Congratulations on Impression Aloniel (or we should now say N'iel)! And welcome (permanently) to Ista Weyr. We have slaved over and over again in attempt to give you the perfect dragon, she's a little flirty like you asked, but she's no dependent girly girl. Below is our thoughts on the makings of your Roxeauth, but these are just guidelines, no set in stone rules. She now belongs to you and you can mold the little lady into whatever you heart desires. We are excited to have you stuck with us, Herder Boy, and we're looking forward to watching you grow with Roxeauth at Ista Weyr! — T'ab and K'rru

Grilled Cheese Aspiration Egg:
Different shades of orange and yellow swirl along this somewhat squat egg's middle section. From dark cheddar to creamy mozzarella, the warm and comforting colors seem to ooze together in haphazard and messy ways, giving the optical illusion that the colors have been melted onto the shell. The gooey center is sandwiched between the top and bottom sections of the egg. These ends are darker, using shades of toasty brown and tan in gritty textures, blending in with some of the sand around it.

Hatching Message:
Grilled Cheese Aspiration Egg starts to melt on the hot sands, the shards of shell falling off and softly landing on the ground. Emerging from the gooey mess is a lovely lady, emerald wings flowing out of the shell. A single looooooong leg stretches out, followed by a second soft, smooth limb that pulls the rest of the small hatchling's body out of the yellow and orange mess, revealing Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet to her full feminine beauty. The pose only lasts so long as her forward momentum, combined with unsteady legs, causes the gorgeous being to fall forward to the black diamond sands.

Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet

Va-va-voooom! Satin jade sashays down the feminine curves of this buxom beauty, fine lines are formed by a layer of soft muscle about her body. Her muzzle is shortened with gently rolling headknobs that daintily lie above kohl-rimmed eyes which possess a natural maturity in their glow. Honeyed highlights twist and tumble 'mongst the viridian along her swan-like neck, while resting above her voluptuous bosom are cascading wings of emerald, the spars etched with pale curls of smokey silver and delicate wisps of pearl. She is almost all leg from there, honey, with each paw gloved with darker myrtle that fades as the limbs stretch up, up, up, deceptively giving her an image of great length although her actual size is more average among greens. Her swinging hips are decadently full and rounded with a tinge of teal, which smoothly transitions into a lengthy discourse of a sensually full tail that splays at the tip with droplets of gem-like iridescence.

Public Impression Message:
Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet stumbles slightly on her ungainly long legs, wings spreading to regain her lady-like composure. Now where is her leading gent? She swings those hips as she arrives in front of a calloused, rough-looking Herder boy. Jade body rises to meet her dance partner, a single gloved foreclaw is offered in greeting to the boy. Her eyes swirl passionately as they meet light brown orbs, initially possessing romantic purples that soon transform into crimson, representing a more feral ache of hunger. She has chosen her eternal co-star, a sultry croon claiming Aloniel as hers and only hers.

Personal Impression Message:
« Hey there, big boy… » A sultry voice waltzes into your mind, the sizzle of a smoldering cigarette leaves traces of smoke that rise and swirl in a sexy tango. The glow of passionate embers fills you with warmth, overpowering the heat rising from the sands below. The pleasantly sweet smoke are soon complemented by the intense flavor of whiskey with a tingle of sugary sweet vermouth mimicking the strong, ardent embrace that curves around your very inner being. « Oh honey, my N'iel, don't you just stand there looking all helpless, it isn't attractive. My name? Roxeauth, I think it suits me well. » Then the intensity softly diminishes, and you are suddenly aware of a more raw emotion of hunger. « Now. I am most /dreadfully/ hungry, my dear, wouldn't it be just dandy if we found a bit to eat? »


Name Inspiration:
First the dragonet name, the theme was old video games (like 8-bit games), and your dragon is based on the lovely Ms. Pacman! Now the 'Voracious and Vivacious' probably makes more sense. She's got a passionate appetite for food, and she's got those long sexy legs that just never quit. /Ms/ Pacman doesn't need a man around to protect her, no, she's quite capable of turning around and fighting those ghosts herself. An independent and powerful woman, and a little flirtatious, that is what we hoped to give you!


Here is what initially inspired what would become Roxeauth, Ms. Pac-Man

Now to Roxeauth. Honestly the initial reason for wanting to have this name was so that you could use her nickname 'Roxie', this after the movie (and character) Roxie Hart, played by Ginger Rogers in 1942. You may be familiar with this name from the musical/movie Chicago (the same title of the silent film that Roxie Hart was based on). In all of these versions, Roxie is a wanna-be showgirl star that is charged with murder (sometimes purposefully, sometimes misguided in the renditions) and the publicity from the trial leads to her eventual successful career after she is acquitted. Roxie starts off as an innocent-seeming young woman but eventually evolves to an independent firecracker that knows whats she wants and is willing to fight for it, and that is a part of what we wanted to impart with Roxeauth. The last part, the 'eau' was really an accident when we were trying to come up with a name, T'ab (for some reason or another) seems to have an infatuation with certain French pronunciations and after bringing up the 'eau' we tried every variation to get it to work with the whole thing. We pronounce it 'ROX-oath', the initial portion is harsh sounding but the oath is an almost cooing noise (sexylike). But if you really want, you could say it 'Rox-ooth', whatever you want, she is your dragon now!

Egg Inspiration:
Game: The Sims 2
Inspiration: A result of a botched ReNuYuSenso Orb, the Grilled Cheese Aspiration is a humorous twist on the five available Aspirations to choose from on the Sims 2. Grilled Cheese Sims just want to eat, serve, and make grilled cheese sandwiches. They even want to influence other Sims to cook grilled cheese for them. Their lifetime want is to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. With this want, don't expect your Sim to stay fit and trim! Their fears revolve around being rejected for talking about grilled cheese and burning grilled cheese. (Info from:

Description Inspiration:
Roxeauth, she's /gorgeous/, but not that current Hollywood 'I haven't eaten for a week' gorgeous, she's an old-time, lots of curves, long-legged bombshell gorgeous. The original thought was of a 40s screen sirens and femme fatales, thinking of actresses like Katharine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth and Ginger Rogers. And we wanted to incorporate that into her description. A soft face, muscular, but yet padded body with a plump chest and legs that can go on /forever/.  In fact, she has obscenely long legs, our tip to the great dancing leading ladies of the era- like Ginger Rogers, for example. The colors are sexy, not bright pastels and pretty shading, no, she's sexy and mature, with those smoky lines that are etched on her wings and the kohl around her eyes. The tail I like to think of as the dazzling train of a sparkling, sexy dress that compliments her voluptuous body. And since you are not an itsy bitsy boy, N'iel, we could not ever see you on an itty bitty dragon! So while she may be one of the smaller colours,  she'll be enough to easily cart your weight around, and you will not look 'oversized' compared to her!


The gorgeous Rita Hayworth, one of the original screen sirens of the 40s and 50s.

Quirky fact: at 5"6 height and 56kgs, she was considered 'large' and the movie studios had a hard time finding leading men tall enough to match her!

Mind Voice:

Mae West: It's not what I do, but the way I do it. It's not what I say, but the way I say it.

Her mindvoice reminds us of the qualities of other strong, 40s screen icons- she's got that Mid-Atlantic accent like Katharine Hepburn ( Cate Blanchett as Katharine ),  with a real upper-class feel to it. A sultry deep and rough quality to it, with some of her words practically purred out. By now you'll know that Roxeauth isn't a shy wallflower. And rightly so, her tone and mindvoice reflects that. She's sultry, she's strong, direct and to the point, and always slightly naughty-so others might tend to second-guess what she's 'really' talking about!

« Hey there handsome, why don't you come on over to my ledge today and show me a good time? »

Mostly she prefers to speak to just -you-, then perhaps her male clutch brothers, Tyroth being the Big Daddy-O figure, and then any male weyrlingmasters. Get the idea? Roxeauth is better than other females, two-legged or four-legged kind, and she'll mostly avoid chit-chatting with them.

Just like the lovely ladies of the 40s movies and shows, there will always be that ever present cigarette on its long holder that will accent all of her voice. It can range in visual and taste dependent on her mood, from a soft, sweet wisps of smoke that flirt with the nostrils to a heavy, acrid cloud that overpowers all the senses, making the eyes water and throat close. In the more aggressive situations, there might even be the bright glow of embers at the tip of the cigarette that are swiftly tapped off and burn the edges of your mind.

Reminiscent of her father, Tyroth, she will occasionally embrace alcohol-laced tones. It isn't just any booze that will do for this lady, she will adopt classier flavors like the sweet (yet strong) taste of a Manhattan or a Sidecar. Although unlike her bronzen dad, she will reserve these tastes and smells for times when her emotions seem overwhelming. When proddiness arrives and she is among the boys, she'll tinge her voice with the sweet liquors that intoxicate those males. Or when the jealousy becomes overwhelming, she'll be a piping hot cigarette that is burning down to the filter and doused with the strength of alcohol, using her tones and wit to sufficiently degrade whatever poor soul has found favor with N'iel.


Katharine Hepburn: What you see before you is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.

Roxeauth was born a mature woman, she has no need for those long growing periods from dragonet to adolescence to adulthood, no, she's a firecracker that will grow as fast as draconically possible. This may even worry you at the beginning, for her growth rate will seem like after two Turns she'll be the size of either a large blue or a brown. But if you worry too much she'll just say: « Don't you worry honey, I'll stop when I want to and be /perfectly/ sized, just for you. » And she will, she'll slow down nearing the end of the growth period and start to plateau to the medium sized green that she will stay. This means that you'll have to feed her more often than the rest of the weyrlings, but luckily you aren't squeamish around raw meat, right?

Mae West: Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided.

Like the entertainers and various characters Roxeauth is based off of, a prominent feature of her body is her legs. As a weyrling, especially in the first few months, her legs will seem overly long and ungainly. With that still growing body, it will seem as if she is all legs for a while until her figure is able to fill out to adulthood. Walking will be a task for her the first month or so, something that will look like a woman wearing heels for the first time, she's just got to get used to them. But once she does fill out and get used to those luscious legs of hers, watch our Pern. She'll practically dance across the ground, a sultry tango here or a quick-stepped Charleston there. Those legs will become more fit to her body, although they will always be a significant portion of her body, muscular from training and yet still maintain the feminine curves that will attract all the males.

Everyone knows that a classy lady does /not/ itch nor does she get dry skin. At least, that is how it will seem as Roxeauth will rarely ever mention any discomfort with her growing hide. Especially during Weyrlinghood when she is growing the fastest, you will have to be vigilant in checking for dry patches of skin and oiling her regularly. Once she is fully grown, she won't require oiling as frequent but you still will need to predict when she needs a good oiling. There are certain places that will dry the fastest, and luckily those are signaled by the smoky lines on her wings and around her eyes, they will always  need an additional touch up layer of oil to verify they won't dry out.

Somehow we had to fit in that Ms. Pacman aspect, and here it is. As we will mention a few times, Roxeauth is a lady, but one thing she may be less than lady-like about will be her eating habits. She just looooooves her food. She likes her food like she likes her men, plentiful. I mean all that dancing requires quite a bit of energy, right? And she will devour every creature in her path to supply the necessary dietary requirements and more. As a weyrling, you will have to watch her carefully to make sure she doesn't gorge herself and eventually she will know her limits but it won't stop her from wanting to eat plentifully.

« Handsome, I do believe that I would like a snack. »

But Roxeauth, you ate a few hours ago.

« Of course I realize that, my dear, but all of this training has found me a bit peckish. »

I thought you'd be worried about your figure —

« Are you calling my fat, honey? Because that would most certainly not do. »

I wasn't calling you —

« Let us get a snack and be done with it, sweetie. »

By adulthood Roxie will be graceful on her feet, but what of the air? A dragon of such elegance would never dare to look awkward in the sky, the element a winged lady such as herself should be most comfortable in. During her first few flights, her curvaceous body will be mildly difficult to control midair, she'll have to opt for straight flight with no frills or twirls. But once she gets older and is used to her wings in the sky, she will begin to reveal her beauty in the air. It will be a dance among the clouds, her green agility will be greatly utilized as she pirouettes and waltzes through the skies with wonderful ease. Sometimes she will just naturally perform a move without blinking an eye, it is that inherent entertainer within her.

« What? I just did a perfect loop-de-loop? My dahling, I wasn't even paying attention. »


Rita Hayworth: All I wanted was just what everybody else wants, you know, to be loved.

You've got yourself a classy lady, N'iel, Roxeauth's mindvoice and classic good looks are all augmented by her personality. Even from birth, she is a mature soul that shines with elegance. But she has wit to go along with her lady-like personality. She is smooth talking and sassy, an independent lady that doesn't need anyone to tell her what to do. Chivalry is nice and all, the various male dragons leaving presents is /wonderful/, but she could do fine without it. She does like nice things, your weyr will probably have various soft and eye-pleasing fabrics that are strewn about her couch and if you just so happen to find a pearl necklace big enough for her, that would make a nice Turnday present, wouldn't you say?

Katharine Hepburn: I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex.

She might not look it on the surface, but Roxeauth is a workhorse. Outside of your tasks and duties- sure she loves the laze around, shoot the breeze with the fellas in the bowl, but when that wing roster has you awake and on point, Roxeauth will be the driving force. Don't even consider giving your weyrlingmaster an excuse to get out of a lesson. Roxie won't hear of it! She can go toe to toe with the bigger dragons, and you'll find that she even -dares- bronze and brown clutch brothers to keep up with her.

« Sure, Raeklith was great, but don't forget, I did everything he did, backwards…and I still look hot, honey »

Her determination, her spirit and her drive does not diminish her va-va-voooom in any way.  Though, she's not really any faster, cleverer or superior than her other clutchsiblings at all, whatever lesson, task or drill you are both set, Roxeauth will always make it seem effortless, as if she's practiced for hours and hours…though really, she just intuitively knows, that if you -act- like it's no trouble at all, others will always believe you!

Katharine Hepburn: The average Hollywood film star's ambition is to be admired by an American, courted by an Italian, married to an Englishman and have a French boyfriend.


Outspoken and witty Katharine Hepburn

Quirky fact: She's got the record for most Best Actress Oscars (4) and had 12 noms. She's named the Greatest Female Star in the history of American cinema!

A flirty dragon, that is what you asked for and that is what we wanted to give to you. Unlike some of those overtly flirty and catty greens, she doesn't lower herself to bickering and definitely would /never/ throw herself to a male just to get their attention, Roxie isn't /that/ desperate. Yes, she loves herself some male attention, but she will get it on her own terms. Roxeauth is the type to just saunter into the feeding grounds and have the men come drooling for her. She'll spark up a simple conversation with her male of interest, let her voluptuous body do the rest of the talking, and just watch those males come chasing after her. Even some males she has no interest in, she may just chat all sweet and friendly-like and innocently flirt.

Now, the /other/ female dragons, well that is a whole different story. She may not be overtly bitchy toward other females, but she definitely will not feign caring about them at all. Most likely she'll just give them the cold shoulder or use as few words as possible to exit the conversation immediately. She's not going to be the type to hang out with a flock of other greens in the bowl, gossiping and giggling! There is no reason, in her mind, to associate with those other females and often she will expect you to do the same.

« Why are you even talking to Suumanuth's rider, my dear? »

//Well, she is nice and I thought — //

« Well she isn't. Oh look, Vrykth and his rider look just /splendid/ in their new leathers, let us go mingle over /there/… »

Interactions with N'iel

You, N'iel, are Roxeauth's only one true love, you are her dance partner, her costar, and the other half of her duet. While she may show frustration with your flirting or the times you come back from playing Herder with the runners all dreadfully dirty and smelly, she will always love you and any negative feelings will dissolve quicker than they appeared. Speaking of Herders, it will be rare that you will ever be able to keep your own collection of animals within your weyr, Roxie wants your attention and will not appreciate you giving more care and love to a small, smelly, dirty, furry creature over her beautiful self, so be careful and hopefully your pets don't fight back. Although she often speaks and acts of her independence, there are few things she'll want to do without you and often you will be dragged across Pern to find new men to flirt with or to hear a new song by the Harpers that you two can dance to.

Pet names, you may have noticed that Roxeauth has a certain penchant for using various nicknames for you (and others). It will almost seem like she may have forgotten your real name, instead calling you sweetie, honey, babe, dear, love, stud, etc. It may irritate you, but it is merely her vocal method of showing the deep affection she has for you. She may even extend some of these pseudonyms to the various males of the day.

« Oh hello there sweetie, why don't you just come on over here and help keep me warm on this chilly evening? Brrrrr. »

But when she starts using your name regularly (or maybe excessively), it means that she is not a happy lady, either with you (less likely) or with someone else, most likely another female dragon. It will be those times when you know you need to just turn away from the situation and pay your beautiful lifemate attention or go find a male to talk to.

« /N'iel/. I don't /care/ that she is our Weyrlingmaster, /N'iel/. /Lzi/ was visibly /flirting/ with you, N'iel. That is just not right, and she is /so/ old. »

In these situations, you may find your brother T'ab and his lifemate Tyroth awfully helpful. For Tyroth will give Roxie the attention she deserves and T'ab poses no threat of ever sleeping with you (incest is not best). And they definitely can help you both chill out now and then.

Roxeauth is your lady, N'iel, and you are her man. The pair of you together are a perfect partnership, being in tune with each other, step-by-step. But she'll be utterly aware of what each of you bring to this unstoppable pairing-

« You might give me class, N'iel honey……but I give you sex appeal »

And she will never let you forget that. While she may go off flirting with all the handsome male dragons, she may not appreciate you doing the same to other humans. Regardless of what gender N'iel prefers, when he is attracted to a person or even innocently flirting, a shade of jealousy will color Roxeauth. She does not appreciate your attentions being paid to anyone but her, and will make it known to you blatantly.

« That /woman/ looks like a partially digested wherry carcass »

That's not very nice, Roxeauth

« Sorry, my dear, but she is just not right for you at all. I've seen better legs on a herdbeast. »

Mae West: Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.

Now, she is still a classy lady and will often keep her comments between you and her, but there will be times, maybe if N'iel ever becomes romantically involved with anyone, where her jealousy will pour out to the other person. She may even speak directly to her target, her tones embracing the liquor-laced voice that is fierce like a whip. A violent woman? Probably not, but do not think that she won't bare her ebony claws and ivory teeth toward another. I imagine that if a situation got serious enough, she'd act similar to Ginger Rogers in Vivacious Lady.

More Roxeauth-isms
Roxeauth is gorgeous, she has a sexy voice, she knows how to speak and attract the men, but is she vain? Not really. Roxie knows what she has and knows how to work it for what she wants, but she never is so conceited about her physical appearance. Now there will be times where she may want her oil a certain way, or that her nails need to be sharpened just right, but that isn't vanity, a woman just needs to take care of herself. In fact, she often needs you to do the hard work behind looking that effortlessly gorgeous, so you will be spending a lot of free time bathing her, polishing her, neatening tooth and claw.

« And don't dare complain about it, honey »

She is quite capable of caring about others, namely you, since you are her 'eternal co-star' and she cares about you a lot. Although she is an independent dragon, she will do anything for you, N'iel, and will always have you in her interest. 

Ginger Rogers: My mother told me I was dancing before I was born. She could feel my toes tapping wildly inside her for months.

As stated over and over again, the basis of much of Roxeauth's personality is on those silver screen bombshells of the 1940s. One of the great things about these women was that they weren't just actresses, they were also dancers, singers, and all-around entertainers. It is just too bad that you weren't a Harper before Impression, N'iel, because Roxeauth will find herself quite infatuated with everything musical. She will encourage you to try to produce music through instruments or even try to get you to sing. Whenever music is within earshot, Roxeauth will become entranced by it and the beat will reverberate in her soul. Her slinky tail will swagger to the tune, her head will bob rhythmically and she will want to break out into a whole song and dance routine if you let her. You may even be roped into dancing along with her and joining in song, let's hope that N'iel isn't /too/ tone deaf.


Ginger Rogers (and Fred)

Quirky fact: No film portrayals have been made on Ginger Rogers- mostly because Fred Astaire stipulated in his will that film representations of him weren't to be made. Her career is so linked to his, that you couldn't make a movie omitting that part of her life.

Mae West: Look your best - who said love is blind?

As we stated earlier, Roxie is not a vain dragon, she works with what her ma and pa have given her, but it doesn't mean that she won't try her best to look good for all those handsome male dragons. Whenever she goes on the prowl, she'll always want to be made up, she'll need her nails buffed and lacquered, only fine rose-scented oils will do for her hide, her riding leathers will need to go with those sexy jade and emerald colors of hers (and make sure there is plenty of padding as to not rough up her sensitive skin), and even your weyr/couch will need to be tidy and covered in flower petals, fine silks, and various faded glows for ambiance, it will be a cougar's den where she can ensnare the unsuspecting males.

And poor N'iel will be caught up in it as well, for a pretty lady like Roxeauth wouldn't dare be escorted throughout the weyr with anything less than a handsome man at her side. All those dirty Herder clothes will work just fine for the dirty training, but when it comes to being seen in public they just won't do. Especially that orange of Ista Weyr, /uuuugly/, she despises it so much that often she will attempt to get you to wear something besides your weyrling uniform (she may even try to hide your clothes on you), which the weyrlingmasters will probably not appreciate. And you will need to be clean, bathed, and maybe even have some manicures and pedicures for those calloused hands and feet. Oh yeah, and you better get used to waking up before dawn, for it takes a few hours to get your look just right so that you can be seen in public together.

Katharine Hepburn: I have always lived my life exactly as I wanted. I've tried to please no one but myself…but I'm entirely content. I can sit back in my old age and not regret a single moment, not wish to change a single thing. It's what I wish for you…a life with no regrets.


Mae West: I speak two languages, Body and English.

The golden age of the sex siren inspired us with Roxeauth, N'iel. Your vivacious and curvaceous lady will take her time to reach her first maiden flight, and will probably be almost the last of her clutch to rise. But it's worth the wait! After a few flights, you'll learn the signs of her proddiness- she does not just go off like a cracker one day, rather it's a delicious lead up, a build up of hormones and heat over at least a sevenday so you'll get plenty of warning.

At first you'll notice she's more demanding of your time- wanting to keep you up at all hours oiling and buffing her hide because a lady needs to look her best for her audience, right? She will become more languid in her movements as flight time gets closer- wanting to loll and laze about in the sun, showing off her best angles and features, in the bowl, not hidden away on her ledge! Her tone will drop, more husky, smooth and honeyed as she gets those males interested in her every movement.

 On the day she will actually tell you (no guesswork needed!)- because she loves this time, she relishes the feeling of being in control and powerful over anyone male- and that includes you, N'iel.

« Sugar, we ain't going nowhere today so don't sign me up for that task. I want to take a dip by the sea and then maybe we'll see what boys are in Ista this evening »

She will rarely take flight at morning or noon, preferring afternoon and evening.

During the flight she transforms into a devouring femme fatale- she'll be purposeful in her movements, blooding lazily, savouring the moment as the males flock around her.In the sky she wont be at all acrobatic, rather it's like a slow, sexy tango as she'll tease those males with song and movement - and she'll carry you along for the ride - eki ng out each delicious moment for you both! Sated though, she will wake, maybe entwined with the male.

« They fall in love with the siren, N'iel….but they wake up with me »

Mae West: Love thy neighbor - and if he happens to be tall, debonair and devastating, it will be that much easier.

And she'd as sooner kick them out of her wallow, then share it any longer, because the silver screen goddess fades fast when the credits have rolled on the flight, and she'll just want to be with you anyway.

« Oh honey, Blueth just takes up too much room and needs a bath. Now let's talk about you, honey and that red-head from two ledges over… »

Of course, she's a Voracious and Vivacious bombshell, so once she does get past her maiden flight, she's going to get proddy and rise almost like clockwork- and she'll be one of the greens of Ista that has her flights on the 'more often' end of the scale. She's got a voracity for that hormone-driven time, so you'll need to get used to it.

« Don't try to fight it, baby boy, just come along for the ride »

Mae West: Ten men waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home, I'm tired.


Sexy and Sassy Mae West

Quirky fact: In 1935, she was the 2nd highest paid person (out of everyone) in the USA ! Her steamy on-screen persona is said to have saved Paramount Pictures from bankruptcy in the late 30s.

Dragon Song:
We thought that it would be fun to find a song that we feel like envelops what we feel is your relationship with Roxeauth.

My Ode to N'iel- Roxeauth

Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you
Embrace me, you irreplaceable you

Just one look at you
My heart grew tipsy in me
You and you alone
Bring out the Gypsy in me

I love all the many charms about you
Above all, I want my arms about you

Don't be a naughty papa,
Come to baby, come to babydo
My sweet embraceable you

Lyrics are to 'Embraceable You- 1946 Judy Garland. Also done by Billie Holliday.


The tragic Judy Garland

Quirky fact: Even though The Wizard of Oz (1939) was a critical success- its budget, promo costs and audience primarily of children (low ticket price) meant it made no money in its initial debut. It was rereleased in the 40s, and finally made some money!

Links that are part of the inspiration (may or may not be included above):
Ms. Pacman:
Ginger Rogers:
Rita Hayworth:
Katharine Hepburn:
Mindvoice drinks:
Roxie Hart (film):
Grilled Cheese Aspiration:

Dragon:  Roxeauth
Color:  Green
Name:   K'rru and T'ab
Egg:  Grilled Cheese Aspiration Egg
Egg Desc:  Madeline
Dragonet:  Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc:  K'rru and T'ab
Messages:  T'ab (with K'rru tweaks)
Inspiration:  K'rru and T'ab


N'iel's green Roxeauth
Harper's Tale: 55th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Lanti's Gold Dedanseth and T'ab's bronze Tyroth
Saturday, December 5th, 2009



I'no (Ian) and Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Raeklith
Ji'n (Bajiren) and One Man Army Brown Kzydnth
Lida (Madeline) and Resurrected Sovereign Blue Vrykth
Ilae (Ailae) and Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Suumanuth

NPCs: K'nami and brown Froggerth, Peechie and brown Marioth, Sid and brown Meierth, R'aq and blue Stepth, R'yu and blue Hadokenth, K'en and blue Shoryukenth, T'tris and blue Pazhitnoth, P'tfall and blue Harryth, Arkayd and blue Pongth, S'lot and green Beeth

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