Rooms Of Interest

Looking for a great place to strike up some RP? Here are a few rooms in our area that just might interest you:

Living Caverns: (Right off of the Southeastern Bowl) For all of your gathering needs, the Living Caverns tend to be the place to see and be seen. As a mealtime gathering room, it is easily one of the largest caverns in the Weyr and most accessible. During the day it is often the gathering place for gossip or busy work, and in the evenings often enough a Harper is there entertaining the residents.

Herb Garden: (Through the kitchens) Have a green thumb? This glass-covered structure to keep Thread at bay covers the Weyr's herb garden, meant for spicing up your life or maybe as a cultivated, green getaway out of the way.

Waterfall Basin:(Northeastern bowl to the Pool Path) Ista hasn't need of a great lake, but the basin we do have was carefully created by the first creators of the Weyr. A manmade cataracts to usher in fresh water into the basin, this is a place often frequented by the Weyrlings or those out to get into some calmer fresh water instead of the rigors of the sea.

Ista Weyr Docks: Ista's an island, right? So the fishing has to be great. Here is the perfect place to drop a line in the water and see what you can fish up. It is also an active area whenever the ferry between the Hold and the Weyr docks up (twice a day). Often enough, rogue dolphins or far-swimming pod members come along to visit, and in the distance the fishing trawlers work the waters.

Beach Hold: (North Beach beyond the plateau) aka, the surf shack, this is a fairly new structure to Ista Weyr. Originally meant as a surf shack for the denziens of the Weyr to be able to house their surf boards. There is a hammock for lounging, and inside is ample room to store what you need or change into your swimming attire. Even more recently, it has had some extras added. There is now a 'bar' of sorts attached to the building, known as 'The Sandbar' for all of your carousing and drinking needs.

Beach: (Beyond the plateau) Gorgeous blacksand beaches are one of Ista Weyr's most notable assets. The volcanic activity has left the shores adorned in black sand described as 'black diamond dust'. The surfing is also great and highly recommended by the locals.

Baths: (Off of the Northeastern Caverns) Rub-a-dub-dub. As a large, public bathing chamber this is the place to be for getting cleaned up after a hard day of fighting the elements. Soapsand, tubtoys, towels and constantly refreshing pools are some of the highlights, not to mention some of those toned rider bodies as well.

Storage Caverns -and deeper: (Off the kitchens or Northeastern Caverns) Need some leather? Cloth? Some other necessity, the storage caverns are where all of the needs of the Weyr are stocked, categorized, and hoarded for the people of the Weyr. When the tithe comes in, this is where the dry goods go to be kept. Further along in the darker areas are unused tunnels and rooms, mysterious enough to be ignored or explored.

TP room: Don't see the room you want? There's a hidden TP room off the central bowl that can be desc'd up as anything you want it to be, and anywhere you want it to be. '@go ista weyr, tp' to get there.

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