N'ano's Injured And The Weyr Suffers

Logfile from Hannah.
September 03, 2003

Infirmary (#4059)
This natural, bubble-shaped cave shows signs of recent renovations, the walls freshly painted, with new fittings. Cupboards cover one wall of the large cave, one marked prominently with a black skull and crossbones and bolted with a heavy lock. A stone bench, covered in a padded sheet, rests in the center of the room directly under a glass glowbasket; this area is the examining table. Racks, draped carefully with sterile cloths, surround the bench. Another bench against the back wall contains a sink, a water heater, and research equipment, including a white cloth draped over what must be a microscope. Three beds line the wall opposite the cupboards, curtains on tracks prepared to be drawn around them. The room smells faintly of redwort and numbweed.
On top of the cupboards are four firelizards.
You see Search Physical Board, Draggie, and Fuzzbit here.
You notice Neana and Shayla asleep here.
N'ano, Tasi, Jozzie, and Lesa are here.
Obvious exits:
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Lesa peers at N'ano "Alchol will inhibit your healing youngling. Honestly now you ought to know that." she snorts and then looks at the skin "That doesn't mean your tending crew can't have a sip to handle the stress you are putting them through." she gives Tasi and Jozzie a wink each. "Once it's scabbed over you can fly but we'd never let an injured rider up as there's no telling one might not have to pop between and that is dreadful on healing injuries after all."

Tasi laughs, nodding. "Sounds good to me…may I, Jozzie?" she asks, holding a hand out for the flask. "'Kaith says Bydelth is feeling better, too," she reports. "I'm sure you know that already, but he asked to make sure I told you."

N'ano frowns, emiting a small groan, "Yeah—I know, but it also feels good 'least for a little while, y'know? Better than that shardin' numbweed that ain' workin'," he grunts, peering towards the doorway as Hannah makes her way through, and even manages a small salute to the Weyrwoman, "'evenin'…" Dun dun dun.

Hannah slips into the infirmary, careful not to disturb the sick folk who linger there. Frown mars her brow when she spots the reposed Weyrleader and the healer and the nasty wound. "What happened? I've heard some gossip and you know how you can never listen to gossip," goldrider remarks quietly, staring at the now infirm weyrleader.

Jozzie looks to Lesa, chuckling softly. "I am just being a very dedicated weyrmate, that's all. It is Tasi who is part of the tending crew, or… well, something like that." she replies. She looks up to see Hannah in the doorway and gives Tasi a nod of her head, smiling. "That is what it is for." she replies. "N'ano got a bit of a score," she replies to the Weyrwoman.
Lesa grins at Hannah and waits for N'ano's response. She really wants to hear this one.

Tasi looks up, saluting the weyrwoman with a smile and grabbing the flask. Jozzie seems to be handling Hannah's questions so she stays silent, at least for the moment, moving a little further from the cot and pouring out the now-cold water in the bowl, replacing it with new, warm water and rinsing out her cloth before re-warming and wetting it.

Shayla wanders back in, rubbing her eyes. "Naela is definitely a hard one to get to sleep." she mutters to herself. Eyes widden as more people are in there than when she left. She waves and grins a hello to everyone, trying to hop back into the conversation. And that girl did want to talk to her. Must remember.

"Well, 'less the rumors said I was dead, then they're pro'lly right," N'ano frowns, though at Jozzie's response, N'ano grins, "Aye—just a 'lil score, that's all." One that could certinal earn the Most Ugly Score of the Turn award, no doubt. "Came up from 'hind with a thick patch…Bydelth managed to get most of it, but that one escaped," he sniffs, wincing slightly as the battlewound starts to throb once again.

Tasi smiles back up at Shayla as the healer comes back in, walking a little closer. N'ano seems to have enough people paying attention to him. "Is there anything I can do to help clean up?" she asks quietly, grinning. "I remember what a pain it always was to neaten up the infirmary after threadfall back at home."

Hannah nods her head slowly, tucking pale strands of hair behind her ear before asking Lesa, having assumed she was 'in charge', "How long will he be out of comission? How bad of a wound is it?" Jozzie is given a sympathetic look, no doubt that the weyrwoman is leaning towards thinking Jozzie'll be the one having to nurse him. "Did you forget to duck?" is murmured almost wryly.

Lesa nods to the Redwort jug for Tasi absently "Wipe everything down with that and dry it with a sterile towel you will find in the next door by the sink." She turns to Hannah and gives the weyrwoman a smile "Not as long as he's like no doubt. He will be starting physical therapy in days to keep the flexibility the healing skin will need as it mends itself. He won't be out all that long though it really depends on his keeping it clean and applying the ointments we've mixed just for that purpose. I would suggest a few sevendays before he's back to normal duties if he is dutiful and diligent in the wound's care."

"Uhm, no that's fine, don't worry about it," Shay says, pushing all of her curly hair away from her face. "This is what I'm here to do. Help people and then clean it all up!" Hey, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.
" Nah, I was too busy savin' my lifemate from a score," N'ano tosses a grin towards Hannah, followed by a helpless single shoulder roll. "I'd rather take the pain than have 'em suffer." Or something like that. Maybe N'ano's only saying that for amusement's sake. But no less… "Wait, a few sevendays?" Oh yes, that's a groan.

Jozzie gives a rather dry laugh towards Hannah, almost in tears. "Shards," she mutters, lightly gritting her teeth. The bluerider shares a moment to rub her eyes. If anyone would have seen Jozzie in the skies, they might have noticed how calm and collective the woman was. It was only until she got to the ground, where emotion struck. The woman sits on the cot at N'ano's side.

Tasi chuckles as two different healers say two different things. She shrugs to Shayla though, murmuring, "I'm happy to help," as she grabs the redwort jug and gets to work, listening to the conversation as she keeps herself busy disinfecting counters and instruments. A quick break is taken to give Jozzie a pat on the back. "You'll tell me if you need help dealing with him?" she asks with a wink.

"A few sevendays?!" is barely sqeaked out before Hannah turns her attention back to N'ano. "You sure know how to outdo yourself." Eyes narrow in with impotent frustration, before landing on Jozzie, "Jozzie." It's apparent that the goldrider's come to a quick decision, "You will make sure that he leaves no treatment unahtreated. No shirking of ointments or what ever else he will need. /Complete/ bedrest, is that it Lesa? Will that aid his return to duty quicker?"

N'ano stifles a yawn with his good hand, "HannahI can assure you that I'll do everythin' in the power invested in me to make this a rapid recovery… despite my urges, I won' leave the bed 'cept when nature calls… I'll let all these beautiful women, 'pecially Jozzie here, wait on me hand 'n foot… 'n I'll leave allllll of my paperwork to D'baji for the time bein'. It'll keep 'em busy, no doubt?" Maybe that's overdoing it. "Thoughmaybe that'll keep m'mind occupied. Nevermind that last bit. I'll do all the hidework."

"Did you hear that, pet?" Jozzie says to N'ano, making sure that he does hear it. The bluerider makes even sure that she says it loud enough, as if N'ano has some hearing difficulty, then again, most men do. "/Complete/ bedrest." she replies, followed by that partiicular look again. N'ano should be really-really familiar with this look by now. Then, once he is done replying to Hannah, she crosses her arms across her waist. "Good," she says.

Lesa nods "Complete for the first seven and then he'll get exercises that will stretch the healing muscle bone and skin so that there he have a complete recovery. Odds are we'll all know when he's doing them as the dragonic broadcasts will likely keep us posted of his pain while stretching." she gives N'ano a look of understanding mixed with mischief "Though the dragonhealers will be prepared for this to help contain it as much as possible to prevent the weyr from being more effected than it already is." her gaze goes back to Hannah "The last week we'll have him up and flying and send him to study with the weyrlings as he could use the pratice by the example he's given of his dexerity or lack of perhaps we shall say. We will need to hide the liquors which may be the most taxing of all his healing until he's healed as it distracts the body and thins the blood."

Shayla notices the other healer in the room, so she quietly takes a seat on a cot, just enjoying being able to sit down. Having a newborn is no fun, even when she's a good non-fussy baby. She leans back, propping herself up, and closes her eyes until she is spoken too. Ahh, finally a nap. Motherhood is rough.

Tasi walks over toward Shayla, folding up the cloth and setting it beneath the jug of redwort. She stays silent, smiling wryly at the poor exhausted healer as she waits quietly, still listening in on the conversation revolving around the weyrleader.

Hannah seems to ponder these new instructions, eyeing N'ano thoughtfully. More as if he were a wayward child in need of instruction. "Hmm. Yes. I do think he needs instruction on how to /duck/ from the thread. Looks like he needs to relearn some of our weyrling lessons." Threads of amusment lace her comments. Noticing Shayla and Tasi fully for the first time, she gives them a quick little duck of her head in acknowledgement while she muses aloud, "Maybe /all/ the liquor in the weyr should be unatainable. Until N'ano is better. That would prevent temptation?"

N'ano's face just drops at Lesa's statement. Is he hearing right here? This is definitely the part where selective hearing comes in handy. The former Weyrlingmaster having to relearn weyrling drills? Oh, that should be fun. And better yet, no booze? The sky is falling. "…" Really now. What can he possibly say to all that?

Now its Jozzie's turn to whimper. "You… you cannot do that," she says. The poor woman is dependent, er… an alcholic? It runs the the family, or… well, foster family. The bluerider sits there, wrinkling up her nose.

Lesa grins "At least what's on the ground level wouldn't hurt. Private weyrs after all can't be reached as he's ground bound for while until he's healed up." she gives N'ano her sweetest smile as if to say 'You made your bed and now you've got to sleep in it' and then winks at Hannah "Perhaps even do the dyed string thread test to make sure he's ready before released to active duty wouldn't hurt either, eh?"

Tasi blinks, looking up at Hannah in alarm. "No liquor? But how are we going to put up with N'ano's constant complaining, stuck in bed for the next two sevendays?!" She grins.

" What!?" N'ano emits finally, shaking his head, "You've gotta be kiddin' me. I /know/ how to duck threadthat one was not preventable, honestly. I don' think that'll be necessary. I know what I'm doin'as I've known for the past eleven or so turns that I've been ridin'… and the two or so turns I served as Weyrlingmaster to this Weyr." Surely those are credentials that'll get him out of that?

Hannah looks from N'ano to Jozzie to Tasi and back to Lesa. "Yes, I think you're right. We will need to lock the stores of all public liquor. I'm sensing too much of a dependance on the stuff." Pointed look at Jozzie, "But so long as N'ano shows improvement after the first sevenday, I don't think it should be a long restriction." Lesa is given a sneaky little grin, "Yeah.. maybe he should have to graduate with the weyrlings too?" A little amusement to poke fun at the Weyrleader.

Tasi sighs softly and leans in, tapping Shayla gently on the shoulder. "Do you have time for a quick question?" she asks softly, grinning as she listens to Hannah's teasing.

Lesa ponders making a betting pool to judge is a sober N'ano is worst than an near hatching clutch queen and her anxious rider. She peers at N'ano "No? That what's between for? Shards but your the leader and need to lead by example young man." Her gaze is serious for a moment "Far better to train and learn from lessons than losing a rider and dragon." She nods to those gathered "I trust all here will make sure he follows instructions in spite of himself." and peers at N'ano as if waiting for his answer.

Jozzie gives a light grown, although she isn't to set back by Hannah's orders. The woman looks to N'ano, lightly giving him a pat on his chest. "N'ano's right, he's been riding for a long while without any scoring." she replies. With Lesa's words, the bluerider looks conciderate before looking to N'ano again.
Ash blinks in from ::between::!

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath slowsly rises from the confines of sleepy, orangy-blackness seeping through her voice like paper lanterns swinging in the dark night. « You're rider is to stay bedridden. You must make sure this is so.» Queen pauses as colors begin to fade, leaving behind the citrusy feel that is uniquely her own. « Or mine will make sure not a drop of liquor ever graces his lips. » »

Ash suddenly disappears ::between::!

"Somehow I don' think a Weyrleader attendin' weyrling classes is gonna set a good exampleit'll only just make 'em worry 'n wonder what in shardin' Faranth's name they all got themselves into!" Ooh, N'ano's really upset now. Isn't he cute though when he's turning all red? "Ya'll are treatin' this likelike I'm the only one to've ever gotten scored 'fore!"

Dhiammarath senses Bydelth's mindvoice swirls in tones of dark umber and marginal crimsons, throbbing with mild pain in the undertones, « Of course he's not to go anywhere. Do you think I would let N'ano get himself more injured? »

Hannah inches closer to the bed, her own cheeks suffusing with the heat of irritation. It's not often the Weyrwoman shows a display of temper. "No, you are not the first. But you are the Weyrleader and you need to pay more attention!" Irritation mixes with a dash of worry. "You are not just the weyrling with the cute thread score to show off to his wingmates, you are the rider that /leads/ the weyr. How are you going to lead from your bed?" Despite her lack of stature, she can manage to attempt to look imposing.

Lesa snorts "I've healed too many scoring if you ask my opinion. However the fact that instead of going between as you should have to kill the thread as quickly as possible it'd had a change to burrow deeply and do some serious damage that will heal but shouldn't have happened in the first place. You of all people should know from healing experience just how nasty thread is. The whole weyr is tuned to you so your not just responsible for your dragon and you but all of us indirectly. Your pain is ours so take care of yourself."

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath's mindvoice is tinged with the dark hues of night, more sleepy than worried. « Of course not. But your lifemate is a bit stubborn and more than a little recalcitrant. He will need to be watched. » »

Shayla walks to the Shayla's Quarters.

Jozzie stays seated next to N'ano on the cot. The bluerider remains very, quiet for a few moments. Then, she stands and lets the other two women sort out the issues. "I'm going for a quick bath," she replies to them. Hastily, she strides out of the room to avoid being pushed between two opposing sides.

"I can find m'ways," N"ano mutters back to Hannah, keeping his eyes focused on… his toes. "LookI know I've erred and believe me, I'm payin' the consequences with excruciatin' pain. I know we should've ducked faster, but y'know what? It all happens so quicklyy'don' realize it till after the fact. I know how it affects the Weyr as a whole in more ways than one. And frankly, I don' think I need to be lectured 'bout it! It ain' gonna change a thing that happened tonight!" With that said, he pulls the pillow from beneath his head to cover his face, holding it in place with his good arm.

Lesa nods to Hannah "I leave it in your hands to make sure his treatment is strictly followed." she gives Hannah a wink knowing both their jobs aren't anything to be envied however the duty is one well within their realms from experience and wisdom of years past. She reaches out and pats N'ano's knee "Sometimes the best lessons are the hardest learned." and then she makes sure all is in order and turns to leave, jotting some notes on his chart and returning it to it's file in the drawer "If anything changes or there is a problem, feel free to let Pad know or send up a lizard to summon me. I've been doing a lot of research in my weyr as of late so odds are that's where you'll find me."

Hannah smiles graciously at Lesa, "Thank you, Lesa." Jozzie and N'ano are given thoughtful looks, "I think Jozzie will be able to handle him well. I might better get onto the locking of the liquor. At least for a little while, just in case you feel a little tempted." The 'you' is a very vague 'you'. "Tasi? Maybe you could help with that?" Wingsecond rank not unnoticed and thus is given a job.

Tasi sighs, watching N'ano go from capable, clever weyrleader to sulky, petulant child. She smiles wryly, nodding to Lesa, and comes in to give the weyrleader a gentle back rub across his lower back. Hearing her name she looks up and nods. "Of course, Weyrwoman…anything I can do."

Lesa nods satified and then gives each a nod heading out.

N'ano walks nonchalantly to the GroundWeyrs.

Jozzie walks back in, hair semi-wet as it spirals down to her shoulders. "Back," she says as she takes a look around the calmed down room. Well, that is a nice surprise.

Jozzie moves gracefully with a habitual swing of her hips, to the GroundWeyrs.

Tasi steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

[end of log]

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