N'ano And Baking

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Logfile from Nanoc

—See what happens when you mix an egotistical bronze rider who thinks he can bake, with a bunch of candidates who know they /can't/ bake, baking pastries for the whole Weyr…


The kitchens, smaller than the living cavern, also feature rounded igneous walls, inset with gold specks of volcanic glass, although the gold seems far less deliberate here, more patchy and irregular. This seems like a natural lava tube, leading into the living cavern and dead-ending after a sharp turn to one side. Broad, scarred tables fill this area along with chopping blocks, dented copper pots, and a row of huge sinks, dug by ingenious method into the rock itself, draining to some unknown point and fed by clear cool water, perhaps from the same source as the artificial waterfall outside.

Gliding about are Fiendish and Oria.

Obvious exits:

Baker's Area Living Caverns

Kaslarna walks cheerfully in from the Living Cavern.

Fitz zips in from the Living Cavern.

Kiyna strides in from the Living Cavern.

Zella saunters in from the Living Cavern.

N'ano stretches his hands, intertwined at the fingers, out in front of him, emitting a crack before grinning at the candies "Already! We got use of the kitchen tobake for the folk this mornin'… glad to see ya'll up nice 'n early! Let's get started… I've got this recipe foruh… some breakfast thing here… if ya'll wanna start gatherin' the ingredients…"

Cooking. Oh dear. "I'll do my best N'ano sir, but I'm not very useful in the kitchen." Kaslarna says. There, now she's shifted blame onto N'ano's shoulders if she sets fire to something. She did warm him after all. Other candidates are given a wiggle of the fingers and a grin as Kaslarna awaits N'anos next instructions.

Fitz yawns, shuffling into the kitchen, half awake. "Don't people just eat bread and berries anymore?" he complains, rubbing his eye with the back of his hand. "It's so early!" Fitz in the kitchen? This could have disasterous results. Especially since he can't exactly…reach anything.

Kiyna doesn't yawn but she is looking at the kitchen in a rather odd way. Head tilts from one side to the other and then again. "This kitchen's too big for me to cook in I'm afraid." she nods then green eyes somber "I'm only half-way decent of a cook in the ship kitchen. This one's huge in comparision. Right Zella?"

Zella 's eyes widen as a smirk crosses her face. This could be so much fun. "Ingredients? What sort of ingredients?" she asks with a grin. Zella doesn't cook. Bad things happen. But when she's required, she'll make it interesting. "How about… bubblies? We could make bubblies. Use that wherry meat over there," she comments, pointing to the avian. She grins toward Kiyna, snickering. "Yeah, it's bigger than a cot, so it's definitely bigger than the galley."

"But /why/ feed 'em just bread 'n berries when they can havethesethings! that we're 'bout to make!" Just keep N'ano's excitement up, eh? "Hey… I made these things back when I was a candidate… came out great!" Of course, he had Annly's supervision… "Okay… let's see," eyes casually scan over the list as hand moves about to point at the shelves "Zellagrab the flour? Kiyna the sugar… Fitz theoil…. Kaslarnathe butter…. and I'll get the measurin' stuff."

Kiyna wrinkles her nose "Well if we /have/ to cook then it should be something fun. I know it's giong to be messy and gross so lets at least start with something good in mind. How about fruit salad?" shrugging at the ingreidiant she's given she trudges around peering into cabinets and under tables before her head pops up again and she looks at N'ano "Where's the sugar by the way?"

Kaslarna heads off in the direction of the place where the butter is kept, muttering "I did warn you." under her breath. Retriving what she thinks will be a suitable amount, she takes it carefully and deposits on a worktable near everyone. "That should be enough, shouldn't it?" she asks. Kiyna's question is considered by Kaslarna, but she shakes her head. She only knew where the butter was kept because she was sent for it earlier.

Fitz opens cupboards looking for oil, "Shouldn't we have a baker here for this?" he asks curiously, always getting yelled at for sneaking cookies out of the kitchens at Gar. He seems to have an endless supply of them. It's a wonder the skinny little boy hasn't become roly poly by now. "Can we make meatrolls?"

"Flour flour, where's the flour?" Zella mumbles as she turns in a circle, eyeing the nooks and crannies of the kitchens. The big bags are spied, and she saunters over to heave them in her arms, sending a spray of white powder upwards. "Oh, fruit salad sounds good," she replies, "but I guess N'ano has other things in mind." She deposits the ingredient near the butter, beaming. Didn't she do so well?

N'ano waves his hand about towards Fitz "Nah! I've been bakin' for turns!" Well, a couple, anyway… once or twice every six months or so "I know what I'm doin'…" And to Kiyna "Uhm… in one of the cabinets? 'should be in a big—thing." How informative.

Kiyna pouts for a moment before of course finding a big thing that looks like sugar to her at least. Not checking she hefts it into her arms and heads back towards the group. "This is?" sure maybe it's sugar or salt she's not looking will you? eyeing the big thing that has no real name she giggles "You do realize no one's going to want to eat any of this stuff right?"

Now that Kaslarna has found the butter, she just lurks quietly near the table, eyeing the ingrediants. As Kiyna finds the 'sugar' Kaslarna winces. "You're right Kiyna." Kaslarna agrees. Well, she wouldn't.

Zella smiles, happy to know they're in good hands, before turning to Kiyna with a grin and shrug. "If they we do badly," she murmurs toward her friend, "maybe they won't make us cook again." Elbowelbowhinthint.

N'ano rolls his eyes "Of /course/ they are! I'm /the/ master at bakin'…" Hardly. "Alrighty! Let's get down to business!" he grins, clasping his hands together "These are gonna be pastries… and we're gonna put fruit on 'em afterwards… kinda like a jam toppin'… now, we need likehuh, well, since we're feedin' everyonewe'll need the biggest bowl y'can find… so let's start searchin'! Oh! And some spoons…"

Kiyna sticks her tongue out at Zella before smirking "That's probably going to happen. People don't like not having good food. Fruit is looking awful good to eat this morning that's for sure."

"Bowls and spoons." Kaslarna mutters, heading off in search of the desired items. "Bowl, bowl, bowl." is said like a mantra and candidate explores anywhere that could look like it would hold a bowl. A collection of bowls starts to build up in her arms, until candidate shuffles over to worktop and deposits them. Kaslarna turns and begins to look for spoons. "Any of these bowl large enough sir?" Kas asks, pointing to the heap behind her.

Zella oohs and raises an eyebrow. "Fruit pastries… wow… These should be… Really, really nasty tasting, unless you do most of the work, N'ano." She looks around and finds a huge washing basin. "How about this? It's not a bowl, but it's huge. I dunno where spoons are…" She giggles toward Kiyna. She looks toward Kaslarna's bowl pile with a grin and wow. "We could always use several of them?"

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N'ano eyes the bowls for a moment's time, rubbing his chin in contemplation "How 'boutthat one… and that one…" Two bowls are selected with a point of his finger as he waves her over with them "And thatthing," meaning the washing basin "Those should be just fine… alright, we needhuh, well, this recipe is for 8… and we'll need a lot more… it calls for 'bout four cups of flour" Eyeing the bowls, and then the flour, he shrugs "How 'bout uh—erm, shards, I ain't good at this… how 'bout just half the bag?"

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The indicated bowls are seperated out, and Zella's find is also brought over. "Half the bag?" Kaslarna says, then shrugs. He's the cook after all, he knows what he's doing (or should). Candidate lugs over one of the bags and begins to empty it into a bowl. "Just say when." she says, keeping a careful eye on the flow, trying not to miss the bowl.

"When," N'ano grins, nodding his head after a good amount has been poured out. "Great! Alrightuh, how 'bout the sugar next… I'd say 'bout a quarter of the bag, sound good? After that, we have to mix it up some, and then add the rest of the stuff-I'd say the entirety of the buttah you brought out 'n 'bout half of that oil, and then we'll get to mixin'."


Kaslarna carefully tilts the bag upwards to stop the flow, but manages to send a good lump of the stuff over herself and the table. "Whoops." she says, before heading off to find the sugar, leaving floury footprints. Kaslarna cautiusly opens the bag that Kiyna brought. "Its sugar." she announces. Well, she thinks. Returning to the bowl, she begins to add it carefully.

"Great great… that's good there," the cue to stop as N'ano dumps the butter in, facepalming afterwards "Shardit! Forgot that we're supposed to stir it firstah well, I don't think it'll do too much harm… how 'bout the oil then?"

Kaslarna stops the flow of suger, this time /not/ spilling any of it over herself. "Oil." is repeated, before candidate brings it. "How much do you think we'll need?" she asks, eyeing the amount of mixture in the bowl already. It looks alright at the minutes, she only hopes that was sugar….

"Uhuse judgement," 'cause N'ano really doesn't know… "How 'bout half the bottle, sound good? Yeahthat sounds 'bout good… that." As N'ano picks up a spoon, he prods it into the mixture, awaiting her to pour the oil in before beginning to stir.

Kaslarna nods, then in goes the oil. She watches it pouring in till half is gone, then puts it down and picks up a spoon to aid N'ano in the stirring. She's quite enjoying herself actially. "This is alright." she comments.

N'ano nods his head in agreement as his hands work the spoon to stirring… but only for a moment longer before he starts to just stare at the mixture as he forms together "Huh… funny, I don't 'member it bein' so—thick? Ah well… probably 'cause we're makin' so much… I think it's almost set now."

"There is rather a lot." Kaslarna notes, trying (and failing) to stir it with her spoon. Removing it with a slurp, she lays the utensil to one side. "It does look edible though. I think it'll be fine." And there speaks the non-cook.

N'ano sets the spoon down, eyeing the mixture some more before sighing "Well, I think we're supposed to let these babies rise… so let's scoop out some and line 'em up on the pan, eh? I think a few minutes is 'nough for that, right?" Of course. What doesn't N'ano know?

"Sounds good to me." Kaslarna says, picking up her spoon again and begining to try to scoop some out. "Should be enough here to feed quite a few people sir, do you think?" Spoon is dug out again with dollop on the end. Pan? Where? Candidate looks around for one.

N'ano nods, pulling out a pan from a convenient shelf beneath the table "Here's one… aye, should feed a good lot, I think…" Working the dough onto the pan, he point to some cloth off to the side "Wanna grab that? I think we use it to cover the dough to make it rise…"

While trying to persuade the dough to go onto the pan with one hand, Kaslarna stretches out the other and just manages to snag the edge with her fingertips. Pulling it back and getting a better grip, Kaslarna flicks it off the table, into the air, hitting herself with it in the process, before depositing it on the table. "One cloth!"

N'ano grins, nodding "Aye… great, so just cover it over this panand we'll sit here for a couple andwell, watch?" In the process, however, the dough that's till in the bowl starts to, well, rubberize…

Kaslarna slides the cloth over the pan, then looks round for the nearest seat. In the process of doing so howevern hand comes up to hit head. "Sorry sir." candidate hastily apologies "But I've just remembered something I /have/ to finish right now. Hopefully I should be back soon though." Kaslarna inclines her head quickly and hurries out a cry of "Thanks for the baking lesson." drifting back into the kitchens.

….To be continued…. Stay tuned to see the results of this wonderful experience in 'Doom of the Pastries!'

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