Quarith Rp

[[logged by Saria]] Real-life date 2000-10-27 is: The eighty-fourth day of winter in the twenty-fifth Turn of the Tenth Pass. The Scene: The Bowl at High Reaches Weyr: Saria and Quarith have just arrived for a visit, and have encountered Hannah. ---—-

Saria glances up at the notice of motion in her peripherals, and squeezes Hannah again for good measure before standing up. She nods to the newcomers, and then addresses Hannah, "Well, you Weyrwomen's assistants will have to take this one inside, by Faranth, it's freezing out here all the same."

Arianne walks gracefully into the room, a smile on her face. to the Caverns.

"Oooh! Me?" Hannah smiles up at her friend, "I don't believe I've met Kanami." But then again, this girl still lurks in the shadows somewhat. "Come then, come sit by the fire and we can talk. Catch up."

Quarith thinks to you, « It is nice enjoying the hint of snow falling on my over-heated hide. The sands would be a lot nicer if one were to come from weather like this. »

Saria grins. "High Reaches hospitality at its' finest. Let's go, dear."

Hannah nods and heads toward the 'Caverns.

Hannah walks with youthful grace to the Caverns.

You think to Quarith, » Enjoy it, dear. It will come to you sooner than you think, your next turn on those black sands. «

You go to the Living Caverns. Living Caverns (#392) The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl. Tucked into a glowlit niche are Donnan, Searcher, Quenn, Tiramisu, Gyo, Turk, Heaven, Hunter, Kelpie, Aftiel, Nyumnyum, Ebb, Jenova, Brandywine, Mamoru, Pyre, Rude, Kynance, Freak, Truro, Boingy, Amulet, Bloop, Sploink, Tork, Aphira, Mosfet, Spoingy, Boink, Endel, Spuds, Leviathan, Ashleigh, Kobar, Chiernathe, Lava, Vsevolod, Oren, Wufei, Sociopathe, Tyan, Pandora, and Precious. You see Old Auntie sit-by-the-fire, OOC NOTICE (look sign), Food, Boots, Hobbes, Dustina, Gigi, Nimbus, Kageri, and Generic Sign-Up Sheet here. Pemeron and Hannah are here. Obvious exits: Bowl Kitchens Inner Caverns Crafting Area

Pemeron (#20695) Short, stocky and well built, with a narrow waist and short legs, his muscles hide within a solid layer of pudge. Dark brown hair and faded green eyes are his most noticeable feature, while his ample nose and thin lips drop a bit to his round chin. A thick neck holds his round face on his shoulders, which are wide but not overly so, and his barrel chest makes him seem larger than he is. His strong arms end in large hands with short stubby fingers. Soft cream wool has been worked in a wide cable stitch along front and back of this thick, long sleaved sweater, with the dark jade of his colar and sleeve cuff poking out while the lower end of his tunic hangs down, cinched at the waist by a dark brown rope. Bright blue baggy trous are slightly faded in spots and hang out from under the tunic. They are cuffed at the ankles, but otherwise rather nice looking. The cuffs hang over a pair of mid-calf, worn black boots, with lacing up the front tied in a short knot. He wears a single loop of black and blue, showing his status as a stablehand. He is awake and looks alert. Carrying: Pem's Hide Sack Pemeron is 17 Turns, 9 months, and 24 days old.

Etowaru walks in from the Central Bowl.

Saria follows Hannah in, truly unfamiliar with this territory, slipping off her riding gloves, goggles and helmet as soon as she's met with the warming blast of the caverns' hearthfire.

Rauve skulks broodily in from the Central Bowl.

"I trust Quarith is well?" Hannah asks, her eyes showing her sincerity. "Would you like some klah? Hot cider?" Detaining a drudge, the assistant waits for her friend's decision after placing her own order.

Etowaru smiles warmly. Cold weather, warm smile. Make sense? Never mind. "Hi…"

Rauve trails inattentively after Etowaru, fiddling with a imagined flaw in his sleeve's cuff. "Evening," he murmurs, though the comment is apt to be considered a salutation to the toes of his boots. Which are being passively examined, now. Hrm.

Saria, unfamiliar with all, gives a smile and a nod to the room, the others present, and the drudge. "Hot cider," she asks the drudge, and then, softer, in a stage whisper, "And maybe you could throw a little something in there to make it a bit 'hotter', you know?"

Quarith thinks to you, « I know. I almost delight in it. Yet, towards the end, I dread those hot sands. »

You notice Rauve looking at you.

The Istan Weyrwoman grins at Hannah. "We all have our guilty pleasures, and me moreso after 20 some-odd turns of this." Still, she'd never dream of abusing hospitality.

Rauve (#19778) Once-coiled tresses are now released but, alas, he's lost a /great/ portion of them, fawn and honey spun in loose currents of amber. Lax helixes of darker tawny come to completion around his shoulders, the sleek twists of hair not hindering and not unduly lush. Bangs filter liquidly around the slant of his jaw, veins of caramel licking unobstructedly over his forehead and cheeks as well, skin a consistent milky-pale. Orbicular gaze is an atypical smalt orchid, smoggy purple saturated with deficient traces of cobalt and cyan. Adolescent's countenance is decidedly uncomplicated; no lines of age, no ruddy mars, and as well as simple, almost wholly sophomoric. Level nose falls between twilight eyes, and mouth is slightly lopsided, lips threadlike, and only a shade dimmer than the remainder of his face. Petite body tapers from rigid bird shoulders; outwardly bereft of masculine essence, sinew's structure wiry at the most, never quite reaching broad. Proportions are lank and slim, for all their insignificance, conceivably generating the illusion of a more becoming height. Stark raven treillage sweeps up the length of his torso, fibers of dark burgundy lace patterning the minor swell of his chest, intermingling with fewer filaments of alabaster around the slightly flared hemline. Jet sleeves are modeled with the same twining of color corded silk: soot, cream, and cranberry. Unconventional shirt is bound tightly to his upper body, cream-lined collar circling the base of his throat slackly. Leathers are unvaryingly black, but a touch more yielding than his shirt, they gather around stone-dark boots; a mere excess of hide. He is rather short, after all. A braided linen band is worn around his left wrist, centered with a disc of elegantly simple moss-tinted jade. Assertively claiming his shoulder, Lihai's narrowed gaze assumes you as it's focal point. Stark and simple black and cerulean twist together in a mundane knot, portraying the wearer as a resident at High Reaches Weyr. He is awake, but has been staring off into space for 60 seconds. Carrying: Lihai Rauve is 17 Turns, 3 months, and 24 days old.

Drudge gives a rather intimidated nod before scurrying toward the kitchen. Hannah turns back to Saria a grin on her face, "Oh, I understand." She gives a wink before sitting down in front of the fire, scooting over to make room for her friend. Rauve and Pemeron are given shy smiles, but Saria is beamed at. A rare treat to have her pseudo-type mother to visit!

Cantony walks in from the Central Bowl.

Etowaru nods to Pemeron and Hannah, then looks over her shoulder at Rauve. "Want some klah?" Noticing the other woman in the cavern, she smiles to her. "Hi, I'm Etowaru, but just call me Etowa."

Etowaru spies Cantony and runs up to give her a hug. "Hey!"

Cantony chuckles. "Hello, there, Etowaru, Pemeron." She nods toward the later, then smiles at the others. "I'm Cantony, a new stablehand."

Saria smiles, taking a chair. "Hello, Etowa," she nods politely, turning her chair so that she's facing Hannah more squarely. "Now.." she says, "Besides your dear hide-bound mother, how are things?"

Rauve cants a misaligned smile Hannah-ward, refocusing on Etowaru … as she scampers in the other direction. "I can't stand klah," he comments to the empty space directly askant his shoulder, waving dismissively. Redfruit juice it is.

Pemeron sits quietly sipping at a glass of ale, watching the persons entering with rapt interest. He waves at Rauve and then looks carefully at Hannah, trying to remember if this is the person he had been looking for earlier.

Etowaru pours out 2 mugs of klah from a pitcher nearby and hands one to Cantony. "Here ya go." She grins at Rauve. "Can't stand klah? Hm. Oh well… each to his own right?" she teases.

Etowaru and Cantony are given a glance before her gaze skitters back to Saria, "Things are well. I've re-adjusted to the non-candidate life." Rauve's voice catches the girl's attention, but as she has no opinion on klah, she merely nods and turns back as the drudge arrives. One cider for Hannah, and one 'spiced' cider for Saria.

Cantony takes a sip of the klah, then smiles gratefully at Etowaru. "Thanks. This is great after being out /there/. So how've you been?"

A greeting in the form of a misdirected head-bob is given to Pem, the weyrboy suffering the discovery of availble and clean cups. Yah. Right before his nose, of course. Typical. "I s'pose," he answers Etowa, remote. He's concentrating on pouring, you see. One thing at a time. Rauve, the elegant, said that.

Saria takes her 'spiced' cider quite gratefully, and answers before taking a sip, as "protocol" would dictate — even with a 17-turn-old, never let the Weyrwoman be accused of breaching her protocols. "I was.. admittedly.. sad to see you walk off the sands again, Hannah." She says this quite softly, as she knows it's a wound that heals poorly, and even worse so when reopened a second time. She sips. And stifles a cough, quite gracefully.

Etowaru smiles at Cantony, taking a sip of klah before answering. "Pretty good… just been out to see to the runners. And you?"

You whisper, "They truly did "spice" this up!" to Hannah.

Cantony nods. "Same here. Trying to learn my way around…and how to handle the cold."

"Ahh.." Hannah's eyes cloud briefly and she adds, "I cannot say I wasn't disappointed. But the dragons know best.." Pushing aside the old hurt, her eyes brighten and she nearly chokes at Saria's whispered comment. "Indeed.." She hides her grin behind her own cup, sipping slowly.

Etowaru grins sympathetically. "It /is/ pretty cold out huh… I got this jacket though. So I'm not as cold. Don't yu have one?" She asks, smiling. 'Reaches is famous for cold weather.

Cantony glances down at her thin sweater. "I think I need to talk to a weaver. Time to dole out some marks," she comments with a chuckle. She sips more of the drink. "I usually work up a sweat— keeps me warmer."

Etowaru nods in agreement. "And it's healthier too!" She grins.

"I think they do," is Saria's still-quiet response to Hannah.. "and I think they /will/. I have known those who stood thrice before impressing. It happens. Don't lose heart." Now accustomed to the sweet strength of the cider, she takes a longer pull this time, stretching a bit in her chair to get another angle on the warm glow of the fire.

Pemeron catches Cantony's comments "No need, I was told you can just speak to the headwoman or one of her assistants, and get what you need. This is a weyr, and they give you what you need. He shows off the pants he is wearing "I paid good marks for my coat and scarf, the hat and gloves, but then I found out that I can get such things from the lower caverns." He hesitates a moment "Course, if I want something particular, I suppose I will have to order it and pay for it. Tanners for leather, and weavers for cloth."

Having conquered the pouring of a ration of 'juice, Rauve sulks toward a table, snitching a few meatrolls on his way. Veering to the left, he folds back into a chair, slender legs splayed languidly. Flizzen attack. Oh well. He wasn't -that- hungry.

"Verily? You think they may chose me again?" Hannah's eyes cast toward the fire as she pulls her thin legs to her chest and clasps her skinny arms around her knees. Gaze turns to land back on Saria, her head tilting to the side. "Maybe the next time would be different."

Arianne arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

You sense Quarith softly entwines her pastel colors through the threads of her tones. « You are enjoying yourself? I am. It is almost like the old home. » A pause. « Almost. »

Etowaru puts down her mug and waves at Arianne. "Riann! Over here! With Cantony!" Ever subtle.

"Well, if the Searchers take you again, and I can't see why not if they have twice before.. it could very well be different." Saria smiles. "Now, tell me what else has been going on since you returned from Ista?"

You think to Quarith, » Aye.. there's so little need for a good warm fire at Ista, even in winter sometimes. «

Cantony grins over her mug at Arianne. "Hello there! Care to join us for some klah?"

Arianne shakes her head slowly, "Can't, gotta meet someone. Maybe in a little while."

"I finally left my 'brathood behind," Hannah says, blushing, seeming to mean more than merely age. "I'm an adult now…" Trailing off, her face heats to a nice apple red before she is able to bring her mug to her lips. Taking a sip, she adds, "And then I was made Momma's assistant. Which is very neat. I get a lot of experience with the weyr being the Weyrwoman's assistant. If I ever impress, I could make myself useful to the weyr." This idea of making herself useful seems to be an unusually strong force in her words; seemingly very important to the girl.

Arianne exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

You sense Quarith agrees, her tones softened, indicating that her attention is centered on the cold and falling snow. « That is true. But then, I think it is better to visit rather than live here. » Imagine having to permanently deal with all this white stuff? Ista seems to have softened and coddled her.

"Finally?" Saria is surprised at Hannah's choice of words, and it's evient on her face. "I really thought you'd left it behind much longer ago than that.. at any rate, much longer than you give yourself credit for." Weyrwoman rests her mug on her leather-clad knee, pondering. "I'm sure that you are, an will be, useful regardless of whether you impress. But," and she sneaks a sip before continuing, "Has anyone given you any trouble about being your mother's assistant? Any of the younger crowd?"

Pemeron continues to watch Hannah out of the corner of his eye, as he sidles up to Etowaru and Cantony and sits, having made his comments as an introduction of sorts "So, how were the runners? Were the stalls as bad as they have been recently, or did you get the benefit of yesterday's thorough cleaning out also?"

You think to Quarith, » » You've been spoiled, love. But I agree — Ista is much easier to deal with… « A slight afterthought slips through, almost beyond reach, that perhaps Saria feels like she may have been spoiled too? «

Etowaru smiles at Pemeron, her dark eyes twinkling. "Well today was okay. Yesterday's clean out really helped.."

Rauve adheres himself to the side of his chair, deliberately overhearing snatches of conversation, and evidently unwilling to afford starting into one. Too much work. Flighty attention is grasped by the bite of a firelizard, who is hence placated with his or her own meatroll subserviantly. Rauve's firelizards have him trained well.

Gulping, Hannah nods, "Some have. Mostly my old 'brat friends who resented each time I went off to search." Feeling the pressure of eyes, the girl swings her head around and edges shyly toward Saria. Noticing the person, she offers a shy smile before casting her gaze askance, her face heating behind her curtainfall of pale hair. Peeking up at Saria, she gives her a dimpled grin, one that is rarely seen, "I guess I feel more a woman now…" Reluctant to say -why- other than that she is officially-blush-a woman.

P'rru marches with clipped steps in from the Central Bowl.

You sense Quarith catches Saria's elusive thought before something piques her interest. « Do you think High Reaches would mind if I nibbled some of their herdbeasts? » Ulterior motive?

You think to Quarith, » …I think perhaps you'd better wait until we get back to Ista.. I can't ask Areiah just now. «

Cantony shrugs. "I haven't much to compare it to…" She glances at Pemeron. "But yes, it was a benefit."

Saria raises her eyebrows, but wisely saves her more detailed questions (which, of course, she's now dying to ask Hannah) for another time, when she can visit privately with her young charge. "I.. *ahem*.. I see. Well, regardless, it becomes you, dear."

You sense Quarith seems almost disappointed. Her mindtones take on a crispness that signifies a glimmering of—mischief? « Might I just go to the pens to look? To view what kind of herdbeasts they have? » She could always ask Ysbryth to ask her lifemate.

You notice P'rru looking at you.

Etowaru nods and takes a sip of klah. Yum. "Bet the runners are grateful for that fire you built in there, Pem."

Quarith senses that Saria knows that tone all too well. « Perhaps you'd just better be content to talk back to Tiareth, if she graces you with her presence. »

P'rru (#20871) An age has seemed to sweep his face, those lines of scaring and ruggedness so attractive in his youth now just signal the passage of time. Inherent wiley strength is noticeable in the stringy'ed muscles of his arms and legs, broad back and vaulted chest. His 6ft height is reduced in obviousness by his unconscious slouching, shoulders rolled forward combined with a loping step. His features, chiseled from a rock now weathering away include a narrow nose that drives from between spikey eyebrows and hazel eyes, almost out of place in their brightness perhaps a window to his usual guarded self. Cheeks are sallow, his complexion pale, suprisingly plump lips drawn into a determined line. Light brown hair is efficiently cut short to fit under a riding cap, peppered with greying flecks- a testament to time. Practical, sensible leathers ensconce his form. Stained a deep, rich mahogany, the classic cut of the trousers and jacket make him seem at least a little elegant. If not just fastidiously neat. Coupled with a well-worn riding jacket, scuffed at the elbows and collar, P'rru dresses for practicality if nothing else. A double cord of ebon black and navy blue twist into a single loop with a long tail. The wingrider's knot sits easily on P'rru's shoulder, an even ribbon of chesnut brown winding through it to represent his lifemate. He is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute. Carrying: Long-handled Scrub Brush Pot of Leather Oil P'rru is 41 Turns, 1 month, and 19 days old.

You remember that P'rru is the rider of Brown Dsalth of High Reaches Weyr.

Pemeron nods at Etowaru, and then raises his eyebrows. He stands suddenly "Excuse me ladies, I have someone I wish to speak to." he strides over to where Saria and Hannah are standing, waiting patiently to be allowed to speak.

P'rru strides in, dusting off his shoulders. He puffs, face blotchy, and removes his jacket and gloves, discarding them fastidiously neatly on a table nearest the bowl entrance. Klah. Yes, his almighty quest to drink enough of the stuff that he cleans out the weyr of it. "Pemeron, hello" he says in passing, but since he doesn't know who anyone else is, he just offers them a clipped smile and nod. Klah. Mmmmm.

Hannah blushes faintly before looking up. "I feel different." Reflective look enters her intent gaze before she adds, "It's been easier each time I've had to go off to Ista for Candidacy…" She pauses and then adds, ".. It's easier to not be as shy." A late bloomer is she? Newcomer is noticed before her attention is snagged by Pemeron. Blinking rapidly she glances from Saria back to Pemeron. "Y-yes?" Okay, so she's still extremely shy. But not debilitatingly so.

Saria glances over at P'rru curiously, taking closer notice. More her age.. finally. Then, startled, she looks up from her chair. "Yes, young man? May we help you?"

Rauve glances after Pemeron, eyes and moth crinkled to form an Odd Look. A fire. In a barn? With hay? Hmm. Being that he's no stablehand (or much of anything) he remains quiet, occasionally sent to gather a 'roll or two for a firelizard, or his own hunger (less typical).

Cantony glances up at the rider as she continues to drink. "Hello. Care to join us for a drink?"

You sense Quarith concedes though the thought of sneaking a leg or two is sorely tempting. « As you wish, love. » She does bombard her lifemate with images of her 'nibbling' just a leg… or two. The cold seems to make her frisky.

Etowaru looks over at the taciturn Rauve, then eyes the meatrolls he has. Pointing to the ferret in her arms, she asks a silent question with her eyes. Requesting for some meatrolls for the ferret, of course.

Pemeron looks a bit shy himself as he asks "Are you Hannah, ma'am? I was told you would be returning, and, I know this is rather odd, but I have not been able to find anyone with a key to the clothing storage. If you have time later, would you mind showing me there, so that I can select some working clothes, I seem to have damaged mine beyond repair." He blushes slightly, and nods politely to the rider "High Reaches duties to you rider. Pemeron, of the stables."

Saria smiles. Listen to him! A boy with manners. Istan Weyrwoman stands, smiling. "And Ista's duties to you and yours, Pemeron. Well met. Saria, rider of Gold Quarith." She smiles. "Actually, if Hannah will excuse me, I need to tendd to Quarith momentarily.. Hannah, do you wish to show Pemeron there now, and I'll return here to meet you later?" She did also wish to find Kanami before it got too late.

Etowaru's face lights up as she sees Arianne. Again. "Hey, Riann… ya free /now/?"

Rauve blinks, brought out of (nearly) relative equilibrium to pass a plate of 'rolls toward Etowaru, a grin absently added along with it.

P'rru inclines his head, a somewhat lopsided grin offered. "I'll just get my fill of klah" he mumbles, weaving around the folk until he reaches the hearth. Klah. First and foremost on his mind, nowadays. Elbows crack faintly as he doshes the brown liquid into a mug, turning on his heel almost simulataneously as hazelline eyes sweep the gathering cavern occupants.

Arianne nods, smiling. "Yep, I'll join you guys as soon as I get me some hot klah."

Owlish eyes blink, rather startled before Hannah can manage, "Um.. S-sure." A pause before, "I'm visiting with an old friend now, but… m-maybe later?" A shy smile curves her lips before Saria's words are noted, "Okay.. Want to come along, then, um.. Pemeren?" She so does hope she said his name correctly.

Etowaru nods thanks to Rauve, smiling more with her eyes than her lips. Accepting the meatrolls, she feeds the sleepy furball in her arms, grinning.

Quarith> You go to the Pens. Quarith> Pens Quarith> Freshened breezes from the lake to the south linger with the stronger scents of herdbeast and wherry, dust and dung, that fill this ovoid enclosure. The sturdy fence sways out into the bowl, captures an outlet of clear blue lake, and, as it meets the bowl wall, grows into a stout wind-shelter replete with hay and feeding troughs; not too far above, a claw-marked series of feeding ledges lie, decorated by a few discarded and bleached-out bones. A few clusters of green sprout, downtrodden, in the hard ground, tracked over by the stampeding of the herds. Quarith> It is a winter evening. Quarith> Squabbling over leftovers is Vedra. Quarith> Blue Sakuruth and bronze Rixesith are here. Quarith> You see Herd of Herdbeasts and Kukalaka here. Quarith> Obvious exits: Quarith> Stables Barn Training Grounds Central Bowl Beach

Pemeron nods and gets the look of a canine about to follow his master wherever she goes. "Of course, I didn't mean to interrupt your visit. Perhaps I can get some things together for the two of you, something to eat or drink perhaps? I happen to know where some of the Benden can be found, if you think you would like it." he says to Hannah, and the last in Saria's direction.

Cantony shakes her head and chuckles at Arianne's reentry and pulls a seat toward herself and Etowaru.

Saria glances sidewise, trying not to let Hannah see her devious smile. Good boy, that one. Perhaps a match.. she schools her expression and nods. "I'll see you here later on… and yes, Pemeron, I'd enjoy that tremendously."

Etowaru points to the mugs and pitcher nearby. "Help yourself, Riann." Lapsing into brogue as every so often, she adds,"Klah be fer makin' ye feel warmer in this here chillin' weather, ain't it?

Arianne grins. "It /is/ cold out there, and the stables weren't very clean when I was just out there." She gives a look to the three stablehands.

Saria steps back, out of the way so Hannah can slip between the chairs and take Pemeron to the stores. Weyrwoman can't help but glance over toward the brownrider who just walked in. A gem, among all these young things that Fia's always chastising her for coming up with.

Etowaru looks with wide-eyed innocence at the stablemistress. "I did my bit. Honest. Whistra's and Firedance's stalls are spotless." She smiles and takes a sip of klah, satisfied.

Arianne nods, then looks to the others, wanting their answers.

Altaniray suddenly disappears ::between::!

Hannah stands, and slips between the opening her friend has left her. Nodding to Pemeron, she smiles and says softly, shyly, "Follow me?" Turning to Saria, she adds, "I shall be but a moment." He is a polite one, he is. She moves towards the inner caverns.

P'rru swaggers slightly towards the assembled groups, lips pursed around the rim of his mug, sip-blow, sip-blow rythm down packed. Drolly, he tells himself he's much too old to be mulling about with folk half his age. There's a quick twist of his lips into a grin, reaction to a dry-witted comment from his lifemate. Ok so he's not /that/ old at all. "Evening" he greets, voice losing it's croaky quality with the smoothing effect klah has.

Cantony hides beneath her mug. "I did what I was told…I hope I did it right…"

Arianne stands. "Well, I'm going back out to the stables since I've warmed up." She turns to Cantony. "What was it you were told?" Her voice is soft, not angry.

Saria nods agreement to Hannah, and watches them go, carefully sliding, inch-step, inch-step, toward where P'rru is.

P'rru couldn't be blinder of course. Barely even noticing the weyrwoman's approach he drops heavily into a chair, sighing gratefully as his booted feet are rested. "Arianne if you catch that Vanyil" was that a wink? "Around, tell him I'm looking for him" It's nice having someone to run errands for you, isn't it?

Cantony bites her lip and takes another sip. "Take the runner out of the stall…clean the manure out…fresh hay, fresh food, fresh water, groom runner, and put 'er back in the stall."

Quarith> Quarith croons softly, eyeing those nice, juicy High Reachian herdbeasts. The older queen just knows the cold must preserve them so well. Wings send her aloft as the queen circles on a particular herdbeast that seems to lag behind the others. A little nibble? Surely they wouldn't miss a little haunch. They would still have the herdbeastjust a little lesserm—chunky and a little more bleedy. Swooping, the queen catches the weakling and takes merely a haunch. Just a haunch.

Etowaru nods at Cantony's reply. "Sounds about right to me, don't it, Riann?"

Arianne nods to P'rru. "I will." She turns back to Cantony. "Well, that's right, I'll have the duty list up soon, so that will help. I'll see you guys later!" She waves as she walks outside.

Arianne exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Saria purses her lips, hands still cupped around her 'spiced' cider mug, holding it firmly now that the liquid inside's cooled considerably. Suddenly, though, she catches her breath, eyes glaze momentarily and mug is wobbled, dribbled, dropped, as a look of sheer horror crosses the Weyrwoman's face.

<ALL> Quarith senses that she's delight at nibbling a stolen haunch of those nicely preserved herdbeasts of High Reaches seems to permeate the weyr with that metallic taste of blood combined with the sunset rusts and oranges that gives her identity away. « Delightful. » One word to convey the images of what she has done.

Hannah steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

You think to Quarith, » Quarith, /NO!/ «

Cantony finishes the last of her klah and turns to Etowaru. "She has me paranoid now, and I think she's heading for the stables. I'd better run make sure I remembered to get rid of the manure. I'll see you later!"

Cantony goes home.

You sense Quarith quickly swallows the contraband and asks innocently, « What? I did not do anything. Not me. » Muzzle in the proverbial herdbeast jar?

Etowaru looks over at the Istan woman as she hears a slight disturbance. "What's up?" Cantony's exit is acknowledged with a wave and a smile.

P'rru splutters, a broad grin sweeping his face. "Dsalth says your queen rather likes our herds, Weyrwoman" pity Dsalth couldn't remember the queenrider's name. He's the one with the memory. Klah is abandoned momentarily, a palm waved airly instead. "Don't look so horrified, one herdbeast won't be missed" Suddenly hungry thanks to his lifemate's rumbling stomach, P'rru launches youthfully from his chair to survey the food table. Nibble, nibble, nibble.

Quarith> Quarith seems to pause, blood dripping down her muzzle as the haunch is hastily swallowed. She settles herself down as if she was just browsing the fine selection of herdbeasts. Innocent, she is. She ignores the flailing herdbeast that was maimed, a hauncha perfect selection of haunchmissing. It squeals as it stumbles around. Someone better eat that one…

Hannah arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Saria shakes herself back to reality, and tries to summon a drudge without causing any more commotion - now that her young hostess has departed, at Saria's own behest, she doesn't know anyone.. and isn't about to try to explain all of what just happened.. at least not to a non-rider. "Oh, for Faranth's sake," she mutters, crouching nearby, trying to pick up the mug shards inconspicuously.

P'rru is still munching on a breadroll as he kneels down, sweeping shards of the mug into hisd overly large hands. "P'rru, rider of Dsalth" he explains, winking over at Saria. "Hope it wasn't klah in that mug, terrible waste" with more than a hint of sarcasm, the brownrider tends to the broken cup.

Quarith> Dsalth paces with regimental gait in from the Central Bowl.

Lyri walks in from the Central Bowl.

<ALL> Quarith senses that she seems mildly interested. « I had my haunch. Anyone want the rest? It was wonderful herdbeast. Shame to see it go to waste. »

Saria looks up gratefully at P'rru. "Saria, rider.. obviously.." (she shakes her head ruefully) ".. of Gold Quarith at Ista. And no, it was actually.. 'spiced' cider."

Lyri wanders in and, shock and amazement, heads for the wine. Filling an over large glass she turns to take a seat before giving a wave to.. well.. everyone. Saria's introduction is heard and a nod given. "'Reaches' duties to Ista and her queens." There, she did that right.. right? At least, she hopes. Ah well, there's wine to hide in if she didn't. Her gloves are placed on the table beside her and, with a sigh, she relaxes.

Quarith> Dsalth marches into the pens, herdbeast scattering from his large bulk. Rosewood head extends, eyes whirring mildly as he peers not just at the gold, but at the herdbeast. Clean, good. Particular about the mess he leaves, the brown leaps into the air, a groan vibrating through his throat at the effort. He'd rather peruse the rest of the flock before he commits to anything.

Pemeron walks back in with a bundle of clothing in under his arm and strides up to Saria and P'rru "Oh, do you two know eachother?" He sighs "Let me get someone to clean that up for you. And did you want anything?" He looks at the two riders, setting down his bundle. He notes Lyri's entrance and waves at her. "Lyri."

<ALL> Quarith senses that Salbaheth seems intrigued by the idea, perking up with a brilliant flash of light as of a beam suddenly pressing it's way through heavy foliage. « All this talk of food is making me hungry. You wouldn't mind bringing it down for me, would you? »

Etowaru waves in greeting to Lyri, then turns to the rest of the people in the cavern. Darn. "I've gotta go for a bit… Tenshi needs a walky." She explains, sighing exaggeratedly with a wink for emphasis. "When Tenshi asks, Tenshi gets. See you later!"

Etowaru exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Hannah comes back in from helping Pemeron to find her friend standing amidst a pile of shattered glass shards. "Saria!" She looks from the floor to her friend, and asks, "What -happened-?" Moving to the goldrider's side, she leans down to help her pick up the shards.

Rauve exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Quarith> Quarith croons to Dsalth from her perch of innocence while watching the brown hunt. Might she suggest the already nibbled herdbeast? It was tender and tasty.

<ALL> Quarith senses that Niamhyth sends puffs of silvery sparkles along with wafts of mint and pine. « Food? I think I will admire this snow for a bit longer before reddening it with the blood of herdbeasts.» Though it is clear that this thought is rather intriguing.

Saria nods to Lyri. "Ista thanks you, rider," she says, utterly mortified. She glances at Hannah, then back at Pemeron and P'rru — finally feeling comfortable enough that she can confess to the non-riders, she murmurs, "My queen decided to have a.. snack."

You remember that Lyri is the rider of green Niamhyth of High Reaches Weyr.

P'rru glances over at the young greenrider, heading nodding in acknowledgement. "Not to worry then, there's always ample cider available" the brownrider quips back at Saria. The last shards are scooped up, Hannah smiled at briefly. Then it's back to munching, and klah.

Quarith thinks to you, « Just a small snack. Really. Inconsequential. They could hardly miss it. »

Lyri chuckles as she gives Pemeron a wave. "I think that Niamhyth is considering a snack as well.. but what is a herdbeast between weyrs?" Ayup.. whatever that means. "How's that egg doing, Pem? Looking like it's going to hatch yet?"

Saria can't help but grin at P'rru. "Ample cider," she quips, "But I'm sure you manage to put a dent in High Reaches' store of klah on a regular basis?"

You think to Quarith, » /They/ wouldn't, but they'd hardly miss me so startled I dropped my whole mug of cider and broke it.. made a laughingstock of myself! « Mournfully » «

You think to Quarith, » How could you, after I told you to wait? I can't afford High Reaches to eny Ista hospitality because they think our Queens are gluttonous and after consuming their herds! «

Quarith thinks to you, « Quarith comforts « I am sure you didn't. Surely it was not that bad? » Sending images of the maimed herdbeast to you, she seeks permission. « Can you not hear it wailing? Is not a shame for that bit of herdbeast to go to waste? I could -easily- help it along?» Shamefaced, the queen's tone turns apologetic. « I am sorry. It was just that they were so tempting… » Mindtones swirl with the tumult of her emotions, her dulcet tones nearly high-pitched with her excitement. »

You sense Quarith comforts « I am sure you didn't. Surely it was not that bad? » Sending images of the maimed herdbeast to you, she seeks permission. « Can you not hear it wailing? Is not a shame for that bit of herdbeast to go to waste? I could -easily- help it along?» Shamefaced, the queen's tone turns apologetic. « I am sorry. It was just that they were so tempting… » Mindtones swirl with the tumult of her emotions, her dulcet tones nearly high-pitched with her excitement.

Hannah blinks, "What? Quarith.. snacking?" Oh, dear. No wonder her friend is mortified. Being weyrbred, she knows it is not good for one's dragon to snack without permission. It is.. rude. Nodding shyly to P'rru, she says, "I am Hannah.."

Quarith> Dsalth watches the gold with wary eyes. Waste not want not? So after thoroughly scaring the herdbeasts with a teasing bugle, the khaki-and-sorrel dragon drops, landing suprisingly lightly beside the gold, a polite croon her greeting. Perhaps he will taste the beast, mmmm.

Pemeron suddenly realizes he has not checked in the past ten seconds, and reaches into the pouch he has on his waist "Been keeping it with me cause it is getting hard." He touches it and says "Hey, it /moved/." and then says "I will be right back with some cider, do you want it hot or cold?" looking at Saria, did he hear correctly, or was he just that far off.

Quarith> Quarith croons softly back, though attention still rests on the quailing herdbeast. So tasty. Alas, she must resist the temptation, knowing that when her lifemate finds her, she is in for an earful.

Saria smiles gratefully at Pemeron, letting out the breath she felt she must have been holding for a few minutes now. "Hot, please.. and I thank you."

Lyri raises an eyebrow and simply chuckles as she moves to refill her glass and sit once again. "Better get some meat from the kitchens if it's moving, that means it could hatch." That should light a fire under him. Another long drink is taken as she sits back and watches the action around her.. nothing interesting yet.

Vanyil walks in from the Central Bowl.

Vanyil looks around and spots P'rru. "P'rru! Riann w saisd you wanted to see me?" He talks while walking towards P'rru.

Vanyil falls asleep.

Pemeron removes Canvas of Madness Egg from Sack.

Hannah sits back down by the fire, her cheeks flushed from it's heat. Finding her mug, she drains it's now cooled contents. She can't believe her friend's dragon had a little snack. It's funny in a way.

You sense Quarith cannot handle the silence of her lifemate's mind. A tentative query of lightened peach reaches out. « Love? »

You think to Quarith, » I am here, Quari. «

P'rru winks quickly at the istan queenrider before waving over Vanyil. "Dsalth thanks your for the scrubbing brush" he says, eyes shifting as his lifemate considers his meal. "Now…"suddenly diststracted, the rider turns a keen hazel eye on Pemeron. Another one of those little beasties is about to hatch…in here? Tongue clucks a moment as he looks balefully on the egg. Hmmm.

You sense Quarith reaches another weave of light tones married to light pastels. « Are you still mad? » Her presence seems to wait with bated breath.

Pemeron returns with three mugs of Hot cider and holds one out to Saria, the second to Hannah and keeps the third for himself. "I know rider P'rru's preference for Klah. Are there enough sweets there for you P'rru? Can I get you some more?" he reaches down to the sack again and says "Shards, it's moving like … oh my." He takes the egg in his hand and sits down looking at it, wiggling back and forth and then… a crack appears. He sets down his mug and looks "Lyri gave it to me."

Quarith> Dsalth flicks one blunted claw. Ah but it can't be that blunt, because the herdbeast is put out of it's misery in a heartbeat's moment. Primrose pinstriped maw leans down, tongue forking out to taste the still warm blood.

Saria scrunches a brow in a smile and wink at P'rru, then turns to accept the proffered mug from Pemeron. "Thanks.. and you'd really better get some meat scraps or something for that egg.. Hannah, is there someone who can get some from the kitchen?"

Lyri forgets her wine for now and moves off to the kitchen and returns swiftly with a medium sized bowl. "Didn't even have to wrestle a drudge for it.." Disappointment? Nah.. honest! "Here, feed this to it when it comes out.. and good luck."

Hannah takes the cider with a polite nod, and an ever-so-soft, "Thank you." Lifting it to her lips, her gaze is caught by Pemeron and his egg. A fire lizard egg. "Yes, Saria," Hannah replies while signaling a drudge to hurry up and get some scraps for Pemeron.

Hannah takes the cider with a polite nod, and an ever-so-soft, "Thank you." Lifting it to her lips, her gaze is caught by Pemeron and his egg. A fire lizard egg. "Yes, Saria," Hannah replies while signaling a drudge to hurry up and get some scraps for Pemeron.

Quarith> Quarith croons as her stolen meal is eaten by her companion. Is it as tasty as her nibble showed it to be? Curling her body into a comfortable pose, the gold watches the brown with interest.

P'rru clips his trail of thought short,trying hard to push down those warm fuzzy images of bleeding herdbeasts from his mind and thoroughly chiding his lifemate who of course, chooses not to listen. Feet clap sedately on the floor as he sidles up to the goldrider. "I've only ever seen a firelizard hatch once before" he notes, voice hushed lest he scare the hatchling back into it's egg.

Saria leans her head over toward P'rru's, whispering more because he is than because she has to.. "It's always rather fun, I think. I've plenty of my own though, so believe me I will stay well out of its sight."

Quarith> Dsalth opens his maw, delicately taking part of the beast into his mouth. *crunch* Eyes whirr avidly at the gold, since he's never dined on a queen's table scarps before, he's finding it quite remarkable. Tongue flickers out repeatedly, catching those drops of blood fastidiously.

Hannah idly sits by and sips her newly refreshed cider while gaze lingers on the fire, though Pemeron and his egg are given another glance. Saria and P'rru, on the other hand, are scrutinized closely, her eyes bright and intense.

Quarith> Quarith is glad that her companion is enjoying her nibbled on herdbeast. Crooning, the queen's inner eyelids lid slowly, though her outer ones stay open. Good?

P'rru knits his spikey eyebrows together for a moment. "I'm staying far away" he replies in the weyrwoman's ear. "Not enough room in my weyr for firelizards. How ever many do you have?" Hmph. Of course, hazel gaze is leveled on the egg, as if wishing it to stay unhatched. "Dsalth seems to be enoying Quarith's catch" this last comment is chased by a wry grin, the brownrider's face softening at the mention of his lifemate.

Pemeron gently sets down the Canvas of Madness Egg.

Canvas of Madness Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Imperious and Erratic Blue Hatchling This rather boisterous blue seems to think himself the king of all he surveys, his cerulian head held high with hautiness. His overly large head knobs are at odds with eachother and slightly off kilter, though their flashing teal hue quite a topper for so proud a 'lizard. Lightest azure travels down his neck, lightening along 'ridges to a nearly glaciated frost and darkening along shoulders to become a deep midnight. When extended, the wings become a slightly pearlescent aura that almost shimmers about his form, the 'sails an oily miasma of purples, blues, and a few shades of plum and royal purple, the 'spars dagger like protrusions that glimmer in a sickening silver. His back is long, more so than would be expected of such a thin being, and his haunches broad and muscular. Long and lanky are the limbs, talons glittering in a mirror like luster while a long, ropish tail lashes violently.

Imperious and Erratic Blue Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Pemeron, creeling piteously.

Saria isn't sure if her fair would be taken well or poorly. "I've six actually," she says quietly. "They're mostly well-behaved, with the occasional exception."

Lyri looks over at P'rru and shakes her head. "Doesn't matter to a 'lizard.. they'll tuck in anyw.." The blue is spotted and a groan given. "Shells.. you can tell it's Temper's get…." Clearly, this isn't going to be pretty.

Quarith> Dsalth is enoying this meal immensely, throat vibrating with contented purring sounds followed by a snort, snowflakes billowing in front of his nostrils. Still white. To tell you the truth, he was never really that hungry to begin with. Shoulders arch up, wedged head following soon after, every bloody scrapped licked from his musty maw.

Pemeron takes the meat and quickly holds it out to the little blue. "There you go little one, nice blue."

Imperious and Erratic Blue Hatchling The meat is ignored for a moment, and then snatched. The little blue immediatly creeling for more.

Quarith> Quarith has licked her maw clean as wellshe is a lady afteralland has curled herself contently on the ledge. Her belly has been sated for now, so that an almost sleepy sluggishness has entered her demeanor.

Hannah covers her toesies with the edge of her dress, her jacket still on her, and finishes the last of her cider. Pemeron and his new pet are given a lazy, shy smile before turning back to the fire, to speculate thoughtfully. Sip.

Pemeron continues to stuff meat into the creeling maw, watching the little blue carefully. "You said not to let it gobble, make it eat slowly?" he asks Lyri, hoping she is still there.

Adora hums a soft tune under her breath as she steps in from the Central Bowl.

Saria nods. This one, she knows. "Yes.. just give it smaller bits, and don't let it have another until it's finished the first."

Lyri gives another nod. "Yes, don't let it stuff itself too much.. but let it have its fill. You'll have to oil it once it's slept a bit." A grin is given. "And, if I were you, I'd start training that one early.." Pemeron nods and continues to stuff the little blue carefully.

Qebehsenuef glides in from the Central Bowl.

Hannah looks up at the newly arrived Weyrsecond, before her head ducks shyly; gaze again is pulled to the hearthfire. Nice and warm, it is. Setting the mug aside, the clasps her hands around her knees and just listens.

Bronze Qebehsenuef looks to Nyla.

P'rru grunts in response to the hatching and impression that followed swiftly. "Another mouth to feed" he notes under his breath. Saria's reply induces eyebrows to raise almost comically high "Six?" he repeats incredulously "Don't know how you've the time, weyrwoman" he adds, tongue licking his upper lip unconsciously. Adora is given a mile of acknowledgment, klah now considered.

You sense Quarith's curiousity is piqued slightly. « Are you interested in Dsalth's lifemate? » Innocent question?

Imperious and Erratic Blue Hatchling snatches piece after piece of of meat, his cocky eyes watching carefully as he eats.

Adora stomps into the Living Caverns, her eyes red and puffy, not with sadness but with sleep. She gestures to a drudge, invoking the rarely-used Weyrsecond's privledge of having warm tea brought to her instead of fetching it herself. She flops at a nearby table, her body almost folding intoself as she rests her head in her arms, her bangs still tousled from sleep, auburn hair doing more sticking up than lying flat. "Sharding dreams about dragons stealing heardbeasts," she mutters under her breath, before nodding curtly toward Hannah, Lyri, P'ruu, Saria, and Pemeron.

Qebehsenuef waddles up and crawls into Lyri's lap. Tired bronze wings enfold comfortably and he lifts his legs under his supple belly. Nice, comfortable lap.

Quarith> Dsalth bugles gently, as if in defiance of his lifemate's request. No, he won't come promptly, just hold your runners. Then the oversized brown sidles a little closer to the queen, nostrils flaring as he whuffles smoothly.

Saria smiles. "I've really no need to do much with them, although they are quite a fair. They get fed and find bits, I oil them or some giddy Weyrchild does.. an as long as they don't go about terrorizing folk, we're all happy." She grins at P'rru.

Quarith> Quarith rumbles curiously towards the brown. Grateful for the warmth of his brown form, she croons again, while watching her companion.

Lyri eyes the firelizard.. now she's a perch, eh? Well.. "Hrm.." Speechless? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the impossible has happend.. Lyri doesn't know what to say! A shake of her head is given before she turns her gaze to Pemeron. "What are you going to name him?" A quick nod to Adora is given and she /attempts/ to look like she's being responsible.

Impremo chirples happily and then pushes at the last bit of meat offered, not wanting more, but snatches it anyway, eating it slowly.

Qebehsenuef shakes his head and how that happened he'll never know. Sleep now. Sleep.

Pemeron reaches down to gather up the firelizard and says "I think I will call you Impremo, or maybe Impy. We had a nice runner that you remind me of, back at the hold, and he was Impreso."

P'rru chuckles "True, Saria, very true" he notes, taking a decent sip of klah to wet his palate. "So if I may ask, what is an Istan Weyrwoman doing in the High Reaches caverns?" eyes finally torn from the newly impressed (hmph) pair, the brownrider now focuses on the goldrider.

Quarith> Dsalth rustles his musky wings, thoroughly sated. With the haunting taste of fresh blood on his tongue, the brown grumbles contentedly, eyes whirring faintly violet as he inspects the queen. He does like her weyr's beaches, that much is true. If only he could convince his lifemate to spend more time there sunning.

Quarith> Quarith rumbles curiously towards the brown. Grateful for the warmth of his brown form, she croons again, while watching her companion.

Lyri eyes the firelizard.. now she's a perch, eh? Well.. "Hrm.." Speachless? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the impossible has happend.. Lyri doens't know what to say! A shake of her head is given before she turns her gaze to Pemeron. "What are you going to name him?" A quick nod to Adora is given and she /attempts/ to look like she's being responsible.

Impremo chirples happily and then pushes at the last bit of meat offered, not wanting more, but snatches it anyway, eating it slowly.

Pemeron reaches down to gather up the firelizard and says "I think I will call you Impremo, or maybe Impy. We had a nice runner that you remind me of, back at the hold, and he was Impreso."

P'rru chuckles "True, Saria, very true" he notes, taking a decent sip of klah to wet his palate. "So if I may ask, what is an Istan Weyrwoman doing in the High Reaches caverns?" eyes finally torn from the newly impressed (hmph) pair, the brownrider now focuses on the goldrider.

Adora thanks the drudge, accepting the mug of steaming klah with the grace of a plucked wherry. She sips for a moment, before setting the mug down with an audible clank, some of the liquid spilling over the side. "No, Sulath, I don't want to talk about half-dead heardbeasts with haunches missing," she mutters aloud, her tilted head and glazed eyes indicating perhaps she didn't mean to mutter that within hearing distance.

Damia arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Rauve skulks broodily in from the Central Bowl.

Saria sips her cider, sadly she didn't have a chance to ask this one be 'spiced'.. and she turns to P'rru — finally, some attention. "I've come to visit a couple young friends, including Hannah, here." She gestures kindly toward Hannah.

Quarith senses Lisulath tickles the senses, gently, gentlemanly. «HAVE m?dear? yet, beast, poor the with toying finished you» His mindvoice is silk, accompanied with a delicate whiff of whipped cream atop a chocolaty cappuccino. to her.

Damia looks down right /evil/ as she frisks into the caverns, dragging two groggy 'prenties — by their ears — behind her. Right in the middle of the caverns, she haults, spins them both around twice, and shoves them forward. A crafty look continues to find itself painted across the young woman's features as she watches them stumble forward, shakily appologizing to those that they run into. Sapphire optics sweep the room, glancing at those she knows and sweeping over those she does. Those she knows are also given faint grins of recognition and winks accompanied by a quick jerk of her head toward the stumbling 'prenties by way of explination for the aforementioned winks.

P'rru inclines his head, a glance spared at Hannah over the rim of his mug. "Ah, will your stay be long?" he continues with the usual questions, voice thickly smooth. Idly fingers rub at the stubble on his chin, Adora's mumbling form considered for a moment. "I'm a recent transfer, myself. From Igen Weyr"

<ALL> Quarith senses that she's voice entwines with the sunset colors of her mindtones. « I gave him to Dsalth. Mighty tasty herdbeasts you have here at High reaches.» A pause. « Must be the cold. »

Pemeron cleans up the egg mess with a cloth, and finally sits up and places the little blue in his lap, wiping it off with the same cloth. He sets it aside and then picks up his mug of cider "There was spiced over there, if anyone wants some." he takes a sip of the now cold cider, and then quaffs it to finish before standing carefully, holding the blue in his hand, then setting it on the seat "Don't let anyone sit on him, please?" he asks those seated "Anyone want the spiced?" or was that 'spiked'.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Lisulath with: Quarith's voice entwines with the sunset colors of her mindtones. « I gave him to Dsalth. Mighty tasty herdbeasts you have here at High reaches.» A pause. « Must be the cold. » to him. »

Saria shakes her head. "Perhaps the night, if Weyrwoman Areiah will put me up.. I han't planned on staying, but perhaps…" She trails off, leaving something to the imagination. "Ah, yes, Pemeron.. would you be so kind?"

<ALL> Quarith senses that Niamhyth is, thankfully, ignorant.. At least, OOCly. ;)

Adora sighs softly, running a hand over her eyes as if to wipe away the sleep-fog. She chuckles momentarily before focusing her gaze straight at P'rru. "From Igan Weyr, you say? You must be P'rru. I've been wanting to meet you, and personally welcome you to the weyr. I'm Adora." That last said with a finality, as if in her half-awake state she fully expects him to know what she's talking about. And not a care is given to the fact that she's obviously just interrupted an ongoing conversation.

Hannah wouldn't mind tasting the 'spiced' cider. "Yes?" is asked of Pemeron before the girl's gaze lands on P'rru, offering him a shy little smile.

Quarith senses Lisulath's voice turns seductively smokey. «SO you disappointed. be to like beauty a want wouldn?t certainly We Queen. Istan approve, glad» to her.

P'rru inclines his head, "Ah yes, Dsalth's been filling me in on the dragon's he's met…finally nice to put a rider to the lifemate" the brownrider says, a smile quirking his lips more at Saria's previous comment than anything else. "Well met then Adora" Hannah's smile is finally noticed, the rider winking back at her. "No spiced for me Pemeron" Klah and only, klah.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Lisulath with: Quarith's own voice is woven into threads of sunset colors that carry her dulcet tones to the mind of the other dragon « I do. Quite tasty. » Her ego swells a notch at the words of the other, though she is a lady and would only expect as much. to him. »

Pemeron wanders over to the large kettles set over the night hearths, and obtains a tray. With the assistance of a drudge he fills several mugs with the 'spiced' cider, and then walks over to the klah pot, obtaining a cafaffe of the dark liquid. He carries the tray back to the awaiting others and sets it down. "There you are." he says, handing the cider to Saria, and then passes the caraffe of klah to P'rru "And for you, more klah. The caraffe will keep it warmer for you." less trips to the kettle, ne? He lifts the little blue and then takes a mug for himself, glancing at Hannah, passing the mug in his hand to her and taking another, forgetting she asked. "Sorry, forgot you asked Hannah."

Lyri is still on her wine.. or is that not a suprise? "Good name, Pem, very good name." This from a person who named her narcoleptic blue Cyclone. "Now, do you have oil for him or would you like for me to give you a small container of mine until you can get some?" The offer is made as she eyes the blue warily.. it's Temperspawn, after all.

"That's okay, Pemeron. Thank you," Hannah murmurs, smiling shyly. Adora is noted, though the woman sends the girl into bouts of shyness, making her edge slightly toward Saria. Cider is sipped, but quickly she chokes as if the stuff burns her. Not quite as ladylike as Saria's first little cough, instead, her big green eyes widen even further. Oh, dear.

Pemeron quicly replies "I could use some, thanks Lyri." he then becomes very concerned with Hannah's choking "Are you all righ?" he asks quickly, almost standing and dumping his newly impressed blue onto the floor. He leans over a bit and says "Was it too strong perhaps?" He gazes at Saria, almost appologetically.

Vanyil arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

P'rru nods gratefully "Thank you Pemeron" he says genuinely. Although one caraffe of klah might not be enough to quench this rider's thirst. But better than wine, eh? Hannah and Pemeron are briefly eyed, then the rider collapses into a chair with a stifled groan.

Saria grimaces and steps closer, setting the cider down on a table an moving closer.

Vanyil strolls over to 'his' chair to flop down gratefully.

Hannah gasps for air, her gaze going from Saria to P'rru to Pemeron to Adorawho seems to be eyeing her little groupback to Saria. "I-I think s-so.." is stuttered out to Pemeron. "That is strong cider." Eyes the cup doubtfully.

Adora raises one eyebrow, regarding Hannah for a moment. "Hannah, you ok?" she inquires softly, knowning how jumpy the childwell, young woman, nowis around her. Then she regains her own cup of still steaming tea, taking a small sip and smiling out of the side of her mouth at the girl's comment.

Saria puts a hand on Hannah's shoulder to reassure her. "You'll get used to it." She glances up, just noticing the new arrival, having been rather preoccupied. Apologetically, she nods. "Weyrsecond. Ista's duties to High Reaches."

You remember that Adora is the rider of brown Lisulath of High Reaches Weyr.

Reminded of his former train of thought by Vanyil's movement, catching P'rru's eye, the rider opens his mouth, words croaked out. "Vanyil, that reminds me, I'll need your help in a few days. I've to collect a few ladies from Seacliffs and ferry them to the weyr. With babies, bag and 3 passengers, I could use an extra pair of hands" So Vanyil the gopher is politely requested again. "Perhaps you should stick to klah, Hannah" the gentle comment is shot towards the young woman.

Vanyil bites his lip, and proceeds to inform P'rru of some rather bad news. "I'm Sorry, P'rru. I got a message today. I need to go back home for about a month. My grandmum's not doing so well, and well, she's called for me." He thinks of the travelling packs up beside his cot. "I'm leaving either late morining or early afternoon tomorrow, whichever I wake up in time for."

Hannah chuckles ruefully to Saria, "It is a bit strong." P'rru is given a shy glance, though she murmurs, "I don't drink klah all that much. Usually normally warmed cider." But the goldrider seemed to enjoy it. So, she thought she might try it. Yeah, that's it. Adora is given a nod to let the woman know she's okay before she murmurs, "I think I'll want a normal glass of cider now. That stuff burned."

Saria holds back a little snort and girlish giggle at Hannah's last comment, but just nods. "Aye, it's strong if you're not accustomed."

Turing her still sleep-glazed eyes on the Weyrwoman, Adora automatically inclines her head, accepting the thanks. Then she furrows her brows, "For what does Ista owe the 'Reaches?" she inquires politely, obviously confused as to precisely what has happened here tonight.

P'rru clucks his tongue at the bad news indeed. "Family comes first, Vanyil indeed" Not that the brownrider speaks from experience, Dsalth certainly comes first as the dragon keeps reminding him. Hannah is once more idly watched before Adora's question catches P'rru's ears. Mmm.

Pemeron nods "I have some regular here too, if you prefer." He holds out a slighly lighter colored spiced mixture "This may be more to your liking."

Arianne arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Vanyil nods in agreement with P'rru. His work done now, he heaves himself up and proceeds back to his cot.

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