Mounted Dragon Race

IC: The mounted races are designed to test the basic skills any dragon and rider pair should have. The race will begin with riders mounted on grounded dragons. Each rider will be provided with a firestone-sack-sized marker with an identifying mark upon it. The start of the race will be signalled by one of the judges, whereupon the dragons will take off. They will race to a set line, over which the rider must throw his or her marker. Once the marker is thrown, the dragons return to the starting point and land. The first rider to successfully dismount with his marker over the line will be declared winner. The dragon's straps do not have to be removed upon dismount.

Rider/dragons will be disqualified if they lift off before the race is signalled to start, if the thrown marker does not clear the line, or if the rider falls when dismounting his or her dragon. Dangerous behaviour toward other competitors will also result in disqualification.

Competitors Judges
Dex and blue Nazkriuulth (HRW) D'baji and bronze Nverath (IW)
Tilla and green Amuirnith (HRW) O'pec and brown Fossifuelth (IgW)
S'lo and blue Tosiekoth (HRW) Nafta and green Notarifth (FW)
Cuba and blue Aeneath (IW) Various crafters/holders
S'eron and green Lenculoth (IW)
Lzi and green Izlasth (IW)

Results: There were a few disqualifications for reckless flying, as well as for not getting the marker within the designated zone. In the end, High Reaches' Dex and blue Nazkriuulth came out on top.

OOC: The races are open to anyone wishing to play, but the characters entered must be dragonriders. If you do not have a PC dragonrider, or do not wish to enter your PC, you are welcome to NPC a dragon/rider pair.

For this event, PC or NPC characters are equally eligible to win. The winner of the race will be determined at random from those eligible - that is to say, those who have not posed something that would result in their IC disqualification, and would like their character to have a chance at winning. (It is, of course, absolutely fine to have a character disqualified - in fact it would probably add to the realism of the event!) The winner will be decided before the final pose in the race, so that all those involved in the scene may do their final race poses appropriately for the IC outcome.

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To sign up either as a competitor or a judge, please @send D'baji.

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