Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — Kia

Dragon: Rilskiath
Color: Brown
Name: Kia
Egg: Moons of Saturn Egg
Egg Desc: B'ane; Hannah tweak
Dragonet: Manifestation of Wind Hatchling
Dragonet Desc: Kia; Hannah tweak
Adult Desc: Kia
Messages: Kia; Hannah tweak
Inspiration: Kia

Clutching Message:
Dhiammarath splays her wings and crouches towards the heat of the soft sand. Methodically designing a suitable trench with her fore talons, she encircles the spot once and exhales her impatience with a feral snort. Let this be done with. Muscle contractions horizontally shimmy down her sides, leaving an egg of perfectly rotund proportions lying exactly as she desires. Such is the entrance of the Moons of Saturn Egg into the complex setup of her clutch arrangement.

Moons of Saturn Egg
Thick coils of obsidian black retain a wealth of colorful orbs, each seeming as fragile balls in a sea of unforgiving ink. The largest is a Titan in its own right, overbearing its kin with a barren wantonness, dominating the ovoid with its smoggy skin of yellow oxide. The sphere seems to pulse with a hypnotic gold, proving it is not about to be eclipsed. Affixed around the edges, banished from the nucleus, are lesser giants that glow with a borrowed sheen. This Hyperion that looks strangely askew battles for control on its path to empty oblivion. More satellites stake their claim in the opaque black velvet, most with surfaces riddled with marks of impact and all with the patient immortality of austere sentries.

Hatching Message:
Dark Side of the Moon Egg shivers with forbidden extasy shuddering of Its clutchmates seems to remind this one that yes today is the day. Once moving there is no stopping and suddenly a spider web of cracks appears on the dark side webbing out with vicious claws. Suddenly a wingtip breaks through and then all is still, the hatchling inside seemingly aware that there are many spectators. Retreat is eminent before a small muzzle appears now and emerges into this unknown world.

Manifestation of Wind Brown Dragonet
Daring hues of amber plunge over sinewed wingsails. Tumbling towards neckridges of bleached mahogany, the shimmering tones coursing throughout neither a large or small creature. Creamy bronze tint seems to cling with ever-present light to the headknobs of this zealously colored brown. Ever present along the hide of this lovely one is the sheen of noncolor as if somehow morning dew manages to cling through day and night. Crawling upward along his flanks seem to be something completely different from the rest the silverly pale cinnamon.

Rilskiath (Adult)
Daring hues of amber plunge over sinewy wingsails, tumbling towards neckridges of bleached mahogany. Shimmering hues of cinnamon spill along the clean lines of trimly muscled limbs. Creamy bronze tint seems to cling with ever-present light to the headknobs of this zealously colored brown. Glimmering bits of silvered brown speckle his hide, as if, somehow, morning dew manages to cling through day and night. Mahogany swirls up from his underbelly, curling around his lengthy flanks, ending along his tail. The darkness rings his tail in stripes, a startling contrast from the lightness of cinnamon that covers the rest of his equalized self.

Impression Message:
Manifestation of Wind Hatchling pauses in his breezing movements, head dipping in curiosity. Amber wings stretch high as he surveys this new domain. Something has caught his attention and that creel of his
becomes a demand now. Red tinged eyes focus on one particular white robed form and he moves with a shuffling almost tauntingly slow pace. Low-pitched and delicately sweet is the warble emited as a wingtip somehow catches the edge of Lyrianna's robe and captures her for all time.

Personal Impression Message:
A cascade of silver dips into your mind the sharp lemongrass taste Creeping delightedly closer. Confidence in his choice seeps forth encompassing and tantalizing your entire being. Varying hues of crimson sparkle into dark corners long forgotten before a lilting coniving if it pleases you voice drifts in. «You and I are a perfect set Lyrianna, I am Rilskiath and together we will create our destiny.» definitely pleased with himself the after thought as though in his joy at finding his soulmate he forgot «I am rather starved actually, may we eat now?»


Name Inspiration:
Definately a name to remember that's for sure. You requested something with meaning along with a few other things right? Well I tried to incorporate all of them into this one lovely name, Rilskiath. We've got two words besides your other specifications that are Gaelic and are combined. Kian: ancient Liosliath: from the grey fortress, My thinking here was that well crime is an ancient thing and well a fortress could be a prison too. So there we are :) I hope you understood that.

Egg Inspiration:
Egg Theme this clutch was things from Space.

Description Inspiration:
You wanted O-11 and that's what you got, I even bought the movie so I Could watch it over and over. Mind you I was going to anyway but yeah. Brad Pitt is of course his starring role for the desc and since coloring was most important there is a vague sense of his size and nothing more. I went with as many different types of brown I thought would mesh well, considering you know he's /always/ looking in top form. Now for his older desc I molded a little here and refined a few things there. Not too different from the hatchling desc but differences all the same. More polished might be a better word to use in respect to his older description.

Mind Voice:
Air is an underlying framework for the tastes and tones of this mindvoice. Lemongrass and pine seem are his normal tastes the lovely calm ones that just spring into your mind with clarity born of knowledge. Excitement seems to bring out the sharper tangy scents of Las Vegas during the night hours. People, traffic, and the ripple of victory somehow get mixed in to create this wonderful conglomeration of feelings and experiances.

Risukath's voice hints at colors of crimson and cream with flashes of Bright blinding silver to shock you. This all depends on his mood mind you. Sometimes that silver will darken to a thick fog a dangerous set of mind for this lifemate of yours and it usually means he's up to something.

Now when angry and this is not very often as he's an easy going type His mind voice changes just a tad. Somehow words get all jumbled in his Upset and it may take a bit to really get at what his problem is. Sort of like Basher when he figured out his first plan to black out the city Wasn't going to work.

He's a smooth one your lifemate that's for sure. No bulky overly Muscled parts of his body and yes while he might be a bit on the gangly side now he'll grow into himself soon enough. You mostly wanted an average dragon and that he is with an extra dose of heart and soul. By no means is he perfect looking one headknob is slightly bigger than the other is and perhaps that tail of his might be a tad on the short side. It doesn't matter though it's the package that counts right?

He's a sly one your Rilskiath and sneaky has nothing to do with it. Planning and plotting is something he'll forever be doing no matter what. It doesn't even matter if you got caught a sevenday ago and were in quite a bit of trouble. Sure you're not much of a prankster yourself but if your lifemate happens to drag you in you're stuck. He's a sweetheart through and through though, and stuck to you like glue. You're part of his clic, his gang and what's more you're the nucleus and everything revolves around you. Someone did something they shouldn't have? Well we'll just have to get them back for that now won't we. Mind you there'll be times your good reason might sway him from a more dangerous or elborate plan, it won't help it's just his nature. Even up to the point he'll be asking you for advice on different ways to do something or of course reminding him or what his memory has forgotten.

Ah the chase, considering he's the one used to being chased for Various wrong doings he could sometimes take the chasing of another as a challenge. He's not going to be earth shatteringly hurt if he doesn't win that's for sure. There are many other dragon-ladies out there to flirt with and he's a fine one at that you know. Of course one day he might get lucky and actually find that perfect one from the girl prison down the road but who knows. Mind you there's nothing better for him to use his sly mind for than ways to entice that female into either thinking he's out of the running or well she'll just want him enough to get caught by him?

*Lyrianna's Brown Rilskiath
Ista Weyr
*Hannah's Gold Dhiammarath and R'ave's Bronze Soquilith's &
+Yulianna's gold Miyakath and D'baji's bronze Nverath
August 30, 2002
*Trimaka's Blue Azganth, +Brid's Green Kitiarath
+Serafa's Green Phirath, +Jalir's Green Mauhinath,
*Kelana's Green Muireath

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