N'ano And Hytiaf Weyrmate

[[logged by N'ano]]


Logfile from Nanoc

N'ano leads Hyti into the bedroom after the vast crowd of candidates starts their departure, sighing "Shards—if that wasn't hectic, I don't know what was…" he starts off before embracing her within his arms, "Wanna go for a walk?" Sure, it's abrupt…

Hytiaf wrinkles her brow at looks up at him. "OH.. umm.. I.. I guess." its pamper poor Hyti time, you sure you want to make her walk? She smiles a little bit and nods slowly, grabbing a jacket or something. "Sure. Lets go. Is it cold outside? Do I need to dress a little warmer?" She smiles a little and slips one hand into his.

N'ano shakes his head, taking the jacket and places it back onto the cot, "No no… just a short walk, promise. Inside… to the caverns. Need somethin' to eat," he states, half grinning as he squeezes her hand gently, leading the way.


Hytiaf is led in by N'ano.

Shandria sniffs and then totally sobs at Kerali "I just don't know what to do! " She weeps all over the poor healer.

You notice Liesana looking at you.

Serafa can be found amoungst a knot of young people who have congregated in the living cavern, as young people are want to do. Barely sitting in her seat her brown eyes twinkles as she scans above the heads of the others, clearly excited. And then she she's him raising one eye brow she questions with her expression.

Kerali blinks a bit at Shandria's sudden reaction, then puts her arm around the poor sobbing girl's shoulder. "There there, Shan…what's wrong? Hmmm? That physical session wasn't so bad, no?" Eeep. This was sudden. "You did fine…" Pat pat.

N'ano just grins, leading the healer out from the infirmary area, though not quite catching Serafa's glance amongst the crowd… and a big one it is! With a slight gulp, he turns towards Hyti, half grinning "Well—you ready now?" he asks… not that it'd be too wise to run out now… "Surprise!?" Eheh…

Liesana is standing off to one side of Serafa and the knot of young people, dressed in oddly formal clothing for just a normal day in the weyr. But perhaps it's not so normal after all, as she flickers a smile over at Serafa, and then another towards the couple appearing as she stands, tugging once at the ruffle on her collar.

Shandria cuts out the totally phoney crying act and smiles.

"Ready?…" Hytiaf searches the crowd for a moment then back at N'ano. "Surprise?" She wrinkles her nose for a moment. .then sort of brightens. "OHh.. Wha.." She blinks for a moment then finally grins. "Really?"

Serafa stands up, brushing her long read skirts as she makes her way to the couple. "Really Hytiaf" She grins answering for N'ano. "We thought it was about time that he made an honest woman out of you" If you will follow me, We'll choose somewhere where everybody can see you say your vows" And she didnt even give anything away to her beloved mentor

"Really," N'ano smiles, leading her behind Serafa, more than likely towards the harper "Let's not keep her waitin', eh?" he chuckles softly, squeezing her hand along the way "Well, I'm ready if ya'll are ready… which I really hope?" No, it's not a plea, really.

Liesana is satisfied with the arrangement of her ruffle, it appears. Or now a more important fact has come to her attention. Just about time to start the show. A motion to Serafa to lead the way, the Harper silent for the moment, although certainly good-natured. Who wouldn't be?

Kerali blinks at Shandria's sudden change in expression, turns her eyes on the trio that just entered, and slowly nods, breaking into a grin. Ah ha! Heheh. A nudge is given to Shandria along with a whisper of "Shard it girl, you had me fooled for a moment!" Wink. Eyes turn back to the couple.

Hytiaf wrinkles her nose and smiles at Serafa, emotion gripping her throat, making it decidedly hard to respond. She does, however stutter when she looks down at what she was wearing. Shards. She was still wearing N'ano's cloths. Not what she had intended on wearing on this day, but, cute and almost appropriate in a way. She follows Serafa and continues to hold N'ano's hand, grinning at him the entire way. She follows her apprentice turned Candidate over to where the Harper waited.

Shandria quietly chuckles as she softly nudges Kerali. "Hey I was suppose to be a momentary distraction is all" She whispers to her new friends. A silly grin is spread across her face. She then turns and looks at the couple a brillent smile on her face. Ahh love. What a wonderful thing.

WIth a swirl of her scarlet skirts she assumes her position below the harper and off to one side. Serafa is unable to resist giving her loved ones a saucy wink before nodding at the harper.

N'ano focuses his attention on Serafa for the time being, though his hand still remains closely fastened to Hyti as he awaits what Serafa is to say.

Liesana allows the crowd to re-assemble, before smiling again and at last giving voice in a clear tone designed to carry above the low murmur of the audiance. "Rider N'ano and Healer Hytiaf, it gives me immense pleasure and great honour to be asked to attend this very special day for you both. As you are both of sound mind, age, and rank to enter into this bond, I will shortly begin the ceremony. But first," A smile settles on Serafa. "There is a certain enterprising young lady that would like to say a few words. Serafa, please step forwards and speak."

Serafa clears her throat and looks about the assembled before looking back at the harper for reassurance and the couple for inspiration. "I know that when I first came to the weyr I didn't think that I would find such good friends as I have. Instead I meet a woman who had been like a mother to me, and a man who has been my brother." She pauses to nod at them both in turn. "It fills my heart with joy to see the both of you finally committing to each other what I have suspected for so long. I wish you every happiness and joy for the Turns to come." She looks at them both with tears in her eyes. "I love you guys" clearly ends her speech, a little awkward from the healerite, but every word was heart-felt.

And of course, that abrupts a itty bitty tear in N'ano's eye as his grin widens, silently thanking Serafa for her words of thought, encouragement, and love. WIth a slight dip of his head, he emphasizes before giving Hytiaf another long glance as he tilts his head somewhat, remaining silent until he gets to speak.

Hytiaf stands there silently for a moment, her eyes locked on Serafa. A single tear trickles down her cheek as the words sink in. She bites her lip gently as she listens, squeezing N'ano's hand. It is a little longer before she too looks over at N'ano, but only after Serafa has finishes speaking and has stepped back a bit.

Kerali's own eyes glisten as she listens to her fellow Healer-type's words. What a wonderful speech! She blinks a bit, smile stretched ear to ear with happiness for the couple of the moment.

Liesana smiles, and steps forwards again as Serafa steps back. "Thank you for those heartfelt words, Serafa. Now, N'ano, Hytiaf, if you will please face each other and take the other's hands in your own, we shall begin." A glance out across the crowd as she intones her next pronouncement, the formal words ringing clear and true. "If there be any who object to this joining, they shall speak now, or forever hold their peace."

N'ano turns abruptly, lifing their already joined hands slightly, eyes focused first on them, and then the healer's face, just watching her while Liesana speaks.

Serafa steps back and shakes her head, her blessing already given. Wiping the tears from her warmbrown eyes she watches the ceremony with the silliest grin upon her face.

Hytiaf grins a little, looking a bit sheepish as she turns slowly and gently squeezing N'ano's hands once more. She doesn't look around the room for objections, but continues to stare into N'ano's eyes for the time being.

Liesana smiles again, a tinge of humour colouring it as she hears the silence. "About what I expected. But now, N'ano, do you take this woman Hytiaf to be your weyrmate? To love and to cherish, to honour and care for, and to hold first in your heart above all women, for as long as you both shall live? If so, then speak now."

N'ano stares longly into Hyti's eyes before glancing up at Liesana momentarily as she speaks, but then back at Hyti with whom he smiles at, nodding twice "I do." And it's as simple as that.

Hytiaf closes her eyes for a second, just listening silently as N'ano speaks the words. She bites her lip again before opening them, two fresh tears fall ing down her cheeks. She laughs a little, resisting the urge to release N'ano's hands to wipe the tears away.

Liesana inclines her head in a slight nod, before turning to Hytiaf with a smile of infinite gentleness. The formality continues, keeping her, as it is, from starting to get a little misty herself. "Hytiaf, N'ano has spoken. Do you take this man, N'ano to be your weyrmate? To love and to cherish, to honour and to care for, and to hold first in your heart above all men, for as long as you both shall live? If so, then speak now also."

"I do." The words were simple enough, but it took Hyti almost an eternity to form them on her lips and add breath and sound to them. She smiles after she speaks the words and continues to keep her eyes fixed on N'ano, another tear falling down her cheek. Aww, she could stay like this forever.

N'ano chuckles softly to himself, lifting one hand to dab at Hyti's cheek to rid her of the salty, damp, trail before cupping her hands once again, half-smiling again as she speaks the infamous words.

Liesana takes a deep breath, and continues with the ceremony, words solemn and deep with the meaning of the event as she stands behind and between the couple. "N'ano, please offer to Hytiaf as a symbol of your devotion to her, the ring, a circle with no beginning and no end, constant and perfect as the love between the two of you. Offer it with your own words, telling her all that is in your heart."

"HytiI don't know where I'd be without you today… you're the sweetest thingthe dearest person in my life and the absolute key to my heart. I just want to share the rest of my life with you, 'til death does us part," N'ano starts out, his attention fully upon the weyrhealer's face as one hand works to bring forth an objecta ring in other terms. Quite a nice one, too! "I love you more than life itself, and" he pauses, tentatively slipping the ring over her finger "I hope you will accept this promise ring on my behalf—the vow that I promise to love you forever, as my weyrmate."

You hand Promise Ring to Hytiaf.

Serafa takes a tiny corner of her red dress and dabbs at her eyes, tears flowing even more freely now.

Liesana smiles still more, almost a grin were it not such a solemn occasion. She clasps her hands before her, and turns her head towards the woman. "Hytiaf, N'ano has offered you a ring, symbol of his promise of eternal devotion to you. If it please you, accept this ring, and tell him all that is in your heart."

Hytiaf blinks for a moment, clearing the tears from her eyes before pulling her left hand away from N'ano's and wiping the tears away. She smiles a little.. and tries to think of something to say as she presents her her hand back to him, so he can slide the ring on. "OH.. N'ano. Ever since I've met you, you've been so good to me. And… now, after all these turns, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you so much…" She laughs a little, tears still falling down her cheeks.. "It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love you forever and ever…" there's a small pause, where she blushes and mouths something private to him before continueing. "And.. I'm so happy I.. I just don't know what to say. other than.. yes, N'ano. I'll love you til the day I die. I promise to cherish you forever as my weyrmate. And.. Yes. I accept your ring."

Serafa takes another bit of hem to wipe her other eye, still grinning still watching the couple avidly

Liesana smiles. "As Hytiaf has accepted this ring, and with it, N'ano's plede of loyalty, then on this, the eighty-fourth day of summer, in the twenty ninth turn of the Tenth Pass, with all of you as my witnesses, I hereby do prounounce you N'ano, rider of bronze Bydelth, and Hytiaf, Weyrhealer of Ista to be weyrmates from this day forth." A long pause, and then a grin. "You may kiss."

N'ano stifles a chuckle with one hand at the private remark, though withstands bursting out in laughter… one of those 'had to be there' things, y'know? Slipping the ring completely onto her finger now, he can't help but grin broadly, though his attention soon adjusts towards Liesana during her closing marks. However, once spoken, all is diverted back towards his love's face, with whom he reaches down to embrace his own lips with hers to seal the cerimony.

Serafa cheers! Loudly! Tears streaming down her face she watches the couple, all offically weyr-mated and she bounces. This hadta be the best day of her life!

Hytiaf kisses N'ano back, finding it hard to maintaina good kiss because of how much she's smiling at all of this. It was just so exciting, then.. when Serafa cheers, she just bursts out laughing, breaking the first kiss to give N'ano a silly passionate kiss before looking at everyone gathered. Oh, so there really were people there.

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