Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a life-mate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of Lush SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Tstar, B'au and Dea

Dragon: Nokith
Color: Blue
Name: Dea
Egg: Tequila Rose Egg
Egg Desc: Lira
Dragonet: Laughs At Funerals Blue Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Dea, B'au
Messages: Tstar, Dea, B'au
Inspiration: Tstar, B'au, Dea

Tequila Rose Egg:

Small and ovate, this egg emulates an exquisite fruit resting in the sands. A rosy pink blooms from its center, blushing subtly peach hues toward its edges, where the shell appears milky and delicately translucent. Protecting the infant dragon within, its shell seems almost velvety to the touch; lending to an appearance that is gently inviting, with insidious hints of excitement deep within. The egg is very hard, and may hatch any time now.

Clutch Message:

Kwazarenth pauses to gather her strength and much needed breath. A shallow depression is pawed out, the sand thrown off and away from her clutch before Kwazarenth tiredly eases herself over the hole. After much straining, the Tequila Rose Egg is deposited in it's cocoon, and Kwazarenth noses it before pushing some sand over it's side, half burying it in the process.

Egg Inspiration:

There is a bottled drink named Tequila Rose, which is a blend of tequila and strawberry liqueur. Yum! I wanted this egg to be very feminine - ethereal and almost seductive in color and texture. It's too bad you can't attribute a smell to eggs, otherwise this one would smell faintly of strawberries. —Lira

Hatch Message:

The Tequila Rose Egg does the tequila sunrise version of rock and roll, gyrating to it's own inner beat. Eventually day breaks into flakes of shards, the dawn colors of the shell dissolving before the brilliance of blue hide. Emerging from the wreckage, Laughing at Funerals Blue Dragonet attempts his great escape, but instead he slips clumsily on a shard. Landing face first in the sand, his amused rumbling is barely audible.

Laughing at Funerals Blue Dragonet:

Vibrant shades of radiant blue distinctly portray this small dragon as a adventurous spirit. Clean streaks of an illuminated indigo pour down his shoulders and twist onto his lengthy back; the color pooling at the top of his haunches to form an even more intense violet. Expansive azure hued wings majestically fan from his body as if to catch the ocean spray, or a breeze upon a clear summer day. Pronounced eye ridges are lined with delicate strands of silver, buffed here and there in soft increments of white. Wide, curious eyes and a cute blunt muzzle are contrasted sharply by jagged, scrawny neck ridges and a wiry tail, hinting faintly that this dragon is not all naiveté and light.

Impression Message:

Laughing at Funerals Blue Hatchling careens off at an angle from his old course. Heedless of whom he might be running over in his haste and eagerness he takes the straitest course to the young golden-haired boy that caught his eye. There! There! He tries to stop, honest! He only manages to send himself into a confused tumble, landing right at the boy's feet. He looks up, utterly unabashed completely hopeful trying to meet the boy's emerald eyes.

Personal Impression Message:

Something seems to flip through the corners of your mind, an audaciously casual touch for something so personal. Bright colors flood to the surface, to fade in an instant. An insolent voice quips, « D'lan! I am your Nokith! » Cartwheels of red are laced through with subtle hints of blue and the soft scent of wisteria at the next though, « I am also hungry, think we could steal some of the meat over there? »

Mind Voice:

Nokith's mind voice will never lose that casual,easy-going tone it had when you first heard it: he'll always sound completely at home in your mind, sharing your thoughts. Never fear about him abandoning the generous use of those bright distinctive colors, either: they'll be there forever, a vivid kaleidoscope of fresh spring greens; sunset purples and pinks; noontime azures. Though he's capable of toning things down with crumbling traces of wet earth and mist-grays, he'll happily embellish a particularly outrageous idea with bright summer yellows and poppy red (if he ever gets mad, you're sure to be bowled over by the voracious, consuming waves of bushfire crimson). Talking to him is nothing short of falling into the rainbow of the countryside all through the year; and it may take quite a while to get used to!

His words themselves, however, will most often be delivered in a measured tenor tone, quite at odds to his lavish use of colors and scents. Apart from his habit to let sentences trail off without finishing them, which stays steady no matter who he is speaking to, you'll be surprised to learn from other riders that when Nokith bespeaks /their/ lifemate, he drops into a languid, vowels-dropped rural accent. If you ask Nokith, he's sure to refuse to comment:

« I do? Strange. Dragonth must have heard me wrong. »

He uses scents somewhat sparingly – a faint hint of wisteria here and there, perhaps, or the thick scent of morning dew when he wakes up in the morning. Conversely, just before he falls asleep at night, you'll be treated each and every time to the delicate smell of fresh pine needles crystallized by freezing snow as his thoughts fade and grow thin, as if the skeleton of an autumnal leaf. (B'au).

Name Inspiration:

Noki is Japanese for "reckless". We thought this fitted in with your request for a bit of a dare devil of a blue dragon. Nokith can be pronounced: "No/Ki/th" (with a hard 'k') or "Noh/kith" - but of course you can say it however you want.


He is a small dragon, quick and agile. Being on the small side and wiry, this dragon will try to do end over end maneuvers with a kind of rough-and-ready movement that is nevertheless strangely agile - the unrefined but quick-on-his-toes country boy. Unfortunately, like many a spry country boy, he will go through his gangly stages. These stages will be complicated by his personality. It will be hard to tell if he really did just fall flat on his face or if he meant to do it like he claimed!

Grace will come naturally to him, one of these days, but it will be a long road to get there. Be it land, sea, or air, Nokith will always trip before he walks, and tumble before he runs. Now once he has the hang of it, no one will be able to keep up with him acrobatically. It will be up to you to get him there.

He's a bit of a daredevil at times. Even when he really can't afford to be. His initial clumsiness will frequently be a side affect of trying to do too much. He is not one to refuse a physical challenge. This will be helpful as it keeps him from getting discouraged, but you may find yourself patching bumps, bruises, and cuts because he tried to squeeze through a hole that was too small for him just because that green over there /dared/ him to!

Once he does get himself sorted out, watch out! Acrobatics will be the least of your worries. Dives, barrel rolls, loops? Those will be common place occurrences. The /really/ fun will be when he clips the tree tops just to see what he can frighten out… or folds his wings through a narrow canyon because he just /knows/ it opens out, whether it does or not. (Descer: B'au, tweaked Tstar)


On the surface it seems that your Nokith is destined ever to play the fool. He doesn't seem to have a single sensible bone in his body. He is always after some hair brained scheme for this or that (Today he decided spinners were the /perfect/ gift for greenriders!). Tomorrow who knows what he'll do!

He takes his endeavors very seriously. After all he must find the absolutely most efficient way to convert all the flowers by the pond into honeycomb. He will run any risk. He will ward off any opposition. His plans /must/ succeed. That's where you come in. He expects you to be as enthusiastic as he is, no matter how scatterbrained the idea, no matter how unlikely success. He expects to you to be willing to go to the same lengths he is to see that his brilliant (or less than brilliant) plan runs perfectly.

Every now and then, however, you'll catch a bit of thought as to how to turn his antics to an actual productive use! If you confront him on it he'll likely play it off as a whimsy, or 'just looking out for a friend!' It is hard to tell if Nokith actually believes all his crazy ideas are really as important as he seems to think they are, or if it's some sort of charade. If he plays his cards right Nokith could very easily use his village idiot reputation (which will likely develop if he has any say in the matter!) to his unique advantage.

This all begs the question, is Nokith really a fool? Or is he the clever one, turning a flaw to an advantage. Only time, and you will tell.


Nokith is a show off. A flight is not a flight for him, if he doesn't try and out maneuver the green! Golds aren't worth his time, he'll tell anyone who asks. They're too ponderous. It's not that he'd never have a chance! Oh no, it's that golds just are too slow to be worth chasing. No one will likely ever get him to admit to any other reason. He loves his flights acrobatic. He's all bravado and pomp with any green that looks like she might be ready to fly, and when they get into the air, he as much tries to impress her with his agility as he tries to catch her. Sooner or later this will backfire on him, but his pride is hard to wound, at least in flight. There are always other greens, but there is only one Nokith!

Harper's Tale's 41st PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Iri’s Gold Kwazarenth and B'ane's Bronze Aboleoth
29 April 2005

Asli's green Safuriketh
Lzi's green Izlasth
U'ric's brown Khonsath
R'yn's bronze Azmaioth
Minka's gold Ryazusith

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