Rib Eating Contest

Following the Opening Ceremonies was the first event - though it may have been a little unofficial: a rib eating contest!

Log provided by Rhaeyn. Oh Rhaeyn, how can we ever thank you?

Southern Weyr Beach
This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.

Jacob comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

SHWOOP. Just because there are tremendous amounts of dragons milling around doesn't mean the seniormost gold of High Reaches has to act her age. Or maybe she is— Aevryscienth is still rather on the young side. Ignoring the careening of a stately Fort brown who's having to pull up rather short to her divebomb of the beach, Rys neatly backwings to a stop, throwing sand everywhere as she lands. Rhaeyn, aboard her, is laughing entirely too terribly hard, dressed in baggy black leathers with something that looks suspiciously like— war paint?— streaked over her cheeks. The goldrider unclips, scales down her lifemate, and loosens the straps a notch as she does her typical shucking-out-of-outermost-layers dance. Those baggy leathers are removed to reveal snug, black linen pants, and a crisp shirt of Reaches cobalt-blue. The rest of her gear is stowed in a straps-bag, and Rhae turns to survey the whole gathering. Iiinteresting. She pulls her boots off, as an afterthought, and stows them away before heading towards the shallows herself, ostensibly to rinse her feet off after the trip. As she does— there's the Healer. "Nemykai," she allows, her rich contralto still amused, chin dipping in a respectful nod to the Healer she's only seen about once or twice.

There's simply no way to ignore a landing like the one Aevryscienth makes. And so Nemykai turns his head to watch, expression at first terror-stricken. But a safe landing lends his features to shift into a broad smile while he heaves a relieved sigh. Rhaeyn is given a respectful inclination of his head, grin growing. "Weyrwoman," he greets. "Nice entrance. Are you entering the contest?"

Arit blinks in from ::between::!

Izlasth jumps off the cliff from above, and floats down to the beach on outstretched wings.

Lzi slides from Izlasth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

A thoughtful tilt to Rhaeyn's head would indicate that she's unaware of any such 'contest', though the contrivedly innocent expression is quite amiss on a face painted with war-streaks of black and blue. The weyrwoman pauses, crossing her arms over her chest and idling glancing over her shoulder to her lifemate - who's currently barking orders to a host of 'Reachian dragons all over the skies of Southern, though one would be hardpressed to know such information by the lioness sprawl she's currently engaged in. "What contest would that be?" she inquires of Nemykai, a dark eyebrow lifting inquisitively.

An apprentice bogged down with a platter of steaming ribs comes from the smoking pits down the beach, oblivious to the sweat on his brow and the brown smear of sauce on his cheek. The platter gets dropped off on one of the tables lined for the upcoming eat-athon, where spectators are slowly but surely gathering with a growing buzz of excitement. Nemykai points at the obvious with one of his redwort-stained fingers. "That one," is his short answer. "Rib-eating contest. I'd participate but my stomach ain't what it used to be." But he'll affectionately pat it with a facetious look of nostalgia.

Jacob can be seen exiting the tent specifically designed for the Bakercraft, although he is proudly wearing a High Reaches Weyr badge on his shoulder as he slaps his hands together, finished with working for another day. The cook lively steps toward Rhaeyn with his typical friendly grin, "Good'eve Rhaeyn." A bob of his head in greeting to the Weyrwoman before he just folds his arms over his chest and smiles to Nemykai, "Got everything you need there Journeyman?" Of course he may or may not have had a hand in the cooking of said ribs, he is a cook afterall.

Rhaeyn follows his finger, glancing down the beach to see… Lzi. Lzi's the contest?! Hey, at least Rhae has more than a better shot of winning that, if it involves taking clothes off. Er. Uh… "Oh. Rib eating contest? Yes, I think I am signed up for that," Rhaeyn states with no small amount of ruefulness. Her gaze switches over to a large-and-in-charge Baker. "Why hello, Jay," she greets. "You didn't poison mine, now, did you?" she questions upwards with a small smile, though the expression is tight, no doubt due to the proximity of a certain Istan greenrider.

Lzi did not come to be in the rib eating contest. Oh no. She came to /watch/, and of course to cheer on the Istans, what with her polka dotted orange and black bandana tied around her right thigh like a garter. Yep, her dress is that short that the bandana can be easily scene. And so she strolls in the direction she sees the ribs heading, and of course it's impossible not to see Rhaeyn, but she offers her nothing more an a proper salute and a nod of her head. Playing hard to get? Maybe. Regardless, the greenrider finds a good spot to watch, and there she lingers, keeping to herself. For now.

An event organizer steps up to the tables, his person hard to ignore as he's wearing /all/ of the Weyr colors which makes for quite the clashing outfit. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the rib-eating contest to begin! Contestants, if you would please find a seat here at the contest table…" Just 'enter Eating Contest Booth'.

Ziggamor comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Bajiren comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Pippa comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Jacob glances to Rhaeyn with a smirk, "Of /course/ not Rhaeyn. I /did/ think about adding some hot pepper to the other weyrs, but that would be /cheating/ wouldn't it?" And with that he steps lively to the booth, "You coming Rhaeyn? Gonna try to beat a man who deals with food for a living?" Yes, he's talking trash now, to his own Weyr. Into the booth.

Inside Eating Contest Booth, Jacob enters the Eating Contest Booth.

Jacob enters the Eating Contest Booth.

Akadriel comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Rhaeyn picks her way across towards to the contest table, smiling and nodding at appropriate individuals: senior riders that she knows of other weyrs - oh hey, check it, there goes the hunky-hot Benden weyrleader!, riders of her own weyr - High Reaches FTW!, and Lzi. Yes, she gets her own category. Rhaeyn has no problem meeting the greenrider's eyes, and with a slight smirk, inclines her head in reply. And oh, hai thar, table! Rhae settles herself down at one end, smirking over at Jacob, "Don't make me punch you in the nads."

You enter the Eating Contest Booth.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Talicanitath jumps off the cliff from above, and floats down to the beach on outstretched wings.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Aevryscienth accidentally steps on Talicanitath's glittery tail. Forcefully. Totally an accident.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Nemykai grins widely at Jacob, eyes gleaming with youthful mirth despite the wrinkles that gather at their brims. "I do, and I even managed to find some poor sucker to do the announcing. I hate talking in large crowds-" Or so he says. The contestants find their places at the Eating Contest Booth while the announcer explains the rules. "Each contestants has a platter of ribs. First one to eat all of their ribs wins the firelizard egg. No cheating - that means eat all the meat on those delicious Baker-made racks. Got it?" The contestants are eyed for their accepting of the rules.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: As Rhaeyn walks away, of course, it's impossible for Lzi to stop herself from checking her out, smirking in amusement more at the fact that the goldrider is competing in the rib eating competition than anything else. It is sort of comical. But enough of her. Lzi's attention then falls on checking out who from Ista has entered the competition so she knows who to cheer on.

Bajiren isn't sure whether his entrance in the competition counts for the 'Reaches or for Ista - though the boy does sport the Istan skull-and-bones bandanna of orange and black over his fiery hair. No matter which Weyr he represents, no matter if he wins or loses, the boy will at the least be exposed to free ribs right in the middle of a growth spurt. He's cracking his knuckles and rolling his shoulders to loosen them up as soon as he's entered the tent. And don't forget weird jaw stretches. Nods go to the rules. Bring it.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: "Wait up. Waaaaait up." Pippa's voice lifts over the din of meeting, or meating, if you want to get silly. The young woman is quick to scrawl her Pernese John Hancock upon a line (even taking up two) on the signup sheet so conveniently provided. The firelizard perched upon her shoulder chirrups an encouraging note, tine wing-claws swiping over the creatures mouth in anticipation as well. Firelizards are allowed, correct? "Now where… Oh." Some helper or another takes the woman's elbow, somewhat directing/yanking her in the direction of the table. "I just had a pint, that ain't going to be a problem, will it?"

From outside Eating Contest Booth: A perfectly proportioned forleg, belonging to Talicanitath, is inclided upwards, allowing Lendai to dismount with some measure of dignity.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Ziggamor goes home.

Rhaeyn gives an abrupt head-nod to the rules, eyes focusing on the plate of ribs in front of her with something of a devious smirk well in place. "I hope not," Rhaeyn comments aside to Pippa. "I drank three mugs at the Klah before coming out." The Reachian leans back in her chair, an air of anticipation obviously about her. Lzi? Who's that again? Her shoulders roll, once, and she focuses on her platter as if her sheer intensity can zap them all to only-bones by itself.

Pippa enters the Eating Contest Booth.

Jacob glances at Bajiren with a grin, "If you throw up, make sure to aim it at Rhaeyn or something." Maybe this is just his scheme to get everyone afraid of the big muscly man that is preparing to eat ribs. Watching the others move up and around he shakes his head. Rhaeyn is given a glance, "If you puke on me, I'll puke on you Weyrwoman." That is a threat, this guy does /not/ handle vomit well anyway. Just scoot up a chair and he analyzes the ribs, maybe making some sort of game plan.

Bajiren snorts at Jacob, even while folding his arm, sticking his elbow behind his head, and pushing down on it with the opposite hand. Surely tricep stretches are important before rib eating. So nothing is pulled when empty bones are tossed aside. "I ain't gonna puke. Y'better watch it, else I'll eat /yours/, too." The other competitors are now eyed up, and the boy keeps an entirely cocky look on his face. And even licks his lips while looking at those ribs. "I went for a run an' all earlier today. Shardin' starvin'."

Rhaeyn glowers over at Jay. "I'm going to throw up on your bed when we get back to the Weyr," she threatens. "Puke. Lots of it. Bile-yellow with /chunks/." Oh, she's not trying to hype the competition. Not at all. Ahem. "Kid, watch your plate. If I'm still hungry after this, I may go after fingers." That's to Bajiren, of course. And now? She's waiting for the proverbial gunshot. Ready? Set? … not-go-yet?

Pippa is unceremoniously dumped into a seat, the thing rocking back upon a pair of legs and causing a cascade of dark hair to briefly eclipse the woman's view. "Klah? Three mugs? I'd be dancing like a 'claw sent to the cookpot, I'd have to pee so bad after all that." Do they have glasses with liquid to wash this stuff down with to pour about before Rhaeyn? Hair is tossed back with a negligent flick, and then loosely drawn back and away in a lover's haste knot. "Whose puking already? Who forgot their balls at home?" And so Pippa will lean way over onto the table, looking down towards the other end to eyeball the contestants with dubiousness.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: The announcer looks a little flabbergasted at the sight of Pippa and Rhaeyn sitting behind the booth tables but after a short lapse he lifts his hands. "Contestants, ready yourselves… and… /EAT/!" Which should signal mass frenzy of sticky-fingered rib-devouring. If it matters how much someone's consumed before sitting down at the booth, the announcer doesn't mention anything.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Lzi lifts her fingers to her mouth to give a loud whistle as the competition starts, hands then switching to clapping as she shouts, "GO PIPPA!" since she seems to be Ista's competitor. Oh wait. There's a little Baji "GO BAJIREN!" He /did/ say he was going to be competiting for Ista, didn't he? Oh well.

It's a good job the contest is started, 'cause it looks like Baji is reaching for his crotch, and Faranth only knows what would come out of his mouth to accompany the gesture. But then he's readying himself, and then it's eatin' time. ANd the boy is off like a shot, all professional, making use of incredibly stretchy cheeks (blame his youth and the skin still ready to stretch to accommodate his growth), sliding his teeth along the bones at one angle, rotating ninety degrees, doing it again, and only then chewing and swallowing the wealth of meat stuck in his mouth. The only time he'll lick at the sauce dribbling at the corners of his mouth and down his chin is while he's reaching for the next. One rib, two rib, three rib, four. Five, six….

From outside Eating Contest Booth: "EAT, RHAEYN! EAT TILL YOU VOMIT AND THEN EAT SOME MORE!" Lendai screams from amidst the spectators. "Show all of Pern how High Reaches Weyr eats their meat!" Her hand is in the air, fingers in a fist as she cheers and jeers. "Don't even chew, just swallow! Chewing is for chumps!" It's true. She knows.

And they're off, Jacob just glances at Bajiren quickly, "I've eaten people like you for breakfast." Thats probably a lie, but no time to question his truthiness as the cook quickly grabs the ribs of meat and, with a technique rarely seen, he manages to practically suck it all up in a breath and swallow it down… it is as if he practices these kind of things. Bones are chucked here and there, attempting to keep them all on the plate as he makes growling noises that could scare a Southern feline. "Missed a spot." A spare finger points to Rhaeyn's ribs, although the cook is not distracted at all and continues to devour.

Rhaeyn wastes no time to get down to business. Her method is quite simple. She rips each rib off individually, glomps down all the meat on it, and moves on to the next. What? It's so very efficient, you know. If she happens to choke on one bite due to hearing her /most/ favorite junior goldrider hollering about deep-throating ribs, well, she recovers nicely. She's chewing down with a ferocity that knows boundaries defined by the end of each slab. Are there other people in the world? Rhae wouldn't know about that, her first rack disappearing in an befuddlingly fast manner. You'd think she'd done this before, or something.

Pippa is here to represent. And apparently she also has a fanbase, because she knows she just heard her name get bellowed above the din of the crowd and the snarling of the contestants. Did a Cat sneak into the feast? Flashing a wink Lzi-wards with a look that simply can be read as 'I've got this', the young woman begins to dig in. Yank. Pull. Gnaw. Devour. The remnants are dropped back onto the plate, each one sounding like another nail in the coffins of the other participants. Ribs are to be ate, and she'll do justice to what is set before her like a bedouin Igenite presented a pail of water. Halleluiah.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Nemykai shoots an uncertain look at Lendai, the older gentleman not quite appearing disturbed but definitely struck a little by surprise. "Uh…" Wait, shouldn't he be cheering? Yes! Yes, he should! But for whom? "Come on, kid! Put those guys to shame!" Apparently Bajiren gets Nemykai's vote. From somewhere nearby: "Quarter-Mark says High Reaches's Weyrwoman chucks her cookies before the end!"

From outside Eating Contest Booth: "Hey, /hey/!" Lendai now settles the full force of her wrath on whoever yelled that. "Rhaeyn can down meat like no ones business, so a quarter mark she /doesn't/ chuck her cookies!" See that fist in the air? Now it's totally shaking in some random direction. "She'll do High Reaches proud. Oh. Oh! Is that Pippa in there too?" Up on her tiptoes she goes, the goldrider scanning. "Faranth. PIPPA! EAT! EEEAAAAATTTT! But not as much as Rhaeyn! But second place is all good!"

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Lzi is mean. This we all know. It's a fact. And so after cheering on her fellow Istans, she turns devious, smirking as her hands cup around her mouth. "HEY RHAEYN!" Uh oh. This can't go well. "If you win, I'll lick all of that sauce off of you, baby!" A little bit of reserve psychology? You betcha.

… Seven rib, eight rib, nine rib, more! The boy is on a roll. There's just a moment were Baji has to stop, hitting a sauce-covered fist into his chest (why yes, it leaves a mark on his tunic) as a weird peristalsis issue is resolved - thank you involuntary muscle movement - and then it's onward. The boy is so efficient he even belches just as he's lifting the next rib to his mouth, all the while stacking the bones for counting later. In case there's some question. Once a few more ribs have been nakified, there's a glance to the other contestants- to check their progress in comparison to his, though the inspection only lasts as long as it takes for him to chew and start swallowing. Nom nom nom.

Jacob raises a finger to whoever called out the Rhaeyn-puking bet, "I wanna piece of that, half-mark she pukes!" This is said with a full mouth and quite distracted, so actually it sounds like, "Mmrrrff marrumph mrrf mrrf pukes!" Ah well, probably good he doesn't bet anyway. The cook continues to devour the ribs, one at a time… wait lookit this, he is now double-fisting the ribs and sucking off the meat! Thats a man trained in shoving meat all day, hey, he's a butcher. A glance is sent up to the crowd, verifying that L'fei isn't here to be disgusted and he continues to shove more pieces into his mouth and dropping them with a *tink* onto the plate before him.

Rhaeyn moves on to the next, her sticky fingers working with quick methodical thoroughness. The stack of bones in front of her grows in proportion to the slabs of juicy, smoked, so-tasty ribs. Any comments about her cookies are strictly ignored. She's slamming down her third rack before she even starts to slow down, really. And even then, it goes from an all-out-speedfest to a more-crouched-down 'shovel food into the maw' sort of tactic. Puking? What? Not happening, biznatches. STFU.

*FLING* See that, Lendai? Do you see that? That would be a half-gnawed rib being tossed in your direction, flipping end over end, a little bit of gristle upon one side to give it a sort of rotating motion along with the trajectory Right - Toward - Lendai. And isn't is amazing how it just kind of gets tossed right after that second-place comment directed towards Pippa. Possibly. Kinda. Okay, so it did originate from the junior from Ista. Sticky fingers, stained by sauce, reach out to take up another section of ribs, nomming on them with eyes for her plate and possibly a darting glance now and again to the competitors.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Ian comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Rhaeyn also, belatedly, thinks that Lzi is a bitch. And if that counts as her last pose, then damned if it wasn't worth it.

Bajiren takes a moment under the pretense of cleaning off the last bone. And then it's a deep breath, a hard swallow, and the teen-boy-thing reaches for more. He's double-fisting it now, cleaning of one rib, then another, then knocking the bones together while trying to deal with all the meat in his mouth. (Yeah, go ahead and laugh, but it's true.) And then those are set aside, and more are shovelled in. Don't mind that 'urp' that sneaks up from his gullet to erupt from his mouth with the smell of gross stomach gas. It's pure will that's keeping him going now, but still, those ribs are disappearing… Age, here, is an advantage. And it would seem those scrawny limbs are at least mostly hollow.

If Jacob is getting remotely full it isn't showing at all as his large hands grip each rib, peeling off the deliciously wonderful meat and then lightly tapping the bones down onto the place. A little, okay not little, a /huge/ burp is released from Jacob who manages to cover his mouth with his fist for a moment. Maybe it was a distraction tactic? The cook doesn't seem even remotely bothered by the burp and continues to shove ribs into his mouth. "Hey Rhaeyn. Your boobs are showing." He actually manages to eke out before he returns to the business at hand, rib rib rib rib soooo delicious. Down you go, down into my belly. Mmm Mmm Mmm.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: OhFaranthflyingmeat! Lendai is ducking and dodging, staying far away from the food and the stains that they would surely create on her riding clothes. "Hey! That's totally a disqualification if I ever seen one!" Though she's grinning as she says it, now waving her hands frantically at the Istan junior. "I miss you too, Pip!" And back to the cheering. "EAT MORE, RHAEYN! If you make High Reaches lose, I swear I'll… do something awful in your weyr! Awful! Go Rhaeyn!"

Rhaeyn keeps going. Nothing if not determined, this weyrwoman is going to see the end of this platter of ribs even if it means chucking her cookies— because, come on. She's representing her weyr. And she doesn't give half a shard if the hot-as-heck Benden Weyrleader out there is staring at her with queasy regard. Who cares? She's chowing down with /style/. Hell, she's managed to /not/ get the sauce all over her face, unlike some unlucky contestents, and the sheer perserverance that she applies to her task is nothing less than Herculean. Speaking of which, she scoots up in her chair, pulls her shoulders back, and may even do a little shimmy. If her boobs resplendently jiggle, well, Jacob would have to be looking (and thusly distractable) to see that, right? She ignores Lendai, but that isn't too far removed from what she does every day, so it's… really not that significant.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: There's a concerned glance that leaves Lendai to flick towards Lzi, given by Nemykai. He dodges the ribbone being flung at Lendai despite the fact that he's well out of it's range and takes it as a warning of the tenacity of the rib-eating contestants. "Her what is— oh my, that's… talent." Choke. "Careful now, Rhaeyn; easy on the shimmy, speed up on the eating!"

Pippa drops a sauce-stained hand to her lips, smearing across her lips as she waits for a moment, shifts, and then belches in a low tone that develops deep inside and rips from her lips like a barfly. There, still room. Head bows and it is back to the task at hand, or fingers. That first headless rush lessens into a steady, monotonous gnawing, plucking through one rib after another in steadfast style and a couple of shifting-groans. There might be a curse here and there between pieces, all the better to swallow it down. Won't come back up. No. Nooooo. No. Not yet. Just One - More - Piece.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: The announcer pipes up, as if the crowd couldn't see the progress. "It's going to be a close call, everyone's getting down to their last few ribs! Remember, folks, once you show us that last bare bone, contest's over!"

Bajiren keeps on packing, nibbling and chewing and occasionally, if only to hide that he needs a break after such rapid eating, going back to a discarded bone to get the last bit of meat off of it. Bone after bone joins the others, and few are revisited - he's been doing a good job - though the boy is starting to get that look of 'Faranth help me' as he comes toward the end. Every glance to the others encourages him, and he keeps up on what's left of his pile for as long as other people are eating to. And at one point, maybe 'cause he /is/ just that cocky, he'll even ask, "Can I take some of these home? Got a canine who'd love 'em," just as he's setting the last bone down.

Jacob sits back in his chair as he seems to certainly be finished as he reaches to grab a towel, cause I'm sure that one of those things would be available for those finished with the ribs. The white cloth is held and his fingers unstained. After another loud burp he looks at the Weyrwoman, "How you faring Rhaeyn?" His faded blues examining the weyrwoman, a spare hand now patting his heavily plump stomach. It looks like /someone/ is about to have a baby.

Rhaeyn makes it all the way to the end of her platter. Then she's looking up, her expression nothing if not— funny. She manages to stagger to her feet, move precisely two seats down, and neatly tosses her cookies - under the table - all over Jacob's shoes. In other words: she spews chunks. They're sort of pink. Does that answer your question, Jay?

It is that tossed rib that doesn't get counted that is going to do her in, isn't it? A few more ribs, just a few more, to make up for it. Shifty-eyed Pippa casts a glance along to the other contestants. Oh look, the kid on the end is picking up steam. And yes, another rib will be flung down-table, complete with Pippa slobber and gristle and other such mentionables. "I'm going to explode."

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Lendai clamps a hand over her face the moment any chunks are spewed. "Oh, /ewwwww/!" The goldrider keeps her hand secured over her eyes, also going so far as to just turn around completely. "That's just plain awful." Pause. "Shardit!" Both hands going into the air now. "I'm out a bloody quarter mark now."

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Ian splashes into the waves of the cove.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Lzi snorts in an amused way as Rhaeyn tosses her cookies. "I'd still lick her clean," she murmurs to the person standing beside her, a clear smirk on her face as she turns to look back at Rhaeyn. But her gaze doesn't linger on her for long before the greenrider is looking to see how everyone else is doing. The consesus? Not good.

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Bajiren is the winner! The crowd goes wild - Yaaaaaaay! "And the kid wins!" the announcer -uh- announces. That's his job, isn't it? That's what Nemykai ringed him in to do. That strange someone in the back: "HAH - look at Rhaeyn! Pay up, goldrider!" Apprentice move to clear the platters, steering clear of Rhaeyn's mess and Pippa's possibly-impending mess. "Thank you all for participating. Kid, you can pick up your firelizard egg from that old guy over there." A finger points at Nemykai. "Everyone else, fill up your glasses, enjoy your evening, and most of all enjoy the rest of the Inter-Weyr Games!"

From outside Eating Contest Booth: Coora comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Jacob watches Rhaeyn a few moments longer and then there is /puke/ on his boots. Not that he's worried about ruining his boots, but suddenly he becomes very full and gassy and he is starting to look pale. "Oh shards." He manages to mumble, but Jacob is much more graceful with his regurgitation than the Weyrwoman, he found a bucket and turns away from the crowd to release all of that barbeque, smokey goodness. "Ugh. I hate you Rhaeyn." Because it is /all/ her fault in the end.

Despite the fact that he's reaching to loosen his belt, Bajiren isn't so ready to admit to his own limits as to grab a bone, and dip it in the sauce remaining on the platter as the plate is being cleared. The boy licks the sauce off, sticks the bone in his pocket (or is he just happy to- nevermind), and takes his good, sweet time in getting up. Rhaeyn's pukage is given a wrinkled nose once he's on his feet, and he takes a moment or two to get his bearings before heading toward that old man as indicated. Not without tapping the orange and black bandanna on his head, though. And… giving another belt. Nice.

Pippa's attempt at a foodfight falls rather flat as Rhaeyn hoops it up with some upchucking of her own. That's a half-digested foodfight of a different sort altogether. Just the sound is enough though to make the young woman hitch a bit, turn a fascinating shade of green to rival that of the foliage and threaten to present what she just devoured herself. A hand comes to her lips, a hand to the edge of the stable as she steadies her innards. "I ain't eating for a seven-day."

Rhaeyn sort of half-leans against Jay a moment, until he pukes in a bucket. Then she's looking nauseated again. "Freaking Th'ong. I'm never letting him talk me into doing things I don't want to do /ever/, /ever/ again." That done, Rhaeyn wipes her face, grabs the nearest glass of water to rinse her mouth out and spit, and — with a completely nonplussed regard for the word, walks away from the table like she doesn't have a care in the world. Hey, at least she's not stuffed to the brim and miserable like /some/ people she could mention.

You leave Eating Contest Booth.

Southern Weyr Beach
This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.
It is a winter late night.
Out in the cove waters, you see one person.
Curled up in the sand are three firelizards.
Gold Aevryscienth, green Izlasth, and gold Talicanitath are here.
You see Eating Contest Booth, Rib Eating Sign-Up Sheet, Ista Weyr Preparation Tent (iwpt), High Reaches Weyr Preparation Tent (hwpt), and Order of Events! here.
Nemykai, Lzi, Akadriel, Lendai, and Coora are here.
Obvious exits:
Cove Stairs

Bajiren has arrived.

Pippa has arrived.

Jacob has arrived.

"Oh," Rhaeyn also raises her voice to address the bookies, "/That/ counts as a High Reaches win. We feed him." She archly /Looks/ at Baji, and the Istan bandana, before moving off into the crowd, presumably to kill and pillage Lendai.

Ysanne comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Lendai snarls as she digs though her belt pouch, drawing out the required amount and handing it over to that strange someone. "I suspect I shall be poor by the end of these blasted games. Might need to borrow some marks from mom." The words are grumbled out as she kicks at the ground in all her pouting glory. "Rhaeyn!" The Weyrwoman gets a jaunty wave followed by a disgruntled frown. "You owe me a quarter mark, Weyrwoman! Or something of equal value. I like shiny things."

Bajiren stares right on back at Rhaeyn, tapping his Istan bandanna once more, and giving another 'urp' as he takes a step. "Yeah, but Ista's th'one taught me howta eat." Though it's not said with total confidence. Maybe because his stomach is about to explode.

Since Lzi knows that she doesn't have a snowball's chance in Ista at getting close to Rhaeyn, let alone licking anything off of her, she meanders off to where ever the drinks are being kept at. Yup, she needs herself one of them, and a strong one to boot.

Jacob stumbles up into a stand and proceeds to pace toward the beach, "I think I need to swim." Is all the cook says as he strips down a little and stumbles toward the water, not looking too good. It might be in everyone else's interest to not swim anywhere near him. Eeew.

"Fine, then, Bajiren, then get a ride home to /Ista/ on your way back," Rhaeyn replies sharply, tossing a look over her shoulder for Baji's retort. "Since you seem to want to be there so very badly." Really, bad idea to mess with a weyrwoman who's just embarassed herself in front of dozens by puking on someone's shoes. Let's think about this. Rhae may or may not pinch Lendai's nearest boob in reply to her hissy-fit. Shh. It's a secret.

Dragging the back of her hand over a cheek, Pippa can't help but giggle at the thick smear of sauce staining it now. "Ohhhh." Giggling when one's stomach is that full to near overflowing isn't a suggested movement at all, so that very same finger-sticky and stained hand presses to her offending tummy, transferring another stain there next. Belatedly, one of the polka-dotted bandanas are drug from a pocket, flashing orange and black and now rib sauce. She flashes a wink over towards Bajiren, noticed or not, at his affiliation before the young woman rather liberally uses the contest table to sit her butt upon.

Shards upon whomever decided they needed to be sick today, because it meant Ysanne needed to take their morning shift. Quite bothersome, since she'd planned to be at the games early. Now she's probably missed everything, including anything which Y'an and Aojadinth took part. AND the rib-eating contest! She entered that, but apparently missed it completely. Grumbling, she heads over to the booth, just to find out, "Who won?"

Nemykai makes a quick dash behind the booth backdrop before returning with a really unremarkable firelizard egg and offering it to Bajiren. "Congratulations, kid. You… aren't going to hurl too, are you?" A cautious step away from the kid is called for, leading him to spot Jacob. "Hey! No swimming after you've just eaten, Baker! Didn't you mother teach you that?"

Bajiren's mouth twitches toward something of a scowl at Rhaeyn, but rather than attempt a comeback, he just looks over to Neymykai, and accepts that egg in one hand, cradling it in his arm. "No." A hard swallow. "Nah, I'm good. Ain't gonna puke or anythin'." Okay, maybe he can spare the 'Reachian Weyrwoman one more glance. "Not like /some/ people." Gaze then hardens, and the boy nods. "An' y'can' mark that for Ista, too, if it counts at all. Even just for braggin'."

<High Reaches Weyr> Aevryscienth senses that she is only vaguely annoyed, but relays the 'order' without too much fuss. « Anyone caught giving— Bajiren— » a flashed, murky image of the boy in question, «— a ride home will be grounded indefinitely. » Her tone is imperious as always, dark and fiery and annoyed to boot.

"My ma taught me to be wary of greenriders, thats about it." Jacob chuckles as he waves to the Healer before continuing to wade in the water, he's actually just trying to wash off the Weyrwoman-puke and barbeque sauce off of his body. No swimming is going to occur.

Szarabhayanath jumps off the cliff from above, and floats down to the beach on outstretched wings.

Il'ad slides from Szarabhayanath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Rhaeyn bitchfaces briefly, but a flickered glance to Aevryscienth has her smiling quite contentedly. Lendai-boob-pinchage completed, she meanders over to the drinks table, not really caring about the looks she's currently receiving. What? She didn't barf on her favorite Baker's shoes. Totally a bad rumor.

Rushing up to the healer sponsored contest, Ysanne looks suitably contrite. "Sir, I'm sorry I'm late," she tells Nemykai in a soft voice. "I meant to be here so I could participate—-or, barring that, at least help." She looks suitably contrite. "But one of the other healers got sick, so I had to take their shift. Is there anything I can do, sir?" she asks, looking around. The smell of barbeque sauce permeates the air, and her stomach grumbles. Didn't take time to eat much over the past few days. Sadly, her preparation went for naught.

That squeal? That squeal is totally Lendai. It's loud and it's piercing and it's coming straight from the goldrider. "/Rhaeyn/!" is hissed out as both hands slap the offending body part. "That /hurt/! Make that a half mark, you sadist!" Though it's truly said with all the love in the world. Following after the older goldrider, Lendai lapses into silence. For now.

Bajiren, for his part, wears the look of one only just starting to realise what his actions might have cost him. There's a little growl, a mumbled, "Thanks for th'egg, anyway," to Nemykai, and then it's a beeline toward Pippa and the table she's sat on. "You seen my mom?" And the blush to accompany that is a rather thorough one.

Nemykai reaches out to offer Bajiren a sound pat on the shoulder, maybe not a wise move after the boy's just downed a dragon's helping of juicy, delicious ribs. There's a bright grin displayed, amusement etched across his face. "That'a boy! Done Ista proud. I think there'll be two bragging rights in store for Ista here: one being your win, the other being that Pippa lasted longer than Rhaeyn before puking." He shakes his head and gives a subtle shrug. "I warned her not to shimmy…" Jacob gets a bit of a grin at his remark but the Healer keeps his opinions to himself on the topic of greenriders, turning instead to the approaching Ysanne. "Hmm? Oh, don't worry about it. I figured as much happened. If you really feel like helping, there's a whole lot of vomit over there to clean up?" Because that's what everyone loves to do! Clean puke!

Il'ad escorts a few weyrlings from High Reaches, if a bit belatedly for everything. They're giving specific instructions after a clean dismount by each and allowed to head in whichever direction they desire. Il'ad, in the meantime, shoves his hands into his pockets and starts scanning the crowd for wingmates because well, they're his posse.

Szarabhayanath settles into a lazy, bored cat-dragon-nap. Yawn.

"I'll make it up to you," Rhaeyn mercilessly replies to Lendai. A flickering gaze over the other goldrider's figure. "Mmm. Later." Post-Jesha Rhaeyn is both more intense and more laid back all at the same time. Howya like /them/ apples? She ignores everyone and states to the bartender on duty, "Straight whiskey." A pause. "And something fruity and froo-froo for my girl, here." Talking about Lendai, apparently.

Jacob goes home.

With drink in hand, Lzi leaves just in time for Rhaeyn to arrive, barely brushing past her as the greenrider moves away from the drink table. Then, she starts to look for someone to socialize with. Someone, anyone really. Or perhaps she'll just stand there and drink alone. She's cool like that.

Tyroth glides in for a landing.

T'ab slips down Tyroth's gold-schlager neck and lands neatly to the ground.

Pippa is left to her own devices now come the final of the contest. Liberal use of the bandana leaves her face somewhat clean, but there is that tell-tale darkening about the lips and the saucy-remnants bespeckling her chest. Ready to tuck that bandana back away, she blinks over towards Bajiren with lifted dark eyebrows and a shake of her head that brings loose that knot of hair, "Not lately, no. Not today. Congratulations, kid." And she heard that from Nemykai, "I ain't going to puke." Protest. Half-hearted, but voiced.

"I've been trying to get you in bed for months, Rhae," Lendai comments, coming up behind her. "I think I'll be telling /you/ no this time." Though the Weyrwoman does get a fluttering of the eyelashes. "No alcohol in that, please!" She waves her hand at the bartender, hoping to be heard. "Stopped drinking." She comments, offhandedly.

Rhaeyn pauses. Stops. Turns around. Stares. "You?" Her tone is disproportionately loud, and incredulous to boot. "/Stopped drinking/?" Like this is going to cause Pern to spinning the opposite direction. Even overrides Lzi brushing by and Lendai telling her no-in-advance (which would really just suit her recent strike-out record).

Bajiren offers a half-smile that doesn't look particularly heart-felt. It's followed up by another burp. Ah well. "Y'think Rhaeyn was serious 'bout me not gettin' a ride back to 'Reaches? Just 'cause Gil's there, an' I gotta feed him supper still an' take him for a run, an' I got drills in th'mornin'…" And then a rather obvious, pleading look is pinned on Pippa.

Tyroth makes a show of his entrance, his glittering bronze body sliding right above the water, feet dragging through the waves until they come to a light landing, little sand sprayed and T'ab dismounts just as easily. The leathered up bronzerider, T'ab, just grins as he paces to the crowd, "Anyone puke?" He asks in general, although a smirk is offered to Pippa. She seems to attract his attention first, "Hey Miss Pippa!" And there is a light step, only a slight swagger in his hips toward the Istan.

"Yep." Lendai nods. "Haven't had a drop for… three months? Four months now? Somewhere around there." Her fingers flick into the air, waving about in a dismissive gesture. "Had the thought perhaps I drank too much." Oh, such a cheeky grin the goldrider gives! Lzi did also get a quick notice as she moved past, the greenrider getting a once over. One of those 'I think I know her!' moments. "That sorta looked like Linny… but older."

Finding there's nothing to do at the now emptying booth, Ysanne decides to wander away. Spotting some familiar faces, she heads over to a knot of people she knows, and they all decide to find some food. Despite her lateness, she'll still find some way to have fun. She'll probably find Y'an, at some point, and that will make everything better.

Ysanne goes home.

"I'd take you and keep you, boy. Don't know about heading over to Reaches though. Bit out of my way." Pippa's lips draw into a vaguely amused line, the staining of sauce giving them a darkened drama. "I wouldn't worry too much about that shit." Seagreen eyes lift though at T'ab's familiar voice, brining on a softening of her smile and a twidle-fingered wave (yes, still stained with rib sauce). "Evenin'."

Mm, no wingmates. Wallflowering it out by the bar to keep a keen eye on the weyrlings it is, then! At least for Il'ad. One drink in hand, he sidles his way into a crowd of people, tossing a greeting here and there to probably complete strangers since there's no actual interest in any of them.

"Shut up," Rhaeyn mutters at that last. "That's Lzi, you moron." Sotto-voice. "Come on. Let's get out of here." She shoots back her whiskey, pays the bartender, then with an imperious gesture, cuts through the crowds to head towards her massive, sunlight-on-snow lifemate, lounging in the shallows. "I'm tired of this." Time to go home and play solitare on her bed again, since nothing better to do will present itself, what with Lendai saying 'no'. FML.

"Still gotta feed m'dog," is Bajiren's response with a bit of a frown. "I'll see you in a bit, 'kay?" And Pippa's given a salute, and then it's off at a trot to someone else he knows: Il'ad. "Hey, can I getta ride back with /you/ tonight? I don't mind stayin' a bit, just I gotta feed Gil, y'know?"

Aevryscienth thinks to you, « I bespoke Szarabhayanath with: Aevryscienth thinks « Grounded. Indefinitely. I'd advise him to say 'no'. » »

Nemykai frowns as no one else seems prepared to take up cleaning duty. Think he's going to stick around and do it? Hah. Fat chance. "Better see that no one's managed to break themselves up the first day." Mhm, yes, right. He saunters away from the crowd in the pointedly opposite direction of the infirmary tent.

Aevryscienth senses Szarabhayanath's voice is lazy, colored mostly in shadows and darkness with little light playing around her words, like sparks in the darkness. « So relayed. »

"Uh—I uh, I can't. I um, you know, gotta stay here. For these guys." Or Il'ad doesn't want to admit a direct order from the Weyrwoman's lifemate. Homey don't play that game. "I could maybe have Szara call Lanti's though. Maybe she wouldn't mind." Because she's not from High Reaches.

Nemykai goes home.

T'ab grins toward Pippa and just nods his head, "How'd ya do with the rib-eatin'? Sad I couldn't join ya, had some finishin' touches to prepare for the surfin' contest tomorrow. Are ya gonna be enterin'?" The bronzerider pauses as he looks at Pippa carefully, maybe checking her out but he just clears his throat and nods slowly, hands folding over themselves.

"Oh! It is? She's looking good. I should visit Ista more often, it's been at least a turn, hasn't it?" While Lendai often visits Ista Hold, the Weyr seems to get forgotten. "We just going to head back home?" Is that a disappointed note in her voice? Perhaps. Either way, the junior listens and follows. "I should get some sleep anyway. This will be… a long few sevendays with the games, anyway." Her own gold dragon waits, near enough to Aevryscienth. Sparkle, sparkle. Gold on gold, baby. Lendai makes her way towards her.

"Screw it," Bajiren' replies, scowling, face pale. "Gotta be some Istan here who'll drop me off. Lanti's stayin' grounded 'cause of Des anyway, 'lest, s'what she said a month or so ago." Another half-hearted smile, this time to Il'ad. "See y'later." And then it's off along the sidelines- 'til he sees Lendai going for Talicanitath. And he clears his throat. "Lendai, y'won't take me back, will ya? M'canine's gonna be hungry… An' Rhayen was pro'ly kiddin' when she told me I couldn't go with a 'Reaches rider…" Big puppy dog eyes.

Pippa chuckles after Bajiren as he heads off towards another Reachian. Her smile shifts back around and towards T'ab though as the youngster moves off, only moderately chagrined that at the end of the contest there she did sort of fling a rib down-table in his direction. Ah well. "Fuck, is that tomorrow?" A rueful glance is cast downwards to her stomach, somewhat distended. "Yeah, I will be. Just need to work this off. I've had worse down my throat, but too much nearly makes you gag."

Rhaeyn scales up Rys's straps. She calls down, "You can stay, Lendai. Don't let me get in the way of your fun." A benediction? Close enough. Oh. And then there's, "Don't fuck with a weyrwoman and a weyrwoman won't fuck with you, kid," she calls to Bajiren, with a decisive hard glint to her eyes. Not giving up on that, apparently. Though she sweetly calls down, "I'll see that your canine's fed and shipped to Ista!" With a smirk, Rhae pauses only long enough to shrug into her betweening coat and pull on her boots before Rys is taking off, causing a mini-tsunami in all directions. Enter in style, leave everyone else soaking wet. Like rider, like dragon.

Aevryscienth thinks to you, « I bespoke Talicanitath with: Aevryscienth imbues the word with subtle strength. « No. » »

Aevryscienth> "No, no. I'll be right behind you, Rhae! I need to speak to you privately, anyway." Lendai waves to Weyrwoman and moves to Talicanitath and then stops. Cause there's Bajiren and then there is Rhaeyn speaking. Wincing, the junior weyrwoman shrugs her shoulders. "Sorry, kid. I can't. Rhaeyn has enough of a reason to ship me off to another Weyr or just straight back to Ista. Sorry." She shrugs her shoulders, jutting her lower lip out and pouting just a little. "Shards. And now Aevryscienth is telling Tali much the same. Good luck getting back home, Bajiren." And so Lendai mounts up on her gold dragon, alone, and the two take off.

Aevryscienth> Grasping upon the stylish straps, Lendai climbs across bright hues of gold to settle betwixt the safety of Talicanitath's neckridges.

Aevryscienth> And so, the kid with the firelizard egg and the belly full of ribs mutters something that rhymes with 'duck', and heads back into the crowd. Surely there's some Istan - or Bendan - or Telgari - or Igenite - rider who can take him home, right? Right. Surely.

Aevryscienth> "'cause of Des? Suppose that means a visit is in order. I'm kind of out of the loop." Yeah, Il'ad's a bad brother. Since Baji wanders off, Il'ad goes back to socializing with his imaginary friends—or you know, spying on his minions. Doot doot.

Aevryscienth> Coora goes home.

Aevryscienth> Talicanitath goes home.

Aevryscienth> Bajiren goes home.

Aevryscienth> T'ab laughs toward Pippa, "I'm sure ye'll be just fine there Miss Pippa, lookin' just as lovely as usual. 'though I'm mighty intimidated if you're goin' up 'gainst me." He winks a little bit and then looks around the surroundings, "Looks like everythin' is calmin' down, just when I get here huh? You need somethin' ta drink Miss Pippa?"

Aevryscienth senses Talicanitath is calm and cool as she shimmers in, « You can be assured, the child remains at Southern. I should wonder if a rider from a competing Weyr will take him back. He is, after all, the Weyrleader of Ista's offspring. »

Aevryscienth> Having made the social circle, or you know, not, Lzi finishes off her drink and then opts to head back home to Ista.

Aevryscienth> Lzi clambers up Izlasth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Aevryscienth> Izlasth takes off, scattering sand about with her wings.

Aevryscienth thinks to you, « I bespoke Talicanitath with: Aevryscienth is soot and ashes and dire brimstone, her mindscape laying as heavy and odious as sulphur. « They can have him, » she states, her tone disdainful. « He's nothing but a halfwit that knows nothing except talking back and defying authority. » »

Aevryscienth> "Honestly, I don't give a fuck who wins. Just as long as it is Ista." Pippa's hand dips down, fingers tickling at the edges of her bandana to show it off just a tad, making the colors evident. "But, aye, I'll happily compete against you." With that said, and with a groan that would do an old uncle proud, the young woman slides from the table, having somehow stained the cloth of her skirt (yes right on her arse). "I wish I'd have room for it. What I'm going to do though, is go find Jeyth, use her maliciously, and take a nap while digesting this. Thank you though, T'ab." She offers him a soft smile, dips her head slightly so that dark hair overshadows eyes and waddles off down-beach.

Aevryscienth> Il'ad doesn't even get a 'hi' into Lzi before she takes off. But hey, whatever. Another potential social partner gone, Il'ad scuffs his foot against the ground, looking a bit antsy to leave already. Damn weyrlings. Suppose drinking's the next best thing. Sip sip sip.

Aevryscienth> Moria comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Aevryscienth senses Talicanitath sends tendrils of the finest silken gowns, weaving and threading about. « It seems those types are becoming readily abundant in the Weyrs these days. Should one more youth speak inappropriately to me or mine, they shall find themselves bloody and gorged beneath my well manicured talons! » Those cheerful words being said, the Istan gold fads back into silence.

Aevryscienth> T'ab waves off Pippa and he nods, "Bright and early tomorrow, better see ya trainin' cause I certainly will be." The bronzerider watches her walk away, a little squirm of his lips and then he shrugs. Pacing toward the bar he grins and nods his head toward the greenrider, "G'd'eve Mister Il'ad. Nice ta see ya here." A spare drink is ordered and he just leans against the table/bar while waiting.

Aevryscienth thinks to you, « I bespoke Talicanitath with: Aevryscienth flashes something so rare it may be more valuable than platinum: amusement, non-derogatory, and approval. It doesn't need words, just the added image of ice-tipped talons digging furrows into a mangled body. »

Aevryscienth> Pippa heard that. Bright and early her ass. The backwards wave she casts back to T'ab on her way out might for a moment have had a solitary middle finger too it, but look, they are all there now as she waves and toddles off.

Aevryscienth> Moria goes home.

Aevryscienth> Pippa goes home.

Aevryscienth> "Oh, hey." T'ab has no name. Why? Because Il'ad's not good at remembering them, though it's not to say he doesn't recognize the younger man. And Istan. Damn Istans. "What's happening?" At least T'ab receives Il'ad's divided attention—it's something, at least. The rest of his gaze flickers towards a couple of the weyrlings probably doing something they shouldn't be.

Aevryscienth> T'ab is a damn Istan, a damn /good/ Istan. The bronzerider offers a smirk as he takes up the glass of some sort of fruity drink, probably with plenty of alcohol in it. "Nothin' 'sides apparently Ista kicked your 'Reachian ass. But sadly I wasn't here ta watch it." A pause as he takes a sip, eyes examining the man carefully, "Guess we'll just have to repeat it tomorrow at the Surfing competition." Yep, talking smack. Although T'ab notices the distracted gaze as he also looks to the weyrlings, head tilting to check out a few.

Aevryscienth> "Nor was I," Il'ad states without any remorse. "Though I h—wait, who *did* win? I heard word that Bajiren did. Ain't. Wait. He's one of ours." Thus the vast amount of confusion. "I'm confused." See? "I think some of these games are unfair. How 'bout a trekkin' through the mountains in a blizzard competition?"

Aevryscienth> T'ab shifts his gaze back to Il'ad, "Aye, ye got him now. But that kids born 'n raised Istan." A grin on his face as he shrugs his shoulders, "Unfair? Anyone has the chance ta go surfin', all ya gotta do is travel to a coast. And if there is an event hikin' through the snow, I'll certainly let you win /that/ one." Another drink and he turns a little to better see the greenrider, oh la la.

Aevryscienth> "Alright well, whatever." This is the face of someone who could care less. At least there's plenty of disinterest on the greenrider's face. "Just as anyone can between their way to a snowcapped mountain. My guards" Okay well, Eric's now, "have to do it for promotion." Except in Summer because there generally aren't any.

Aevryscienth> T'ab raises his head a moment to Il'ad, "Ah, I've heard 'bout that little thing ya'll do. Miserable." And then he shrugs toward the greenrider and finishes off his drink, "Guess you'd win the /one/ event while Ista'll take the rest. I could deal with that." This is T'ab being sarcastic and almost rude, yep, welcome to sexually deprived T'ab.

Aevryscienth> "It's a shame I'm not competing," Il'ad replies. "I'd pro'lly give the Weyr an unfair advantage." This would be the greenrider getting cocky and egotistical, but the best of men usually do.

Aevryscienth> "Yeah, of course, you'd just blow us /all/ away with your spectacular abilities." T'ab chuckles to himself as he slides the drink over to the bartender for a refill and his eyes glance over Il'ad, "You definitely look like you could be a bit of competition for myself, bein' a guard or whatever. But shame ye ain't competin'."

Aevryscienth> "I've got more important things to do, like babysit weyrlings." It may be sarcasm, it may not be. "I've pro'lly been a guard longer than you've even been alive." Maybe not quite as long, and so what if Il'ad's on sabbatical right now.

Aevryscienth> T'ab snorts as he retrieves his next glass of drink, "Ahhh, babysittin' the lil' ones, certainly a logical excuse Mister Il'ad." He just gives a bright smile to the greenrider and nods, "Aye, 'longer than I've been alive', you are certainly agin'… soon ya won't be able to do much at'all."

Aevryscienth> Szarabhayanath raises her head, hissssssssssing.

Aevryscienth> "I know you didn't just call me old." Talk to the hand, sister! Except Il'ad totally tucks his under his arms (wasn't he holding a drink?) in that defensive manner.

Aevryscienth> T'ab shrugs his shoulders, "I just stated what you insinuated with yer comments Mister Il'ad." The drink in his hands, which doesn't tuck under his arm, is merely sipped at playfully, "Don't mean no offense there bud, just call it 'experience'."

Aevryscienth> "If you want experience, talk to Lzi. She's done both Weyrs and then some." Not exactly what they were talking about, but that's okay. There's at least a wicked grin to follow as Il'ad's hands slide down to slip into his pockets. "Though I'm sure you know that."

Aevryscienth> T'ab turns a frown to the mention of the other Istan, "Ah, I've slept with Miss Lzi… many times. 'though not exactly what I mean, I'm sure you can spout all sorts of old uncle knowledge like 'Don't swim after eatin', ye'll get a cramp'." Now he's just being plain rude, so the bronzerider takes another sip of his drink before he shakes his head, "And it ain't nice to talk 'bout Miss Lzi like that, 'specially when she's not around."

Aevryscienth> "I've assumed as much. And trust me, it ain't nothing she doesn't already know. If she's bitter towards me, it's her own damn fault for chasing me for all these turns when she knew it wouldn't get no where." Isn't that a double negative? "I mean, who seriously dumps a really hot weyrmate to pursue /two/ people who she stomped on earlier to BE with him?"

Aevryscienth> If it were possible to do that cartoon gaping mouth trick, T'ab would totally pull it off. "Wha? She had feelin's for /you/ too? Thats what messed up the little thing we had goin'." And what caused T'ab to swear off sex for a while.

Aevryscienth> "She's my ex-girlfriend," Il'ad makes known. "We were together when I was shardssixteen, maybe? Had a kid with her. And then she dumped mewell, before then. And ever since then, she's been after my tail telling me that she regrets ever dumping me, is still in love with me, etcetera. Meanwhile, she was fuckin' Rhaeyn and telling her the same shit, though my history with her is much more thorough than anything she ever had with Rhaeyn. But anyway, I refuse to have a relationship with her and so has Rhaeyn which has just burst her little bubble."

Aevryscienth> T'ab gives a loud 'aaaahing' noise to Il'ad and his comments, "Well, I mean she didn't say she was in love with me or nothin', just say she was startin' ta have feelin's. Which does me no good cause I don't do that relationship shit." And he'll fail to mention the troubles it caused on his lovemaking skills. "I just was sleepin' 'round with her and a couple other people, I'm kinda a whore." Yep, he makes it well known these days.

Aevryscienth> "Well shit," is all Il'ad has to say about that. "I'm telling you man, you're just the rebound boy—the only lay she's pro'lly getting. Next thing you know, you'll be saddled with a kid of hers. She ain't the best mom by any means, but for some reason, I let her foster my youngest son."

Aevryscienth> T'ab shakes his head, "If I'm the only lay, she ain't gettin' any anytime soon. I've sworn off sex for a while cause'a her. Messed with my mojo real bad." Yes, mojo just became a suitable Pernese term. "Ah, so far she ain't got a kid of mine. I already got one and I'd like to keep it that way for a bit. But we're still friends." Correction: He's still friends with /her/. The reverse may not be true.

Aevryscienth> "Good. I mean, bad for you, but it's good for her." Or something like that. "Maybe when she realizes that the entire planet's cut her off, then she'll realize what she's actually lost in her life." And that's what Il'ad has to say about that.

Aevryscienth> "Well, it seems awfully /mean/ to be makin' her learn a lesson just by cuttin' her off sex. I'm doin' it for my own reasons." T'ab finishes the rest of his drink, but decides another is probably not a good idea, especially given the feelings his lifemate is currently pushing onto him. Folding his arms one over another he shakes his head with a sigh, "Never had this problem sleepin' with men. Girls always worryin' 'bout feelin's and shit."

Aevryscienth> "Then you kill two avians with one stone, intentional or not," Il'ad says, reaching a hand over to clap it against the bronzerider's shoulder. "Why do you think *I* swore off women? I'm sick of the maintenance involved. They're all the same."

Aevryscienth> T'ab coughs a little, he is a short man and Il'ad is apparently guard traiend so that clap takes a moment to recover from, "Aye. If it weren't for the sex bein' great I'd just stick to men. 'course I never made the stipulation for men so I guess I'm off all genders right now. Just too bad." A glance offered to Il'ad, right now he's regretting that promise to himself.

Aevryscienth> "Yep, too bad," Il'ad smirks, offering a helpless shrug as he starts turning towards his lifemate, giving her some kind of signal to get ready to leave since the weyrlings are starting to gather up again. "'course, I wouldn't have slept with you anyway." His reason? None given.

Aevryscienth> T'ab laughs a bit toward Il'ad as he also awakens his drunkenly snoring lifemate, "Well, just as well, wouldn't want you to break a hip /old/ man." Yeah, he'll get one last shot in before he sighs deeply, possibly watching Il'ad a little more.

Aevryscienth> "Nice one, but no. I hold grudges as much as my own lifemate does." That's the entire clue that Il'ad gives the other man though, but not without a crooked grin. "Such a shame, that."

Aevryscienth> T'ab gives an easy salute to Il'ad, "Clear Skies Mister Il'ad." Maybe he'll remember T'ab's name, but most likely not. The bronzerider just shuffles his own feet to the bronze who is snorting in the general direction of Szara. "Cool it Tyroth." Is mumbled loudly before he reaches his 'mate.

Aevryscienth> Il'ad offers a sideways peace sign in return for the salute as he turns to mount up onto his lifemate, calling out instruction to the weyrlings, less they die. At least that would give him less charges to look after. Tye probably wouldn't be too happy though.

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