Phirath's First Pc Flight

Logfile from Sapha.


Before the Flight



The kitchens, smaller than the living cavern, also feature rounded igneous walls, inset with gold specks of volcanic glass, although the gold seems far less deliberate here, more patchy and irregular. This seems like a natural lava tube, leading into the living cavern and dead-ending after a sharp turn to one side. Broad, scarred tables fill this area along with chopping blocks, dented copper pots, and a row of huge sinks, dug by ingenious method into the rock itself, draining to some unknown point and fed by clear cool water, perhaps from the same source as the artificial waterfall outside.

Gliding about is a blue firelizard.

You see Annly's Away from it All here.

B'ane is here.

Obvious exits:

Baker's Area Living Caverns

Sapha is rummaging around in the different hampers and draws, obviously looking for something. "No, I dun wanna go to Southern to see if it's in season here, I'm sure they've got some dried about here somewhere, Phi." She mutters aloud to her life-mate while she scrounges. Peculiar behaviour? Perhaps, but she's proddy so it's all good

B'ane licks something sweet off his fingers and then plucks a fresh ear of corn out of a burlap sack and breaks it in two. "Huh? Oh, I didn't think I was alone any more.. What gives me this honor of seeing you today, Sapha?" Tossing the halved ear of corn into the air slightly, he catches it and bridges the gap between them somewhat, hand poised on the center counter.

Sapha blinks a couple of times at B'ane before flushing. "I wanted some cherries." She manages a credable imitation of her usual tone, complete with a seemingly nonchalent shifting of her hips towards him, nothing to obvious mind. "And I don't really feel like going out of the weyr to find me some. Phirath's far to close to rising for my tastes." She adds in a rush, not making too many indictations that she is going to resume her search anytime soon.

B'ane looks around as if he's got the kitchen inventory all mapped out in his head. "I don't see why we wouldn't have cherries, although I'm not sure how large the tithe would be since it /is/ winter." See, if B'ane were Sapha and had a green, he'd go out of the Weyr all the time to put all the distance he could between the Weyr - and consequently the dragons. But he is not and so stops picturing Aboleoth suddenly turning shades of emerald. "Well, then I should thank you for the warning, then?" Making a funny this early in the day tends to make it seem mean, although he's actually pulling the greenrider's leg. Just to show he means no ill-will, a rather tilted grin is given.

Sapha looks a little crestfallen, but hides it quickly behind a nibbled lip. "But I really want cherries." She ignores comments about her life-mates proddyness for the time being as she idly begins lifting lids off of things. "So what are you doing here?" She asks, oh-so casually, going so far as to lift one of the pots to her nose for a closer sniff. "Phirath isn't that bad when she's you know, is she?" She asks once she's replaced the pot, allowing her brows to furrow anxiously.

B'ane wants a lot of things too, but he's stuck with the same ole', same ole'. Well, someone could always time it to last summer and bring back a souvenir of ripe fruit.. but no! Timing it is bad and sinful. "Well if you /really/ have your heart intent on them, I know of a young brownrider who's going to Nerat on message duty. You could try asking him or I could relieve him and retrieve some for you. Although I'm not sure if the yields are great.." The small cleft in his chin is rubbed idly. "I was getting food for my rooster actually." There's something you don't hear everyday. "Proddy?" B'ane completes the word Sapha left open-ended. "She's a green and no one faults neither of you for nature doing its thing, so no, she's not 'bad' at all." Cocking his head slightly, his company is studied.

It is dubious whether or not B'ane is saying the things that Sapha wants to hear, but she's holding her chin up so it can't be all that bad. "Oh." She mumbles after some time, her eyes rather round and dark in the dim light of the corner that she is in. "I could talk to him, I wouldn't want to put you out or anything." She mutters hastily, before something else catches her attention. "Rooster? As in the thing we eat on very special occaisions?" Ah yes the joys of rural upbringings. "I'm being difficult and I know it." She offers with a wry smile. "Just I can't explain it, it's almost like when I'm pregnant. I just want cherries. Can't settle for anything else." Poor Sapha, if only she were truely aware.

K'av walks in from the Living Cavern.

No. B'ane's just that damn nice. "A trip to another warm climate to deliver a scroll and picking up a few cherries won't be torture. But, I'll have to talk to N'ano," him being his Wingleader, "but I know you too get along…" The Wingsecond has the Weyrleader wrapped around her little finger, right? "The very same. I sorta saved him from the dinner table back when I was at High Reaches with Nissionath's clutch and I took him under my wing. The thing knows just the right time to wake me up too." Crowing before dawn. He's a great alarm clock. Although albeit a snooze button. "Hm. Did you ever think maybe you are with child?" His vision is lowered ever so slightly even though Sapha doesn't bulge. Yet. "G'morning K'av." Great, now the two can clash heads. (Sapha/K'av)

Skulk. Skulking is what K'av does best; well, one of the things, anyway. But he's barely in the kitchens when he's spotted by B'ane and greeted. D'oh. So much for that. Lifting his head slightly to scowl at the other, while ironically still dropping a curt nod in acknowledgement, the brownrider then proceeds to scan the room in search of foo— A Sapha. Eww. That's what his expression seems to say, judging by the undisguised grimace K'av makes at the sight of his sister.

Sapha giggles a little shrilly. "Definately not, apart from Phirath's flights, my life is more like that of an apprentice, than that of a greenrider." She blushes despite the humor she attempts to inject into that rather personal admission. K'av has an uncanny knack on walking into discussions of Saph's lovelife, and she notices him just as her words leaver her mouth, greeting him in turn with a grimace of her own, his timing couldn't be worse. "Go 'way." She hisses before smiling at B'ane. "You'd really do that? Pick cherries just for me?" Her tone is back where it normally is. "Interesting. Has your alarm clock got a name?" Oh yeas, she's ignoring her bother…er brother.

N'ano walks nonchalantly in from the Living Cavern.

B'ane takes Sapha's admonition to heart and believes her. Who is he to know what goes on in her weyr? Somehow he's not bold enough to ask if she's been taking her greenstuff. "There's some rolls stuffed with redfruit preserves on top of the oven if you want to beat the crowds." Is slipped to the prowling brownrider before turning back to K'av's sister. "I'd rather have someone I trust picking my food than some stranger, wouldn't you?" Beaming vaguely, "and my rooster's name's Vinny. In fact, I should go bring him down to the beach soon. He paces like a wild feline in that cage of his."

"Woah, hey?" Lucky thing N'ano looked up as he flung the door open, eh? Coming to a halt, he stuffs the last bit of sweetroll into his mouth, being sure to lick every finger and chew thoughtfully before sidestepping towards B'ane, "Y've got a rooster? Guess Wishbone ain' gotten to 'em yet, eh?" he snickers, clouting the man on the shoulder before rummaging around in the storage containers, "Ya'll seen any more of 'em sweetrolls? I'm starvin'!"

K'av pointedly ignores his sister in his turn, intentionally brushing past the pair on his quest for… something. It isn't entirely clear what this brownrider is looking for, since he casts a critical eye over several baked items, then just as quickly passes over them, gaze sweeping obsolete, random things such as glasses and plates. Could it be just an excuse to eavesdrop? … Nah. Not K'avvie! At B'ane's well-meant suggestion, though, K'av simply throws a glower in the others' general direction. Then again, he might as well, right? Hence after a moment of brief hesitation, K'av surreptiously makes his way over to the indicated oven and grabs a couple of the rolls. As N'ano makes a rather loud entrance, K'av does another one of his glare-and-scowl combinations. Ah, cheeriness.

Sapha looks remarkably like something wild and furry caught in the headlights of a large vehicle, of course one of which is not on Pern so her expression isn't immediately recognisable. "Uh." Is about all that she manages to get out for several long moments. "Yeah, people you don't know aren't nearly as annoying as the ones that you do know." The garbled sentance is supposed to be an agreement to B'anes previous statement of letting your friends choose your food. "Vinny? Cute, He likes the beach huh?" She scowl's N'ano-wards. "If Wishbone has eaten Vinny, then you can let B'ane go to Nerat to find me cherries Mister." That makes sense in the universe where everything revolves about her.

"What?" Sapha's little comment gets nothing more than an utterly confuzzled look from the weyrleader as he shrugs it off before squatting to some lower cabinets. "Cherriesmmm, now /those/ sound nice." Probably not the ones Sapha's implying though. *cough* With a sigh, N'ano clasps his hands onto the countertop, pulling himself up. "There ain' nothin'waitwait, what's bakin' right now?"

B'ane rocks only slightly at N'ano's slap and lifts his head up with a blossoming grin. "Yeah, a pet by default more than anything, but I couldn't eat him. And I believe that Wishbone of yours just might succeed if he ever wanted chicken on his menu. He's a /fast/ little scamp." Just watch him play Frisbee. "Eh, I have him forage for his grit and food and stuff. And exercise. But I never leave him alone because I know something'll pick him off just like that." Fingers are snapped for sound effect. "Everything on Pern's made to fit into something else's mouth." Yep, word.

K'av is so ignored and stuff. Sniff. Okay, so that's the way he prefers it. Curiously enough, however, once the wingrider has got his hands on said rolls, he makes no move to leave. Instead, K'av simply leans casually against the nearest counter, munching on the first of his rolls, and casting suspicious looks at the little knot of people nearby. The discussion on pets and the like earns a soft snort and a roll of the cobalt eyes, but K'av would never deign to remark on such trivial matters, no way.

Sapha watches with confusion as the males bond, that's the problem with being one of the in-crowd, or something. You get ignored in favour of food? "So Can he? Go get -me- some cherries. You can get your own." She snaps just a little at her friend, She'll blame it on her life-mate just as normal. "Actually where is Bydelth? Phirath says she wants to show him something." Uh-huh, can we say distraction.

N'ano didn't really ignore K'av though! He asked him a question about what's in the oven… but since he got no response, it's really N'ano who's ignored! Or something. Nothing to dwell over though since N'ano's shuffling his way towards said oven, prodding K'av aside to open it safely. "Huh? Can who go get you what?" Obviously N'ano never got the 'Attentive' comment on his report card. "'n Bydelth's" N'ano trails off, only now turning a look over his shoulder towards the greenrider with a wave of his hand towards the door, "Out therethink he's in the weyr or somethin'."

B'ane finds those oven-edibles appealing and so he flanks N'ano. More for cover as well, since if the kitchen staff yell at them, he's with the Weyrleader and so is immune to punishment by default. "Honestly, I just won't take my morning break and flit over to Nerat and deliver B'ren's message instead, pick up the goods and beat it back over here. The whole thing'll be less than what they break's worth. Poor Vinny'll just wait tog o out until drills are done."

Sapha wrinkles her nose, watching N'ano suspisiously. "You think Vinny'd let me watch him? Least I could do if you get me those cherries, and we can swap, -before- you see N'ano again." Twelve turns has taught her alot bout N'ano's eating habits, she doesn't want him anywhere near her cherries. *cough* "That way I wouldn't feel so bad about you going out of your way to help me." Okay the crowd is making her a little bolder than she might normally have been.

"Uh—okay?" Whatever. N'ano doesn't care. It's his offday. "Why can't you just go get y'own cherries?" N'ano questions Sapha as he takes a perch on one of the chairs, stuffing a roll into his mouth if only to nearly spit it out soon after "Ack! Shardin' 'ot!" he emits, trying the maneuver once more. "Wanna pick me up some of that klah candy while you're at is?" is beckoned of B'ane, a grin forming over his face as he does so.

B'ane leaves the demi ear of corn on the counter then and pats Sapha's upper arm gratefully. "That would be a great help to him. And you can give Vin that food when you let him out. I'll bring his cage down before I go." Tugging on his belt, B'ane pulls his pants up slightly. "Only if I don't have to pay for it." He replies to N'ano with a mischief in his voice. But he leaves without asking for any money and will likely pay for it himself. Whatta sport. "I'll be back soon!" And some of those redfruit jobbers are taken for the road.

Sapha's eyes light up as yet another thing to nibble upon is bought to her attention. "Oooh and I want some of those too." She adds to her wish list before scowling at N'ano. "Phirath's just about to go up. I don't want her outside the Weyr til she does. Cos I'd get us in trouble." Kinda like what she did at the 'Mug a few days back.

"Ah… is she? Didn' notice." It was sarcastic, but N'ano's tone doesn't indicate that in the least. Shrugging, he sits up only momentarily, but long enough to turn his chair around, allowing him to rest his arms upon the back of it. "I think Bydelth's 'bout to go up 'imself!" Bronze flight or chasing? Who knows.

Sapha drags her eyes away from B'ane's departing form long enough to scowl at N'ano. "Silly N'ano, bronzes chase, they don't go up." She looks fairly irritable. "You suck, both of you." Oh yes no more Ms Nice Sapha, now that B'ane is gone.

"Shards woman, what's eatin' at your panties?" Erk, not that N'ano doesn't already know her proddiness, just had to mention it, y'know? "'n I'll bet you ten marks that Bydelth -will- have his own flight some day! I swear he's proddier than all the greens in the Weyr combined!" Surely he's kidding, right? "'n I don't suck!" comes the belated protest. Ahem.

Sapha continues to glare at N'ano, she's had plenty of practice at glaring, her brother is one of the best. "You couldn't just come in, and go right back out again could you? Nooo? You had to try and take -my- cherries, that B'ane was going to go pick -just- for me." Yup, knotted panties here. "Like Rider, like Dragon I always say." She remarks on Bydelth's sexual prowess. "You suck completely. You know I haven't had a chance to speak to B'ane since he came back from his little jump. Nevermind spending any time -alone- with him." Oh that's right she's peeved at him for that as well. "You coulda let me stay behind and look after him too." She mutters folding her arms and continuing to glare.

"Sorry," N'ano says in all sincerity, obviously unaware of his imposition… if that's a word. "I didn' realize," he starts off, pulling himself into a stance before tucking the chair back under the table. Opening his mouth to finish his thought, he waves a hand about, "I still ain' figured out somethin' to deal with that whole jump thing—maybe I'll just ground his hide so you can have 'em, eh?" With that said, N'ano turns and heads out, but not without pocketing a few more rolls.


The Flight


N'ano walks nonchalantly to the Living Caverns.

You go to the Living Cavern.

Sapha pads in after N'ano, looking more than a little anxious. "You know I'm proddy right?" She asks in a placiating tone as she gets closer. "It kinda makes me a little edgy, and well. I kinda like B'ane…and I don't think he likes me." Aww look at her pout. "I'm sorry." She offers holding out her arms for a little hug.

N'ano is a sucker, so instead of continuing along his merry own way, he heaves a sigh, turning around at her little explanation. "Yeah, I know you're proddyy've proddy for what, like a sevenday or somethin'? I think Phirath's tryin' to hold out on how long she can keep y'goin' 'fore she flies or somethin'," he says, emitting a small chuckle before allowing the hug. "I was just hungry in there" he says, pointing towards the kitchen, "Didn' really mean to impose on ya… sorry." With that, he gives her a small peck on her forehead before backstepping towards a table to finish his rolls. "Y'want one of these?"

Sapha wrinkles her nose. "Naw I think I'll hold out for my cherries, I don't even want anything else." She says as she slides into her seat. "I know, it's driving me crazy, it was a little better a couple of days ago, but now." She rolls her eyes. "Please Faranth, let it be today." Is all she says on the rest of the matter. "Oh dear, I think she's found Bydelth." She murmurs as she gets a running commentary on how fine the randy bronze is.

Phirath> Corral

Phirath> This part of the plateau has been fenced-off to provide an enclosed pasture and grazing area for the Weyr's herds. Grass covers the fields, rippling like waves in the wind. Herds of herdbeasts wander about, grazing lazily. To the north is the exit to the plateau, and from here you can also see the forests and beaches below the plateau to the west, as well as the ocean, stretching off to the horizon.

Phirath> It is a winter midmorning. Tiny puffs of high clouds speckle the sky, like fish scales.

Phirath> Gliding about is a brown firelizard.

Phirath> You see Wineskin and Shadow's Night here.

Phirath> Obvious exits:

Phirath> Plateau

P'renn is here, but not exactly sure /why/ he's here. Cinestioth was edgy, and therefore, P'renn had to give the ol' chap a little excercise. Ista's winter chill (though really quite a pansy chill when compared to other places) causes leathers to be drawn tighter as the browner wanders into the caverns, intent on food.

Phirath> Bydelth has arrived.

"Ayeyeah. Heh." Shaking his head, N'ano stuffs the last roll into his mouth before widening his eyes slightly, "Erwell, maybe she's finally complyin' to your little wish, eh?" he asks of Sapha, nudging his head towards the bowl, "Looks like there's gonna be a bit of bloodin'…"

Phirath> Aeokaith has arrived.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that she burns, the heat rising from her thought in palpable waves, sensous and undulating the heat reaches a cresendo without her even thinking a word. She's the star, as blood mingles with the flames of her instinct.

Phirath> The fast… the furious! Dun dun dun duuun! It's Byddie! Making his grand entrance into the corral for his first victim. Without so much as scoping the stock out, the vast bronze swoops down, crunching bones between his talons as the first buck becomes: The Chosen One. So after a few blood curdling screams, Bydelth turns Vampire mode on, draining the beast of his tasty goodness.

Sapha looks confused for a while, her face blanching as she realises where exactly Phirath is, and what exactly it is that Phirath is doing. "Faranth, she's euw." That is for the fact that Phirath always shares her meals with Sapha. "And B'ane isn't here." Don't mind her, she's all confused and lust-driven now.

P'renn looks at Sapha, trying to pick apart what she's saying and what Cinestioth is persistantly claiming. "You.. Wait.. Phirath.. is.. Woah, wait, no." A pained expression crosses P'renn's face as he takes a few steps away from Sapha but it's too late. That sneaky brown currently crooning in the bowl and watching the glowy green blood has gotten him into this.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Aeokaith uncurls, sending sparks of red and purple flying from his mind. « Who burns? Where? » he pipes noisily, eager to join in the fun.

Phirath> Phirath latches onto a terrified herd-beast with an ear-spliting screech of triumph, winging her hot little body towards a hillock where she can rend at the flesh in privacy, however something keeps her from those freshly steaming gobbets, and instead forces her to bite the neck of the now dead beast with a snarl blood welling up to escape from the loose suction that she is applying.

"Shardswell, maybe he'll be back soon?" Well, N'ano's hoping for Sapha's sake, anyway, being the nice guy that he is. "Hey P'rennyboy," comes a belated greeting as N'ano stands, starting a small pace around the table. "All I know is that Bydelth's all ready for some actionhe's already done bloodin' his kill, I think…"

Phirath> Aeokaith banks sharply as he races through the weyr, backwinging hurriedly as he reaches the corrals. He watches Phirath, fascinated, and trumpets his eagernes, winging down toward the herdbeasts and scattering them in every direction as his low-flying swoop threatens their very existance. Showoff, much?

Sapha stands up and starts to pace, not really having much choice as the primitive urges of her lifemate overwhelms what little of her brain is able to deal with the here and now. Her eyes glitter as she regards the males in her immediate vicinity. "Oh, you so aren't going to catch me." She mocks throatily, before pacing once more.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Cinestioth has sensed the impending flight, the faint glow and lustful cry of the emerald creature coaxed the young brown from his vantage along a plant-peppered ledge. Now, he's ready and willing as eyes begin to whirl into a tempo of detirmination and color floods dancing facets. « I am waiting. » Bring it, baby.

Phirath> Just like Spongebob, Bydelth's ready! Crouching on his haunches, faceted orbs fixate upon the green, swirling with intensity as he awaits her signal to pounce into the sky. He's got the need—the need for speed, and by golly, is he ready to push full throttle.

P'renn's innitial reaction of flight is quickly and conveniently changed to one of intense lust. Eyes narrow and fingers curl as he takes a few steps towards the pacing green. The boy's mind slips from his own thoughts, dislocating himself as Cinestioth-P'renn makes his first official appearance.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that she is in full flame now, the heat of her passion causing the blood to boil and steam, lust mingles with irritation as she finally voices her thoughts. « None of you are worthy. > Now those are words of love every male is just dying to hear. « Mmm but you have nice neck ridges Cinestioth. » She purrs before her attention is bought once more to the blood and the primal urges.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Aeokaith scoffs, lust and pride mingled in his voice, none of Phirath's irritation present. « Worth will be proven, pretty one! » he cries, thoughts accompanied by a vocalized shriek. « And my neckridges are nicer, » comes the next, slightly petulant thought.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Cinestioth arches his neck, newly oil-glossed coat flexing in the early winter sun. As talosn dig into the soil, the young brown, eyes his competition with little worry. He is young, he is strong, and it is his due. That green is his. « Fly for me, brilliant one. »

Phirath> Phirath continues to snarl and suck from her position upon the hillock, her eyes whirling orange with lust and just a touch of arrogance as she watches each and every one of the males from her vantage point. Of course Phirath being the wiley green that she is only needs the blood of one animal to power her body for the remainder of the …courtship. Without much warning at all the pale green abandons the carcess and launches into the air, her frosted wings quickly pulling her up into the higher reaches of the weyr's airspace. She did warn them.

Phirath> Aeokaith rushes out, launching strongly from his perch just a split second after Phirath. He crows his confidence, huge wings and slim body offering him speed that threatens to catch the green as she launches…at least, he thinks he's that fast.

Sapha smirks now that Phirath is airborne, her eyes glittering as she gets to experiance flight as a single entity. For the briefest of moments however Sensible Sapha makes an appearance. "Can't stay here." She manages to get out, as she too moves from the males towards the sanctuary of the Ground Weyrs and away from the eyes of children and stuff.

You go to the Northeastern Caverns.

You go to the Ground Weyrs.

You go into weyr 1.

P'renn shakes his little boo-tay in from outside.

Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as moves in from outside.

P'renn stumbles in after Sapha, looking momentarily dazed as he registers there are more in here. A handful of riders he hasn't even had the time to chat with let alone compete over for the prize. Sapha, in all her dragon-linked brilliance is only a reach away. P'renn, panting slightly as he attempts to get a handle on his emotions, begins to reach out, lips curlign faintly in lust as Cinestioth pushes away any thought of modesty from mind.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that she flickers with lofty amusement as her ploy seems to settle the boys from the men so to speak. Flaming brilliantly as she revels in the feel of the wind beneath her wings, and the numerous sets of eyes upon her glitteringly pale form. « Catch me if you can Losers! » She taunts, her words rich with the aroma of burning rubber.

Phirath> You take off.

Tasi follows P'renn, having caught a glimpse of her fellow rider as she wandered. Her eyes widen. "Who -?" And the question is answered. She blinks, trying to get ahold of herself, and stumbles to take a seat, staring helplessly around the room as more of her flies with Aeokaith than sits with the riders.

Phirath> Aeokaith takes off from Corral

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Aeokaith laughs wildly, his high piping voice punctuated with bursts of light. « Oh, I can! » he shouts back. « I, I, I can! » it takes on a singsong tone as he wings upward after the green.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Cinestioth scuffles the bottom of the bowl in his anticipation. Only when Phirath shotos upward does Cinestioth let loose a peal of challenge. Loser he is not! The usual adorable accent and squeaky nature of the brown is lost as lust causes his mind to swirl in patterened pumpkin and fuzzy bubblegum. « Such words, little green, I hope you fly better than you insult. » The equivilant of a draconic grin shifts Cinestioth's features as he streaks after the glittering green.

Phirath> Aeokaith rushes upward, wings glaring in the light. He spins and darts, showing off as he attempts to pull closer to the green, doing his best to anticipate turns and tricks before she executes them. « You know you want to be caught! » he calls out after her, mindvoice tinged with pride and laughter.

Sapha hisses at the crowd gathered in this weyr. Her eyes glittering dangerously as she pushes riders out of her way so that she may have full room to pace, oh yes, she's the boss, and the star of the show, and she knows it as her human body starts to strut backwards and forwards in full sensual challenge. Just don't get in her way.

Phirath> Cinestioth drifts on glossy brown pinions in from the east.

Phirath> Phirath swings her neck around to watch the confusion of the males below her before trumpetting a challenge to accompany her mental taunts, oh yes this is no gentle creature to be woo'ed, this is the shrew to be tamed. Except this shrew has claws and teeth, and a wicked tight turn. Which she beautifully executes as she wings her way upwards towards the halo surrounding the sun. Leaving only the barest glimmer of her hide visible. Yes she's done this many times before, and as always it manages to misdirect a few of the stragglers. *re*

Phirath> Cinestioth rushes upwards, great wings making no small impression as his considerably bulk flashes in gauzy show as the sun caresses his sorrel frame in wintery light. Tail snaps in fiendish excitement as talons outstretch for the glittering creature who remains fickle and clever before him. Her turn, throwing him slightly awry, is quickly changed into a benefit as the big brown nearly cuts off Aeokaith in his eagerness to regain lost ground.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that she flares, the corona of her lust accelarating into a blazing halo all of her own. « Not by you. » She taunts, before adding a playful flicker of surreal green. « You want to be insulted? Is that a cloud? No I think it's your massive behind Cinestioth. » Okay she's busy doing the usual mating flight aerobatics, insults are for later, when she's actually thinking.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Aeokaith snickers quietly, scoffing at Cinestioth. Piping loudly again, his usual annoying, eager self, he sends out the thought, « Browns are big and clumsy…the blue will win this flight! » Sure, as though he's the only blue in the mass of males in on this. But in his mind, of course, he is.

Phirath> Cinestioth looses a little more ground when he turns his great head back to survey his rump. It's not /so/ bad. I mean, sure, he's got a litle junk in the trunk, but let's not even get -into- that. « Clever. Where are you going little green? There's no escaping the inevitable. » Paws tuck up as he dives, zipping near enough Phirath to nearly make a swipe at her tail. « Who's this? Aeokaith? I apologise, I couldn't see you due to your size. She does not want a firelizard in attendence. » Ooh. Rawr.

Sapha's wickedly glinting eyes latch on to P'renn for a moment, her smirk turning very feral, very wild, before she turns her attentions towards Tasi, the exact same lustful look given to the blue rider. It's a moment of relative peace in the chaos before she resumes her pacing, and in the air her full range of manovuers becomes apparent.

Phirath> Aeokaith shrieks his annoyance at the brown, whirling easily out of the bigger dragon's way and pulling forward once more, tail snapping (intentionally, or accidentally?) just in front of Cinestioth's nose as he races forward. Small he might be, but better than Cinestioth, of course. He ignores the brown, not allowing movement or thought to distract him from his purpose as he gains on the green.

P'renn moans faintly as he elbows his way through the knot of lust-laced riders. Bumping into Tasi with a gutteral hiss, P'renn catches Sapha's eyes, a rare smile flushing his features as he nearly crows with delight. He will win this flight.

Phirath> Phirath backwings suddenly, using her inertia to turn and drop, just a small drop towards the sparkling blue of the sea to shake those who are becoming complacent by thier proximity, and then she's up again heading towards the weyr's distinctive fingers much higher up. Showing her true range of speed and agility she slips between two of the rocky pillars and changes direction again, the use of her terrain losing a few more of the sex-crazed males not paying enough attention to her frosted pale hide.

Startled nervousness turns into an easier, eager lust as she catches Sapha's eyes, shifting her weight to lean just that much closer to Sapha. A soft growl escapes as P'renn bumps into her and she elbows wildly, either catching him an uncomfortable wallop on the side or missing entirely, and she doesn't seem to care which. Aeokaith will win this. She will win this.

Phirath> Cinestioth zips forward around the same moment Aeokaith does. As such, his nose is fouled in the blue's tail briefly and he is forced to drop back, stunned for a tick. But, the insult of being driven out of a flight by a blue is too much. With added oomph Cinestioth streaks to the right of the pursuing party, looking for an opening to dart in and take what is his.

Phirath> Aeokaith trumpets wildly as he sees his chance, pulling wings in close and diving down toward Phirath, foreclaws extended eagerly. He flicks his tail harder at the brown, feeling him close on his own tail, and continues the drop, wings suddenly unfurling again to follow the green back up into the skies again.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Aeokaith gasps in an angry flash of red and orange. « Firelizard?! » he sputters, allowing annoyance to fuel an additional burst of speed as he follows close behind the green, convinced, whether it's true or not, that he's the closest to triumph.

Phirath> Phirath dims the fire of her desire to the barest glow of the smallest ember. « Too slow, you are far too slow. » She taunts quietly, her lack of flare more to help her misdirection rather than anything else. « And Boys? I get to choose who wins, much like I always do. » Oh yeah baby she's an independant…dragon…er sexy beast

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Myrrheth shimmers a bemused crimson, her lilting mindvoice twining with the thick scent of myrrh. « Cinestioth's right, though, Aeokaith-love. You /are/ rather small. » Gentle silk smoothes over the comment as the courtesan recedes behind a curtain of lush velvet.

Phirath> Cinestioth is tiring, but in that 'feel the burn' way he lives for. As ichor pumps through his veigns the brown sees at last his chance. Folding his wangs close and aeoring his body after what is rightfuly his, Cinestioth dives. Blues, browns, bronzes are all forgotten as Cinestioth plunges after the glowing creature of indefinable desire. She msut be his! She will be his!

Phirath> Aeokaith keeps a sharp eye on Phirath, not allowing such paltry tricks to confuse his sharp eyes. His eyes glow brighter as he hears Myrrheth, and his last shriek is almost more anger than eagerness. But again, the anger fuels his speed, and another little burst sends him forward with a half-twist to catch an air current, using it to curve around a little in an attempt to head the green off.

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that Aeokaith glares sharply, daggers of light rending Myrrheth's gentle crimson. « Small means power, small means speed, » is all he will say on the topic, affording Myrrheth considerably less than his full attention as he grumbles at all the jibes.

P'renn is -this close- to making a lunge at Sapha, he can practicly feel the smooth skin of the greenrider in his hands. His eyes are blazing, and sweat beads his brow. Muttering inaudbile, incoherent little mantras, P'renn takes a lurching step towards Sapha.

Tasi stands up suddenly, moving to step between Sapha and P'renn. It's all confused…mothering tactics battle dragon-fueled lust, is she keeping Sapha safe from P'renn or claiming her for herself? Either way, she's looking on the formidable side.

Phirath> Phirath trumpets as she senses that there is another that dares intrude upon her good time. Don't you know she's the playa-playa from the Himilayas? Or well Ista, and just another green. However as always rage leads to mistakes, and a mistake she does make as her turn heads her towards the chasing males. Maybe she can rectify the situation if she twists off more towards the right. She isn't about to admit it, but perhaps next time she'll blood 2 herdbeasts, she's getting old.

Sapha snarls one last time at the gathering circle of hopeful riders. However she knows that the day's events are about to reach some sort of conclusion and allows her body to be surrounded. "Euw Get away F'nder." She snaps, Oh please don't let it be him.

Phirath> Aeokaith whistles sharply, impressed with his own tactics as the green veers just tht much closer to him. He folds his wings in suddenly, attempting a sudden drop down directly onto the glowing green, entire body extended as every muscle and tendon within him yearning, reaching, straining towards Phirath. He's just /got/ to get her!

Phirath> Cinestioth is neck and neck with Aeokaith, and though he does not admit it, he is deeply impressed with the blue's staying power. As great wings angle out to make the necessary adjustments, a tail waspishly snaps and he pulls forward inch my inch, thought by thought. She.. Is.. His!

P'renn bodily wrenches F'nder away from Sapha. How could F'nder touch his things?! Sapha is his! Nearly vaulting the bronzerider to the ground, P'renn turns his attentions on getting past Tasi. Why must they stand in the way? She is his! They know she is his!

<Ista Weyr> Phirath senses that she flares into brilliant flame once more as her stamina recedes, and she's forced to wind her party down. « Myrrheth? Go bend your tail. » She snaps with a great deal of rage, how dare the other green steal her limelight. « Oh Bother » IS the last comment she shares with the Weyr at large before breaking off suddenly, obviously the chase has come to it's conclusion.

Tasi reaches out, instinct working faster than thoughts as she slaps P'renn sharply across the face. "Get away from her!" she cries, pretty well torn apart by the conflicting emotions. Oh, poor Tasi, a living, walking hormone war. Or is it poor P'renn? After all, he did just get slapped.

Phirath> Phirath is aware of Cinestioth, with his oh so fine neck-ridges, however all that talk of firelizards made her dismiss Aeokaith, which was her final mistake, thinking she would be able to streak free from the persistant brown she swerves and lifts, right into Aeokaith's clutches. « Shards. » She exclaims as she finds herself caught. « Oh alright I choose you Aeokaith. » Are her final words as they do, you know what dragons do at the end of such things, twining her neck with the blues and allowing him to take charge.

P'renn falls back, toppling over and landing with a resounding 'thunk' on the floor. He's half-blinded by need and want and sharp pain but pain doesn't matter. Sadly though, he's clsoed in by the groping riders and is quickly lost in the mess, without his green or his Sapha.

Phirath> Aeokaith trumpets his triumph for real this time, grip closing tightly around Phirath as the two of them begin the downward spiral of, well, what dragons do. « Hear that, Cinestioth? » he can't resist throwing back. « She chooses me! » He almost seems to glow with the green, elation and pride the source of this /little/ blue's inner light.

Phirath> Cinestioth watches as that little blue upstart takes his green away. /His/ green. Momentarily stunned that he /ever/ though the blue worthy of respect, Cienstioth cuts out of the flight, breaking off from the melded mind of his lifemate. He must find P'renn, the poor kiddo is woefulyl confused and his mind weakly assailed with doubts and.. did that pipsqueak of a bluerider -really- slap him? Grumble.

Michael> Above, Cinestioth watches as that little blue upstart takes his green away. /His/ green. Momentarily stunned that he /ever/ though the blue worthy of respect, Cienstioth cuts out of the flight, breaking off from the melded mind of his lifemate. He must find P'renn, the poor kiddo is woefulyl confused and his mind weakly assailed with doubts and.. did that pipsqueak of a bluerider -really- slap him? Grumble.

Sapha smiles, her eyes half-lidded and her expression extremely sexy. "Thank you." She murmurs huskily towards Tasi, allowing her body to fall into the same rythyms as the part of her that is still airborne.

Tasi smiles, pleased and proud as she reaches out to hold the greenrider in an odd combination of lust and tenderness. She smiles at the thanks, murmuring something incoherent and reassuring, and one hand twines gently in the greenrider's hair, the other wrapping around the woman's waist.

P'renn manages to fight free of the pained riders, eyes widen as he shakes the residue of a mind not quite his own. Tasi and Sapha are watched briefly but P'renn has absolutely no desire to be here. Breakign free of the disappointed riders, the kid flees, desperately hoping to find his chagrined lifemate.

Not that P'renn's going to be left out of the celebrations, Oh no. One of the other Blue-riders who's dragons fell off right before the dazzling acrobatics, marches up to him to offer her hand. "It's not the same, but it's still fun." She growls huskily.

P'renn looks around at the trailing bluerider and rubbing his cheek gingerly where Tasi outright slapped him, accepts the offer with a muted smile, lust still enfringing upon the edges of disconsolant eyes.

Sapha is unaware of the dissappointment of the others, and even the avid audience this is likely to titilate as she allows Tasi freedom of her body. And then Every thing fades to black…lalalalala.

Tasi fades down into black along with Sapha, not even as aware as the greenrider seems to be of the audience, or of nearby sore-cheeked riders.


After The Flight


Sapha notices the afternoon sun first, what little she can see of it from under her covers, and in the middle of the ground weyrs. Not wanting to go back to things just yet, she snuggles up to the person next to her, eyes closed and hand snaking across the gently curved belly….Curved Belly? Blinking Sapha attempts to prop her head on her hand as really look at who it is next to her. Giving up she relaxes once more, leaving her hand on the small bump to see if she can feel a kick.

Tasi blinks, feeling Sapha move next to her. "Hm?" she asks softly, blinking a few more times to open up on a different emotion with each blink: sleepy, then confused, then surprised. "Oh," she says, most inadequately.

Sapha smiles. "Yeah, Oh." She winks, probably having a few more moments like these than the younger blue-rider. "I hope we didn't hurt him." She says giving the belly a final little pat. "I forget more and more of my healer lessons every turn. She murmurs, more to herself as she stretches and begins her normal waking up rituals.

Tasi laughs, shaking her head. "They're hard to hurt…it's fine, I can still feel him." She smiles wryly. "And you were right about that whole feeling of tunnel snakes pounding on my bladder, y'know," she adds with a grin, rolling over. She has no plans of actually getting up yet.

Sapha grins. "There is so much more than that to look forward to. But yeah, it doesn't really help passing along old aunty tales." She yawns scratching at her hair with one hand. "Faranth, it's good not to be proddy again." She grins as she turns her head towards the bluerider, her eyes losing focus for the moment. "And she's still sleeping." She smiles tenderly as her focus returns.

Tasi laughs quietly, talking over her shoulder. "Not sleeping. Not exactly, anyway," she protests lightly, sounding only vaguely awake. "And I happen to think you're fun prod - " she sits up suddenly, half-laughing and half-chagrined as she exclaims, "Oh, shards! I hit P'renn!"

Sapha giggles, allowing her hands to flop onto her own flat stomach. "I'm not so sure, I think I got that poor guard in a bit of trouble with his missus, and.." She frowns. "There was something else. Oh, and banning N'ano from my cherries, that B'ane went to Nerat to pick for me." Her expression is no longer a frown, but not quite as jovial. "It was a shame that B'ane wasn't here…"

Tasi grins, standing up and reaching out to Sapha with a smile. "Speaking for myself, I'm rather glad he wasn't," she says in soft teasing.

Sapha smiles once more. "You're bound to say that. But yeah, I'm glad he wasn't as well. Not just for the awkwardness factor either." She winks at Tasi, her smile now mirroring her earlier ones, if only briefly. "I hope P'renn is okay though. I mean N'ano's a complete wreck when he loses." She name drops, it's her thing.

Tasi smiles, nodding. "P'renn got grabbed by…um…whats-her-name. Some bluerider. On his way out. I suspect he had fun. I /do/ feel bad, though…between myself and Aeokaith, we weren't very nice to poor Cinestioth and P'renn." She chuckles, still surprised at herself for that. "And is N'ano /really/ such a baby about losing flights?" she asks, eager for the dirt on the Weyrleader.

Sapha rolls her eye's "N'ano is a big baby, end of story." She chuckles. "You shoulda seen him the time Ryran released a small tunnelsnake in the weyr." It's a funny story, but thats the jist of it. "Yeah I think I know the one. The blonde right?" She asks, her own memory rather unclear on several points about that rather central moment.

Tasi laughs at the story, then squints, trying to remember. "Um…" She smiles, showing the soft squishy side of her that rarely shows up when she's not all afterglowy and so on. "All I can remember from the moment Aeokaith caught her on is the look on your face and the feel of your body." She smiles.

Sapha blushes, and ducks her head. "Yeah?" She asks simply. "Same deal." That's right she's not so big on the love talk, after all with N'ano doesn't really need it. "I mean, It was nice. I mean." She crosses her eyes. "It was, good." She smiles sweetly, to make up for her rather stilted response. "Aeokaith doesn't expect Phirath to be nice to him after this does he?" She asks with some concern. "She's not really the cuddly type."

Tasi giggles, shaking her head. "Of course not…he's far too wrapped up in himself, and in me, to really care about greens." And she smiles, correctly interpreting the multiple tries. "And it was," she adds quietly. "Nice." She smiles gently, the smile considerably more expressive than the words.

Sapha definately looks relieved. "Oh, that's a relief, last time we had this brown that lingered, until thankfully he forgot." She smiles, sitting up a little more and curling her arms around her legs, unsure of what exactly to do now. "I'd invite you to drop 'round anytime, except you have a weyrmate don't you?" She cocks her head, regaining a little of her confidence.

Tasi snickers softly regarding the brown comment, then smiles at Sapha. "Nodding. I do…but I might still drop by sometime, if you meant that invitation." She grins a little, ignoring the little voice in her head that says how unhappy Sainin's going to be with all of this.

Sapha grins. "Definately. I need to do this more often, not just when Phirath rises." She adds her own chuckle before clapping a hand to her mouth. "Sweet sharding Shells, Vinny!" She exclaims as she dashes from the bed and rummages for her clothes or the remains thereof. "I'm so sorry. I'd better go exercise B'anes rooster." She offers by way of explaination, dragging clothes on, and combing her hair with her fingers. "Thanks so much for the wonderful time, and Yeah. The weyr's just past the council room if you need directions." She stops at the door and gives a wink. "N'ano won't mind."

Tasi laughs, nodding. "Thanks, I'll find my way." She stands up to steal a final hug and waves, still smiling from the who experience.

Sapha hugs her back quickly then makes her escape. All for a handful of cherries. Go figure.

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