Mounted Flight
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Mounted Flight


  • It’s time to fly!! When you are on your dragon ('mount <dragon>'), make sure that you are in a room that has a skyroom as an exit, and if you are, all you have to type is 'cd<dragon code> fly' or 'cd<dragon code> up'.
  • It’s also time to think about where you want your weyr to be at. Fun, huh? Your choices are: Above the Pools (off High Above NE Bowl), Sky High Over Northeastern Bowl, Sky High Over Central Bowl, Sky High Over Southeastern Bowl, Sky Over Southeastern Bowl, Sky Over Central Bowl, Sky Over Northeastern Bowl, Forest Weyrs (off the Plateau).
  • Remember that you're now insanely busy, not only taking care of you dragons, but learning to do things with them. Please try to reflect this in non-WLM-oriented RP


  • Unlike dragon only flights, first mounted flights do not have to be done one at a time. Meaning, everyone can go up at once if necessary. Find a friend and fly!
  • No more cutting meat! That’s exciting, right? Your dragons are now able to hunt on their own, so feel free to RP it up in the corrals.
  • For the first part of the week, flying will be restricted to the Weyr. After that, so long as you have a WLM with you, you can fly as far as the hold. Remember, you're flying straight - you guys still can't go between.
  • Yes, that means you're still mucking couches. Mmm, yummy.
  • It’s time to pump….you up! To put some muscle on you weak little weyrlings, this week, you’ll be bagging firestone and tossing it around.
  • No relationships, no alcohol, no complaining.
  • As usual, any and all questions and/or comments should be sent to *wlm.

WLM Guide

  • With weyrling wingleader and wingseconds, supervision of formation drills and the like will be shared. Any minor issues should be addressed by the wingleader/wingseconds - let them try and sort it out as part of their training. Of course, safety issues or things needing immediate attention should be mentioned. And don't be afraid to correct a wingleader/wingsecond during drills - we're all in this to learn together.
  • There's a variety of lessons to choose from. The first mounted flight is always a favourite, but you don't have to limit your practices to this. Try firestone sack tossing, lift-off and landing drills in formation, small-group flight drills… be creative!
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