Naluth's Maiden Flight


12:34 PM
Logfile from Hannah.

Thursday, April 22, 2004
Main Beach, Ista Weyr
Music: Chrono Trigger OST and various Final Fantasy arranged.

Main Beach
The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.
It is a spring afternoon.
Out on the pier, you see one ship.
Curled up in the sand are Topaz, Saft, Seraphim, Sunnie, Pennywise, Sango, Rin, Glitter Boy, and Victor.
Green Zoryanth, green Miravith, green Naluth, green Belissaith, blue Niwath, and blue Canllaith are here.
You see Minecraft Booth, drink tray, Prize Box, and Tirek here.
You notice Nanli, Yanan, Galena, Lib, Ariah, Jhishivyl, and Fango asleep here.
A'mar, Iya, and B'au are here.
Obvious exits:
Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

Wake up the beach! Naluth's sleepy, most of the time, after she wakes up. Today, she's awake. Awake, and ravenously hungry, and something… else, that she can't identify right off the bat. She raises herself from the sand, shakes it from her green-shining hide, and lets loose a bugle to let the Weyr know. She's up. A'mar, sleeping beside Naluth (or at least, he was) wakes with his own shiver. Ke'chara, Ashke and Crescens are present in a line on a log, all three awake with eyes whirling an agitated yellow. Crescens gives an uncertain croon before all three launch into the air, wheeling and crying out and darting everywhere, much to the annoyance of Naluth (who usually likesflizzen.) The green bugles again, rearing on her hind legs.

Up? Up. Canllaith is awake as well. And just winging in after that bugle, taking him off course from his original place of destination to bring both him and rider onto the beach, "Oh my shells, you've got to be kidding me." That's Iya. Dismounting from Canllaith to drop herself onto the ground and quickly rush away from the blue as he keeps all attentions on the green Naluth. Wings extend out to bring about frosted permafrost hues fully into the glare of the sun where he keeps them raised. His own bugle? Not muted. It's nice and loud as if he's helping the green wake up Pern. Iya, well, Iya clamps hands over her ears as legs take her to a nice spot right here. On this patch of black sand. There.

Niwath just happened to be bathing nearby… you know how it is. He hears the bugle and is apparently concerned, because he is immediately shimmying out of the water, stepping with delicate haste over to the greenie to see if she's alright. B'au, who was not so nearby, comes running along the beach a few moments later, tugging on a shirt - apparently someone was sunbathing. A glance is given to A'mar and Iya, but he can't seem to decide whether to greet them or not.

A'mar stretches luxuriantly, looking up at Naluth who eyes sea and sky with whirling orbs as if she can't decide which one she wants. Fish? Or not? Stripped to his
riding pants- falling asleep after drills is bad for you- he attempts to scrape the sand from skin suddenly damp and shake it out of his hair, the black mane regrowing, now just past the shoulder blades and shaggy. "Iya. B'au." That being all the greeting they're probably going to get. "You think…" A mute point at the green dragon, eyeing the blues now as well as sky and sea. The world is full of blue.

Iya thinks…what? She's dressed in her same linen outfit used while not on riding duty, feet bare, hair left to hang in daunting curls down and about her face, length a bit longer than A'mar's, but what can you do. She looks.. interesting. Hands clasp as she turns a look on her Canllaith who continues his watch on the beach, emerald eyes cruising back to look to A'mar, then to B'au," A'mar. B'au." See, she can do the same greeting. She's stuck on this beach isn't she. And she has an inkling she knows what's about to happen. Why else would Canllaith take them from mid-flight to land on the beach for no sensible reason.

B'au tries to fight the hormones, he honestly does. But apparently it doesn't work -nothing new there - because that smile definitely has a hint of the flirt. Though maybe that's just B'au being… B'au. "A pleasure to meet you both again," he says to the other riders with a bright smile, moving over to stand by them. Niwath, meanwhile, is giving a little croon towards the Pretty One, who is not, at the moment, Canllaith. In Nee's eyes.

Naluth makes her decision. It's not so hard, what with those blues right there and the sky being so perfect a match for them. Two great bounds toward the water and she's up, wings skimming the waves on the first all-important downbeat. A sound more roar than bugle breaks free, shaking her entire frame. We're not done yelling about it yet. She rises steeply, wings beating like a fury to send up spray, salt water mingling with sky before crashing back down.

And that just about sets it in stone. Iya is stuck. Canllaith intent on protecting 'his' green while she's up in the skies. Hormones? Phah. Hormones schnormones. His already extended wings tense as Naluth springs her way up Canllaith takes a half-run towars the water before hindlegs propel him swiftly up and wings take over as slow strong beats are given to the air about them- And up he rises, up and up, and Iya takes in one deep breath, and curves a slightly embarrased smile at the others, "So. Fellows." Cue wide smile now as Canllaith roars out his song to the skies. Yep. Stuck. She's so stuck. Toes curl sandwards and she shifts restlessly, eyes turning upwards to watch the progress of her blue.

Niwath watches the other two take to the sky with some interest, though it is a few moments before he seems to feel any need to spread his own wings. He launches daintily (as far as something his size can), trilling to feel the air under his wings. Graceful wingbeats take him up towards Naluth… slower. But pretty.

A'mar fidgets, looking toward Iya first, then B'au, then the dragons. All three of them, Naluth in the lead and the blues behind. "So. Iya." Response, complete with a grin far too flirtatious to be just A'mar talking, but we knew that, didn't we? "And B'au. And Canllaith and Niwath." Mmm, blues.

Valanth ambles lanquidly down the trail from the plateau.

Kia waddles, as gracefully as possible, down the trail from the plateau.

B'au giggles softly, flopping down onto the sand - far closer to A'mar than Iya - and lying down. The greenrider is given a slow once-over before B'au smiles secretively. "A'mar…" One word that means a lot more with a dragon in the sky.

From above, Xylyth glides down from above the plateau.

From above, Xylyth wings down and lands on the beach.

Xylyth lands, scattering sand about with his wings.

Kazra slides out from between the earthen ridges of Xylyth and lands on the ground to the sound of a disappointed rumble.

Poor B'au. Got a broken nose. At least… well, it's not still broken, and the incredible beauty of this particular bluerider draws A'mar's attention far too easily. A green neck curls around, too, to watch Niwath's graceful flight as she streaks upward, only two lengths off the ground but just now getting into her 'stride' from the look of it. Narrow, falconiform wings make more sound than a broadwinger, and Naluth flies in her own thunder even when she's not adding to it with her voice, as she does now.

Did Iya ever mention she hated flights? That's right. She does. Honest. She too drops to the sand, scooting back to keep a fair distance away from the others. However slight scoots being her closer, scoot, scoot- Until she's sitting cross legged neatly and with hands on knees. There. Not too close to the others, but close enough for conversation distance. Truly, "Your nose, B'au, doesn't look too bad.." She's not flirting. Nope. She will once Canllaith gets more inclined to win, but right now she's got a hold on some things. Scoot. Canllaith meanwhile is taking his time, body twisting through the air three lengths above the ground, eyes kept on the greenie coasting.

Kia sidles down onto the beach herself. Apparently something was good enough for her to get out of her weyr for. Finding those already on the beach she settles down rather near A'mar. She's trying for sexshay and pregnant but it jsut comes off as a bit clumsy. Curses can be heard as she almost falls over but just manages to right herself in the end. Cue the lovely smile directed towards A'mar. Valanth however streaks into view from the weyr. His pale blue wings flashing in the sun?

B'au watches Niwath's going-nowhere-slowly version of PrettyFlight (TM) for a few minutes. The blue's twisting after Naluth, quite happy to watch. B'au is interrupted by Iya, however, who gets a rather… sultry look. "It could be worse," he murmurs before glancing at Kia with a smile. A'mar's still got most of his attention, however - and B'au can't manage 'subtle', so it's easy to tell.

He should be old enough to know better, but Xylyth has other things on his mind. Flying rather speedily, he comes in for an abrupt landing, pausing for only a moment to let Kazra half fall off his neck, before he takes off again, purple veined wings beating to get him aloft. Kazra, looking rather disheveled and with a towel round her hair gives a rather sheepish look to the rest of the group. At least they'll be understanding.

Ke'chara leads A'mar's other two firelizards around in an excited parody of the flight, cheeping at the top of her own little lungs. Proddy? No. She's just… green, and that's all she needs. The rider himself gives uncertain and frightened grins to Kia and Kazra, eyeing the huge brown with some trepidation. Naluth, in turn, catches a thermal and rides it for all it's worth, up faster and faster now, silent. She's going to need that breath. "It could be worse," he echoes, though it seems he's talking about something entirely different. Gone is the nervy-twitchy-menace-to-life-and-limb of the past weeks; in his place is someone who doesn't quite know what he's doing, but thinks it's going to be all right.

Iya is so out of her element. Sultry smile of B'au is recieved with a fair blushing, Iya sweeping wide eyes towards Kia and then towards Kazra, lips curving slowly in her own version of a welcoming smile which really comes across as a 'come get me' sort of smile, which is horrible, but Canllaith is on the brain. Her pose relaxes as Canllaith shifts his flight path to follow after Naluth, body curving in the air to take full advantage of a stream of warm air as he coasts up, wings extended out and capturing whatever light they can, his neck stretching out as he fixes one thing in his vision; Naluth. Iya is doing similar things on ground, shoulders draw back just enough to stretch her out and she leans forwards partially while fixating on A'mar, same smile on her lips before she humms now. Canllaith is humming. It's his flight routine. Deep bassy dragon rumblings of throat paired with Iya's own soft rendition. Now if they were together it might sound neater.

Kia is probably going to need someone to help lever her off the sand when this is over. Kazra's entrance has her waving wildly. "Kazra!" so she's excited to see an old clutch buddy. She's not yet /into/ the flight enough to oogly A'mar other than a few hot looks. "Poor B'au, oh need to tell you something later." is blurted out before she giggles and just leans back on her hands deciding that relaxing would be better at the moment. Valanth is seen where he shoots after the green Naluth. Only he's not on a path /right/ behind her. He's all for vering off and attempting to catch her from a different angle. Lilac tinged hide seems to vie for the attention of the cloud his breathing not even heavy yet as he takes his time about this business of catching.

Naluth pours on the speed. This is what she's good at, long and thin and deep-keeled, long-winged and narrow. Her jaw gapes, sucking in the air, and she blasts it out again as if she'd blow fire, given half a chance and a sack of firestone. Her neck curls this way and that, watching the chasing dragons- oh, where'd those two come from? She'll have to be careful, or she'll get surprised. Now, out over the water! There. That's better. This is why she's been on the beach, refusing to leave. And back there, on the sand, A'mar's eyes go this way and that, following the motion of Naluth's ogling the dragons. Far gone. He rises from sitting to crouching, as if he too might dart off at any moment. No.. no.. sit. Stay. Good boy. Trembling limbs aren't certain this is the best idea…

B'au sends a glance skyward, brow creasing into a frown for a second. Niwath seems to respond, wings beating harder, though he still manages to maintain the sinuous movements as he glides after Naluth on an updraft. He glides towards her with a near-silent croon. Does she know how lovely she is? B'au makes a small 'mmmm'ing sound towards Kia. He would be more concerned, honestly, but he's busy sliding towards A'mar, looking concerned… among other things.

Kazra is currently trying to maintain control of herself, no matter what Xylyth is mentally telling her to do. Beam crosses her face as she's hailed by a familar face. "Kia!" she responds cheerfully, crossing quickly to join her, avoiding veering towards A'mar as she is tempted to do. She manages a smile for the others on the beach, while trying desperately to focus. Clutchmate, nice Kia, hot man, no! Clutchmate, conversation, polite, hot… Xylyth isn't too bothered about his rider at the moment, he's concentrating on the rather tasty green that's in his vision. He settles for following steadily. He can wait to make his move.

Naluth isn't doing much different yet- just climbing, a steep angle leading out over the sea, silent and determined, falcon-fast. Her tail whips behind as she half-furls one wing, twisting into a turn, a sharper curl over the ocean. The waves below look tempting, just for a moment. No. Not diving. Higher! Faster!

Kia had invited Kazra to sit next to her after all. Too bad Valanth grabbed her mind recently after that. Since she really is less capable than normal of following his movements in flight she settles for a low purr to be directed at A'mar. Which is followed by her making a bit of a flinch. Shaking her head she glances once more oceanward. Valanth already there is snaking low and quick now his body meer feet or more from the tops of the waves. To compensate though he finally surges upward again streaking higher after Naluth.

Iya is such a newbie when it comes to flights she can't help but let Canllaith take charge in the emotional/hormonal department. And take charge he does- He's not content with gliding anymore and he's more in favor on the straight forward approach- So relinquishing his thermal in favor of other paths of flight he drops down suddenly in a spiralling dive before sweeping up and catching a new draft which propels him back up in a quick snaking of air- which curves him nicely back into the path of Naluth, speed picking up now. He's intent. He's not bothering with sweet talking. Naluth knows he thinks she's lovely, and seeing as she's the only one he deigns worth of his play time he doesn't need to bring her in tempting with pretty words. And up up- up he goes. Streaking past height of Naluth though he's still behind he- then he twists his move and dives back down in a gliding sort of dart- Go Canllaith go! upwards. Nevermind the other people, she's got bigger fish to fry. A green. A Naluth.

A'mar hasn't done this before. Naluth has control, and Naluth says GO. Her wings bear her up- A'mar can't do much but reach an arm up as if he'd join them if he could. Canllaith is up- oops, and now he's diving! That's not going to work. Basic maneuvering 101- she side-rolls, avoiding the diving blue and dropping a bit, sacrificing height for speed and quickly making up for that tiny bit of lost time. Hmm.. flattery will get you everywhere..

A'mar darts a look to Kazra. Brown. Big big brown. Naluth spreads those wings just a -little- wider. And Niwath, still down there somewhere- and Canllaith- and Valanth. Hmmmmmm. Below, A'mar too watches person after person. "What.." Who's that meant for? Nobody knows. "Come on." Nor that.

B'au whispers something under his breath, which sounds something like '/please/ please please get a move on', glancing up to the sky. Apparently that was directed towards Niwath, because the blue seems to respond by finally putting on a further burst of speed. His wings beat faster, prettiness restricted now to the colour of his hide as movements become less considered. Anotehr thermal is found and the blue rises quickly, darting towards the ever-desireable Naluth.

Kazra can feel herself slipping, and with a sigh, she settles herself down on the ground. Right, if she moves an inch at a time, she should reach A'mar by…a week next Tuesday. If her self-contol last's that long after all. Xylyth meanwhile is enjoying this flight, after all, he does like to fly. And there just might be a prize at the end. He croons low as he flies upwards after the elusive green, increasing his speed now. His movement becomes more fluid in the air as he aligns himself with his goal. Now is the time to lead the chasers, to prove that he is worthy.

Valanth seems to overshoot the rest of them. Or at least it seems that way to Kia below. Flyin above the green now he sends out a rumbling purr using an errant thermal to glide on. Kia shifts uncomfortably again and mutters something perhaps to her lifemate perhaps to A'mar one wouldn't know at this point.

Canllaith isn't the flirtatious type. He's the strong silent 'I'll only play when others aren't looking' type. Once his dive misses he extends his wings wide before snapping them to his sides as he twists onto his back to right his course mid-air and then the wings slick out again and he's shooting upwards, another twist done as he rights himself neatly- and drops back down to fall in line with his original course of movement- wingtips are angled forwards to give his sweeps of wings more oomph as they gather wind and fweeee…there he goes. Closer, closer? Iya…is apt to try and not slink in A'mars direction, try try try..scoot. Slink. Pause. Bugle- Oh. Canllaith. Bugling. Intent. Excuse me, Ma'am. You're in direct violation of flight code 342177, he'll need to check your papers.

A'mar rises back up into the previous crouch, eyes once more on the sky and out to sea. Scootch. He shuffles sideways a tiny bit before launching himself from the ground as well, a leap followed by a sliding-skidding-sand-in-your-socks landing and a dash to the very edge of the water, a wave hitting his bare feet and making him jump again. Backward, this time, toward his original position. "Gotta get them.." The dragons? Think again, A'mar. Naluth is far out of reach of a mere human, dodging Canllaith and answering his bugle with a defiant one of her own. Direct violation, my shiny green tail. This is totally legal. Now that… down there.. it might not be legal to be so pretty. It might not be legal to be as glacial cold as Canllaith either, but..

Naluth arcs upward, angling her wings to rise as steeply as she possibly can and not beating them just for a moment. Up- up- pause, at the very top, before dropping into an abrupt, inverted dive. Immelman turn, woo! Angling the right wing brings her into an abrupt, evasive left turn before dropping nearly half a length by the expedient of folding her wings and then snapping them open again, jetting forward.

Valanth isn't illegal? Now that's just not fair. Hissing his displeasure at no looks of hotness from the lady love he drops from his immense height and there she's diving! Wings are tucked close to his body as she attempts to duck and weave following after her with a deadly purpose to his movements. Well maybe not deadly… Kia rather seems to be in a bit of pain at the moment. Could be from prolonged sitting a low spot though. Eyes raise again and her hiss echoes that of her lifemates the displeasure being directed at A'mar.

B'au needs to find someone to throw himself on. Unfortunately, A'mar has just moved. Which means nothing other than B'au has to get up and walk closer… closer… trying not to look like a stalker. He has some sanity deep down under all the emotions, honestly. "Don't…" what? Jump in? Feed yourself to the fishies? No one will ever know. Above, Naluth flicks his wings to his sides to drop beside Naluth, twisting after her in a smooth movement. Another lucky thermal lends him the extra speed he can't seem to find on his own, and he drops just below the green, matching her movements as close as he can.

B'au needs to find someone to throw himself on. Unfortunately, A'mar has just moved. Which means nothing other than B'au has to get up and walk closer… closer… trying not to look like a stalker. He has some sanity deep down under all the emotions, honestly. "Don't…" what? Jump in? Feed yourself to the fishies? No one will ever know. Above, Naluth flicks his wings to his sides to drop beside Naluth, twisting after her in a smooth movement. Another lucky thermal lends him the extra speed he can't seem to find on his own, and he drops just below the green, matching her movements as close as he can.

Valanth might just be illegal, too. A'mar, wide-eyed, glances back at Kia's hiss. "Wha- Kia?" In the sky, Naluth responds to the percieved anger by venting her own volcanic hiss, then looks quite startled to see Niwath. Where'd he come from? And where'd that brown go? And… ack! Valanth too is closing in.

Xylyth offers a trumpet of congratulation to Naluth. Nice manouver pretty one. Folding his wings, he dives after her, finally snapping his wings out when he judges that he could be beneath his target. Sneak attacks are his specialty after all. A hiss is offered to the other chasers. Blues. Nothing beats a brown. At least, he hopes not. Kazra still manages to roll her eyes at the brown, before finding herself sidling along the sand towards where A'mar was. Drat it. Loosing it here.

Naluth is left with very little time and makes her decision, winging over. Just below her outspread wings is Niwath and as she drops, her neck reaches out to wind with the sea-blue's own, an offering. The wings too move to close around him-

Niwath's wings spread in a reflex motion, stopping his own fall, brushing against the greenie's. His neck twists quickly with the pretty Naluth's, a deep croon sounding from far back in his throat. Now /this/ is flying.

Canllaith isn't legal? Suhweet. This is kind of neat. Really. Honest. Even as she twists and dives and evades he waits till she steadies her course (Naluth) and then he's moving down. Down, down to bring him above the water where he skims it a moment with talons before pushing back up, up, up- And everyone is closing in! Crazy. Cee-razy. That's right. Kia's hiss garners Iya's attention for the briefest of moments though it's returned with a sniff of air- Canllaith. Clouds. He likes clouds, and he can smell them. He'll have to play tag with Naluth in them later— For now he's winging up- and away. Iya is thus released from the terrors of flight and she lets out a relieved sigh, "Thank all the bloody shells on the beach." Yep. Pure relief. She's already slept with one person over a flight and she'd like to keep it that way..though…And up Iya pushes. Slow steps taking her in the direction of the plateau. She has someone to bug.

And back on the sand, A'mar's world narrows to B'au.

[End of Log]

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