Taya! Congratulate us! We get to keep you and proudly present to you the champion of the clutch- Otyliath. We hope she’s everything you wanted, and so much more. She’ll be a challenge, but together you’ll make the best team this Weyr has ever seen! Of course, this inspiration is just a guide for you to grow from, develop and imagine your character and your dragon any way you like. But Otyliath’s been awfully fun for us to dream up, a perfect compliment to the way you’ve been such a good sport throughout candidacy! —Love OlympicCo 2004

Dragon: Otyliath
Color: Green
Name: P’rru, Jala, Yasmine
Egg: Kiss Chase Egg
Egg Desc: B’au
Dragonet: Crushing the Competition Green
Dragonet desc: P’rru, Jala, Yasmine
Messages: P’rru, Jala, Yasmine
Inspiration: P’rru, Jala, Yasmine

Clutching message:

Dhiammarath pauses in the rhythm of her egg-laying, seeming to work particularly hard over producing this next delicate ovoid. Her stomach ripples with contractions, and finally she releases a pink shape into the sands. The egg lands in a divot, and shifts slightly before righting itself perfectly: so Pern catches its first glimpse of the Kiss Chase Egg.

Kiss Chase Egg:

Pretty, pastel pinks dominate the greater part of this egg, brightening into exaggerated swirls of exuberant cherry at base and tip. Childish joy seems to be present in every bright spark of crimson or light lilac that blends in with the overall rose hue of the ovoid; slight variations on the colors only serving to unite the whole against a few lone splotches of masculine blue, hopelessly trapped in the pink embrace - and probably covered in bubblegum lip-gloss.

Hatching Message:

Kiss Chase egg seems to giggle and wiggle until tiny flecks appear in amongst the pinks and lilacs. They begin to chase each other round and round until the egg bursts apart, shell sticking like gooey-gum against the dragonet’s hide. Crushing the Competition Green Dragonet won that game!

Crushing the Competition Green Dragonet:

Our champion, the embodiment of vitality! The essence of strength graces every curve and muscle of this athlete’s physique. Malachite daubs her shortened snout, her large eyes blanched by frost’s touch that blends up into the peridot to highlight her headknobs and eyeridges squarely. Her hide brightens still, a kinetic medley of emeralds racing down the brawny length of her lissome neck. Tumbling and twisting with hunter-green they go, to the lusty verve of beryl neckridges that line her spine. Her chest and belly, robust muscles vigorous with dappled jade, curve into the kinetic quiver of absinthe flecked haunches. But her wings cut the winning edge, racing along the spars mint and lime go head to head, the span a victorious relief in green. While primed at the ready, pearled talons edge her plate-sized paws.

Impression Message:

Crushing the Competition Green Dragonet had hit the sands running. After she overtakes another dragonet with a final burst of energy she comes to a shuddering awkward stop, spraying up sand, in front of a redheaded girl. Her vibrant green shoulders sag against the candidate’s legs and she stares up into the girl’s eyes. She’s crossed the finish line with Tabaya.

Personal Impression Message:

A bolt of kinetic energy sends a gentle shockwave through your mind. « Taya! » The voice so confident in sage and salt, sends a warm buzz through every muscle in your body « I’m Otyliath and together we will beat all the competition! » There’s a confetti of firelight against your mind that fades to leave a warm buzz of the win that you know will never, ever disappear.

Name inspiration:

Otyliath! It’s so pretty but such a strong name as well. It blended in perfectly with our idea for her. Otylia is actually a Polish name that means "warrior woman". Your dragon is like that, Taya, she’s powerful, she’s robust, she’s a true heroine. It also tied in with our athletic, Olympic theme, as Otylia Jedrzejczak won 2 silver medals and a gold in the 200m butterfly-swimming event for Poland this year!

Egg inspiration:

The one and only Kiss Chase! The game that truly prepares young children for later life (a worrying idea.) Present nearly all over the world in different forms, the game is devastatingly simple: small child #1 grabs small child #2 and kisses them. Sweet, cute, and utterly terrifying when you're being chased by a snotty six year old.

Description inspiration:

First and foremost, Taya, your dragon is a champion. We’ve blended what you wished for and what we loved for you! Otyliath’s no lush, that’s for sure-we wanted her to look just like a gold-medal winning powerhouse. She will always be in her prime health with that physique- sleek, strong, no flabby middle or paunchy haunches! Think Amanda Beard, the USA’s Olympic swimmer or Hayley Wickeheiser, who plays in the professional men’s ice hockey league. They are so naturally graceful and fit.

And there’s nothing done by halves, even on her hide! She’s a medley of vibrant colors with bolts of brightness that just highlight her hot bod. Those greens have oomph, like her physique, as if they are vying for the lead around her figure so she’s sure to stand out no matter what kind of light she’s standing in.

Personality inspiration:

Otyliath is your heroine of sport, the goddess of athletics! The theme for the clutch was 'Heroes and Villain's' and with your wish for an active, dominate dragon what better than to use inspiration from our modern day heroines at the current Olympics?

Mind Voice:

One thing you’ll notice right away about how your Otyliath speaks is that she’ll almost always have a slightly smug tone rippling beneath her tenor voice. And why not? She /is/ sure of her abilities, after all. Though the smugness won’t be overly irritating, because it is laced with an unyielding confidence in both herself and you, Taya. Her mind voice can be very soothing and full of inspiration, as she’ll try to motivate you to bigger and better things.

« C’mon Taya! Just a little farther with those firestone sacks you can make it, I know you can! You’ll be the strongest weyrling of our clutch, just wait and see. The Weyrlingmasters will be /sooo/ proud! »

Because of her endless amounts of enthusiasm and confidence, proud colors of earth tones will always be present while she speaks. Light greens and blues, dusted with purple and gold. Along with the colors, will be the smell. The smell of the outdoors, right after a snowfall, seems to be her strongest scent. As she speaks, you’ll almost be able to feel ice being sprayed lightly against your mind, Taya. Just like a skater skidding to a stop and letting the ice his skates brings up fly free in all which directions.


Unique. No matter what, that is one word that can always be used to describe your Otyliath. She is one-of-a-kind, and her build is positively solid. She's comprised of layers of lean muscle, which gather in bulk around her shoulders so as to make her a powerhouse in the sky, but she's got a delicate enough frame that she doesn't lose her femininity underneath all that sinew. She will always be beautiful, but in her own way that not everyone will recognize. While other greens have the beauty of a delicate flower, she'll have the sweeping, breathtaking beauty of a mountain or a sunset.

Otyliath will be one of the few dragons that will remain almost perfectly proportioned throughout her growing stages. While her clutchmates are struggling with wings too big for their little bodies and tails that don't balance them quite right, Otyliath's extremities will all grow with steady equality. Of course, she'll pretty much take it for granted, as she expects no less from herself. She likes to keep a clean, polished appearance, so during this time when her hide's cracked and flaky from the strain of growth, make sure to keep her well-oiled so she can maintain her standards.

Her description is mostly based off of a female runner or swimmer. Healthy, well toned, and ready for action! Otyliath is all these things and more. She's a war maiden, a hero, a Greek goddess, and she's yours, Taya!


Like all athletes Otyliath’s got a well-honed discipline, every Wingleader will be champing at the bit to have you as a member! She hasn’t got overly muscled bulk at all, but she’s like a champion swimmer or sprinter, sleek, smooth, flesh carved perfectly.

Luckily for you, you’ll never have to ask Otyliath to exercise or practice drills in weyrlinghood and when you’re fully-fledged. In fact, a lifemate like Otyliath may get a little tiring at times. Up at dawn for sweeps? No problem for her! She hasn’t spent all night partying. She’s gone to sleep at a reasonable hour. She knew there was fall tomorrow and she prepared for it.

« Taya! Out of bed! Don’t complain your belly hurts; I told you eating that whole cake wasn’t good for you. »

Completely sporty, she is. But she’s not content just to compete. Oh no, Otyliath has the winners bug. She’s confident in her body and her ability! She’s got a tendency to see everything as a sport, a game, a matter of winning or losing. More so, she’ll enjoy beating the male dragons rather than her fellow greens. This will be a test during Threadfall, because she may have a tendency to overstrain herself. Watch out for her when she gets particularly quiet, she might just have a pulled wing muscle but no pain, no
gain, in her opinion.

It’ll be your job to keep her grounded. You may even find yourself locking horns, so to speak with her. She’s rather dominant and forceful when it comes to ‘things she knows more about’. And this mostly will involve her strength, fitness and agility. And boy, she won’t back down letting everyone know about it.

« But that’s Dsalth. I don’t care if he’s so big he can last a full fall. I’m Otyliath; I’m not losing to him! We’re not falling back! »

Though, as disciplined as she is with your official duties, Otyliath knows how to let her hair down. Away from her wing, drills and fall she’s quite the social butterfly. But she’ll tend to only form close bonds with other greens. Not only because boys are boring -and- so easily whipped in competition, but also because she’s one of the sisterhood. Girls’ rock! With your sisters, you can be as cheeky as you want. It’s probably why she sought you out on those hatching sands, Taya. Because not only do you have that inner strength, with you she can be silly, feminine and free.

« Can we go to the lake? Phirath and Myrrheth are down there. But don’t invite Abenth, he’ll ruin everything. »

Should you ever become weyrmated too, Taya, you can rely on Otyliath to merely tolerate his dragon, if it’s a male. She won’t stoop to cuddling up on the ledge with him or even swapping gossip. But should he try to race her to the pens, she’ll be giddy with anticipation of showing him up!

Speaking of relaxation time, Otyliath is at her most carefree when she’s in the ocean. Apart from the health benefits swimming provides there are those waves! Those dolphins! Those sandcastles! The ocean is Otyliath’s tonic, it will soothe her when she’s stressed and provide enjoyment when she wants some peace and quiet. The first place you should look when she’s gone missing is the beach!

There’s no doubt either, she absolutely adores you, Taya. You are her only equal, her match, her partner. You will train her and she will coach you. She’s there to support you in every challenge, and vice versa. She will never let you down, that might be the only thing that would dampen her day. She’s got absolute, unwavering confidence in you. So don’t ask her to second-guess you. You were right to think you could do it the first time!

« Go on! Ask him out! You’ll knock him off his feet! Look at you! Strong and healthy! »

But of course, equality doesn’t mean she’ll obey your every command. Otyliath isn’t shy or retiring and she’ll let you know when she has a better idea, in a way, which would never hurt your feelings. However, you are the only one she will reason with, and ultimately seek the opinion of. This can be a little awkward when someone important has something to tell her.

« Aboleoth just told me to be quiet, Taya. What a loser! »
"But, Otyliath you are making a lot of noise."
« Oh -you’re- right! I am! Sorry Taya! »


Ahh, flights. That glorious time when your dragon goes completely bipolar and you, her poor rider, are hard pressed not to follow suit. With Otyliath, you will most certainly know when she's proddy. There will be no mistaking the signs. She'll begin to get distracted during sweeps and wing practice, as she becomes increasingly more interested in sizing up her competition.

She'll be throwing out a /lot/ more challenges, and you'll notice a certain flirtatious edge to them.

« Ooooh Abenth! This weather would be perfect for a swim. If you can beat me to the basin, I'll let you bathe with me. »

But her flirtations have an ulterior motive. The closer you are to your enemy, the more you can learn about them, right? So even during this time, she'll continue to utilize her brainpower in order to achieve the desired end.

Considering her competitive nature, it should really come as no surprise that Otyliath's flights are going to be one big race. In the air, Otyliath is a machine. She thoroughly enjoys flying, and she's pretty good at it.

Even when you're all first starting, she'll have an intuitive ability to pick up on the concepts of flying and formations. Also, due to her considerable musculature built both naturally and by spending so much time in the water, she'll be particularly speedy. So when she finally goes up, she's really going to give the other dragons a run for their marks. Trickery will be lost on her, as will any attempts at wooing or sweet-talking.

« Yeah, Agzanth, get a good look at my so-called 'sunkissed muzzle’ because in a few minutes, all you're going to see is tail! »

She's not having any of that! The healthiest, most practiced male will catch, plain and simple. And she's not one for the beauty of the afterglow, either. The race is over, someone had to win, and now that it’s done, she really has no use for the male (unless, of course, he wants to race again!)

Harper's Tale's 39th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath and B'ane's bronze Aboleoth
Sunday, August 29, 2004

Jia's blue Sahruth
M'rgin's brown Derwyth
K'rin's bronze Abenth
Iri's gold Kwararenth

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