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And on Pern …
The time is 11:39.
It is noon of the fifty-sixth day of autumn.
It is the thirty-seventh Turn of the Tenth Pass.
It is an autumn midmorning.

Main Beach
The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.
It is an autumn midmorning.
Out on the pier, you see two ships.
To the south, you see a bronze dragon.
Curled up in the sand are sixteen firelizards.
Green Alishath, green Kitiarath, bronze Aboleoth, blue Agzanth, green Hiakith, brown Beniodyth, brown Chelath, and bronze Nverath are here.
You see Smith Booth, Herder Gather Tent, Minecraft Booth, Runners For Sale Corral, Wine Table, Party Table, drink tray, The Harper's Band, Kissing Booth, and Dolphincraft Booth here.
You notice Zixane, Lib, Serlan, Dot, Nanli, Kyren, Brid, Caeri, Janaelis, Trik, N'ano, Xveiya, Shimmer, Lexi, Bryann, Yue, Cynda, Lyria, and Z'diah asleep here.
Serina, Alaizabel, and D'baji are here.
Obvious exits:
Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

Serina has connected.

Alaizabel has connected.

From above, Nverath soars, with deceptive liquidity, in from the east.
From above, Nverath wings down and lands on the beach.

Nverath lands, scattering sand about with his wings.

D'baji follows a path of wispy white from shoulder to forearm to slide to the ground from Nverath's neck, landing lightly.

Serina holds the blanket covering her shoulder, and the baby held against her, in place as D'jabi's huge Nverath makes his landing. She rests upon a stray crate, flipped over for a usable seat. Her 'lizzard horde flitters and cavorts with various others of their kind. No doubt paying homage to their much loved Draggie friends.

Katrina has left.
Katrina has arrived.

Nverath's wingsnap landing is rather rushed as soon as the dragon catches sight of the fair of firelizards flying about. As soon as D'baji's slidden from his lifemate's neck, Nverath distracts himself neatly from any other situation by giving a warbled greeting to the winged things. Deb, with his dragon so happily re-living his hatchlinghood, opts for the other option of entertainment: humans. So over to Serina he strides, waving as if she was an old friend who he'd much rather spend time with than his Nverath, and giving a happy little, "Heya!"

Alaizabel stalks confidently into view, deftly scanning the beach with her green eyes for any signs of familiers faces. She squints her eyes towards the woman she sees, trying to see through the light. "Hello?" She asks causiously, putting her hand above her eyes to help her lack of vision.

Serina isn't familiar with this particular bronze rider. Her eyes flicker over him and she decides that, no she doesn't know him. Not that the world at large would know a thing. "Well hi there!" She greets with a bright smile, "How're the skies?" She maneuvers the new tiny babe away from her and snugs the blanket fully 'round her. The light behind her illumanates Alaizabel's face and Seri is wreathed in smiles in seconds. "Ala!!" She calls and waves a hand, "Come meet my new baby!" The proud young mother here! She turns her gaze again to D'baji, "That's my sister Alaizabel," is offered with a smile. "I'm Serina," she mentions off hand and waves her free hand over her adorable little Katrina. "And this is Katrina." There introductions were done. What a load off.

D'baji peeks upwards at the skies, shrugging and saying, "Skies are cool, clear, generally autumnal? And how's the, uh…" He peers around the beach, finally deciding on, "sand?" Introductions are listened to briefly, followed by a curt nod. "Well hi then. D'baji's me," he notes with a little pat to his chest (in case the 'me' wasn't exactly clear), "And then Nverath's him." A jerk of a thumb goes towards the bronze who has settled to a seat of sorts on the beach, watching the aforementioned firelizards with a scarily focused attention. "Hi Alaizabel," is added to the sister- and then an appropriate, "Ooh," for the baby.

"Oh Ala," Seri tells her sister with a broad smile, "It's been so long I can hardly believe it's you!" Serina is just bubbling happiness. "How have you been, and when did you arrive?" She pelts her much loved sister with questions and then realizes the fact. With a grin that says she knows Ala wants a moment to formulate all her answers, she turns to D'baji with a happy beam. "Nverath," she repeats with a bob of her head, "quite handsome fellows." Tis said with quiet conviction and a sweet grin. Not flirting just commenting on the fairly obvious. "I'm still not used to being 'round the beasts," she admits with a shy look, "Never touched one, but he looks fabulous."

Beniodyth goes home.

Alaizabel's face splits into a grin and she reeconizes the girl. "Serr!" She greets her sibling fondley "Little Katrina!" She smiles as her face softens as it focus's on the small baby. "Hey D'baji!" She laughs a little and turns back to her sister "I know - you've grown so big! I've been great!" She shifts round to look at the bronze and his rider "He is beautiful." She comments as well, apparently quite flustered to see Serina again. "How've you been?" She asks her quickly, her eyes still fixed on the rider and dragon.

From above, Tanzheth sails smoothly in from the east.
From above, Tanzheth wings down and lands on the beach.

Tanzheth lands, scattering sand about with his wings.
Tanzheth lowers a forearm to assist K'av as he slips to the ground.

"Yeah, he's pretty good lookin'," D'baji agrees, a fond and extremely proud glance sent to his golden-bronze. Knowing full well that Nverath won't bask in the praise, D'baji continues to do so enough for the pair of 'em. "Y'should see him when he flies, the way his hide moves and that. Wonderful. And you'll probably get used to them huge beasts, hmm, if you're gonna be around here for a while?" he comments to Serina.

Prepare for landing. Or don't, it's all the same to Tanzheth and his rider, as the brown comes circling carefully in, finally settling several lengths away from the small crowds gathering. With a firm pat for the dragon, K'av deftly dismounts, sliding down the brown hide, then glancing about the beach, an annoyed scowl etched on his features. One hand remains resting against Tanzheth's shoulder as K'av squints slightly, trying to make out the identities of the other figures, still frowning intently. Yup, everything is normal in K'avvieLand.

Alaizabel raises her eyebrows a little as she continues to look at the bronze. She soon, however breaks her gaze to turn back to Seri, although it is a spectacular dragon, she's pretty used to it, living in the Weyr and so on. She waits patiently for an answer from Seri, looking extremely interested. The gaze as well is broken, as she turns swiftly to eye the new arrival. "Hey!" She greets him with a small smile, her green eyes twinkling as they looks questioningly at the new rider.

Serina rises to envelope Alaizabel in a hug, careful not to squish the baby 'tween them. "Would you like to hold her," Seri offers Katrina to Ala. "I'm a mama now, who'd-a thunk it?" She asks with a happy wink. Comments on her young age were much suffered during her journey to her new home, Ista Weyr. Seri draws her gaze from the center of everyone's attention, Nverath, and focuses them on D'baji. "Wha-? Oh," Seri says and nods, "Yes I plan to stay. I do so adore it here,'' she informs him. Turning at a welcoming chorus from the gathered flits, Seri spies Tanzheth and watches him land. "They are so awesome to watch," she murmurs with a happy smile. Oh yes, she's quite at home.

From above, Nezdarvyth glides down from above the plateau.
From above, Nezdarvyth wings down and lands on the beach.
Nezdarvyth lands, scattering sand about with his wings.

X'ner is freed from Nezdarvyth's clutches, landing with a soft thud on the ground.

Pyxis glimmers in from ::between::

Dhiammarath stirs restlessly from her mid-morning nap as the voices on the beach finally begin to penetrate her slumber. Outer eyelid opens as one eye peeks curiously through the inner eyelid to see the cause of all the disturbance.

K'av only glares even more at the girls as one greets him and the other comments on his dragon. Why? Just because. That's what makes K'av, after all. He does recognise D'baji, naturally, and actually has the decency to drop a curt nod in that general direction. Another firm slap to Tanzheth's shoulder, and then K'av is, oddly enough, beginning to toe off his boots and rolling up the legs of his leathers to above his knees.

"Well then. You're bound to see loads, 'specially hanging around on beaches and that. Word is that dragons sometimes get tired of the waterfall's pool and'll come down here rather often… Of course, s'just what I heard." D'baji ends up grinning after such a stream of comments, turning to eye the landed brownrider, giving some cross between a wave and a salute in recognition.

X'ner is indeed…still hanging around Ista. Why leave, after he had such a good time partying? Pft. He can afford to head back to Reaches late. Besides, Nezdarvyth actually /likes/ the water around here. It's not frigid..and he doesn't think there are wriggly-squigglies living in it. …If only he knew. Still, the bronzerider shuffles his way barefoot in the sand after hopping down from the newly landed bronze. "'Loo!"

"We've been just wonderful," Seri informs Alaizabel as she watches even more dragons land upon the beach. "Well now," she murmurs with a perfectly happy smile. The more the merrier she usually said. Getting a look at K'av's glare made her doubt that sentiment a little bit. She tended to be hurt when people didn't like her. After all, she likes everyone. "One of these days I'll march right up and see one up close," she says with a chuckle. "But I haven't got it in me yet. I still love them, they are simply superb." Turning she flashes smiles 'round. "Hi there," she greets X'ner with a happy wave of her fingers.

Alaizabel looks slightly shocked as yet another rider joins the scene. "Sure I would!" She tells her sister and looks confused as she wonders how to take they baby. "You alright?" She asks K'av as she resists a scowl. "Hello!" She grins over to X'ner thankfully distracting her scowl.

Dhiammarath rumbles her greeting to the arriving HRW dragon as well as the others who have landed around the area. Remaining half asleep and half awake, the gold is content to watch the proceedings.

D'baji, whose attention is always caught by any word containing an 'oo' sound, turns to X'ner with an immediately adoring look upon his face. "LOO!" is repeated with a little clap of the bronzerider's hands, accompanied by a slight bounch upon the sand. Nverath, only now noticing the awakeness of Dhiammarath (kept busy as he was by firelizard watching), offers a quick flexing of vocal chords to her. "Well…Good luck with working up to that?" D'baji answers back quickly to Serina, "'Cause it can be hard to get around if you don't wanna go too close to 'em, y'know, walking in the bowls and that."

K'av simply ignores everyone and everything else, save for glancing up when a bronze comes sailing in to ascertain that he doesn't, in fact, recognise the dragon. And that's that. He doesn't even bother turning around to scowl at Alaizabel for speaking two words to him, nope. He just strides right to the water's edge, and then right into the shallows, without a second's hesitation, while Tanzheth keeps one careful eye on his rider's proceedings even as the brown hunkers down and curls his tail around his body in a sure sign of taking a nap.

Loo indeed! X'ner feels a certain need to stick around. Hey, he /did/ help with the kissing booth, after all. Flutter. Still, the returned 'loo' is given a bright grin, as well as a wave of the stuffed llama usually kept in his belt. Yes. Meet X'ner of Reaches Weyr. Who has a stuffy. Nezdarvyth's head does turn a bit though. Wait. They aren't brave enough to come near a dragon? That means they're….scared? Yes, if the bronze could form the expression, he'd be smirking quite evilly right about now. Well…well..well.

Serina cradles her little one and smiles indulgently at Ala. "Support her head with that arm," she motions with her chin as she aids her sister, "and her body with the other.." She steps back and little Katrina is happily asleep in her auntie's arms. "See? Nothing to it." Not that she'd been too convinced of that a couple of times. Still..she smiles. "I've made out of the way jaunts thus far." She giggles, "I'm just too afraid to get close enough to step on.. They are just so big.." The biggest beast she'd been 'round before her journey had been her father's heardbeasts. X'ner is flashed one of Seri's smiles, before she drops her gaze to check on her sleeping child, safe in Ala's arms.

Alaizabel decides two can play that game and promptly ignores K'av in return. She seems to reconise X'ner from passing, imagine seeing another 'Reachain here. Her face distorts into worry for a second then resumes its smile "Okaaaaay." She says as she slowly heaves the child up how she's been instructed. She sighs lightly as she relaxes into holding Katrina. "So good to see you Serr." She whispers softly as she eyes the small girl in her arms.

D'baji's eyes widen at the stuffy, and the rider soon finds himself frantically digging in his pockets. After a moment's searching, he comes up with nothing and whimpers, calling to the 'Reachian bronzer, "I usually carry a sock puppet, but he must be in the weyr!" in such a tone as to imply that he's incredibly sorry over the fact. "But his name is Kuk and he's a fish! What's his name?" A point to the stuffed llama. "Or hers?"

Kia strides down the trail from the plateau.

Jurrel quietly drifts down the trail from the plateau.

Kia has traveled down to the beach for a bit of swimming it would seem. Under her lightweight robe she sports a one piece swimming suit, tan in color. Sure there's people around here somewhere one would assume and Kia makes a point to wave at those she recognizes. Spreading a towel out near the edge of the wave line she slips out of her robe and sits down. Okay some sunbathing is going to be involved here too.

And what is K'av doing while all this oh-so-exciting action is taking place on the beach? Why, paddling about in the shallow waters, of course. A glance or two is occasionally thrown over his shoulder at the crowd, but mostly his attention is divided between peering down at things below the water surface and watching his brown. And holding a conversation with Tanzheth, too, it seems, because the brownrider abruptly mumbles something about Miyakath and eggs, then subsides. Back to beach scouting, or whatever it is that K'av is really doing.

Kindrid…bronzer.. X'ner just boggles a moment before making a b-line for D'baji. Oh yes. This is someone he'll have to cling ot later. "Ohhh, he's Rock." Yup. Rock. "He used to be a rock. Then got changed into a llama." Eye. "It was the Reachian water that did it. Nez won't go /near/ the stuff." …Right. Nezdarvyth, for his part, is slinking through the sand…er..as much as his large form will allow. Oh yes, his head is stretching out.. And where? Oh yes, towards those two girls, and that..er..thing they're holding. What exactly /is/ that? Must look.

Jurrel is all elusive quietude as he drifts onto the beach, stoically ignoring dragons and humans alike. After all, if he pretends to be unremarkable, then no one will feel obligated to remark upon him, yes? Slinking dragons are given the eye, and reflexively, a brow goes up. Well now: so much for unremarkable things.

Alaizabel's smile widens a little further as she rocks the baby gently. "So adorable." She coos, her bright eyes flick up to Kia as she arrives "Hey there!" She calls over cheerfully. She is slightly distracted by X'ner, pondering slightly on his…er…Rock. She fails however, to notice Jurrel, as she is compleatly excited by Katrina, Serina and maybe even this Rock. Er.

"The water can do that?" gasps a startled D'baji. "Ver -loves- going and swimming 'round up there… Don't want him to turn into a llama, though…" A worried look is sent to the golden-bronze farther down the beach, and Deb shudders. "Or a rock, for that matter." Leaning over faintly to peek all the more at the llama. "So… does rock -like- to be a llama?" Kia gets on off-handed wave, prompted, no doubt, by Nverath's prodding, as D'baji's own gaze is focused rather appropriately on X'ner and his stuffy.

X'ner grins broadly, waving the stuffed llama in the air at Kia. Must wave! Must wave! …Oh. Attention swivils back to Baji again, quickly nodding. "Oh yes. He's really happy cause now he doesn't hurt people when he wacks them over the head." ..Ahem. And yes, Nezdarvyth is still slinking, head coming around to get even closer. He's got to find out just /what/ those girls are hanging onto. SniiiiiiffSnort.

Kia hasn't really looked at the other already here but Ner does get a look and now Kia abandons her sunbathing. "Ner! Would you look at that didn't see you for turns and now I've seen you twice this one already." Glancing in the direction of Alaizabel, Serina and baby she grins "Aww she's a cute one." Well at least what Kia can see from here you know. One doesn't just go around saying your baby is ugly even if it might be true. Which in this case it isn't. Sure and Baji's over there by Ner too isn't that quaint, ah well he does ride an Istan bronze but at least he's not N'ano.

''It's just marvelous to see you too, Ala." Seri rubs her hand along her sister's upper arm. "I've missed you," she tells her honestly. "So much has happened,'' she tilts her head slightly, "are you here for a while? I'd like a chance to visit." Seri was always happy to curl up somewhere private and hear from any one of her sisters. Other convorsation catches her attention for a moment and she swallows a giggle. Grown men with puppets and stuffies.. Oh dear. Seri always found 'riders to be quite out of the ordinary as a general rule. She loved every new experience she had to admit. She is fast becoming quite the Weyr junkie. Seri runs her gaze along the length of the beach for a moment. She waves to add her greeting to Ala's. Jurrel is given a moment's attention as well as a bright and welcoming smile. That's right, she's all smiles and good times. Or at least most of the time. A rather loud snort brings a frown a she turns to investigate. Then she seems to freeze at finding herself face to face with a bronze dragon no less. "Oh," she stammers, "Um.." Against her own will she takes a step toward the face and between it and her baby. "Hello," she says softly to the eye, not in the least comfotable.. but it wasn't near her child so much now..

Alaizabel wonders why K'av even bothers coming to a place where there are others. He hasn't said anything, he might as well not be here, she thinks sourly. "I'm staying here for a bit, I suppose." She adds, deciding that now. She still hasn't noticed Jurrel and replies to Kia "She's amazing." Her eyes linger a moment on X'ner as she tries to work out if she knows him, hrm.

There's a lot to be said for silence. And stillness. Jurrel is both, for now, studying the group and its dynamics with bright green eyes. Again, eyes light on sniffing, snorting dragon. Careful, lest the poor baby be snorted whole. Pause — a macabre thought, that. Ahem.

"Over the head, hmm?" D'baji repeats with a little, frightened twitch of his mouth. "Yeah, Kuk's never been so violent… Then again, Kuk was never a rock. Ooh, though he did start out as a robe." D'baji gives a firm bob of his head. "So… Does Rock hit people very often?" The bronzerider now warily eyeing the llama, and giving Kia a 'come this way' wave. In case he needs back-up or something with such a dangerous animal on the loose.

Serina isn't terribly interested in much else than watching Nez's eye and muzzle. She'd seen the beasts feed once, she wasn't interested in seeing it up close. And certainly not on a personal level. "Faranth above," she breathes colorfully as she stands there and quakes. Inspite of her fear she finds herself studying him. "They really are splendid up close," she admits and manages to crack a smile. "He won't accidently 'bump' the baby will he?" She casts her fear at the group of 'riders standing about. They'd have to forgive her poor little heart, she really is nervous of them being this close to her baby. "He's just so big.."

Dhiammarath gives a big yawn, unfurls her wings and then re-curls herself up, folding large wings over herself. Outer eyelids stay open, but glittery eyes dim with growing drowsiness.

Kia decides that the sand is entertaining enough for the moment. Toes are dug into it as she stands near Baji and Ner. Of course every now and then she has to fling little bits of sand in Nez's direction so long as it's not to close to the baby. She adores messing with that dragon sometimes. "Rock hit's people Ner?" fingers are wiggled in the direction of the llama "Good afternoon Rock, hope you're having a good day." Is intoned as she winks towards Baji as if to say see Rock's not a bad sort. Rather nice fellow at least to Kia.

X'ner shakes his head quickly, glowing. "Only when they're being really silly." Or he's not getting his way. Then? Whapwhap! Nezdarvyth, on the other hand, is downright annoyed. This..this /person/ is in his way. What does she have to hide? After all, people only seem to hide the best and most tasty treats from him. Hm. X'ner pauses in his happy little tirade about Rock.. Blink. "No Nezzypoo, you can't eat it. It's not healthy!" Healthy for /who/? o.O "Ooh, Rock is doing very good, and of course he does, he's never /mean/ about it tho—oh for.. /Neeeeez/.." Yes, the dragon is trying to poke his large head /around/ the woman. What /is/ that thing that's worth hiding? Pout. "Miiiiiiiiiss." Whine. "He thinks you're hiding a snack from him." Cookie maybe?

Jurrel walks up a sandy, grass-lined path toward the forested hillside.

"Oh, I understand," D'baji nods, stance relaxing a bit, as he doesn't consider himself silly enough to deserve a llama-whacking. Glancing over a shoulder to peer at the bronze and the baby prompts a shake of his head. Kia gets a beam. "And how are you? I haven't seen you in -ages-. Well, seen, yes, but not spoken with or anything…"

"Will you get the beast away from my child?" Serina's voice carries more demand than request. By this point her fears are cast aside, she is shoving his muzzle away with both hands. "If I had a snack his behavior wouldn't convince me to give it up." Not that she has such a thing. "He's quite nice I assure you.. But I would prefer him not to abuse my child." Quite the spit and vinegar she has when she's riled. Whisps of blonde hair fly about her face.
Jurrel walks down the path from the forested hillside.

Alaizabel looks quite dazed and suddenly turns with a jolt to her sister. "Serr!" She exclaimes "Who is the father?" She asks her hurridly, ignoring her dragon attack. She does clutch her girl a little closer and beams over to Seri, waiting avidly for a reply. She gives the dragon a small scowl as she tries to protect her sister and neice.

Kia shakes her head. See even bronze dragons are misbehaving these days. "Ner you know someday Nez is going to have to start listening. He might be trying to eat a future minion you know." Sage nod as she points that out to the bronzer. Baji gets a shrug "I've been busy, well so have you being the Weyrsecond and all. Skyraiders is doing well and we're looking forward to the new blood Miyakath's eggs will bring to the weyr." Seri's outburst gets a raised brow but then Kia was never overly mothering so perhaps she just doesn't get it.

Serina isn't much for ignoring something so large poking about her child. "What?" She turns completely around and stares at Alaizabel like she's fresh from some other world. "Why?" She can't help the way she blurts it, now isn't the time to pester her about the father of her child. But then again, no time was a good time as far as she is concerned.

X'ner rolls his eyes in annoyance finally, head turning, and dropping the rather childish expression he normally wears. "Miss, one thing you should be /quite/ aware of is that no dragon would /ever/ hurt a human. Ever." Glare. Tsk. Insinuating that his lifemate would do harm to the child is rather…miffing..to the usually cheerful man. "Nezzikins. It's a silly, wrinkly, pink ball of a person." Blink. Nezdarvyth seems to understand /that/ description at least, and hurriedly moves /backward/. Ack! Babies are weird things. X'ner just folds his arms though, tucking Rock close to his chest. Hmph.

Gacea walks down the trail from the plateau.
Inside Runners For Sale Corral, Gacea enters Runners For Sale Corral.
Gacea enters Runners For Sale Corral.

Serina blinks as the beast scoots away hurriedly. "Well if I'd known it was that easy.." she mutters and dusts herself off a bit. "Well sure," she counters X'ner with an unhappy sniff, "but she's so tiny.. and he's just huge!" She sighs softly, "I'm really not comfortable around them myself. I apologize.. I didn't mean any offense." She collects Katrina from Ala with a small smile. "It's my first child and I'll defend her as I see need," she defends quietly and kneals to place Kat in her basket and hoist herself again to her feet. "I'm quite sure there is work at the Weyr needing attention," she tells the group with a parting smile. "I'll see you soon Ala," she waits to hug her sister. "Nice seeing everyone," and then she is walking off toward the Weyr.

D'baji nods with a little sniff. "Oh, we're -all- looking forward to Miyakath's eggs," the bronzerider agrees with a slight cough. "Glad Skyraider's doing well though," he adds a touch more conversationally. An approving nod goes to X'ner's words to Serina. Nverath, meanwhile, is officially no longer interested in hanging about to watch firelizards and bronze dragons, and so D'baji is appropriately called away. "Hey," he starts in his farewell to X'ner, "'Fore you leave, y'should swing by mine and 'Ver's weyr, meet Kuk. He's a lovely, lovely fish. But I should be off…" So waves all around and, without waiting to be excused officially, Deb'll go tend to the restless Nverath.

D'baji vaults to a seat amidst foamy neckridges with the help of an extended liquid-golden forearm.

Inside Runners For Sale Corral, Gacea has left.
Gacea has arrived.

Alaizabel raises her eyebrows at her sister. Younger sister. "I said who is the father." She state simply and stares at her sister until she hears a reply. "Hard question?" She asks, sarcasm hinting in her voice. Her eyes bore endlessly into her sisters, a habit she has had since she was young.

Gacea walks out.

Nverath goes home.

Serina has disconnected.

Kia rolls her eyes. Kia really should get rid of her evil side when it comes to things. "Does Nez still have his legions of minions Ner? My son when he's a bit older might be for the weyrs and it would be interesting to see him as a minion" great Kia auction off your kid already "You know with N'ano and I as parents he's got a good chance.

[end of log]

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