Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Iri and N’ano

Dragon: Safuriketh
Color: Green
Name: Iri
Egg: Caffeine Buzz Egg
Egg Desc: Pasha
Dragonet: Pretty Pretty Princess Green
Dragonet Desc: Iri
Messages: N’ano, Iri
Inspiration: Iri, N’ano

Clutching Message:

Kwazarenth quickly waddles to her first chosen spot and dips her maw down into the warm, black sand. Successful in preparing the first depression, Kwazarenth huddles over it as her sides ripple with contractions. A flash of lime green appears as the Caffeine Buzz Egg is deposited, before Kwazarenth covers it.

Clutch Message:

Kwazarenth quickly waddles to her first chosen spot and dips her maw down into the warm, black sand. Successful in preparing the first depression, Kwazarenth huddles over it as her sides ripple with contractions. A flash of lime green appears as the Caffeine Buzz Egg is deposited, before Kwazarenth covers it.

Pretty Pretty Princess Green Dragonet:

A crown of deepest jade adorns the petite, wedge shaped head of this green. While not a classic beauty, or even a real beauty for that matter, there is a sense of intellect and desire within her deep-set eyes. Too heavy brows frame their position, leading to a pointed maw, her jaw-line seems more full then lacking as though she were gifted with 'baby fat'. Limbs expand from a short chest; long gangly additions that add a bit of height to her frame. Inky talons look just a bit dull as though no amount of polishing will ever give them a deep sheen. A straight, crisp line forms from shoulder to haunches, expanding down upon an everest-dipped, ridged tail. Mint shades her wings, casting highlights along the ridges that crawl up her lengthy neck.

Impression Message:

Pretty Pretty Princess Green Dragonet has made her rounds twice over. Just where -is- this one, the one she’s looking for? Perhaps if she looks a little closer she’d find-ah yes! Now, if only these other lugheads weren’t in the way… Slowly but surely, this princess manages to weave her way towards a girl much like her in stature… petite, young-at least looking, and totally who she was looking for the entire time. Asliah is her one and only soulmate.

Personal Impression Message:

A mural of azure, indigo and sapphire paints your mind, flooding like a broken dam. A small voice, drowning from within its depths makes a call, muffled by choppy currents. A second attempt is made, this time stronger than the first, its tone unsure at call « Asliah? » With each syllable, her tone graduates into more audible words, easier on the ear « Asliah! It is I, Safuriketh! You’ll feed me, won’t you? Before all of my brothers eat everything? Please? »

Name Inspiration:

Safuriketh (Sah-fury-KEH-th) Off of two primary details that will be in her personality: Saf for Sapphire, and Furi for Fury. As in untamed, wild anger.

Egg Inspiration:

My favourite soft drink of all time - Mountain Dew! I love it. And did you know it's one of the most caffeinated soft drinks available on the market? It's second only to the likes of Red Bull! It's got around 52mg of caffeine per serving, which is, I assume, per can. But why is Dew such a lurid, glow-in-the-dark yellow colour? Plain old clear would do me fine ;D —Pasha

Description Inspiration:

Physicality wise, Safuriketh is described off of Princess Mia - pre Princess of The Princess Diaries. She's a bit ungainly, she's a bit awkward, but deep down you know she's gorgeous. When she gets older and leaves behind her awkwardness, Safuriketh will be beautiful - but she'll always have that awkward fledgling within.

Mind Voice:

« Ooooooooooh! »
It'll be just like that. A long, drawn out, exasperated cry that ends with a high-pitched mental plead, often. It’s not the softest of voices by any means. It’s not gentle or soothing. Pitch has never been a need for concern for Safuriketh. Octaves vary, depending on mood, though no set tone ever really matches or sticks to any one in particular. Overall, her voice is like a child’s; chipper, curious and certainly worthy of attention, no matter how busy you may be elsewhere. She doesn’t usually take no for an answer, so you better be ready to explain some things to her.


Poor Safuriketh, despite that passion and that tenacity, will have a time with keeping her limbs in working order. They'll forever seem to get out of her control or in her way when she least wants them to. It makes for a dragon that seems more clumsy then not - but really, it's not her fault. She'll eventually grow out of this but there'll always be that one moment when she tries her hardest not to fall, and she inevitably faceplants right in the middle of the bowl. It’ll just be your job to persuade her that everything’s going to be all right and that it was just an accident, less she start to doubt herself and simple, menial tasks to be done, including flight and betweening later on.

From time to time after she’s all grown up, there might be the occasional digression to her awkward-stage, which might just take you by surprise. In particular, when she seems to think that she can get to a certain point because of how small she is, but her sizing up may be a bit under-exaggerated, cause you and her to wind up in a bit of a pickle… or just plain old stuck and reliant of another dragon to nudge you out!


Starting right off the bat, Safurketh will *love* the color blue. From blue dragons, to the sky, to the water - oh especially the water. She'll be a natural when she takes her first bath and it'll take much coaxing on your behalf to call her out of the water. When she talks, she prefers shades of blue above all else. When it comes time for riding straps, she'll insist they be the color blue. Every blue guy she meets, she'll have to stop and chat with, just so she can admire their hide. Most of all - if it's blue and it's shiny - it HAS to be hers!

Fury. Your Safuriketh is a wild spirit. She's just a bit clumsy about it is all. She has a deep, fiery passion within her (not unlike all dragon kind), and while the best show of this becomes evident during her flights, she'll attack each and every day with this passion. From the most menial and meager of tasks, to the most important - to even the mundane. She'll approach it with renewed vigor each and every time. Woe to any who try and tell her she *can't* do anything however, for Safuriketh is not one to sit idly by and let others tell her what she can and can not do.

« Oooooh! It happened again! Aslia! Help! »

Even if she's 20 something turns, she'll need you -her heart, her strength - to help her sort out her limbs, brush her off and boost her pride back up.

"No one noticed, I promise. Now come on. Let's go for a swim."

And that's all it'll take. Until next time.

She has her beliefs. Above all else, these are important to her. And you are not exempt from them.

« Go. Tell them that he is wrong. It does not matter that he is bronze, this is not right. »

Is that bad, bad bronze weyrling teasing his fellows? Safuriketh will be one to set his counter part right, while you'll be expected to do your share. Just remember, Safuriketh is easily offended and her views aren't /always/ right. What she'll get herself (and you) into, mightn't always be the best of things. So you'll need to learn when to pick your fights, how to fight them, and how to distract Safuriketh so she doesn't notice something she might otherwise want to call someone upon.

Oh, you thought that was all, right? One last thing, promise. You know those fluffy clouds up in the sky? Did you know that they look like llamas or woolies? From time to time, Safuriketh might just become distracted, but only if she’s bored of repetitiveness or if what she’s learning just isn’t interesting to her. She’ll tell you what’s on her mind, maybe asking you if you two can fly to the clouds, if you can hunt or eat them, maybe what -is- a cloud… just general curiosity. But, it’s a pity that a dragon’s mentality isn’t as grand as we’d like it to be. You’ll find yourself going over the same explanation more than you’d ever imagine.


I thought that the song "Supergirl" by Krystal Harris off of the Princess Diaries soundtrack was a good song for a flight inspiration.

Sometimes I have dreams
I picture myself flying
Above the clouds
High in the sky
Conquering the world
With my magic piano
Never being scared
But then I realize…

Let’s face it… your girl was -meant- to fly. That’s just a given. But, if she could, Safuriketh would never come down. Clouds are an obsession and she’s determined to touch them all. She owns the world from up there and nothing’ll get in her way, not even a pesky brown or bronze. Oh, but a blue? Bring ‘em on, baby. Unless deceived, a blue will almost always catch, but only after she’s had her fun. Had her fun? That just might take a good candlemark or two! If she has her way, anyway.

Seems like a dream
But there's one thing missing
Nobody's here with me
(Here with me)
To share in all that
I've been given
I need someone
That's strong enough for me

Alright, so where’re all the boys at? Hopefully her vigor doesn’t keep them from keeping up with her. Her endless energy almost always keeps the larger dragons from chasing after time, leaving only the strongest blues. Even then, though, only one or two’ll last as long as she.

I need someone
I won't stop till
I find the one
Who will start
Belonging in my life
I need someone
I won't stop till
I find the one
Who will start
Belonging in my life

Of those suitors that manage to make it into the ‘final round’, selection’ll be on -her- behalf, or at least she do all that is invested in her to make it a possibility. This would be where the aerial acrobats come in. Surely one can keep up with her, right? And if so, that lucky guy will be hers forever. She can place a label on him for certain, yeah? Or at least he’ll be her love until she takes to the skies once again!

Harper's Tale's 41st PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Iri 's gold Kwazarenth and B’ane's bronze Aboleoth
April 29th, 2005

Lzi's green Izlasth
D'lan's blue Nokith
U'ric's brown Khonsath
R'yn's bronze Azmaioth
Minka's gold Ryazusith

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