrant. Rose-reds, stark desert browns, royal blues, and the occasional verdant greens splash and twist through his voice.

The tone of his voice is timeless, an unaging but eternally ancient tenor. He's been through the wheel of life many times, but he's starting this rotation afresh. Notes of desert dust shadow his words, along with the occasional whiff of greenery (when he's pleased or interested) and the scent of freshly-dewed roses (when he's having a particularly 'quest'-related moment). Beneath it all is a faint metallic tang, which varies in strength from gunpowder to blood.


He's long, fairly tall, but not particularly ugly. He's certainly weathered-looking, with a dusty worn-leather patina to his hide, but perhaps his most distinctive feature is his eyes. Instead of the usual clear pair of faceted orbs, Saikath's eyes are slightly cloudy and rather pale. They're perfectly functional, so don't worry about that, but my are they unusual-looking!

His tail is another stand-out area of his anatomy, being long and thin and terribly dangerous, though not to him. As a youngster, Saikath will be even easier to excite to anger, and many clutchmates will find themselves tripped, lashed, or just otherwise dealt mischief by way of Saikath's tail.

In the air and on the ground, Saikath embodies grace. He's agile, and will be all his life. To keep his physique in shape, you'll find him training himself during any free time. Nothing to do in the morning? Fly laps! Get out of wing practice early? It's the perfect time to practice those barrel-rolls!

As for itchy spots, Saikath doesn't have any. At least, so it seems. In truth, his whole hide may be one big itch, but he won't raise his voice nor let it affect his life (except for some involuntary twitching). Being able to withstand pain is a sign of character to him, so why bother with such minor annoyances?


Roland: We are one, ka-tet. If I betray any one of you - even Jake's furry friend, perhaps - I betray myself.

Focused, serious, driven: these three words describe Saikath to a T. His life will be based on a series of vows: the first to you, the second to his kin, the third to his Weyr.

Mal: "Cut her down."
Villager: "The girl is a witch."
Mal: "Yeah, but she's our witch-" (cocks gun, points it at him) "-so cut her the hell down."

The thought of breaking a promise is completely alien to him, to the point where he doesn't understand the concept if someone brings it up.

"I'm angry because she said she was going to come see me and then she didn't."
« She must not have said that, then. Search your mind. You must be mistaken. »

As he grows, he will make more promises and bind himself to more people and fellow dragons, but his first oath, taken at hatching, will always be to you.

Jake: "You didn't let me fall this time." His voice was no more than a hoarse whisper.
Roland: "No. Not this time, and not ever again."

If you need a protector, Saikath will be there. If you need a companion, Saikath will be there. If you need advice on your love life… well, maybe you ought to go to someone else. Saikath will try to give it to you (although he mostly finds women auxiliary, distractions at best) but he may not have too much helpful to say.

You sense a dry chuckle from Saikath. « You want to mate with her, go right up to her and tell her so. If she wants to mate with you, she'll say yes. If she doesn't, then you know. »
"But… I was thinking of bringing her flowers or something first."
« S'ke, S'ke, S'ke. How many times do I have to tell you? Indirectness only leads to setbacks. Find your course, and stay true. »

When he finds a green that he's actually interested in, however, he becomes a bit of a bumbling adolescent trying to look like he doesn't care. He'll do things for her, but only at times when she doesn't notice: he'll be a silent guardian, very chivalrous, but when he does speak to her you'll be amazed at the… well… stupid things that come out of his mouth (figuratively speaking).

Inara: "What did I say to you about barging into my shuttle?"
Mal: "That it was manly and impulsive?"
Inara: "Yes, precisely. Only the exact phrase I used was 'don't'."

Like Roland of Gilead, Saikath will always be searching for something. It will consume his daytimes and give him fantastically colorful and symbolic dreams at night. Unlike the Gunslinger, he has no idea where his quest leads. He'll move from place to place and activity to activity in hope of finding some clue that might lead him to his life's purpose… but it may, in fact, be the very journey that's the destination. His place may be on the road, rather than at some vague endpoint—rather like Firefly's Captain Mal.

"I am damned already," Roland said calmly. "But perhaps even the damned may be saved."

Saikath has a few other Mal-like traits as well, paramount of which is his mannerism with desired members of the opposite sex. Also, he deals with annoyances more like Mal than like Roland: if they're minor enough, they're simply ignored, but if they get to a certain point he loses his well-cultivated patience. It's not easy to get him ticked off, but if someone manages it he may go a little… overboard.

"Willpower and dedication are good words," Roland remarked. "There's a bad one, though, that means the same thing. That one is obsession."

Saikath's passionate nature may lead to some problems in various areas of his life. He becomes impatient with courting greens if the time spent with them interferes with his search for his purpose. He is inclined to leaving acquaintances in the lurch when it suits his plans (though he'd never do it to those who are kin or true friends). Also, he's got a bit of a problem with flying thread: he must get it all. Every last sharded strand. Clearing a certain area of the sky is not good enough for him. This obsession could cause some scoring or problems with his wingleaders, but he's so graceful in the air that usually he can avoid such issues.


Mal: "Does, uh… does this seem kind of tight?"
Kaylee: "Shows off your backside."

Saikath is deeply, unintentionally, alluring. His passion and depth of character, not to mention chivalry, are mysterious and intriguing to most greens he'll come across. It's more often that he'll be pursued by admirers, not vice versa.

When a green takes to the sky, your blue will always calculate very carefully how and if the flight fits into his plans… that is, unless he happens to be smitten (and although this is not a common occurrence, it is very much possible). The second an object of his affection begins to show signs of proddiness, his usual admiring efforts are ramped up. He'll be there for her, protecting her, and when she rises he'll be by her side the entire way (something his aerial talents and sense of balance allow with very little real effort).

Sacred Space:

Saikath is meticulous about his personal habits. Dirt, mud, dust, char: anything is fine, as long as he can wash it off as soon as the activity is done. He wouldn't be caught dead tracking dirt into his weyr. His weyr is a sacred space to him. It's his sanctuary, and it's where he collects pertinent things that might help him on his undefined quest. He goes there to recharge, and though he never stays inside for long, he truly loves being home.

Harper's Tale's 43rd PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Minka's Gold Ryazusith and D'baji's bronze Nverath
Date: 28 December 2005

S'eron's green Lenculoth
Tala's green Tsukiath
Sin's green Iqiazath
Vri's blue Tirynth
Ayla's brown Jhakkarath
R'lar's bronze Cojiroth
Sorcha's gold Madigyth

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