Oiling Lesson

[[Logged by Ali]]

Long lengths of sable hair are, for once, plaited into a pair of tightly woven braids, which fall forward over her shoulders and frame her now deeply tanned face. Whisps trip forward, barely brushing in wide, dark eyes, almost cinnamon in hue, which are thickly framed with ebony lashes. Pert nose is centered between a pair of always rosy cheeks, complimented by carmine lips. Her height has finally peaked, leaving her at just over 5', 5'1 to be exact, but the gentle curves that flow across her form detract from her smallness, showing that she is, in fact, leaving her childhood behind.
A knee length flaxen tunic in swirls of lavendar and lilac sits on Ali's frame contentedly. Two deep pockets grace the sides of the tunic and there is celtic knotwork along the openings of each pocket. Thick straps slip across her shoulders, revealing her deeply tanned arms. A dark lavendar sash ties about her waist and hangs down her left side. A pair of dark lavendar calf boots adorn her feet.
Ali is 16 Turns, 5 months, and 17 days old.

Violet and lime mark sharp contrast in the curls that crown Orb's head, corkscrewing wildly to down to fall just above her slim shoulders; untamed, reddish tendrils reveal the original colour of her hair as they frame her features. An otherwise pale complexion is at odds with a generous spatter of cinnamon freckles that mars her face, dusting across her cheeks and nose. Large chocolate brown eyes are framed by lush auburn lashes, a laughing smile showing her to be as bouncy and cheerful as ever. For all her slightness, burgeoning womanhood is beginning to make its subtle marks in her appearance from slight curves to the new grace in her movements.
Weyrhide made leathers dyed especially for this greenrider by loving hands are worn with style and verve. Bright, bold azure blue jacket adorns Orbit, allowing her to stand out in any wing. Dyed in twilight violet shadows and vibrant lime green on the back of the jacket in minute detail is Ivrylth, proud head studying you with intent eyes. The collar and cuffs of the jacket are decorated with twilight amethyst and violently bright lime-green inlaid semiprecious stones, gathered from her carefree younger days for just this purpose. The weyrhide trousers are a darker sea blue, tapered to fit her fine slender form. Along the cuffs of the trousers are also inlaid with the self-same lovingly collected stones, violet and lime, albeit, subtly different in hue and form from the ones which adorn the jacket. Midnight-blue weyrhide boots complete this ensemble, fit only for one special greenrider. Perched on Orbit's shoulder is Lime.
Twisted cords loop over Orbit's shoulder, colored in simple hues of bright pumpkin orange and pitch black. Woven smoothly through the knot is a simple ribbon in the shade of lime green, a hint of violet coloring the tip.
She is wearing a silver chain bracelet with the Apprentice charms.
Orbit is 18 Turns, 1 month, and 15 days old.

Eyes' gentle cornflower are set lightly over slender cheekbones, the full curve of lips perched over almost-feminine arch of marble-pale neck. That same pallid smoothness flows down small-muscled arms to swathe calloused palms in indolent milk. Lashes long and thick glint with the same pale sunlight as silken hair- but that hair is cropped into a shaggy, determinedly masculine mane, attempting to counteract the too-pretty girlishness of cream-smooth skin and narrow shoulders.
The ancient crumple of weathered parchment has lent its musty rumple to this tight-shouldered robe; more yellow, now, than white, it covets the feeling of dusty catacombs, aged and still. Cloth hangs stiff to sweltering knees, unswinging- fragility comes with age, it seems, and it looks about ready to crinkle into dilapidated dust. From yellow'd wrinkle of short-cut sleeves to stuffy hustle of crumpled hem, it's an antique air that hushes across this disbanded, discolored robe.
R'kii is 20 Turns, 4 months, and 6 days old.

Long auburn curls are pulled back from her face and tied up in a tail, though wisps escape here and there, giving her a windblown look. A pair of blue-gray eyes gaze brightly out from her tanned and freckled face and highlight her pinkish lips that curl in an impish smile. Her hands, though small, are rough and covered with calluses, while her nails are chipped and dirty. Standing about 5 feet, she doesn't look as gangly as she used to, especially not with the curves that are beginning to fill out. Certainly not a shy looking girl, but one that looks as if mischief is her game.
Wrapping around her body, but not too tightly, nor too loosely for that matter, is a gown of white. Plain, simple unadulterated white, that neiter shines nor glimmers. For the fact is, it's only a gown made of fabric and not tunnelsnake skin. No adornments or filigree brighten the gown of pure white, not even a bit of sail cloth. Simple stitches hold it together, though they may not be fancy, they are down with the hand of some knowledge, even if it's not expert knowledge. Adorning her feet are a pair of simple sandles. Light brown, they look to be made of normal wherhide, and not something much more exotic.
Bright shining white is just that bright, the simple cord is looped around once, no more no less.
Mhairie is 14 Turns, 10 months, and 23 days old.

Shymnith hop-bumps towards the drowsing R'kii, bumping blunt muzzle insistently at the weyrling's knees. He doesn't mean to bother, but here his rider is, sleeping away, when his darling little baby is itching out of his oh-so-pink hide… Kii awakens with a jerk, scrubbing a fist blearily across eyes. "Uhza…? Oh. Uh, yeah, I'm coming… Heya, Ali!" One hand darts up to flick a wave for clutchsis. Then down he goes, thumping to the floor. "Where's it itch?" It's not easy being a pinkrider.

"Him too, hmm?" Ali offters both 'kii and Shymnith a smile and a grin from her place on the floor, where she's kneeling, oil pot beside her. "'Lauth here has been complaining about itching, so we decided to do something about it, I just hope I'm doing it right," the new brownrider explains with a grin as her hand is pushed aside by a huge brown muzzle. "I told him I'd do it like I did for my firelizards, but he didn't seem to like the comparison very much," she winces slightly and, after a moment of dreamily dazed look, laughs, "He still doesn't like it."

Uillauth senses Shymnith sends out a tentative calliope of tinkling notes, twilight interspersed with a kaleidoscope of lights. «'Ello… My hide's gonna fall off. What's that gooey stuff you have?» to him.

R'kii looks towards the oil, a starving man suddenly being offered a large meatroll. "Ooh, does that help? It's driving Shymn crazy…" He curiously dips a hand into the sloppy stuff, slathering it onto bubblegum-spattered ribcage and twisty tail with less than perfect grace. The bronze wriggles, pushing his muzzle forward. Get it on the mask-y bits, that's where it's the worst…

Uillauth thinks to you, « I bespoke Shymnith with: Uillauth's mindvoice is a gentle, soothing, almost purring, speckled with cinnamon and chickory <> there's a pause and he envisions the oil pot while checking with his Ali to see what she calls it «…oil. Feels good.» to him. »

Ali nods her head and smiles, "'Lauth seems to like it, he started purring like a feline the moment I touched his hide with it." Fingers dip into the pot again before continuing to smear away at the itchy hide, "Just be careful not to put *too* much on it, because, remember, you'll have to clean it off when it's all dry and gross."

Uillauth senses Shymnith sends a relieved roller-coaster of gaudy yellow across the mindlink, light tenor bright with oil's soothing balm. <> to him.

Uillauth thinks to you, « I bespoke Shymnith with: Uillauth emits a soft, purring sound both in his mind and out loud, showing his happiness with the soothing oil being pressed into his hide. « They know what we need » is announced, his thoughts brightening with pride. to him. »

R'kii grimaces at the immense quantity of oil that's slowly drizzling from Shymn's nose to puddle on the floor. Whoops. "Maybe this's a bit too much. Here, if I use this for the rest of you, too- couldja bend there?" The baby dragon obediantly exposes sugar-bronze neck to Kii's inexperienced hand. Settling into a rhythm, the new rider looks up curiously. "So, how've you been doing since?" No need to add since what.

"Tired, but more wonderful than I can ever remember being," Ali admits with a dreamy smile, her gentle touch smoothing the oil across that sweet cinammon hide. "I was happy before, I can't say that I wasn't, but with him, it's like… I'm whole. Does that make no sense, or what?"

"It makes perfect sense." Kiiran knows just what Ali means. How can he not? "It's like… not knowing you're thirsty, and then suddenly- no, that's not it. It's like all of a sudden finding out that your long-lost twin is- no, that's wrong, too. I dunno." He pauses, dazzled with pink. "It's just like Impressing." And that can't be put into any other analogy, and that's just that.

"Either way, it's perfect, right?" Ali replies, her response echoed by a happy thrill sounding from 'lauth's throat, causing her to laugh and wrap her arms around his big brown neck. "They're the most perfect… I don't know how they knew who they should be with, but isn't it perfect?"

Orbit strides in, all full of beams and smiles for the new weyrlings. Authority? What's that. "How're you guys doing with your new dragons?" Orblet is meanwhile peering about the barracks, looking for someone? Her? Nah…

Ali pokes her sable covered head up from behind the brown dragon she's attempting to oil, and gives Orbit a bright grin, "Wonderful, I think. At least, he isn't seeming to itch quite as much as he was, so I guess I'm doing alright."

R'kii's brow wrinkles into cream-pale confusion. There was something he was supposed to do, here, he knows it… "Oh, wonderfully! Except that- oh, yeah." He stumbles, stands, pulls off an ever-so-snappy salute, and slouches down again. He's been waiting all day for some rider to walk in so he could do that. Shymn, in the mean time, is burbling a calliope's greeting, ignoring completely the steady drizzle of oil pooling on the floor beneath him.

Ali squeaks softly as she sees R'kii salute, jumping to her feet as quickly as she can and repeating the motion, smeaing oil in places where it really shouldn't be, namely on herself. At her sudden motions, Uillauth turns his ever so curious gaze towards Orbit.

Orbit tugs at a curl and blushes a flaming red at the salutes, almost pushing her hand down to keep from returning one. "Oh… really, don't need to bother with saluting when there's no one else around." Just isn't in the greenrider's nature to be overly formal… even if it does get her in a bit of trouble sometimes… "You guys having any problems oiling your boys?" Another peer about the caverns, "Ah… y'seen Inya lately?"

Uillauth's big head shifts, resting on the floor once again as he enjoys the oil that's, once again, being smeared all over his itchy hide. Ali shakes her head, those sable braids bouncing around her face as she does, and catching some of the oil up into them, "No, except the fact that I didn't expect to be oiling *myself* in the process. Are we doing it alright?"

Uillauth senses that Ivrylth svelt voice ripples across to the weyrlings like the comforting rumble of a kitten. No words, just comforting images of playfulness emanate from this green, though her obvious intent is to catch the attention of the younglings inside the barracks. No fun is it to have to wait for them to come out.

R'kii traces a finger regretfully through the miniature lake decorating the floor. "Uh, maybe a bit. I think I've been using too much… it's not much like having a firelizard, is it." Shymnith mumbles through his teeth. Reeeally. Kii nibbles thoughtfully on a thumbnail, scritching the other hand placatingly across a bubblegum skull. "Not for a while. I think she's napping?"

Orbit casts eyes upon Ali's braid, tugging at her own slightly longer than shoulder length hair. It's just starting to grow again after her weyrlinghood. "Uhm… did C'ran have the talk with y'all about how your hair has to be above your shoulders?" Also known as.. short?

Ali gulps and looks down at the locks that have *just* reached the point of flowing past her shoulders, just by a couple fingerlengths, but to her, that's everything. Blinking slowly, she shakes her head from side to side, "No, I… oh shards, it *just* reached past my shoulders."

Uillauth senses that Shymnith's own mindvoice tickles out across the thoughts of the others, an unexperienced burst of twilight, studded with the young glow of new phosphorescence. It's a lightly curious tenor that voices the question: <>

R'kii exhales in slight satisfaction: hair length, at least, is one thing he doesn't have to worry about. Shaggy, yes- shoulder-length, no. He glances upward, tossing newly entered clutchsib a grin. "Heya, Mhairie!" Shymnith hop-waddles forward, tail trailing goop across the floor. Ahh, that's better.

Orbit bites her lip a bit and tugs at her just getting longer curls, "Make ya a deal? I'll cut my hair if you cut yours and we'll grow it out together?" She'll just make it sound like it's an optional thing…? "Oh, and you guys did get your uniforms of black trous and orange shirts… right?"

Mhairie wrinkles her nose just a bit, as Fiviath gives a bit of a sniff and tods of her head. Snickering a bit Mhairie runs her hand lovingly along her greens side. "Heya R'kii" she says with a smile and then hmms a moment at Orbit "I think so? BUt umm well, something happened to them."

"Alright," Ali nods her head sadly, eyeing the braids as if saying goodbye to a good friend. "We'll grow them out together…." her voice trails off, and those cinammon brown eyes grow wide as she looks up, Uillath's head lifting to stare at Orbit, mimmicing Ali's distress. "Trous??"

Orbit facepalms. Head flies into palm as she groans. "Didn't C'ran tell you /anything/?" is muttered into her hand. Striding over to a cabnet near the werylingmaster's office, she opens it up and starts pulling out pants and shirts, "Here, you guys should be able to find something that fits…"

Uillauth senses that Decuth's mindvoice rises hesitantly, a slender ribbon of thought tracing the edge of an amber backdrop. To wake up to sudden introductions, how interesting. <> he echoes, the ribbon of blue twining downward now, confused somewhat in direction. Are we to all introduce ourselves? The amber background flickers some. Perhaps for the new dragons?

Ali whimpers softly, her tiny head dropping to Uillauth's newly oiled hide. "I'll never be a girl again," she mumbles. As the brown turns his big head to look at her, she reaches up and pats his head affectionately, "I'm fine, I just didn't know I was going to have to look like a boy, that's all. Don't worry about me, dearest." To Orbit, Ali pouts slightly, "Think it might maybe be alright if my trousers were a little…big? If they're…tight," she gulps and wrinkles her nose, "let me get used to them? I've never *worn* them before because I don't really like how they're tight.."

Uillauth senses that Fiviath adds in her mindvoice without the slightest hesitation « I am Fiviath » she responses in a clear alot, the hint of mischieviousness, unmistaken.

Uillauth senses that Shymnith dashes in a cheerful mingling of pink and electric glow, vertigo whorling in a haze of new experience. <>

R'kii trots over to the cabinet, sorting through the clothing with a stifled hrumph. Orange and black. It's all very well for a weyr, but it's not exactly his style… Oh, well. Shymnith, meanwhile, is merrily ambling out the barracks door, intent on discovering what an Ivrylth looks like. R'kii, hearing an echo of a thought, spins. "Wait- I don't think you're supposed to-"

Uillauth senses that he's gentle, cinammon streaked thoughts gently reach, his thoughts full of curiousity. « Uillauth » his name is shared with a hint of pride drifting in.

Mhairie hmms a bit as she starts to rifle through the clothes, "Now to just keep Fiviath outta them" she notes as she looks up towards her lifemate and blinks, "Hey, where do you think you're going?" she says with a bit of shock as the green slips outside.

Fiviath shuffles awkwardly out to the bowl.

Shymnith shuffles awkwardly out to the bowl.

Uillauth senses that Estsanth murmurs, voice like that of a slowly winding creek, smatterings of cool ocean blue tainting its color. « I am Estsanth. I am a big dragon, and you are little dragons. This is what I have observed, for I am wise. »

Orbit spins around as dragons shuffle out the door, "Ahh.. guys… call'em back in please? They aren't supposed to be out there.." Eyes unfocus slightly as she chastises Ivrylth mentally. Turning to Ali, she shrugs, "It doesn't matter to me, and I don't think C'ran'll mind so long as you look neat."

Uillauth senses that Wraeth allows his thoughts to flow, soft purr twining 'midst brilliant metallic streaks, lightning flashing through an excited mind. « I am Wraeth. » Identification is made. « What is outside? Where is this outside? » A pause. « You are Ivrylth? » is directed with extreme curiosity to the green. « My rider has thought of you. And of your Orbit. »

Uillauth senses that Decuth's ribbons broaden, nearly imperceptable color broadening to flicking flashes of vibrant blue and green.It's a greeting, certainly, to the newcomers in the weyr. <Mhairie looks a bit sheepish as she turns to Orbit, clothes forgotten "Uhh.. umm, she umm…" she trails off though she grins "She says Irylith is much bigger then she is." she pauses a moment, "And she says that she's going to be that big, what bigger."

Uillauth senses that Vaelyth sends out a few sparks of dull muted colors along with her thoughts, usually bright and cheerful but cloaked in sleepiness still very much present in her mindvoice. Perhaps all the other voices woke her? « What is happening? » She wonders adding a tickly soft mental yawn along with a couple flashes of color bursting through here and there, sparkling slightly as she starts to wake more fully.

Uillauth senses that Chiqueth's mindvoice shifts quickly, shades of blue, green, and yellow swirling together to create playful streaks of color. « I am Chiqueth. K'lis and I will play with you, when you are big enough to play, » he decides for himself, his rider, and all the little ones.

Uillauth senses that Ivrylth's attention is firmly caught for the moment. « Outside is nice. But you must not venture out just yet. You're too young. » Sweetly feline voice pauses « But once you're able to, you can come out and we can play! »

Ali pushes herself to her feet and shuffles toward the collection of trousers and shirts, preparing to accept the dreaded article of clothing like the brave girl she knows she can be. Once she reaches the cabinet, she stands there, eyes closed for a moment, and gains the courage to reach in and search for things that will fit her. At a moment's pause, she turns toward Orbit and gulps, "Will you cut my hair? I can't do it myself, Ashlyn always did it for me." The way those cinammon brown eyes are looking toward the greenrider, it looks that she might just have found a new big sister.

Inya breaks her absent thoughts and turns her head to regard Wraeth stolidly. " That, love of my heart, is none of your business." Unaccountably she blushes, and turns to gaze at Orbit, cheeks pink as she peers at the greenrider. " Hello, Orbit," is greeted to her friend. " Or, shall I say ma'am?" A deeper blush, and a belated salute are offered at the same time.

Uillauth senses that Fiviath thinks « focases her attention on Ivrylyth, her voice a mixture of lemon zest and citrus « I am big enough » she says proudly but then pauses as another thought intrudes and her mindvoice fades out. »

Uillauth senses that Shymnith spatters evening's glow with willful smog as he submits to the command of rider and dragon alike. <> A blurred image of bubblegum-bronze frolicking in the bowl flashes across the link.

Orbit gives soft beam at Ali, rather proud of how bravely she's accepting everything. "Alright, if you'll cut mine…" It'll just be a grand ol' haircutting party? Eyes turn toward giant seeming lime green that has just entered. "Oh fine.. you can stay…" She'll block the door anyway. At Inya's words, she gives a soft blush, "Oh… Orb is fine. And how is your Wraeth?"

Fiviath slips her way back into the barracks, fun stopped only briefly as she spies the pile of clothes. Her tail twitching she sneaks, with a few stumbles here and there she heads straight for the pile and snatches a pair of trousers.

Uillauth senses that Decuth flashes a slightly brownish hue across the amber backdrop of his mind, though it mostly stays decorated with warm verdancies and ceruleans of pleasant welcome. <> The welcome is held back by the regulation, always essential to follow. <>

Uillauth senses that Ivrylth is a good green-kitten, despite her most urgent desire is to have them to come and play. « Until you are old enough and big enough, you need to stay inside the barracks » So says the momma-kitten.

"Thank you," Ali whispers, only her voice giving away how *un*happy she is about the fact that she has to change so much. With another gulp, she finds a few pairs of the trousers that seem they'll fit her comfortably enough, and shuffles carefully back toward Uillauth, for whom she holds up the garmets for inspection.

Shymnith drags himself grudgingly inside- before spinning to gleefully lollop forward once more. The momma-kitten came in with him! He hurries forward, butting muzzle of spun-sugar pink up against her shins. Well, lookit that.

Orbit digs around in the cabnet and comes up with a pair of rather sharp scissors. "Well, I've got these, you done oiling Uillauth where you feel safe letting your hair out of the braid?" Really, she won't butcher Ali's hair too very much.

Ivrylth shuffles in, a low rumble coming from her lime green throat as a greeting. Wrapping her tail around her lime formdoes it appear just a leeeetle brighter than usual?-she curls into the perfect ball of Ivry-kitten. A big ball, but a ball nonetheless.

Fiviath glances Ivryliths way, the pair of snatches trousers in her mouth. Then she glances for the exit again and heads right out that way again, to Mhairies horrification "Fiviath!"

Uillauth senses that Fiviath thinks « citrusy mindvoice almost seems to laugh « Rules are made to be broken»iath!" »

Uillauth senses that Quarith stretches with a languidness that comes with age. « Rules are rules » is stated in the elder queen's light, dulcet tones.

Ali looks down at her hands, which are mostly oil free now, and lifts her shoulders into a slight shrug and begins to take her beloved sable locks out of the braids that dangle to just below her shoulders. "Can it be just above my shoulders, or does it have to be really short?" the query is made in a soft, nervous voice as the first braid is undone and second is concentrated on.

Uillauth acts as his usual curious self, head tilted to the side, watching Ali with a look of intense interest. Awkwardly, he takes the few steps required to cover the space between he and his Ali and nuzzles her with his big brown head.

Orbit hmms a bit and digs into the cabnet a bit more, coming up with a few ties for hair. "I think we'll cut just above your shoulder, then you can make it pretty and girly with these?" And orange and black ribbons are dangled from fingertips. Eyes gaze over toward the rest of the weyrlings, "Anyone else need their hair cut?" is questioned as she walks over to Ali.

Ivrylth cocks her head to the side in a feline movement of dawning awareness. Multi-faceted eyes blink quizzitively before nudging her nose against Orbit. She must be right.

R'kii quietly occupies himself with picking out a fitting pair of oo-guly clothes. Please don't put those scissors near his face. Kiiran? Vain about his hair? 'Course not; that's a girl thing. "Shym, leave her alone, mm?" The bronze rumbles in tenor amusement.

A small smile tugs at the corners of Ali's lips, and she nods her head, holding her hand out for the ribbons, eyes fixed on them as they dangle from Orb's fingers. "Thank you for understanding," she shows her appreciation with an actual smile, and stands up straight and tall, preparing to let the greenrider snip away her hair.

Mhairie doesn't even hear Orbits question on the hair being cut as she slowly slinks her way over to the entrance, mindful of the dragons. She murmers to herself, and to Fiviath as she threatens, conjoles, and even pleads.

Orbit hands the ribbons over to Ali, stepping behind her and very carefully starts to snip away at the sable hair, making sure to get it /just/ above shoulder length. Eyes turn toward R'kii, "Hmm… I think you might need a trim to get yourself looking neat too…" It's weyrling haircut time!

R'kii claps a protective hand over the back of his head. Nonono… "Uh, no, since it's above my shoulders and all I really don't think that's necessary but thanks anyway I suppose I should head off now bye…" Sentences trail into a half-paniced yeep as he flees to his couch, trailing Shymnith behind. Oh, Faranth, not the scissors.

Ali's eyes are squeezes tightly shut so she doesn't have to watch as her hair is snipped away and drifts down, falling to the floor around her. Uillauth, curious, presses his muzzle against the hair that lands on the floor before turning his big, green whirling eyes upon the Ali-Orb pair standing before him. Hmm. Interesting.

Mhairie slips out after her green, haircut? Meep. Not if she can help it. Best to just umm, hide?

Orbit gives it one last snip and then steps back a bit to peer Ali over. "Well, I think it'll do. It's straight at least, and you should be able to make it passable with the ribbons…" Small comforts?

Reaching up and touching the shorter locks of hair, Ali forces herself to give Orbit a smile, even if it's a small one. "Would it be alright if I braid it back now? It'll look even shorter that way, but I can take it down if I need to show him it's short enough."

Orbit gives a soft smile, "That's fine.. if you want, I could do it for you?" She's a girl. She had plenty of girl friends growing up, she knows how to do fun stuff like braid. Really.

"Oh, would you?" Ali becomes a little more enthusiastic over the whole idea, holding up the orange and black ribbons to the 'older and wiser' rider. "It doesn't matter if you do it in one or two, as long as it's out of the way when I've to clean and oil him," her empty hand reaches out and rubs affectionatly over Uillauth's head.

Orbit beams and takes the ribbons, starting to twine them into the french braid that she's doing Ali's hair in. Well… maybe she'll just adopt the new brown rider. Tors won't mind if she brings a few new riders to the weyr.. right?

Uillauth flicks his tail about, surprising Ali, and even himself, a bit. Her gaze shifts toward that wiggling brown tail, his entire head moves to look at it, as if he didn't realize it was even there, much less a part of him. Ali laughs, being careful not to move much so she doesn't mess up Orbit's efforts, "He's fascinated with his tail, funny boy he is."

*Fade to Black*

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