Mounted Riding
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Mounted Riding (Ground Only)


  • It's (ground level) riding time!! Get those straps descs up and snag any of the weyrling staff for a quick lesson.
  • At first, you’ll be riding around the northeastern bowl by yourself (that is to say, you and your lifemate), but within the OOC week, you’ll be able to ride around with your fellow weyrlings in loose formation. Here’s a helpful little link about formations:
  • To mount your dragon, type 'mount <dragon>'. To dismount, 'dismount <dragon>'.
  • Start thinking up and discussing with your fellow weyrlings possible names for your weyrling wing. @Send *wlm individually with your ideas so that we can put them all together so you guys can vote for your favorite. The deadline will be at the end of week 4, so roughly Jan 1st.
  • Again, any RP/TPs involving punishment and disobedience should be cleared with WLM staff first - that way, we all know what to expect.


  • For the first couple dragon rides, your character will experience whiplash and other fun muscle soreness. Feel free to play this out, perhaps sharing remedies about how to lessen the pain. Back and neck rubs are a must, but remember your restrictions.
  • Sorry, but you guys are restricted to the barracks, the bowls, the pool, the baths and the living caverns. Oh yeah, still no alcohol and relationships either. Really, try to have fun, even if you aren’t allowed to do anything. Feel free to have your character pick and complain to a mentor!
  • Make sure to keep up with exercising your dragons, for soon, it shall pay off. This means limb and wing exercises - rotations, etc. - but no flight!
  • Keep on feeding, oiling and bathing those dragons. And don't forget to muck out those couches.
  • Everyone will have the chance to test themselves out as Wingleader and Wingsecond while practicing formations. This is the perfect opportunity to see how your character would respond to being in one of these positions in the weyrling wing!

WLM Guide

The weyrlingmaster side is pretty basic.

For the first attempt, the WLMs will be collecting small groups of weyrlings (two to four) and having them take turns mounting their dragons and then going for a little strut around the bowl.

  • Be sure to check weyrling straps once they've mounted before any movement happens
  • It will be very short at first (even if the weyrling dragon claims not to be tired), because even great exercising and training won't have shown dragon or rider muscles what it's really like
  • It should end with stretching for both rider and dragon

In the beginning of the month, rides will gradually increase in time, and in number mounted at once as we work our way toward having the whole class riding together.

  • Don't forget that there are NPCs weyrlings for you to work with if there are a limited number of PC 'lings online

Toward the end of the week (IC month), weyrlings will be led by WLMs in ground formation drills.

  • Alternate the 'wingsecond' position, and if the WLM sees fit, the 'wingleader' position as well (though at the very beginning, WiL will be the WLM)
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