Riptide Wing (Search & Rescue/Exploration)

Riptide: a strong surface current of short duration flowing seaward from the shore.

Assists in recovery of survivors. Also, if required by the healers, they act as sort of dragon-ambulances, ferrying healers to places where they're needed, or, if conditions permit, getting hurt people to healers. Works closely with the Dolphin Hall to explore new areas, and provide cartographers with an aerial view of the land which they intend to map.

Rider Color Dragon Position
Ilae green Suumanuth Wingleader/AWLM
Lzi green Izlasth Wingsecond
Nerai green Auralyth Wingsecond
T'nar bronze Salbaheth Wingrider
Raine green Zeimyth Wingrider
Taya green Otyliath Wingrider
M'rgin brown Derwyth Wingrider
S'eron green Lenculoth Dragonhealer
Thyia blue Phthongoth Wingrider
Risya brown Sonhoth Wingrider
Ki'ar blue Emianth Wingrider
M'erc blue Hydasnth Wingrider
I'no bronze Raeklith Wingrider
Trek blue Kanyith Dragonhealer Trainee
Sk'ar bronze Dzyveth Wingrider
A'ki blue Mitrath Wingrider

Other Units:

Guard Wing - Uprush

Diplomacy Wing - Breakwater

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