T'zyn's Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Nymerith

Congrats, T'zyn! You are now an Istan Rider. We hope that being an Istan Rider will make you as happy as we are to have you. We have created Nymerith just for you - our inspiration came from your inspiration and we tried to match our words to your words. Nymerith is your dragon. All yours. Yours and yours alone. Play her any way that feels right to you - you are not bound by our ideas, they are only a guideline of thoughts. Grow with Nymerith and she will grow with you. We look forward to seeing your take on the dragon we have thought of for you and seeing what you do with her: your very own green Nymerith. — Lendai, Coora, Thyia, Pippa

Dragon: Nymerith
Color: Green
Name: Pippa
Egg: Coffee Jelly Egg
Egg Desc: Eric
Dragonet: Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Hatchling
Dragonet Desc: Coora, Taram, Pippa
Messages: Lendai
Inspiration: Pippa, Lendai, Coora, Thyia

Coffee Jelly Egg

Frothy, foamy white cream swirls about the top half of this egg, stopping mid-way down the sides of the egg. Where it stops dark, rich tones of brown paint the shell of the egg. Thick and dark, its rich colors swirl in finger-painted strokes all the way to the bottom. Faint striations of lighter coffee'n'cream are mixed in with the dark, almost-black coffee brown. Garnished on the top of the egg is a brush-stroke of evergreen and a dollop of almonds, a garnish that gives class and finish.

Hatching Message

Coffee Jelly Egg has waited long enough. Or even longer than long enough. It's past time the being within stops with this sitting around and starts the rest of their life! So the movements are stopped, the thrashing goes quiet. Moments pass and finally, /finally/! The egg splits right in the middle, the top of the shell being propped up as the dragonet sits up. The impromptu hat gets thrown off and Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Hatchling faces the world!

Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Nymerith

The very essence of bold femininity finds a clever masque within the frame of this svelte, petite dragon; she is a huntress trapped within a lady's garments. Farflung reaching of fern green 'sails glide above her tiger-barred frame, chartreuse knifing through forest with unpredictable irregularity: the scheme repeats itself from densely-patterned tip of narrow tail to the pale point of long-faced muzzle. Sleek and seamless, she is a daredevil of a wraith composed of grace and silk-sculpted lines, so long and smooth and free and agile as to be prowess incarnate. A hunter's moon illuminates her masquerade domino, leaving that stippled and impish mask argent-dusted while a frolicking wayward breath of that silver-spill't moonlight highlights the high arching elegance of her leading neckridges.

Impression Message

Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Hatchling does believe that enough is enough. The playing and sneaking around has been fun, but it is well past time to get down to business. Luckily, this little green has known what she's wanted all along. With a no-nonense strutting walk, the dragonet walks straight up to one of the younger candidates. Tilting her head and letting out a soft rumble, she asks the inevitable. Be mine, Takazyn?

Personal Impression Message

The chaos fades to the back of your mind, no longer important to this moment in time. A soft, almost child-like giggle is heard, echoing throughout you subconscious. « Takazyn. » That name, your name, is stated in an entirely too innocent way. « No, no. That won't do. T'zyn! Now /that's/ a name to be proud of. » The voice comes in louder, a scent of sugar and spice tantalizing your every sense. The smell comes and goes, but always lingers. « I hope you are prepared, T'zyn. Prepared for me and for what is too come. Pern awaits, and I'll not sit by idly as time passes » A presence remains, not intrusive, but comforting. « No one will keep the mighty pair of T'zyn and Nymerith down. Let us be away! »


Name Inspiration

Nymerith's name comes from Nymeria, the name of Anya Stark's bonded direwolf. If you remember, Arya called her direwolf that because it was the name of a notorious Dornish warrior woman (and got quite a few looks for that choice). Pippa first brought up "Nymeria" and all of us fell in love with how lovely and feminine it looked. From there, we decided we should drop the "a" because it was, perhaps, too feminine for the type of green we were trying to convey.

And heck, T'zyn and Nymerith just looks perfect together!

Egg Inspiration

I encountered this particular dessert in my travels and stay in Japan. It's a coffee jelly, which is exactly what it sounds like. Jellied coffee with a thick frothy, creamy topping. This dessert is served, generally, in a dessert glass and is topped with a garnish of almonds and one of those decoration plant-things.
— Eric

Description Inspiration:

Ah, Nymerith, there is so much that went into her. She is Arianne and Arya and a ferret and a feisty fish called a Takifugu. You wished for something agile and sleek, with cute little ferret markings with some silver or purple added to her, so we tried very, very hard to give you that with Nymerith. The ferret's mask was just so cute and mixed nicely with the delightful striped markings of the Takifugu, so she has elements of both. She is the bold and sleek daring that is your Fire and Ice girls and is very dangerous.

Some extra tidbits: You wanted sleek and water-happy and a fish is definitely that. Since our theme was "cuisine," we thought that the Takifugu would be perfect - both a delicacy and deadly if prepared incorrectly. The Takifugu is the pufferfish that is eaten raw as "sashimi" and can kill you if the appropriate poisonous parts aren't removed. There is a certain variety of Takifugu which has these great stripes on the back and that was the variety that added interest to Nymerith.

For more information on the Takifugu, feel free to check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takifugu_rubripes

Mind Voice

Your Nymerith is a strong, self-assured green dragon. With the need to always go faster, farther, be better and stronger than those around her. One would think that her voice would be loud and commanding! In your face and direct! But… it's not.

Your dragon, T'zyn, has a very soft, very girlish voice. This isn't to say that when she talks, she doesn't have a good amount of force behind her words. Oh no! But her mindvoice comes off as very little-girl-esque. She's got a sweet twinge to her tone, that instantly makes other dragons regard her in a slightly different light. Much like an adult to a child. This will cause much anger on Nymerith's side. That is, until she figures out how to use that innocent sound of her voice to her benefit. Her quick tongue and sly intelligence, coupled with her adorable sounding mindvoice will get her out of many incidents.

« /Nymerith/! You were told, in no uncertain terms, to not attempt to fly! And yet, you still disobeyed direct orders. »

« You told me I should not attempt to fly, Phthongoth? Oh me, oh my! I'm so sorry, I swear I thought you said in no uncertain terms I /should/ try! I'm sooooooo very sorry I misunderstood! »

You can almost visualize a young child, twisting her hands and digging her foot, all innocent-like, into the ground, as she looks up at the adult who is scolding with those big, wide eyes!

Aaaaaah. And her scent! Can't forget her scent. It's all sugar and spice and everything nice. Literally. All vanilla and sugar cane, sweet almost to the point of making your teeth hurt, just from taking a mental whiff of it. Intoxicating and addictive, you'll find, T'zyn, that you can never quite get enough of the smell.


Youth is a funny thing, full of awkwardness and growth. Nymerith isn't immune to any of it. One day she might grow up into a thing of sleek beauty, but after busting through her shell, she might actually look quite a bit of a mess. She's a long green, small and dainty, but she's got quite a lenghty body. Her 'ridges could look a little too big, and her tiny muzzle kind of small, and that tail of hers is sort of on the stout side. She never quite gets that kind of coltish look that Tyroth might have, for her legs seem to be a bit more petite.

All of the dragonets get their growth spurts, and Nymerith is like any of them. Not until about seven months into her life will things begin to obtain a bit more symmetry and you'll start to really see the kind of smooth and agile beauty that she will grow up to be. Of course, all her life, Nymerith will be agile. She'll be quick and daring and very often use her mouth and forefeet to grab things and carry about. Don't be surprised if Nymerith takes the initiative to bring a bucket of oil to you with a heavy hint that she could use some attention, or will just carry about a still-live wherry or two for perusal, or she might drag over that cute brunette for you to talk to (okay, maybe not quite that far, but it is a realm of possibility!).

So much action here in your Nymerith. From the moment she pops right out of her javaed-up egg, you can tell she's a go-getter. This isn't a lazy dragon to sit about and let life pass her by, she knows what she wants and she'll get there! Of course, how she gets there is the fun part. No matter how old she is, she is a hopper and a bouncer. Yep, you can liken her movements to that of a ferret, so eager to dance and be-bop around with her sort of jumping movements. Be it with wings outstretched to keep balance or close to her sides for sleek speed, she'll kind of hop around when on ground, bouncing from this place to the next.

« T'zyn! T'zyn! Wake up, wake /up/! I'm up, and you are not. That is /wrong/! »
"The sun has barely touched the sky, Nymerith. What the shards do you want?"
« I saw a flutterby, we must go and capture it! NOW. Or else. Move! »

When she isn't bouncing around (and you can swear she always is), her moments of repose are those of flopping laziness. She'll drape and recline and won't be shy at all if her draping and reclining ends up on top of another dragon. She's just being friendly! And really, when sleep comes upon her, it comes upon her hard and she'll be one difficult dragon to get roused again. All of that bouncing around is tiring! So expect some grumpy words and being completely ignored when she's getting her zzzs.

The water is your friend. You don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.
—- Aleksandr Popov

Her movements in the water as in the air are a thing of beauty. It is like she is as familiar in both mediums as a fish as to a bird. Such smooth strokes, darting moments, and speedy movements characterize everything about her. These are the places where she is most comfortable, bending the elements to her will and showing just how daring and agile she can be. She'll dip and soar and float and wrest the currents to her will.

You will need to be very watchful with Nymerith's eating habits, T'zyn. Most especially as a weyrling, but throughout life, she will be inclined to overeat. As a newly hatched dragonet, her stomach will be distended after the hatching, like all the other freshly fed dragonets. But Nymerith's belly will draw stares and gasps and concern. Like a pufferfish, her stomach can extend to disturbing size, though it certainly isn't healthy for your lady green. Be attentive when she feeds and you will not have problems, but wander away and leave her to herself, and she may not be able to fly back to your weyr by the time she's done.

There is an art, or rather a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
—- Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

In the end though, Nymerith is a beautifully put together green dragon. Bodily, she is rather long and sleek. It is almost like she has those swimmer's muscles that T'zyn has as well, toned and low and svelte so as to be 'aerodynamic' instead of bulky. Her body is perfect for slicing through the air and the water, and she uses it to her upmost advantage. That is where her prowess lies.

As for coloring, Nymerith is characterized by her mask and stripes. Over all, she is a warm fern green if one were to call her a specific color. It is a beautifully simple hue with nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. It is what is overtop it that makes her all the more striking. Your Nymerith is striped! Her stripes are drawn with a kindly yellow-green known as chartreuse and a more dramatic and darker blue-green that is forest. The cross over the dorsal sections of her body with patterning stripes from her head right to the very tip of her tail, where they seem to come together more closely. Her sails and her feet and her tummy tend to remain that same beautiful fern green. And then we come to her face. Now, this is where Nymerith's true character shows up. This is where she has the markings of a ferret. Her muzzle is a lighter chartreuse, and then we have the ferrety 'mask' that covers over her eyes and the bridge of her face, dusted with silver highlights. Even those first few ridges from the crown of her head and along her neck are touched with that same silvery color for a little added distinction.


I'm trouble
Yeah trouble now
I'm trouble ya'll
I disturb my town
I'm trouble
Yeah trouble now
I'm trouble ya'll
I got trouble in my town

You think your right
But you were wrong
You tried to take me
But I knew all along
You can take me
For a ride
I'm not a fool out
So you better run and hide
—- Pink "Trouble" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-tbJOFcQw8)

When Nymerith first comes from the shell, you can just tell she is a dragon with a mind of her own, and a will that might just become a thing of legend. She's your agile beauty, full of independence and adventure, both quick-tempered and determined to achieve her goals. She isn't just some green dragon, but a dragon who takes what she wants of life, and asks for more. She'll ask so much of you, T'zyn. You two will go so very far together.

I like being a strong, independent woman, and to be honest, I was never afraid to be on my own.
— Dido Armstrong

Independence. Nymerith will constantly be trying the envelope of what she is allowed to do, and what she thinks she should be able to do. She will be wanting to hunt before she can tear her own meat, fly before you can sit her neck, between before she can fly, and demand to know just why that can't be so. She'll test the boundaries and want to go beyond them, because she just knows she can, she knows deep in her heart she can do it and Shells, she wants to do it Now! She'll complain to you, oh how she will complain about all of the restrictions set to her during weyrlinghood. Maybe, just maybe, on the sly she'll want to just kind of go out in the middle of the night and practice gliding or chasing down the beasts in the pens. She's sneaky like that. As she grows older though, that desire for independence won't focus so much on her education. With the freedoms granted, Nymerith can expand her horizons, find opportunity to enjoy flight and a good hunt on wild beasts.

With her independence comes her determination. She is a fierce thing, your Nymerith. She is a female who knows what she wants and how to go about it Her intelligence is a presence of cunning. Always thinking is Nymerith. When she sets her sights upon something, be it the plumpest wherry in the pens or assuring you a night with that gorgeous redhead from that other wing, she'll be almost dogged in her plans to see it through. She believes fully in what she sets out to accomplish, putting the full weight of her self, her mind, and even you into accomplishing the task. She's a calm thing when she is planning, a quiet before the storm. You can almost feel the winds change and the lilt of her thoughts within your own mind.

A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.
—- Marge Piercy

Just as she can be a quiet creature when she is showing just how clever she is, Nymerith is just as apt to show her fiery temper. This isn't a dragon to sullenly pout off in a corner if she doesn't get her way. She rages. She snaps. She shows her ire from the glitter to her eye to the flick of her tail to the flex of her talons. Her mindvoice will slash quick and sharp-edged, for she isn't one to bandy about with words. Nymerith will never hang her head in shame or just let someone/dragon roll all over her. She is far too proud to put up with that.

Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive.
—- Gerard Way

With her quick temper comes a vibrant female personality. Nymerith is most definitely feminine. She might like to roll with the boys, and get down and dirty, but she is all female as well. In her youth, Nymerith is a bit of a social creature, happy to be involved with the others, curious about them, fascinated by life. As graduation nears, and adolescence gives way to adulthood, her sexuality smolders. She's a bit of a flirt; nothing cute or sweet or innocent-like, more sultry and testing. She doesn't have much patience for the more 'dull' dragons. She is more apt to get along with the intelligent and quick-witted A-type personalities.

Nymerith is a social creature, and she'll expect T'zyn to be just as happy to socialize and be involved in everything as she. It is simply in her nature to be involved, to add her opinion and her own special spice to everything. With her involvement, that means that T'zyn will be involved as well whether he wants to or not. She'll crowd your head with all of these exciting and fascinating ideas and bits of information and possibilities and how you will be a part of this as well. She might not ask if you want to even get involved, she'll just insist until you simply must.

Those that tend to burn so brightly aren't going to settle for the simple pleasures in life. While a good lounge upon a ledge is a thing to be treasured, Nymerith would much rather be doing something then sleeping away the days in the sun. She wants to be out there, doing things, making a difference and providing T'zyn a lifetime of excitement and adventure. Come graduation, you two will be prefect for joining the search and rescue wing, or the cartographers. Nymerith has an image to uphold as a dragon of Pern. Without thread in the skies, she'll want to find her place elsewhere, and the responsibilities and expectations involved in rescue or searching and exploring new places are ideal for her mindset.

Living on an island is the perfect place for Nymerith. As with T'zyn, she has an acute appreciation for the water. The seas are a fascination for her, along with everything within them. She could spend hours upon the beach, or frolicking in the shallows. She'll splash, try to catch fish, simply watch the fish swimming about, and get the others dragons rounded up into a rousing game of tag. She'll get along so very well with the dolphins, incredibly well.


Proddiness is a slow-coming thing for Nymerith. She'll sort of feel a bit of an itch, and a tickle, and a need to do something about this, this /thing/. And it is from that point that she'll start discussing with you all of the particulars of it, which is mostly who you two think is the best dragon to fly her. She'll already be sizing up the possibilities, noting the more desirable candidates and their various details, because Nymerith can only have the best in a mate.

As it comes to the actual moment, you'll have your hands full. From the start of when she bloods, she'll have the problem of wanting to overeat. Remember the parts where it was mentioned how big her tummy will get and distended, she'll go right back to that habit, so you will be hard pressed to keep her sleek and not weighed down for a better flight. That'll be quite the battle.

When she finally manages to take to the skies, Nymerith will put her chasers through a gauntlet of problems, showing them just how speedy and agile she is, and that not just any Joe Shmoe dragon will be able to partner her. She demands the mightiest, the fastest, the most cunning, and the most daring males join with her in the skies Blue, brown, bronze? The color doesn't matter to her, as long as he can match her.

T'zyn's green Nymerith
Harper's Tale: 53rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Pippa's Gold Jeyth and Coora's brown Sidaaeth
Sunday, April 19th, 2009
Clutchmates: T'zyn and green Nymerith, Ki'ar and blue Emianth and T'ab and bronze Tyroth

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