Title Resident
Position Assistant Clerk
Sex Female
Age 15


This young woman is tall and wiry, one of those girls that shot up when she was about twelve turns and has been there ever since. While she is still mostly legs and arms she's rounded out over the last few turns, so there's a few subtle curves to contrast all those sharp angles. Dark brown eyes are set over a little snub nose that's liberally smattered with freckles, the rest of her skin well tanned from the Istan sun. Thick wavy hair that is a color somewhere between brown and blonde hangs down past her waist when loose, though that's a rarity considering how wild it gets.

Nakia is wearing a sleeveless shirt of lavender that's been trimmed with small blue dolphins and a loose fitting pair of trousers that are made from some airy material. The trousers themselves are a light tan color, and lead to bare feet with well calloused heels. Her hair has been braided with lavender ribbons and the thick mass has been coiled into a bun at the base of her neck.


Lower Caverns Mother: Neshana (adoptable)
Younger Brother: Brynic (adoptable)


Nakia was born at Ista Weyr to one of the lowercaverns women there. Her mother wasn't anyone special, she mostly did the housekeeping for the weyrs that requested it and when she wasn't doing that she helped out in the creche with the children there. There were siblings, two older than Nakia that she didn't see much because they had their own lives and had moved out of the Weyr when they were old enough, and a younger brother that stayed in the nursery with her. Not to mention all the other various children in the creche that she grew up with, she had a few close friends but mainly she was a middle aged child that was forever growing into her serious ways.

When she was just barely twelve turns old she made her goals for the life she wanted to have and then began to push forward into what she considered her adult years. This meant that she honed in on harassing poor Hador by following him around and trying to help him complete his duties as much as possible. Many mishaps ensued and this continued for the next two turns with little variation, though Hador occasionally looked like he was going bald due to pulling out his hair over such things.

Then one day, shortly before she turned fifteen, she was helping out in the kitchens because she knew they were short handed and happened upon Weyrwoman Lanti and weyrwoman Sadaiya in the caverns. After a bit of a chat they all decided that with her love of numbers and organization that she would become an assistant clerk in the Records Rooom. This made her the Master Clerk Bryniel's problem and Hador rejoiced greatly.


Green Quill -

This young firelizard is what one might call average at least in her size and temperament. Dark green pours from snout to tail tip, the color seeming to seep along her wings until it lightens to an almost turquoise color. Her wings sweep back from powerful shoulders, amazing in their fragile duty, and her tail is carried with poise and grace. There is something almost regal about her gaze, whether she's in an agitated or content mood.

Blue Tiburyn -
Streamlined, this greyish blue boasts a broad head on a barely-there neck, which leads into wide shoulders that in turn ease into slim hips and a long, tapered tale. Abyssal blues play over his sides, where short, low-set sharkskin wings sit, barely seeming flight-worthy. Their position makes the oddly elongated dorsal arch of great white 'ridges in the area just above his shoulders the more dramatic, their size and shape only echoed in the over-pronounced wide fork of his tail that sits more vertical than horizontal, a ready rudder. By far his most noticeable feature, however, is his tidal blue muzzle, broad at the sides, pointed at the tip, with a nose that extends well beyond the upper row of teeth that look like they should be sharp… but on closer inspection, simply give the impression of fine points from a distance.

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