Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Jala, Sapha & P'renn

Dragon: Niwath
Color: Blue
Name: Jala, Sapha, P'renn
Egg: Pohutukawa Christmas Egg
Egg Desc: Sapha
Dragonet: Tropical Siam Surprise Blue
Dragonet Desc: Sapha, P'renn
Messages: Sapha, Tasi
Inspiration: Sapha, Jala, Tasi

Clutching Message:

Miyakath stretches luxuriously as the heat of the Hatching Sands provides some comfort against the birthing process momentarily. However such respites are short-lived, and her sides ripple again as another contraction rocks her golden form. After carefully preparing a little divot for the next of her offspring, she positions herself to the greatest advantage so that the newly laid Pohutukawa Christmas egg has the best possie upon the sands.

Pohutukawa Christmas Egg:

Those lazy hazy days of summer are reflected in the dusty azure that dominates the utmost pinnacle of this ovoid. At the other end, embedded in the black Istan sand appears to be the sandy hues of another more exotic sort, languidly inviting the playful tickle of foamy aquamarine. Betwixt these restful shades a riot of color emerges. An explosion of deepest crimson spikes and fuzzy olive ellipses merge and meld into an impressive organic whole, darkening as they touch upon the eggs sandy shore, perhaps offering shady respite from the drowsy heat.

Hatching Message:

A soft ripple begins at the base of Pohutukawa Christmas Egg, slowly working upward until the whole exterior seems to vibrate. The colors dampen and darken under the heat and strain of near-hatching, and just when the newness of summer greens and scarlet blossoms that characterize the egg are lost to a cloudy haze, the shell begins to disintegrate like a sandcastle in the tides. The dripping and shadowing continues until what was once homage to summer reveals the vibrant, surreal blue of Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet.

Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet:

Rukbat has just set over this hide of deep tropical blue. Navy splashes down the ocean landscape, its faint Prussian oil slicks collecting in delicate smears across the rippling expanse. Trickles of moon-silvered peacock spread in paper-thin webbing along extravagant wings of briny azure. Night dances along waterlogged haunches of rich sapphire, the barely-ruffled surface painting thin legs in choppy cobalt. Talons speak of shallower seas where cyan intermingles among the marines, littering the strong expanse with effervescent phosphoric trills. Droplets of baby blue work upwards from his mandible to splash against elegant cheekbones and speckle beneath large eyes, like tiny reflected stars, before trailing into a faint wake along his streamlined neck.

Impression Message:

Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet recoils from a particularly disastrous-looking candidate. Someone, please tell him he didn't /really/ just see that. However, one must persevere in the face of ugly things, so - Oooooh, what's that? Just like in the movies, the crowd of white robes parts to reveal a stunning creature, also in white. Now that's grooming! Gaily, Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet struts down this informal isle and stops with a stylish pirouette before an ebon-haired boy. Oh, Beau! Things just keep getting better.

Personal Impression Message:

The uniquely tropical scent of coconut, cocktails and warm sea breezes tickles your mind, never waxing, never waning, just one moment it's there, and the moment before it wasn't. « Oh thank -goodness- I found you at last… I am Niwath. How are yooou? » A gentle lisp singsongs over the breeze and into your heart. « You know, white just simply isn't your color B'au. » So much for good first impressions. « I'm positively starving! How about you and I get out of here for a teensy snack? Oh, and don't even think about looking at another dragon, you are mine now, always and forever. »

Clutch Theme:

Places around the world (climate, local flavor)

Niwath's Theme:

Amazing Thailand! The choice of language for most South East Asian immigrants (Well at least here in NZ anyway) and a place of unimaginable beauty, where it is still possible to have an adventure or two. We wanted an area of the world that fit in with what you wanted as well as giving us room to add our own personal touches.

Thailand is a diverse country geographically, from the beautiful islands and beaches that litter it's coastline to the bustling crazy urban centers and along to it's jungle covered mountains. You know it's tropical right? You know that means it's really really hot? Just like Niwath!

The Thai people are almost universally described as 'friendly' and 'helpful' we'd like to add a couple more like 'colorful' 'hard-working' 'dramatic' and 'lively' combine these words with their love of family and food, and we felt that we had the perfect ingredients for you beautiful colorful Niwath.

Name Inspiration:

Let's see. Well Niwath is actually my brother-in-law's name (who happens to be Thai, yes) So I don't have a clue what it means. I did try and look it up online, but knowing Thai people the way I do, it may not actually have meaning. But, it is pretty, which is why we gave it to your beautiful blue boy. In RL, it's actually pronounced NEE-wot, but for your dragon we've softened the second syllable to pronounce it more like NEE-wath. Of course if you think of a better way to pronounce it let us know!

NB: The RL Niwath is nothing like your Niwath… which is a shame.

Egg Inspiration:

I come from Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud), or New Zealand, as it is more commonly known. Which means that our Christmas is during our summer. Personally I think there is nothing better than going to the beach on Christmas Day and having a picnic barbecue with your family. Perhaps the best symbol of your average kiwi Christmas is the bright scarlet flowers of the Pohutukawa that flourish along the many miles of beaches that we have. Oh the joys of living on a south pacific island. —Sapha

Description Inspiration:

Essentially SearchCo is here to please, so when you ask for a true-blue dragon it's what you get! However sometimes we add our own creative little touches, and for your dragon we felt that the deep luminous blues of a tropical sea would suit him best, especially seeing as we could incorporate the movement of such water to give him the variety of shades within the solid seeming color that you requested.

We're so glad that you allowed us to play with his claws, I must be going through some sort of 'Oh glowy! Pretti' stage. Initially I could have sworn that the initial image of a vibrant surreal night dark sea in electric blue came directly from the 2000 movie 'The Beach'. However when I watched it again for your inspiration, it wasn't as vivid as my imagination led me to believe. But Yay! The plankton, with all its vivid bright cyan was! So we included the mindless phosphe creatures in his description. And the stars and the wake? They just seemed to fit so completely with everything else we already had, so we used them as well. Those were the ideas that lead us down the merry garden path to Niwath.

Mind Voice:

As you may have noticed when you fist Impressed him, some of the most obvious aspects of Niwath's mind voice include a gentle lisp and a soft, expressive tone. He spends most of his time sounding positively exuberant about one thing or another, so beware when that tone changes to irritation or, Faranth forbid, impatience!

His thoughts will float to you bearing that special, unmistakable Island Passion(tm) combination of coconuts, cocktails, and gentle sea breezes. This all combines in the background of your consciousness over a soft sequence of sea-shore sounds, everything from the gentle lap of waves to the occasional furious cry of a seabird. For the most part all of this is soft, though…unless he's being particularly emphatic about something, these sounds and senses will come to you muted, as though your ear is to a seashell rather than as though you were standing on the shore yourself.

Niwath is a colorful dragon, but communicates primarily in shades of blues, yellows and whites, the color of water and light. Imagine the Thai women in their beautiful dresses, sparkling with fancy jewelry that adds spangles and glitter to their already expressive dress. Got that image? You've got Niwath's thought-colors.

Between all of these factors, Niwath has the potential to be almost annoyingly expressive… he's probably not too much fun to talk to when you have a headache, or when you're in a dark mood, as bright colors and summery feels don't tend to go along so well with sore eyes or bad feelings. Still, he /is/ capable of sympathy and can tone things down a little for you on these occasions. Likewise, though, he can spice things up just that much more when he's feeling especially emphatic, so beware a riled-up Niwath!


Niwath's favorite way to move involves curvy, snaky, sinuous motions that show off the patterning on his wings and body, and this is true whether he's in the air or on the ground. This may not always be the most efficient way to do things, of course, but that's not what's important to Niwath. What /is/ important to Niwath is that it's fun, and it makes him look good, and that's all the reason he needs.

This doesn't mean he can't move when he has to, or that he won't fly straight when there's a hurry…he just prefers not to, when he can get away with it. Just like Niwath knows how to make you look good, he knows how to make himself look good, too, and he's out to do it as often as possible. So expect lots of shimmies, shakes, and squiggles out of your new blue, but don't expect much sense, to start with.

The unfortunate truth is that you have to learn to walk before you can run. Or dance. Or shake that sexy bootay you were so lucky to inherit. And Niwath resents this. Oh, boy, does he resent this. So until he's fully grown, and until he's got the hang of that groove thang he works so hard on, expect him to look a little silly at times. Does he notice? Maybe. Does it bother him? Probably not, and certainly not enough that he's going to stop anytime soon.

Luckily for both of you, his awkward phase should be fairly short. Pure determination will likely keep him looking, and moving, well, from a very young age. Like so many things, flight and movement will come easily to Niwath, and he'll be completely unaware of how lucky he is in this. He would probably seem conceited about this, but it's such an instinctive, inborn part of who your dragon is that it'd be awfully hard to resent him for it.


Niwath has a passion for old things, not mundane old things like the shoe B'ron's father made before the beginning of the present pass, but beautiful really old things, interior design things, things that'll make your weyr looked lived in, and stylish at the same time. Antique quilts, vintage clothes, ancient furniture, he'll encourage you to acquire it all. But he's not going to let you pay anything more than what the item is worth. Less if he can manage it. With Niwath in your life, your skills at haggling will increase a hundred-fold.

"He thinks that strangers are better than one's relatives." —Thai insult

Like the Thai people, family comes first and foremost to your Niwath. Obviously, this means you, but it also includes his clutchmates, with whom he'll feel quite close. Expect him to do his best to bond with each and every one of them, whether or not they're all that interested in bonding back. Miyakath and Bydelth, too, will be very important to him, as his parents. But really, this idea of family extends far beyond literal relations. Any dragon he comes across who he feels close to will become an aunty or an uncle, until Niwath has as huge a family as anyone could ever wish for. And woe unto any who forgets even one of these relatives or pseudo-relatives, for Faranth knows Niwath will never forget a single one!

He's flamboyant, first and foremost, and outgoing. He's always ready for an adventure and ready for fun, and probably also looking forward to the chance to see how other people are dressed and groomed, just so he can have his laugh at the expense of the fashion-blind. And the fashion awareness extends to become still more noticeable when it comes to you. He knows every outfit you own, down to matching underthings with pants with hats, and will greet you each morning with a running commentary on what he thinks you should wear today, or what he thinks of
what you've put on already.

« No, don't wear /that/ one, the cut's all wrong! What about the two-toned sisal one we picked up at Keroon the other day? Those shades would be perfect for you today, you're a little more tan than usual after sweeps yesterday. »

Despite this odd, and probably irritating, personality quirk, Niwath is just plain likable. He's got one of those personalities that everyone, dragon and person alike, seems to gravitate towards instinctively. His friendly, outgoing attitude helps him there, it's rare to see Niwath in an outright bad mood, and it's hard to be in a bad mood around him. He'll do his best to cheer you up whenever you need it, and usually in exactly the right way. He's got a good feel for people (and dragons), and it shows in how he interacts with everyone. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone at the Weyr who specifically dislikes Niwath, and for good reason.

Because of this, Niwath will know everyone at the Weyr. He's likely, too, to know exactly how everyone fits in, and with whom. Looking for the latest information on whether that pretty greenrider stayed with the plain-looking Weyrhealer? I bet Niwath can tell you! And he's not critical, either, when he gossips. He'll tell you what's going on, and if you ask, what he thinks of it, but his gossip isn't the ever-dreaded auntie-chatter that causes so much trouble. He has mastered a much less dangerous style of knowing all, and this, too, will be a draw for others.

One more minor detail: Niwath will never allow himself to be associated with anyone unfashionable. No matter how good a rider that squinty boy in plaid and stripes might have the potential to become, some other dragon will have to come back later and Search him, because Niwath just can't get over the fashion faux pas! Yes, he's a little bit of a snob, when it comes to fashion, and he knows it. Yet trying to make him change his ways, to quote his Thai origins, would be like watering a stump. Only the stylish will ever have the privilege of being searched by your Niwath, and that's final!


"A palm tree without leaves or fruit" —Thai phrase

Initially Niwath will be a little ambiguous towards females.

« I like Myrrheth, but I can so easily overtake her, so why'd you want me to chase her again? »

Which may or may not be cause for concern. Fret not my little Boo-boo, he's taking a leaf from his grand-dam's book. He's what we call in the business a 'late developer' on account of his developing late :D. Seriously in part, some of it is choice. I mean between his trips to Crom to find the perfect 8th Interval quit to hang over your bed, and those silly lessons they keep on making you do again and again.

« I mean Really! You move your wings up, and then you move them down. Fast. I can't see how they can spend so much time discussing something I can explain in a sentence. If we were talking about Canllaith's rump however… »

Er…. And gossiping with his bestest girl buddies. Niwath can simply put off his sexual maturity until he is comfortable with it. And when he is comfortable you'd better hold onto your vintage hat!

Niwath is a sweet cheery soul, but don't ever make the mistake of assuming that he won't use his 'Just one of the girls' status to his advantage when one of those pretty greens starts glowing. He'll be charming without being slimy, nice without being too nice, and sexy without seeming to know it, no putting gold leaf on the back of the Buddha statue for your boy. If he does something nice for his newly proddy friend he's definitely going to want recognition.

It is fairly safe to say that that it is the behavior before the flight that definitely tickles his panties. Once the green is up in the air and doing her own thing, Niwath becomes not quite as attentive, which with the plethora of Bydelth spawn in the Weyr makes certain that he catches not as often as he should. Not that he sees this as a bad thing, he's one of those souls who's more in love with the idea of being in love than the actual experience. After all if he has good friends, good food, and good fun what else does he need?

Harper's Tale's 37th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Yulianna's gold Miyakath and N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Monday, December 15, 2003

Raine's green Zeimyth
A'mar's green Naluth
Ariah's green Belissaith
Rele's green Tifaryth
Iya's blue Canllaith
Issket's brown Lesoleth
Nayla's brown Manaslath
S'nin's brown Kismetath

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