Possible Problems Encountered During Weyrlinghood
  • Constipation: Constipation usually occurs when the dragon overeats. Watch for thickening in the tail. If you notice the tail becoming thick, look for one of the dragonhealers or WLMs to administer a purge. Of course, you will have to muck the results!!
  • Minor Cuts & Abrasions: Dragons, like any other living creature, are prone to cuts. Minor cuts should be cleansed. and then left open to heal. More serious wounds should be tended to by a dragonhealer, and stitched shut. Unless the cut is near the flight straps, it is unlikely to impair flight or movement. Dragons should avoid going *between* with unhealed wounds, as should humans.
  • Bone & Joint Problems: Dragons are vulnerable to broken bones and dislocated joints. These are tended in much the same way that they are with humans. In the case of a broken bone, weight should be kept off it, but the break will not impair flight or going *between*, unless in the wings.
  • Flight Problems: If you are not careful, you and your lifemate can overfly themselves. This is especially likely to happen when you are learning to fly, as your lifemate has not yet built up their strength, and don't know their limits. You should frequently examine your dragons for stretched tendons and pulled muscles.
  • Wing Problems: One of the potentially dangerous injuries, which can happen if you and your lifemate happen to have firestone duty during a Threadfall, that your lifemate can suffer is a wing tear. Should one develop, have your dragon land immediately and send for a dragonhealer. A minor tear will heal in a few days, but a major one will ground the dragon for a few weeks while the wing heals.
  • Thread Scores: One of the nastiest injuries is a Threadscore. Treat it as you would a bad burn. Wash the score with cold water to clean it and make sure all the Thread is dead. Apply numbweed to deaden the pain and leave open to the air if possible. If not, bandage it loosely.
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