Zi'n's bronze Orbyth
Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Orbit and Elle

Dragon: Orbyth

Color: Bronze

Name: You!

Egg: Mystery Shrouded Pict Egg

Egg Desc: Char

Dragonet: Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet

Dragonet Desc: Elle; Orbit

Messages: Elle; Orbit

Physical Inspiration: Elle

Personal Inspiration: Orbit

Mystery Shrouded Pict Egg

Shrouded in a haze of mystery, a knotted form takes shape, the convoluted weaving of stony prominence becoming a worn cross amidst ancient symbols whose meanings are lost with time. Links of silver, thick and encumbering, encircle a mighty circumference, imbuing majesty and might. Beneath it all, a dark blue lurks, a hint of blood's crimson staining woad, testimony to battles past and never-ending rivalry. Hatching Message:

Mystery Shrouded Pict Egg manages to loose its haze as it gives a shuttering rock forward. Links unclasp as symbols crumble, time marches on with a shell-shattering thrust of what exists within. Blue-hinted covering is cracked to reveal a fiery magma beneath. The distinctive rumble of something coming… inevitable. The future is now. And at last, the remaining shell shards are discarded like so much refuse as was once the egg's crater is now possessed by that which has come to Pern.

Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet

As a shooting star tears across the empyrean, bronze's molten alloy blazes over his form's rocky countenance to set afire mercurial-lilted eyes. Near cosmic tongues of coppery flame lick across this dragon's brawny chest as the catalyst to ignite the pitted firestone beneath. Explosion after interstellar explosion of fiery cinnabar cast their incandescent glow from the chiseled lines of honed ridges to the russet vermeil of halstate talons. Lithic puissance issues with meteor's golden shimmer upon the vast expanse of wings' wide canopy and then kindles ever after along the trailing length of comet's slender tail.

Impression Message:

Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet quite literally bounds across the length of the cavern, punching depressions into the sweltering sands. What amounts to his final bound translates into a series of stationary jumps as he fully faces a white-clad holder lad. Dragonet's 'good time' will most certainly continue as kaleidoscope-swirled orbs lock upon his new lifemate, Zidon.

Personal Impression Message:

Where all was dark before, a light is now. It hurtles towards you at breakneck speed, growing larger, Larger, LARGER. /WHOOSH!/ The comet envelopes and possesses, melds and rejoices as it takes your very breath away. »You called me« blaze the certain words across your every sense. A ragged gasp —you forgot to breathe. »I am Orbyth«

Name Inspiration:

You asked for it! What better name could we give you?

Egg Inspiration:

I don't know what to call it, but here's an egg based on the Pictish people of Northern Britain. The Picts, or Picti, as named by the Romans, were so called for the way they painted their bodies before battle; Picti means "painted people." The blue substance they used, called woad, has an astringent property that works quickly to close wounds. It has been said that the Picts would often go into battle wearing nothing /but/ woad. The Picts were farmers, fishers, hunters and warriors, but they are the best known for their craftsmanship. Second-to-none in Europe for their metalworking, they have left little for modern archaeologists to study, but that which has been found is of amazing quality. Their most famous work, the elaborately carved symbol stones, can still be found all over Scotland. According to studies of the few records they have left behind, it is believed that succession was passed through the female line. A great page with many awesome links can be found at: http://www.holyrood.org.uk/picts/ .

Description Inspiration:

Without a doubt, I pulled from your ever continuous mentionings of The Song: Queen's 'Don't stop me now'. The lyrics provided a nearly endless supply of 'inspiration' to work off of, from shooting stars to explosions. The hatchling description theme for the clutch was jewels/treasures/minerals. Orbyth is meteor/meteorite (yes, there is a distinction) with a touch of Pernese firestone to bring him down to earth. Russet bronzes and gold? They are all there.

Mind Voice:

As Orbyth bespeaks you, everything about him is boundless, beyond simple color and feeling. Have you ever touched one of those black heat-sensitive substances (walls, counter-tops, etc…) with the palm of your hand and then it reacts to the heat with bright colors of many shades, colors that shift into one-another? That is Orbyth. Dark, rich color with the occasional vibrant blaze to emphasize a central point. He sounds like a baritone, most of the time. Yet, when emotions are high (to which they often are), he tends to squeak out a word or two or a whole sentence rather high on the scale that leaves one considering if some boyband-crazed 15 year old girl hasn't taken over. His scent? Not heady or overpowering, but unmistakable. Irish creme and sandalwood with a touch of ozone's crackle for excitement.


As he comes from the egg, color and personality are their most pronounced. Size? Not so much. Size really isn't a factor for the majority of his youth; tending to be more wiry and sinewy early on. Actually, the only sizable portion of him would have to be his belly. He tends to indulge during those times that he actually remembers to eat —too busy doing other, more fun, things. His boundless energy and the fact that you can practicaly watch him grow before your very eyes dictates the fact that he will be a skinny weyrling.
His growth will be steady and /always/ happening. Legs will be the most noticable in the early months, giving him a lanky appearance which also leads to the fact that it is very difficult to get used to such. By the time Orbyth figures out just how to get his balance just right, his next problem will be length. <> 'That' being his tail as it gets left behind in the pool while he is out drying off. And just when you thought he would always look a little thin and rangy, he begins to bulk up muscle-wise. This happens right around the time where Orbyth begins work on his solo gliding and flights. Those workouts will do the thing.
Orbyth retains a chiseled quality. Not feminine, not aristocratic, not aquiline, but rugged. His head is shaped by sharp, if not heavy, lines (along with the rest of his body) with wide nostrils and an equally wide-set gaze. His eyes are heavily shrouded with those draconic ridges, but at the same time they are very open to allow him to see it all. His neck is a touch on the 'shorter-than-average' side, making it just that much easier not to get himself tied up in knots. His torso is much akin to nearly any bronze's size with his tummy not quite as pronounced as before. The energy taken from food just gets altered back to draconic energy. His tail is long and slim no matter his age, and tends to drag along the ground where it will get caught here and there, easily forgotten about.
As with his spear-like talons, his ridges are just as sharp edged. They aren't exactly pointed, but do retain a jagged hint in that each and every ridge plate is totally different than the next. Call it a bit of his 'out of control' nature manifesting itself, if you will. The ridges begin a little behind the crown of Orbyth's head to shallow out between shoulders and then reappearing at the base of his tail to continue its entire, long length. As a finishing point, tail's point is tipped with a wide spade. > Ah, coloring. To start at the beginning, a molten bronze spreads from the entirety of his head on back to be the primary color of his hide. The 'liquid' effect gives it a more silken sheen, almost oily. But, it is the dramatics that give Orbyth his character. The reddish-gold metallics of burnished copper color his chest to slide back along the rest of his torso. I suppose you could liken it to the flames that some people paint on their hotrods. You know, to make it look 'bad'. From there, more red-gold 'cinnabar' shimmers along the edges of the copper. This incandescent coloring blankets the bronze underneath to make it almost as though he is gold in bright lights, especially along his tail's entire length. Speaking of gold, that color also blanches Orbyth's sails as a contrasting point to the red-bronze of his spars.
So, Orbyth is much akin to a meteor streaking across the sky, a shooting star. Darker, reddish coloring at the head while the tail is left to the dazzling whiter gold.


I'm a shooting star leaping through the skies Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva I'm gonna go go go There's no stopping me
Oh yes, Zidon, you wanted a wild thang and a wild thang you've gotten. You may find yourself wondering just what you've gotten yourself into a time or two, but don't worry, your Orbyth will always be there by your side. It's just… Orbyth is going to go go, he'll always be on the go go. As a weyrling, you may find yourself wondering just where he gets his energy. He'll be like a toddler on speed while trying to deny he needs a nap. He is filled with constant boundless energy, always wanting to move and be part of things, if you're working with leather, then he wants to be working with leather too. Not that his interest will stay there long. Your mind will constantly be filled with his endless ideas and speculations and thoughts. Nothing consistant, just the constant ramble of the little voices. He'll want you to start many things, « Oh Zi'n, we must go swimming…» and then a second later, <> and five seconds after that, <> This will happen all during the first year of your weyrlinghood. You'll get used to the little voices in your head, honest, and after the first visit to the mindhealer, you'll be reassured that it's just your dragon. > Gradually, as Orbyth matures, the voices will slow, although they won't stop altogether. They just won't be a constant ramble within your mind anymore. Expect that once he focuses his attention on something, or someone, that he'll be completely focused to the absence of all else. <> <> <> You get the idea. And it might not be a green, it might be a particular rock or a cloud floating across the sky. Your Orbyth isn't particular so much as steadfast once he chooses to lay his focus down upon something. However, this too will pass given a day or so and he'll be back to normal commenting on anything and everything in your head. Expect the obsession on a particular item to happen with almost clockwork regularity about once a month.
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
Just like the song states, Orbyth will always be moving very fast. When he wants to get there, he wants to get there /now/. Not tomorrow, not later this afternoon, /now/. It will be a very good thing for you, your weyrling class, the weyrlingmaster, and just perhaps all the weyr when this bronze learns how to between. Just hope he never learns about timing or he'll want to be there yesterday. Expect him to drive you absolutely nuts when he's a weyrling, he'll want to be there now, if not five minutes ago and he'll absolutely throw a fit if you even want to stop to put pants on, let alone brush your hair. So… expect a least a few mornings where you look at least a bit rumpled, and you might end up with the grand new habit of sleeping in your clothes. There are worse things? Right?
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you
Oh yes. Your Orbyth is determined that you will be a manly man… whether you want to or not. You might find mysterious 'presents' of large rocks… weight lifting for you, of course. And your dragon will often encourage you to 'pounce' that cute greenrider. <> It might be embarrassing at first. In fact, you might just walk around with a perpetual tomato look on your face. It's ok, blushing is in this season. Orbyth is just downright determined to make you into a manly man, whether you like it or not. Of course, that is subject to how much you feel like arguing with him. He might just decide it's not worth the arguing and try things a bit more subtly, « Oh Zi'n, I don't think those pink leathers are you, I like the shiny black ones better..» He will be adoringly proud of you in all your endeavors though. Maybe a little too much? You might find that when you trip over a piece of firestone and fall on your face, it's announced to the weyr and also the fact that you have perfect form while falling. Just take comfort in the fact that it's because he loves you and wants everyone to know just how perfect you are.


I am a satellite I'm out of control I am a sex machine ready to reload Like an atom bomb about to Oh oh oh oh oh explode
Sex machine ready to explode is more like what your big bronze will be during flights. He becomes completely and single mindedly absorbed in the flight. The feel of the air gently caressing his wings, the rapture of flying through the air, the slick smoothness of the blood as in slides down his throat. And you'll get all these feelings, you'll get them so intensely that you'll feel as though you're about to explode. Should he catch the green or gold that flies, he'll be crowing for a day or two, announcing his prowess to the weyr at large. Then, as is the way of things with your Orbyth, he'll forget. No long pining lover do you have here, simply a typical short memoried dragon who is just as eager to chase a new green tail the next day.


Considering size, it is a given that if Zi'n's bronzen lifemate is on the average size for his grouping, he won't be all that agile, but rely more on sheer power and stamina. While most greens and blues cannot make it through an entire threadfall, he will be there the entire time and still have energy to spare afterwards. Smooth and seemingly effortless is the way he makes it look to others. Orbyth angles, gathers speed, and with an extraordinary blaze of fire, incinerates the entire clump of Thread so thoroughly there won't even be ash to speak of when all is said and done. His speed is his best feature to get out of the way or to chase after a falling clump. His specialty is the stoop. Furling wings and plummeting after a bit of Thread to drag more speed from gravity's pull on his heavy weight.

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