Proddy Yla And Pre Proddy E'an

[[logged by Yla]]

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Perched near the food are twenty-nine firelizards.

Elgin laughs, "Speaking of the devil."

Skiyra looks up and squeaks, "Yla! how are you?" Best to be nice to the riders you're not pissed at.

Yla eyes Elgin for a moment, sticking her tongue out at the resident, before beaming broadly at Skiyra. "Dah-ling!" She promptly flings her arms around the girl in an impromptu hug before dropping into a seat. "Never better, pet, never better."

Elgin shrugs and smiles, "What did I do? I simply said we were talking about you!" Laughs.

"Hence the tongue thing." Yla says, crossing her legs as she leans back in her seat, a distinct look of amusement on her face.

Elgin glares at Yla from across the table, but can't help it and breaks into a grin.

Skiyra laughs. Then abruptly stops laughing. It's been too long since she's laughed. She smiles and says, "It's nice to know someone's not cranky. I've been worried the only cheery people are me and Elgin here.""

Yla tilts her head. "Why be cranky?" she asks, seemingly of the room at large. "Life's good and I'm hungry. Pass me a cookie?" She beams and stares at Skiyra with almost manic intensity, holding out her hand politely.

Elgin grins at Skiyra, "She's got a point Skiyra."

Skiyra passes a cookie to Yla, being sweet and kind and everythign but cranky. "Because there are people who are cranky that ought to just go jump off a ledge somewhere" is said in a slightlt off tone, and then there's her hyper back "And then there's you two!" she grins.

E'an bubbles you! Bubble bubble bubble!

Jethro walks in from the South Caverns.

Jethro walks to the Kitchens.

"Seeeeee…" Yla drawls, cookie in one hand and promptly throwing her other arm over Skiyra's shoulders. "There are things in life that can be solved by cookies." Who knows where this demented logic comes from, but she plunges ahead. "For example, eat enough of them, and you will no longer be cranky. I recommend force feeding this individual cookies." With that, she bobs her head, and takes a bite of her cookie.

Elgin shakes his head, but goes along with, "I see your point Yla, will you pass me a cookie Skiyra?"

Skiyra ponders what would happen if she tried to forcefeed N'ano cookies, and breaks out laughing, passing Elgin a cookie in her hystiaria.

E'an squees in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Elgin grins, glad to Skiyra happy again and stuff the cookie in his mouth.

Skiyra looks up. "E'an!" She gets up and runs over to E'an and throws her arms aorund him in a big hug.

Yla pats Skiyra gently on the head. "That's my girl-oooh! E'an!" She waves happily at her clutchmate, practically bouncing in her seat.

Elgin smiles and tries to say hello, but its all muffled because of the cookie in his mouth so he has to wait till he's done chewing and swallowing, "Hello."

E'an oofs… backwards. Right. But he's prepared, with an Skiyra-proof vest and all. He's learned. "Hi… Skiy'." Right. Rhyming is always fun. And once recovered, and beam'n'waves over to Elign and Yla. "I went to High Reaches the other day," he announces, randomly, moving over to a seat. Hrm. Refreshments will have to wait.

Vest indeed. Padded leather pants, maybe, in case of falls. She walks over and sits back in her chair, snagging a plate of cookies on her way. "So, E'an.. You're not..cranky..are you?" she grins.

Yla continues munching on her cookies, automatically shuffling closer to the new entrant to the caverns as best as she can while sitting. "Hello…" she purrs in return to the wave. Down girl! "The Reaches, do tell?"

Elgin grins leans over to Skiyra while looking at Yla and whispers softly, "Told you."

Skiyra chokes on her cookie, and looks over at Elgin. She takes a swallow of cider, and just laughs.

Elgin grins at Yla and tries to look innocent.

"Of course not!" E'an snaps at Skiyra. "I mean, why would I be?" Shift. And he beams at Yla. "Oh, of course! See, they had the worst klah sweetner ever, and cold food, and they got mad at me for 'waltzing' in. But I didn't even /waltz/!" Pout.

Skiyra blinks at E'an. He needs a cookie. So she puts one in his hand, wanting it or not. "I don't know how to waltz." she says, idly.

Elgin says, "Can I have another?"

Skiyra nods, and hands him a cookie. "There ya go." she grins, beginning to forget her problems and be hypery, like normal.

"The horror! Mean ol' Reachians." Yla shuffles over a little more until she's right next to her clutchmate, practically touching shoulders. "Now, you see, the Reachians can't recognise a good waltz. I think. Actually, I wouldn't know, but since you didn't waltz and they said you did, that must be right, no?" Shuffleshuffle.

Elgin takes a big bite out of his cookie, and almost can stop from laughing at Yla's bluntness.

Skiyra looks at Elgin, and bites her lip. She, too, wants to laugh, but doesn't, for E'an's sake.

E'an blinks. Hrm. Ponder. Consider. "I suppose," he says, shrugging at Yla, and blinking at Skiyra. "Why did you give me this?" he says, glaring. "Trying to posion me, aye! ..Hide me, Yla!" And he ducks his head. Somewhere.

Skiyra looks at E'an. "You seemed a bit cranky. So I gave you a cookie! It was Yla's advice! Why are you hiding with her."

Yla extends her hand and pats E'an's ducked head soothingly. "There there. You can come hide out in my weyr if you like. It's nice and big."

Elgin rolls his eyes, no wonder they are both greenriders.

Yeah… say that out loud and watch the residents fly… unaided. :)

Elgin isn't /that/ stupid


Skiyra smiles. "Most peoples weyrs are nice and big, Yla." She's not as dense as she's making out to be, but it's better than acting like she understands.

Elgin nods and decides that Skiyra's way is the best way, "The resident hall is big too…but its pack full of people and cots."

The 'nothing' from the rafters pokes E'an.

E'an sniffs. "Oh, should I?" He rises back up. "Yla's advice? Oh." And an eye to Yla, then he returns attention to Skiyra. "In that case, it must be okay." He sniffs the crushed cookie warily, then starts nibbling at it. "And /I'm/ not being cranky."

"Of course not, pet." Yla says reassuringly. "Who's cranky? I'm not cranky. You're not cranky. We're just a bunch of shiny happy people." She pauses again. "I'm still hungry," is said with a slight pout.

Skiyra grins. "Not anymore. The cookie helped." she laughs, and tosses a tiny paper dragon at E'an. Then she gives Yla another cookie. She still has that plate, you know.

Kyoujin glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Elgin finishes the rest of his cookie and smiles happily.

E'an ees at the paper dragon, dropping it to the floor, raising his foot above it. "It's a… it's a… death paper! Don't make me squish it!" He points at Elign. "You? How can you be happy when my life is in danger?" And he ducks his head again.

Skiyra suddenly sneezes, and it sounds like a cross between a scream and a firecracker, and about 3/4 as loud. She looks at E'an, hearing his ramblings, and then looks down at the table. She thought he'd like it, and here he was, going to squash it.

Elgin turns to Skiyra, "Bless you." grins and nods at E'an.

Yla flings her arms protectively around her clutchmate. "Don't worry, pet, I'll make sure you're safe. You can stay in my weyr until it's all safe." Darnit! If she can't get anyone into her weyr any other way, she'll use protective custody as an excuse.

Elgin nods heartily, "You had better go, and quick E'an," gives a helpful wink to Yla, "You don't know who might try to kill you next."

E'an sniffs, and shifts aside, scooting away from the origami. "I will not kill it. But if it tries to kill me once again!" Shudder. And he nods at Elign. "Indeed! Come, Yla. We greenriders have to stick together. To the… weyr!" Right.

Zubrette walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Zubrette comes skipping in, she stops when she sees everyone. She smiles shyly. "Hello."

Skiyra smiles at the young girl, and says "Hey there.. do you want a cookie?" She offers the plate towards Zubrette.

Elgin looks up from the amusing greenriders and gives a warm greeting, "Hello."

hates her connection. Sorry. Did I miss anything?

Zubrette looks at the cookies and her pink lips form a bright smiles in delight. She runs over to the plate, small feet pattering on the ground. "Uh=hu!" She grabs the biggest cookie she sees and sticks it into her mouth.

Amusing greenriders? What happened to scary greenriders? Really, their reputation is suffering. "Alright dear," Yla bobs her head to E'an. "You know where my weyr is, I'll be right along." After she's finished her cookie. The cookie is Good.

Skiyra looks at E'an and Yla, and will miss the company. You know, that of /mature/ riders from the Sunrunner wing? Riiight. She smiles, and says to the younger girl "You're welcome." knowing that the big cookie would be the fist to go.

Zubrette takes as big a bite as she can and chews happily, and in a few seconds the cookie is gone. She reaches for two more cookies and plops down on the floor, happily chewing. Her blue eyes sparkle as she downs the first. "Mmm-good." She murmers as she stands up holding the second cookie, looking for something to drink.

Elgin does likewise, takes two more cookies and plops down in his chair chewing happily

Elgin grins happily at Zubrette, "Hello there, I'm Elgin…and you are?"

Yla finishes munching on her cookie very slowly, savouring every bite. "Mmmm…" it's the noise of someone fairly pleased with their food, and about to fall into a puddle of satisfied goo. "These are /very/ nice cookies."

Miran walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Zubrette looks up at Elgin and smiles. "I'm Zubrette!" She says proudly.

A voice calls from the hallway "Skiyra, you have the count to ten, and if you are not here by then I will count you late again, and I don't think you want that!"

Skiyra goes pale, and then says "Ah.. I think I better go.. like now…" She gets up, grabs her sketchbook, and runs, as the voice reaches seven.

Kiriya walks out with a smile on her face in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Elgin grins at Skiyra, "You'd better go."

Skiyra tiptoes gracefully to the Southern Caverns.

Kiriya wavles! "Elgin! Zubrette! Hi! I decided to visit you guys a while."

Serafa scampers in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Miran wanders into the cavern, a little tired and disoriented from her travels. Quietly, she takes a seat in a corner, leaning her head back on the stone.

Elgin smiles happily at Kiriya, "Hello! Glad you came back to visit."

Yla pouts as Skiyra departs. "Now who's going to pass me cookies!" she pratically wails. This girl needs her tooth rotting food after all. She pouts distinctly, until her eyes settle on a familiar face. "Serafa!"

Elgin scoots the plate infront of himself and grins at Yla, "You want a cookie?"

Serafa wanders into the cavern, looking slightly startled at the number of people it contains with a wary wave she greets Yla before taking a plate and grabbing some food. Settling in a relatively quiet part of the cavern, she sets her plate down and starts to eat, hoping feverently that no-one was going to ask her any hard questions.

Elgin pats the chair beside him, "Kiriya, come sit here. We have cookies!"

Kiriya gets an excited look on her face, and takes the seat beside Elgin. "Cookies? Cookies are good. Are they 'Reaches cookies? Those are the best!"

Elgin shrugs, "I don't know…" takes a cookie off the plate infront of him and making sure Yla gets a good luck passes it slowly to Kiriya.

Elgin says, "but they sure are good."

Khaye steps in from the Southeastern Bowl.

"Gimme!" Yla lunges across the table, intent on making an attempt at snatching up the cookies and keeping them all for herself. "Serafa!" she calls to the obviously unhappy girl. "Have a cookie. Feel good about yourself. And-what??" Yla whirls towards Kiriya. "Reaches cookies? Girl! These are Istan cookies! Far superior."

Kiriya hrms after taking a bite. "I didn't know Ista made cookies this good! These are officially better than 'Reaches cookies now. I haven't had one before, but I'm glad I have." She takes a pile of cookies from out of Yla's way. "Oh, no you don't. These few are /my/ cookies."

Serafa smiles wanly and gestures to her food. "Maybe later….." she says softly once her mouth is cleared. Not even a grin is shown for the bickering over the cookies and thier flavour. She must be feeling things pretty bad.

Miran has disconnected.

Miran falls asleep.

Elgin frowns playfully and tosses what is left of his cookie at Yla.

"Um." Khaye's greetings are sorely lacking today. Upon stepping into the cavern, she stops to blink at the cookie-snatching and other assorted cookie-related actions going on. "Um. Oooh. Eeeew." She meanders toward the people. "'Reaches cookies? I heard something about dead flowers and wherry in their cookies.. Canni have one?"

Kiriya crosses her legs and leans back in her chair, settling down. "So, have I missed anything interesting around Ista since I left? 'Cuz a lot's been going on in my life since I left. Gimme the gossip."

"Eeeww!" Yla pokes the half eaten thing with a nail and draws back from it. "You want me to eat that? You probably got all your germs on it." She beams, turning towards Khaye. "Here…" she extends the half eaten thing towards Khaye.

Elgin walks to the Southern Caverns.

Khaye blinks at the half-eaten.. thing that resembles a cookie being offered to her. "Germs?" On it? Does she really have to take it? "You can have it, Yla. Actually, um.. I'm not hungry anymore. I'll just… wait." Until whole cookies replace the half ones here. She sinks a little further in her chair. "That doesn't have wherry or dead flowers or anything in it, does it?"

Zubrette munches on her cookies and waves at Kiriya. "Hey, how you doin'? I'm thirst." She pleads. "Hey, know what? I remeber you!" She falls over laughing at her joke, that really isn't funny.

The housekeeper arrives to cart E'an off to bed.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Miran off to bed.

Yla hmms softly. "Alright… haaaave… this one!" Quick as anything, she snatches up a cookie from the plate before Kiriya can stop her. She drops into a chair beside Khaye, draping an arm over the brownrider's shoulders. "For you."

Tamashi glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Kiriya has disconnected.

falls asleep, with a yawn. Zzzzzzz…

Khaye squeaks. "Um… For me?" Heh. Eheh. Heh. "Thanks.." And then there's an arm draped over her shoulders. She fidgets, popping most of the cookie into her mouth and chewing thoughtfully before glancing at Kiriya. "Good cookie. And.. ah.. sorry for eating it? If I wasn't s'posed to or something.." Fidget. Squeak.

Tamashi glides to the Bowl.

Zubrette looks up and walks over peeking at the plate. "Any left for me?" She asks.

Elgin walks in from the South Caverns.

Serafa continues to eat, though if you are watching her closely you will realise that its more that she's pushing the food about the plate rather than pushing the food into her mouth. Her brown eyes stare at nothing for a moment before she goes back to her plate.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Kiriya off to bed.

Elgin smiles as he walks back in taking his seat

"There you go…" Yla passes down one of the cookies on the plate to the child with a smile. "All yours, dear."

Zubrette smiles and plops down on the floor again. She almost takes a big bite, but remebers her manners. "Thankyou!" Is said hurriedly before biting the cookie.

Elgin gets up to pour himself some klah, but on his way back to his seat, makes a mad dive from behind and snags a few cookies for himself, he finds his seat and grinning at Yla takes a big bite out of one.

"Hey!" Khaye protests as the single cookie is passed down. "I wanted that one.. That was mean, Yla." With a sniff, she pores over the rest of the plate, finally selecting another. It's just not the same. "This'n kin'a tastes like there's wherry in't, too," she comments around a mouthful of crumbs.

Elgin frowns at Khaye and carefully protecting them from Yla, "Would you like one of mine Khaye?"

Elgin shows her his little stash, making sure they are out of Yla's reach

Yla pouts, hugging Khaye a little tighter. "Awww! Khaye I'm sorry! Accept one from my personal stash?" She glowers at Elgin. "I'm giving her /my/ cookies!"

Zubrette looks around and turns her attention to the 'old' people. "Hey, I'm thirsty, please will you get me a drink." She gives them her best puupy look.

Elgin glances at Yla, "I'm fine with that, but shouldn't /she/ be able to decide?"

Zubrette thinks a moment and shrugs. "Water?" She asks happily.

Yla purses her lips at Elgin. "No. My brownrider. My cookies. Perfect match. So nyah." And thus Yla's reasoning is complete.

Elgin nods and stuffing his cookies into his baggy pockets, goes over to the drink bar, and pours a cup of full of water. Smiling he hands it to Zubrette. "There you go." and sits back down in his chair pulling /his/ cookies from his pocket and munching happily

Elgin says, "/Fine/"

Khaye lets out another squeak. "Um.. no, it's okay, Yla.. um.. I'll just.. Okay, okay… That's good, too.. Perfect match. Sure. Fine." Poor frightened brownrider. All she wanted was a cookie.

E'an enters. All… dizzy. "Ouuch," he whines, swaggering over to dramatically fall onto a table. "I've bit hit, Captain," he says, placing a hand on his forehead, and playing dead. Strange entrance, indeed.

Elgin grins, "I think someone killed him..this is your fault were suppose to protect him in the Weyr. tsk tsk."

Zubrette takes the glass a takes a huge slirp before going back to eating her cookies, humming.

Yla abruptly releases Khaye and skitters over to E'an. "Oh! Poor E'an! Which fiend did this to you?" She cries dramatically, thus vindicating her title of drama queen that N'ano bestowed upon her during candidacy. "Fear not, for you shall be… hey! You're still breathing! You're not dead!" Huff.

Elgin in Yla's distractions, he slips Khaye a cookie, and runs off before he can be stopped.

Elgin walks to the Southern Caverns.

It's the greenrider curse. All of them have gone insane. Or at least more insane than is normal. Khaye squeaks at E'an, too, though she promptly slides down in her chair past the hugging point once Yla's let go of her. The slipped cookie is blinked at. Oooh. "Hey! What's in—" She's cut off as he leaves. With a sniff, she sets the cookie back down. What if it has wherry and dead flowers in it? Then it would be all… inedible. "E'an, how can you be dead if you're breathing?"

E'an blinks up at Yla. "I… I… these last few precious breaths," he gasps out, clutching his throat. "I use to answer your question.." Pause. Gasp. "I was hit… by… by.." Choke, choke. And he stops breathing. So /there/. Pause. "Because I am!" to Khaye, and then he's back to dead and not-breathing.

Zubrette rolls on her stomach and her face twists up. "I think I ate too many cookies." She stands back up and burps, quite loudly. She blushes. "Oh, scuse me."

Yla crouches down next to her clutchmate, poking him in the shoulder. "By what? By a wherry? You have to get /off/ Fia before she goes hunting you know!" *pokepoke*

Khaye remains in the relative safety of her chair, although she does turn around to peer over the back at E'an and Yla. "Well, because you are isn't a reason. /Hooooow/?" Don't mind the fact that he's supposedly not breathing. "E'aaaaaaaaan. Tell me."

Castaliath senses Fiareth seems agitated by her rider's performance in the caverns. « Your rider is a bright one, » she comments to Castaliath.

E'an clutches a hand at his heart, and whispers. "That's… what she said… but I didn't listen.. and now I must pay.. with my own.. life…" And then he rolls of the table, hitting the floor with an oof. "Goodbye… Yla… tell Khaye I.. said… its.. because." Dundun. And he plays dead again.

Zubrette walks over to e'an and cries in anguish. "Look he ….he is going to die." She rolls him over and starts pushing on him. "Wake up." A tear rolls down her cheek.

"You're dead again? E'an!" Yla huffs again, rocking back on her heels slightly, wagging a finger at Zubrette chidingly. "He's not dead. He's being silly."

Zubrette waps him on the stomach. "Your stupid." She stands and flounces away.

Khaye picks up a cookie — mind you, it's one of the lesser-quality ones — and tosses it hopefully in the direction of Yla and E'an. Pray that it hits the right person, whoever that is. "E'an, you can't be dead again. You have to tell me how you can breathe and be dead. I wanna know how."

Yla grabs the cookie and waves it in front of E'an nose. "Wakey wakey… lovely cookie." Of course, she nearly shoves it /up/ his nose, but that's neither here nor there.

Zubrette falls asleep.

E'an oofs at Zubrette's wap, and then sneezes at Yla's cookie. On the cookie. "But I /was/ hurt," he whines standing up. *sneeze* Silly cookies. "I hit my head against a wall, an dit hurt." Nod. And he eyes Khaye. "Because… I did." Oo. Magic.

Khaye picks up another cookie and tosses it at the greenriders. "Oh." A blink goes first to E'an, then to Yla, and finally to the airborne cookie before.. "Wait! No! Yla! E"an! Catch that cookie! It's good! It's mine! Nooooo!" She scrambles out of her chair. "No! Cookie, come back.. Please?" And before she can see it hit the ground, both hands fly up to cover her eyes. "I can't watch. Someone catch it!"

"EEEW! That was a perfectly good cookie!" Which Yla now tosses away from her as if it's contaminated by some sort of disease. Then, seemingly more sympathetic, she 'awws' at E'an, gently feeling his head. "Where does it hurt?" No, not a healer, but at the moment she's a glutton for physical contact.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Zubrette off to bed.

"Noooo!" Cue slow motion, and E'an leaps into the air after the cookie - and just hits his head against the wall, falling to the floor. "Owwwwww. Now it /really/ hurts." Sniff. "It hurts right here," he pokes to a slightly read spot on his forehead, "right here," and he points somewhere on his head, "and right here." See the multi-colored nose? Hitting the wall twice in one hour never does anyone any good.

And the cookie still hits the floor. Khaye still has her face hidden behind her hands, though it's quite obvious that she's peeking through her fingers by the way she lets out a cry of Extreme Sadness as soon as the cookie is no longer airborne. "It's dead!" Or at least slightly dirtier. "Five-second rule!" She dives for the cookie, scooping it off the floor and scooting her way over toward E'an and Yla to peer at the three spots on E'an's head. "That isn't a bump, is it?"

Yla frowns at the obvious bumps on E'an's head. "That's nasty." She pronounces after a moment, bobbing her head. "You should see a healer. With all their healery… things. They'll make you better." Yupyup. So they will.

Serafa starts for a moment bought out of her reverie by the mention of healery things. Peering over with out any particular curiosity she see's the scene playing out on the floor. "Whats happening?" she asks a tiny frown of concern alighting her features breifly.

Yla points to the bumps on E'an's forehead. "He hit his head and died. And then he got better. Can you make sure he doesn't die again love? Take a look at his bumps?"

E'an sniffs, standign up. "I guess I should." Pause. And. "No," he mutters to Khaye. "It's just a /bump/. It's a shardin' HURTING bump." Sniff, sniff, cry. "Ohh, Yla, don't let me die again."

"No! Maybe if you let him die, y'know, he could show me how to die and still breathe at the same time." Khaye looks gleeful at the prospect of E'an dying again. "Please, E'an? I mean, you've already died twice. Won't hurt to die again, will it?"

Serafa groans and creaks out of her seat, taking a glowstick from her satchel she makes her way over to work her healer majick. "Okay now E'an do you have a headache or feel sleepy?" She asks, peering up at him, its better to be safe than sorry right?

"Don't worry," Yla slips an arm around her fellow greenrider's shoulders to support him. "I'm not gonna let you die, okay? Fiareth wouldn't forgive me."

Izz'y walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Khaye crosses her arms, something like a pout crossing her face. "But Yla! It's not like he hasn't died yet. He's done it already. /Twice/." Stress on the 'twice.' "Awww, c'mon. He needs to show me how he can die and breathe at the same time. I really wanna learn how. Please? Pleasepleaseplease, E'an? I'll give you a cookie." The cookie in her hand is dusted off and offered. "Please?"

E'an sniffs. "No, Khaye! I can't die. I only have one more life." He used the other eight.. doing other insane stuff. And he rubs his head. "It hurts. Yeah, I have a headache. And I'm really tired." Nod, nod, and he rests his head against Yla's shoulder. "No! Bad Khaye. I'll sic Fi' on you!"

Izz'y slides in from the bowl, rubbing furiously at a spot of mud, or something, on his neck. He slips past a pitcher of klah, and pours himself a mug-full. He then ambles over to where his clutchmates appear to be congregating. Sitting a little ways away, he offers a little smile and a "Hi…" Before picking at his neck again.

Sniff. "Then you shouldn't have used all your other lives running into walls and being hit by wherries. That wasn't smart." Because now he can't die again and show Khaye how to die while still breathing. With another sniff, she turns away, nibbling at the cookie. She promptly spits it out. Right onto the floor. "Eeeew! It's dirty! It tastes like dust! Oh. Izz'y! Hi!" The nibbled cookie is held out toward the bluerider. "Wanna cookie?"

"Awww… poor poor E'an." Yla says, hugging the greenrider, then tilting her head at Serafa. "Is he gonna die?" She asks, her voice low. "You can tell me. I just wanna know…"

Izz'y blinks a little dazedly. Preoccupied? Heck no. He absently takes the offered cookie, before processing the previous snippets of talk that hadn't quite made it into his skull. When all the information finally filters through, Izz contents himself with diverting the cookies course away from his mouth, and towards his pants, against which he proceeds to brush the bedraggled item repeatedly. Several seconds later he looks up. "Who's dieing?"

Serafa frowns for a moment, and peers up to the rider flashing the glowstick in one eye then the other. "hmmmm. You know I dont really think so. Nope he's not gonna die" she announces solemnly.

"Well, good!" Yla pronounces, then starts to prod E'an into moving. "Because we have to fly fall. Come on. The lot of you. Has no one noticed the time? Well, really." Tut tut.

E'an sniffs, burying his head in Yla's shoulder, then huffs and follows her out. "Yes, indeed. Let us go."

Khaye sniffs. "Fine. Let's go, then." A glance back at Izz'y. "Did you eat my cookie?" Before she heads out. Sniffsniffsniff.

E'an squees to the Bowl.

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