Congratulations Alys on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We loved you as a candidate and could not let you go, not without your Rakshamanith! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, from her little orange feet to her red-rimmed eyes, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/, to change and play as you wish. Members of Team Raks have put many hours into the creation of your Hindu Goddess Green, and we are excited to see how you develop her personality in your own, unique way. — Sienna (Lead), K’rru, T’sei and Lida



Teardrop on the Fire Egg
A crystalline teardrop upon the fiery sands of Ista, this egg gleams with the pallor of a summer blue sky at the apex, deepening to cobalt down the sides and thence to winter's deepest night at the base. The unclouded surface seems to pick up the light, refracting it into a million tiny fires, Auroran veils draped about the flames like so many entranced dancers.

Egg Emits
There's a sense of hollowness - like the kind in your gut when the dragon you're riding leaps off a ledge without so much as a warning, and takes too long to catch herself - here, empty, then gone. In its place, pinpricks all throughout, little drops of heat that ebb and flow, warmer, more intense, then almost disappearing. (D'baji)

The connection is active, verbal, as engulfing as flame and as unstoppable as if being battled with a single drop of water. It feels nervous, breathy, like the pitter-patter of a heart before a high-dive into cold water. (Sadaiya)

A dull ache spreads up from the shell working its way slowly - not as a spreading, encompassing sensation, but a ball of not-quite-pain that moves forward, looking for a deeper place to settle. (D'baji)

This egg begins with a dull ache. An absence of…something. A loneliness that, despite the mellow, drifting colors that seem more calming than depressing, is slowly growing. Empty, small pinpricks tickle your senses with tiny bursts of pain. Imagined, of course, but still perceived. (Sienna)

Slowly, strange emotions begin to press in on the edges of your consciousness. Are you hungry? Are you suddenly homesick? Or is that the emotions of the egg mingling with yours? There is a dull ache coming from the egg, traveling up your arm and into your mind. An absence of…something, as if you held a stone in your hand for candlemarks and then dropped it. But instead of feeling light, this emptiness feels heavy. A loneliness that, despite the mellow, drifting colors that seem more calming than depressing, is slowly growing. Empty, small pinpricks tickle your senses with tiny bursts of pain. Imagined, of course, but still perceived. And then it vanishes, perhaps leaving you with your own empty feeling. (Sienna)

Yeah, you've got this down, right? This egg ain't nothing to you, you'll just give it a pat and then wander off and it'll never see you again, just like all the others. That's what you sense from this egg, though not in so many words: a deep, hollow loneliness that takes a good stab at turning your confidence into horrible crushing guilt. Beneath that, though, there's a curious, flickering beauty: a warmth that's not quite a glow, in colors you can't quite pin down, something complex and awe-inspiring that would be just *begging* for a closer look if the rest of this egg didn't make you feel so absolutely terrible. (Ei'es)

Hatching Message
Teardrop on the Fire Egg trembles and rolls a quarter turn to the right, and then goes eerily still. Shadows creep upward, encroaching upon sky’s brightness as dark cracks speed from base to apex, shading day to night. The fissures overtake the entirety of the egg until two pieces tumble to the sands, leaving a window into the egg’s inner world. Briefly a flash of green and red is visible before the egg shatters under its own weight, cascading noisily about the squat form of Rhythms of the Rainforest Green Dragonet as she crouches, blinking in confusion at the sudden influx of light into her once-black world.

Rhythms of the Rainforest Green Dragonet
Brightness exudes from this compact dragon’s body as if lit from within by a burning tropical sun. Her hide glistens and shimmers with a natural oil, clammy to the touch as colors ooze across her hide, slick with a silvery sheen. Clover and dale slide across her muzzle and down her short, slender throat to her narrow chest. Her eyeridges are prominent and rounded, protruding from high on her wide face and rimmed in a thin band of red that always leaves a few facets of her eyes the same hue. Damp, wickedly bright moss creeps over her shoulders and down her legs with fern-like tendrils, darkening into the jungle’s underbrush over slender limbs. Cobalt hues gather along her sides and down her legs like a narrow swath of sky viewed through the canopy, until the green and blue both give way to a vibrant splash of orange cutting across her little feet and over her long, slim toes. Tiny talons as sharp as needlethorn but as small as pins appear at the end of each toe, while the pads of her paws sport an intricate design of swirls and crosshatches. The jungle is gathered beneath her wings like a new world created between her spars, vines and leaves and life twining together as it all fights for a place in the sun. Cobalt returns along the insides of her strong, wide thighs and down the underside of her short tail, while her belly lightens to a pale kelly green.

Impression Message
Rhythms of the Rainforest Green Dragonet continues her hop-step, and while her awkwardness might make her look silly, there is nothing silly in the scrutiny she gives each Candidate she passes. Faranth help anyone who laughs at her. She stops suddenly, front paw waving in the air before it slowly settles in front of her. Slowly, her head turns to the left to stare down at a blonde Candidate. She first takes in the sight of her, and then those eyes flare with red embers as the dragonet looks deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

Personal Impression Message
The first thing you notice is the noise. Instead of the roar of the crowd, and idle chatter of candidates on the sand, you are hearing a cacophony of sound echoing from every direction. High-pitched chirps, lower caws, and a buzzing drone dominate this moment as it drowns out everything else. This buzz is accompanied by humid heat that seems to rise from the picture forming in your mind: two seedlings twisting and growing alongside another, becoming one tree. « Alys » a voice encompassing almost three different pitches resonates behind the noise, a brush against your mind as the foliage continues to blossom. « I am Rakshamanith, » she introduces herself, voice silencing for a brief moment /all/ sound. The respite is brief, and soon the chirping and humming returns, and that voice is all eerie tri-tones, « We begin. »


Name Inspiration
Alyssa! You came up with the name Rakshamanith, and we loved it and the story behind it. Rakshamanith’s name comes from the name Rakshamani, Sanskrit for “Jewel of Protection”.

Egg Inspiration
The tune to this song is very mellow, and very easy to groove to, though the lyrics are anything but. To me, it is a song about love unrequited, or a love gone wrong, and the subject is desperately trying to lie to herself. "Teardrop on the fire of a confession," she sings, "Most faithful mirror." (I desperately want to choreograph something to this, but am fairly certain I will never be good enough to do the choreography justice. ;) )

Hatching Message Inspiration
We couldn’t let your adorable piece of art pass us by, so we decided that your dragon would hatch just like you’d drawn - peeking out at the world before she finally emerges.

Description Inspiration
Rakshamanith’s description and physicalities are based on the adorable little red eyed tree frog, right down to those oh-so-cute orange feet. C’mon, look at them! So cuuuuute and sticky! She also carries elements of the rainforest across her hide in varying shades and textures of green. We tried to incorporate Kali Ma’s ‘creator of worlds’ aspect on the underside of Rakshamanith’s wings, as it seemed appropriate that the creator of worlds would have them beneath her as she flies. On the bottoms of her feet she has some faint and very intricate henna designs, much like these.

Personality Inspiration
Rakshamanith is based on the Hindu goddess Kali, as requested! Kali is an incredibly vast topic to research, and Sienna spent many, many hours sifting through all the information she could find on the web and at the library. One of the very first books she found was Mother of the Universe - Visions of the Goddess and Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment by Lex Hixon. In it are many hymns and poems dedicated to Kali and written by Ramprasad, who was a devout worshiper of Kali as well as a poet. The introduction is particularly fascinating, and we recommend it! Another book of note is Aghora - At the Left Hand of God by Robert E. Svoboda, and another is Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

This is just an awesome website:

Her flights are based on the Hindu calendar and their theory of world cycles. In the Hindu calendar, everything is a circle and will come around again. Her flight numbers come from the Sanskrit numbers for one, two, three and four. Their moods are based on the maha yugas, with some elements pulled from the Kama Sutra. Everything else comes from frogs gettin’ it on in trees.

We tried to incorporate many things into your dragon - the red eyed tree frog, the rainforest, the predator/prey relationships, Hinduism and Kali Ma mysticism in all its complicated glory. We hope we did a good job of it, and that you enjoy the paths that Rakshamanith opens up for you!


Rakshamanith’s mind is the rainforest in all its forms. From the towering canopy to the dark underbrush, her thoughts are these and everything in between. At her happiest moments her mindscape is the lush rainforest just after a rainstorm. Damp and fresh, with the scent of rain and growing things. That sweet, sweet scent of the world after the rain. Light filters down through the canopy in shades of pale green and gold, and droplets of water cling to palm fronds and ferns to create jeweled rainbows that gleam in the light. In contrast, her anger brings the full force of a rainforest thunderstorm upon her mind, with lightening striking down trees which crash to the floor with a thunderous cacophony of death and destruction. Her mind is a combination of water and animal sounds - the easy drip of rain off a leaf to a pool below combined with the low croaking of frogs. The rainforest is never silent and Alys might struggle with getting used to the constant noises within her head.

The rainforest during the day or at night is not dependent on her mood - at least not in a way that Alys will be able to figure out right away. Her thoughts are not always daytime while happy, and nighttime while sad. Sometimes she will show Alys the glory of a clear night with stars stretching out across the universe, and other times the day will bring with it a haunting, sinking sensation of death and destruction; of diseased carcasses rotting away in the underbrush while the living animals scavenge and struggle for life. Her mind does not glorify nature or the rainforest. It is not a place that is easy to live in, and Alys might struggle with this harsh reality. At the same time, Rakshamanith’s thoughts are able to, at times, find beauty even in the viciousness of nature, and can share this with her rider. The turn of a leaf, the sprouting of a new plant from beneath the rotting trunk of another - these are things that Rakshamanith knows and shares.

Her thoughts often circle around life and death, though not always in an obvious way. Sure, the imagery of the new plant pushing past the dead one, using the rotting trunk to fuel its own growth is easy to figure out, but other times the connections will be far more obscure and complex. What does the flight of an insect have to do with the stalking of a predator? Alys will have to go deeper into her dragon’s thoughts and find out, but being careful she does not lose herself to the illusion.

Rakshamanith is a dragon who will not shy away from conversation, and her voice has more of the rainforest within it. It is astoundingly complex, and if Alys were to sit down and list what she hears, she would most likely end up with a list of more than ten different things that come together to create her dragon’s unique voice. Like throat singing, Rakshamanith’s voice at times might sound like two or three individual voices twined together. Disconcerting perhaps, but also beautiful. The croaking and singing of frogs also rises and falls with each carefully pronounced syllable, soothing and musical, and the sounds of water whisper in the background. There is wind, there is the creak of tree limbs, and there is a soft, eternal rhythm to her speech. It is the heartbeat of the rainforest, like the echo of a tantric hymn.

She is not a dragon to rush through her words, and each one is chosen carefully. As a weyrling and into her adulthood she will love words and their power, and will constantly wish to expand her vocabulary by listening to others speak.


Rakshamanith is a small, compact dragon with a short neck and tail, long legs, and a wide, flattish muzzle which gives her a slightly awkward appearance. She is not sleek, or sexy, or even cute (except for those orange feet!) - she’s…awkward. When she moves it is with a slow, winding gait which sometimes has her belly sliding around the ground, while other times she will hold herself at an odd arch as if she doesn’t want any part of her body to contact the earth. The high placement of her eyes gives her some trouble seeing the ground, so at times she will paw at the air with a front leg while trying to find just the right footing. She will move slowly at first as she gets used to the complex motion of walking.

As she grows, movement will come more easily to her. She will move faster, though that awkward gait will never leave her. Her haunches are by far the most powerful part of her anatomy, and she will use them to propel herself forward, sometimes simply hopping like a rabbit instead of walking like dragons usually do.

In the skies though, that all changes. She flows through the air as if she were a goddess able to bend it to her will. From the moment she learns to fly she will have a different sort of grace to her. Something wild and something savage and almost frightening in the quickness that she can change direction. She can come from anywhere, and has a talent for dropping down out of the clouds or the sky onto unsuspecting prey - be it a herdbeast or a wingmate.

Her eyes are placed high on her head and almost bug out of her skull, slightly larger than her clutchmates’. Her coloration has them rimmed in red, but there are also facets of her ever swirling eyes that will never quite lose that reddish tinge. Even when she’s calm, a few flecks of red will always remain.

Her hide has a strange texture to it - it is more oily than other dragons’, and Alys will find that she not have to oil her as frequently as the other weyrlings do - bonus! But that comes with a downside, too, in that she is /always/ slimy. It might be just a little bit, but her hide is never dry and never pleasant to touch. It’s icky, oozing, slimy, sticky, and Alys won’t be able to get away from it. It’ll cover her backside after riding, it’ll seep into the straps, into the stone of Rakshamanith’s couch, and with it will come the scent of damp, rotting earth. The smell of growth but also the smell of death, like a well maintained compost heap. It is not a heavy stench - she does not smell like the dung you get on the bottom of your shoe - but it is the earthy, organic smell of the jungle underbrush. Turn over a rotting log and that’s what you’ll find.

It also doesn’t help that Rakshamanith likes being dirty. Sand, mud, dirt, stone, Alys’ green loves it all. She loves the feel of it against her hide, and the naturalness of it. She is not a female that is repelled by such things, like Alys is. They are a part of nature, after all, and what is wrong with what is natural? Because of all this, it’s easy to imagine that Alys is not particularly fond of her dragon’s physical attributes. The oil, the dirt, the grime…yuck!


“O essential mind,
your life is the life of the entire universe.
Awaken into perpetual contemplation.
Every dream veil will dissolve.” - Ramprasad

Deep in the rainforest there lies the primordial and eternal struggle - life and death, creation and destruction, loss and gain. A balance of nature and the universe, all turning in the Kalachakra; the Wheel of Time. Here your Rakshamanith resides. She is the embodiment of all things in the rainforest, not just the frog from which she gets her looks. She is the funnel-web spider and she is the tiger; she is prey and she is predator and she maintains the balance of all things. She is the teak tree and she is the moss, and her mind is something that can not be comprehended in one lifetime or a hundred. She is the struggle of life and death, and she creates and destroys without remorse. After all, where can life spring from, but from death? How does one appreciate what one has, if not for loss?

Everyone is afraid of Maya because her job is to entice, entrap, enthrall, to prevent people from escaping the cycle of birth and death. […] It is not as if She feels hatred or envy or any other selfish emotion for the beings She enslaves; how can She? She is just doing Her job. All these so-called swamis who say that Maya is evil are absolutely wrong. How can She be evil? She is the Mother of all worlds. - Robert E. Svoboda - Aghora: At the Left Hand of God

“Illusion works impenetrable,
Weaving webs innumerable,
Her gay pictures never fail,
Crowd each other, veil on veil,
Charmer who will be believed
By man who thirsts to be deceived.”
“Maya”, by Emerson

Rakshamanith is full of illusions and maya. Her thoughts shimmer with thick, cloying images that can grab onto the mind and not let go. They will lure people and dragons alike into her thoughts, tumbling deeper and deeper. Some will be swept up in them and enjoy them as play and imagination. Others, though, might dig deeper to try and find the truth, buried far below the surface of those illusions.

Maya - Cosmic illusion; literally, “the measurer.” Maya is the magical power in creation by which limitations and divisions are apparently present in the Immessurable and Inseparable. - Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramhansa Yogananda

If Alys is not careful, she could easily find herself pulled into Rakshamanith’s thoughts, drawn into the depths of the rainforest to find both the beauty and the danger that lurks there. A vision of a flower might give a powerful sting to any who are lured into Rakshamanith’s trap, while the meandering river can give solace to tattered emotions. She has no set purpose for drawing in her quarry - she is not a cruel dragon or one who seeks to control - she simply Is, and by her nature she will try to draw others into the maya of her thoughts. Or, perhaps they will draw themselves. As Emerson says, men who long to be deceived are easily charmed, and Rakshamanith is not a dragon who will force people to see what they do not want to see - even if it is the truth.

Looking into her mind is like looking at a cloud. Everyone sees something different. Some see a rabbit, others a dog, and others see a complex structure of water molecules. Some see the shaft of sunlight as a ray of light from God, and others simply see light. If someone wants to see something bad enough they will find it, and Rakshamanith is not a dragon to dissuade people from their illusions.

While Rakshamanith will let others see her maya however they will, she will not always let Alys do so. For her rider, Rakshamanith seeks enlightenment and knowledge, though not in a teacher/student dynamic. Interactions with her rider are often more predator/prey. Rakshamanith stalks Alys’ insecurities and weaknesses and prods at them like a Healer fishing out shrapnel from a wound.

But Rakshamanith does not do this with dark intentions nor cruelty in mind. Really it’s almost clinical at times, wanting to study and understand just -why- Alys is so. Why does she hurt deep within her heart when thinking of a lost love? To this dragon’s mind, she needs to ask questions, tease and pull at those threads of emotional hurt until it all comes unravelling from Alys’ mind, tumbling the most basic desires and anguish out before her, laid bare for Rakshamanith to see. « Ahh. Alys. That is Why. »

Perhaps that will be the last she ever mentions of that particular instance. Because she now understands, now truly Sees into Alys.

Of course what comes with Rakshamanith’s incessant plunder of Alys’ deepest and darkests comes Alys’ own self-awareness. Because it is only when Alys has to explain it to Rakshamanith, with all the minutiae and barebones that Alys will actually come into beautiful self-discovery about Who She Is. Rakshamanith will not simply destroy, however, because she knows that bringing all this forth into the light will help heal. She is a gentle touch when it comes to helping her rider piece it all back together again, with warmth, soul and integrity.

Alys is a complex creation, and it’s fortunate she has a lifetime to pull her asunder and gently put back together again, more whole than ever before.

[Kali] Ma taught me well. She let me know about some of my previous births, the ones that mattered most to my present existence. But she didn’t want me to learn everything at once. For a play to be well acted sometimes it is better that the actors have no idea of what they are doing. In this way they act out their parts with greater spontaneity and feeling. When you know who you are, it changes everything. - Robert E. Svoboda - Aghora: At the Left Hand of God

Her interactions with Alys and with others will always have that maya and rainforest tones to them, and if they’re not careful they could easily find themselves lost in the illusions of her thoughts. When they finally find their way free, they might come away with some new knowledge, or they might just feel like they need to go take a long bath to rid themselves of that sticky, sweaty feeling that clings to their minds like oil. Her stories are carefully woven like spinners’ webs, and leave the interpretation up to the listener. She simply tells the story - she does not explain the reason behind it, or the knowledge that might be gained. No, that is up to the listener to discover for themselves. Some of her stories will be clearer than others, but never will she come right out and say, « You should do this » or « Do not do that. » No, she will tell a story and leave the actions that result up to the listener. Sometimes the outcome will be beneficial to the listener, and other times it will be harmful. She does not care one way or the other. The story was told, and the reaction to it was not in her power.

If she is pushed or she is frustrated, she might be known to give a short story that seems to have a clear moral or direction the listener should take.

The jungle scents brush across your thoughts, oppressive humidity with the faint scent of rain and of a flower blooming. In the distance a wild creature snarls as it makes a successful kill, the echoes of its screaming prey falling back as Rakshamanith’s voice rises out of the constant jungle sounds. There is a hum, and the beginning of several notes playing in discord before her voice comes through, soft and rhythmic. « Once, Alys, there was a man who squandered his wealth on frivilous things like jewels and clothing. When winter came he had nothing but his shoes to eat, and when he died there were none left to mourn him. Another man saved his fortune and spent it helping those who had less than he. When he died, he was celebrated and revered. But, they both died in the end. » The cry of the prey animal rises to a high pitch, an echoing screech, and then it is gone in a gurgle of blood as the predator tears out its throat. You can’t see it, but you know beyond a doubt that that’s what just happened in the recesses of your dragon’s mind.

However, take heed, because the fast answer is not always the best answer, and someone who tries to take the shortest path to enlightenment will always find themselves in a bad place. There are no shortcuts to knowledge.

Why do you wander, 'O' mind, rest somewhere. The natural course of thing to happen cannot be altered. It is bound to happen. Therefore enjoy the pleasures, whose arrival and departure cannot be ascertained, without remembering the past and without expecting the future.

She has patience and she has nothing but time. She is a dragon who lives in the moment, but she is capable of that because she has a knowledge that stretches beyond time. This doesn’t mean that she remembers the First Pass or that she has super-dragon memory or intelligence. Her thoughts are not human thoughts, and she does not measure herself by such things. She does not understand time the way most people do. Time, to her, is a wheel. It constantly turns, but always circles back around again. In her own mysterious way, she has a cosmic perception and an enlightenment that she wishes to share with her lifemate.

Rakshamanith is a mysterious dragon with many layers to her. Many will simply see her as the rainforest, and she will not try to dissuade them of that notion. Not everyone is ready for enlightenment, after all. They will see her as a strange story-teller with her thoughts always in the depths of the jungle, but there is so much more to her than that. She is a study in contradictions and a celebrator of change. She creates and she destroys. At times she will be the destroyer, cutting a swath through her life with an effortless precision. Picking apart the weaknesses of those around her and leaving chaos and confusion in her wake. At other times she will be a mother, maternal and sweet, even though she still guides with a firm hand. Here is an example:

At times, her mind and her voice will shift from the wider patterns of the rainforest to something much more focused. From time to time a mood will strike her and she will slip into a near trance state, her mind repeating the same rhythm and sounds over and over again. Like an ancient and unknown language, her thoughts will flow around Alys in a familiar but foreign swirl. It is as if the whole of the cosmos is spinning around in her mind, and she must answer the calls of millions. These moods will end in two ways. Sometimes she will grow frustrated and her thoughts will explode with destruction and devastation, reeking of corpses as she licks up the mental blood of multitudes while outwardly she might choose to go hunting or to destroy a perfectly good tree or rock or (Faranth forbid!) something of Alys’. Other times the mood will fade into a near blissful euphoria, warm and comforting and maternal. She might seek out the children of the weyr during these times, calling them to her with soft, lilting calls. But Alys should never be lulled into a sense of security for too long; Rakshamanith’s switch from creator to destroyer often times comes without warning or any mental cues that Alys could recognize.

Along with her complex mindscape and personality, Rakshamanith is still a dragon, with dragon wants and dragon desires. She will delight in the ocean and water in all its forms. She is by nature a tropical dragon. Water soothes and calms her, and if she is forced to spend too much time in a dryer climate, well. There will be a very irate destroyer wandering around the desert. While she is not particularly bothered by Alys’ distaste for her hide, she does love bath time. She’s not the sort of dragon to frolic or cavort about with joy, but Alys will be able to sense a calm relaxation in her dragon’s thoughts whenever Rakshamanith is in the water.

Rakshamanith will do very well in her lessons - at least the ones where she is judged on her own. She will constantly rebel against Alys’ unmotivated nature, using her maya and predatory nature to both push and lure her rider into action.

« Lessons, » calls the AWLM’s dragon.
There is a moment of hesitation while Alys relaxes on her cot, comfortable and clean after finally removing the last bit of Rakshamanith’s ooze from her skin.
Into your mind comes the soft pad of a jungle cat’s paws on the branches. Inaudible to the ears, but able to be sensed. Those watching, peering eyes that raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The sense that something is coming, and you’re not sure what it might be. Those terrors of monsters in the closet when the lights went out at night - these emotions do not hit you at once, but they tickle the back of your thoughts. You can not ignore them, and focusing on them only makes them grow. Just as fear slips into your heart Rakshamanith’s tri-tone voice slides in like a fresh jungle breeze, intensifying the predator’s stare while soothing at the same time. Frog-like croaks precede her words when they slip from her mind to resonate in yours, « Alys. » That is all. A word. A name. But is is enough.

Theirs will be a complicated relationship, filled with predator/pray, mother/daughter, creator/destroyer, and more. Opposites sometimes, working in perfect harmony others. The balance of their duality will be ever shifting and changing, and impossible to pin down or describe or predict. It is too large for containment - a complex web of interactions. Tug on one part of the web and another will collapse, while adding weight to a portion will cause another part to grow stronger and flourish while the original part withers and dies. Trying to define Alys and Rakshamanith’s relationship is like trying to define the entire rainforest in a word - you can not. “[It is] like using a pencil to draw a picture of itself, on itself. Impossible. Confusing. Frustrating. But there are other ways to understanding!” - The Name of the Wind.


Her hunting style is unique and well suited to her physical attributes. With her long legs and awkward gait, she will find it much easier to hunt from the air, swooping down on her prey like the predator that she is. However…things go wrong from there. While her accuracy is fairly good and lightning fast, she has trouble killing her meals. Her tiny talons are more kitten than raptor; they can dig deep and grasp, but not rend and tear. She clings to her prey instead of ripping it to shreds, bearing it down to the ground with her weight. Because of this, she will often eat her prey whole and alive, her wide mouth gulping at the beast as is struggles to free itself. She might even suffer mouth injuries from a thrashing wherry or misplaced hoof while her body twists and her muzzle lifts upwards, trying to get her meal to simply slide down her throat. She might even choke a few times during her first hunts, until she gets used to pulling off parts of the creature to eat one at a time. When she figures that part out, she will relish in the quartering of her meals, ripping the limbs and the head from the torso, and eating them one at a time.


When Rakshamanith goes proddy it will be a subtle thing. She is not a green who gets flirty, or sexy, or pushes Alys to look her best, or asks for extra oilings. She will remain very much the same until she heads for the pens.

There are a few things that every flight will have in common. Rakshamanith will always want her flight to happen above the water. It doesn’t matter if she rises off the coast of Ista, or above a small Igen oasis - she will always seek to have water beneath her. If the body of water is small, she will fly up and utilize vertical space. If she has more space to work with, she will fill it with twists and turns, dips and dives, flying horizontal and vertical and all angles in between.

Her flights will always follow a strict cycle. They are so regular Alys could mark the calendar three turns in advance and be accurate down to the day. Once she has her first flight, Rakshamanith will have a flight every 120 days without fail. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the life of her rider or the whole of Pern, Rakshamanith will not miss a flight until she takes that last trip between or is injured. If she ever misses a flight for some reason, she will wait another 120 days before picking up right where she left off, as if that missed flight had actually occurred. Along with that, Rakshamanith has four different types of flight. It might take Alys a few turns to realize it, but Rakshamanith’s flights will always follow a cycle of four. When the fourth flight is done, she will return to one and begin again:

Ekah - Her first flight in the cycle will be longer than the others by far, the most drawn out and the most uncertain. For her maiden Alys might think that this uncertainty will not happen again, but every Ekah will have these qualities. Rakshamanith will begin by blooding at the pens, taking her time over her struggling beast as she carefully removes its limbs and head, sucking the blood from the extremities before she drinks from the torso. She will rise sluggishly from the ground, perhaps to lull the males into the belief that this flight will be short. Then again, she really doesn’t seem to know what she is doing. She is uncertain and tentative, and will rely heavily on Alys for her Ekah. She will fly far, slowly picking up speed until she is caught by the most cunning male, or the dragon that Alys guides her towards. She will be like a virtuous virgin, letting the male hold them aloft while they twine, her body limp against his. Afterwards she will willingly go with the winner to rest and snuggle, curled up with him until her senses return to her.

Dvau - Her second flight is shorter than the first, and it seems as if she has some more idea of what’s going on and what she wants to do about it. She will not linger over her kill as long, but she will still dismember it before drinking and then taking flight. She will pay more attention to her chasers during her Dvau flights, but she still doesn’t display a deep understanding of the male mentality. When the catch comes she might make some attempt to choose and to help, but for the most part the male drives this flight as well, and suggestions from Alys as to who should win are listened and sometimes heeded. She might or might not linger with the winner afterwards, depending on his temperment and her mood.

Tryah - Her third flight in the cycle is shorter still, and faster. She kills, but she does not take the time to dismember. Lingering briefly over the carcass she will drink from whatever blood wells up from her puncture wounds before abandoning the creature and taking to the skies. For her Tryah flights she ignores any guidance from Alys, recklessly flying through the skies and testing her chasers’ flying abilities and speed. She will twist, turn, and attempt to tie them into knots so tight they fall from the sky. She will not touch any of them, but her speed and skill will have the larger and more sluggish chasers dropping out from exhaustion or sheer befuddlement. She might stay for a while with the winner, though she will be more abrasive than usual, pushing him away if he seeks to come closer.

Catvarah - The fourth flight will be fast, short, and furious. She will blood her kill with a vicious pinch of talons to its jugular, gulp down the thick liquid, and explode into the sky like an eruption of something dark from the depths of the earth. She will still not lash out at her chasers with her talons or tail, but instead she will attempt to ensnare them with her maya. Pushing her illusions at them she will see which ones respond the most favorably, and the one who pleases her the greatest will win. She will decide the outcome of her Catvarah flights, and it doesn’t matter if the rider is someone Alys loathes above all others - Rakshamanith is completely self-absorbed in her Catvarah flights. She is a mature lover and she will drive the mating, her wings keeping herself aloft, thankyouverymuch. Afterwards she will not snuggle with the winner. Instead, she will call Alys away from whatever embrace she ended up in, and return to their weyr, smug and satisfied.

Dragon: Rakshamanith
Colour: Green
Name: Alyssa
Egg: Teardrop on the Fire Egg
Egg Desc: Jamilah, SearchCo-tweak
Dragonet Desc: Sienna, K’rru-tweak
Messages: Lida, T’sei, Sienna-tweak
Inspiration: Sienna, K’rru-tweak, T’sei-tweak, Lida-tweak

Alyssa’s Green Rakshamanith
Harper's Tale: 59th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Sadaiya’s Gold Jivayath and T’sei’s Bronze Xhiyanth
April 15th, 2011
Charli (Malachai) - Green Dzakath
Zari (Zaharis) - Green Ghwerigeth
Trek - (Trekana) - Blue Kanyith
Kanga - (Kangarru) - Brown Ruenalth
N'ayl (Lyzan) - Brown Gudrotgoth

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