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Dragon: Muireath
Color: Green
Name: Yulianna
Egg: Dark Side of the Moon Egg
Egg Desc: Lyrianna; Hannah tweak
Dragonet: Yulianna
Dragonet Desc: Yulianna
Adult Desc: Yulianna
Messages: Yulianna
Inspiration: Yulianna

Clutching Message:
Dhiammarath trembles as conflicting sides of good and evil are aroused. Pale hide catches the light of the sands, a multitude of jewel colors flashing before her side heaves as the first egg is clutched. Obsidian side of darkness is revealed and as the queen steps away, the egg seems to rock with the movement of the dragon as she brushes the ovoid lightly with her tail, the pristine white making a last stand against the cold of night to let daylight be shone to the crowds. The Dark Side of the Moon Egg is here, prevalent ebony facing the galleries as a statement of it's so-called power.

Dark Side of the Moon Egg
A lightless oval engulfs half of this egg, leaving not a sparkle of light to be seen. A deepest ebony, shadows cannot be recognized, and any bumps on the dark side are unseen. Lurking within the depths of the blackness is an irregular crater, edges tainted with fear and uncertainty. The curving side of darkness ends, surrendering suddenly to pure light. This light side is near white-blue in color and has a shimmering smooth surface. Pristine white allows few shadows, created by small indents and pockmarks near the top of the rounder-than-usual egg.

Hatching Message:
Dark Side of the Moon Egg heaves to one side like a ship in a storm, the sound like the crash of a wave breaking over a reef, and a long, diagonal crack streaks across the surface. Another wiggle and a chunk of shell goes skittering across the sand, a muzzle appearing momentarily in the gap before being withdrawn. With a final pitch, the egg rolls twice and shatters against one of it's neighbors, it's occupant wobbling unsteadily to her feet.

Venus Rising from the Sea Green Dragonet (Baby)
Droplets of pearlescent sage crown eyeridges and a head and muzzle the pale tint of river-grown moss. A neck of aquamarine beryl pudges into a petite form of aquatic shades of seafoam and effervescent jade which swirl and twist together in patterns like the sunlight reflecting off a softly rippling pond. Shades dip to the more solid hues of a just-calmed sea in hatchling-round legs and tail, tip and talons paling once more to the colors of the sunlight playing through the breaking waves. An overall petite form is crested by wings, silvered jade beneath and glacier-green ice above, nothing less than awkward in proportion and causing this little one no end of trouble as she tries to move about.

Muireath (Adult)
Droplets of pearlescent sage crown eyeridges and a delicate head and
muzzle the pale tint of saltwater-grown moss. A neck of aquamarines and beryl icicles stretches lithely into a petite form of aquatic shades of seafoam and effervescent emeralds which swirl and twist together in patterns like the sunlight reflecting off a softly cresting ocean. Shades dip to the more solid hues of a just-calmed sea in legs and tail, tip and talons paling once more to the colors of the sunlight playing through the breaking waves. An overall petite form is alighted upon by wings, moon-silvered jade beneath and glacier-green ice above, which are a touch large in proportion, but offering the grace and speed of a playful shipfish when in flight.

Impression Message:
Venus Rising from the Sea Green Dragonet waddles on, wings spread in the only way plausible for her to be able to accomplish even that small amount of mobility. With the air of one testing the water with one foot before leaping into the sea, she noses one girl and pulls away—much too chilly! No…it must be just right for her…she knows just what she's looking for. As she's about to turn and go the other way, though, she pauses…the sea (of candidates) parts, and there! There is the one she has been seeking! She wobbles forward a few more steps and nips the hem of one robe, tugging gently to get the attention of Kelana!

Personal Impression Message:
The seas swell to an almost thunderous roar, beating out every other thought in your mind, streaking your vision with a dampness which could be the salt ocean or could be your tears. The sound fades, as the tide recedes, and, like the gentle lapping of waves against the sides of your mind, you hear a voice with the harmonies of raindrops falling into the ocean say, « Kelana! You are the one I was looking for—have always been looking for! I am Muireath, and you will be my lifemate. »


Name Inspiration:
You said you wanted something Celtic, so I did a little research. The name Muireath can be derived from either Muireall or Muireann. The first is used in Scots Gaelic. Its source is a Gaelic expression meaning "Sparkling sea." The second is used in Irish Gaelic. Its source is muir fionn, a Gaelic phrase meaning "Calm sea." It could be pronounced either 'Moo-EER-eeath' with a soft 'oo' sound, or 'Mooee-ree-AETH' or any other way you'd like to pronounce it. She is your dragon, of course!

Egg Inspiration:
The Eggs were based of things from Space this Clutch.

Description Inspiration:
You may have noticed that Muireath was hatched with the description of a hatchling. As an adult she will retain her definitive markings; her head crowned with Venus's own tiara made of pearls and starlight, shades varying from fair shades to fair shades, sunlight and moonlight highlighting every curve of her lissome form. I took a lot of inspiration from, and I believe that Muireath in her non-draconic form would be very similar to which is an
image by Stephani Pui-Mun Law.

Mind Voice:
Her mindvoice is an infinitely deep one, bearing in it the currents, waves, and subtle pulls of the ocean, as well as the faint trickling of a soft brook, a Dorothy Lamour or a Faye Dunaway. When she's serious, her tones will be warm and deep, like the waves of the south seas in summer. When she's amused, her voice will take on the lilting tone of a laughing brook. And when she's angered, seldom though it will be, her mindvoice will thunder with the crash of waves on a breaking reef.

The hatching theme was the Elements and Elementals. In case you haven't guessed yet, Muireath is very much a water dragon. When I began to describe Muireath I started thinking of all the forms water could take, and decided that perhaps it would be truer to make her a creature of the sea. You said you like the smaller dragons and mentioned slightly larger wings, and you got your wish. When she's young she'll be very awkward, and that awkwardness will never quite get away from her on land—but in the sea she's as graceful as a shipfish, and in the air she rides the air currents like a sea serpent rides those of the water.

Waterfalls, Raindrops, Mirages, Oceans, Storms, Gentle Rain, Swollen Rivers, Crystal Rivers, Quiet Streams, Deep Wells, Lakes, Ponds, Moats, Icicles, Glaciers, Snow, Atlantis, Laughing Brook, Starlight on a Moss-Ringed Pond, Stormy Seas, and "Still waters run deep."

When I began to envision Muireath, I made up the previous list by brainstorming everything I could think of that relates to water, and it came down to a singer persona: She is Venus; Aphrodite; goddess of the sea; daughter of Poseidon; the Mermaid Princessbut a wise one…not foolish or ignorant. You've heard the expression "still waters run deep." So does Muireath's mind. Even though she may not speak often, her mind is constantly working. She is not shallow, nor is she scatter-brained. In a crowd, she may say only one sentence for the entire conversation, but that one comment will make the others look at her for a second time and regard her for a momentshe's just as likely to say something deeply insightful as she is to want to comfort a crying child.

Seeing others hurt makes her deeply sad and she can't quite understand why people get hurt, and she wants to care for them and make them better—but beware her wrath should one insult Kelana. There are two things which will draw Muireath's anger very quickly: people discounting her opinion or people being disparaging toward Kelana. She's not haughty, but she has an intrinsic dignity as deep as a glassy mountain lake, but like a lake, it can be shaken.

She likes pretty things, but is compassionate to those weaker than her. She has a dry sense of humor, but can make Kelana laugh with a sly word or intonation. She has no use for 'frivolity' but her 'collections' aren't frivolous. They're useful…just what for the's not sure, but
they -are- useful! She is not, however, without a sense of humor. The
slight shift of her eye color to an amused golden tint is likely to bely her next comment as hinged with sarcasm, and when she replies that that particular shade of puce is 'simply -lovely-' on Kelana, there is no mistaking that the pale green thinks it is the most hideous thing she's ever seen.

She'll be very much at home with the creatures of the Deep Green Sea and will feel a kinship toward them. Shipfish are the ones, after all, who save fishermen when they're in trouble…much as Muir is helpful in nature. It seems to make sense that Muireath should like water…to luxuriate in. She will like baths…but it's more in the simple joy of being 'in her element' (if you'll pardon the pun) that draws her to the lakes and the ocean.

When it's stormy or raining in torrents outside she'll tend to become pensive, perhaps staring out at the storm as though trying to understand a language which she learnt in a dream. Soft showers are like music to her, causing her eyes to whirl excitedly and making her want to go out and dance in the gentle downpour.

Early mornings, when the dew rests on leaves and blades of grass, would draw out her mischievous side, like a Nymph tip-toeing through a dew-heavy forest to dump a bucket of cold water on a pixie. Snow will forever fascinate her for, though it is like her, it's temperature and physical solidity will make it seem foreign, as a child looking out on a freshly snow-covered world will see it as she's never seen it before. « But -why- is it solid, Kelana? » she will continue to ask you over and over. When it is explained that it has frozen and become solid, she'll perpetually repeat, « But it's -water-…it should be -liquid-. » But in the end, it will delight her and she may fall to making giant snow-dragons next to your snow-angels…but only when nobody is looking, of course. The fog and the mist will be much like her secret love. It will be the only time when she can remain surrounded by her essence—even in flight. « Isn't it breathtaking, Kelana? Can't you just -feel- it going into your hide? » she'll breathe mentally into your ear as the fog flows around…the only place where she can share all of her secrets…her hidden place where the two of you will become the only two beings in an ethereal existence of cool silver air and water combined.

She is indeed hesitant to rise in flights. There's simply, as you said, no -need- for it. She can't lay eggs and therefore there's no reason for such a frivolous thing. She'll deny it directly up to taking flight, much as a fine lady would deny anything which is beneath her station. But through it all she'll retain her dignity and a sharp tongue.Her witty remarks are likely slipped in at opportune moments simply to make an egotistical bronze blush or a meloncholy blue chuckle. Though she is not flirtatious, she is not unkind. She is not haughty or rude as some greens may be, but will gather her dignity about herself like the careful folding of her fairie-wings when males make brash comments about how brightly she's glowing. And a softly spoken curt word will send them running off with their tails between their legs. In flight, her wings will lend her speed, if not meneuverability. She'll quickly outshine the blues and her small size will allow her to dart between spaces that the bulkier browns and bronzes won't be able to fit. But when she makes her choice, whether he be Aries, the god of war, or Adonis, a simple but handsome poet, it will be with all the grace and dignity of the very goddess she is inspired of.

*Kelana's Green Muireath
Harper's Tale: 33rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
*Hannah's Gold Dhiammarath and R'ave's Bronze Soquilith's &
+Yulianna's gold Miyakath and D'baji's bronze Nverath
August 30, 2002
*Lyrianna's Brown Rilskiath, *Trimaka's Blue Azganth,
+Serafa's Green Phirath, +Jalir's Green Mauhinath,
+Brid's Green Kitiarath

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