Naomi's Search

[[logged by Ali]]

Crystal Lake
As you walk along the path, you find yourself near the center of the valley. Situated here, is Crystal Lake. This lake is named for its clarity. At nearly 100 feet, things can still be seen as if they were closer! Unfortunately, this is also a danger, as one has trouble gauging depth, so swimmers beware! A natural spring feeds the lake from underneath, keeping it a nice 80 degrees, even in the winter, though it can get much warmer in the summer. A large square has been set up a short distance for the shoreline.

Jade-green eyes, their color growing brighter in the light, are set evenly spaced upon the girl's face, almond shaped and fringed with blonde lashes. Their wide, curious state gives her face a more childish appearance- one only reinforced by a baby's button-shaped nose. Peach-tinted skin, with often rosy cheeks, and honey-colored hair, let loose so it falls down her back, complete Naomi's face. At just below average stature, most of Naomi's height is in her legs, and a little extra weight is apparent in the form of muscle and pudginess on various portions of her body. Hands and feet calloused through work- or the efforts exerted to avoid it- give her an all-around roughened appearance, though her look is still one of petite cuteness, a fun-loving smile often twisting her lips.
Clad in a simple set of wher-hide pants and tunic, Naomi appears adaptive for any and all temperatures. Straps fitted into the belt-loops of her pants secure them just above her hips. Hems of her pants are tucked into her boots, keeping them free from dirt of the ground she walks upon. A tunic of plain material is hardly dazzling- a simple brown hue much like her pants. Its sleeves reach far past her wrists, and are rolled up to provide free hands. Hair, left to its own devices, falls down her back and over her shoulders, marring the russet motif of her clothing with its honey-gold strands. Perched on Naomi's shoulder is Loki.
The knot of a Starcraft Senior Apprentice is noticeable on Nao's shoulder. It consists of two cords, one silver and one red, twisted together to form one loop, with a small tail.
Naomi is 22 Turns, 1 month, and 20 days old.

Whisps trip forward, barely brushing in wide, dark eyes, almost cinnamon in hue, which are thickly framed with ebony lashes. Pert nose is centered between a pair of always rosy cheeks, complimented by carmine lips. Sable locks are tightly plaited together, complete with orange and black ribbons, into a french braid style that ends several fingerwidths past her shoulders. Her height has finally peaked, leaving her at just over 5', 5'1 to be exact, but the gentle curves that flow across her form detract from her smallness, showing that she is, in fact, leaving her childhood behind.
A simple swimsuit of black covers Ali's slender torso, covering enough skin to be considered a modest outfit, but still formed well for swimming and other water activities. A strap of fabric crosses over each of her shoulders before angling towards the center of her back where they cross, making an 'X' between her shoulder blades. A single stripe of white wraps around her body at her waist, accented by a thin cord that ties in the back to adjust the fitting of the suit for the wearer.
Ali is 19 Turns, 2 months, and 11 days old.

Earthy hues settle onto his body, monotonous hide of rocky hue gradually transformed into lush beauty as it sweeps down muscled chest and legs. Sunlight clings closely to his slight mass, turning matte brown into glittering mahogany where rays outline bulky weight with brilliance. Spars of obsidian black fall against his neck, arrowing down into relentless chestnut coloring of his wide back between wingsails. Obsidian also are the jeweled tones that have gathered atop lofty headknobs and trace the jagged outlines of his eyeridges. His muzzle may well have been carved, more apparent in the angular planes that reside as cheekbones and the still unfinished craggy 'ridges that spike from his back, eroded eventually into a slender tail. Amidst these rough outlines, wings blossom into surprisingly dainty sheets of autumn hues, lined by charcoal veining.
His large orbs whirl slowly, a soft, soothing shade of blue, standing out against his deep hide.
Thick, gleaming straps of deep crimson stretch across the rocky hue of shoulders and wrapping comfortably around his large chiseled form. White padding, protecting the soft hide from chaffing and discomfort, is attached to the underside of the straps with the same even stretch of silver thread that lines each side of the well tested, well oiled straps. Various places are marked with tripled stitching to make the straps more secure in places that receive the most strain. Stitched into the center of the straps in orange and black is the insignia of Ista Weyr.
Uillauth is 2 Turns, 7 months, and 7 days old.
He is 64 feet (19m) long, with a wingspan of 106 feet (32m).

Ali dives directly into the warm water from Uillauth's neck, careful to keep her angle shallow, familiar with the varying depths of the waters here. Uillauth, on the other hand, chooses to stay on the shore and bask in the sun, for now at least. "Silly thing, you want to be in the cold water, but don't like the warm stuff? Go figure."

Naomi is busy munching on a piece of fruit while walking — a bad decision, it seems. Because, if the apprentice had taken the time to think this through, she'd have realized she's not nearly coordinated enough to handle eating and walking simultaneously. Inevitably, as she reaches the shoreline and is distracted from her fruit by Ali and Uillauth, her feet manage to trip over each other, and she goes tumbling towards the ground, and comes up spitting sand. "…Alis?"

With a few long strokes, the starrish gal-turned rider reaches the shallow water and gives Naomi a wave, "Hi there, Nao!" As usual, Ali's voice is soft, but she's learning to project, a skill necessary when one has to communicate with passengers in flight. "Careful there, you'll break something, and I hear that numbweed doesn't always take the pain away as well as you'd like."

Uillauth doesn't mind the girls, he's tired, which tends to happen when you laze around and let people scrub away at your hide, right? Well, maybe not, but it does when you've had Thread to fly, followed by sweeps. A gentle rumble sounds from his throat, oversized triangular head rests on the ground, and off he dozes.

Naomi props herself up on her elbows, still laying on the ground… on her stomach. Sand sticks to her face where the juice from her fruit had dripped down her chin, and the fruit itself is discarded at her side. "I've had enough experience with tripping an' falling… I like to think I'm just… y'know. Tougher 'cause of it." Eyes are rolled, and the girl rights herself, giving a quick glance to Uillauth before sliding closer to the water, eyeing Ali. "How're… Weyr things?"

Ali flips over so she's floating on her back, lying almost perfectly still so that the water can push her around on its own free will. "Things are hectic, as they seem to be when there's a clutch on the sands. Lots of candidates, lots of visitors, and lots of preparations. I had We had to fly Thread over Paradise this morning and then do sweeps immediately after. Double duty because so many pairs are out doing other duties. Tiring, mostly." Feet wiggle slightly, propelling her around the lake, a movment she's had much practice with, obviously, "Uillauth and I both agree that it's better to be away from the weyr when its so noisy, so we came here. Didn't think anyone would mind me making use of the lake."

"I doubt that they would. It's just as much your home here as it is any of ours…" Naomi replies, flicking a strand of hair out of her eyes as she watches the swimming brownrider. "So this is Uillauth, then?" The apprentice's attention slowly shifts to eye the brown, as if there's some doubt whether this particular dragon is genuine. "Yeah… lots of candidates, or so I've heard. I know Kaltia and Libby were kidnapped for that purpose. Some others around here, too, most likely."

"Aye, that's him, alright," Ali laughs, splashing a bit of water in the sleeping dragon's direction. "Kerry is horrified of him, though why anyone would be afraid of such a darling I've yet to determine. I mean, just look at him, all curled up sleeping, looking just like a feline, what's so scary about that?" Paddle paddle, swish swish, she spins in a small circle and then pushes herself back toward the shore. Pausing near Uillauth, she grabs a towel from the bag attached to his straps and wraps it around herself, "Hard getting out of the water when it's so much cooler out than in."

Naomi shivers, nodding her agreement with that, sitting herself down on the shore as she looks up at Uillauth. "I've seen more menacing ones, that's for sure." Another glance is given to Ali's lifemate, before she bends her knees and rests her chin on them, looking at the rider herself again. "The weather's not great this time of year, in my opinion. It just keeps gettin' colder… and colder… Nothing to look forward to."

"Well, at least you're not stuck in Tillek, or High Reaches, right?" Leave it to Ali to always look on the bright side of things. "I mean, you could be getting ready to be buried in the snow for the winter, and that's no picnic." Towel is pulled closer 'round her shoulders as she makes herself comfortable on the sand near Naomi. "'lauth thinks High Reaches is a horrible place, because it makes his hide freeze."

Naomi quirks a brow, looking back at Uillauth and bobbing her head so quickly it looks like it might be pulled off her neck. "That's absolutely right. Too shardin' cold to think… and the people there're out of their minds." Eyes narrow a moment as she returns her gaze to Ali, a little smirk curling her lips upward. "Of course, from what I've seen of the people at Ista Weyr, it's all the same. Though you seem relatively normal." Said sweetly, and with a smile on her lips.

Ali laughs and shrugs, "I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or a putdown, but I'll take it as a compliment." Knees are pulled chestward so the towel can wrap around her entire body. Might as well get cozy, while she's there, right? "It's true, things are so, well, different I guess, at any weyr, compared to what you're accustomed to growing up somewhere like Gar. I hid most of the first sevenday when I got there, but I'm used to it now."

"You kind o' have to be, don't you?" Naomi asks, chuckling softly. "You always have to get used to the place you live in, whether you want to or not." She leans forward, confiding softly, "It was a compliment." Hand reaches out to the sand again, fishing around for the piece of fruit. "Don't s'pose I can still eat this, do you?" The half-eaten fruit is pulled closer so she can look it over, and she wrinkles her nose.

Ali eyes the fruit questionably and shakes her head, "It looks a little too grainy to me. Why don't we head up to the dining hall and grab you a bit more? I could use a bite to eat as well." Pushing herself up from the sands, she uses the towel to remove the rest of the water from her body and hair, as well as the sand. "I need to get dressed first, or I'll likely freeze."

Ali stretches, her thoughts clearer than usual, having evidently enjoyed her swim, « Hey sleepy, I'm going to go inside with Naomi and grab a bite to eat. You don't mind, do you? »

Naomi examines the fruit, turning it over in her hand, and tosses it aside with another sour look. "You're probably right. And dressing first is probably a nice idea." Nodding sagely, as though she'd just spoken words of wisdom that had -not- formerly come from the brownrider's mouth. The apprentice scurries to her feet, tucking her hands into her pockets. "Just tell me when."

Ali may have changed a bit after the hatching, but that doesn't mean she's any less modest that she was before. Swimsuit is dry, so she just pulls her pants on over them, using a nearby rock to steady her while socks and boots are pulled on as well, one by one. "It's cool, but I don't think it's quiet cool enough for my jacket. I'm sure just the shirt'll do and I doubt anyone's likely to take my coat with 'lauth here to watch it for me." Blouse is donned, the smooth lavendar fabric quickly taking the wearer's form as soon as it's buttoned. "Just let me run a comb through my hair and off we'll go."

Uillauth's thoughs swirl, happy sense of blissful slumber dissapating with a faintly enigmatic, « No. » No to leaving, or to minding isn't obvious at first, but as he awakens more, mindvoice takes on a slightly crisper note, « You may go. She must come. » Naomi's face forms in your mind, if a little hazily, though the image is soon replaced with another - that of eggs on the sands.

"Sounds good to me," Naomi replies indifferently, as she works at getting grains of sand out of her own hair, picking through each strand separately — an incredibly tedious process, meant only to spend time. Eyes drift to the water for a while, and she wiggles her toes in the sand, feigning patience to the best of her abilities.

Uillauth is awake, mind you. And will eat anyone who tries to ta— oh. No. Oh, my, no. With haste unusual for the stolid brown, 'lauth is up, and out of the sand. And…rather in the way. Naomi's way, that is, rock-hewn form deftly inserted between the 'crafter and the…way out. Head swivels, first to Ali, then back to Naomi, draconic *whuff* creating a slight breeze. A moment, and he then inhales, muzzle pressed to her midsection, though lightly. A moment passes, as if he is considering…and then with yet another *whuu/uuff/* head bobs up, back to Ali.

Ali cocks her head to the side, pausing midstroke, to look at her dragon. Eyes unfocus slightly, an obvious sign, to the observant, that she's speaking with her lifemate. Comb is returned to its rightful place in her bag before the brownrider speaks, "Hold on just a minute…" her voice is soft, slightly dazed, as she runs her fingers across Uillauth's hide, just as the brown jets across the side, Naomi-wards.

Ali feels confused, very much so, at the suggestion. « Are you sure? Not that I doubt you or anything, it's just that we've never brought anyone back to be a candidate before, and I'd hate to be wrong. » Still, the idea tickles her mind, she likes it. « Naomi. I'm sure she'd make a fine rider. But, are you sure? »

Naomi jumps suddenly, taking a step back from where the brown stands. He was nice, and safe, when he wasn't moving. But this… this is just unnerving. "I'm holding," the apprentice hisses under her breath, as she stands rigid by the brown, holding tightly to the side of her pants. "Aren't we going to get something to eat?" After asking that, her voice edging on a whine, she holds still again, as though he won't notice her if she doesn't make any sudden movements…

"Food can wait just a few moments," Ali replies with a giggle, moving back to Naomi's side and affectionately rubbing her hand across Uillauth's side. "He likes you, and doesn't want you to go. Don't worry, he'd never hurt you. I promise."

Uillauth snorts again, though soundlessly, the -puff- of light across your mind mimicing the swirls of air felt by Naomi. Egg-scene is repeated, this time with hastily sketched figures in white. One is more detailed than the rest, however, in sense at least. Shifting 'cross the white of the robe is a faintly bemused pattern of lights and darks, swirls of color that somehow represent the way she -smells-. « I am sure. As sure as I was that -you- were mine, I am sure. She, » And again, that same thought/smell/sense washes through your mind, « Must come. We can find things to eat at the Weyr. » A trickle of draconic laughter works it's way across, « And we can show her the fish. And our flowers. »

"Doesn't want -me- to go? What'm I supposed to do, then?" Head cants to one side as Naomi peers at the brown, eyes growing wider and narrower as she distorts her face into various expressions, most of which are comical… if anything. Hands release their grip on her pants, and she snorts softly, beginning to back away again. "I… don't think I understand this."

Ali stands up tall, a look of pride flashing in her eyes, "Uillauth says you have to come with us to the weyr. He wants to show you the fish at the waterfall, and our flowers " A dazed look crosses her eyes again as Uillauth's gentle voice touches her thoughts and she nods to him, "And..he seems to think that you'd make a perfect candidate. I asked him twice, and he says he's sure. You're what we've been looking for." Hand reaches out and gently touches Naomi's shoulder, "Would you come with us to the weyr, to stand with Ista's clutch at the hatching?"

(to Naomi): Uillauth's attention is…focused, that faint sense of being watched prickling 'cross the space between your shoulderblades….no words come, instead, the lights…shift. Shimmering into coherency, they form an image - eggs on sands, nervous-tinged figures all clad in white splayed in an awkward circle. A single one stands out, more in -sense- than in detail, washed over with the particular pattern of hue that is somehow…the way you smell. Infused with a sense of -right-, the image lingers…then slowly dissapates, until only the faint scent of insence remains in your mind.

Naomi pauses a moment, eyeing Ali as though she just grew another head. "This… this is a joke, right?" The starcrafter chuckles almost nervously, weakly, eyeing Uillauth. "Me? At the Weyr? This must be a joke." The images she has of the Weyr conflict horribly with those presented by the brown, and so, above all, confusion is the presiding emotion. "Me?" is repeated, and then repeated again, several times more.

"He says he's positive, Nao, and I believe him," Ali offers encouragingly, squeezing the girl's arm. "It isn't a joke. We're asking you to stand, will you come with us to the weyr and be a candidate?"

Naomi considers it for a long moment, confusion dissipating into nervousness, then anxiety, then… excitement? "Me?" Yes, she's finally catching on. "Well… alright. Okay, I'll stand."

Ali brings her hands together and claps in all her excitement, "Wonderful! But, that means I need to take you back to the weyr, now. We'll let you grab a few things first, of course, and I'll make sure that your teachers all know where you are. Don't worry about them." Head nods in the direction of the hall, "I'll get 'lauth ready to go and you can meet us back here in just a moment?"

Naomi nods slowly, her movements suddenly sluggish. However, after a moment's pause, the girl starts moving very quickly, and it seems hardly any time before she's back with what meager things she owns packed away in a shoulder-bag. "I… I guess I'm ready," she murmurs, clutching the side of her pants again.

Ali clambers up Uillauth's foreleg and tightens his straps just slightly before reaching a hand down, "Toss me your bag and I'll fasten it to his straps, it'll keep it out of the way while we travle."

Naomi does so quickly, only thankful that her aim isn't quite as bad as usual, and she doesn't land the bag in the lake somewhere. "There y'go," she calls up to Ali, before moving forward. "Should I get up on 'im, too?" And it's moments like these she's just thankful Uillauth /isn't/ menacing.

Ali attaches the bag and bounces the rest of the way up to Uillauth's shoulder. Carefully, she leans down, stretching out a hand for Naomi to take. "Just grab my hand and I'll pull you up, alright?"

Naomi reaches out for the rider's hand, making herself as sure of her soon to be candidate-hood as Ali seems to be. "Comin' up," she murmurs, mostly to herself, as she pulls up to mount the brown.

Ali helps the starcrafter climb up to 'lauth's neck and gets the riding straps firmly attached. "If you need to, you can hold on to me as tight as you can, it doesn't phase me a bit." Uillauth recieves an affectionate pat, and with that, he lifts gracefully from the ground. "As soon as we're up, we're going ::Between::, so be ready!"

*Fade To Black 'cause Ali had to leave*

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