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Dragon: Naluth
Color: Green
Name: Tstar, K'av and P'renn
Egg: Living on In Infamy Egg
Desc: Nefret
Dragonet: Riding the Pipeline Green
Dragonet Desc: Tstar, K’av and P’renn
Messages: Tstar, K’av and P’renn
Inspirations: Tstar, K’av and P’renn

Clutch Message:

Miyakath is no stealth bomber, especially not one with the wrong directions — no, she knows what she's doing. Working with tactical precision, the gold aligns and targets Living On In Infamy Egg in exactly the right position. Missile down.

Living on In Infamy Egg:

A distressing mix of unsettling colors and disturbing appearances, Living On In Infamy Egg is a bunch of little mistakes made into one crystalline shell. Small circles like mini-explosions dance across the top in various shades of gray, splashes of orange making a hyperbolic inferno toward the bottom. The backdrop of shades of blue and green don't calm the haywire — the general image of the egg just springs confusion.

Hatching Message:

Living on In Infamy Egg shudders once, the unsettling colors attempting to twist into some semblance of order. The entire egg strains for what seems like an eternity, but could only possibly have been a fraction of a second, then simple explodes. Fragments scatter as Riding the Waves Green Dragonet tumbles forward blinking… Woah, wipeout.

Riding the Waves Green Dragonet:

Rich tropical green filtered through with hints of golden sand flow across the lithe form of this lady. Ridges are dusted with paler, but no less vibrant shades, like sunlight filtering through waves. The fresh green of new growth, so pale it almost seems yellow runs down her belly. The patterning of shadow and light ripples across her frame, like the patterns dancing over the surface of the ocean. The patterns become bolder around her whip like tail, seeming almost helixed to the vibrant point. Her wings are narrow, falcon shaped for agility, tinged with the deep gray of kelp and the deeper jade of the ocean depths, shimmering as if with straining sparks of the tropical sun.

Impression Pose:

Riding the Waves Green Dragonet has finally managed to get herself into a presentable state. Now, all -those- dragons seem to be heading in the direction of the white-robed, pink fleshy things. Strutting, tail held high, the green passes right by the girls on her quest for someone more interesting, someone more worthy, someone like that dark complexioned youth over there, who she immediately steps towards and begins nudging.

Impression Message:

A wave of curiosity accompanied by a bright, sunlit tropical wave washes over you. The tickling tingle of salt air and salt water sweep through the crevices in your mind, then retreat, but not entirely, a laugh accompanies the second wave. This one settles, like a tide coming in, never to go out again. « I am Naluth, and you're… you're…. Do you know how to swim? Yes? I think we're going to get along just fine. »


She is over all based on Hawaii's North Shore, otherwise known as 'the Pipeline'. It is one of the premier beaches for the surfer crowd, boasting 15 to 30 foot waves at times, and there's always someone out there willing to try them no matter how high they get. Naluth is your own little surfer girl. The lady of the beach, at least until someone with a bigger surfboard comes along.

Clutch Theme:

Places around the world (climate, local flavor)

Name Inspiration:

Naluth is derived from the word Nalu which is Hawaiian for "wave" which we found appropriate to.

Egg Inspiration:

Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th, is a day that will live on in infamy … and if you pay close attention to AP American, you also learn that it's a day that will forever live on in military history as, 'A Day In December Everyone Screwed Up.' Miscommunication in the American troops about where to move the planes was an issue, as was the line in the base cafeteria. The Japanese ambassador sent the Declaration of War three hours too late, and some of the lines were cut between airplanes. Of course, the food line was the biggest issue — the sighting of the first bomber plane wasn't reported until after the line had died down. It's a strange day to remember, and it got a strange egg to go with it. Here's to confusion.

Description Inspiration:

The rolling ocean and its many colors serves as the primary source of the description. We also attempted to incorporate the color scheme you described in your questionnaire, and give it an oceanic twist.

Mind Voice:

Her mind is a twisting tumble of blues and greens. Liquid hues dominate her more excitable moments. Gem tones of aquamarine and vibrant emerald mingle with sun-splattered diamonds when she gets excited. Relaxation is a cool languid turquoise, like the waters just off the shore of a tropical island. Depression dips down into the depths, dark shadowy indigo shot with black and dismal gray will cloud over her normal boisterous mental coloration.

Every thought is tinged with a hint of salt; the smell of the sea permeates everything. Occasionally faint hints of the luau will intercede, coconut and roasting pig. The sharp scent of the campfire competes with the cool, crisp scent of the trade winds, as much an auditory affect as a scent. Her voice is, surprisingly, a pleasant contralto that never reaches the sharper octaves, no matter how much she bubbles. Her physical voice is only slightly higher pitched than her mental voice.


She is long, but slender, built to cut the air in spite of the fact that she's not the smallest lady out there. She is designed for aerodynamic efficiency. Her streamline figure and narrow wings make her more agile than some greens who are even smaller than she. She is well suited to acrobatic flight, and has more stamina than most greens with comparable agility.

She is built like an athlete. Physical effort truly isn't an effort for her most of the time. Her growth, however, will be erratic. Those gloriously wonderful wings will be the absolute last thing to fill out. They'll be a fraction to short for her during most of her weyrlinghood. Also they'll require special oiling as the internal wing joints will always dry just a fraction faster than they should. She'll never be over weight, her metabolism suits her agility and stamina.


Sand. Sand and Sun. Sand, Sun, and Surf. Naluth will be found, most times, near some large body of water (preferably with waves) and if she's not sloshing about the shallows, shell be stretched out on the sand. Naluth is a beach dragon, so if you had any thoughts about possibly transferring to colder climates, you'll be in for a bit of a shock. Naluth will -never- leave a place with beaches, warm weather, and all the waves she can handle.

"And I was like she said wha? and he was like I /know/, and I was like aaaah!" —Taken from a snippet of conversation one might hear while dwelling among the blond of the beaches of Hawaii

Naluth will have her green moments. More then a wee bit of a gossip, Naluth is the dragon equivalent to a rumor mill. She tends not to question what she hears, and in a sense this allows her to remain endlessly innocent, though she still manages to be the devils advocate without meaning to be. If she hears about so and Soth's dragons rider saying this, that, and the other to another dragons rider, you'll be the first to know and then shell proceed to tell anyone who she happens across.

This isn't to say that Naluth is not without her silent, thought-provoking moments. Usually, these times will occur when the two of you are alone on some beach somewhere. Fond of finding new coves and beaches, she'll more often then not suggest the two of you go exploring. The sweet reward of finding a new stretch of sand for you and your dragon is not simply in the act of discovery, but also in those rare occasions when the two of you spend quiet time together. Naluth will bring to your mind all the questions she currently needs answering, all the thoughts that need verification, and all the understanding that makes you two into a single bonded entity. One of her favorite activities is to stretch out on the sand beneath a hot sun and nap with you, about you, and even beneath you.

"Ihea oe i ka wa a ke ua e loku ma (Where were you when the rain was pouring?)"—Ancient Hawaiian Proverb

When it rains, Naluth will not be herself. Morose when things get wet and dreary, Naluth will visibly droop and demand your affections. She's much happier when outside, and being stuck in her weyr for the duration of the storm (as she doesn't enjoy venturing out in the rain unless it's a must) will make her antsy. Her devotion and protection of you is complete. If you're ever threatened, no matter how small the danger, she'll be there in a moment to fight your cause. But at the times when the rain is pouring down, she'll need your comfort and your support.

Naluth's upbeat personality and somewhat absent reasoning will be a strain on a few of the more conservative dragons, but for most of the younger dragons, and any who enjoy a good time, Naluth will be a much sought after playmate. She's openly friendly to all, and isn't very good at holding grudges. She may get mad or hurt, but that's the beauty of being her, by the time it really starts to nettle, shell have completely forgotten and moved on to better things.


Flights are something that Naluth won't particularly master. She'll fly fast and strong, she may set the record for quickest spring, and she'll cause a huge gap in distance between herself and her suitors, but since she's rather impulsive in that respect, she'll usually end up getting caught relatively quickly.

She's more prone to having her flights over open water, and she'll enjoy spending the first few moments of flight close to the surf. Agile yet strong, Naluth will be able to use her physical build to the best of its abilities towards the beginning of her flights, but as the flight continues, shell begin to miss the sound of the surf and the feel of the sand beneath her talons and shell be more then happy to allow the suitor she feels best about catch her more quickly than he may have been expecting. It's not necessarily the fact that she ran out of steam, more that shed rather be swimming than flying.

Harper's Tale's 37th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Yulianna's gold Miyakath and N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Monday, December 15, 2003

Raine's green Zeimyth
Ariah's green Belissaith
Rele's green Tifaryth
Iya's blue Canllaith
B'au's blue Niwath
Issket's brown Lesoleth
Nayla's brown Manaslath
S'nin's brown Kismetath

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