OOC Mating Flight Lesson

Weyrling Barracks
Large as it is, the barracks seem small when filled with the constant activity of weyrlings and dragonets, working, learning, or playing. The couches each show touches of the individuals who occupy them, all of them kept swept clean as the WLMs demand, but with a variety of cushions and coverings neatly folded or scattered across them. The clothespresses are full, some not so tidily closed as they should be. Fresh glowbaskets are strategically placed about the room, ready to cast their light over the dark walls. At the northern end of the room are shelves containing a variety of supplies necessary for the care of young dragons, and over the shelves hang a number of charts and pictures. Off to one side is the everpresent vat of oil and trays of meat for the growing dragonets.
Gliding about are four firelizards.
You see Weyrling Note Board and S'lot here.
Nerai is here.
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[OOC:] T'ab says "Let me know when you are ready, and from now on the OOC light has been dropped so I don't have to use the OOC command anymore."

Nerai says, "I'm ready."

You say, "OKAY… starting typing."

You say, "SO, ICly, and this is all from http://ista-weyr.wikidot.com/wling-w8, a green/gold dragon does not reach sexual maturity until 1.5 Turns, this is an estimate as there may be some a little early and some a little later (buffer zone) so there is no hard-and-fast rule to when your first flight occurs, most likely it'll be based on your availability. After the first flight, greens then fly about 2-3 times a Turn (once per 4-6 IC months, which equates to once per 4-6 RL weeks), this is also a soft rule as you can rise more often or later, plus most greenriders tend to do real on-cam flights whenever they have free time to do so."

You say, "Most people RP being proddy for about an IC week (so 2-3 RL Days), which means their dragon begins to 'glow' (aka be more brightly colored, also is varied among dragons), the actual time frame for proddiness is up to you, Canon-wise it would be inappropriate to be proddy for a whole RL week (IC month) but sometimes that is just how the RP rolls. Do your best and most people won't notice."

You say, "ICly, as you may have noticed, most female dragons see a personality… uh… alteration or change when they are proddy and their riders also have some sort of change. THIS IS NOT AN IC RULE. You can change a lot or not at all. It is up to you. Keep in mind: Canon is a hard thing to wrap your head around since proddy riders are not thoroughly covered in the books. If Nerai wouldn't sleep around with everyone when not proddy, it would be rather non-Canon if she suddenly became the weyr whore. For example, Za'an becomes a bit more outgoing when he is proddy but he isn't some super whore, nor does he become the most outspoken person ever, he is just more eloquent and gathered. I have had greenriders that show absolutely no change whatsoever. It is up to you to decide and there is not really much of a wrong way to do it."

You say, "Anyway, the process of IC flights comes up next. The general pattern is '1) Glowing female dragon bloods a few animals (only drink the blood of a creature, does not ingest the meat, the theory being they need sustenance to maintain a flight but do not want to be bogged down by the meat', '2) Male dragons join in blooding.' '3) Female dragon rises, males follow behind.' '4) Female flies around getting the males to chase her.' '5) Male catches female. Male grasps onto female, female folds into male, male part goes into female part, mating happens. The end.' "

You say, "On the rider half: normally once a dragon is glowing in the feeding grounds, the male dragons tell their riders, the male dragonriders find the female dragonrider and stand around, NORMALLY the group goes to the groundweyrs (this is traditional and all female dragonriders would have been ordered to do this), people focus on their dragons (normally they are lost in their mindlink and rarely interact outside of it), female gets caught by male dragon, and the corresponding female dragonrider then has sex with the corresponding male dragonrider."

You say, "There are theories that a female dragonrider can hide and shack up with a mate of her own choosing, this has been practiced in the past and is possible, and it is up to the female dragonrider."

Nerai says, "Like Mirrim."

T'ab nods

You say, "The catching male dragonrider then has the choice to go off and figure out a way to relieve themselves. Yadda yadda. All non-catching male dragonriders also have the urge and often will go off finding a mate or suffer through it. But that, of course, is on the male side. I'm pretty sure ICly it would be awfully difficult for the female dragonrider to resist the urges, in fact I would go to say resisting it would be unIC"
You say, "Which is one reason why candidates are not searched before 12, a 12-turn old would be about 14 or so around their first flight and therefore more well suited to handle the repercussions"

Nerai nods.

You say, "Any questions about the IC side of things?"

Nerai says, "Nope, no questions. :)"

You say, "OOC Side."

You say, "So first, to answer your initial question: There is absolutely no code guiding the proddiness of a dragon, neither to gold nor the green get messages about proddy since it is entirely OOCly controlled, aka when you have time to do a flight, and for golds when there is a Search coming around."

You say, "Shut up code that tells me to stop using O-O-C"

Nerai says, "That's a relief. No being caught offguard. :)"

You say, "So OOCly, you choose when you want your dragon to go proddy and when the flight is, yeah, all up to you."

You say, "As mentioned in the IC portion, it is 1.5 Turns for the first flight and then every 4-6 weeks for each subsequent one. It is NOT NECESSARY to do EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT on cam (through RP), most greenrider do not do every one on cam, so they just assume that the ones that happen without RP are done off cam."

You say, "It is the job of the greenrider to OOCly organize the flight. You can either do a spontaneous flight, pick a date and @send it to the weyr mailers (You can @send to both if you want to invite HRW riders), or you can @send it to the weyr mailers to ask for availabilities of male dragonriders. The latter one is bound to get the least prior participation but you can at least guarantee who will be there while the first one may give you the most participation (as you can ask folks if they are immediately available) but can be spotty who can guarantee you will be there. Normally folks @send with a week to a couple days beforehand so people can schedule around."

Nerai says, "The occasional TS or FTB relations are fun and all, but yeah, I can't imagine rising on camera every time. :)"
T'ab nods, and to note: TS or FTB is obviously based on the tastes of /both/ riders. It is good to make that clear either beforehand or with the catching male rider. Obviously all those underage issues and sexual harassment issues are related to this and you are probably mature enough IRL to understand the concerns.

Nerai nodnods.

You say, "The /typical/ O-O-C flow for a flight goes as follows (and I'll space these on different lines to separate them):"

You say, "1) @set-party <fun message, your flight is happening, where they should @go to find the rider>"

You say, "2) Pre-flight RP, everyone's dragons are congregating at the feeding grounds (this is highly traditional but not mandatory, any place that has dragonfood is fine), rider RP can have the riders chatting or talking about the flight, this can be anywhere in the Weyr."

You say, "3) Dragons start to blood, riders realize what is going on and transport themselves to the ground weyrs (this is also highly traditional, because riders are told they /must/ do this. Not doing it can be a problem ICly)"

You say, "4) Female dragon rises into the sky, flies around, male dragons follow. Riders are posing either a lot or a little about standing around, getting all aroused, maybe some grope-age, etc etc. There can be some talking, of course."

You say, "5) Female gets caught by a male dragon, do their thing, female dragonrider and male dragonrider meet up, have intercourse. Failed male dragonriders go off to do their thing. FTB, TS, whatever, just make sure it ends in a private room."

You say, "And now some general guidelines for how to run a flight:"

You say, "1) Make a channel so that you can OOCly communicate with participating riders and PDs (if there are any), beforehand, have it in the @party what channel to add."

You say, "2) After you @set-party let some time pass of general pre-flight RP so people have time to gather in a room."

You say, "3) After everyone (or most everyone) is on chan, let them know the plans for the flight: The number of poses, the flow, how you will choose (whether to flight will have a pre-determined outcome or will be chosen at the end), possibly the ending (mostly if you plan on FTB), oh and pose order if you plan on it."

You say, "4) Then comes the scene, /normally/ (this is from history and not mandatory) there are 2-3 poses on the ground doing the blooding, 1 pose taking flight, 2-4 poses of dragons flying around and chasing, and then it is announced for 'catch attempt poses' where all of the male dragons pose with their attempt to catch (they are not /touching/ the female dragon but rather reaching out as if they are trying /really/ hard), then the female dragon poses with the announcement who is caught, then a pose about catching, blah blah, done. The Rider RP tends to follow the same pattern."

You say, "You get the pick the number of poses, you can either announce the order beforehand or while the RP is going on. The announcement for catch attempt poses usually needs to be made on chan (since most riders wouldn't just /assume/ they should attempt)"

You say, "another 'no hard rules to this' situation, it is up to the greenrider."

Nerai says, "Considering the logistics of it all, how (ICly as well as OOCly) does one get from the ground weyrs to a private area while their dragons are preoccupied?"

You say, "Oh, the Groundweyr has rooms that are considered ICly and OOCly private for the case of flights. Of course, if there is another player or puppet (even if they are logged off) the room is not considered private. If all else fails you can OOCly travel to your weyr if you want to continue a scene and pretend it is the groundweyrs."

Nerai says, "Cool, okay."

You say, "Uhhh, make sure to announce beforehand (in the @party/@send) if you want to approve of NPC dragons/riders. This normally requires having a puppet in the RP."

You say, "NPC dragons/riders are usually a good idea to welcome since it increases the opportunities of non-riders to participate as well."

You say, "ICly your dragon would be flying about in the air and over the weyr/water, OOCly you can choose for the dragon to go into a sky room or just RP that you are flying and stay in the feeding grounds. No on cares either way. If you go into the sky room, it /does/ require that any NPCs have firelizard puppets so they can follow."

You say, "I think… that is it, any questions about the OOC half?"

You say, "(or the IC half, since I think that is it)"

You say, "And, once agan, http://ista-weyr.wikidot.com/wling-w8 is pretty good about detailing most of this plus some stuff I may not have covered."

Nerai says, "I think that covers it. :) And yeah, I'll definitely have that page up again once I get closer to her first."

T'ab nods, and feel free to ask /any/ gold/greenriders questions, we've all been through it before and probably have good insight.

Nerai says, "hehe, thanks. :)"

You say, "If there are no more questions, I shall turn off this log and go finish my pizza!"

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