Dragon: Neolyth
Color: Brown
Name: S'cen!
Egg: Southern Pecan Pie Egg
Dragonet: Comrade-In-Arms Brown
Dragonet Desc: Elle
Messages: Elle
Inspiration: Lyne and Elle

Clutching Message:

Quarith settles down into the sands as her forepaws scoop out still another depression. Delicate motion is her trademark, and as her body ripples with birth contractions, that delicacy becomes apparent as the egg's apex becomes visible, a swirl of amber syrup and spice topping it in artistic grace. With one final heave, the entirety becomes visible: Southern Pecan Pie Egg drops softly into the bowl-like depression.

Southern Pecan Pie Egg

Slow velvet, the most genteel wraith of ethereal lace in coolest hues of liquid copper, enraptures the folds of this singularly stunning eggshell. The longest, softest drawl of toasted syrup slinks sumptuous rivulets along the creamy canvas of truest ivory, the very ideal of a filigreed sweep in softest mother-of-pearl. Whispers of magnolia mingle with ideal leisure among the warm ribbons of sugary brown, lending a sleepy, refined attitude to the already languid glamor of this milky soft eggshell in its distinctive hues of buttery cream and toasted nutmeg.

Hatching Message:

Southern Pecan Pie Egg casts a few choice flakes to the ground until a bite is taken from the pies scrumptious shell by that which fills its inner recesses. Crust crumbles away as the hole widens, leaving syrups rivulets to moisten the sands and a wealth of sugary browns to erupt from within. Pie is fully consumed by the dry heat and all that remains is the most important part: the sweet treat of a dragon rooted firmly in times every moment.

Comrade-In-Arms Brown Dragonet

Petrous countenance limns the line of this aristocrat's jaw to be trimmed with the hold of an ancient amber that in itself rests in the grip of a time long past and a future yet to behold. The flecked cobblestones of his cresting ridges conjoin with the sinuous obelisk of an overly long tail to create a mosaic set into the very soul of this dragon's hardened presence. Tuscany's abraded surface trims his sail's tensile plain to be crossed with sand-scoured spars and set with the marble of ichor-darkened veins. Golden browns will forever harrow his glimmering hide, lending to thee a lodestones riches that accompany a lithic size easily avouched by all.

Impression Message:

Comrade-In-Arms Brown Dragonet sweeps across the sands of time in this hallowed hall, his heavy tail dragging a fine furrow in his wake. His head cocks jauntily to the side as his sight is graced by one specific candidate whose inner music seems to find a kindly listener in this aged, yet jubilant dragonet. A sidling step or two brings him front and center to the black-haired young man, and but a breath later the brown is rubbing his head along the candidate's chest, ruffling Sorcen inside and out.

Personal Impression Message:

It starts at your toes, claiming them thoroughly. And then up your legs, through your abdomen, winding around your arms. Your stomach lurches at the very moment your heart pounds with the heady thump of a Harpers drum, a beat in perfect sync with another's. No, not just another: your lifemate. « Sorcen? » The query is the harbinger of things to come, carried forth on sunshines warm beam and the breath of a wayward tune. « I have you. You have me. Sorcen and Neolyth. »

Name Inspiration:

There isn't much to say here, other than it was your own idea that gave birth to the name Neolyth. Of newness and of stone, and that is exactly what he is. Neo: (from prefix neo-) Greek from neos, new. Lyth: (from suffix lith) From Greek lithos, stone.

Egg Inspiration:

Since the theme was Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, here's their description (courtesy of their website) of the original favourite flavour, Southern Pecan Pie Ice Cream: Brown sugar ice cream with golden roasted pecans, chunks of pecan pie pieces & a pecan caramel swirl.

Description Inspiration:

I pulled mostly from your description of the name, Neolyth. Stone is of a heavy consistency in Neolyth's description: Lithic and marble, cobblestones and obelisk. You also mentioned that you really like the colors amber and Tuscany (do you have any idea how hard it is to find out what exactly tuscany looks like?). And so, I added them as best as I could. Neolyth just seemed to be a dragon of golden browns, warm no matter the coolness of stone. As with the theme of the clutch, Shakespeare, Horatio is hinted to here and there, along with Shakespeare's prose, but not too much.

Mind Voice:

Neolyth has as many vocal hues as a fabulous display of stained glass has colours. His voice itself will always be a rich baritone, forever lilting and speaking his words as if they had never been spoken before. When he's happy, light and carefree, his vocal tone will have the same quality, actually reaching up into a low tenor on occasion. The colours he'll present during such times will be just like stained glass, forever keeping the choice sun's rays directly behind the brilliant glass. Rose, evergreen, turquoise, violet all rippling and shining in bright patches across your mind.

However, all bright colours will promptly turn into shades of gray when he's angry such as during times of Fall. Where most dragons flicker colours of fire, Neolyth is exactly the opposite. Bone-chilling blues and stark whites will fill his mind as his voice will grow deeper, quieter, and will hold the same wintry quality. Luckily, this will happen rarely.

As for his mind scent, it's akin to the smell of fine, freshly cut red cedar in an evergreen forest on a cool summer day. It's never a very strong scent, nor ever will be, but its enough to know it's there.


As Neolyth comes from the shell, his size is the foremost one notes about him. He is large from the beginning. Not fat, large. Just large, large. He is big all over, even for but a dragonet. As time goes on, he will grow in spurts, and then bulk up afterwards. He'll grow rather long, stop, and then put on the muscles. And they he will grow again, and the cycle will continue until about two turns in age. But at a turn and a half in age is when his bones will stop growing, leaving him close on the heels of the size of an average bronze, actually surpassing some of the smaller of the metallic male side, but not by much.

His length primarily translates into the span of his tail. It is longer than typical, more than making up for his rather stout neck. Described as an obelisk in his formal description, it's long and thin and ends in a point at the end. But, his point it tipped with a spade-shaped end: flat, squat, and rounded on the edges. Body is just as long, but with more substance to round him out. Haunches are set with might muscles once he reaches adulthood, all important ones that aid in the initial thrust to achieve height. His legs are long and well-rounded with toned muscles. Much like a weightlifters legs: strong, powerful, and grounded well in keeping balance for he will need it on the ground when he moves that bulk about.

His head is strong and soft in the same notion. Strong lines and an aristocrat's beauty merge together to form the stone-chiseled features. Eyes are well spaced, giving an excellent view before, behind, and to either side as they are not set deep into his head and crowned only faintly with eyeridges, not heavily overshadowing. Muzzle is tapered to a rounded point while the line of his jaw widens his face. His head is not narrow, nor wide. It seems to be set just right.

Neolyth is a dragon of golden browns and where those browns disappear, lightness and dappling reigns. His overall shade is tawny, or golden brown. The shade moves from the tip of his muzzle to the end of his tail and from his backbone to talons cuticle. But it is the additions that really add character to this brown.

Amber's yellowed brown (more yellow than brown), warms the lines of his head. I suppose one could almost say that the hue frosts his lines, disappearing in the shadows and depressions. It glimmers with an inner light that bridges near to gold, but is undeniably still amber. It gives his face a character all its own.

Neck and tail ridges are another story all their own. Mentioned as cobblestones, they are dappled with color. All the goldens, darks, and lights that make up his hide are set together along the plain of his ridges, like a bespeckled mosaic that when one looks from afar, the colors merge together to create a solid effect. But their real character comes through from an up close viewing all the better to appreciate the intricate nuances of their beauty.

His wings tend to a more pale color than the rest of his body. He is still golden in his browns, but these seem to be more weathered. Their richness is present, just more faint in coloring. His spars are roughly the color of wet sand, shifting to the dry color on the leading edges or where sail meets spar. Tuscany colors his sails, painting them pale. The webbing lines of veins that criss-cross over his sails add a darkness to them with the green ichor that flows within as a marbling in appearance.

Personality: Anyone who glances casually at Neolyth will see just what he presents: a child, full of youthful innocence and a playful, joyous spirit thats barely contained within his frame. His love for life, and especially you, is the most prominent feature of his outside personality but there's more to Neolyth than meets Joe Weyrperson's eye.

Neolyth is an eternal child at heart, pure and simple. He's intently curious, and will be more so during your first months together, yet knows the limitations to how much a person can explain without getting annoying. Surprisingly for a dragon, he retains the information he receives particularly well - just a bit proud, like a student would be, when he can repeat what hes been told to his fellow clutchmates. This will seem to make him the pet of his class, and with his charming exuberance, he'll get the pair of you in more than enough parties and adventures. When this is the case, he'll hardly ever take no for an answer - unless, of course, you're plum exhausted from caring over him - and will most likely say something like:

« C'mon, Sorc! You know we'll have a great time. »

And his voice, ever so persuasive, will pull you in. And you'll end up going/and/ have a wonderful time.

His inquisitive nature mixed with his youthful charm creates an odd mixture of humour. Occasionally he'll find the urge to just quirk an interesting question ( « What's the purpose of those/things/ on either side of your head? » ) at the most awkward times, like during class. The purpose is not only to know just what your ears are for, but also to hear you laugh, or at least watch you struggle not to do so right in the middle of a lecture. It's the elated feeling he knows you feel during laughter that makes it all worthwhile for him.

As unique as his humour is, he tends to take the same approach with his view of the future. He looks to tomorrow as a day filled with new opportunities, hopes, and goals to reach; yet, he's not too intent on the future to not enjoy the present, the now. Each moment is savoured, and even more when you're in his direct presence. Life is a precious thing to him too precious to be worrying about times that can't be changed, times that are harmful memories. He'll be glad to divulge into your past with you but only if the reminisces hold a certain fondness. As soon as they begin to turn harmful, he'll softly remind you that he's here.

« I'm here for you, Sorc. Forever. You and I are inseparable, and we always will be. Nothing can come between us because I will not let it. »

The words he speaks during times like these are filled with such knowledgeable truth that you'd have a hard time trying to deny them, even if you wanted to. It's during these moments when a more aristocratic Neolyth shows through wise, noble, and loyal to the end. He'll be your emotional tier, always being there, yet hiding until he instinctively knows you truly need a boost of confidence, or a reminder that he's here, and wasn't back then. Gently, he'll encourage you to move on, to remember the wonderful things you have rather than things you had.

Often he'll encourage you to find comfort in your music when his isn't enough. This is hardly a task for him, however, since he enjoys it so thoroughly. Just as much as he loves the sound of your laughter, he loves the sound of your sweet tenor mixed with the skillful tunes. These are especially his favourites - the more your fingers dance, the more intently he watches. The big guy'll be the most attentive audience you'll ever have, and after hearing a song for a while, he'll hesitantly add in his own baritone descant. Like any fine art enthusiast, he'll tend to forget his hunger and forgo getting an itchy spot upon his hide taken care of just to hear you, and will only admit to his discomfort after you notice. Even though you may admonish him for not telling you about his displeasure, he'll do the same to you if you try and play your fingers thin. Neolyth would only blame himself if you did, and since this is always a special, relaxing time
for both of you, he'll always be carefully watching to see you don't overwork yourself.

This side of him - as deep and complex as a star studded sky on a clear winter's night - is rarely seen by anyone but you. Although he's one who'll make many friends on a regular basis, the ones he trusts enough to open up to all the way are few and far between, whether they be human or dragon. Sometimes even he needs a gentle reminder to open up, just as you do. In this sense, he's almost hypocritical, encouraging you to open up to those who love you while he shies away himself. In time, both of you will
hopefully learn from each other and, together, open up to your surrounding friends.


As soon as Neolyth matures, he'll know, yet this brown will hardly ever be the randy type. In fact, Neolyth will only be the sweetest of gentlemen to the ladies, no matter if they're proddy or otherwise. Just as a man would pull out a chair for a lady to sit in, he'll go out of his way to seek the sunniest ledge for his current sweetheart, or even for a bone-tired green or gold.

« Thread was pretty harsh today, wasn't it Elbareth? Here. Rukbat's still shining on this part of the ledge. »

With a graceful tilt of his head, almost as if he's bowing, he'll give her the ledge without a second thought. He'll usually insist, actually, unless the winged lady is perfectly content where she is in the first place.

Once the green, or gold for that matter, shoots up into the sky, there's no stopping him. It's every dragon for himself up there, and he'll perform to the best of his abilities to catch the prize. Up, up, up and even if he knows he's too large to be swift enough to catch the deft greens, or too small to have enough stamina to catch the queen, he knows he'll find you on the ground to console him. Should he win, the lucky lady will be pampered for sevendays on end and she'll be his sweetheart for possibly longer. With your help, he'll be sure to compose at least one bit of poetry, with accompanying music, to be recited softly by starlight. Neolyth will even leave gifts - such as sweet oils and flowers - and if she ever asks why she
deserves these presents, he'll reply with a simple:

« Sweets for the sweet, my dear. »


This honey-sweet brown will rarely get angry, but when Thread is involved you can expect an all out rage to overcome the usual docile Neolyth. You see, he keeps a hidden vat of pent up emotions - the majority
of these feelings being regret and wanting to pay revenge. The former is felt because he actually regrets not being born earlier to simply /be/ with you. The later - the revenge - is felt because of his inability to mend your past. The earthquake, your confusion, your searching, Conorac… everything wrong that's happened to you is what makes him fight the menace all the more fiercely. His unremitting determination and solid, dependable ways of battling will make him the best of the best, but he'll never let that go to
his head. He's just doing his job while releasing the anger that he can't otherwise release upon the things that are making him angry in the first place.

On a subconscious level, this is his method of protecting you and not merely from Thread. He wants you to know, even if he doesn't vocalize it, that he wont let any more life-disturbing events ever disrupt you again. You are his centre, his heart, his life; he is your comrade, your security blanket, and your inner child. Together, through fall, fog, and fire, they will never tear you apart.

Harper's Tale's 29th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and T'rell's bronze Sejith
Sunday, April 29, 2001

Lib's green Alishath
E'an's green Fiareth
Yla's green Castaliath
Tstar's green Elbareth
Naomi's green Kaith
Jozzie's blue Riyth
Izz'y's blue Nuadayth
Khaye's brown Itazurath
N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath

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