Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this Inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. - D'baji

Dragon: Phirath
Color: Green
Name: D'baji
Egg: Andromeda Galaxy Egg
Egg Desc: Kelana; Naomi, Yulianna tweak
Dragonet: Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: D'baji
Adult Desc: D'baji
Messages: D'baji
Inspiration: D'baji

Clutching Message:
Miyakath crouches, a musical thrum rumbling in her throat as the queen heralds the next egg's impending arrival. Eyelids close as she concentrates; one final massive effort, and the egg arrives at last, rolling slowly out onto the sands. Aided by its dam's gentle nudge, the egg makes its stately way over to a depression in the sand, content to settle there as sand is piled up against it, scattering over its starry surface.

Andromedy Galaxy Egg
Star-studded blackness delineates the base of this ovoid, folds of night-sky velvet sweeping up to swathe the egg's surface in its soft caress. Constellations of pinprick stars beautify the smooth curve of shell, but its dark splendor is completely eclipsed by the magnificent spiral of silver gracing the egg's equator. Floods, rivers of stars cascade down each curving arm, radiating out from an almost luminous center; cloudy nebulas, shades of silvered red, yellow, even blue, all are visible within the galaxy's embrace. If one were to look closely enough, one might glimpse near-identical spirals in the egg's remote depths, each seeming to slowly turn, uniting in a vast, eternal cosmic dance to the unheard music of the stars.

Hatching Message:
Andromeda Galaxy Egg offers a final pirouette in its cosmic dance, enveloped completely in the wavering air of the scorching Sands as it takes its final resting place. With a loud *tock* a little chip is made, right at the center of the spiraling galaxy of the shell. Slowly, little bits are pulled back by insistent talons, and a heated hiss is emitted from within. The hole continues to grow as the dragonet burns its way through the outer wall, chipping at the coloured areas, to leave a blacker finish to the egg. Then a flash of light as, from the remaining shards and ashes of the shell, a luminescent dragonet emerges.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet:
Ghostly pearl sheets washed jades along a strong neck, cascading across compacted chest and petite flanks. The tones lighten further as they touch long, lithe limbs until achieving an almost crystaline whiteness over wickedly curved talons. Diluted emerald flames lick across a caved underbelly, curling wisps of iridescent peridot smoke onto well-proportioned wings, where it mingles with a frigid alabaster to brush frosty patterns across her 'sails. Similar peridot burns beneath a glassy shell, glowing over headknobs and along petite neckridges until it envelopes her lengthy tail with an almost luminous quality. A fragile triangular head seems carved of translucent porcelain, delicate eyeridges taking on a milky sheen, and off-setting large, whirling eyes to complete her ethereal appearance.

Impression Message:
Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Hatchling gives a snort, turning from yet another candidate, tail flashing out behind her, as she stalks towards a new white-robed figure. This one, however, seems to still the dragonet's scorching impatience- this inky-haired girl indeed capturing her interest. A pause as shining eyes are fixed on the the young woman, and then a cooled sigh is emitted as the pale green rests her head against Serafa's thigh.

Personal Impression Message:
Heat and light, indescribably by physical standards, engulf you. Another being's flame pours through your mind, devouring every aspect that is You with a daring, almost reckless rapidity. Then, with the same suddenness in which it arrived, the burning ceases, leaving only the tingly feeling of an everlasting warmth. «Good. I was right,» a steady, light-hearted voice procclaims. «You /are/ mine. I am Phirath, and we shall /not/ be separated.»

Phirath's Adult Desc:
Ghostly pearl sheets washed jades along a slender neck, cascading across a petite chest, and down towards delicately curved flanks. Tones lighten along lithe, muscled limbs, finally achieving a frosted crystaline whiteness over wickedly curved talons. Diluted emeralds scorch over a toned underbelly, wisps of iridescent peridot curling upwards to outline compact but powerful haunches as it smokes towards perfectly proportioned wings. Frigid alabaster mingles with the jewelled greens to brush icy patterns across her wingsails. A strip of peridot, similar to that found along her sides, burns beneath a glassy shell-glowing from celestial headknobs and along elven neckridges to finally envelope a snake-like tail in an elegant, luminous embrace. A narrow snout seems carved of translucent porcelain, the same colouration which outlines the whole of her triangular head. Fragile eyeridges take on an opalescent sheen, off-setting large whirling eyes to complete her ethereal appearance.


Name Inspiration:
Phirath - The name Phirath was inspired by the Hindi word "phira." I stumbled across it in some sort of Hindi-English dictionary that I didn't really know how to use. So in truth, I'm not entirely sure what the word means, but I have an inkling it's something very similar to "again." It caught my eye under the word "reassure," and I stuck a 'th' on the end and liked the sound of it, and the vague hints of meaning. I then went through the webpage and found every word I thought would 'fit' with the general theme of the name that contained 'phira' on the Hindi side.

Here's the list:
Reinvigorate, Reassure, Rejoin, Again, Anew, Back,
Deviate, Encore, Rally, React, Readjust, Reassert,
Reassign, Recapture, Reclaim, Recognize,
Reconciliation, Reconsider, Reconstruct, Recreate,
Redeem, Reform, Refresh, Regain, Regenerate, Rehear,
Rekindle, Repair, Resettle, Restore, Resume, Retake,
Retrace, Return, Reunite, Revive.

In my mind, it would be pronounced FEAR-ath, or HERE-ath.

Egg Inspiration:
The theme for the clutch was Space, obviously. You'll have to talk to Kelana about the rest.

Description Inspiration:
You wanted a pale dragon, and I did my best to accomodate without making her too minty or frothy. My first thought was of a light underwater, like the lights in an outdoor pool. However, she's a fire-dragon. So, I decided on something not unlike a fire behind frosted glass- sort of like a candleholder, around a green flame. Then I thought of more jewelly greens, and then an elf of sorts, and mixed and matched and reviewed and voila- a Phirath.

Mind Voice:
The theme for this clutch was elements and/or elemental beings. I have to admit, I cheated here and there, and mixed and matched a bit, so that mainly our beloved Phirath is based on the fire Element, but one part is vaguely from the fire-based being, the Phoenix (rising from the ashes, in the hatching message). As you knew pretty much what you wanted in personality, I decided that perhaps the mind voice would be another place I could input some of the fieryness she deserves. Her mindvoice is mostly based on flames and embers, with a bit of Max tossed in for good measure. There will always be a warmth with Phirath, especially when you and she are talking about one thing or another. The flames may flare and cool as her mood changes, hotter during times of more intense excitement, whether in positive or negative ways, and cooler as she relaxes- whether in a thoughtfuf, unhappy, easy-going mood… These cooler moods will likely come around more often when she reaches adulthood- during her Weyrling years she may be a bit… excitable. So trust your brain to be a bit heated now and then- you may even have to try to calm her until you're used to the feeling- it's really interesting, having a fire going in your brain when it's not created by you.

Another thing to accompany her flames will be a very distinctive scent- not unlike fuel and burned rubber. Ah yes, how could we forget Max's motorbike? In the same spirit, some of her images my go flying past at a reckless speed, so that she may even be a bit difficult to understand when she's really excited- at least, until you're accustomed to her. Give it a few days, as she'll be there constantly, you know- even in her sleep, as she's bound to dream rather openly.

You asked for a pale, but not minty or frosty, dragon, with a slightly ethereal look to her. As a hatchling, she'll be a bit more solid, but once she grows, you can trust Phirath to be long and lithe and almost…Elven in her looks. Her streak of peridot along her back might fade, so that she simply glows a bit more, and isn't so violently bright, leaving her simply… Beautiful. Her tail will always be a bit longer, I just picked a random bit to enlarge that wouldn't send the description off too much. Her wings will be just big enough that she can do her aerial stunts, but won't ever grow out of proportion. She will be on the smaller side, as you'd requested, but she won't be utterly petite, and she won't act like she's any smaller than the largest gold- at least, not in the way she carries herself. Her head will carry a distinctive and petite look to it, very delicate, and not going along with her personality, when considered. She'll be beautiful, she'll know it, and she'll flaunt it- especially around flight time.

You knew what you wanted in a dragon, and I tried not to mess with a good thing. I did attempt to expand a bit on the specifications you'd laid out, however. She is based, personality-wise, off of Max from Dark Angel, as you'd requested. Which means that most of the time, on the outside at least, she can come off as a bit harsh. She has a quick wit, and will most likely tend towards the sarcastic when she finds a situation particularly exasperating. She will never be afraid to let people know what she thinks, and will rather openly correct them (or make you correct them on her behalf) when they're wrong on a topic. Her patience won't run forever, and when it runs out, things are bound to heat up, either in conversation or in actions- Phirath has very high standards, for herself and for others (though she will never ask something of another if she couldn't manage it as well), which means that some situations will drive her absolutely /mad/.

«Look, it's not difficult. You can tell which beast is best by watching them run. Then you fly down, catch the thing, kill it, and eat it. You /are/ able to outsmart a herdbeast, aren't you?» All that, of course, with the most annoyed tone.

She will have an uncanny knack for seeing things as they really are, being quite a realist, especially for a colour of dragon so often known to over-react. This means that not only will she be able to see a situation at face value, but she will also be able to analyze it, and, when it is possible, find a quick, effecient, and /effective/ solution to any given problem. If this solution involves teamwork, you can trust that everyone will have to live up to her expectations, or there will be some remarks directed their way after all is said and done. This realistic point of view Phirath hold will also apply to situations you are going through that she may not always be involved in first-hand. If something happens that has you feeling particularly unhappy, and you blow the thing out of proportion, trust her to jump in and point out that this is the way it is, and that you, darling, are being silly over it. This can backfire though- if you're feeling on top of the world, sure, she'll let you have the few moments of euphoria she believes you need, but trust her to bring you back down after those moments are up, and not a second later. Phirath will keep you grounded in reality, this much is certain. She will be utterly devoted to you, and very protective. Anything said or done to belittle you, and you can trust that her first impulse will be to go after the sayer/doer, and only once this person is brought to justice will she come back to comfort you. The same goes for attacks on her- she'll be all teeth and nails until its sorted. However, the roles will be somewhat reversed- despite her tough outer appearance, she doesn't have a perfectly impenetrable armour, and it will be up to you to know when something is really bothering her, and to set her mind at ease. She won't expect this of you, and won't ask you for it, but if you fulfill the need you know she'll be grateful- even if she won't admit to it openly. Despite this lack of admittance, she'll always be sure that you know her world revolves around you- in her own little ways.

" I made you coffee. That oughta help you cope with the injustice of the world a little." ~Max, Dark Angel

Phiriath will take a sort of pleasure in being gruff towards others, especially those she doesn't particularly know, but deep down most of her actions will have some sort of reasoning behind them. If someone goes against one of her firmly-set 'morals, she will definitely let them know. However, she won't try to upset any order that has been achieved-carrying out her correction of others will /never/ create /total/ anarchy, if she has anything to do with it. She is a dragon with an especially strong sense of duty, and would never rebel against the ways of the Weyr, even it means biting her mental tongue, and simply letting out her frustrations in a different way (she may rant, from time to time, and you can expect your mind to heat up when she does!). Thise sense of duty carries over magnificently into Threadfall, as well as any other tasks the pair of you will have to deal with. Trust her to be amazingly focused when you are flying sweeps, and even point out some things that you may miss at first. Her high standards must be met, after all. She will be amazing in Threadfall- once she is grown, her aerodynamic figure will be used to her full advantage, flying, ducking, dodging, and flaming with the skill of those with twice her experience, right from the beginning. She will have a 'feeling' for how to do this stronger than that of most other dragons, and she will be incredibly adept when the Thread falls in abnormal patterns. She can adjust in a split-second, and will gather information while she fights to help her along the way. She also won't be beyond drawing attention to her skill now and then, often emitting triumphant calls for each particularly stylish flaming. To be /this/ good, though, her flying may sometimes endanger the wing, and she will have to work especially hard at tight formations- which, of course, she will as soon as her attention is drawn to the fact that she is
doing something *gasp* wrong. Flying itself is something that will bring her an insane amount of joy. She'll love the feeling of the air beneath her wings, and the way she can carve it up, soar with it or against it- basically, the way she can use it to achieve her own purposes. She will be a stunt flyer when this is possible, and will insist that, every time you go out, no matter where, you have the riding straps hooked. Because, mid-flight, she may get an urge to pull some aerial stunt, and you'll only have the split-second warning of, «Hold on!» before the world is twisted upside-down, inside-out, and backwards. She will be responsible with these tendencies, however, and would /never/ endanger another dragon or person with her amusements. And she will never show any remorse for these actions, of this you can be certain.

"Kendra…this is a motorcycle. It's sole reason for being is to go fast. Very fast. It was not put on this earth for you to use as a clothesline." ~Max, Dark Angel
«Safa, these wings were designed for flying. They aren't decorations. And what they have you do in those drills is /not/ flying. Ooh! Hold on!»

She'll be absolutely flirtatious when it's nearing The Time. Oddly so, even, for someone as realistic as Phirath is meant to be. Her willingness to use various devices to get her way will come out especially around this time, varous devices meaning, generally, some dealings with the bronzes and browns of the Weyr. She may toy a little with the blues, but in her mind, the bigger fellows are the ones that are more deserving of her time. Until, of course, she tosses them out like last week's trash, and heads for the /next/ big manly thing with a nice long tail and sexy neckridges. During the flight her newfound nature will continue- she's agile, she knows it, she practices the moves when she's not glowing, and she'll happily toy with the minds of her pursuers, perhaps even daring to fly so close as to fan them with her wings when she does a snappy turnaround. Chances are, Phirath's aerial manoevers aren't the reason she'll get caught in the end. She'll have a fair amount of stamina, for a green, and be able to keep her pursuers running for a while. She will /chose/ when she gets caught, and by whom- chances are it'll be the manliest of the chasers she can find- romantics are no good for her unless they're accompanied by a nice hefty chest, and rugged-looking headknobs. And it will be more dangerous for the ones with the romantic souls to catch- because Phirath isn't the most attentive companion in the aftermath. In fact, she's likely to ignore them completely, bad-mouth them here and there (probably for trying to prove they're better than her), and generally resent them- at least for a day or two. Of course, next time she decides that proddiness is a good idea, chances are she'll flirt with the same male, as if nothing's happened. Dragon memories, gotta love 'em.

"He's a mistake I made about six months before you did. But don't feel bad. Justine made the same mistake, along with Renee, Jada, Tia, Brooke—" ~Max, Dark Angel

+Serafa's Green Phirath
Harper's Tale: 33rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
*Hannah's Gold Dhiammarath and R'ave's Bronze Soquilith's &
+Yulianna's gold Miyakath and D'baji's bronze Nverath
August 30, 2002
*Lyrianna's Brown Rilskiath, *Trimaka's Blue Azganth,
+Brid's Green Kitiarath, +Jalir's Green Mauhinath,
*Kelana's Green Muireath

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