Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop his personality in your own, unique way. — Pippa, Kangarru, T'zyn

I'no's Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Raeklith


Cloud Strife's Epiphany Egg
Of harmony and discord, warring factions of blue and red coalesce upon the shell of this egg, coming together only to burst into strife. Cosmos in sky, lightened blues seem to curl upon each other, made of Cloud and Squall and Shantotto's magic might in ethereal swirls upon the heavy base. Chaos in blood, darkened reds froth and boil, misunderstood sin born of Sephiroth and Gabranth and Kuja to grant their cunning touch upon the narrowed apex. In the middle they meet, to battle and mix.

Hatching Message

Cloud Strife's Epiphany Egg starts a wobble-spin on the sands, and even to rock back and forth. Some dragon wants /out/ and they want out fast! Suddenly, a head pops out of the top of the egg, maw open to emit a shrill creel. Then, one foreleg. That bronzen head bobs up and down a few times as limbs flail until the egg virtually disintegrates about him. Out the dragonet tumbles, shaking free egg-goo and egg shards from his body. Ta-da!

Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Dragonet

Filched doubloons, tarnished with time and scandal, are smuggled in the shadows of wings' wide canopy, the winking glimmer of stolen gold tucked away beneath this dragon's sails of lifted bronze. The dashing draw of his head is all sleek contours from pale muzzle to bijou-starred pate, just as the trim length of nimble limbs tell of talented agility. Swindled gilt plays the artful dodger among his cresting ridges, evading the rich russet bronze of his hide with elegant dash and panache until the swell of broad haunches and the following stretch of tail provide capture.

Impression Message

Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Dragonet once was a young dragon who just lost his shoe. Its several hops back, so what does he do? He backs that thing up from Bajiren and hops to fetch the slobbery nasty old sandal. But then, he returns to the candidate line. Which should he choose? What is the best decision for him? Weighing all the options, he stops by one candidate in particular. Home is where the heart is, and he wants to be the heart and home of one sandy-haired youth, now and forever. Stopping right in front of him, he whips his tail about and pats Ianto on the shoulder except, he is using his chin, whuffling into Ianto's face. Decision made! Will he wear his magic slipper?

Personal Impression Message

A light tenor voice stealthily sneaks up behind you, murmuring, « Are you ready to go? » Swirling teal colors drenched in the essence of hay and musk replace any perceptions of being on hot sands that burn like crazy, instead, somehow, you and he are alone in a dark room, under a spotlight. « Caught! » he triumphantly trumpets to you. « Ianto..I'an…no. I'no. Yes, this is the most logical choice. Boy…I am yours. Your Raeklith. But most importantly, you are /mine/. Are you ready to go? Its time to go. Long past time. We've /work/ to do. » If dragons could smirk, he would be giving you a big one, right now.


Ah, your Raeklith. He is a mixture of so many things. First off, he holds aspects of the theme of the clutch, 8-bit video games, and we picked the Dog from Duck Hunt. He's a companion. A snickering companion, but a companion. You mentioned Dr. Who and Torchwood, so you might find some aspects of the man who was in both of those series, Captain Jack Harkness. Jack gives Raeklith his dash and style. When Skif came in contact with Cymry in Take A Thief, he got himself a companion in life. Skif thought he was stealing this gorgeous creature, when in fact, she was stealing him. In Raeklith, you will find the match that is Cymry to I'no's Skif. Lastly, we added in a little bit of linking from the egg that your dragon hatched from, and gave just a touch of Zidane from Final Fantasy to Raeklith as well. All of these things managed to come together to bring the guiding bronze that you asked for, a creature of moderation, yet with that touch of mischievousness, laid back demeanor, and a quirk or two to make him just that much more unique.

Name Inspiration

You wanted a name with meaning for your mischievous companion, and we thought Raeklith fit him nicely. A rake is a libertine; a person unconstrained by conventional morality; a little bit dashing and a lot bit devilish. From that as the groundwork, we played around with some of the interesting sound combinations you liked, and Raeklith was born!

Egg Inspiration

Final Fantasy: Dissidia — This egg is based on the Final Fantasy game for the PSP. It is a game mixed of RPG and fighting, where the great protagonists and antagonists of many Final Fantasy games of the past come together to do battle. There is a light side and a dark side represented, with a few of the more notable and notorious names from this famous series being mentioned.

Description Inspiration

Raeklith is a creature of a lot of different influences. You asked for moderation, and maybe some unique features, as long as he wasn't clownish. So we gave him a bit of dash, a touch of the nimble and agile thief, and a build that any bronze would be more than happy to have. He is a russet bronze, slightly to the red side, but not too much red, yet very respectable. But as any thief's partner would have, there would have to be some stolen aspects, such as the 'gold doubloons' mentioned and even that 'lifted bronze'. You asked for some unique markings, so he's also got a bit of a star-like mark upon his forehead. Lastly, we have the respect being paid to that canine companion, the Dog from Duck Hunt, by giving Raeklith a pale muzzle like that of the dog.

Mind Voice Inspiration

Jack: Quite excitable.

Ianto: Must be that aftershave.
Jack: I never wear any.
Ianto: You smell like that naturally?

Jack: Fifty first century pheromones, you people have no idea!

Raeklith is not a particularly loquacious dragon. That's not to say that he doesn't communicate with you often, because he does, he just does not need very many /words/ to do so. When he speaks, it is generally in short phrases — he chooses his words well, and knows how to make his point very concisely. His mindvoice, though, is a rich thing, evocative enough to make up for all the words he isn't using. His voice is a mid-tenor range, and has a wide range of timbre that changes tone and color depending on what you two are plotting, or not plotting at the moment. His tone is predominantly soft, almost stealth-like; sometimes you might not even notice he is speaking to you at first, as his words slip quietly into your mind.

There's a distinctive scent to his words, a pleasantly earthy blend of hay and musk that form a cocoon about your consciousness. He's fond of colour, too, and this plays heavily into his communications. Predominantly teals and lighter flashes of blues, the exact shades flux and vary with his moods, and in time you'll know him well enough to read him even just on these; his excitement or joy or sadness or impatient written clear in the flickering hues that play across his mind. Though he isn't quick to anger, on the occasions that he /is/ angered his voice can be booming; the clash of thunder over a roiling, stormy sea.

He bespeaks other 'riders only extremely rarely, and only when absolutely necessary — in emergencies, for example. Even with other dragons he is more laconic, and his voice reserved. His typical musky scent accompanies his words, but colours are muted and he doesn't give much of himself away with his mental presence. You are his one true confidante, and with all others he prefers to keep his emotions to himself, not letting anyone in too much.

No matter his mood, no matter the conversation, one thing holds true: the touch of his mind to yours is a stable, grounding thing. It is like the affirming hand on your shoulder, giving you support. There's a quiet sort of comfort to its feel that reminds you that no matter where you are, your home is with him.



Raeklith's growing during that first turn and a half will certainly be a lesson in awkwardness. Sure, at the start, he'll look rather perfectly put together, and retain that youthful cuteness (if dragons can be called cute). Maybe more boyishly endearing and well put together would be a better description. He'll probably stay that way for about a month, and then the growing pains will begin. He'll get long and coltish legs at first. You know the kind the puppies often get? Especially the bigger breeds? With their big paws and long, skinny legs. Naturally, such a thing will take some getting used to, so don't be surprised if all of those long and awkward limbs of his tend to get mixed up, or he misjudges things or even over-corrects. Eventually, he'll start to sort himself out, probably just before manned flight.

On the ground, he is as awkward as any dragon. Instead of shambling about, he'll actually take up a gait of hopping. Yes, there will be something of a bounce to him where hind legs kick off the ground, with wings slightly open, as he pounces forward. It'll be a common sight to see him getting around that way before flight is more readily available to Raeklith. Swimming and other play in the water is an action to be enjoyed and savored, and certainly upon lazy days.

Speaking of flight, Raeklith is like any other dragon out there, he loves to get himself off the ground and into the skies, and simply can't wait to get up there to try out those big ol' wings. He might even try to conspire with you to go out and on the sly do some extra 'training'. Once he is finally able to use those wings and fly, he will be a much happier dragon. Raeklith will easily take to flight, and be the sort of dragon that enjoys casual flights. He'll speed up, or slow down upon a whim, just kind of go with the ways of the winds and thermals to see where they take him because he'll happily let the elements do the flying and directing for him. Launches from you ledge might be something else though. He rather likes to fall a little bit (or sometimes a lot) before opening up his wings and curving into the sky.

Raeklith is a hearty eater. He prefers the more red-blooded creatures, such as the hoofstock, for their muscle mass and for their long and sturdy bones. Herdbeasts of the bovine variety are preferred, for a nice, big one is apt to feed him well. He won't mind a wherry every so often, or even one of the larger fish for a bit of a difference. Overall though, he'll be wanting some of the beefier hoofstock. He is also a bit of a bone chewer. He'll gnaw for quite a bit after a kill upon the bones, not just to get the marrow out, but just to chew and chomp on them when the mood strikes.

In form, Raeklith will have a pretty solid bronze dragon build. He might be just a little bit on the smaller side though, slightly more slim and trim. This will lend him a touch more agility, while giving up size, power, and might. His more svelte muscles don't quite lend well to keeping endurance for that large frame of his, but if he is careful and lets the thermals and the winds do most of the lifting and carrying for him, he should be quite fine.

Raeklith's coloring is predominantly a russet bronze, giving him a slightly more rich and red-hinted hue for those of his bronze class. His muzzle is a lighter shading though, just a bit more pale around the mouth and nostrils. Perched up high on his head there is a marking, almost like a golden star. It does shine a little bit more than his bronzes, looking rather intricate. His ridges and along his spine seem to have some more added gold markings, like a kind frosting glimmer that has more bright colors. It tends to fade some to disappear altogether at his haunches and where his tail starts. Lastly, there is some more of those gold flecks, this time a bit more predominate underneath his wing joints and along his sides where his wings tend to be folded.



Raeklith. I'no's Raeklith. He's your gloriously bronze companion, the partner in I'no's crimes. He is I'no's back up, his conspirator, and even an instigator. He is your wingman, the getaway vehicle, and the backseat driver to everything that you two do together, or apart. There is reliability in Raeklith. He will always be there for you.

Cymry: We Choose those who are best suited to do those things and supply those needs. And what makes you think that the Queen and country might not need 
the skills of a thief?

First and foremost, Raeklith is I'no's guiding force. He isn't a father-figure though, or a rough taskmaster. He is the partner. Raeklith is bound to make suggestions on how to go about things, do things, give sound advice when I'no comes to a crossroads with a life decision. You can count on his advice to be well-thought out, born of both logic and common sense. He will never lead I'no down a bad path. When it matters, Raeklith will make sure that the best choice will be one that keeps I'no's best interests at heart, as with those of his Weyr and Pern as a whole. He will believe completely in service to his Weyr, not just feeling obliged, but also the pull of instinct to do what is best. And you can bet he'll know just the right places that they will work best, that will fall to the attributes that both he and I'no can supply the Weyr. Don't be surprised if you find yourself being put forward to do some scouting or working with the holdless. Of course, Raeklith's attributes would be his natural ability to lead and father clutches, but that should be saved for another paragraph.

With partnership comes the makings of a solid relationship, and in those makings is a like-minded thought process. While I'no has a bit of a mischievous look to him, Raeklith has that twinkle to his eye that bodes nothing innocent in the making. He is a dragon who enjoys something of an indulgent life. He'll lay about when it suits him, lounge as he will, but always have that unpredictable moment when he'll suddenly be up and full of energy and ready to expend it doing something fun and adventurous. Now, he isn't a boisterous sort that will broadcast his energy and thoughts about for all the Weyr to witness, he knows when to show his cards and when to keep them close to the chest. Secretive to all but I'no? Absolutely.

Raeklith has class. He's the dragon that is just on the fun side of mischievous, the dashing side of rakish, the clever side of devilish, and the daring side of adventurous. He's an intelligent dragon, bright and quick, yet well grounded in attitude. He has a personality that can literally sweep a person/dragon off their feet if he so wished, dazzling them with clever conversation, flattering when it counts and will earn him (and I'no) points. He isn't a gossip, or will babble away, but will contribute with witty commentary when it best fits.  While he extremely rarely bespeaks anyone other than I'no, he will show acknowledgment with maybe a vocal croon, a nudge with his tail, or simply a knowing glance.

Raeklith finds humor in many things, appropriate instead of awkward. One of the things he finds a great deal of humor in, is things that might just make I'no look a little foolish. In fact, it might almost seem like he is chuckling (or gasp, giggling) in your head. Nothing malicious, simply amused. Like when you farted while talking to that hot girl/guy, or completely messed up saying the correct title to that crafter, or were out hunting whersports and you missed your arrow shot by a dragonlength. Oh yes, he'll find a lot of humor in those times.

Ianto: Do you ever think that one day your luck'll run out? That you won't come back?
Jack: I'm a fixed point in time and space. That's what the Doctor says. I think that means it's forever.

Time. Raeklith is a master of time. Or maybe time travel might best be mentioned here. As this is an extraordinarily difficult concept for dragons to grasp, Raeklith will understand the differences in time. He will understand the concept of backtiming, and understand something of the logic and possibilities associated with it. He won't be shy at all with timing things, and might even go so far as to suggest points to make things easier for them. You know, those times when you are late for wing duties, or don't want to miss Happy Hour down at the Flying Mug, or go back to witness that one amazing sunset again and again and again and again.

Now we move on to Raeklith the retriever. Yes, retriever. Raeklith is known to like to take things from time to time. Don't be surprised at all if he goes out to fetch that lower caverns worker that you thought was pretty hot and leaves the poor soul on your ledge. Or he might pick up some clothing that he thinks would look particularly fetching on you, only to find that it belonged to some guy out skinny dipping in the pool. You just know he does that stuff purposely though, to create a little excitement. Then there are those times he'll leave dead things on the ledge, such as his kills. Especially his kills. Hopefully I'no doesn't mind 'beast carcass too much, for he might end up with quite a few on his ledge from time to time.



Jack: Have faith, with a dashing hero like me on the case, how can we fail?
Ianto: He is dashing, you have to give him that.

Zidane: If I win, you owe me a date!

Zidane: Come on, Princess. Let's ditch Sir Rustalot and get outta here!

When it comes to flights, Raeklith is a romantic. That's not to say he's monogamously inclined — far from it. He's more the type to fall just a little bit in love with every other pretty female that catches his eye. Green or gold, he is equal-opportunity in his affections.

During flights, Raeklith is dashing, debonair; he is out to romance and woo the female he is chasing. He cares more about the courting than the victory, and is fairly laid-back even if he loses the chase. He'll be flashy in the air — his lean lithe build lends itself a bit more towards agile antics than the usual bronze, and he'll be only too glad to show this off. Though he's a fairly laconic dragon, when he does speak he knows how to pick his words well, and they'll be just as suave as you'd expect from your rakish bronze.

The glow of romance lasts for a little while after flights, too; he'll be attentive to the female, though not to the point of annoyance if they make it clear they'd rather he doesn't stick around. Regardless, it never lasts all that long before someone else comes along and he moves on to the next.


Egg desc: Pippa

Dragonet desc: Pippa, T'zyn tweak

Messages: Kangarru; Pippa, T'zyn

Name: T'zyn

Puppetted by: Kangarru

Inspiration: Pippa, Kangarru, T'zyn


I'no's Bronze Raeklith

Harper's Tale: 55th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr

Lanti's gold Dedanseth and T'ab's bronze Tyroth

December 5th, 2009



Ji'n (Bajiren) and One Man Army Brown Kzydnth
Lida (Madeline) and Resurrected Sovereign Blue Vrykth
Ilae (Ailae) and Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Suumanuth
N'iel (Aloniel) and Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Roxeauth

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