Kangarru! Kanga-roo! Dahhling! Congratulations at Impressing here in your home of Ista Weyr. We are so glad that you took up that white knot and stood for Jivayath’s clutch. Now with Ruenalth by your side we hope you can continue your bubbly, infectious journey through HT life with us!

« Not just that, now we’re going to RULE THE WEYR….»
“Ahem, Ruenalth, whose intro is this already?”
« Get on with it then»

Here is the inspiration for your charismatic, sneaky brown fellow which SearchCo (aka Team Awesome) spent many hours creating for you, dahl. But the dragon is yours to love, so use these words to help & guide you as we are excited to see you grow together! -love from Ista Weyr SearchCo



I’d Hit That Egg
A medley of thick, coppery orange lines weave together at right angles, curving at each corner; a geometric mass swelling over the almost-rectangular egg. Occasionally, one line turns toward the eye, ending in a circular relief, seemingly hollow. This side of the egg is more orderly and evenly spaced, easily recognized with many such endings; that side is dense, intricately woven, hurried and crammed, but somehow familiar. Only the top of the egg, marked with two bright-orange paddle-shaped designs seems perfectly intuitive - surely, if one were to tap in the right place, they could find something within that would resonate.

Egg Emits
Thunk. A rather unmelodious sound erupts inside your mind, the briefest of contact before — another thunk. Only this time, it's a pitch or so higher. The sound, while rather crude and rudamentary, has a strange sort of soothing quality to it: a simplicity. A few more series of short melodic bursts, and it seems.. it's over. (Lida)

Sounds…rhythms…suddenly explode into your consciousness. Pushing forward, it's impossible to ignore because it is /there/, encompassing everything. Visions dance behind your eyelids of criss crossing pipes, tendrils, coils, tangled and organic masses coiling together at right angles and straight lines. Remember that Windows screensaver with the pipes? Yeah, it's kind of like that. The song it plays is familiar too, but /just/ before you can identify it, it switches to another song. Segways smoothly into the next, and the next, and the next, until it finishes with a flourish, rather proud of itself. You may all applaud and bring it beer. (Sienna)

While the beat of the last egg was regular and entrancing, the hollow thonking emitting from this one is rather cheerful. You get a sense of it as soon as you touch the egg, an irregular, bored collection of thunks and thooks and whacks reminiscent of something between a bored kid at a drumset and the popping and banging of aging pipes and an old radiator. But gradually, as if reacting to your own internal rhythm, the aimless percussionating settles into a cheerful little beat. You *see* something as well, but it doesn't make a lot of sense, seeming like little more than a visual extension of whatever sounds the egg is occupying itself with. (Ei'es)

Thief in the Arabian Night Brown Dragonet
Angular facade is a mere ploy at the power that lies beneath this dragon’s hide. Yet no bulk fellow is he; finely tuned and shaped from bistre-brown that wraps about his form with sworls of copper placed just so- like glimmers at a rogue’s fingertips. Hues of freshly shorn wheat dusts his short snout and over gaunt headknobs, while a splash of darker sepia stains the underside of his maw. Burnt sienna lies in wait over his eyeridges and encircles those be-jeweled eyes like a mask. A patina ages his neckridges with lighter tans as they wend down his spine, the colour slowly fading into rich umber hide on his rakish limbs; and finally gilded talons hinge from flexible toes. Draped like a cloak from his shoulders are long, voluminous wings; their dark underside a swathe of nearly black with touches of deep maroon-brown where they fold. On the surface, however, suffuses a sheen of bronze that reflects all the more as it traces the sun-touched cryptic lines of his spars- meant to bewilder and confuse.

Hatching Message
I’d Hit That Egg turns and wends and there are hollow sounds from within. They swell and quiet suddenly; no echo to their end, simply a stillness. It appears as if whatever lies within may have given up, but it’s all a ruse. Plans were made, changed, and plan D had to be enacted for suddenly bursting forth there is a brown dragonet, tumbling to the sands only to surface in a daring — yet gooey — pose.

Public Impression Message
Thief in the Arabian Night Brown gets back to his feet properly. Kind of. Those wings just don't seem to want to behave and he lets out a low croon of frustration upon seeing no way to his goal. As he swings a look to and fro, a certain fashionable candidate catches his attention. Her, she will do. She's the part of his scheme he's been looking for. With another — more sure — croon, the brown goes tumbling towards a particular Istan brunette, coming to a pause in a spray of sand before her.

Private Impression Message
Smoke clouds your vision and the sands disappear behind it. The sound of coins falling into a pile fill your ears while the comforting scents of a kitchen invade upon your senses. There is a strange sort of calm for a moment before a low baritone enters the recesses of your mind, « Kanga, my bubbliepie, did you know I have a thing for brunettes? » A pause, then as if in afterthought: « I am Ruenalth. » The Sands return, though the sounds of loot being sorted still remain in the background. « If we are quick, we may be able to distract the others and get the juiciest cuts of meat for I am /starved/. »


“I said the joker is a wanted man
he makes his way all across the land
see him sifting through the sand

So I'll tell you all the story
'bout the joker and the thief in the night

He's always laughing in the midst of power
are we living in the final hour
there is always sweet in sour

So, we are not goin' home…”
- ‘The Joker & The Thief in the Night’ by Wolfmother

Name Inspiration
With his tidbits of Jafar and Aladdin, it seemed fitting for a dragonet in a ‘world music’ themed clutch to find affinity in the songs of the Arabian night! Call it a bit of an Australian coincidence but the song by Aussie rockers Wolfmother just seemed to be a perfect fit. Thus he was named- the “Thief in the Arabian Night” Dragonet!

The name ‘Ruenalth’ was inspired by your ideas, Kanga. D’rani searched through Gaelic names and found Riane and Rughnall, which mean ‘little king’ and ‘powerful ruler’ -and those words seemed to really sum up at least what your dragon thinks of himself! We adored the idea of a ‘Ru-’ commencement to his name, since we fully agreed that Kanga & Ru’ does have a certain kismet! The -alth itself also is a bit sentimental in a dragon name for Kanga personally. Putting them altogether gave us Ruenalth, a name that just rolls smoothly as you draw out the sounds
“Rooo-ehn-ahhl-th” Or if you prefer it a bit snappier “Ruh-Een-Alth”.

Egg Inspiration
This is based on the PVC pipe instrument, and the medley of songs played on it, shown in this video:
I tried to work it toward IW colours, because the guy who made the instrument made his in the colours of the university where he is seen presenting in said video.

Description Inspiration
Ruenalth is a big dragon, but he’s angular, long and flexible- much like Jafar in Aladdin. Your dragon was inspired by all things sneaky and these can be seen in those sly touches of copper to those cryptic lines that trace his wings. His shadowy mask over his eyes and his long draping cloak-like wings are something all good rogues need, and we tried to capture the colouring of light and dark as you requested.


*Chink clink*
*Chink clink chink*

Ruenalth will fill Kanga’s head with many sounds but behind all of them, like a hum of white noise will be the quiet clink-chink of metal marks, jewels, beads and other shinies dropping through talons or fingers as if he’s mentally counting them.

« Just keeping track of my loot, Search Co »

His dragondreams will be full of this ‘white noise’ too- and that's something that you may have to get used to if your a light sleeper in those early days together. Not only will you battle the outside clatter of the weyrling barracks, but those occasional flashes of gold and sparks of silver as your lifemate dreams of ENORMOUS PILES OF MONEY might interrupt your snoozetime. But at least it’ll always be easy to tell when he’s awake or asleep, right?

During his long periods of wakefulness, as your dragon is not a lengthy slumberer, he’s quite the conversationalist with you. When his words drown out that background noise, his voice is a pleasant baritone. It’s friendly and charming and brimming with a natural confidence.

Accompanying the actual words along the mindlink is the scent of spices from an Arabian marketplace. The smells and sounds are not overbearing, not when he’s simply chatting to you, Kanga. Are the cooks using nutmeg again in the stews? No, it’s just the gentle touch of the spice against your mind as he reaches out for you. Cinnamon? Cumin? Again, those warm, comforting spices are a sign that everything’s ok.

But when that lilting baritone suddenly deepens and there’s a zing of mint or lime racing across the ‘link, Ruenalth is clearly Down To Business. His voice will clearly change depending on whats up- is there sneakery afoot? Sly goings-on? The mindlink will fill with hazey smoke, a screen to shield his-and your- thoughts as his voice takes on a hiss, a caress that reaches around your mind to whisper his plans oh-so-quietly. Because naturally, your the only one he’s going to trust with that sort of thing.

Have a secret? Need to share? Cue the smoke-screen again, an incense cloud that descends like a shade of silence, so you know he’s giving you his full attention and drowning out all others. Be careful that doesn’t happen to often during official wing business as he’s likely to be ignoring his wingleaders!

Audibly, Ruenalth’s voice is rich and brawny, oozing confidence and clarity. His bugle will be unmistakeable from the air…
« Well if I bother calling out to others, they better pay attention! »

You’ll never hear his voice quiver or quaver, even in the most dire of circumstances which is why other dragons will naturally follow his lead as he always sounds like he knows what he’s doing right? He’s quite the vocal sort when trying to schmooze or get some goss. But he’s not a natterer, so it will be rare you find him rumbling away on the ledge to a pal just to pass the time.

Of course, Ruenalth always knows what he’s doing with you, Kanga. Your his Bubblie pie, his confidante and at those times when your feeling really low, he might just wash away your worries with the wholesome scent of yummy puddings baking, of warm cream and melted honey and plenty of sugar to envelope your mind like a giant hug.

« Psst, You can't tell anyone about this, okay? It could ruin my whole reputation. »


Ruenalth certainly lends towards the larger end of the spectrum for browns. He's not as large as Kzydnth, no, but there are certainly some small bronzes out there that might sigh upon seeing him. Which is exactly how Ruenalth would like it. Despite his size, he is balanced: nothing is too short or too long. He's not too lithe nor too bulky, but there may be the appearance of the latter simply due to the sculpting of those great muscles of his. It's all a ruse, as you both will know and you'll be laughing all the way home after winning a race against the smaller Sidaaeth.

Your Ruenalth is going to have a terrible time while young with those wings. They're long and in those awkward weyrling stages, they will get in his way almost constantly. This is where he'll develop the habit of capping his wings up high — it helps avoid stomping on them and leading to the embarrassment of crying out and everyone noticing.

As he grows, he'll come more into himself. He’s a very handsome dragon all told, with those wings and that toned physique. There’ll never be a mention of him being gawky or odd-looking, and mostly onlookers will think he’s one of the better looking of Jivayath’s offspring.

While he wont mind at all mucking in and getting dirty, he’s very conscious of his appearance and will often require you bathe him right « Now! ». Especially around the sails and folds of his glorious wings, where saltscrubs and repeated oilings will ensure the golden etchings on his wingspars stay gleaming and shiny.

“There's no question this Ali's alluring
Never ordinary, never boring
Everything about the man just plain impresses
He's a winner, he's a whiz, a wonder!
He's about to pull my heart asunder!
And I absolutely love the way he dresses!”
-’Prince Ali’ from Disney’s Aladdin

He'll be your jack-of-all-trades dragon when it comes to skills in sky, land, and sea. He's not the most agile. He's not the fastest. He's not the strongest. At the same time though, he's not bad at anything. This is exactly how he'd like it: he'd much rather be good, if not the best, at everything, than risk having that weakness to be exposed. If he knows someone is better, he’s sure to concoct some scheme to give himself the upper hand anyway. Plus, between the two of you, surely you can provide the illusion that he's better than Gudrotgoth when it comes time to start drills as weyrlings.

Ruenalth tends to prefer high perches or dark corners. When it comes time to select your weyr, he's like to demand one of the highest ones in a shadowed place; perhaps just below the star stones. This is so that he can perch on his ledge, swathed in shadow, and oversee "his" domain. Often when he does this, he likes to lift his wings up and over himself more.

"You're not fooling anyone."
« They are dark beneath. It is dark here. None will see me, but I will see them! »

He often moves with low, swift movements. For a dragon of his size and muscle-mass he can move slinkily and stealthily and very very quietly, balanced up on his toes with neck tucked in and shoulders hunched. His tail will snake and weave behind him and he has a tendency to swish his wings about… like one might with a cape. When feeling especially sneaky, Ruenalth will stick to dark corners. When smaller, he will love trips into the forest to sneak around under the cover of all the foliage. You might find him concocting plans to sneak out of the Weyrling area simply to go on excursions into the forest.

When feeling especially egotistical, he will strike poses. Sometimes more than needed, really.

"Ru! Stop that. We're supposed to be doing drills."

« But how will they select you for Weyrling Wingleader unless they see what a powerful, good-looking dragon you have? »

There's little in-between with your Ruenalth, as you know. This certainly shows through with his posturing. He's either in-your-face and strutting about, or skulking behind the scenes.

One issue you may encounter is that Ruenalth isn't all about the ocean like some Istan dragons. It's not that he can't swim and doesn't enjoy it, but he struggles with the fact that there's just no way to strike an imposing pose in the water. He'll try (oh, he'll try!) and after the embarrassment fades from the spectacle, he's like to be a bit avoidant of swimming just for fun. It also clashes with his hide and you just can't have that, can you?


Kanga, you asked for a charming dragon that won’t cause Ista any problems…yeah right. You wanted a cocky rogue, a charming, sometimes vain and competitive thief whose love of all things bling and manipulating ways could rival your own…Don’t tell us you didn’t ask for him, dahling!

Ruenalth is a handful in dragon-body and definitely a match for Kanga in dragon-mind. Early on in weyrlinghood, when he’s still smaller than you, and his wings are too long, it might be cute when he sidles up to Kzydnth and with a tone dripping in poisioned honey tells him:

« I’m going to fly circles around you next week, you know »
“Face it, Ruenalth, I’m bigger than you…”
« You’re right. Your power does exceed my own. But not for long »

I mean it will be funny, this little gangly dragonet trying to be so competitive! Won’t it?
Or when he slinks right past D’baji before he’s even noticed, out to gorge on those butchered herdbeast before anyone else gets a chance.

« I’m one jump ahead of the slowpokes, Kanga….»
“But what about the other dragonets, Rue?”
« You snooze, you lose, Bubbliepie »

Oh yes, his self-confidence and arrogance will seem adorable. Seem manageable. When he’s little. Give it a few months, or half a turn…

“Superhuman good looks, I've always had them. Born with it. But superhuman strength, can you imagine the possibilities of this?”
-Flynn Rider, Tangled

Kanga you will certainly realise that your dragon is not kidding when he saunters around the training grounds, big enough to really give the older dragons a run for their marks! But you’ll deal with it as you see fit- perhaps it will suit this tiny slip of a teen girl to have a quickfooted lifemate whose intelligent enough to think outside the box when it comes to doing things faster and easier together.

Ruenalth will always have an answer for you, a plan for you. It might not be the five-by-five one though. It might not exactly meet the rules or the instructions. But he’ll whisper in that smoke-haze across the mindlink to you, snickering and concocting all manner of large ideas and grand plans…

« But if we manage to trip over Rakshamanith, that will create the perfect diversion, then you can swipe the keys off the Weyrlingmaster’s belt.»
“And then what, Rue”?
« Keep up! Then you break into his office and there should be -maps-, Kanga. And if anyone looks like they’ll find you, well I’ll just stomp on them and that will sort that part out…»

Did we mention you might have to work at taming some of his more exaggerated fantasies? The problem is, they are usually so wickedly good, so juicy and eeevil. You might walk a dangerous line, trying not to be seduced by all manner of sneaky ideas that your dragon will hatch!

I have dreams like you, no really!
Just much less touchy-feely.
They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny,
On an island that I own, tan and rested and alone,
—Flynn Rider from Tangled

The important thing to realise though is his grand master plans ALWAYS include you. Right in the thick of it. Your the key. His other half. His confidante and far more importantly than that, you can squeeze inside little tiny places he can only imagine getting into…

« I love the way your *foul* little mind works!»
-Jafar, from Aladdin

What drives all this though? Sure he’s a good looking dragon. Sure he has charm and wit. All that would be wasted if Ruenalth wasn’t driven for success. His version of success for you and him of course means Marks, Status and Hot Chicks (or Dudes in your case)..

The “Hot chicks” is already a given, since he’s got one for a rider.

But then again, ones’ friends are a reflection of oneself, so he will naturally be more friendly and drawn towards other dragons that are handsome or pretty (or vain!). You wont win any arguments trying to convince him that ugly little Trollth is a supernice dragon, Ruenalth just wont care! That said, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be rude or mean to those less fortunate-looking. But those sort of relationships will only last as long as Ruenalth, or you, are gaining something from it. He will definately extend his opinion on your friends, lovers and family aswell. Thinking about taking up that kind and funny bluerider’s offer of a midnight swim?

« But his -nose- Kanga, its massive. And he’s just a wingrider. Don’t even bother.»

‘Status’ is one driver that Ruenalth wants to gain via you primarily, Kanga. And he’s not going to get it for you by any honest means. Politics is something he truly understands, as much as any dragon can be savvy about that sort of thing. From early on he’ll be a dragonet that watches relationships around him, looking for a way in, a way round or a way over! He’s even clever enough to understand the machinations of ‘Its Not What You Do But Who You Know’. Aim to be Wingleader one day? Ruenalth can get you there, because didn’t you realise that being chummy with the Wingsecond’s brother during weyrlinghood means you’re a shoo-in to get tapped into That wing, where the wingsecond will take a liking to you…

«And then once in the inner circle, we can trash him to the Wingleader while making ourselves indispensable, Kanga then the big knot will be Ours all Ours!..»
Ahem, yes you get the idea…

Ahh Marks. Ahh Winning. Sparkling, clinkingly, gleaming shining jewellery. Ahh the sweet smell of fear on the poor people sitting round the Dragonpoker table with you when your on a winning streak.

Perhaps that’s something that attracted him to you on the Sands, dahl. Because your lifemate has an insatiable appetite for gambling, its almost as if its in his blood. Whether you’re making bets in the Sandbar, or he’s wagering his clutchbrothers that he can fly out to the Hold and back before they can, its a sure bet that there are marks and glory to be won on the back of a gamble.

Ruenalth and you have a fair bit of luck on your side. And he’s a bit vain about it and will implore you to display his ‘trophies’ for everyone to see. Hopefully those weyrlingmasters keep your calender busy because if there’s any spare time and you or he do win some wagers, your weyrling couch will soon overflow with all the trinkets you’ve won. Once in your own weyr, Ruenalth will nag and nag you to make sure its one of the best dressed and put-together weyrs in Ista because a pair like you won’t just live in a drab chunk of rock. He will put a lot of faith in your fashion sense though, because he will be satisfied on appearances as long as you’ve put in the effort.

« Kan-I-cryth, there was really no point in trying to beat me at that..»
“Shh, his name is Kanyith! Don’t be rude..”
«But my little Bubbliepie, I can never remember his name!»

Ruenalth is wretched with names. He’ll remember dragons, faces, places but just not their names. (Although, when at his most sarcastic you might think it’s done on purpose). He’ll usually substitute associated actions or items with them and replace them until he’s told, repeatedly, what their actual name is.

«Move over, Fart-aith, and tell Dad-man I need to land on that ledge»
“Rue, you know her name is Aukaith and his is K’rru!”

When he’s being his most endearing or trying to provide you comfort he will always refer to you as “Bubbliepie”. Maybe you were hungry on hatching day, or he’s found that homely, comfortable vision in your mind, but for whatever the reason its his special name for you and he never uses it when speaking about you to others. Its your secret.

There are a few things that Ruenalth just doesn’t get. Doesn’t even want to understand. Is plain creeped out by. Slithery lizards that scamper about the damp cliff walls near the waterfall? No biggie. Kinda cute. Those tunnelsnakes everyone fusses about? Well they are just doing their thing, dahl. Firelizards perching on his neckridges? Hey, they are useful for sending top secret messages places. Runners who prance about with handsome Herders on their backs- WEIRD!

« I mean really, Kanga, who rides food? And why do they have such swishy tails? They always smell like hay and gas. They look shifty with those bright eyes…and who rides food?»

Herderhall wont be getting visits from your dragon, unless there’s a runner race on, and then its all about the marks you could win.

Overall, Ruenalth is not the lifemate that will school you, teach you wise lessons or guide you gently into adulthood. It’s true, he loves you honestly as you are as much a part of him as breathing is and he is now as much part of you as your own heartbeat. But he will crashtackle you into all sorts of hijinks, dangerous plans and amazing ideas. Sometimes you’ll have to be the voice of reason, and sometimes you’ll just have to succumb and leap into those ideas headfirst!

“All those days
Chasing down a daydream
All those years
Living in a blur
All that time
Never truly seeing
Things the way they were
Now she's here
Shining in the starlight
Now she's here
Suddenly I know
If she's here
It's crystal clear
I'm where I'm meant to go”
-Flynn to Rapunzel “I see the light”, Disney’s Tangled


Ruenalth, for all his bravado and charm is not a terribly horny dragon. It may be because he’s very mindful that his lifemate is female and is a little protective, or maybe its because he doesn’t feel the need to “prove” himself with every glowing female. He will never chase a female whose rider you despise because the idea of that just leaves a bad taste in his mind. You’re partners, so it has to be what will satisfy you both! When he does give chase, however, be it for a green or gold, be sure that the dragon and their rider will be pretty good looking as he does not subscribe to the theory of ‘kiss a lot of toads before you meet your princess!’.

Because of his size as a larger-than-average brown, he might also be able to chase a smaller gold. He certainly will have the arrogance for it and perhaps all those bronzes in chase will stir up his competitive side!

Ruenalth will be a fierce flight competitor. In fact, he will probably be one of the first of his clutch to give chase simply due to his size allowing him join in earlier than some of his smaller, slower-growing siblings. In flight, he will use oodles of charm to woo the female as she bloods, and tends to posture and strut his heart out in order to intimidate the other males while they are on the ground.
« Here we go, fellas, how do you like these apples?»
« Ha ha!»

He’ll even let slip his guard, if she’s special enough, to woo her in song and rhyme.

“A whole new world
Every turn a surprise
With new horizons to pursue
Every moment red-letter
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you”
-A Whole New World, Disney’s Aladdin

True to Ru-form, he’ll tend to use sneaky, underhanded methods when chasing through the air. Such as barrel-rolling straight into the path that Kanyith was pacing. Or catching Gutrotgoth’s tail with a claw as he swings past. Diversions too, will be an oft-used tactic as he taunts the other chasers through the ‘link.

Ruenalth’s “flight-overs” (hangovers, geddit?) may last a few days at least. Since he puts so much effort and gusto into them and he’s so rigorous (…ahem), it will take him awhile to get back to his usual self. Call it a lustful daze, he’ll need timeout to recuperate in the shadows of the Star Stones or on his couch surrounded by his golden baubles until he gets the spring back in his step.

“The party lasted an entire week, and honestly, I don't remember most of it.”
-Flynn Rider, Tangled

Never fear that Ruenalth’s heart will be stolen by another dragon though. He’ll enjoy the occasional flight, yes, but he won’t moon around a female for weeks after. In fact, once the ‘flight-over’ is past he’ll probably barely remember her or mention it again. This might make things easier for you too, if you really don’t want to have anything to do with the rider after flight deeds are done, you won’t get any argument from your dragon.

Helping you see the light via this inspiration, and proudly creating Ruenalth for you were:
Dragon name: K’rru & D’rani
Egg name & Desc: D’baji, SearchCo tweak
Dragonet desc: D’rani (K’rru tweaks)
Personality: K’rru & D’rani
Messages: D’rani

Kanga’s brown Ruenalth
Harper's Tale: 59th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Sadaiya’s Gold Jivayath and T’sei’s Bronze Xhiyanth
April 15th, 2011
Charli (Malachai) - Green Dzakath
Zari (Zaharis) - Green Ghwerigeth
Trek - (Trekana) - Blue Kanyith
Alys (Alyssa)- Green Rakshamanith
N'ayl (Lyzan) - Brown Gudrotgoth

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