Dragon: Nverath
Color: Bronze
Name: Hytiaf, Elle
Egg: Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg
Egg Desc: Yla
Dragonet: Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Hytiaf, Elle-tweak.; Hannah tweak
Messages: Hytiaf; Hannah tweak
Inspiration: Hytiaf

*Drawing by Sapha*

Clutching Message:
Dhiammarath shifts once more, elegant golden haunches demurely touching the black sands where there seems to be a hollow all ready and waiting to receive what she has to offer. As the riotous mixture of fruitiness and musk hits the sands, one might expect a clamour to see Feeding Time At The Zoo Egg by the eager spectators, but no pushing is necessary, as it'll all happen again in just a few minutes.

Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg
A riotious mash of colour, pounded this way and that, mingles haphazardly over the ovoid surface, piled one on top of the other in a multitude of layers. Creamy banana is pressed into the rich tangy mango, that spreads outwards in sluggish lines before it encroaches on the sharp apple-green that adorns the squat end of the egg, buried underneath the raw flesh-toned striations that dominate all the vivid colours with its powerfully rancid appearance. Overlaid all of it is the quite musky overtones of a soft grey-brown, faintly coarse and iridescent when it catches the light in just the right way.

Hatching Message:
The Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg shudders once more, as if it could smell itself. The strong aromas of fermenting fruit is enough to make the insides of the egg fall over, trying to roll away in its well protected little sand nest. The egg spins in place once on its side until the large crack on its surface is facing upward, allowing foamy white neckridges and a dragon's spine appear. Soon the whole fruity mess is dispersed in one exaggerated stretch and a little glowing bronze rolls out limply.

Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet
Nearly luminescent gold and rich iridescent bronzes saturate sinuous limbs and rounded underbelly. An intoxicating foam spills from the tip of his muzzle, back along the expanse of cresting ridges, and all the way down tail's wiry length to the very tip. Thin wisps of purest glowing white wash delicately along the narrow shoulders of his silver-imbued hide, only to intermingle with the darker bronzes that cascade along his mighty form. Drawn with the arch of a shooting star, or as strict as a darting arrow, he is cast smooth and compact, muscular and so very long. His narrow wings are flecked in a dazzling, shimmering white that tickles over honeyed-yellows from below. When furled close to his sides, those very same pinions are of such a rich golden bronze that they disappear among his liquid metallics.

Impression Message:
The last vestiges of deadness fade Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet’s limbs as he continues to look dead on at his intended, a large hairy man in a sea of white. Slowly, the dragonet pulls himself up to his full height and stumbles forward a few steps. His gaze never falters, despite being newly hatched and still weak from hunger. One claw is placed in front of the other before he draws himself up close to the candidate, -his- candidate, and rests his entire weight against him. %D lets out a sigh that ruffles the candidate's white skirt and nuzzles his hand, claiming %N for his own.

Personal Impression Message:
Cool thoughts drift into your mind despite the heat of the hatching caverns. Sweet spring breezes bring a serious tenor voice and heartfelt words almost seem to echo in your ears, blocking out any other noise. «I finally found you. I've been looking for you, for forever!» His mind leans upon you, startling your senses back into reality and to the fact that a newly born dragonet is nuzzling your hand, his sparkling, whirling eyes fixed on yours. «My name is Nverath. We will be together forever. It is as you wish, right?»


Name Inspiration:
We tried to come up with something that combined both Nevarre's and Wesley's names into something that sounded good and went well with D'baji. After running though a list of combinations, we finally came across Nverath. It could be pronounced as n'vrr-Rath or nvRath.

Egg Inspiration:
Everyone's been to the Zoo, and the thing that always attracts the most attention by visitors is feeding time, when the keepers come out and stuff those animals with food. You get dozens of people pressing forward to try and see, so you can smell all of them, and then you have the smells of the foods, the bright colours of which cover this egg. The slightly shiny overtones that I added reminded me of the fur of a monkey, and the muskiness that is constantly present whenever you go near the monkey enclosure. As for the name… well, surely you've heard of the song? '… with a munch and a crunch / see the animals lunch / it's feeding time at the zoo… '

Description Inspiration:
I don't think I will ever understand the link between alcohol and bronze dragons, but all I'm saying is that it works. and it works well. You asked for your dragon to look like a frosted mug of beer, and I did my best to accommodate you. I started out with the rich colors of a dark draft beer and let it fill his form, starting at his legs and lightening almost imperceptively as it colored his shoulders and flanks. Yes, as you asked for, his colors nearly glow with iridescence and luminance. The tips of his head and straight down his back were tinted silvery white, like the head on a recently poured mug of beer. Where the white met the yellowed bronze, I added a bit of wispy tendrils, causing bubble like patterns across the area in his shoulders and joints. It would be something like the residue bubbles leave on a bar of soap. The patterned area is repeated on the underside of his wings while the backsides blend in with the yellow-bronze tones. I tried to make him sound long and agile, akin to an arrow or a shooting star, hoping that the mental images would lend towards what you wanted in his length.

Mind Voice:
His vocal tones tend to lend more towards Nevarre's thoughtful tones. It would carry on the wind like a cool breeze, rustling through dried grass and leafless trees, colored gold and honeyed brown, muted colors of fall. Hints of smoldering fires long gone out would hang on his words, like a conversation at dawn beside a dying fire. When angered or fighting Thread, he would become more passionate, adding darker colors like bark brown, midnight black and deeper grays. His happy tones would grow lighter, filled with sunny yellows and sky blues, taking on almost a merry tenor tone in your mind.

The phrase that keeps popping into my head is… "Now he's a tall cool drink of water." It fits, except that Nverath is more of a long drink of beer. As you can tell from his description, we tried to put as much of the things you requested in as well as supplementing it with some things from your chosen theme. (And that, my dear, was the theme for the Hatching. Give the Candidates exactly what they want). I kind of envision Nverath as a cross between a dragonfly's long narrow body and thin long wings, with a chameleon that's managed to wrap itself around a mug of beer.

I based him around the tortured Knight, Nevarre, on his good days, and the Dread Pirate Roberts/Wesley during some of his more somber challenging moods. He’s more of a daylight dragon, and an early riser. He’d greet each day with a bold face, ready to get all of his responsibilities and chores for the day done with, not because he longs to play, but more because of the fact that they were the priorities. It would only be logical that way. He would likely nudge you awake and out of bed everyday for routine strap checks, weather reports and breakfast all before the first watch of the day. He would be stubborn as well, not letting you sleep, but not reprimanding you for still being unconscious. He wouldn’t nag either, just keep repeating himself, in even pleasant tones, that it was time to get up now.

He is the philosopher you requested. He would just have a knack for stating obvious solutions to the problems that you were mulling over. Sure, his logical mind will take stock of the entire situation in an almost disparaging way until he finally comes up with the solution that fits nearly perfectly, like Wesley does in the in Princess Bride. He will be a lot of fun to talk to because he has a matter of fact and simple way of looking at things. He views on life won't be complicated by human emotions and human idiosyncrasies.

During Threadfall, Nverath will just come alive. He will dart here there and everywhere using his graceful body to dodge Thread better than any other dragon his size. He will grow excited and angry, switching between the two emotions on whim. He will be a loyal dragon of Pern, doing his utmost to char Thread and protect his home and the people he loves, while simply enjoying his skills and abilities.

Aside from looking like an eternally proddy gold, Nverath won't change much for Flights. He will be a loyal dragon, picking out his lady love, more than likely a gold, when he is old enough, and may simply only chase her. Greenflights will be much too trivial and beneath his tastes. Both of the role models that we recognized from your chosen themes were "one woman" kind of men. Nverath would go to great lengths, soar for great distances and do whatever it would take to claim his lady every time she took to Flight.

Now, we tried our hardest to fit dear Nverath to your specifications, but we also know you want him open to natural development during RP. We also left his childhood/dragonet turns completely up to you. Feel free to use this inspiration as a blueprint for your dragon’s personality, or just completely disreguard it and have fun! He’s your dragon after all! We hope you like him as much as we loved putting him together for you.

Debajirin’s bronze Nverath
Harper's Tale: 31st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath and R'ley's bronze Tynabith
December 15th, 2001

Nya’s Green Iredith (orginally Rionath), Yulianna’s Gold Miyakath, Zeja’s Green Esmeyath, M'er’s Green Suith, R'ian’s Bronze Bralath, Kia’s Blue Valanth, Kazra's Brown Xylyth , J'den’s Bronze Heliuth, B'ane’s Bronze Aboleoth

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