Rielle And Jesiya Get The Candidates Exiled

Logfile from Jesiya

Jesiya speaks over her shoulder as she continues on into the LC, "Oh Sainin, have fun. I've been trying to calm her down since the day she was hatched. I highly doubt you can do anything with her other than just exist to be a prop for her.." And Gaia wakes up from her nap and slinks down to Sainins shoulder to wrap her whole body about his neck now, snout resting against an ear, the putrid smell of tunnelsnake exuding with her every breath. hhhiiiii.

Sainin is glad he's had so much experience with firestone. That smelly rock having helped to dull his sense of smell so as to tone down the stench of the green's breath. "Well, she keeps doing this. First my cot is bombarded with all sorts of things and now she smears tunnelsnake guts all over me." one hand goes up to tries and loosen the flit a little.

Jesiya goes to a table, picks out an array of food and plucks each bit down onto a plate before she sits down at a table, "Well you should stop being so interesting to her. She did the same thing to a healer, but he stopped reacting and she moved on. Perhaps you should do the same." Sweetroll is brought up to her lips and she takes a bite of it while eyeing Gaia curiously, "Though she didnt bring him entrails, she mostly bit him."

Sainin stays away from the food, not caring to get his passenger anywhere near it with her still smelling of guts. "You know how long it is going to take me to wash this stuff out of my clothes?" he grumbles. He really does like firelizards, honest!

Jesiya shrugs her shoulders, "Oh I don't know..a sevenday?" She /did/ haul out the previous carcass of tunnelsnake into the corrals if anyone remembers…"Sit, if you don't move and don't act as if she's irritating you she'll probably go to the baths to take a dip. She doesn't like the feeling of guts drying against her hide.."

Sainin takes a sit as suggested, though one hand goes up again to give the green a gentle pat. He regrets it though as some more of the tunnelsnake guts transfers to his hand. "Kind of like an annoying sibling?" he asks.

Jesiya nods her head as she gives a slightly curled smile to Sainin, "Exactly like an annoying sibling. Or a feral feline. You have to capture her interest in order for her to keep annoying you." Gaia croons at the pat and wiggles moreso into the side of her miners head to spread her sticky tunnelsnake gut goo, oh yeah. Keep patting away.

Sainin sighs as he drops his hand to the table. He's going to have to spend all day in the baths now to get the guts and all off of him. "I could always just get one of mine to try and scare her off." course then maybe there would be a flitter fight, and that would be bad.

Jesiya ooh hoos, "You don't want to do that Sainin. I'm surprised she gets along with any firelizards. Do you know..that when I attended a hatching she actually tried to -eat- the other 'lizard eggs?" She waves a meatroll about now, head shaking for emphasis, "Do not try and get yours to chase her away. She -will- bite them."

Jesiya oh goodnesses as she slides her plate across the table to the miner, head shaking, "Golds, she has absolutely no regard for what color a firelizard is. I have a bronze and she treats him like dirt." Gaia gives a sniff from her vantage point on Sainins shoulder in distaste. Please. Bronzes are so /beneath/ her. Now blues..mrowf.

Sainin actually has a blue too, but he be too busy watching over other things. he quickly reaches out to pick one of the meatrolls up, smiling gratefully towards Jesiya before taking a bite of it and quickly swallowing. He turns a bit to peer at the green. "Stubborn, is she?"

Gaia licks Sainins nose as he turns to peer at her. Hey. She's not stubborn. She's -cute-, "Stubborn?" Pause as Iya reaches over the table to grab another roll, her Gaia not smelling quite as rank as she did earlier, "Yes. I'd say stubborn but I'd also say just plain weird. Like, what firelizard tries to eat another firelizards eggs?" Watch Gaia puff up with pride and croon at Sainin before snapping up the rest of his meatroll with a gulp. Mmmm, -she- eats firelizard eggs, or anything really. Not picky, nopenope.

Sainin actually growls a little at the green as his meatroll disappears. "Hey! That was mine. Not yours." Ok, so much for not appearing unconcerned about the green. He quickly reaches out for another meatroll. "perhaps we should see if the healers, or even the herders, might have something that would explain about her?"

Issket nances in from the South Caverns.

Jesiya leans an elbow on the table and cups her cheek, "Sainin, I can't explain her…don't even want to bother the healers or the herders with her. Tried it once and all the healer got was a ton of cuts for himself and Gaia trying to sip up his blood. I am not going through that again." Ooh, watch as Gaia gives another croon and nuzzles the cheek of the miner. She'd drink your blood too you know. *purr*

Sainin gives a small sigh as he begins to eat his new meatroll. He contents himself with that as he stays silent, contemplating over the green on his shoulder.

See Issket. See Issket run. Run, Issket, run. —well, she is. Nanny-candie skitters into the living caverns at nothing short of a bustling dash, sending frequent glances back over her shoulder as she dodges cavern-folk and — WHAM — runs into the edge of a table that is oh-so-conveniently the same table at which Sainin and Jesiya are seated. "Oof. —oooh, food. Did you know that weyrhealers are evil? Hi."

Rielle strides purposefully in from the South Caverns.

Oh no! That plate, that delicious plate full of meatrolls and sweet rolls and half sweaty cheese spills off the table at the rough bump and if Sainin is indeed an unfortunate soul it may end up in his lap, but if he's lucky it may just fall to the floor with a mournful clatter. Gaia squeaks loudly right in Sainins ear and clutches to his neck even tighter as the loud noise that is Issket, Iya turning her head to give a giggle, meatroll finished off with one last snap of her teeth, "Evil? Yeah? Huh? Why?"

Sainin gets a little good luck within the midst of his bad luck. Nearly choked, nearly deafened, the food falls to the floor instead of his lap. "Gaia!" he tries to scold the green, looking to first Jesiya and then Issket. "They aren't that bad." he mutters.

Rielle trots in from the south caverns, a look of suspicion immediately decorating her features as she spots Sainin. Alert: A /male/! Rounding around Sainin's table specifically, she makes a wide arc and heads directly for the klah and meatrolls, trailed eagerly by her 'starving' flitters. Squawk! Squeek! Give us food! "I'm getting it!" she grumbles quite loudly, getting a plate and piling meatrolls for everyone on it.

"Oops." Indeed, Issket has the grace to look rather abashed as the plate goes clattering to the floor. "They're /evil/. 'cause.. the infirmary, like, smells funny, and.. they just are, doncha think?" Help her out here, guys. Pfft. She plops down into an empty chair, feet scuffing the floor as she reaches to nudge her glasses up a bit. "I don't /want/ to go in for my.. y'know, the physical-thing. Eurgh. —was that /your/ food?" she directs toward Sainin, rather belatedly, with a blink. And oooh, Rielle. "Ooh! Riellllle, can you bring me some, too?"

Jesiya ooohs and shakes her head, "They don't smell funny.." Nothing smells funny when compared to how Gaia smells right now, the green wrapped about Sainins neck tightly and giving off little shuddering squeaks. She's scared. The evil humanpet scared her. Go bite her, Sai-humanpet! Jesiya watches as the plate falls and gives a sigh towards Issket, "Oh no. That was -my- food..but..it now belongs to the floor because I am not going to touch it after cleaning it this morning. I -know- what used to be on there."

Sainin nods in agreement witih Jesiya. "If it smells in the infirmary, its prolly from me and this thing." he motions towards the green about his neck. "She and another felt it neccasary to drape me in some tunnelsnake concoction and then follow me in there." He doesn't seem too upet about it anymore.

Rielle silently gets Issket's plate as well and decides to join the group, perhaps to purposefully spite Jesiya. "Well you aren't going to /leave/ it there, are you? I should hope not, someone could come in, step in it and slip." Ri accompanies these drawled words with a minute gesture of slipping, accentuated by the clank of the plate as it's dropped unceremoniously in front of Issket. The scrape of the chair against the floor announces that Ri plans to sit here, whether anyone else wants her to or not. "Infirmary isn't bad," Ri states simply. "The weyrhealers are good fun."

Rielle silently gets Issket's plate as well and decides to join the group, perhaps to purposefully spite Jesiya. "Well you aren't going to /leave/ it there, are you? I should hope not, someone could come in, step in it and slip." Ri accompanies these drawled words with a minute gesture of slipping, accentuated by the clank of the plate as it's dropped unceremoniously in front of Issket. The scrape of the chair against the floor announces that Ri plans to sit here, whether anyone else wants her to or not. "Infirmary isn't bad," Ri states simply. "The weyrhealers are good fun."

Issket is short and round and nearsighted. The fact that /anything/ is scared of her, even a firelizard, is a triumph. "Well. Maybe it did smell kinda' tunnelsnakish," she settles for, leaning back in her chair and promptly straightening again as her food arrives. "Thaaank you, Rielle." Munch-munch. "Oh, I s'pose we'll have to clean it eventually. Inna' minute or ten. —healers are evil, though. Really evil. Even if they don't smell."

Jesiya smiles oh so sweetly towards Rielle silently willing her stinky green on the woman, "-I- didn't spill it, so I am not going to pick it up. But I heard in a round about way that you've been skimping on your chores so you are more than welcome to go and pick the food up." One delicate sniff and Jesiya is steadfastly ignoring the woman, "Healers are so not even close to being evil, now..miners..Oh yes. Those are evil." Oh she's joking, Sainin as pronounced by her wide smile and wink towards miner before she pushes away from the table to go and reclaim another plate of food.

Sainin looks between Rielle and Jesiya, he must be missing something here, but oh well. He slips from his seat and kneels down to pick up the plate and the spilled food. "Thats ok ladies. I'll get it." A smile is shot at the three as he piles the spilled food back upon the plate.

"For your information," Rielle replies with a delicate snap to Jesiya, biting into the meatroll reserved for herself. "I've been following Malek around and doing /double/ chores, you can even ask him." A sweet bat of the eyes is offered before Ri reclines and pulls her knees up to her chest, indicating she's absolutely not moving. Sure, Jesiya can /ask/ Malek, but it doesn't mean she'll get the answer. Malek isn't quite aware that it's Rielle tailing him - he's too wrapped up in… well, himself. "Have any of you finished your robes?" Finished? Good Faranth, half the Candidates probably haven't even /started/ yet. Ri just pulls time out of her — "Thank you Sainin," Rielle smiles sweetly at the miner, tilting her head to give a curious and angellic look.

Desba walks in from the South Caverns.

Jesiya flicks a few fingers at Rielle, "I highly doubt you simpering over Malek counts as doing /chores/, Rielle. And I don't have to ask him to find out you're merely following him like a doe-eyed 12 turn. But don't worry. I won't tell. Yet." This all said as Jesiya piles her food onto her plate and makes way back to her chair, "And thank you Sainin. I would have much rathered to see Rielle do something but I suppose not all candidates can pull their full share when they are all muddle headed." A sniff, Iya picking up a cube of cheese and giving a very very wide eyed smile to the nanny, "Isn't that right, Rielle?"

Issket doesn't quite twitch, but she does come close. "Chores." End PSA. "You're a miner, aren't you?" she inquires absently of Sainin as she picks at another meatroll, prodding at its insides for a moment. "And — erk, my robes. I was going to go with the sheet idea, you know. It's easy and nice and clean and I can't sew — besides, I don't think the dragons really /care/, do they? It's not like we have to color-coordinated." Pause. Uh-oh. Potential conflict. "Well — I don't think anyone here's /muddleheaded/," she puts in with a hopeful little beam.

Sainin nods in reply to Issket, his smile growing as he finishes picking up the food and stands. "Anyone need anything while I go take care of this?" he asks, holding the plate up for the green on his shoulder to inspect.
Rielle simply smiles at Jesiya - not enough energy to glower. "Ah, that'd explain why /your/ chores went undone while you gawked at Malek in a bikini, and tried oh so hard to get him in one." A clucking of the tongue echoes these sentiments as she adds. "I mean… why else would you want to see him in one?" Teeth are bared just a little as her lips part with the smile, spiced with just a bit too much sugar. "And I can help you, Issket, if you decide you have time." Not that any Candidate really has time, what with all the hustle and bustle and chores they have to do! "No thank you, Sainin dear." is offered to the miner as he lifts the plate. "But thank you for asking." Forced good moods always come off badly with Ri.

Desba walks in with a soft smile a small brat follows head hanging, she turns and scolds him softly, "Yes, now go to the kitchens, apologize and clean up the mess you made." The brat scampers off, the thought of the punishment better than being with Desba. With a yawn Desba slides into a seat at the table. She swipes some food onto a plate, she doesn't greet anyone. She takes a bite of meatroll, chews slowly, swallows, "Who's Malek?"

Jesiya tuts lightly as she pops another cheese bit into her mouth, "I gawked at all the males thank you very much and tried equally hard to get them in the bikinis. If I remember correctly you couldn't tear your eyes away from Maleks tushie. But then…Rielle..I can understand why you'd get all simpery over him…He's the only one who gives you attention, be it negative or not." And then she sports a sympathetic smile for the nanny, "You poor..poor woman. If you ever want help getting more presentable I'm sure Beau would be on you in a second.." Pause, Iya fingering a meatroll as she looks to Sainin, "Oh no, thank you." Then quick as a heart beat she continues to Rielle, "In more ways than one." Sniff.

"Oooh, Sain, could you get me a glass of juice? Please?" Issket chirps as he hears toward the Other Food. "And Ri, that'd be /lovely/. I need so much help. Feyrin — I think it was Feyrin — used to laugh at me so much when I tried to help patch up the kids' clothes.." Quasi-pout. A wary glance is spared between Rielle and Jesiya before she turns — blinks at Desba. Grrr. goes Issket. "He's a /candidate/." Twitch. Bad Desba. "You just sent poor Orrilan into the kitchens! Do you know what the cooks will /do/ to him?" SHe's aghast, she is.
" Someone who'd make a fine husband for you," Ri answers with thick acidity. The false good mood that was edging in on her is dropped completely as this… replacement assistant nanny arrives - possibly one of Rielle's least favorite people at the moment. Suppressing her desire to /explain/ how she thinks of Malek, and therefore also of Desba, Ri continues to hold her accordian-like position, folded up in her chair. A darkened look goes to Jesiya. "I've no care for what /Beau/ can do, nor do I care what /Malek/ does. You can have them all in your little harem for all I care." A dismissive gesture is given to Jesiya, and Rielle… pouts?

Gaia chitters down at Sainin and the plate and begins to gobble up the refuse from the floor that has been oh so nicely displayed for her. Oooh! Look at what Sainin gets! A lizardy smooch from the green!

Sainin steps quickly off to take care of the plate and whatever food that might be left over from the green. He's not gone too long as he comes back with a glass of juice for Issket. "Here you go." he places the glass on the table before her. He's curious about the words being exchanged between the others.

Jesiya wrinkles her nose as she gives a brightly sweet smile to Rielle, "Oh if you didn't care you wouldn't be following him around..And besides, my harem is full. You can have them both." There, isn't Jesiya so kind. But she's more interested in her food than she is of Rielle and simply replies to Desba, "And yes, he's a candidate but he's also Rielles current love interest, you should see. She's following him about like a love sick puppy.." A meatroll is brought up and examined all the while Iya speaking, "It's cute in a disgusting way…"
Desba levels a glare at Rielle, "This Malek does seem to have all riled up. Are you sure you don't care what he thinks? You certainly have a lot of feelings built up about him." Good or bad. A smile goes to Jesiya and a nod of the head, before she turns back to Rielle, "So how much do you like this boy? Is he a candidate too?" She searches the others for her answers.

"You didn't even know I was /around/ him until I told you," Rielle shoots back, folding her arms and dropping her feet back to the floor. "And how do you know I'm not lying, hm?" Eyebrows arch up, edging up close to her thick tresses. "You don't, miss I'm-so-clever," And Ri leaves it at that, preferring to ignore everyone at the moment and feed her flizzen.

Jesiya snorts, "I didn't realize you were -following- him until you said as much. It all makes perfect sense now why you've been stalking him. I just thought before it was coincidence you were around him." Ah yes, but Iya does try and move on, a friendly smile directed towards Desba as Iya shifts gears to chat with her, "He's a candidate, yes, and I think she likes him very much or she wouldn't be so defensive.." Okay. So she didn't move on, just redirected her chat.

Sainin takes a seat at the table next to Issket as he watches the flow of the conversation going between the others. Gaia is given another gentle pat as he listens. "Perhaps I should ask Malek for them and see just what he feels about them all?" he questions towards the flitter, before looking back at the others.

Desba runs a hand through her black hair russling it around twinkling michevious eye winks at Jesiya, "Oh? How sad, so weak that she has too follow a boy around? Really. Pathetic. See you, you look at them, but you don't rely on them. Follow them around." she glances over at Rielle, "She does?" She jabs a thumb toward the girl, "Sad."

Rielle eyes them both darkly, all those words hitting daggerish chords. "Kitchen chores," she murmurs quietly, scooting the chair back with a loud noise and picking up the meatrolls. She'll eat on the tuber sacks for all she cares, just not around /Jesiya/ and /Desba/. Sharding people are in cahoots, she swears. Her flizzen chirrup in a concerned manner, confused by the dark and upset mindcolors emanating from their humanpet. Toast whirls on Jesiya and gives her a warning squawk, eyes whirring red for just a moment. How /dare/ she! Hmph! And with that he swoops off, trying to rub against his humanpet's cheek and cheer her up.

Rielle strides purposefully to the Kitchens.

Gaia croons and nods her head in agreement with whatever Sainin said. Yes. Just ask. Make it all better. She nibbles on the earlobe of the miner idly as Jesiya grins and watches Rielle stalk off, "Ooh look at that.." Toast is merely given an eyeing..Please..her own green scares Jesiya more than Rielles silly 'lizards would, "Oh. She's so touchy.."

Sainin frowns a bit as he watches Rielle march off towards the kitchens. Hmm, that was quite a show, plenty to tell Malek next time he sees him. He gives his head a little shake at the nibbling of the green on his shoulder. "So, is there something I'm missing here?" he finally asks the others.

Desba shrugs softly with a roll of her eyes as the girl leave, "Really. I mean, I was only stating the truth. Things that depend on others are weak. She must learn to be independent, and not so moody. I surely hope if there is a queen in this clutch she doens't get it. Need a girl with a more stable head on her shoulders." She glances at Sainin as if noticing him for the first time, "Nosy aren't we." She says crossing her arms.

"Oh Sainin…" Iya pops her meatroll into her mouth and chews thoughfully a moment, "She's touchy because she's been stalking Malek so we're all really just trying to get her to admit to her dirty deed." Yes, liking Malek is indeed a dirty deed. Not to mention Iya has a bone with Rielle lately..a very big one that makes Iya feel compelled to make the womans life a living torment. Really, Iya has far too much time on her hands.

Sainin ohs quietly towards jesiya, though Desba is given a bit of a glare. If only the green on his shoulder would read his mind and take after her! "Well, just means you just have to help to get her to confront Malek head on." Right?

Desba nods in agreement with Iya and yawns softly as she grows tired of talking of the girl. "Really, I just think she's weak…" She pauses and shrugs, "And fun to mess with. Besides she seems to have something to against me. Why should I go out of my way to be nice to her." She uncrosses her arms to take a meatroll off her plate and munch on, a soft glance is given to Sainin, otherwise his glare is completely ignored.

Rielle strides purposefully in from the Kitchen.

Jesiya snorts yet again as is her habit of late, "She's not weak. She's in love and I think it's disgusting to be in love with something as..macabre as Malek. I mean why don't you just make out with a watchwher and be done with it. Like get -over- it." Oh yeah. She's got the right of it, doncha know?

Rielle moves quietly from the kitchens, a serving tray in hand with a nice pile of bubblies on it. A dagger glance is directed at Jesiya. Ri /heard/ that, and she /knows/ who they're talking about. Moving with a purposeful silence, Ri walks up behind Jes and upends a bubbly pie right on top of the dolphincrafters head. "May I get you anything?" Ri answer ever so sweetly, making sure she presses on the bottom of the pie and grinds it into Jes's hair before releasing it. "Klah, meatrolls, juice?" The candidate knows quite well they've all eaten, but she has to have /some/ excuse to be here, no? "We've got these fine bubblies from the kitchen tonight," Ignore obviously impending uproar from Jes.

Sainin can't quite believe what he just saw but raises his hand nonetheless. "I'll have one of those bubblies if you don't mind." he says as he watches Jesiya for her reaction. This should be good.

Desba chuckles and shakes her head at Jesiya, "Dear Jesiya, love is weak…I mean some of it obviously must be done to further the race, but to be in love, is one of the biggest weaknesses there are. She looks up and her eyes widen in surprise that Rielle has the nerve to stand up for herself. A point is noted. "I'll have one too." Is said with a look that says, yes serve me, thats where you should be.

Oh. You didn't. Jesiya doesn't move for the time being..She instead lifts a finger up to glaze past her forehead, bringing the bubblie goop to her lips to give it a sensuous lick. Oh yes. Rielle. You are so dead. After closing her eyes to relish the delicious pastry she slowly stands up to give a sexy shake of her head sending the goop flying towards -everyone- including Rielle, Jesiya turning with reflexes honed from dodging sponge balls in the water and picks up the nearest thing to her- A pie..on Rielles tray, "Why Rielle I would -love- another bubbly." SMACK. Right. Into. Rielles. Face. And Jesiya even extends a finger to Rielles head now to take a lick, "Oh. Not as good as the one on me I'm afraid."

Xarine walks in from the South Caverns.

Xarine walks to the Bowl.

Rielle glowers at Desba, raising the pie threateningly only to splatter it down on her head as well. "There's your sharding /pie/," she spits. Not literally, of course, she has more manners than that. Surprise sweeps into Ri's features as the pie is administered to herself, and a hand reaches up to wipe some of the bubbly from it so she can see. Shaking her hand, it sprays onto Jes and the nanny-can simply. Glares. "Jesiya dear," Rielle chirps, balling a fist to the side of her. No, won't punch. Won't punch. "Of course it doesn't taste as good to you… I don't bathe in muck, like you. So that extra /seasoning/ isn't added, like it is to /yours/."

Nefret sashays in from the South Caverns.

Sainin simply sits there as he watches the ladies. "Well, guess there isn't going to be any pies for us." he mentions to the passenger on his shoulder. He leans back in his seat as he simply watches, quite enjoying the site.

Jesiya isn't above or below punching. But she'll do something else first. With a simpering she grabs a pie in one hand and goes for a ball of hair on Rielles head and reeaaaallly drives home the pie as she gives a yank and hops almost literally onto the nanny, "Oh Rielle but you make out with /Malek/, that in itself makes you far more vile tasting than myself." Sqqqquiiiisssshh..and watch! She even picks up another pie to make for the nanny once again!

Desba a clasps a hand over her mouth and gasps at Jesiya's reaction, she crosses her arms agian, eyes twinkling in laughter until a pie hits her on her head. She stands and scooping some pie off her head throws it at the girl in one fell swoop, her chair clatters to the floor behind her. Her anger is turned on the male, "Quiet!" Is sneered as she tosses some of the pie from her head at him before turning back to Sainin.

"Jesiya! Rielle!" You could imagine Nefret said 'Comrades!' for the way she spoke. "I don't know what under the Dawnsisters — and I don't mean the queens' wing! — you two are doing, but I do -not- approve!" Of course they'll all listen to her … won't they? "You deadglows are going to get us all in trouble. Or in the least become extremely disgusting-looking."

Sainin raises an arm to try and block some of the pie that is thrown at him. He idly wipes off whatever might have gotten through to him from Desba's throw and offers it to Gaia. He's gotten quite friendly with that flit. "Thank you Desba." Well, he got his pie he asked for.

Gaia chirps towards Sainin and gently licks the mans hand as she watches the show. Oh man. Look at her pet go. Oh. Yumm..This pie is divine! Her tail wraps tighter about Sainins neck from the excitment, ooh oooh! Can she join in!? She can bite ankles!!!

Rielle gives a bit of a twist, trying to sidestep out of Jes's way. A grab is also given for the pie,and manages to grab half of it out of it's small tin before reaching back and smashing it in Jes' face. Take /that/! "At least I don't go bathing him with my tongue like you do, Jes!" Ri screeches, tempted to let herself roll backward in an order to grind Jesiya into the mess forming on the floor. Temptation given in to! Ri lets her knees buckle and they both topple to the floor, if Jes is still trying to hang on for the ride. "I wouldn't be surprised if you lick his lantrine, too!" She's really doin' poorly on the insults, no?

SCREECH! "You lick more than his 'latrine', Rielle you Malek-Loving-Freak!!!!" And down she goes, one flick of the pie done and is goes flying in the air towards Desba, she better catch it or be splattered by it!. Fingers fly out as Jesiya begins to smear fallen pie goop into Rielles face as she tries to grab more hair and even give a good few scratches while she's at it, "At least I don't daydream constantly about doing a -mating flight- with him." Her words aren't really that calm, she's screeching them at this point and trying to continuously force pies and goop onto the nanny.

B'ane traverses solidly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Rishk plods distractedly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Nefret has disconnected.

Desba laughs softly at the pair as they fall, coaching Jesiya on, "No no Iya, punch not scratch, punch! Punch!!" She starts to pull pieces of bubblie from her hair, "No don't scratch, not pulling hair, come on you fight like a little boy!" She chuckles softly.

B'ane hammers into the room, not quite in an all out open sprint, but more like a hoppy jog. Sepia eyes catch the missiles in the form of pies and the mess resulting from prior projectiles. "What in the name of Ista's queens is going on here?!" Although usually tame in volume, his middle-range voice can carry thunder when he wishes. A heavy scowl sinks onto his face and the look is altogether a hybrid of disappointment, surprise and anger.

Sainin watches quietly from his seat. Can this get any better? His attention is glued upon the two women on the floor, screaming at each other. Well, he's had dinner, and now the show. Wait, Desba's cheering Jesiya? Hmm, someone /has/ to root for Rielle. He doesn't get the chance though as another one enters the area.

"You're just jealous!" Ri shrieks also, rolling and grabbing at the bubbly mess on the ground, pushing upward at Jes's face. "Because he wouldn't fly," Grunting and growling starts to edge into her voice as she shoves the other girl off and leaps "A porcine like /you/!" The jeers from Desba stop her assault on Jes, and Ri glares at the other nanny, flinging her present handful at her. "And you shut your sharding mouth!" B'ane's shouts are ignored as Ri starts to throw herself toward Desba. "You… you look like a sharding boy!" Glare. Glower.

Almost out of breath, the greenrider now known as Rishk follows behind the bronzerider who is now very angry. Mismatched eyes go wide as she stares at the scene, letting go of B'ane's arm. Echoing B'ane's statement a little less forcefully, proddy-greenrider shouts, "What in Faranth's name is going on in here?!" To the room, placing her hands on her hips, and attempting to look imposing. It may be hard, but Rishk is good at looking angry. "Explain now. Quickly." Narrowing her eyes, she surveys the situation and then glances up at B'ane.

Desba turns her head in surprise as B'ane enters, oh no, distracted as she listens to him yelling she doesn't notice until almost too late that she is being attacked, more pie flies into her face covering her eyes so she doesn't see the lunge at her, dodging at the last moment she is only thrown off balance for a second, "First you hit us with pie and now you try and attack me too? Really Rielle you should grow up! And all over a stupid boy you like…Really. You are worse than the brats." She crosses her arms and backs away from the girls, from B'ane.

Jesiya gets a goodly amount of goop shoved into her face and she begins to scream at Rielle, "Me. Jealous of YOU?!?!?!?" Ooooh, no she didn't say that, "And at least I don't look like a watchwher who was dropped from the heights you blasted stink!!!" Yeah, Iya isn't doing much better with the insults, BUT! As Rielle jumps up and turns her attention on Desba Iya kicks out with a foot to trip the nanny back onto the ground, herself leaping up to either catch the woman or just plain maul her with fists of fury!!, "How DARE you pick on others you spawn of thread!!!! I've had enough of you being -rude-." SMACK.

Sainin's attention switches between the fighters and the riders. He hunkers down in his seat. Nope, he has nothing to do with this, not at all. Silently he cheers for the double teamed Rielle.

Rielle grabs at whatever, which ends up being Jes's hair. YANK! Ri tugs as hard as she possibly can, jerking it to the side to drag the other girl up and off her again. "And what about /you/, you sharding nag!? Y'don't know a sharding thing about me /or/ who I like!" Another shriek resonates at the slap, spurring Ri into a clawing match. She hasn't much for nails, but she's /mad/. Watch out, she might bite next. Rishk is ignored as much as B'ane was - if a bronzerider doesn't catch Ri's attention, what would? SLAM! Ri brings her knee up as hard as she possibly could pity she isn't fighting a boy or that could've ended it right there. "Get. OFF!" Another wrench of the hair is administered along with another batch of clawing for good measure. "And /YOU/!" Is growled at Desba, her icy orbs nearly giving off sparks. "Are a LOUSY NANNY!" Oh yeah, /that'll/ hurt.

B'ane growls in representation of what Aboleoth might sound like and thinks he just might have to get his hands dirty. If B'ane were like Bruce Banner, he'd be starting to turn a little Hulk green right now. "Rielle, Jesiya, cut this out!" Faster than a speeding bullet (don't you like all these cameos of super heroes?), the bronzerider wedges himself between the two gorgons and tries to pull one of them away from the brawl. "Now!" Or else, B'ane rip heads and bam them.

Jesiya shrieks at the top of her lungs as her hair is pulled and she gives a punch towards Rielles stomach now putting her full weight into it, "You skanky nanny you probably prowl on all the kidlets!!!" And then Jesiya is kneed. In the stomach. OOMPH. Jesiya is then tossed with one wrench of the hair and is scratched AGAIN on the face, "AGH!" That's Iya, sucking in air and trying to capture her breath but then someone gets in the way of her and her nemesis and Iya screeches once again thinking blindly this is some stupid male sticking up for Rielle, "NOO!" SCreech, then she's hopping up on B'ane and using him to kick out at Rielle. And remember. Iya is in a bikini. A very tiny bikini with a sarong as her only cover. And watch as Jesiya scratches out over B'ane to capture a little momento from Rielle, hopefully nails full of skin!

Desba laughs softly and decides to help the rider out, she's a good person after all. She moves over the fighting pair, picking Rielle, totally by chance of course. And grabbing her by shoulders tries to pull her to her feet and away from Jesiya. "Come on now, you really don't fight well, you stay down there much longer you're not going to be able to stand on the sands for clutching."

Joathon bounces in with a hop to his step, or is that hops in with a bounce to his step. Probably a good thing he doesnt have long fury ears and buck-teeth. "Good evening Ista Weyr residents, and what a fine day this has been." He screws up his face and ehs at the ruckus "Maybe not a good day for everybody? Need help?" he asks

Nodding to B'ane, Rishk mimics B'ane's gesture, standing beside him in his attempt to wedge them apart. "Knock it off!" she screeches, her own bark probably much worse than her bite, but Rishk has never broken up a fight before. She was a good Candidate. "B'ane…? What should we do? Should I have Ima get N'ano or D'baji or someone else?" Yes, the use of strong bronzeriders would be good right now. Slight little Rishk probably isn't the most useful in this situation. "BREAK IT UP!"

Joathon grabs a mug mug of redfruit juice and sits on a table next to the kat-fight, his feet resting on a chair. "Maybe I should be taking bets." he mummbles to himself and sips some juice.

Rielle gives a rather vicious chomp to whoever grabbed her. Oh, what luck, it's Desba! Another snap is administered to Jesiya's encroaching fingers, growling in a rather primal way. Is that foam at her mouth? Maybe, maybe not. But there's definitely a little bit of blood, Ri bit her tongue in the process, and she's got a few scratches and such. Another kick is directed at Jesiya, accidentally catching B'ane near the shin. A glower is given in his direction, before she realizes who it is. … Uh oh. Usually she'd simper and whine and apologize like mad. Not today. Her face takes on a stone-like expression, and her icy blue eyes simply blaze with an uncommon fury and passion. Glare. Glower. Seethe. Her writhing is calmed, but the anger is not. No tucking of head either, she's past that. Way past it.

Gaia watches the tumbling, the rolling, her eyes whirrling a mad red as she clutches talons into Sainins shoulders. Her human pet is hurt! Look at all the scratches on her face! The bleeding lip! The fingers that look broken!!!! Gaia nearly bounces she's so riled up from the fighting, poor Sainin getting a face full of 'lizard tail as Gaia flicks it and gives a savage bugling towards Rielle. Oooh. If Gaia wasn't stuck on Sainins shirt she'd so go kick some humanpet booty.

Hey, B'ane is strong! Considering the circumstances, he loses his equilibrium somewhere between a kick and a shove and lands hard onto the floor with a leather padded 'thud.' Ooooo. Dust cloud! "I said - " Wince. "Stop," Twist. "Ow! Bad!" Sit! It's too bad these girls never went through obedience lessons. Rielle's foot connects with his leg and luckily the boot's texture blunted most of the blow. Regardless, he just might have some purple marks there tomorrow. "I say break it up or I will remove your knots as candidates and bring you both back home!" Or in Rielle's case, night back in her quarters. Still struggling to try to dominate Jesiya, that rider-flesh is put to good use as he surges backwards to try to put in as much distance between her and Rielle as possible.

Sainin winces at the grip from the green on his shoulder, his ahnds going up to try and help contain the green. "You better not join in on this one." he murmers to the flitter. His eyes going wide at the threat from B'ane.

Fango walks, cane tapping the floor ahead of him, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Joathon wonders if canddies can be expelled for fighting. Probably not, He puts his elbow on his knee and then plops his head on his hand "Just lemme know if you need some help." he says with the hint of a chuckle towards the rider attempting to break it up. This is more ammusing than, well, he dosent know really but it sure is fun to watch from his table.

Desba screws up her face as she is bitten, blood is drawn, but she doesn't yelp. Hands tighten, purposefully trying to hurt the girl as the bury into her shoulders and with a final yank pulls up on the girls shoulders only to push her back to the ground heavily. She glares at B'ane, "You would think riders would have better conrol of their candidates!" She huffs at the riders and with that turns and storms out, "Some of do our duties!" She holds her bleeding hand and storms back to the brats cave.

Desba walks to the Southern Caverns.

Joathon waits for Rielle to pounce on Jesiya, talk about ring side seats, and a rider in the middle. Maybe not the best place for him to be. And here he thought the weyr would be boreing after awhile. HA! "So who started all this?" he asks out-loud…

"And my Imacinth and I will be willing to get ya'll there much fast'r. Now simmer down, or believe you me, glowy green or not, I'll take ye back fast'r than impression." Thankfully, she hasn't been hurt yet, but at the sight of B'ane being hurt she almost screams with rage. "You! Over there! NOW!" she yells, randomly pointing at a person. Glancing towards B'ane, she bites her lip. "You alright, sir?" Standing back-to-back with him, she just glares at the Candidate group. She's got a large glowy green outside, and she's not afraid to use her.

Jesiya continues to screech obscenities at Rielle even as she's taken down with B'ane, breath once again lost but that doesn't stop her from kicking or screaming, "RIELLE YOU HIDEOUS RUNT!" That's right, even as B'ane holds her back Jesiya is still clawing out with twisted fingers that look..well..broken really, and bare feet kick even as she writhes to try and wiggle her way out of the bronzers grip. See…she doesn't know he's a rider, or else she -might- have stopped, but oh no. Seeing as Rielle is getting farther and farther away Jesiya kicks at B'anes shin with her heel and reaches deep down into her bikini top to retrieve pie that has nestled there and gives it a big thwap towards Rielle. HA!

Rielle remains frozen and stonelike at B'ane's threat, face unyielding of any emotion. Her eyes still blaze with defiance and irritation, but she doesn't so much as glare. No use saying sorry now, she just kicked the weyrlingmaster. Good thing she has practice at taunting Malek, or she couldn't do it. "Sir," she says very quietly, barely an audible whisper. A glance is just given to Jesiya as the pie flies. She won't be tempted, no she won't. She can hold it, her temper that is. And she does, moving only to wipe pie from her eyes so it doesn't sting.

Gaia gives a screech as the big man grabs her humanpet! Ah! A male! TOUCHING HER PET! Those claws just dig deeper as the green gets more agitated, her tail whipping about Sainins neck and squeezing as she sort of obeys him. She'll stay but oh boy is she mad.

Fango enters the living caverns….and looks rather taken aback at the random chaotic noises assaulting his ears. Perhaps this was a bad time to come visit? hrm… However, one of those random chaotic voices (perhaps the loudest?) belongs to Jesiya, so that draws him further into the caverns. "Jesiya?" Hrm. Maybe he shouldn't get in the middle of this… Mauri, however, happens to be here, and jumps off of Fango's shoulder the moment he enters the room, giving a rather distressed, trilling cry toward Gaia.

Joathon huhs, impressed, Rielle didnt take the bait. Well there goes that bet with himself. Looks like the action is spooling down. He enjoys his completely neutral position, he sees the guy with a stick walking up and guesses his probably a bit short of seeing "Careful, bit of a scuffle going on, but its winding down." he says to the man.

Sainin continues to hold back Gaia on his shoulder, trying to keep his breath as the green's tail threathens to choke him. "Just calm down. You'll only hurt Jesiya's chances if you go to her." he mutters to the flit. Geez, does her tail have to be so strong?

Gaia now trumpets in distress towards Mauri the newly arrived blue and continues her choke hold on Sainin, look! Her pet! Her pet is /broken/!!!! And leaking!!!!! Talons continue to dig as well and Gaia finally buries her head into Sainins shirt now, she can't watch if she can't join in.

B'ane pants with repine, though tight purchase on Iya is still levered. "You two separate. Far away." The booming of his speech is now a gravelly monotone. Because he is still connected with Jesiya, he helps her to her feet in the process once he finds his own of course. "Rishk? You think you could find a cloth and some clean water for Rielle's mouth, please?" Because the greenlet wasn't in on this, she gets a more pleasant-sounding request.

Rielle takes three large, painful steps backwards but doesn't flinch, keeping her quiet, stony disposition for the moment. Her eyes are averted to the floor, not looking at anyone. She hears the call for water, and would normally argue, but doesn't think she's in a good position to do so at the moment, especially not with B'ane. "Sir," is uttered again, still quietly as she continues looking toward the ground. Oh, she'll get chores upon chores upon chores for this, but she saved her dignity. Kind of.

Jesiya finally stops struggling and gives a sobbing cry of sound now. Oh. She can feel everything now. From cut lip that's dribbling down her chin and into her once clean bikini to the few fingers than have snapped at odd angles from both Rielles fall and the reinforcement of B'anes own fall. She holds the hand against her chest and sorta goes limp in B'anes arms as she begins to sob more. Oh ow..the tears are searing her gouges.

Rishk nods, "Gotcha, sir." Knowing she can slip in the 'sirs' without the man getting mildly angry with her, she lets down her guard to move towards the Kitchen. Returning in a few seconds with the requested materials. Stepping towards Rielle, she extends both the water and the cloth. "Here," she says coldly, before taking a step towards the wounded bronzerider. "B'ane? Are you alright? Need me to fetch a healer?" Her eyes soften for a moment before hardening at the sobbing mass that is Jesiya.

Fango tilts his head slightly, hearing a helpful voice. "What's going on?" That asked of whoever it was that warned him to stay away from the fight. Gah! It's rather frustrating, this… "Mauri!" The blue is circling above Sainin's head, still trilling with confusion. What is Gaia doing on a stranger's shoulder? But when his own humanthing calls for him, he returns to the man's shoulders, though he's still rather agitated. /Then/ the weaver moves forward into the room, dodging tables and such to see if he can…help, or something. Jesiya making crying noises doesn't make him any more relaxed, either.

Sainin is glad the green on his shoulder has at least stopped trying to move to help Jesiya, allowing him a better chance to watch the proceedings. He glances from jesiya to Rielle a couple times. This cannot be good for either one of them.

Gaia finally lets go of Sainins neck to slink down to huddle against his warm skin beneath shirt instead of being out in the open and witness her poor crying pet. She shivers against the miners skin and gives loud trills of distress. She even considers nipping the miner into action, go save her pet! Broken! Don't you understand that concept!

B'ane makes an expression in mild anguish now that Jesiya starts to weep. No crrrrry. Kryp-ton-ite. Trying his hardest not to cringe, he starts to rub Jesus' arm, going at a faster pace as any further crying progresses. "It's ok, it's ok, it's all over with." And just in case it isn't, quelling glares go in all the cardinal directions. "Here, let's bring you up to a chair and well get to the root of this." The situation demanding such, the gravel in his timbre has softened to something like coarse sand. "I think that'd be for the better, Rishk, just in case.." And hands gently tug to bring the former Dolphineer to her feet. "Rielle, your wounds, are they anything serious?" Again, the same sandy voice is used.

Rielle takes the water from Rishk without looking at her, but does murmur a quiet "Thank you," to the greenrider. The cloth is dipped into the water, and her cut lip bathed without a word. Not much can be done for the bit tongue though, no chunks seem to be missing or anything so it's all good, except the blood. A few of the scratches are dabbed at, but Ri can't tell what's bleeding and what isn't in this sticky mess of bubbly pie. Finally she gives up, drapes the rag over the edge of the bucket and puts it down quietly on the table. "No sir. Scratches." Best keep the words at minimum, her voice could easily grate on the bronzerider's nerves for the sheer fact that she was involved in the incident. Though her body aches from the beating, and the tumble, she didn't land on her fingers or anything wrong like Jes did. Ri takes the bucket in hand again and moves to the table where Jes and B'ane are, depositing the water in front of the dolphincrafter along with the rag. Though, that could be cruel considering Jes's potentially broken fingers. Three steps are taken backwards again, keeping the distance like B'ane formerly decreed.

Saluting the bronzerider, Rishk is all business. "Yes sir, I'll fech'un pronto." Sending a glance towards the Candidates, she head with a hurried pace towards the Infirmary. Returning quickly with a Healer in tow, the greenrider points to the Candidates. "Would ya kindly look 'em over? There's been a nasty little brawl, and the girls are hurt and stuff. So is B'ane.." Eyes flicker towards the bronzerider before she takes a place beside him, eyes checking for scratches and other bad-bad-evil things.

Jesiya continues to heave generous sobs that wrack her body and make her become all that more limp for B'ane, so even as he tries to stand her she generally just flumps back down, "Ssh-shee started-" SOB, "It!!!" And that's about it. Jesiya clutches the hand to her body still and crumpled fingers twitch ever so slightly as she gives another scream as she tries to move the fingers. Oh goodness, she's a wuss. The bucket of water is hardly noticed because Jesiya is once again in a fit of sobs, crying even moreso because the tears are just making the scratches from Rielle burn that much more on her cheeks and nose and lip.

Rielle sags slightly. She may've been utterly seething when it happened, but Ri /has/ a heart. Somewhere. "I did," Ri murmurs in quiet agreement. Forget that Jesiya was insulting her as she walked into the living caverns, and Desba was doing so as well. Though it may be brought to light if someone asks. A glare is shot toward Sainin and anyone else who was present at the time. She just /dares/ them to disagree, or try and take her side. Definitely something people might not've expected from this usually meek nanny - though she's been a bit more overbearing and grumpy (aka bossy) lately. A flinch is given at Jes's scream - it's pitch hurts her ears, though many would probably say she deserves it or some such thing.

B'ane staunchly hates being the bad guy under any terms and nods at Rielle. "I think everyone should be seated, but before I ask anything further, are we back to civilized young adults now?" Sarcasm leaks through his porous words, bland as they were. "Negative, 'tis only a bump. They need care far more than I," grateful for Rishk's presence, he thanks her with a look from his dark eyes. A smile - or even a grin - is far from coming yet. The Healer, a young blonde man, indicates for 'elle to open her mouth to examine her tongue and teeth first. At Jesiya's lack of standing, he sort of picks her up and places her lightly into a chair which he pulls out with a foot. Man, he's good. "I don't want to know who's fault it was, I want to know /why/ good food was wasted and why two good candidates were at each others throat like two wherries over half a dead fish." B'ane analogies usually spliced up anything he says.

Fango tilts his head a little, and grimaces slightly at the scream. Someone's taking care of things, hopefully? He finally decides that he's just not going to find out what's happening anytime soon, so he just fidgets a little bit, standing off to the side a little. Mauri, however, takes the opportunity to take to the air again, this time, swooping over to land on Jesiya's shoulder and nuzzle her a little. Cheep? The sexy green's humanthing is broken? Not good!

Rielle opens her mouth grudgingly to the healer, after several quiet protests that she's fine. Finally she's declared that she /is/ indeed okay, and sulks over to take a seat. Let Jesiya explain why she was tormenting the nanny-girl! Ri bites her tongue again, lightly, in an effort to contain the words pouring to mind. 'The bubblies were actually a bit bitter, weyrlingmaster, you wouldn'tve wanted them anyway.' Oh yes, /that'd/ go over /real/ well. "Sir," is said to the 'civilized young adults' comment. That's her way of agreeing, by the way.

Sainin frowns as he continues to watch from his seat. He holds the Gaia closesly to him, trying to somehow stop her shivering. all this started out pretty funnily, how could it have gotten so serious? He continues to stay quiet, holding any words he might have said otherwise.

Jesiya feels herself lift and be deposited in a chair and she continues to sob quietly, "R-r-rielle smashed me in the head with a pie." That succinctly summed up Iya lifts up her uninjured have to smear blood and tears across her face as she wipes at her eyes, face slightly puffy now from crying as well as from Rielles great job of rearranging the skin on her face. The other fingers, the broken ones, begin to swell up nicely. As the firelizard lands on her shoulder Jesiya begins to cry just a little more..oowww…the firelizard rubbed a cut…"I sa-said she was i-in love—" A big breath in, Iya trying not to cry anymore though quite unsuccessfully, "with M-malek and she got angry at me." There. She got it out. Now she's just hiccuping between sobs.

Gaia peeks her head out from Sainins shirt to take a look at what's going on, her eyes whirrling crimson as she continues to try and bury herself into the miner, is it over? Mauri is chirped at quickly in a scolding tone, don't hurt her pet more! Oooh. Gaia is just getting all riled up again and a glare is sent Rielles way. Oh yeah. Guess who's waking up with a dead tunnel snake carcass tomorrow….

Mauri lets out another cheep with alarm as the girl cries more, and jumps into the air. Hrm… This time, he lands on her head, since /that/ seems safe enough. Grrr…Let anyone try and break her /now/! Mauri the super-flit to save the day! Or something. Fango remains right where he is, listening to the various explanations of what happened. Finally, he's getting some information. Yay! Or maybe not 'yay', but at least he doesn't feel like he's just standing around like a big stupid goober.

B'ane watches over Jesiya, not exactly well-armed when it comes to consoling people. The Nanny's bubbly comment causes B'ane to look in her direction, albeit lackluster. Hutan, the Healer, gives a jar of numbweed to Rielle to apply liberally on her cuts and then frowns at Jesiya's obvious broken fingers. "Ugh, you ladies are /how/ old? You know, I'm not so much angry as I am disappointed in you both. Frankly, you've let down a lot of people just now," and he's lumped in there somewhere. A lengthy sigh escapes the rider's mouth as he watches the next candidate get treated. "This should never have happened…" And somehow he blames himself. The other people in the caverns must be getting a real peep-show.

Sapha waddles pregnantly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Jesiya sucks on her bottom lip and gives a semi-puppy-eyed look now to the healer at his look, a gulping sob given towards B'ane now as she hears he's disappointed and that they've let down people! Well..if Rielles in there she can bite Iya's big toe for all she cares..she already bit everywhere else…Mauri is merely allowed on Jesiya's head, she's too tired now and broken to worry about the blue digging talons anywhere, she'll just get them all stitched up with the other cuts and such…But Iya does have the grace to look down and look appropriately admonished, tears still tripping from her cheeks though she now remains silent save for the occasional gulping in of air.

Sapha can't help but notice the commotion in the other end of the living cavern and immediately waddles her way down. Taking in the sobbing candidate she frowns. "Whats going on?" She asks with only the slightest hint of an edge, directing her query towards B'ane mostly.

Mauri is /trying/ not to dig his talons into her head. Of course, everytime she moves her head he starts to go off-balance… But he's trying! Anyhow, Fango scoots a little bit more toward Jesiya, looking rather worried. Of course, he doesn't know Rielle much, so he doesn't have to be worried about her, right? Ahem. "Jesiya? Are you okay?" Not that he wants to inturrupt B'ane or anything. He's just worried and stuff.

Rielle can't be in love with Malek, you see, she's acting /far/ too much like him. Opposites attract, not twins. Ri remains quiet throughout Jesiya's words and whatnot, hands folded quietly in her lap. She's looking properly admonished, yes she is. And guilty. A sidelong glance goes to Sapha, but words are not exchanged. "I smashed a pie on her head," Rielle states blandly, but that's really only to hide all the other real emotion out of her voice. "And Desba's head," Ri adds quite matter-of-factly, "Because they were talking about me. I quite frankly," Rielle pauses again, letting things sink in and making sure she has things straight in her head before speaking, "Don't care what they think if I like Malek or not. They had no business," A pause is inserted again to lick her lips. "Saying what they did." And she'll leave it at that.

B'ane believes the damage to be sufficient so far and just allows his hollow words to fade for emphasis. "I think it'd be best for you two to have a proper examination in the Infirmary. Can either of you walk sufficiently? Sapha's familiar tone beckons him in that direction. Briefing her, "there was a scuffle and these two," Rielle and Jesiya are nodded to with his head, "bore the brunt of it with teeth and nail. I think Jess may have some damaged fingers.. Or so the Healer said.." Hutan scurries back to the Infirmary to set things up.

Oh by Faranths third toenail…Of /course/ Fango has to be here. Iya lifts up her chin and upon actually spotting the man she raises her good hand to her mouth to stop a little whimper from escaping, "Fango, you shouldn't be here.." No no, of course not. See. Iya was kicking some a** and getting hers kicked too, "I d-don't have my robes here for you to help with.." Gulp. Sniff. She stands up ever so slightly and gives Rielle a sudden look and hobbles her way over to the girl to throw a good arm about her, "I am so sorry Rielle…I didn't mean for this to happen..I know you don't like Malek, he stinks." Yes, she's being absolutely mature about this.

Sapha listens to the various accounts before her face darkens. Trust me children you haven't seen Sapha angry yet. "You what? Faranth." She chooses the Rielle to round upon. "So they were talking about you, big deal. It's only words. What you did is so sharding much more than that. Did your parents neglect to tell you that Violence doesn't solve anything?" Oh and then it's Jesus. "And you, my dragon. Urgh!." She throws her hands up in exasperation. "Both of you should know better, and it'll be up to Hannah and N'ano if you'll be allowed to stay in this candidate class. But first lets get you fixed up." She sounds like she's being nice, however the finger she extends in the direction of the Infirmary brokes no arguement.

Fango tilts his head a little. "Of course I should be here," he replies, slightly indignantly. "I have as much right to be here as anyone does," he points out. He still doesn't know what to do, though. Still, it seems like they're being taken care of, so he backs off just a little, simply waiting. Mauri, however, is not about to loose his place on Jesiya's head. He does croon toward Gaia, encouragingly. See? /He'll/ make sure her humanthing is taken care of…

"He really does," Ri answers agreeably, despite the predicament the two are in. Pals again, no doubt. A hug is administered to the ailing Jes, standing so as not to jostle the other girl. Color seeps from Ri's face at the threat. Kicked out of the Candidacy? Oh Shards, that's definitely… not cool. Err… at least she has another friend again…? A sulky, ashamed look is averted from Sapha. This one's mean. "Sorry I'm gonna get you kicked out Jes," Ri murmurs quietly, sincerely apologetic. Quite gloomy, she is - absolutely sure that she's gonna get kicked out, and Jes booted along with her. Her head tilts up as she peers at Sapha quite meekly. "Tell them it's my fault?" she pleads quietly. The 'rider is right, after all. Provoked or otherwise, Ri started it and, well, she's the one who should get the boot of the two.

Sapha doesn't even bother to answer, she's pregnant, and very very shocked and even angrier. Instead she stomps her foot and points her finger again in the direction of the infirmary. "Both of you." She growls menacingly. "NOW."
Jesiya sniffs as she turns towards Sapha now, now using Rielle as a prop to hold herself up, "I'm sorry I'm going to get you kicked out, too.." Awww, a full house moment! With blood and tears though! However as Rielle asks for it to be told it was her fault Iya quickly shakes her head, "No no, tell them I started it, because I really did, you know, accusing her of kissing Malek and the such." Oh yes. And then Fango is looked to, Iya almost dried up of all her tears and sniffing, but before she can answer she makes to move towards the infirmary now. Okayokayokay…Geeeze. They were having a happy bonding moment just now.

Rielle squeaks and hobbles with Jes as fast as she can without further injuring the girl. "Better hurry," she mumbles. "Before we both get fed to the dragons." Arguments over who to blame can be done in the infirmary, with Sapha and such leering there instead.

B'ane does really want to follow up on this, but feels that he'd act like a fifth wheel and so is better off going back to the sidelines. "Well if everything's settled here then," Rielle and Jesiya's rekindled camaraderie seems to set his mind at ease a smidgen of a degree and also the two candie's acceptance of their errs. That, and Sapha's succinct barked order makes him all but turn tail back to the weyrling barracks. Eep.

You go to the South Caverns.

South Caverns
Caverns continue to twist and tangle into a labyrinth of ancient tunnels: from high, soaring, vaulted roofs to nothing more than crawl-space at times the weyr extends deep into the mountain. Most of the walls are the smooth and glossy obsidian of ancient volcanoes, dark but for the fickle light of green-tinted glows. The floor is likewise worn by feet and time to run smooth and unbroken off to the main caverns to the north, or into the dorms and barracks in the opposite direction.
Peeking at you from a ledge up high are four firelizards.
Obvious exits:
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Gaia> Jesiya steps swiftly to the Southern Caverns.
You go to the Craft Areas.
Craft Areas
Neatly carved out of the rock, this passage runs straight and wide. The floor is smooth, years of traffic wearing it down in the middle. Glows illuminate the passage, giving it warmth, and doors line both sides, each neatly inscibed with the name of the craft housed within.
Obvious exits:
Miners' Area Baker's Area Infirmary Herder's Area Caverns Smiths' Area Weavers' Area Harpers' Area

You go to the Infirmary.
This natural, bubble-shaped cave shows signs of recent renovations, the walls freshly painted, with new fittings. Cupboards cover one wall of the large cave, one marked prominently with a black skull and crossbones and bolted with a heavy lock. A stone bench, covered in a padded sheet, rests in the center of the room directly under a glass glowbasket; this area is the examining table. Racks, draped carefully with sterile cloths, surround the bench. Another bench against the back wall contains a sink, a water heater, and research equipment, including a white cloth draped over what must be a microscope. Three beds line the wall opposite the cupboards, curtains on tracks prepared to be drawn… [look closer]
On top of the cupboards are two firelizards.
You see Candidate Physical Board here.
You notice Uiije and Kiriya asleep here.
N'ano and Shayla are here.
Obvious exits:
Shayla's Quarters GroundWeyrs Caverns Crafters'Area Kiriya's Room

Rielle strides purposefully in from the Northeastern Caverns.

"They should be here in a second," N'ano states, sighing again as he settles upon the edge of one of the cots as he stares over towards the door. And speak of the devil, "Hey Sephwhat's this now 'bout broken noses or?" Obviously a wrong interpretation, but close enough.

Fango walks, cane tapping the floor ahead of him, in from the Craft Areas.

Rielle squeaks at the sight of the weyrleader, the bubbly and blood covered candidate (more bubbly than blood, mind you) startling slightly. She should've expected it, though. A glance goes sidelong to Jes as Ri helps her into the infirm, sticking to her candidate buddy due to the pie smeared all over their clothes. "Sir," she manages without a salute, as Ri helps the dolphincrafter to wherever she's directed to put her.

Jesiya hobbles in with the help of Rielle and holds to her chest what looks obviously like three very broken fingers. She doesn't speak when N'ano asks about broken noses or anything, nope. Not a word. Well. Except for a, "Sir." in echo of Rielle. She lets Rielle guide her where is needed, scratches smeared across her face as liberally as the bubbly fillings.
Jesiya snugs Mailli! Mailli drops out of Jesiya's arms and does a surprise tacklesnugglehug!

Shayla stands there, being the statue of the Weyrhealer that she is. She waits there until the group comes in before she starts asking questions, "Alright, gimme the full story," She'll need it to assess the injuries, to know what happened.

Sapha scowls. "I don't really know about broken noses, but there are broken fingers and other inflicted injuries. It seems there was a fight." She mutters in disguist. "In the living caverns in front of EVERYONE nonetheless." Her tone is dripping with anger and disappointment. "Fix 'em up I have an idea for thier punishment."

Fango slips in after the group that includes Jesiya, and tries to make himself inconspicuous. That way, he can at least know what's going to happen to Jesiya, right? Anyhow, he slips to the side of the doorway, listening to see what will become of punishments and such.

N'ano literally facepalms briefly as he settles attention upon the candidates, previous expressions since turned rotten, "What is this about?" he demands, standing and making his way towards the small group, staring down at them furiously. "Seff—no, I'll take care of the punishment. I think they need a little somethin' extreme to make sure they've learned their lesson." And thus, he leaves the candidates to fully explain themselves to Shaylas as he sidles up towards the greenrider in conspiracy.

You overhear Sapha mutter, "But … … thinking about tying … together … … … … you … familiarity … … … … … …" to N'ano.

Rielle whimpers at Sapha quietly. She was strong in the face of the glowering bronzerider B'ane, but Sapha just cooks her courage. Especially with N'ano adding in. "I started it," Rielle mumbles in their direction. "I'm the one you'll wanna kick out," She's not really listening to their conspiracy, she /knows/ what it's about. She'll be happy to do /quadruple/ chores for the rest of her candidacy if she gets to stay. Gloom, Doom. Shayla is eyed before Ri gestures to Jes. "She's the one who got hurt, I'm just scratched. Don't worry about me.

You overhear N'ano mutter, "No—tyin' … … I don't … … … fix … I … … … rules … fighting… … … … … 'long … … … … as … … gonna get … … they … … … … -learn-… … … … drop 'em out, … a lesson … …" to Sapha.

Jesiya squeaks and buries her head into Rielles shoulder now, allowing the girl to do all the speaking. If Jesi starts to talk she'll just end up bawling her eyes out. While she's at it though she gingerly holds out her broken fingers to Shayla and gives a sniffle to Rielle. Eyes do widen as she manages to make out partially the muttering between the two riders, Rielle pressed into further, Iya beginning to cry now.

Shayla strides quickly over to Jesiya, quickly trying to assess the injuries without touching them for now. "Alright, well how did it happen? How exactly did the fingers get broken?" She motions for them to take a seat on a cot, while she runs around grabbing supplies.

Sapha quirks her brow as N'ano and her start thier usual method of resolving a problem. "Well actually, Shayla if you don't mind keeping an eye on me I can treat Rielle, while you see to Jesiya." She offers in a nice tone, before directing Rielle to take a seat on another couch. "Man don't you think that's a little harsh?" She questions N'ano before heading over to wash up with redwort and the like. Yes she's a former Healer. Funfun.

Yep! See! She's done it now! They're gonna get the /boot/. A pat is administerd lightly to Jes before the nanny-can glances at Shayla. "She fell on them a couple times, I think." Ri'd wipe her eyes, but they're covered in bubbly and stinging already, from tears or other it's unclear. Though tears is more likely when she hears Sapha is going to be tending to her. "I'm fine, really," Ri hastens to add. The 'rider will probably break her leg to teach her a lesson or something, before they throw her out. Another whimper is given, this time in N'ano's direction. Make it short and as painless as possible, hm?

"I can help Sapha out." Afterall, N'ano -is- a fully certified dragonhealer! Humans are a piece of cake—especially considering he was a hairline from promotion before he got snagged to the Weyr. "No, I don't think it's harsh. We'd do it for anyone else, so why should we make an exception?" N'ano asks Sapha, backstepping to grab some supplies from the cabinets.

"No, go ahead, I actually appreciate the help!" Shay smiles at Sapha. It's not often that she gets a helper. Speaking of a helper, "N'ano, find some cloths, get some hot water and bring them over here." She too washes with redwort before grabbing numbweed, a splint, and various other items. When she hears the story, she nods. "Alright, lemme take a look at these." She puts her hands out to hold Jesiya's hand in. "Lemme know if anything hurts."

You overhear Sapha mutter, "… … did … amends … by … … rather … … … … … should … about dropping … … … was … … remember?" to N'ano.

You overhear N'ano mutter, "… … you sayin'… … … off … … I guess … … 'em to -learn- to … together… … without … since they'd like, die or somethin' … they … … … … … think … … …" to Sapha.

N'ano turns back on his heels after holding up the hold-that-thought-for-a-second-finger towards Sapha, and then salutes Shayla, "Yes ma'am!" he grins, doing just as she asks. "Speakin' of cloths, we're runnin' low—I think it's time to grab those ones that were bein' washed…" But he's not about to do it. After depositing them by Shay's side, N'ano makes his way back towards Seffy. "As you were sayin'?"

Oh come on, you can not allude to a punishment and not tell the girls about it! Jesiya gingerly hops up onto a cot and softly extends her hand into Shaylas, "Rielle..erm..accidently made me fall on the ground the first time and then B'ane fell with me in his arms and they kind..broke more." Sage nod. Well..as sage as it can be while she's running tears and the such down her cheeks and all the pie gooping her cheeks.

Rielle eyes N'ano before raising her hand to interject. She waits for a quiet moment, even if not called on, and says softly. "I can go grab them." Oh yeah, that's a /real/ sanitary idea, what with her covered in blood and bubbly. "It wasn't accidental, I pushed you," Ri adds to Jesiya's story exasperatedly. "Remember, you were just sitting there and I pushed you." Uh huh, yeah. "And the pie." Yes, she pushed the pie. Sureeee… Does it occur to anyone else in the room that the two candidates appear to be scrambling to cover each other now?

Sapha frowns a little as she starts working on Rielles injuries, despite her anger her touch is gentle and sure and she makes short work of the injuries working methodically, cleaning blood and bubbly from the injuries. "Well I don't think it should just be them. Either, they arent the only ones that might need it." She comments, allowing the familiar motions to calm her. "Oh that's so a lie, they were fighting." She comments calmly while working quickly.

Rielle protests. "I was beating her up," Ri states matter-of-factly, eying Sapha. "She didn' do a thing," Okay, now it sounds really lame, but that's okay! "I bit her too," Despite the eying, though, Ri murmurs a soft 'thank you' to Sapha for cleaning her wounds. "Do I have to move out of the barracks now?" Ri mumbles, tone dejected. Good Faranth this has the potential to be very, very bad. And somehow it's all the guys' faults. If she didn't strongly suspect something bad was about to befall her, she'd start plotting a retaliation against them. For something. Especially Malek, it's all his sharding fault for existing!

Shayla dips a cloth into the water and starts to clean the fingers off gently. "Alright, which ones are broken?" Shay doesn't so much as, but kind of says to herself, since after that, she starts to slowly move each finger, starting with the thumb and working torward the pinky, "Tell me which ones hurt."

"You're right, Seff, they could -all- use it. So, tonight." One nod later and N'ano settles back down on the cot, simply watching Seffy and ready to intercede if need be. But so far so good. "We'll gather the rest of 'em once these two are at least lookin' a bit more presentable." And since Rielle keeps going and N'ano's anger continues to flare, he quickly nods his head, "Yes! You -both- are goin' to move out of the dorms tonight—and since ya'll can't get along, you -all- will. You can't possibly expect to impress dragons like the childish things that you are! Honestly now! You'd -kill- your dragons if you ever got into a fight like that, and I'm shardin' serious!" No jokes about that now.

Jesiya watches her fingers being touched and as the last three are touched right down to the pinky, Iya winces and gives a slight albeit shaky nod, "Those three…" And then N'ano speaks and Iya's hand snakes back from Shayla in shock, "What?! All of us?!" Oh no no on, "Why not just me, I'm the one who started the whole thing! Maybe I didn't get physical at first but I sure as sharding started every bit of it, I did." Sorry, Rielle, Iya wants to take the blame for this one, "Sir." That said lastly, Iya sniffing.

Sapha swallows her chuckle, after all she's in on the whole story. "Excellent." She agrees as she finishes up. "You're lucky you got attention so soon, fingernail scratches get infected so easily." She comments before standing up. "You want me to round up the other candidates while you get this lot sorted out?" She asks helpfully.

Rielle squeaks guiltily, dipping her head down and hanging it there. "Sir," she murmurs quietly. All? What in Faranth…? Confusion sets in, but Ri dare not voice it. The weyrleader is a'scarin' her, yup. Wounds sting as they get rubbed, cleaned, and generally mildly abused, but not so much as a flinch is given. That eye-stinging is really starting to bother her now, and making her eyes water. "You didn't start it, I did!" Rielle blurts, shoulders drooping. "Don't take it out on the rest," Ri pleads with the two. "It's my fault." A different bit of emotion wedges its way into Rielle's ice blue eyes, lodging itself there. If one could really look, it'd seem as though Ri's about to tackle and tie Sapha to keep her from lecturing the others. "They didn't do anything!"
Sapha rolls her eyes. "Didn't you hear the weyrleader? He's tired of the lot of you." She snaps before leaving, going to get the others don't you know.

Sapha waddles pregnantly to the GroundWeyrs.

Sapha waddles pregnantly in from the Ground Weyrs.
Sapha waddles pregnantly to the Caverns.

"Honestly, I think we should start impressin' to adults," is N'ano's comment as he nods to Sapha, cleaning up otherwise. A simple little pose, but it says all.

Rielle looks down, hanging her head again. Now she got the entire candidate /class/ kicked out. Good Faranth. She'd weep if she had the room, but she's too busy fretting and chewing on her busted lip. "Sir," she answers quietly, shoulders hunched and brooding. Three words to sum up this situation? Dude, this sucks.

That dude sentiment is echoed by Iya as she gives her hands back to Shayla with a glum sniff. That's all. A sniff.

Shayla nods as she figures out the broken bones, finishing up washing them. She applies numbweed to the 3 fingers then begins to make the bandage and create the splint. She puts the splint on and then wraps a bandage around it. "Alright, you'll need to come back so I can check on the healing. You'll need to keep them in a splint for atleast six sevendays."

Jesiya nods her head to Shayla and gives a grateful nod to the woman, murmering a very dejected thanks, "Thank you weyrhealer Shayla…." She lifts her hand to her face to eye the splint with a half sigh, "When should I come back?"

"If it hurts, come back for numbweed. Otherwise, once a sevenday." Shay nods, wiping her hands off and gathering up all of the used supplies, dumping them where all of the other dirty stuff is. She motions for an apprentice to take it and wash them, then she turns her attention back to the group, sighing in the direction of N'ano.

Rielle eyes Jesiya sheepishly and frowns. "Sorry 'bout your fingers," she mumbles, shoulders still slumped. She tried to be such a /good/ candidate, but now look. She's probably gonna be one of the worst ever. "Sorry 'bout all of it." At least Ri can take comfort in blaming Malek. But Malek will probably drop-kick her or something, not that she doesn't deserve it.

Jesiya nods her head as she hops off from the cot and makes her slow way to Rielle, "I'm sorry too..Just..you've been very irritating lately. If you weren't so -rude- to me I wouldn't have felt obliged to comment on you and..you know what." This is all said in a appologetic tone, Iya isn't trying to start another fight, oh no, she's just explaining to Ri -why- she was making fun of her. You see the logic?

"I was mad about the stupid barracks argument," Ri mumbles in reply. "I thought you'd been acting childish and… great Faranth, /now/ look," She really can't talk, can she? Well, she can, but you know. Just smite her now, eh? More chewing of the lip commenses, despite the pain it causes. She needs that silly comfort right now.

"Alright you two—out to the bowl…" N'ano says, ushering them out with a quick hand sweep through the air. Again, it's a cheap pose, but N'ano-player's getting veeeery tired and is about to head off so… it's good enough.
Shayla takes a seat on a cot, getting comfy. If the girls are going to fight, she might as well have a good seat to watch it. She takes her hair out of it's bun so she can play with it, since that's her newest bad habit. For a second, she listens intently to see if Nae is awake, but she's not. Good good.

Jesiya squeaks as she steps out to the bowl, hand going out to Rielles.

Rielle climbs up out of her chair, slumping shoulders still. "Want help, Jes?" Ri murmurs, offering an arm for the other candidate to pull herself up on. Might as well face the music together, eh? "Time t'go I guess,"

Rielle strides purposefully to the GroundWeyrs.

You go to the Ground Weyrs.

Ground Weyrs
Dark stone arches upwards to vault high above the entrance to these ground-level weyrs. Large enough for more than a few dragons, pillars define the expanse of one smooth dragon-couch from the next, to offer at least the hint of privacy. Redolent, the air struggles towards the vents high above in an attempt to escape the prevalent odors of redwort and numbweed that drift and lurk in every tidy corner. Tunnels branch off like tentacles, heading into dragon-healer's quarters and the infirmary further southeast.
Rielle is here.
Obvious exits:
Weyr 1 Weyr 2 Bowl Infirmary
Rielle strides purposefully to the Bowl.
You go to the Southeastern Bowl.
Southeastern Bowl
This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here, it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway that leads up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.
It is a summer late night. The moons sink on their path across the sky. Stars glitter from horizon to horizon. The gentle southern breeze continues to blow.
Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are three firelizards.
Bronze Nhamarath, brown Morath, blue Decuth, blue Celth, bronze Soquilith, brown Sevareth, brown Xylyth, bronze Aboleoth, blue Agzanth, brown Rilskiath, and green Phirath are here.
You see Gritty-Grassy Green Handprints, Wishbone, and Samurai here.
Hikaru, Neiana, Sapha, and Rielle are here.
Obvious exits:
Ground Weyrs Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Stables Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns

Fango walks, cane tapping the floor ahead of him, in from the Ground Weyrs.

Rielle hobbles with Jes in from the direction of the infirmary, shying away from the others. She highly doubts Jes want's to be over there either. Eyes to the ground, ears open.

Jesiya just continues to follow Rielles example, one hand clutched to the womans arm, the other in a splint that covers three of her fingers. Oh yes. Don't look up and you won't have to awknowledge anyone else.

Sapha waits for a few moments longer, until there is a large enough candidate group for her purposes. "Alright candidates I want you all to mount up on Phirath. Jesus, I'll help you so wait until everyone else is up." She instructs, the slightest hint of a please smile corssing her features as she notices the supplies lashed to Phiraths' side.

Rielle whimpers and nudges Jesiya, "They can't be taking us away yet," Ri whispers to her pal so that Sapha hopefully can't hear. "They didn't make us go get our stuff," This is comforting enough to her, that they're possibly not getting thrown out of the weyr. At any rate, Ri only moves over toward Sapha with Jes, leaving the other candidate in the 'riders hands and acting as though poor Jes can't walk.

Hikaru blinks, holding a bundle of Rielle's things in his hand as a strap holding a plump bag rests on his shoulder. He turns to look at the green, and then back at Sapha. "Is there something that I missed about the description of candidacy? Is this the part where they leave the unwanted ones between?" Heck, it might just be an honest query from him.

Fango has disconnected.

Sapha taps her feet irritably. "When I said mount up, it wasn't an invitation for debate. Now get your sorry behinds up on my dragon, before she gets you up on her back. And I can tell you now you definately won't like that." She snaps her fingers and points to the pale opalescent hide of her lifemate. "NOW"

Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as she moves in from the Central Bowl.
Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as she moves to the Living Caverns.

Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as she moves in from the Living Cavern.

Rielle scrambles toward Phirath without another word, spurred by Sapha's tone more than words. Squeak! The green is bowed to politely, before she waits in line with some other candies to climb up

Aeokaith circles in and lands.

Jesiya eyes Rielle and mutters, "Rielle get up on the dragon before they decide to do something /worse/." Yes, because she knows exactly what is goig to happen. Oh, look! She's gone! Wow. Either Sapha is really scary of Iya's mutter was -that- powerful…

Hikaru just gapes at Sapha, all wide-eyed amazement. He is really good at that. But he does turn right on about and is rather quick in scampering up to the green. Lets just hope he doesn't fall right on off the other side. "Oh Faranth… I better not get sick this time."

Rielle scales crystaline sides to settle herself between peridot neckridges.

Hikaru scales crystaline sides to settle himself between peridot neckridges.

Tasi walks out of the caverns almost at the same moment as Aeokaith spirals into the bowl, turning toward Sapha. "What's all this about fighting?" she asks, looking sternly at Rielle and Jesiya. "I though you came close enough to getting in trouble the other day," she comments to Rielle with a frown. "Anyway, where're we taking them?" she says, smiling her most professional smile and turning back to Sapha.

Neiana scales crystaline sides to settle herself between peridot neckridges.
Ebony talons slide forward as Aeokaith offers a spindly forearm for Tasi to clamber up. A mischevious shake of the dragon's neck and Tasi tumbles into place between navy neckridges.

You clamber up Phirath's crystalline neck and set yourself between two peridot neckridges.

Phirath [Southeastern Bowl]
Ghostly pearl sheets washed jades along a slender neck, cascading across a petite chest, and down towards delicately curved flanks. Tones lighten along lithe, muscled limbs, finally achieving a frosted crystaline whiteness over wickedly curved talons. Diluted emeralds scorch over a toned underbelly, wisps of iridescent peridot curling upwards to outline compact but powerful haunches as it smokes towards perfectly proportioned wings. Frigid alabaster mingles with the jewelled greens to brush icy patterns across her wingsails. A strip of peridot, similar to that found along her sides, burns beneath a glassy shell-glowing from celestial headknobs and along elven neckridges to finally envelope a snake-like tail in an elegant, luminous embrace. A narrow snout seems carved of translucent porcelain, the same colouration which outlines the whole of her triangular head. Fragile eyeridges take on an opalescent sheen, off-setting large whirling eyes to complete her ethereal appearance.
Firm, supple leather is draped elegantly over the green's sinuous neck; the slightly thinner than usual straps - its prettier that way, you see - belted firmly along the underside. A shimmering vinyl coating is unique along these, looking inky black at most times, and shining crimson as the light hits it. Rose red blooms along the edges near the buckles, thorns jutting in each direction as it snakes its way tortuously up the varnished leather.
Astride Phirath are Rielle, Hikaru, and Neiana.
Phirath seems to be listening.
Sapha scales crystaline sides to settle herself between peridot neckridges.

Sapha takes a moment. "I'll get Phirath to give you the co-ordinates, but it's the place I took you and K'av during one of your betweening practises remember?" She calls out to her fellow rider, but most of the comunication is done through her lifemate, she's sneaky like that/
You take off.


Aeokaith appears from ::between:: in a sudden burst of gunmetal blue, spiraling through the air.

You glide down for a landing.

South Point Island Beach
A small strip of land, barely able to be called a beach, is sandwidged between a long, shallow streach of water, a rocky outcropping, and a rich, dark jungle. Streaching to the horizon is flat, empty water, pale green in places to show where shallow rise to nearly meet the surface. The jungle streaches out over the sand, threatening to take it over with creepers, and vines. The beach itself is soft sand, turning to rough, rocky spires, along the far edge.
It is a summer late night. The moons sink on their path across the sky. Stars glitter from horizon to horizon. The gentle southern breeze continues to blow.
Above, you see a blue dragon.
Obvious exits:
Shallows Jungle

Aeokaith glides in from above, and lands.
Aeokaith shakes his head and stretches a little as Tasi releases the straps. He slides a foreleg along the ground, offering a spindly staircase from which Tasi descends, sliding to the ground.

Sapha alights from atop Phirath with minimal assitance from the pale green.
Rielle alights from atop Phirath with minimal assitance from the pale green.

You slide gently down Phirath's crystalline neck and land with a soft thud.
Hikaru alights from atop Phirath with minimal assitance from the pale green.
Neiana alights from atop Phirath with minimal assitance from the pale green.

Rielle lands in the sand, just staring at where they are. Well, it's certainly lovely, for being in the middle of /nowhere/! Her icy gaze is passed onto Sapha, Ri folding her hands in front of her quietly as she listens. What're they supposed to do, find their way home from here? Pff.

Tasi grins, making her way across the sand toward Phirath and company. She looks over the heads of the candidates toward Sapha, asking, "So what exactly prompted all of this? Aeo didn't know details or anything." Got the feeling that Tasi's a gossip? Yeah, just maybe.

Neiana has disconnected.

Hikaru slips from the green's shoulder, stumbling rather neatly as soon as he finds the sand of the beach. Squinting through the darkness, he manages to steady himself, and then look back at Sapha rather expectantly. Well, there weren't sent between, so that's good.

Sapha slips down the side of her lifemate, her second trimester baby bump not really a great deterant for the experianced rider. Almost immediately she starts to unpack her dragon. Grunting at Tasi to help her, she fills in the blue rider on the story she knows. "I didn't see any of it, B'ane did. But those 2." She singles out Rielle and Jesiya from the crowd. "Got into a fight, Jesus even has broken fingers, I'm very dissappointed in both of them." Anywho on with the story. "N'ano wanted to boot them out from candidacy, but they look so friendly now so I thought we'd bring them here, and let them fend for themselves as punishment." She nods, it's full of implications.

Tasi chuckles softly, nodding. "Sounds like a good punishment. We'll see how much closer they get when they're on their own." She turns that decidedly evil grin towards both of the candidates in trouble, then a thought strikes her. "So why the others?" she asks sidelong, head nodding towards Neiana and Hikaru.

Rielle clings to Jesiya to echo Sapha's words. Friends, shards, they're the /best/ of /buddies/! See?! See?! "You're… gonna come pick us up?" Ri asks meekly, nearly becoming jello in her sandals. Survive out here? Sure, she can do it! She's got… buddy Jes here! See? A weak smile manages itself, before Ri conceals it quickly. She may still have her knot, but only by a thread. Best not blow it with acting like she's proud, or somethin'.

Obviously, Karu is rather curious as to exactly how he fits into this. "Uhm… then why am I here?" he asks point blank, shifting a curious glance from rider to rider. He is fairly sure he didn't get into any such fights… well, except with his robe, but considering that cloth isn't exactly sentient it is a fine line of interpretation. A glance is cast over Rielle and Jesiya, looking mostly to those mentioned broken fingers and he mouths silently, 'What happened?'

Sapha shrugs as she struggles with a particularly large bundle of canvas. "Well, They've all been very badly behaved this clutch. They all deserve to see what life would be like with out dragons don't you think? If those two are fighting, what makes you think the others won't be if we don't punish them all." She scowls at Hikaru. "And they have this annoying tendancy to talk back to riders." She states in a much louder tone. "I can't do everything by myself people, will someone please start collecting wood, and getting these tents up."

Rielle glances at Karu and mouths back silently. 'I'll tell you soon,'. After all, if Sapha is true to her word, all these candidates will be having a sharding lot of time to themselves. The demand from Sapha startles her distinctly, and Ri pries Jesiya away from her enough to rush off and start collecting the wood. "Sapha, Ma'am," is murmured with sharp attention as she runs around to find wood.

Tasi hides a laugh, doing her absolute best to keep her mouth shut over this issue. "So how long are they out here? And how much help will we be giving them, if any?" Another sharp look is given to Rielle as she watches the candidate, apparently still not /quite/ over the whole 'candidates near the sands' fiasco from before, either. "Hikaru, you'll want these," she says to stop the candidate before he goes to follow Sapha's orders, holding out several empty skins. "If memory serves, there's a stream not too far that way," she says, pointing back up the beach a ways.

"That wasn't 'til after you told us to pack our things up," Karu points out rather waspishly and with something of a scowl before wincing and quickly schooling his features to blissful obedience -or at least some happy medium in there. Sandaled foot toes the sand as he looks rather mutinous. Dang it, they were going to be serving creampuffs tomorrow morning. He sighs though, dropping both his and Rielle's packs to the sand, and then moving over to take up the empty skins in his hands. Before he trudges off to find water, he can't help but ask, "Are we to be here long? Tents, rider? Then you don't expect Thread through here any time soon?" Because that would be bad.

Rielle all but cowers under Tasi's look, returning with an armload of what she believes to be acceptable pieces of wood. A concerned look is given to Karu. She /really/ wouldn't be asking all those questions right now, if she were the boy. But it's his business. "More, 'rider?" Is directed quietly and respectfully toward Sapha, eyes tilted downward and her voice as submissive as possible. Don't give /any/ reason to think that the candidate believes she's out of trouble, because things could just get worse. Plus, she should give /some/ credit to Sapha. From what the greenrider says, she just saved Jes and Ri from Very Bad Stuff… i.e. being kicked out.

Tasi cocks her head as Aeokaith croons, tail thumping irritably on the sands. "One of the riders just snagged at least one more candidate, I'm going to head back and grab whoever I can get," she says to Sapha and the others, hurrying across the sand and grinning as Aeokaith springs eagerly into the air.
Ebony talons slide forward as Aeokaith offers a spindly forearm for Tasi to clamber up. A mischevious shake of the dragon's neck and Tasi tumbles into place between navy neckridges.

Aeokaith takes off.

Jesiya has helped and is currently shivering her way over to Rielle, "More??" She blinks and rubs her arms idly. (sorry. Bad pose. Catching up.)

Sapha frowns for a moment as she struggles with the last of the supplies, it's food don'tcha know, obviously the candidates can't be trusted to survive all by themselves. "Um oh some stones, big ones for putting around the fire." She adds as the thought occurs to her. "And could someone please set up the tents, unless you want to sleep on the beach tonight."

Hikaru scowls as none of the 'burning questions' in his pretty little head aren't answered. This just makes for one grumpy and disgruntled candidate. Scowling, the teen hikes off to go find water, pushing his way into the brush to inevitably get lost on the way to some phantom stream. This might take awhile.
Jesiya makes towards the tents and lamely begins to try and unfold the canvass, "Okay…gimme a minute here.." More like an hour. /Just/ to unfold the tent material of course.

Rielle hops immediately again at Sapha's orders. She'll show obedience, yes she will. Not another toe out of line. Stones are sought out, but most end up being jagged and painful to try and pick up on her already cut hands. No real audible complaints though, as she piles an arm full and attempts to bring them over. "Don't worry about this Jes," Ri murmurs. "They hurt." Jes has broken fingers already, no need for this to make it worse. Slowly but surely, the scraped up candie and a couple others start compiling a nice mound of large rocks, quite fit for making a firepit with. "/Jes/," Ri whines, running over. Best to look as friendly as possible. With a plop, Ri dumps herself into the sand next to the 'phincrafter to help with the unfolding. "Not with fingers," Ri scolds softly.

Rielle gazes quietly into the fireplace.

Sapha adds some logs to the fire.

Sapha takes a long match and reaches into the firepit to light the fire.

The fire blazes up and crackles, and sparks fly up into the open air.

Hikaru does eventually return, but after some time. Pushing his way back out of the brush, he emerges back onto the beach, heavily laden with bloated skins. Looking a little worse for the wear as he is smudged with mud and wet about his knees and upon his tunic, not to mention sporting a few discarded leaves in his hair, he trudges over to settle the skins down by where the tents are being set up with something of a heavy step. Tired.

Jesiya eyes Rielle, "I suppose I should do it with my -teeth-?" She does intone it in a very friendly way and even makes a show of using her palms instead to try and push the canvass out. And if Rielle hadn't /bit/ her other hand she might be more quick with those fingers as well. But she doesn't complain, oh no, just tries her best to be of some use instead of a crippled candidate.

"Just not with your fingers," Ri amends quite cheerily, despite the circumstances. At least they're not the sole reason everyone's out here, trapped on a deserted island with irate 'riders who'd probably like to drown every last one of them. It's all Malek's fault! Look at it as a big, cheery camp out, eh?

Sapha finally manhandles the various bits and pieces into a reasonably tidy pile before starting on the other tent. "Excellent you have drinking water." She smiles as even in her highly pregnant state she is able to finish smoothing out the tent before the girls. "See if you hadn't been fighting you'd be able to do this much quicker. And putting up a tent isn't half as hard as looking after a dragonet when it's first hatched." Oh yeap, they are going to get lectured all the while. Funfun.

Hikaru is apparently rather worn out after that trek into the woods to find the stream and gather up that water. Sitting on the sands, the boy leans back to just shut his eyes for a moment. Alas, that moment stretches a little as he begins to drift off. Huh, hopefully he is out of the line of sight of Sapha that he can get his sleep for the evening.

Hikaru isn't so lucky, Sapha does notice him. "Hey you. You look reasonably whole. Help those girls with thier tent." Uh-huh cos Sapha doesn't really need to have help she's managing fine all by her self. And thus the make shift camp is a bustle of activity as they continue to set up.

The fire blazes up and crackles, and sparks fly up into the open air.

Sapha adds some logs to the fire.

The fire crackles and pops as the new log starts to burn.

Jesiya continues on in a very cheery note as she unroll the tent and begins to set it up despite her fingers..that's right..she's got a thumb and a pointer on one, hauling the sticks up with them is easy, too. And Iya begins the work of getting the tent to it's shape. Stab one, Jab two.
[IstaCan] Jesiya has to ask cuz she's terribly curious ;) What are we going to be doing…

Jesiya watches Rielle a moment before shaking her head, "You want that bit holding up that bit, not the bit your bit is holding now." Yes. Please could it get any more confusing? But hopefully Iya pointing with her gibbled fingers will point out where sticks need to go, ect. She is done her side however and even makes a gesture to go and help out Rielle do her side now, "Here..watch…" And Iya begins to show what to do.

Sapha has arrived.

Rielle watches intently, chewing on her cut lip while doing so. "Oh! Well that makes sense." A moment of epiphany for dear Ri, here. With that, Rielle takes another pair of sticks and duplicates what Jesiya did. "Yes, that looks right," she murmurs as she eyes it up in comparison with the other. Planting the tent shaping… things… in the ground, Ri grabs one end of the canvas. "Now we drape it?" is queried to anyone who'll answer - Ri doesn't know how to set up a tent, after all.

Sapha is making the final finishing touches, including adding a little blue flag above the entrance, oh yeah baby she's an expert tent erector! And with that she settles down in front of the fire to watch the other girls efforts, lifes good when you already have the dragon.

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few colourful sparks rise slowly into the open air.

Aeokaith glides in from above, and lands.

Aeokaith shakes his head and stretches a little as Tasi releases the straps. He slides a foreleg along the ground, offering a spindly staircase from which Tasi descends, sliding to the ground.

Aeokaith shakes his head and stretches a little as Pasha releases the straps. He slides a foreleg along the ground, offering a spindly staircase from which Pasha descends, sliding to the ground.

Aeokaith shakes his head and stretches a little as Sainin releases the straps. He slides a foreleg along the ground, offering a spindly staircase from which Sainin descends, sliding to the ground.

Jesiya nods her head and grabs with her good fingers the bit of canvass and gives it a huge tug, hopefully Rielle is doing the same because Iya is attempting right now to drape it over the poles.

Ebony talons slide forward as Aeokaith offers a spindly forearm for Tasi to clamber up. A mischevious shake of the dragon's neck and Tasi tumbles into place between navy neckridges.

Aeokaith shakes his head and stretches a little as Mlina releases the straps. He slides a foreleg along the ground, offering a spindly staircase from which Mlina descends, sliding to the ground.

From Aeokaith's neck, Tasi drops off the second load of candidates and mounts back up, waving cheerily to Sapha and the candidates. "Let me know when you want a new chaperone," she calls down from Aeokaith's neckridges before the pair takes off into the air again, headed back toward the weyr.
Aeokaith takes off.

Mlina blinks up at the departing 'rider and dragon before heaving a sigh and clutching her bundle to her chest. She looked this way and that, taking in the beach, jungle, and the tents. "What… what… What on sharding Pern is going on here?" Her voice had gained confidence as she spoke until she was practically demanding what was going on.

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few colourful sparks rise slowly into the open air.

Rielle grumbles as she settles in to try and figure out how this canvas goes. It can't be /too/ hard, right?

Sapha adds some logs to the fire.

The fire crackles and pops as the new log starts to burn.

Jesiya snorts, "Rielle…" Gaia gives a loud squeak from within Sainins shirt. She's here! She came all the way with the humanthing and look! She's come to help. But..she'll help later. Right now it's warm in the miners shirt and she's not moving, "All you do is heft it up into the air like you're making a bed…Sound good?"

Sainin stays off to the side as he watches the others do whatever they may be doing or deciding to do. "You still ok in there?" the miner asks the flitter with him.

Gaia chirrups and gives a wiggle inside the shirt, yep. She's dandy. Jesiya meanwhile looks to the newly landed candidates and gives a very friendly smile, you know the kind of smile that says you all better smile too lest there be worse consequences for the bunch, "Sainin…how about you come over here and take the canvass from Rielle and help me set this tent up…"

Mlina pretty much thumps right over to Jesiya with a still-annoyed look on her face and her hair starting to frizz out in several directions. "Jesiya." Someone call a harper, Mlina remembered a name, "Jesiya… what is going on? Why are we here? Why did I have to bring all of this so that I'd be able to 'live outdoors' for a while?" She thumped the bundle in her arms and shook her pockets. "What did you do?"

Sapha waddles pregnantly to the Jungle.

Sapha waddles pregnantly in from the Interior of South Point Island.

Sainin sighs as he is spotted by the others, but he uses the distraction from Mlina to act as if he didn't quite hear the dolphincrafter. He instead directs his attention back to the green.

Jesiya snorts as she looks at Mlina, her right hand splinted and bandages up, a thumb sticking out enough to give Iya a grip on the canvass, "What did I do? I didn't do a thing." There, she's not explaining, she's trying to build a tent thankyouverymuch. Sniff. Not to mention she looks horrible with bubbly spillage all over her from obvious pie and plenty of scratches though nothing substantial etching into her face, "SAININ!" Oh, that would be a direct order now, "Please.." That said more calmly, "Come help. Now." Gaia sticks a head out of Sainins shirt to give his chin a lick, her talons balled up so as not to scratch the man while she's snuggled with him. Her pet has a bite worse than her you know. You might wanna listen. Unless you like being bitten. Gaia likes being bitten. *chirp*

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few colourful sparks rise slowly into the open air.

Mlina sighed, most of her anger at being swooped up at the drop of a hat draining out of her. Celtic and Cosmic flickered in from ::between:: at her distress, causing Mlina to wonder where her ungrateful others were, but no matter. She just settled them on her shoulders and raised an eyebrow at Jesiya. "Need me to tend those?" She gestured to the scratches and the splinted fingers. "Or did you already?" Which is not exactly apparent from the looks of it. "I managed to bring most of my small pots of salve." All her little things came with her. At least she had time to do that.

Sainin grumbles to himself as he moves slowly towards the others. "She does like to take charge sometimes, doesn't she?" he questions the flit with him. He doesn't says anything to the girls as he moves to take up the slack of the canvas as he was asked.

Jesiya shakes her head at Mlina, actually giving the candidate a grateful smile, "Shayla doused me good with numbweed, can't feel a thing really. She did the most important thing which was my hand..don't need the scratches on my face. I get worse from my green when I take away her food in the middle of eating it." Ah yes, the trials and tribulations of having a psychotic green firelizard. Who, at the moment is watching Sainin take up the slack and gives a little chitter of agreement. Very bossy. Gaia raised her well. Iya looks to Sai with a raised eyebrow, "She's going to bite you sooner or later, I hope you know that." One ominous declaration for Sainin before Iya gives a motion with her hand, "On two we're going to flip this canvass up onto the rods and then secure it down with the ties to the ground. One." Pause, Iya trying to get a good grip on canvass with her damaged fingers, "two!" And up the canvass, at least on Iya's side unless Sainin is really pulling his weight. And if he is the canvass should be up and looking mighty fine.

Sainin pulls up on the canvas. He'll not slack just because of Iya's bossyness. "She hasn't yet." is all he remarks to Jesiya as he works with trying to keep his side straight and where it should be kept. He gives a quick look to Mlina, wondering to himself about why she isn't helping as well with getting the canvas into place, but he says nothing out loud.

Mlina nods at Jesiya. "Well… If you want me to see to those scratches, I've got my emergency supplies." In Mlina's magic bundle. Learn it well, she's got sharding everything in there. Celtic cheeps faintly, her rotund and tiny self making little tiny rumbling noises as she tries to comfort her nutsoid humanpet. "Do you need any help setting anything up either?" She glances to the fire too, wondering if there was anything she could do. Food maybe?

Sapha scales crystaline sides to settle herself between peridot neckridges.
Phirath takes off.

And the tent is up! Iya merely goes about with her numb fingers and begins the task of pegging down the canvass, "There..we are -done-." Cheap pose for a tired Player :>

Phirath glides in from above, and lands.

Sapha alights from atop Phirath with minimal assitance from the pale green.

Aradia alights from atop Phirath with minimal assitance from the pale green.

You drop Welcome to the Island! Read me. <l sign>

Welcome to the Island! Read me. <l sign>

%~%~%~ Welcome Boys and Girls to your own Island Getaway! ~%~%~%

First things first. If you want to know why you are here just ask Jesus and Rielle. Yes, the two girls who look like they've been mauled by tunnel snakes? Yeah. Those two. And while you're at it give them a good punt to drive a thank you home. They'll let you know the IC details of why you are here!

~%~ OOC REASON WHY YOU ARE HERE: Rielle and Jesiya got into a fight, not over Malek..But because of Malek..contrary to popular belief no sane woman is really attracted to Malek. (We <3 you Malek). Anyhow, gist of it is Iya called Rielle a Malek-Lover and the hair went flying ;) You are all here as punishment because of -these two girls-. Yes. Fingers were broken, skin ripped off. Oh yeah. You all missed out on a good quality cat fight.

SECOND THING! TEAMS! That's right. We're basing this experience on Survivor. You are all divided into two teams. You are either on Poaka Team (Which means Pig) or Kuri Team (Dog). The teams are listed below:

Poaka: Kuri:
Rielle Jesiya
Amaril Nayla
Issket Xarine
Jhishivyl Malek
Livesta Beau
Mlina Aradia
Nefret Hikaru
Neiana Niara
Oralia Xveiya
Sainin Pasha

There are going to be challenges and all that fun stuff for each candidate to work their way OFF the island. That's right! You want OFF. You /don't/ want to stay on. There will be vote /INS/ (Who should stay longer) and all that fun oobery gooey stuff that makes Candidacy so much fun.
* More * 5 lines left. Do @more [rest|flush] for more.

So that's it! Please enjoy your time here on CANDIDATE SURVIVOR!

Love everyone who helped make this possible including Jesus and Rielle.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License