Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that Myrrheth is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Lyria (who read Fight Club in one weekend for you and dug out her copy of the Princess Bride and is now officially the Blurb/Quote Queen) and N'ano (who is a most excellent descer, message writer, and had a new insp/message to put up every night) have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — N’ano, Trik, Jozzie

Dragon: Myrrheth
Color: Green
Name: Ajala
Egg: Sweetly Emotional Romantic Classic Egg
Egg Desc: Rhaeyn
Dragonet: Lady of the Night Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Tstar
Messages: Tstar
Inspiration: Tstar

Clutching Message
Quarith's hide shimmers with the heat of the sands and the gleam of
hard-earned sweat; turning to a clear patch amid the clutch, she
prepares a hollow for the next egg. Twitches ripple through powerful
muscles, and with a low rumble the queen releases Sweet Emotional
Romantic Classic Egg into the embrace of the dark sands' warmth. A
tender gesture with one forepaw nestles it deeper into the obscuring

Egg Description
Sweetly Emotional Romantic Classic Egg
Velvet burgundy kisses the egg's surface, softly layered around the ovoid's shape. The matte quality to the rich shade lends it the appearance of rose-petal smoothness, light clinging lovingly to the highlights and shadows playing through the color. Patches of soft grey scale appear here and there, peeking coyly through the vermilion curtain. The ashy colors contrast well with the reds on the shell, never harsh black and white but always smoky, flattering pewters and charcoals. Shapely and decidedly not garish, the sphere is elegant in appearance despite the passionate coloring.

Hatch Message
Sweetly Emotional Romantic Classic Egg shivers, the rose-pettal crimson shimmering with the motion. Dark striations show briefly as it strains then just seems to melt away, like a curtain, leaving Lady of the Night Green Dragonet sprawled elegantly in the spotlight, waiting for her cue.

Lady of the Night Green Dragonet
The darkest shades of hunter pour down the lithe frame. Her elegantly set muzzle vaults archly to refined eye ridges. Her sinuous neck stretches back in unadulterated perfection. Slender shoulders sweep back into flowing wings. Spars strike darkly against translucent absinthe sails. The rich pure green, mingles with the darker forest velvet, spilling down her slender, willowy body to narrow compact haunches. The dark velvet fades to an untainted silk down the pristine length of her whip like tail. Her entire body seems to glitter faintly as if dusted by rubies.

Impression Message
Lady of the Night Green Dragonet pauses for a moment between two candidates, looking to first one then the other with a telling cock of her head. The absinthe wings rustle like the sound of finest silks and she bows her head to the slight, raven haired candidate in front of her. She nudges at her legs in a not so delicate call to attention.

Personal Impression Message
The rich, heady aroma of myrrh pours through your mind followed closely by a deep tumbling burgundy. «mmmmmm» A soft contralto whispers through your mind like a breeze. «Yes, yes indeed, not what I expected, but the best things never are.» Regal purple suffuses the wine, and the heavy scent lightens, and the lightly breathy voice purrs. «I am Myrrheth, and you are mine.»


Name Inspiration
You wanted an intoxicating scent in your dragon’s mind voice, and a name that had a lilt to it. A combination of the two seemed to perfect. Myrrh is a perfuming oil. It has a heavy rich scent that goes strait to your head. It is a bitter sweet smell, like Satine’s life, for Myrrh, while highly valued and prized in olden cultures, was primarily used to prepare bodies for burial. A lovely scent with a bitter end, it too seemed appropriate. Myrrheth is pronounced MURR (rhyming with purr)heth. It flows off the tongue in a rolling purr, appropriate for a well cultured Courtesan.

Egg Inspiration
All those lovely sappy, eloquent, elegantly romantic movies. (The ones you love to watch a hundred times)

Imagery: Rose petals and soft black & white.
This egg is based on old classic romance films. You know the kind: Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, Wuthering Heights. That's where the
greys come from - soft colors, romantic colors, from old film. The red
is for roses, traditional symbols of love, and a pretty contrast to
boot. I tried to emphasize the 'good' aspects of romance, despite a few of the above films being quite tragic. This egg is about beauty,
tenderness, elegance and passion. Emotion. Love.

An interesting page which explores themes in Romance Films (as well as
detailing other genres), and many summaries of romance classics:

Description Inspiration
I thought that a simile to the uniformity you requested would be well represented by rich soil of the rainforest where unfortunately, trees have been deforested to make room for farmland. It’s affluent with those sparklies, and always moist to avoid the dry aridness of that found elsewhere. The creamy texture is seen as the soil bubbles up from the abundant rainfall… picture the way the water sits above the soil of a recently watered plant before it’s absorbed below. He’s big, /very/ big, evident in the wings and bulk described—but don’t let that affect your ego!

Mind Voice:
Her voice is a low contralto, soft, airy, almost breathy when she gets exited. Her voice is expressive, and usually accompanied by hints of music as suits her mood. Usually it is the soft strains of a viola. Excitement rises with a roll of percussion. You might hear her trumpet with joy, or lower notes for anger. Sorrow is accompanied by the sweet, mellow tones of a cello. All in all she is a veritable orchestra of sound yet it never drowns out the gentle, pure tones of her voice.

In color her mind tends towards the darker shades, not black or lack of color, but rich burgundy, hunter green, royal purple, navy blue. Sparkling red laces its way through every thought, now a subtle dust, now central, a bright ruby accented by diamonds. Her gemstone colors shift in intensity with her mood.

Scent and feel are interrelated. The heady smell of Myrrh is her most common scent, heavy, intoxicating it never quite seems to fade completely no matter her mood. Her mind usually feels like velvet and silk. When excited whether it be anger or exuberance, she tends to become slightly harsher taffeta and chiffon mingling with the scent of an oriental spice rack, exotic and alluring.

She’s on the long end of greens, though she is no wise bulky. While her neck is about average her body is slightly longer proportionately, giving her a very slender appearance. Her tail follows suit by being technically too long, however that doesn’t diminish performance or visual impact. Her legs are on the short side which will be a problem as she grows, it will take effort for her to make herself graceful at first because of those low slung legs, but when she does get it sorted out she will have a gliding, serpentine gait.

Her growth will be awkward, her body will grow at a consistent, even pace, however, her wings will not. Her wings will shoot out at first, unbalancing her, then just stop until the rest of her body catches up, then shoot out again. During these growth spurts her sails will itch abominably, and she will all but demand they get full, special treatment that could seriously slow down bathing and oiling.

Until she evens out she will much prefer swimming to flying, as it will be more graceful. Her flight, once she is comfortable with her progress will be a languid affair. She’s not prone to showing off when she doesn’t have someone she specifically wants to impress. Acrobatics are usually reserved to practice sessions, flights, and fighting thread.

Her build is a dancer’s build, long, slender, with just enough curves to catch the eye. She is smooth, the over all affect as if she were covered in skin tight velvet or silk, rounding out any harsh lines muscle might try and give her.

Courtesan, refined and exotic, the highest of the lowest, all this is your Myrrheth. She is a consummate actress. People see in her what she wants them to see, no more no less. She is not quite as trapped by her profession as Satine was, but she has the same determination. If there is something she wants she will do literally anything to get it, and become anything she needs to become to achieve her ends.

Flirtatious: She enjoys interaction between genders. She enjoys teasing the boys. Most of all she enjoys being the center of attention. She will go to lengths to figure out exactly what each male she runs across most wants, and then become that, at least for the length her interest holds. For the most part she will bounce from male to male on whim. It will take a lot to fully capture her heart, likely Ajala falling for the rider.

Reserved: She rarely gets serious with any of the males she flirts with, an attitude she will attempt to impart to you. «Come now, don’t dally too long with /that/ boy, he’s just not good enough for you. Besides he’s got a harper on the side.» For /her/ to bounce from male to male is one thing, but for anyone Ajala gets serious about? It is the most hideous crime she can imagine for them to so much as look at someone else.

Serious: Now this is a subtle trait for Myrrheth, for to all appearances she is a wanton flirt. There are things she takes seriously what? Her friends for example. She has a good eye for exactly how far she can go with people before crossing the line between teasing and hurting, and she takes care not to cross it.

Feminine: High priced Courtesan or no, she is a lady to her core. She has a genteel bearing, though she can be tough as nails when she has to be. You will never hear her raise her voice, though within the volume you will hear a huge range of expression. She can be mellow and soothing or sharply imperious. The last mood is usually reserved for when nothing else seems to have worked. Mostly she enjoys to just… enjoy life. Unlike Satine she currently has little desire to be other than what she is, which leaves a whole new perspective on living. She enjoys the luxuries of life, but should she ever find that dream, or that someone, luxury becomes a secondary consideration.

Eating habbits:
She is usually quick and neat. She prefers wherry to herdbeast though as long as both are fat and juicy she will eat most anything. She is quick to decide, preferring not to run the beasts to the ground before going in for the kill. She is also a light eater rarely eating more then 1 or 2 at a sitting, this, of course, means she prefers to eat more often.

She will go into a flight with very little warning on /her/ part, though Ajala might be affected. Externally it would be very hard to tell the difference in the tone of Myrrheth’s flirtations. When she hits the pens she hits fast and hard, pulling no punches. She will rarely blood heavily, her athletic build giving her a distinct advantage. Here she holds nothing back, while not as acrobatic as the smaller greens, she has a grace and sense of timing that lets her use her trick to their utmost effectiveness. She prefers blues, as a challenge to evade, but browns and bronzes are hardly inferior in her mind, they’re just not quite as challenging until the /end/ of the flight when she slows down and must be crafty enough avoid their endurance. Once the flight is over she will rarely tally, unless she has been caught by her own ‘true love’. If not? Well then it’s business as usual.

Ajala’s Green Myrrheth
Harper's Tale: 35th PC Clutch Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and G'deon's bronze Nylanth
April 27, 2003
Clutchmates: P'renn's brown Cinestioth, Drutoley’s brown Febanteurigith, Ozeunzi’s brown Beniodyth, Kaefe's Brown Tanzheth, Thistia’s blue Aeokiath, Rh’yn’s Bronze Akamieth, Khristeen’s green Imacinth

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