Nadine's Search

Log Courtesy of Nadine

11:45 AM

Ista Hold Courtyard
Built into the side of a hard granite cliff, Ista Hold looms
dominantly to the west. Windows pock the smooth surface of the cliff in neat
rows until they get closer to the ground, where they begin to frame the
great bronze doors leading into the Hold itself. A sea breeze seems
constantly in the air here as the ocean and the wharf lay but
dragonlengths to the east. Beaches are scattered to the north, recreational
areas for the Hold's residents when not working.
It is a summer before dawn. The eastern sky teases with the promise
of light, as stars flicker and insects chirp.
Perched on a windowsill are eight firelizards.
Blue Padaketh, blue Khantuth, and blue Kearneth are here.
You see Toshiro, Ramido Rourke, and Kouru here.
Obvious exits:
Ista Hold Dock Main Beach Great Doors Guard Office

Above, Nverath pours in from ::between::.
Above, Nverath glides gracefully down to the Courtyard.
Nverath glides gracefully down and settles in the Courtyard.
D'baji follows a path of wispy white from shoulder to forearm to slide
to the ground from Nverath's neck, landing lightly.
Yulianna follows a path of wispy white from shoulder to forearm to
slide to the ground from Nverath's neck, landing lightly.

Yulianna lands on the courtyard stones with a little bounce and pulls
the strap of the message tube from around her neck. "It's not such a
bad thing—havin' Miyakath on the sands an' all…but it's awfully
inconvenient when I need to get stuff like this done." she says, nodding
toward the tube, which she tucks under her arm as she begins to pull her
gloves off. "Anyway, I appreciate it. I'm sure Kia will still be about
when we get back." she adds, offering a crisp nod to Nadine before
brushing past her toward the steps of the hold. "I'll just be a sec."

Nadine pushes through the doors of the Hold, stepping out of Yulianna's
way just in time, a towel under one arm and dressed in her bikini
swimsuit. She looks after the woman a moment before shrugging and closing
the doors. She readjusts her straps and sets off for the beach, her
sandals flip-flopping along, accentuating each step with their telltale
thwap, thwap, thwap.

D'baji slides from Nverath, landing in a sort of crouch that can be
attributed to the fact that it's early in the morning, and he doesn't
/want/ to bounce. "It's not too inconvenient, Nverath says," the
bronzerider shrugs. "We don't mind, we didn't have sweeps or anything to do right
now anyway… So… I'll just… Wait here for you?" A blink at the
departing goldrider, and he goes to lean against a bronze forearm- until
Nadine is noticed. At which point he downright grins. "You! Sorry I
didn't get to finish that sketch before…"

Nadine pauses in her walk to the ocean to squint at the rider in the
early-morning light. Recognition hits her, and she smiles. "Oh, you! It's
okay. I don't suppose you brought it with you, though? I didn't get to
look at what you had done so far, even, and I was rather interested in
it." She cocks her head to one side in question.

[OOC:] Yulianna says "Ahem…that was -supposed- to be -Pose- around
me…you get the idea."
[OOC:] D'baji facedesks. Yes, Yulikins.
[OOC:] Yulianna hees, "He called me Yulikins…"
[OOC:] Nadine winks. He's sucking up.
[OOC:] Yulianna says "He'd better… -_- ;p"

D'baji frowns, starting in to shake his head. "I don't think I-" Though
Nverath gives a sharp little warble to cut him off, the bronze
crouching a bit and peering at his rider. "Or… No, no, we dropped it in the
weyr." A few more moments whereupon the bronzerider gestures and mumbles
in return to the bronze's rumbles, and finally he coughs, and turns to
Nadine. "He says it's in the pouches, we forgot to take it out. Gimme a
second?" And now to stride to the 'saddlebags' of sorts and dig around,
coming up with a hide and a little wooden box, and frowning. "It's not
the same one… Blank hide, I'm afraid… But I've got some others in
here, if you're interested?"

Nadine eyes the dragon warily and not a little suspiciously but pads
closer anyway, her sandals flip-flopping on the ground as she goes.
"Sure, art's always interesting to look at…we've got some tapestries in
the Hold I've been studying, too." She moves over to the saddlebags
cautiously to try to peer over D'baji's shoulder. "You sketch often?"

[OOC:] Nadine acks and has to eat. Will go fast. -.-
[OOC:] D'baji says "Tell me when you're back?"
[OOC:] Nadine is back
[OOC:] Yulianna flops.

D'baji arches an eyebrow, quite obviously interested (and not just by
the bikini). "What's on these tapestries? You consider yourself
something of a critique, or d'you just enjoy that sort?" Digdig, and a few more
hides are withdrawn from the bag and unrolled, while Nverath keeps a
watchful eye. "This one," Deb nods, holding the thing up against the
bronze's hide, "is one of m'firelizards." Behold a pile of bodies, and a
tail that has little motion lines coming off of it. "And I try to get
back into the sketching… Haven't been doing it so much, though."

[OOC:] Yulianna sits on Baji's head. "Behave!"
[OOC:] D'baji beamkles and will call you "Yulikins" again if he can
have a little fun?
[OOC:] Yulianna sniggers to Nadine, "If I punch him or something, don't
mind me. Really…I'm not the jealous type. Really." ^.^; *eyes
Baji* -_-
[OOC:] D'baji beamkles.

"Oh, they depict four climates, I think," she replies interestedly,
moving to stay out of his way. "One's of Ista, I know, and one of the High
Reaches…I can't recall the other two at the moment, I didn't look at
them much. It's more fun to just compare those two, so oddly different.
I enjoy looking at art." Nadine glances back up at the dragon's rather
/large/ watchful eye, not seeming entirely comfortable this close to a
bronze, but manages to turn her attention to the produced sketch,
nodding appreciatively. "I like the way it looks as though the tail's
moving…I mostly only see tapestries, and those rarely show motion." Her
lips twist into a wry grimace. "They're colorful and attractive, but not
appealing in the way of action. And I like action." Purr. "I can imagine
you'd be quite busy, what with…" A beat. "Your occupation."

Yulianna comes trotting out of the hold doors, but pauses with a laugh
to turn back and call to someone inside, "Oh, Aye, I'll be around next
month fer a hot affair…ya' know me, I never could resist ya'!" She
lets the door close and turns back with a bit of a chuckle to jog down
the hold stairs. A glance up at D'baji draws a rolls of her eyes and
she pads over to lean against Nverath's shoulder, "How'd he talk ya' into
lettin' him show ya' those things?" she asks with a nod toward the
sketches and a little grin. "Every time I see 'im it's, 'Look, Yuli, I
drew another girl…'" she trails off, shaking her head and winking to
Nadine to indicate that she's not really in earnest. Of course the fond
expression on her face is hidden from Baji's view—/he's/ not allowed to
know that she's not serious.

"Motion and action are part of what makes things exciting," D'baji
agrees, tilting his head to look at the tail. "Though I have to admit this
wasn't my idea. Ribot wouldn't stop moving his tail, and it was
actually suggested to me by a friend of mine to draw it as moving. I quite
like the effect, though." Yulianna gets a little blink, her comments
grimaced at. "Oh, come on, I draw more than girls… Only girl in this one
is Hollingworthe, and she's sort of hidden under Jung's wing and all."
Pthbt. "Well, my 'occupation' can keep me busy, yeah, but it's not like
we're running around constantly." Can you say Ignorant-Baji? "But
y'know…" Pausethink. "Anywho. That's really the only worthwhile one,
unless you wanted to see more… You were on your way somewhere?" As he
gestures to her, ah, attire. "We'd hate to keep you…" A blink to the
bronze now. "You can wait for a bath!"

Nadine looks over at the sounds of someone approaching, and grins at
the woman, giving a discreet wink back to show she knows how it is. Boys
and their toys. No, she didn't mean it that way. "I don't mind looking,
I like art." She studies the tail a bit more. "It makes him look
energetic or jumpy, depending on if you look at it from here…" She scuttles
around to the other side and tilts her head. "Or from here. That can be
used to an advantage." She glances back at the ocean. "I was on my way
to the beach, yeah, to get an early swim in before it got crowded…"
She grins. Yep, she's wearing a bikini. She /likes/ her bikini. The
comment on a bath gets a wide-eyed blink. Bath? Dragons bathe?

Yulianna grimaces a little, "So -he- says…nothin' but girls
though…an' does he ever ask to sketch -me-?" She heaves an exasperated sigh,
"Of course not. I guess I'm just not cute 'nough." She shifts her
weight off Nverath's shoulder to prod Baji in the shoulder with one
finger. "An' here ya' are flirtin' away an' -I- haven't even gotten to have
my swim yet, either. C'mon—take me back to the Weyr." she demands
petulantly, complete with a little sticking out of her lower lip. "See?
She wants to go swimmin' so quit showin' her your little scribbles an'
take me back so I can swim…" and other things, her attitude implies.

[OOC:] Yulianna is tempted to really go swimming now!

D'baji nods quite adamantly towards Nadine. "Nverath was gonna have a
bath, but then Yuli wanted to come here, and obviously 'Ver was willing
to take her- he's really very gentlemanly- we went…" Blink to the
goldrider and eyes are narrowed. "I do too sketch you! Just when you're
sleepin'!" As his secret slips and he clears his throat and moves right
along. "Well… Y'know, 'Ver likes the beach here," is mused as the hide
is rolled up. "And if you want to see more of these things, Nadine,
well… I mean, if y'don't mind going to the beach and then lettin'
Nverath soak himself- he does need to get clean-, and Yuli you could go with
him?" Clever one, is this D'baji.

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Nadine sort of smirks at Yuli, but it's an inconspicuous smirk. She
likes taking men's attention away from their women, among other
conflicting ideas in her mind, but she's learned by now when to talk and when to
hold her tongue. One can get in trouble expressing opinions. "Um…"
She pauses in a rather undignified moment as she tries to figure what
D'baji means. Yuli going with him, does that mean going alone the dragon
somewhere, while she and D'baji go somewhere else to…no, he mentioned
going to the beach and…wait…"Uh…sure," she finally agrees, trying
to maintain her show of confidence. "I mean, I don't mind, I'd like to
see more of those 'things,' as you call them."

Yulianna gapes at Baji, "Ya' draw me while I'm -sleepin'-!? Ya'
pervert!" She lands him a sound smack on the arm—more loud than painful,
and folds her arms across her chest. "Oh suuuuuure," she adds with a
roll of her eyes, "just leave ya' on the beach unsupervised with -her-."
She rolls her eyes, then quickly adds to Nadine, "Not that I don't
trust ya' er anythin'…but he -has- been known to procreate without my
permission." Ahem. The smirk, however, is noted and Yuli eyes the girl's
figure, "Then again, I'm sure ya'd look just -adorable- with an' extra
thirty pounds on ya' fer the next nine months…" And the evil
plotting expression takes over. "Sure…this beach is fine." she abruptly
agrees, arms still folded across her chest.

[OOC:] D'baji says "So shall we move to the beach now?"
[OOC:] Yulianna nods.

You walk towards the beach.
Main Beach
This long stretch of white sandy beach stands pristine among the
beaches around Ista Island. The sand stretches off into the distance on
either side of you, disappearing into the horizon. Several large uprooted
trees dot the beach where they were most likely felled in a big storm.
They look as if they'd make great benches, for people or firelizards
alike. To the east, the crystal blue waters of the Hold cove roll up in
gentle waves onto the beach, hissing softly as they ebb and flow. To the
south, Ista Hold juts out of the cliff. Just west of here, a low bluff
leads up to the grassy field that serves as the Hold's main gather
It is a summer before dawn. The eastern sky teases with the promise
of light, as stars flicker and insects chirp.
Curled up in the sand are eight firelizards.
You see Dromi and Boric's hammock here.
Obvious exits:
Shallows Steep Trail Gather Meadow Courtyard
You stand on the sandy main beach.

D'baji gambols in from the courtyard.
Nverath galumphs in from the courtyard.

D'baji strides alongside the mighty Nverath upon entering the beach,
most of the contents of that pouch still in his arms. "Actually,
y'know… If Yuli's busy…" A glance behind him to where her brother had
joined her just before they'd walked off, "And if y'don't mind… I've got
an empty hide here… If you could take up the pose from before I could
draw you there, than copy it back home, and it'd work? You could lean
against somethin' and all?" Beamkle.

Nadine follows alongside down to the beach, keeping her
distancemoving dragons are more dangerous than non-moving onesand enjoying the
soft yielding sand beneath her feet. "I'm not getting pregnant," she
informs the woman firmly. "I go the Healers to ensure that." Does she /look/
like a good mother with her skimpy bikini, strutting walk, and
flirtatious hair-flipping? "Uh, sure, I think I can do that pose again," she
mutters, setting down her towel and searching for something to lean on.
"Not many big things on a beach," she ponders.

D'baji shudders for the pregnancy comments, if it's a bit belated, and
nods, looking about thoughtfully. "Well, that'd be difficult then…
Hmm…" At which point the bronze settles to the ground, and twists his
forearm so as his foot of sorts is held up vertically. "You can lean
right there, sorta in the palm of his hand? He thinks it'd be a grand old
idea… And then I could sit on his other forearm to sketch you!"

Nadine stares at the man as if he's crazy. "You want me—" she starts,
her voice squeaking. She clears her throat and tries again. "You want
me to lean on his /hand/?" Her eyes are wide and her hands are clasped
tightly behind her back. "But…but…that's…that's…but…" she
manages to stammer as she tries to think of a reason she can voice.

D'baji nods as though it's the most natural suggestion in the world.
"Look at those eyes!" he encourages. "Does he look like someone to be
wary of? Shards…" As Nverath attempts a human-esque smile, showing his
teeth quite nicely. "He won't hurt you, I promise, and y'need
/something/ to lean on, and he's got a nice little hand of sorts…" Hah, little.
"It's okay, I promise."

Nadine doesn't look entirely convinced, but to refuse any more could
very easily be considered disrespect to dragons, for which she's been
yelled at about. "Ah…okay…" she says nervously and edges forward, her
eyes locked on that biiiiig big head above her. Reaching his hand, if
it can really be called that with such claws, she tentatively leans
herself against it, wincing as she touches the skin of the palm. She
manages to get herself back into her old position, but the suggestive hand on
the hip isn't quite so suggestive as desperate or pathetic. Her pose
doesn't look very natural; it's very stiff and uncomfortable.

Nverath lowers his head towards Nadine with a soft whuffling, giving
what he intends to be a reassuring sort of croon. "There, see? Y'can
relax, it's okay," Deb declares, jogging around to drop the extra un-needed
stuff in the bags, and withdraw a stick of charcoal from that wooden
box. And then it's to the forearm, which he leaps onto, perches, and
prepares himself. "His skin's soft enough there too, if y'want, you can
sort of lean in nearer the break between the digits and the foot

Nadine turns her head up, alarmed both at the close proximity and the
"reassuring" whuffling. She sort of shrinks away but at the same time
leans in more. Pulling away from the head causes her to withdraw towards
the hand. All this time, however, her pose remains the same, although
it gets a little tighter. She's trying to relax, honestly!
"It's…um…he's a little…what's he doing?" She seems to be at a loss for words
/and/ actions for once, and she's not happy about it.

D'baji shrugs. "He's just being Nverath. It's what he does. He inspects
everything. Don't mind him at all." And so the dragonrider turns his
attention to the hide, while the bronze proceeds to curl those digits of
his inwards, and, quite frankly, around Nadine in such a way that
escape should be properly difficult. Once this is done and another rumble is
given, Deb looks up, and eyes go properly wide. "'Ver! You're blockin'
her, I can't see!"

Nadine stifles a scream. Screaming is undignified. She is, however, in
a panic. "Wha—what's he doing?" She scrabbles at the palm behind her
as if intending to either disappear into it away from the talons, or to
climb up it and therefore escape up the top. "Help?" Her eyes are wild
and the first signs of sweat are beginning to glisten on the bared
parts of her body, which are numerous. Her feet crazily shuffle in the sand
and she seems overtaken by blinding panic, like a small cornered prey

D'baji leaps from his perch on the forearm, which gives the dragon
opportunity to close his other talons around the first gripped 'hand' of
his, and look altogether pleased with himself, while peering intently at
the creature he's acquired. Deb, meanwhile, glares at his lifemate now
until eyes are rolled. "You couldn't've waited 'till I was done, no…"
And now to take care of Nadine. So he heaves himself up onto a
golden-bronze digit, and peers into this little cage his dragon has created so
efficiently. "Don't worry, y'don't need help, try an' relax… Nverath
just likes you, think yer special, if you will…" A pause as he
glances towards that eye for a bit of help in his wording. "He was wondering
if you'd honor him by comin' back with us t'Ista Weyr, and stand on the
Sands for when the clutches hatch. Not sure which clutch he means,
though…" Shrug. "And 'sides, if y'come I can finish drawing you at the

Nadine isn't listening too carefully. "Whawhaspecial—I…uh, um,
Sands, Ista? Will he let me go if I do? Yes, yes, okay, I'll go!" Her
appearance is much the same, still wild-eyed and panicky, and she's bent
entirely on getting out, so she's obviously not thinking too clearly
about what she's doing. "Yeah…galleries…drawing…clutch, sure, sure,
just, uh, let me out, please, please…" Not making much sense, is she?
She's not making sense to herself, either.

D'baji hops down from Nverath's claw, and the bronze, grudgingly,
removes first the outer hand, and then relaxes his grip around Nadine with a
little sniff, still staring altogether adoringly at her. "Don't worry,
you're out, you're free… Not claustrophobic are ya'?" A shake of his
head. "Right, you'll need to gather up your things, and then we'll head
to the Weyr." Or at least, that's what they had /him/ do when he was
Searched. "And try and relax, it's not good for you to be so uptight. Not
good for anyone."

Nadine watches fearfully to see if the dragon will be true to his
unspoken word about letting her go and dashes out and away the second she
can. "No, not claustrophobic," she whispers, loud enough to be heard,
"I'm just a little nervous about being trapped between two giant clawed
dragon hands!" Her voice elevates into a hysterical, high-pitched cry.
She calms herself as quickly as she, gathering up her fallen dignity and
confidence. "I, um, just gotta get my stuff…yeah…" As if in a daze,
she hurries down to the water's edge until her feet are in the water
and she's able to bend over, showing her bikini-clad rear accidentally
(for once), and splash water on her face. She walks back up the beach,
taking her towel on the way, and glances at Nverath, obviously still
terrified of him. "Right, my…stuff…" She starts for the Hold.

[OOC:] D'baji says "So you want to move to the Weyr from here? Just say
she gets her stuff and they're off?"
[OOC:] Yulianna heys!! "What about me?"
[OOC:] D'baji says "We'll get you, don't worry…"
[OOC:] Nadine says "Oh, yeah. Heh. ;) I was just gonna let you pose
what you say to her before she goes in, and then have her come back out
with her things."
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[OOC:] D'baji mmkays, that works too.
[OOC:] Yulianna peers, "Meet in the courtyard?"
[OOC:] D'baji says "Works."
[OOC:] Nadine says "Sure"

You walk off the beach towards the courtyard.
D'baji gambols in from the beach.
Nverath galumphs in from the beach.
Zet blinks in from ::between::!
You call to Zet, who flies over and lands on your shoulder.

D'baji pages, "So if you just want to 'mount nve' to get on the
dragon… Then we can pick up Yuli and be off."
[OOC:] Remy says "LoL. Baji made my life a bit easier, no? ;d"
[OOC:] D'baji cries!
[OOC:] Yulianna heh hehs..
You paged D'baji with: Nadine pages, "Did you want to RP trying to get
Nadine on, or just skip all that frustrating stuff and play later that
she put up a fuss?"
[OOC:] Remy bwha. —> fixin' garlic bread. n_n
D'baji pages, "If you want to play later that she put up a fuss, that'd
probably be for the best? If it works for you, say that he got her on
Nverath /before/ coming to the courtyard?"
[OOC:] Yulianna drools!
You paged D'baji with: From afar, Nadine nods, that works.
You vault to a seat amidst foamy neckridges with the help of an
extended liquid-golden forearm.

Nverath [Ista Hold Courtyard]
Nearly luminescent gold and rich iridescent bronzes saturate sinuous
limbs and rounded underbelly. An intoxicating foam spills from the tip of
his muzzle, back along the expanse of cresting ridges, and all the way
down tail's wiry length to the very tip. Thin wisps of purest glowing
white wash delicately along the narrow shoulders of his silver-imbued
hide, only to intermingle with the darker bronzes that cascade along his
mighty form. Drawn with the arch of a shooting star, or as strict as a
darting arrow, he is cast smooth and compact, muscular and so very
long. His narrow wings are flecked in a dazzling, shimmering white that
tickles over honeyed-yellows from below. When furled close to his sides,
those very same pinions are of such a rich golden bronze that they
disappear among his liquid metallics.
Klah-colored leather contrasts magnificently with the wisps of white
and silver into lightened bronze over the dragon's neck, decorated only
by two buckles, also made of leather, though the color varies to a
lighter auburn. Slack in the main leather threads through one buckle, held
tight along the main strap. Meticulously even stitches have been
flattened forcefully, so as not to bother the dragon. Finally, a simply
designed fish finds itself carved into the buckle made to hold on to the
rider's belt, as a finishing touch. Similar straps (though without the
fish) are positioned behind the first set, for passenger purposes.
Nverath seems to be listening.

D'baji pages, "Perfect then ;)"
Nadine pages, "Although she'd have to go into the Hold first. ;)"
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the Hold first. ;)"
You paged D'baji with: Nadine pages, "Although she'd have to go into
the Hold first. ;)"

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D'baji pages, "Yeah, but after that?"
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[OOC:] D'baji says "I'm… Too sexy for the food… *ahem*"

Yulianna blinks at D'baji and Nadine pad back from the beach, and
gulps, tightening her grip on Remy's arm. No doubt he -could- carry
her…then again, most people could, but she's not going to make it any easier
for him—and of course there's no Miyakath here to help this time
around. "Baji! Um…we ready to go then?" And what about those -heavy-
bags Yuli just said she needs help with? Well, they don't really exist,
so we won't worry about them.

[OOC:] Nadine agrees with Brid. She's become addicted to ice cubes. A
curse on this weather.
[OOC:] Yulianna is too sexy for her shirtack! Braincell!
[OOC:] Remy attacks the braincell with a match n' lighter fluid o.o
[OOC:] Yulianna wants that song!
[OOC:] Yulianna goes to search
as soon as she finishes mailing

Nverath pads back in, still looking proud of himself, in that noble way
that only Nverath can look. "Yup, we're ready…" The bronze's head is
inclined graciously towards Remy, and D'baji is forced to acknowledge
the lad (hah, he can say lad 'cause he's older!). "Remy." Ooh, good
acknowledgement. Brid gets a grin, and then Yuli is nodded to, while he
offers a gesture towards the bronze. "Shall we?"

Brid has no idea where whatever Yuli asked her to help with is. So she
just remains quiet again. Her own business is forgotten, yay, and she
is free to continue her .. whatever. "I'll have Izz give you a report on
that Grinstead incident, Yuli." May she go now?

He struggles, a yelp as Remy feels his arm having the circulation cut
from it. "Yuli.. leggo. "It's almost a piteous squeak as he takes a few
steps one way. Fine. She wants to play that game, so can the thief.
The thief leans over, attempting to haul Yulianna over his shoulder. Ha.
At Nverath, he gives a private smirk, but at Baji, he just eyes,
unsure of him. "D'baji." He gives a half nod.

D'baji pages, "Y'can feel free to pose from 'Ver, though ;)"

Yulianna eeks as she's bodily hefted over Remy's shoulder, sending four
gold firelizards scattering. "Remy! Ya' big lug! Lemme down!" she
insists pounding a couple of times on his back, and than propping her
chin up on the palm of her hand. "Ya' could at -least- turn me 'round so
I could -see-." she grumbles. "Are ya' gonna carry me back to the
Weyr, too, or is this just your way of feelin' all tough an' manly again?"
Speaking of tough and manly, she does her best to peer
Baji-wards…well…at least it looks like the two aren't going to fight…yet.

Nadine is perched /very/ nervously on top of Nverath, her eyes once
again wide with terror. Her bag's strings are slung over her shoulder in
order for Nadine to cling to the dragon with both hands, very very very
tightly. Her knuckles are, in fact, whiter than the rest of her, quite
a feat since she's tanned. Or she was. She may have become permanently
white. She doesn't speak, but she does watch mutely, as though pleading
silently for someone to come out and tell them she /can't/ go, since
she's incapable of wording that now.

You paged D'baji with: From afar, Nadine was trying to squeeze it out.
D'baji pages, "In that case, you're positively /wonderful/!"

D'baji rolls his eyes towards Remy, hands falling to his hips while he
stares at the scene playing out. "Look, man, I'd hate to interrupt you
an' all… But we need to get back to the Weyr here, I think she might
have some sort of heart problems if we don't," an upwards nod to
Nadine, "and Yuli's gotta come with us or I know of a certain gold who just
might convince my dragon to sit on me."

You paged D'baji with: From afar, Nadine isn't gonna stop having fun
just 'cuz she's on a dragon. ;)
D'baji pages, "That is such a good motto for life.."
You paged D'baji with: From afar, Nadine nods, though she wasn't
thinking of it that way when she said it…
From afar, D'baji knows, don't worry.

One arm lifted to draw across Yuli's back, to keep the gold rider
steady, the other hand, however, moves to exposed sides and gives a little
tickle. "Behave.. N' maybe I will." He laughs somewhat. The four
queens that had their adopted perch taken over by a certain sister, simply
flutter and dance in the air like wind-blown autumn leaves. Candra
zips over towards the larger bronze in an array of small sounds. Whee.
She's gonna be eaten o.o; Remy turns, just a half turn so she can
look if she turns her head, much like he could. D'baji doesn't have any
interest to Remy, and is laxed enough to let the rider slide —for now.
"N' would carry ya back..but think ya'd get heavy." He playfully lets
his knees buckle a bit.. At Baji, a brow lifts. He doesn't comment..
he'd LIKE Miyakath to sit on Baji o.o; Evil brothers. Reluctantly, he
lowers Yuli

You paged D'baji with: From afar, Nadine will write it down. Good thing
to remember. I'm so smart to think of it! ;)

Brid chuckles at the squirming goldrider..and then eyes shift to
Nadine. Ohh, she knows that look, remembering that day at Emerald Beach, when
Elle came to visit Izzaday. She offers no word to anyone however, just
waits for Yuli to tell her she is no longer needed. Don't ever just
walk away from a goldrider, ever.

D'baji pages, "You're like… uber-smart."
You paged D'baji with: Nadine pages, "No, I've just got common sense.
There's a difference, although many don't realize it."
D'baji pages, "Either way. You are wise. I bow down to you."
You paged D'baji with: From afar, Nadine blushes.

Nadine continues to simply sit, cling, and pale. "W-Weyr…right," she
mutters, turning her head to face towards the Weyr. It hasn't quite hit
her yet. Give her time. "T-to stand for eggs…going on a dragon…to
see eggies…I'm okay…" She raises her voice. "I'm okay, I'm perfectly
fine." She loosens her grips just slightly, since she's not going
anywhere just yet, and tries to look like she knows what she's doing and
intended it to happen.

Yulianna rights herself and offers Remy a light thwap on the shoulder,
and then dances out of the way—over to Baji…to protect him, you
know. "I'm -not- heavy." she insists, sticking her tongue out at her
brother childishly before turning and reaching up to grasp Nverath's straps
and haul herself aboard the dragon. She pauses, peering down at Brid,
"Did ya' need a ride back to the Weyr, too?" she asks, ever polite, ya'

D'baji vaults to a seat amidst foamy neckridges with the help of an
extended liquid-golden forearm.
Nverath clears his throat. OOCly. "So all aboard who are comin' to the
[OOC:] Remy says "all aboard o.o"

Brid eyes the bronze, and eyes the people already riding said
bronze…"If there is room?" Not really wanting to push the dragon's strength
and all.

D'baji nods. "Always room. He's tough. Come on up, Brid."
Brid vaults to a seat amidst foamy neckridges with the help of an
extended liquid-golden forearm.

Nadine's eyes widen and her grip tightens again. "W-will he be able to
get off the ground? Won't he crash or something? Is this safe?" So much
for the outward show of confidence. "I don't think I'm ready," she says
timidly, but it's so quiet it's probably not ready. "Can't we just,
uhm, walk there? It's good exercise, you know, and the fresh air is good
for you…" Her voice trails off as she runs out of reasons to take the
looooong way there.

Yulianna vaults to a seat amidst foamy neckridges with the help of an
extended liquid-golden forearm.
[OOC:] Yulianna flops and is being called away…baaaah.

D'baji turns to Nadine, nodding. "It'll be fine, don't worry. He's big
and strong. Hold on tight, brace yourself, don't let your neck snap
back." A glance to those who are more accustomed to dragon flight, and the
words of, "Get ready." And then they're off.

You take off.
Above Ista Hold
You wing your way over the Ista Hold complex. Below, the main hold's
wide courtyard faces east, over the ocean. Just north of that lies the
Hold's main beach, the white sands often crowded with holders enjoying
the sun and surf. Turquoise waters from the hold cove roll up to lap
on the shore. Just inland from the main beach are the Hold's main
gather meadow and racetracks.
It is a summer sunrise. The pink and yellow sky awakens the
songbirds, and a land breeze wafts towards the sea
In the courtyard, you see three dragons and one person.
Gliding around is a brown firelizard.
Obvious exits:
Courtyard North Valley Beach Gather Grounds Fire
Heights Gather Square Lane's End

Nverath oozes in the oxymoronic blink of an eye ::between::.
You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute
darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait,
and count…

Sky over Central Bowl
Ista heat breeds whirling, swirling, dragon-tossing thermals that
send you up over the bowl and off towards the east. Here, beneath the
towering pinnacles of the Weyr's jagged rim, ledges dot the cliffside and
tier down to the hatching grounds to southeast just beyond queen's
weyrs and living cavern, and to the northeast the weyrling barracks and
training ground are made of hard pounded earth and ash-pits
It is a summer sunrise. The pink and yellow sky awakens the
songbirds, and a land breeze wafts towards the sea
Obvious exits:
Down Northeastern Bowl Southeastern Bowl Plateau Ledges

Nverath pours in from ::between::.

You fly southeast across the bowl.
Sky Over Southeastern Bowl
The jagged peaks of the Weyr's exploded caldera shelter dragons aflight
from errant sea breezes, but the scent of ocean water pervades all.
Weyr entrances pockmark weathered black rock, sometimes allowing a glimpse
of bright dragons on their ledges; to the northwest, a large portion of
the volcanic wall has exploded outward in a trapezoidal wedge, allowing
tradewinds to blow crookedly against the inner walls. Perhaps this
explains the density of weyrs in this more sheltered, southeastern portion
of the broken bowl. They cluster above the living cavern and other
public areas, whereas, elsewhere, the weyrs seem more isolated and evenly
spaced. The five fingers of Ista Weyr block seaward progress, but
dragons sometimes slip between the peaks, nimble and delicate against the
upthrust rock.
It is a summer sunrise. The pink and yellow sky awakens the
songbirds, and a land breeze wafts towards the sea
Below, you see seven dragons and one person.
Gliding around is a brown firelizard.
Green Berwynth and brown Chelath are here.
Obvious exits:
Down Hatching Grounds Central Bowl Ledges Weyrleader's
Landing Up

You spiral down for a landing in the bowl.
Southeastern Bowl
This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from
here, it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau
below the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead
into the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds,
and main Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the
stables where the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway
that leads up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.
It is a summer sunrise. The pink and yellow sky awakens the
songbirds, and a land breeze wafts towards the sea
Above, you see a green and a brown dragon.
Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are five firelizards.
Bronze Nhamarath, green Fellrath, brown Morath, green Briganth, brown
Hoth, brown Xylyth, and brown Itazurath are here.
You see Thunder Wagon here.
Resani is here.
Obvious exits:
Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns

[OOC:] D'baji says "Type 'dismount' to get off."
D'baji follows a path of wispy white from shoulder to forearm to slide
to the ground from Nverath's neck, landing lightly.
You follow a path of wispy white from shoulder to forearm to slide to
the ground from Nverath's neck, landing lightly.

Remy pages, "congrats ;)"

Yulianna follows a path of wispy white from shoulder to forearm to
slide to the ground from Nverath's neck, landing lightly.
Brid follows a path of wispy white from shoulder to forearm to slide to
the ground from Nverath's neck, landing lightly.

From afar, Remy took it you were searched? :)
You paged Remy with: Nadine pages, "Thanks, yep. :)"

D'baji gives a shiver as he dismounts, peeking towards Nadine. "Okay,
y'all right?" And not like he's waiting for an answer, he's just so not
used to people not being able to deal with dragons and flight and such.
"If y'follow me, I'll show you were you'll be stayin'…"

[OOC:] Yulianna smooches and disapparates. Congrats Nadine—and I'll
talk to you later about showing off your booty to -my- man. *leer* ;p

Yulianna smooches Nadine! Nadine is smooched!

Brid thanks the bronze as she lands on her own two feet again. "A bit
higher of the ground then Nuadayth." She doesn't usually ride the larger
dragons. Blues are about her usual mode of transport. "Thanks D'baji,
Yuli. Welcome to the weyr Nadine." Smirk, fresh meat for the nurseries!

Yulianna disappears up the stairs to the Weyrleaders' weyrs above.

Nadine shakily tries to dismount and sort of just falls off instead,
though she does manage to get her feet under her in time. "Coulda warned
me," she mutters to herself, her old attitude starting to show itself.
She looks around her as if she's never been here, despite her recent
trip down. "Okay…" Still too disoriented to question orders, she
wordlessly gets a better grip on her bag and moves over to D'baji.

[OOC:] D'baji says "Right, follow me."
D'baji gambols to the Living Caverns.
You go into the living cavern.
Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two
dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the
Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these
caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting
the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light
toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling.
Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far
end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored
guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's
symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on an orange
shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are sixteen firelizards.
D'baji is here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns
D'baji gambols to the Southern Caverns.

You go to the South Caverns.
South Caverns
Caverns continue to twist and tangle into a labyrinth of ancient
tunnels: from high, soaring, vaulted roofs to nothing more than crawl-space
at times the weyr extends deep into the mountain. Most of the walls are
the smooth and glossy obsidian of ancient volcanoes, dark but for the
fickle light of green-tinted glows. The floor is likewise worn by feet
and time to run smooth and unbroken off to the main caverns to the
north, or into the dorms and barracks in the opposite direction.
D'baji is here.
Obvious exits:
Crafters' Area Living Caverns Corridor Candidate Barracks

D'baji gambols to the Candidate Barracks.
You go to the Candidate's Barracks.
Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a
near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room —
all black volcanic rock and simple earthen tapestries, there is nothing
but stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter
back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each
puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and
obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the
right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are four firelizards.
You see Jash's Cot here.
D'baji is here.
Obvious exits:

D'baji waves around quite grandly once reaching the barracks. "So
right, this is your new home 'till everything's hardened and hatched…
Girls on that side," point the left, "boys on that one… You can get a cot
in here, if y'can't find one talk to the drudges…" Shrug. "And I
guess that's it. We passed through the living caverns, almost anyone'll
show you around…"

[OOC:] D'baji is gonna have to be heading, here…

D'baji sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the
drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Nadine.
Alias 'ic' added for channel: IstaCan
Alias 'iw' added for channel: IstaWeyr
[IstaCan] Nadine has joined this channel.
IstaCan has been added to your channel list.
[IstaWeyr] Nadine has joined this channel.
IstaWeyr has been added to your channel list.

[IstaWeyr] Kelana congratulates Nadine! :)
[OOC:] Nadine says "Okay…thanks. :)"
D'baji steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.
[IstaWeyr] Nadine: Thanks. :)
Kazra snugs Nadine! Nadine blinks. Snuggles? Fer me?
D'baji returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
[IstaWeyr] Kelana wonders how many PC candidates we have now.

*Ista Weyr (#608) has just been sent new mail by D'baji (#22398).

[IstaWeyr] Brid: 2
[IstaWeyr] Kelana ahs. Jash and Nadine. Okie.
[IstaWeyr] Kiriya whees. Two candies.

Nadine nods wordlessly and drops her bag on the cot closest to the
door. "Okay…thanks…" She plops herself down on the cot, trying to
figure out exactly what she just committed herself to.

Nadine snugs D'baji! D'baji throws fish.
Nadine snugs Kazra! Kazra melts gratefully into your snug, before a
brown tail loops around Nadine's waist and an inquisitive muzzle pokes
them. «Well, well, well, what do we have here. Its a Nadine!»

Message 7 of 7 on *Ista Weyr (#608):
Date: Thu Jul 4 13:04:19 2002 CDT
From: D'baji (#22398)
To: *Ista Weyr (#608) and *Ista Weyr IC (#7164)
Subject: Early one morning…
Running errands in Ista hold, D'baji came across a pretty young
resident. The idea of finishing up a sketch she'd previously posed for was
presented, and so, after a while, Nadine found herself leaning against
Nverath's foot in an attempt to resume her pose. As if the poor girl
wasn't nervous enough, all close to those big claws of his, Nverath decided
that closing her within his 'fist' would be a good idea, and captured
himself a person, not letting go until she agreed to honor him by
Standing for the clutches on the Sands. So everyone welcome Nadine, Ista
Weyr's newest candidate! Huzzah!
Deb and a 'Ver

Resani hugs Nadine! Nadine meeps, a hug? For me? Awww, danke!
Nadine hugs Resani! Resani is hugged!
D'baji hugs Nadine! Nadine meeps, a hug? For me? Awww, danke!

*Ista Weyr (#608) has just been sent new mail by M'er (#21803).
Message 8 of 8 on *Ista Weyr (#608):
Date: Thu Jul 4 13:07:52 2002 CDT
From: M'er (#21803)
To: *Ista Weyr (#608)
Subject: Ni! Bring us a shrubbery!
Poor Bush, M'er and Suith's beloved plant, died (M'er, the
procrastinator, forgot to water the darling Bush.) Deciding that the Weyr shouldn't
know about the death of the shrub, M'er and Suith decided that they
should leave Ista to find a new bush, in case someone notices a bush gone
from the natural plantlife of the island. They found themselves at
Paradise Hold, where the green dragon landed in the water and played with
the fish. M'er, having a slightly longer attention span than his dragon,
asked a local for help on finding a new Bush. Of course, during the
conversation and actually finding a bush, Suith decided to sniff the
helpful one, Jash. It was decided that he smelled like fish, and being that
Suith is obsessed with fish, she deemed him perfect to bring back to
So, welcome Candidate #1, Jash, to Ista Weyr! (And Bush Jr, too!)
-M'er and the fishgreen.

D'baji goes home.

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