Common Search Myths

Myth: Only applicants who are friends (IC or OOC) with Search Co Impress
A: Search Co gives dragons to people with whom they are comfortable with. Sometimes they may be friends on-game, off-game, or both, but it's irrelevant. It's perfectly fine for candidates in an IC fashion not to get along with some riders or residents — that has no bearing on whether or not they will Impress.

Myth: If my character isn't Searched/doesn't Impress it means Search Co hates me/my character!
A: Many riders will tell you they've not been given dragons their first time Standing as a character. While the reasons really depend on the situation, some commonalities are that an applicant needs to spend more time in the game/Weyr to get a better feel for things, their character is not well fleshed-out, Search Co didn't get to form an opinion of them (bad timing, lack of RP, etc.) or they were mismatched with the other candidates. Again, these are blanket reasons and they will not apply every time, but Search Co will happily offer advice and feedback upon request.

Myth: There's a stigma behind people who can't spell and have poor grammar
A: This is not always the case. Some people have learning disabilities or English as a second language and this is understood. Like reading a book, which is very similar to role-play, constant spelling and grammar errors distract the reader and can make RP difficult to understand. While everyone is obviously not an English scholar, spell checks and word processors are very common and easy to use. A little effort goes a long way :)

Myth: Going for only one dragon color is seen as negative
A: The key here is to be honest on your application. If you want gold, put gold. If you want blue, put blue! Explain why you see your character on that color and not the others. Talk about how you, the player, feel about them. Search Co will not fault you for speaking your mind — they like that.

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