Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Arah, Tala and Zeja

Dragon: Nvdoth
Color: Green
Name: Zeja
Egg: Incisive Hope Egg
Egg Desc: Zeja
Dragonet: Shadow of Twilight Green
Dragonet Desc: Tala
Messages: Arah, Zeja
Inspiration: Arah, Tala, Zeja

Incisive Hope Egg:

Dwarfed by its larger brethren, this small, off-white egg may appear plain and minuscule. Sparse and faded, silver strands dash across the surface, meeting with the large, pale yellow speckles that slip down the surface. A thick, pink band swerves across the egg, covering yellow and silver.

Hatching Message:

Incisive Hope Egg rumbles. Cracks appear upon one of it's small ends and then nothing. Moments pass before it shakes again. This time, a slash stretches along a length as the shaking becomes more and more volatile. The gash splinters, spilling yellow and silver shards onto the sands. A filmy wing stretches through the break and strains to push apart the edges. A nost shoves through the breaking top. The dragonet forces against all boundaries, its weight rocking and shaking the egg until the shards fall away and grant freedom to Pern's newest dragon.

Shadow of Twilight Green Dragonet:

Dusty greens drape over a build of obvious strength, much of her made of solid muscle from the look of her long, athletic forearms and thick, sturdy haunches. Her snout seems shortened or compact with an ashen green smearing around the tip and streaking up the middle of her nose and across her narrow eyeridges. A few bleached-out speckles dot around her chest, standing out against the faded coloring that reappears along her neck and continues across her middle. Foggy wingsails seem overlarge in their size and powerful in their appearance and build. A similar foggy hue puffs around her lower back, eventually dissipating back to a richer green around her flanks and down a strong though slender tail where once more the ashen green appears along its forked tip.

Impression Message:

Shadow of Twilight Green Dragonet pushes one of the candidates out of her way with an ashen green snout as a reflection of light from a pair of spectacles draws her attention. Whirling eyes settle on the mouse-brown hair of a girl clad in white. Everyone else is forgotten as the green warbles loudly before planting herself firmly at the candidates feet. Foggy wings are spread wide as bumps her head into the girls legs gently as she demands the attention of her chosen, Tesconnar.

Personal Impression Message:

A soft brush like velvet or the evening wind brings the sound of a soft muted cry as it reaches you from the green hatchling who sits proudly before you. The colors of sunset; yellows, pinks, and reds entwine lovingly as they seem to infiltrate into the very recesses of your soul, finally the colors fade and settle into a background of smoky, white and gray haze. « Tessa! I have found you! » Comes of a soft exclamation as the smell of grass, fresh air and flowers envelops you completely. « I am Nvdoth and together we shall make the perfect pair. Now can we get out of this heat? I'm starving. »

Name Inspiration:

Nvdoth (Nuh-doe-eth): The Cherokee inhabited much of the United States, including Virginia, and the word "nvda" and its variations are used for "sun" and "moon." We found it coincidental that the word for sun and moon would be the same, while, during some afternoons, both sun and moon may be seen in the sky.

Egg Inspiration:

The tooth fairy is a myth told to children who have lost teeth. Parents will tell a child to put the tooth beneath a pillow. In the morning, the tooth is replaced by money. This seemed to fit well with Nvdoth, as well. After reading this inspiration, maybe you, too, can picture her as the never-seen and quirky yet mature tooth fairy.

Description Inspiration:

You were pretty clear with what you wanted Nvdoth's sizing and build to be but, as for coloring, that was a bit more tricky. Eventually, though, the idea of a dusty green, maybe a bit foggy or faded came to mind after considering your preference for a dragon that wasn't super-duper pretty. This way it's not exactly pretty and vibrant coloring, but it's certainly different and a little unique. Plus it just works with her personality. The faded colorings seem a bit more mature and cool, rather than the young and warm colors you might typically see on greens.

Mind Voice:

A gentle breeze drifts through the minds of those permitted the presence of Nvdoth's high-pitched yet muted words. If smells connect to these words, one may perceive fresh air, grass, and flowers sifting with a gentle breeze. Colors may enter, too, for those attuned to this unsociable creature's moods. A sunset's yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks linger in the background of smoky, white and gray haze. These light smells and colors and the softness of Nvdoth's voice belie the harshness. Like Terran rush hour traffic,
her language rushes, stilted and sharp, often with impatient breaks as she searches for words to accompany the speed of her thoughts and retorts.


You'd asked for a big dragon. The type that'd grow up to be big and strong (though of course not ridiculously big). And Nvdoth will be just that. She's not going to be a dainty green, but she won't be bulky either. She's got an athletically solid build which will make certain tasks given during weyrlinghood a lot easier for her than it may be for her fellow hatchlings. Hauling sacks of firestone on her back or a few passengers will seem a lot easier to Nvdoth than it might to another green.

As she matures she'll become stronger and more built, and this strength will be even more obvious when she's in flight. Her wings are a bit large in order to lift her weight off the ground (muscle can be heavy after all!), and she'll be able to last longer in flight than the typical green would. At least as long as she's keeping a steady pace. If she decides to use all her power for speed she may wear out a lot faster.
Weyrlinghood will be a great time to learn a happy medium when it comes to her speed and stamina in flight. And there certainly won't be much concern over if she's staying fit enough. Nvdoth doesn't really even need to work towards becoming fit since it seems she was born that way.


Who needs Ista's sweltering heat? Nvdoth doesn't. She relishes in coolness - water, shade, wherever she can be. This is the epitome of your dragon: a cool green who prefers to rest in shadow. She'll be at the back of the class during weyrlinghood and the wing during drills - not because she doesn't learn. She's quite intelligent, able to hold memory for longer than most dragons (which even then, of course, isn't long). But she prefers to be with you alone; and it's probably best, considering her behavior. Nvdoth isn't /bad/. She merely has a knack for sarcastic remarks and (to her, at least) incredible wit, and she often chooses to use these when in heavily-populated environments, almost her way of making up for her awkwardness of being around others. Be glad that Nvdoth doesn't have to be near you always - to her, mentally close is enough. When she /is/ nearby, she uses such remarks and wit to bring you into the situation so that she isn't alone.

« Moo and I were considering a swim in the lake. »
« Perhaps Tessa and I should join you. She hasn't bathed in two days. »
« Well, you haven't… And you smell. »

Considering that she thought it was a good joke, Nvdoth won't apologize. But she does show her regret in ways that will become familiar - jokes, often horrible ones.

"That wasn't very kind, Nvdoth."
« Why did the… Tessa, why did dragon cross the Bowl? »
"I don—What? Why?"
« Because she saw a tasty wherry over there. And her rider was there and she wanted to be close to her rider. Because her rider is nice. »
"I love you, too, Nvdoth."

When she can't think of something to say, she'll find something to do to take the attention away from her and onto you. This can even go as far as tripping someone and blaming it on you. There are no ends to these actions, which others might see as pranks, but, of course, you know otherwise.

Mostly her lack of apologies are because, in her mind, she does no wrong. She only knows that you /think/ she did wrong. If she messes up in lessons or drills, for example, she meant to do it. Despite this self-confidence, Nvdoth has a strong respect for authority and even tries to push you toward authoritative positions, so this may be a constant debate for the pair of you. She also considers herself more mature and intelligent than others and, when she decides to be in social situations, she prefers elder and higher-ranking dragons and riders.

Even during weyrlinghood, Nvdoth won't exhibit many of the mentalities and actions of young dragons. Why does she have to eat this firestone? Because that's what older dragons do. And that's reason enough to make Nvdoth eager in her duty. Don't be surprised if you catch her sneaking out of the barracks to catch peeks of older dragons in action - or emulating them.

"Why were you making that poor blue chase you around the barracks?"
« Because Tsukiath did that in the sky last night! »

The stutter. It's something that's been a struggle for you, perhaps, and in the beginning, she may imitate you because, well, you're older and she wants to be like you. Of course, as a young dragon she'll avoid most of her clutchsiblings. When she finally hears them and their riders and discovers so few have this trait, she'll question you about it. And don't be offended or surprised if she tries to teach you the proper way to talk, because Nvdoth knows best (and doesn`t understand that it`s not lack of learning on your part).

This green is hard-working, striving to be the best at everything, but she's also hard in play. Evening has closing hour, rush hour, and happy hour, right? Nvdoth enjoys all three, especially since she knows that coolness comes with the afternoon and the end of drills (though she'll cope well with night work). She discovers a burst of energy when late afternoon comes. She rushes you in any tasks you may have so that the two of you can relax and enjoy free time. Of course, morning isn't a happy time for Nvdoth. You may have to pry her out of bed to face the sunrise because, at Ista, sunrise means heat. She will never be a playful dragon. Being so mature and self-confident, she despises silly and flirtatious greens (they're the butt of most of her jokes, along with "romancing" bronzes), and poor you if you engage in silly, blushing crush talk.

And that is your lifemate: cool as the evening shade, confident, mature, stubborn, anti-social, sarcastic, and, above all, loving and loyal in her own unique way.


Nvdoth will take her time when it comes her turn for a mating flight and you might find she is one of the last of your fellow weyrlings to make her maiden flight. She will not be like most greens when she begins to glow, as you will find that she is the complete opposite of a silly, flirtatious wide-hipped wherry of a green (as she might call them) that Nvdoth seems to so despise. Her sharp tongue and quick wit will only become worse as she tries to keep the males who try to catch her attention far away from her, even to the point of viciously insulting them and trying to chase them away.

She doesn't think anyone but you, Tessa is worthy of her attentions, so no male is worthy of catching her in flight. Though don't be surprised if you find yourself stroking her ego when Blueth won't leave her alone despite all she does to the poor male. When Nvdoth finally does take to the sky, her flight will not be for the weak of heart with her daring dives and sharp turns that sometimes make even the most maneuverable dragon in the Weyr envious. Nvdoth will fly hard and fast, using that maneuverability to her advantage to continue to taunt the males, but alas that need to taunt will also be her downfall as it gives the chasing males a chance to catch her, and she might find herself embraced by a bronze, brown or blue, like it or not. Though if she had her way she would draw the flight out as long as possible before growing tired and choosing from any of the chasers that remain.

Harper's Tale's 45th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Sorcha's gold Madigyth and R'lar's bronze Cojiroth
August 20, 2006

Nalla's green Qimath
N'shin's brown Pygaroth
Lanti's gold Dedanseth

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