Niara Is Searched

Great Hall
With a dome-shaped ceiling reaching up almost beyond the light cast by numerous glows surrounding the hall, this room can be none other than the Hold's great hall. The floor is solid grey stone, slightly worn from the hundreds of Turns of use it's been through. Four ‘tapestries’ hang around the hall at seemingly random intervals, coloring the otherwise dull hall. An assortment of tables and chairs and couches are strewn about the hall for any who wish to take a rest during their labors, but mostly people are using the great hall as a center for moving to other places. Archways and doors lead everywhere, but the most dominant doors are the great double doors to the east, leading out to… [look closer]
Gliding around are six firelizards.
You see ISTA—Where Men are Men and Woolies are Scared here.
Niara is here.
Obvious exits:
Great Doors Flying Mug Dining Hall Shops Guard Office Main Hallway Crafthalls

Niara 'Sugar 'n spice and everythin' nice' is an apt description for this teenager. Nutmeg falls in silky locks to her shoulders, a few wisps falling forward to half-cover wide, mischievous blue-grey eyes. Pink-tinged cheeks dimple over a prim rosebud mouth. She has finally grown into her tangle of arms and legs, graceful in their movements. Her slender form has swelled and curved in delightful (if predictable) ways, her voice dropping into the honeyed tones of an alto. She is the exact replica of her twin sister, Kirin, though most would not be able to tell any similarities between the dirt-covered tomboy and this debutante. A stiffened, flaxen-colored skirt falls to mid-calf, held in place by a series of laces weaving in and out of the material at her waist. A sleeveless vest dyed to resemble rust-stained earth tightens around her slender form, cinching the billowy shirt underneath into place. Brown leather boots lace up her ankles. 4 firelizards are draped about her head and shoulders. A chain of interlocking silver and gold links clings loosely about Niara's neck, the inscription on the small medalion much too small to read with the naked eye. A double cord of blue and white twist into a single loop and small tail, indicating the position of Harper Senior Apprentice. She is a teenager of about 18. She is awake, but seems rather distracted.

Sadira walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.

B'ane delivers his presence with wide footsteps, the bronzerider not bothering with dallying or keeping the sound of his boots on stone under wraps. He's got a job to do, look out! Helmet is tucked under one arm and goggles are shoved on top of his head for that 'Suburban cool look'. "'cuse me miss, but do you know where can I find the man or women in charge of the local stores? It's very important." He tacks on at the last minute, just in case the young lady has any doubts about his qualifications. "Or wait, are you from the Hold? I guess I should have asked that first, huh?" A nervous smile flickers briefly.

Niara is settled at a table, stacks of scrolls, books, and slates heaped around her, though they've been pushed away to clear room for the current object of her attention: mugs. Yes, that's right. Every klah mug in the room has been gathered and is sitting in front of the bored-looking young harper, carefully lined up large to small. Niara glances up as she is addressed, the spoon she'd been idly tapping against her leg pausing. Her eyes flicker from goggles to knot before she offers a pleasant smile and nod. "Well, not from the hold proper, but I can tell ya where ta find the headwoman's office, if that'll do?"

Sadira wanders in looking rather distracted. She doesn't see the two already present. Not at first, the bronze rider is instantly recognized. She keeps from saying anything. Not even wanting to know if Aboleoth has become ill too. That would completely depress her. Right at the moment, Dira is rather wishing she hadn't left her drum back at High Reaches.

Sadira stops at the sound of the other voice. Hmm, she hadn't even noticed the harper, "Hello, B'ane," she finally says, "I know where the shops are. I've been sent there often enough by this or that harper," she answers, " Present company excluded mind," she adds hastily, lest she offend the harper's sensibilities.

Nemikassin walks in through the great doors from the courtyard.

B'ane weighs his options and thinks that the Headwoman would make a good a choice as any. "Please, I'd be extremely grateful. I know this Hold tithes to the Weyr, but that doesn't mean I'm familiar with it.." Is utilized as some sort of excuse on his part with an uneasy-type laugh. Yeah, he's a little out of sorts with half of the Weyr 's fighting dragons unable to fly Thread. When you start to hear him all out cackling, that should be your cue to run.

Alain walks in from the Main Hallway.

Nemikassin is going to join too but I'm not asking :P Nemikassin steps into the hall and it appears he's completely covered in sand a mud. There's fishing pole somewhere under that muck but you might not be able to tell. There's two firelizards clinging to him and they're all dirty too. However one of them is alot more droopy than the other. You might be able to ignore the mud on him but he's dripping it everywhere in clumps.

Niara pushes back from the table and stands, just in time to screech and and start circling around it frantically, trying to pull scrolls out of the way of the liquid she'd managed to slosh out of half the mugs she has lined up. " Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!" she hoots, flapping about for a moment before turning back to the rider and sniffling in irritated frustration. "Er… what? Oh, yes. Headwoman's office. Um… here. Would you mind holding this for a minute first?" she asks holding her armful out, ready to dump it into his (hopefully) willing arms.

Alain half-skips down the grand staircase, attention diverted by the hooting and flapping, but the healer shrugs it off. On the other hand, the girls is familiar. "Careful of that one, rider," he teases, "She's viscious." Or something. Truth be told, he doesn't quite remember -why- he knows the girl. Then again, she's a girl. He doesn't often remember them. B'ane, on the other hand, is offered a second, longer glance, and the healer heads in that general direction. "Anything I could lend a hand with?" he offers in his most helpful tone.

B'ane's hands are kind of full themselves. Wait. The usual riding paraphernalia is left aside onto the table as he steps up to the plate. Or rather, the femme asking for his help. "Sure; you know what they say: one hand helps the other." No pun intended, although it would appear he meant it in a rather unconscious fashion. "Uh," he looks to Nemikassin and then to Alain, deducing it was the latter who offered. "Well, I'm just looking to see if the Hold has any spare Expectorants they could spare for a good cause." And he will let everyone who doesn't know what that means suffer until someone, if anyone, asks what it means. Because B'ane is evile like that.

Nemikassin is still dripping mud at the entrance. Aparently that's alright and he grins at all those gathered. Moving foward in the Hall he manages to fling a bit of mud Sadira's direction. Peering closer at everyone he shakes his head "Anyone seen someone about my height come by here? She's my sister and I swear I saw her come this way. Pushed me in a mudpit. Gotta get her back for that."

Sadira has connected.

[OOC:] B'ane says "Poor Sadira *pats*"

[OOC:] Sadira smacks her computer and asks for Repose?

[OOC:] Nemikassin says "What'd you see last?"

[OOC:] Sadira says "I honestly don't remember. Alternately, could we say that Sadira agrees to Search if the topic comes up? I'm not sure but what this decrepit old machine of mine needs to be shut down for the night?"

Sadira sits and watches those around her, feeling somehow very lost. She's missed something, she's certain of it.

Aboleoth> Above, Dhiammarath appears in a rush of iridescent white-gold from ::between:: trailing a wake of sparkly jewel-tones!

Hannah walks with youthful grace in through the great doors from the courtyard.

Niara slides her armload into B'ane's arms and tosses a glare Alain-ways. " Hrmph… Like you know," she retorts before spinning on a heel and grabbing a nearby rag, tossing it in the middle of the puddle created by her chorus line of mugs. "Oh, um… Well, the healers'd probably have the larger stock of that kinda thing…" she says over her shoulder. "But iff'n ya head up the stairs and down the administration hall, you'd find all the uppity-ups of the hold's offices." She gives the troublsome table a little kick, ignoring the additional liquid she spills as she turns back to the others. " Um… I've been here for a bit and haven't seen anyone else come through," she calls out Nemi-ways.

Sadira is just a bit confused, but then, who wouldn't be upon dozing off on one's feet? Only to awaken to some comment about hold higher uppity ups?

Alain chuckles at that and shrugs, "Expectorants? I'm sure I could dig up a couple. For your lifemate, I presume? My flits are having the same trouble. I could probably drag something out of the hall for you, but you should talk to your dragonhealer at the Weyr before you use it on…er…him, rider," he cautions with a glance for B'ane's knot. "Journeyman Alain," he adds, offering the bronzerider a hand in greeting. "And, all things considered, I'm probably the best person to talk to if you're looking for medicine for the Weyr—at least in the near vicinity."

[OOC:] Nemikassin idles for a bit.

Hannah slips through the doors, her attention immediately going to the bronzerider since he has the honor of being her quarry. "B'ane," she calls out, giving a cursory nod to the crowd, "Have you had any luck? I've come down in hopes of catching you. One of the blues took a bad turn and so we're going to need more than you originally came down here for."

Sadira's head swivels round to look at Hannah, "Not Valanth?" she asks, a tinge of fear creeping into her voice. If the dragons can get sick, then certainly all is not right with her worldview, and this would make for a very distracted Sadira.

B'ane bends his torso and arms to mold around the rolled and unrolled parchments alike and hopes he's got everything securely supported. "Well, not exactly for the dragons yet I don't think, at least to my current knowledge. A young journeywoman had suggested using a remedy to fight the mucous building up in the respiratory tract from those animals afflicted. It's going to be tested on some firelizards first, but I think it definitely looks promising. Actually, we were just going there now, Hannah." He replies, turning in the Weyrwoman's direction as far as his burden will allow.

Hannah nods her head and then pales a little, "Get them, I've got to go. Healer's need me back at the weyr. Get someone to help you.. you'll need a lot." She doesn't hear anyone else's comments and dashes back out of the door.

Hannah goes home.

Niara steps forward and holds out her arms. For what? The hope of every girl on Pern? To get swept up into the strong and capable arms of a bronzerider? Pthbt… No, she's merely holding them out to allow B'ane to return her armload, offering a quiet "Thank you," to avoid interrupting the conversation too much, though she does interject to the room at large, "If you want, I could run up and see if one of the people with a key to the Hold's stores is available." See? She's polite. Unless you're a forgetful smart-aleck healer who needles her without even knowing who -she- is.

Mailli stumbles in from the courtyard. Her limp showing much more than she usually allows. An obviously ill 'lizard is wrapped in several layers of cloth, which the journeywoman holds close to her chest, "Fer, you'll be alright. I promise," ooooh, making promises she might not be able to keep. Hmm. Must be desperate.

Nemikassin rolls his eyes "Shard it, guess she went the other way on the beach." all the talk of dragons has him focusing on the 'riders but that's about it. "Know a few riders, hope their 'mates be well" is muttered as he flicks a bit of mud off his shoulder "This bronze is sick of mine. Been thinking of taking him somewhere but not too familar with the Hold." he peers at Sadira for a moment "Do you happen to know where I could get a bath or something, then I need to find my sister. Mum'll kill me if I get back on the ship all dirty. Not much bathin water there you know."

Sadira blinks and just watches the exchange, then blinks again as she hastily steps out of the way of the journeywoman. Sadira nods, and points towards a door that leads out into the Shops area of the hold, "Through that door, to the left? I think?" she answers. Who knows, she might be right.

Mailli stops in her tracks and is almost startled, "Follow me," she says softly to Nemikassin instead, and pushes through the door that Sadira indicated. Mailli enters a short corridor which leads to the hold shops.

Nemikassin has latched onto some it would seem "Really that way? he peers in that direction "You're sure? Would you mind showin me the way?" Mailli is peered at and then he seems to agree "Alright then looks like I've got myself a guide." Nemikassin enters a short corridor which leads to the hold shops. ho Yeah, I'll lead her out..

Alain waves a dismissive hand, "I'm sure the hold's stores have everything needed. But if there's not enough, let me know, I'm sure the healers would be glad to help you out." He turns toward Sadira and Nemikassin, "Yeah, the baths are that way. Speaking of which," he fixes an eye on Sadira, "I don't suppose you'd be willing to do your hold and craft a favor and lend me a hand with something?" Forget that she's not from Ista or the Healercraft. She's his chosen lackey. Ha ha!

Sadira eyes Alain suspiciously, "I'm not a healer, nor," and here she eyes Niara, "am I a harper. At least not yet, I'm not a harper. If at all," she is starting to ramble. Hmm, clear sign of nerves.

B'ane peers around the circumference of his load and transfers it back to their original possessor. "There y'are. I think I'll go with you, if you don't mind. It might look a bit more 'official' if a current representative of the Weyr shows his face to let the Headwoman know not just anyone's stealing her products." Dry humor slightly becomes him at this point in time, not that he implies any offense to Niara's rank up there. And because of the magically speeding up of role-play, the duo return with three jars of some sort of pale, dried blue-green leaves. Not, not /those/ kind of leaves..

Alain waves a dismissive hand again. "No problem. You don't have to be a healer. I just need a hand carrying some hidesseeing as they're busy," he adds with a wave toward the riders and the harper. "I've been looking up the last plague we had with firelizards and trying to see if there are any similarities. Unfortunately I haven't found muchneed another load of hides." And seeing as he's a Journeyman and all, it's kind of his job. ic :doesn't see why not if it's a public area.

Sadira nods still looking at the healer with a good bit of suspicion, "Well, I can carry things right 'nough," she answers. Oooh, lookit that, Dira's going Bitran in her accent.

Alain quirks a brow at Sadira and takes a step nearer the girl. "Oh yeah? I guess I should probably be asking if I can carry things for you, instead." He shoots the girl a wink and nods toward the healer hall. "Of course, I'd be forced to buy you a drink or something if you did help me out."

What kind of leaves? *blink, blink* Niara maneuvers carefully down the last step, glancing around her new armload and breathing a sigh of relief at 1) having handed off her armload to a friend before magically following B'ane around to gather the ingredients, and 2) having not succumbed to her natural clumsy-bent and fallen down the stairs. Yay!

Sadira giggles softly. Nerves you know, "Oh, I'm used to hard work," she answers. My but the visuals that could paint in some minds, "Of course, doin' somethin' useful, like carryin' medcine," she lets her voice trail off along with her now derailed thoughts, and just stares towards the courtyard.

B'ane was about to set his twin canisters of mixture, when he's hailed by someone named Aboleoth. So much for composing pleasant farewells. "Say, could you go the extra step and help secure these, Niara?" Whether she gave him her name or not, B'ane has ways of finding these things out. He's practically magically. "With my riding stuff and these things," the jugs are patted. No, not /those/ jugs. "I don't think I'm talented enough to balance one on my head. It'll just be a quick minute of your time."

Alain nods, "Right—medicine this way." He turns to head toward the healer hall, offering his arm to Sadira as he does so. Hey, he's being a gentleman, and on purpose, too. The healer shoots the girl a cheeky grin and adds, " Unless, of course, I'm not good-looking enough to go with?"

Sadira steps forward to offer her aid. Those look like at least one handful, if not several, "I could help if it is needed?"

Sadira snorts softly as she follows Alain, "Oh, I've seen far worse." ho Phew. She fell for it hook, line and sinker. [Holidaysearch2003] B'ane: Phew. She fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Alain nods and his grin widens a little, "I appreciate it. It's hard to find people to lend you a hand when it comes to something that's not fun." So saying, he heads toward the healer hall.

Alain walks into the Healer Crafthall.

Niara wrinkles her brows together and steps forward to help wrap the jars in whatever contraption B'ane hand brought along to carry them back in. "Sure, I have plenty of time. But… Just how are you planning on getting them all back?" she asks curiously, eyeing both him and the the collection they'd managed to round up.

Ista Hold Courtyard Built into the side of a hard granite cliff, Ista Hold looms dominantly to the west. Windows pock the smooth surface of the cliff in neat rows until they get closer to the ground, where they begin to frame the great bronze doors leading into the Hold itself. A sea breeze seems constantly in the air here as the ocean and the wharf lay but dragonlengths to the east. Beaches are scattered to the north, recreational areas for the Hold's residents when not working. It is a spring late night. Perched on a windowsill are nine firelizards. Gold Ysbryth, gold Tiareth, bronze Aboleoth, and gold Dhiammarath are here. You see Toshiro here. Obvious exits: Ista Hold Dock Main Beach Great Doors Guard Office Stables

You walk down a few steps into the courtyard.

Niara slips softly down some steps which lead to the great doors and the Hold.

B'ane gently sets the luggage onto the ground and waits until his bronze comes close enough to finish the job. "First, I don't think I gave you my name, did I?" Well I'm B'ane and this is Aboleoth. Just a second, he wants a drink first." A shiny flask in acquired from the confines of an inner pocket and when the small cap is removed to give to the bronze, a strong draft of air breezes over B'ane and the sound of low thunder comes from deep within. " Uhhh. Huh. He wants you to give him his whiskey.." Yes, Abo likes alcohol once in a while, but only a taste. What an honor, eh? "Care to do it?" Brown eyes peer down at the apprentice. "Just stick the opening between his lips and pour it right in."

Niara 's eyes travel up, up, and way up to blink in bewilderment first at the bronze, then at the rider. "Whiskey?" she queries, setting her jar of leaves down and stepping forward and holding out a hand for the flask, even as she still stares incredulously. She approaches Aboleoth gingerly, though not out of fear of him. Well, more out of a fear of where a drunk dragon might step…. "Well met Rider, Aboleoth," she replies, not losing her eye contact. "M'name's Niara. I'm with the Harper craft…"

Aboleoth lowers his mammoth head to eyelevel and accepts the offer with the grace of a young kitten. Aw, so touching. "If seems there's another favor to ask of you," oy, B'ane can just hear the groans now, "Aboleoth and I want to know if you'd consider going to Ista Weyr to Stand as a candidate. Shells, I've never seen him that particular over someone. Even ignoring me," coyly, he thumps the ailing bronze on his hooked muzzle and looks back to the possible-candidate.

Treirluperak walks down some steps which lead to the great doors and the Hold.

Niara blinks and chokes, nearly fumbling the flask and only recovering it by sheer chance. She lifts it again and peeks up at Aboleoth before glancing back at the B'ane. "Me? Are you sure? Why?" she asks clearly in disbelief of their sanity before blanching slightly at the rudeness of her words. "I mean… of course. If you really want me to. I guess," she fudges some more.

B'ane dimples into a smile and starts to fasten the expectorant vessels to Aboleoth's luggage straps, the metal scales composed on there clicking together slightly at the touch. "I even had the hindsight to ask someone from the Hall to put together your things - and there they are!" A hand points. "Talk about quick. I just hope they didn't forget half of your things. Here, put your hands on the the first loophole here, and then place your feet on his arm - don't worry, you won't hurt him." The Istan advises patiently although his voice is becoming hoarse again.

Niara ascends to Aboleoth's neck and settles between two neckridges colored a liquid bronze alloy.

You scale Aboleoth's neck and position yourself between two cuprous neckridges.

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Niara slides from Aboleoth's neck and lands neatly on the balls of their feet.

Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy. Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are nine firelizards.
You see Beau's Spiffy Alpha Male Pad, Ashlee, Den Of The Alpha-Female, Jesus's Omega Universe, The Loner-NonFish Hideout, Aradia's Cot, Xarine's Cot, Nei's Nest, Ora's Beta Fatale Sanctuary, Malek's Cot, Nefret's Gamma Core, Sainin's Cot, Amaril's Hammock, Mlina's Comfy Cot, Xveiya's Dangerously Stinky Hideout, and A Mural here.
You notice Aradia, Oralia, Xarine, Sainin, Neiana, Beau, Nefret, and Xveiya asleep here.
Mlina is here.
Obvious exits:

Niara slips softly in from the South Caverns.

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