Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he
or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this
inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not
required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of
SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are
excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way.
— Orbit

Dragon: Nuadayth
Color: Blue
Name: Orbit
Egg: Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg
Egg Desc: Brina; Saria tweak
Dragonet: Sprite of Air and Water Blue Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Char
Messages: Orbit
Inspiration: Orbit

Clutching Message:
Quarith finds a touch of respite in the midst of her labors. Limbs stretch
from their cramped positions as wings unfurl, fanning enough to unsettle the
fine-grained sands and send them all to float about the gold's engorged
form in a kind of smoky aureole. As gossamer sails furl back to her sides,
revealed for all to see is Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg.

Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg
Soft, velvety mint green enraptures this elliptical form with shadows of
marbled fudge and splashes of crumbled cookies. Serene chocolate spins an
elaborate tale of bewitchment and beguilement, serenading the velvety green
to an enticing dance of love and commitment. Smooth silkiness draws one
closer and closer to see the tiny specks, almost a fine mist of chocolate,
surrounding this egg. Two contrasting hearts melding together to make a
unique kinship of harmonic enchantment bring this dance to a blissful end.

Hatching Message:
Entangled Mints Enchated Egg trembles lightly on the ebony sands, hairline
cracks appearing all over the shell. Starting from a center point and
spreading, the velvet green shell slowly starts to melt, drips of shell
raining down upon the sands. As more and more of the egg dribbles slowly
to the sand, finally one last drop completes the proccess and the egg
becomes simply a puddle on the sands.

Sprite of Air and Water Blue Dragonet
Sea and sky comingle within a frame of ivory coasts and salt-kissed
breezes. Foam flecks the pale azure of dainty features, bubbling over
attenuated eyeridges and the slight curve of cheeks to evaporate before
reaching the tip of a slender muzzle. Waves of turquoise, subdued by salty
crests, crash against the point of talons and narrow tail, sending a splash
of foamy flecks along limber limbs. Reeds daunt the sandy edge of aqua
sails to form fragile spars ready to bend and play through the air twixt
the expansive fabric of his wings. Delicate puffs of misty white are urged
along island-flecked sides by a fickle gust to coalesce upon the arch of
his back in the beginnings of a gale.

Impression Message:
Sprite of Air and Water Blue Dragonet seemingly floats along the sands,
first inspecting one, then another. As he makes his way oh so carefully
and perfectly along the sands, he catches sight of something.. His head
turns, body following and suddenly oh so composed dragonet makes a dash for
a healer, finding the match for his perfection: Izzady.

Personal Impression Message:
The trickle of silver-blue starts slowly, but soon expands to almost a
river filling your mind. A deep sense of joy and simply rightness expands
'til it is the only thing you are aware of. Completely fresh scents of
ocean and wind surround you, while new thoughts shimmer brightly,
« Oh Izzady, I am here faithfully yours and I am Nuadayth. »


Name Inspiration:
I was seriously struggling with this. What to name your dragon. It had to be perfect, at heart, I'm a perfectionist. So, how to find the perfect name to fit a dragon based off of Ariel, the impish sprite from The Tempest (if you haven't read it, you should, excellent comedy). We tried everything. All sorts of combinations. Then I was talking to a friend,
explaining what I needed, something that was the embodiment of air itself, flowy and light, cool and spring breezy, and she started flipping through her tarot deck and came up with Nuada, High Lord of the Air. Well, we played around with it a bit, until we came up with Nuadayth. Nuadayth, how perfect. Pronounced Noo-ah-DAY-th or Noo-AH-dah-yeeth, it just seemed to fit the flowing sound that I was looking for and thought you'd like.

A little background on Nuada:
Nuada was the high king of the Túatha Dé Danann. In an almost Biblical exodus, he lead his people into Ireland from the north-west of the world in wonderous flying ships. They brought the four ancient treasures with them: the Sword, the Spear, the Cauldron and the Stone. Nuada was a powerful king. He is associated with the Moon, Orion, Gwynn app Nubb, and the figure of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars is based on Nuada. Of the four treasures, Nuada had the Sword of Light.

What my friend had in her tarot deck on Nuada, High Lord of the Air:
Ard Ri' of Aer: Nuada of the Silver Hand.
Ruled by Uath. Fire of Air; willpower pursued through judgement; the
masculine force supported mentally by the feminine force in life; the
lightening light of day; storm magick; mature male between age thirty and
death; in full rulership; an authority figure; may not be in touch with
intuitive side or creative right-brain activity; extreme linear thinking.
Card Advice: Magick beckons, slice through the veils of ego; don't forget
the softer side of life; think before reacting; war is not the answer;
learn to sheathe the sword.
Helper card: Ridire of Water.

Egg Inspiration:
Ice Cream, what else? That oh so yummy Ben and Jerry's that is the woe to dieters across the United States.

Description Inspiration:
Because your dragon is based on Ariel, we wanted a description of seas and skies, preferably Mediterranean, so I immediately thought of crisp, clear blues, the pale ivory of sandy beaches and salty foam. Despite the fact that I began with the face, I imagine seeing him from the bottom up, beginning with turquoise, which is a blue-green color and fading until we get to the white and grey of a beginning gale on his back. As you requested, I managed to slip reeds in there somewhere, imagining a group of them converging on the shoreline in his wings. I also tried to fit in the delicate features and large wings that you requested, though those may be a bit more subtle.

Mind Voice:
Nuadayth's mind voice is silky smooth, it is soft, a rolling medium tenor, barely touched with a hint of a Mediterranean accent. He almost always rhymes or sings when he speaks, everything he says is liberally kissed with music. His tone is fresh, leaving in your mind the salty tang of ocean breezes, the clear scent of the sky just after a spring rain, and the oh so
fresh smell of laundry after it's been hung out to dry in the morning wind. No muddy browns will fill your mind, this is a dragon touched with air and water, not earth. His mindvoice is all aglow with crisp pale blues, frosty whites, and pale sea-greens, when he is excited, silver sparkles akin to faerie dust will liberally color his thoughts.

"I and my fellows
Are ministers of Fate: the elements.."
Nuadayth is such a minister… or so he thinks. He is personally convinced
that he is a being of air and water, loving nothing more than to be immmersed
in one or another. You may find that you've the cleanest dragon in the
weyr. Nuadayth will love bathing, in the lake, in the ocean, in the
streams, in just about every mud puddle he can find. Your dragon will be
one of the few in the weyr that sits on his ledge and croons happily during
a rain storm, of which there will be many in tropical Ista. Of course,
once the sun peeks out through the clouds, he will be one of the first to
want to go flying, to celebrate the glorius fresh, clean air in flight. «
Oh Izz, don't you love the feel of the fresh air sliding over you? »

You can expect that your child of nature will be commenting on each and
every season, watching the rain fall in the spring, the hot summer days and
clear nights, and the leaves changing in the fall. He might even insist on
visiting the 'Reaches to catch a viewing of Pern's first snowfall each
turn. He is attuned to nature, it is his love. In fact, if you don't
choose a forest weyr, you might find that your weyr ledge turns into a
forest all by itself, you dragon urging you to plant plants, fragrant
flowers and pungent leafy greens.

While a creature of the elements, Nuadayth is also a creature of the
senses. Taste, touch, sound, sight, and smell, he simply luxuriates in all
of these. Your dragon is a conoisseur of taste, he will only pick the best
looking herdbeast or wherry out of the bunch. Only the best for him. When
it comes to sound, you might find yourself visiting every harper concert
offered, occasionally nudging him to shut up and quit humming along with
the harper. Nuadayth will insist on only the best smelling of oils to rub
into his hide, he wants to smell sweet and clean, like the fresh air and
ocean he so loves. As for sight, he will want his weyr to be adorned with
nice looking things. The nicest rugs and furs, in clean, precise colors,
no muddy mixes or eye blinding hues.

"Remember I have done thee worthy service;
Told thee no lies, made thee no mistakings, served
Without or grudge or grumblings"
And that is exactly how Nuadayth will behave toward you. He will never
tell you any lies, in fact, he'll be so truthful he'll even tell you things
that you didn't ask. « Oh, Izz.. your hair is standing up so that you
look like a wild wherry! » he might say, as you wake up after a long
night. And he'll be honest to other dragons too, which might occasionally
get you into a tad bit of trouble now and then. As he tells Ivrylth, « My
rider thinks your rider looks especially large today. » You might end up
having to have a small talk with him about tact, not that it will ever sink
in much.

Nuadayth is a perfectionist. It's just how he is, and nothing will ever
make him relax or be loose about it. He is the one that will insist on
each and every pillow being piled to precise and exact spots, so as to not
affect the harmony of the room. He will insist on his ledge being swept
out freshly each morning, as he really does not like dirt at all. The
thing that will drive his perfectionist side to the extreme is threadfall,
where he'll want to sear and scorch every last bit of Thread.

He is a hard worker, flying Thread steadily without even a hint of a
complaint. You might be the one to have to ask him if he needs to stop,
when he starts to slow, because he will never voluntarily admit to needing
a break. He works without a grudge, willing to fly thread three seven-days
in a row, if that 's what it takes to get the job done.

"Before you can say 'come' and 'go,'
And breathe twice and cry 'so, so,'
Each one, tripping on his toe,
Will be here with mop and mow.
Do you love me, master? no?"
Nuadayth will be one of those dragons that really loves to between. He
likes to be there now, not later. In fact, once he learns how to between,
you might find yourself having to explain to him just why he has to fly
straight to the center bowl, and why he can't between there from his weyr,
« But.. but.. it's 5 whole minutes away.. » He'll be in a hurry to get
there, not that he's in a hurry to do whatever it is that you have to do
once you're there, he just enjoys finding ways to get there faster.

You and Nuadayth might find that you two are often picked to do transport
duty for the weyr, in fact, you'll probably notice that Nuadayth urges you
to volunteer for this duty, it being one of his very favorites. Your
dragon is a people dragon, he enjoys hearing the various chatter of
different people. It isn't that he's a gossip, he'll never share with
anyone, maybe not even you, he just enjoys listening to the different
voices and conversations.

* All quotes taken from Ariel, from The Tempest. *

Nuadayth is as game to chase as the next dragon, and he'll be just as eager to catch as any other. Once the flight is over though, he'll be indifferent, never 'falling in love' with any green, his only devotion is to you. He'll be friendly with all dragons, green, blue and brown, showing no color especial notice, in fact, barely noticing a proddy green until she does rise.

Izzady's blue Nuadayth
Harper's Tale: 29th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and T'rell's bronze Sejith
Sunday, April 29, 2001
N'ano's bronze Bydelth, Lib's green Alishath, Hannah's gold Dhiammarath,
E'an's green Fiareth, Khaye's brown Itazurath, Yla's green Castaliath,
Tstar's green Elbareth, Sorcen's brown Neolyth, Jozzie's blue Riyth, and
Naomi's green Kaith.

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