More Proddy Yla

[[logged by Yla]]

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Perched near the food are twenty-nine firelizards.

Elgin and T'rell are here.

Elgin smiles at all entering, "Hello."

Hannah walks with youthful grace in from the Southeastern Bowl.

T'rell nods to the young stranger, then smiles to Yla and Hannah both as he blows steam away from the liquid in his mug. "Morning." He gives a general greeting, heading for a convenient table.

Yla hums to herself as she almost skips into the living caverns, her mind very obviously elsewhere. She moves towards the food table, picking up a mug and filling it quickly with mosstea, stirring an obscene amount of sweetner in. For the moment, she barely notices others present in the caverns.

Hannah steps lightly into the living caverns, giving everyone a shy smile in greeting. "Hello," she says in her soft voice, though it seems that her hours with Saria and her lifemate have begun to take the edge off her extreme shyness.

Elgin grins, "Hello," He says back to the girl, and continues on with his breakfast

Hannah fixes herself something to eat in her quiet, unassuming manner. "How is Sejith, T'rell? And Castaliath, she is well, Yla?"

"Hannah!" Yla abruptly breaks away from the table, giving the goldrider a flyby hug of greeting with sufficient force to almost knock the girl off her feet, and then, absolutely sedately, sits down and greeting the other two with curteous smiles. "Oh, Cassie's perfectly good. Fine. Great." She bobs her head rapidly as she speaks.

T'rell sips, then puts down his mug and puts up his feet on the empty chair next to him. "Fine, thanks. Dhiammarath?" He lifts his arms above his head and stretches, then shrugs his jacket more comfortably onto his shoulders.

Hannah is startled by Yla's affection, but she gives the greenrider a light squeeze of her own. "Dhiammarath is doing beautifully. I think she's finally stopped growing.. Gotten so big." Yla is eyed a bit before she asks, "You okay, Yla?" Seems a bit more, ah, hyper than usual. Elgin is given a shy nod.

Elgin stops eating for a minute, he realizes by the conversation that he is in a room full of riders, but not knowing any of them goes back to his breakfast, though he if did know them he would have a /lot/ of questions.

Yla quirks her head to the side. "Fine. Yes. Why wouldn't I be? Did someone say something?" The words are spoken in a rush, before Yla seems realise Elgin's presence. "Oh Hello. I don't know you." Statement of the obvious, no?

"You're awake this morning," T'rell comments drily to Yla — in contrast to his own, somewhat sleepy state. "Bloody riders, getting up at all hours of the night and calling it morning," he mutters a complaint, then turns to eye Elgin as if he'd just remembered the youth's presence. "So what's your excuse?"

Hannah blinks her own bleary eyes at Yla. "Uh-huh…" Finishing her plate of breakfast, she takes a seat and begins to eat.

Elgin laughs, "Residence all is noisy…all that snoring and mumbling in sleep, keeps a guy awake at night. I hope I get use to is soon."

Yla turns back to look at T'rell. "Morning? It's morning? But I haven't been to bed yet… oh that means I haven't slept, hmm… I'm hungry." And with that declaration, Yla practically leaps out of her seat and dashes over to the food table, retrieving all manner of food before returning to her seat.

Elgin continues to eat his breakfast silently, feeling very much out of place.

T'rell chuckles quietly into his klah as he sips. "Probably about as noisy as a weyr with two kids in it." He grins sympathetically to Elgin. "It's amazing what you can get used to." Still, he raises an eyebrow to Yla. "What've you been doing all night? You folks aren't assigned to night watches yet."

Yla shakes her head, hair bouncing as she starts digging into her food, speaking quickly between mouthfuls of eagerly consumed food. "Oh, no, well, I went back to my weyr, oh it must have been after one of those drills yesterday, and I just couldn't sit still, and I wound up reorganising the whole place, and then I went and did a couple more smaller murals on the walls, you know,just something to do, and then well, I sort of got hungry, and now I'm down here." In spite of the fact that she has to pause to chew and swallow, Yla seems to take as few breaths as possible as she rattles off the previous night's activities.

Hannah raises an eyebrow and then says softly, unintrusive, "Sounds sort of like mother when Ysbryth went proddy." Finishing her breakfast, she leans back and watches Yla closely.

Kairo blinks in from ::between::!

T'rell glances to Hannah, still for a moment before he looks back to Yla. Finally, he shakes his head just slightly, looks into his klah, and mutters, "Great."

Elgin laughs, " I was wondering where all that energy was coming from."

Yla's hand thuds to the table, still holding something green and cruncy between her fingers as she rolls her eyes. "Now really! Can't a girl have a sleepless night without people thinking, oooh, she's proddy." Yla wiggles her fingers in Hannah's direction with a mischievous smile. "You, my pet, have a one track mind." An amused look and another finger wiggle goes to Elgin. "I'm just high spirited. Really."

Elgin smiles, "You friends seem just as amazed at your amount of energy…." grins.

Hannah smiles shyly, "But.. Yla, you /are/ a greenrider who's dragon has nearly reached the right age."

Elgin cocks his head to oneside smiling, and waits jestingly for an explination from Yla.

Yla dunks her green vegetable in her tea and chews on it thoughtfully. "Actually, if I'm not mistaken she's just past it." She waves the remnants of her crunchy thing at Hannah like a baton. Jedi Mind Trick anyone? "But that's not to say I'm proddy." She pops the remainder in her mouth and abruptly freezes, then leans forward, resting her chin on her fist, regarding Hannah frankly. "Have you done something to your hair?"

Hannah blinks her big eyes and shakes her head, "Uh.. not since we had to cut it at the beginning of weyrlinghood.." Yla /has/ to be proddy, yesyes!

Elgin chuckles at Yla as he finishes his breakfast and pushes off to the side.

"No, really," Yla shuffles along the table, sidling closer to the greenrider, almost as an afterthought dragging her plateful of food and her tea along with her. "It looks lovely, really nice today… Don't you think?" here she addresses the two males in the caverns. "Really pretty."

Elgin laughs and pulls his plate back infront of him picking at the scraps like he isn't done.

Elgin looks up at Hannah and Yla, "I'm Elgin." He just realized he hadn't introduced himself

Hannah blinks as her face heats into a blush, "Uh.. Yla..Uh.. It's the same as before.." Giving Elgin a shy smile, "I'm Hannah.." Gaze moves to stay on Yla.

Elgin grins, "She done this before??" is more amazed with the strange connection between rider and dragon then Yla's actions.

"Yla," The greenrider introduces herself almost absently, shuffling that little way further over until she's right next to the girl. "Darling, you must have. It's so lovely today. You put a new sweetoil on it, didn't you?" Her voice practically purrs. "Very lovely." Her eyes unfocus briefly, and a vaguely annoyed glance goes towards the bowl. "I know that." she snaps audibly, responding to an unheard voice.

Castaliath senses Dhiammarath twines the scent of sweetgrass with the jade-gold of her mindtones. « Your lifemate is frightening mine. »

Elgin is taken aback for a moment at the snap and recoils back to picking at his breakfast silently

Hannah blinks and edges away from Yla. "Uh.. Yla.. but.. no.. I haven't.. really!" Eyes are wide, "Are .. you sure.. you're feeling.. okay?" She gulps and bites her lip.

Castaliath bespoke Dhiammarath with: Castaliath giggles, tangy lemon scents intermingling with the gentle pastal shades. « Yla's strange. I told her you're not a boy draggie. Maybe she thinks she can fly your rider, though. She shouldn't be scared. But I will stop Yla from frightening yours if that is what you want. »

Yla smiles broadly at the goldrider, leaning forward a little more. "Never better, dear." She abruptly breaks off, eyes unfocusing once more, then a brief look of disgust crosses her features. "I frighten you? Faranth girl, I'm only trying to be friendly." A look of wounded pride about her and a glower back at her clutchmate, she grabs her food and tea, stomping over towards Elgin. "How are you today?" she asks. If Hannah's going to reject her, she'll go for the next person she can get her hands on.

Elgin gulps down a mouthfull of food he was picking at and smiles, "Very well, and you?"

"I'm good." Yla says briskly, tossing a quick, "Wimp!" over towards Hannah. Before turning back to Elgin. "I've not seen you around before…"

Hannah blinks again as Yla has turned her sudden attentions away from herself. Sighing a little in relief, she adds sofly, "Not frighten me, Yla, just.. startled, s'all."

Elgin glances back at Hannah and give a soft smiles, then turning back to Yla, "I just became a resident a few days ago.."

"Lucky you," T'rell rejoins the conversation with a wry remark to Elgin, having remained inconspicuous for some time. "Just in time to witness the …" he clears his throat, "… graduation of our weyrlings." He glances to Hannah with an understanding smile — greenriders scare him, too.

Elgin nods and smiles, "So I hear. Suppose to be a very happy occasion."

Hannah nods to T'rell, her eyes wide. Yla is acting /strange/. Elgin gets another shy smile and a "welcome tot he weyr.."

Elgin happily at Hannah, "Thank you."

Yla sticks her tongue out at Hannah, then throws a sidelong look at T'rell. She's not a skeery greenrider. He's prolly about the only person who's safe from her, since she doesn't want to incur Kaeryn's wrath by any means. "Oooh! Yes! We're having our graduation. Bigbig party. Fun times for all!"

Elgin grins, "A Party?? When?"

Carelock strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Carelock nods a greeting to everyone, and wonders aloud if there is any fresh, hot klah available?

Elgin gives a warm, "Hello," To the newcommer and then turns back to his conversation

T'rell points Carelock to the hearth. "Hot it is," he replies. "Fresh? Hard to tell, but probably." He sniffs critically at his own mug, now mostly empty, and then shrugs.

"Soon… can't remember when." Yla's hands flit vaguely in the air. "Soon." Such a simple word that Yla can be so wavery over. "Oh morning Carelock! Yus… klah. That way." She waves cheerily at the brownrider, pointing at the table.

Elgin nods, 'Sounds like a lot of fun."

Hannah offers a shy wave to the entering brownrider. Yla is avoided with a skitteryness that is inherent in her nature, even though this is the same greenrider that helped her during that big weyrling fight. Still, greenrider. Moving to somewhere over near T'rell, a safe bronzerider, she sips her own juice.

Carelock grins. "Thanks," is tossed out to all who pointed her to klah, as she follows the directions, and her nose, to find a pot. Pouring herself a big mug and adding just a touch of sweetening, she then sprawls in a chair, feet propped on the table in front of her.

After a few sips, Carelock's eyes finally open enough for her to realize the Weyrleader is in the room, and a belated salute is tossed his way.

A bronzerider, safe? Well, comparatively so. "Should be quite a party," T'rell nods agreement with Yla, even if he isn't quite as energetic about it. "I hear you folks have been working up an aerial show for the rest of us."

"We have? We have?!" Yla's face crosses with panicked confusion for a moment, before she returns to her previous constantly-amused state. Except towards Hannah. She's gonna put green dye in Dhia's oil for being brushed off like that. Nyah. "Oh yeah, we have. Should be good. Hope so. Cassie's looking forward to it. She's such a show off."

Safe and older is a good combination for the shy Hannah. Yla gets an intimidated look before gaze falls again to her juice.

T'rell belatedly recognizes Carelock's salute, even, and grins slightly as he returns it, beckoning her over. "Mornin'," he greets from a similar position, his feet also upon a chair next to him, reclined. "Sejith's looking forward to it, too," he nods to Yla. "He's been trying to sneak peeks in on your practices, you know."

Blink. Blink-blink. Party? Aerial show? Carelock looks bemused for a moment, then she grins. "Weyrling graduation," is muttered to herself. She recognizes T'rell's invitation, and moseys over to the assembled group, stopping to refill her mug on the way, then sprawling in a new chair.

Yla wags a finger in the air. "Naughty Sejith." she chides, trying not to let the giggles creep into her voice.

Elgin raises an eyebrow, "Sejith?"

The dragonman glances at Elgin, surprised for an instant at the question. "Sorry. My dragon. I'm T'rell," he explains briefly. "He's always curious about weyrlings, but moreso this clutch."

Carelock chuckles. "Morath isn't quite as curious; he's willing to wait for the show itself. But he says it's getting harder to wait."

Elgin nods, sort of understanding, but not completely, but he is satified with the answer for now.

"Really?" Yla sounds faintly surprised at hearing that. "Oh… well… oh… I suppose… yes, I can understand that." And upon the completion of that rather incoherent statement, she nods her head, as if agreeing with herself.

T'rell tosses a questioning glance to Yla, then drains his mug and sets it on the table with an audible *thunk*.

Elgin wonders out loud toward Yla, "So how long does this last usually?"

Hannah just sort of stays off to the side and away from the greenrider's attentions. Looking to Elgin, goldrider asks softly, "How long does what last?"

Yla stares at Elgin for a moment. "What? The tea? As long as it takes to drink it?" She blinks a few more times. "Oh! The demonstration right? Uh… several minutes. Don't want to bore people too much"

Elgin laughs at the misunderstaning, but a little embarassed about correcting her nods, "Ah, interesting. I might come see that." He grins

"Days. Sometimes longer," T'rell answers Elgin resignedly. Yes, he knows what's being referred to.

Elgin thinks for a moment, "Do males act the same way?"

T'rell chuckles softly. "No, thank Faranth." He glances at the young man appraisingly. "Never been around a weyr much before?"

Elgin smiles and almost blushes, "This is the first one I've ever been in…"

Hannah shudders slightly, her eyes landing on Yla. "Yeah.. days.." Mother was always proddy for a while before the actual event. But Mother didn't go proddy all that much since Ysbryth wasn't green.

Yla looks at T'rell a moment, then Elgin, and somewhere in the back of her brain, a little drudge uncovers a glow basket. "Heeeeey!" Pouting distinctly, she shuffles over to the only one person who hasn't pronounced judgement on her. Yet. Oooh Carelock… "They're all saying I'm proddy, do I look proddy to you? Ooh… are those clothes new? They just fit you wonderfully…"

Elgin can't help laughing and looks at Carelock, "Yes, do tell us if you think she is."

T'rell laughs softly at Yla's overflowing energy. "At least she's cheerful," he notes at large, then turns to Elgin. "In any case, let me give you a word of advice… Be prepared when a green goes up."

Carelock blinks. "Clothes?" She looks down at herself, and frowns. "No, they aren't new, and they fit just the same as they always have, and if Castaliath isn't blooding her kill, then Morath doesn't care, so why would I care if you are proddy or not?" Erk. Why did she say that? Obviously too early in the morning, and not enough klah, and her brain isn't connected to her mouth yet.

Yla waves her hand, undaunted by Carelock's attitude. "Nooo… Cassie's not proddy. So I'm not proddy. See?" Considering that Carelock said she didn't care, Yla has a way of plucking something out of thin air, no? "Besides… how would you know if I was proddy? Hmm. Never been proddy. Nope."

Hannah knows the signs and only drops her gaze from Yla, very aware of what the greenrider might not be yet.

T'rell folds his arms across his chest and tilts his chair back. "You know, you're right, Yla, you're not proddy. You're just *way* too cheerful, and that's *got* to mean something." He chuckles. "Now, Elle gets proddy," he pulls up a shining example. "With any luck, you'll just spread cheer around the weyr for a sevenday and be done with it." A pause. "You've talked to the weyrlingmasters, right?"

Carelock shakes her head, deliberately misunderstanding Yla. "You're right, I've never been proddy." Grin at T'rell. "What he said sounds good to me. Although if you continue to be this cheerful this early in the morning, I might have to go soak someone's head in a barrel."

Yla abruptly goes somewhat quiet, enthusiasm dimmed for the briefest of moments. "Hmm… well… you know, they told us about the…" Yla's nails dig into the wood, creating small dints. "… the details, but… um… Heh…" For all the fact that she's now a greenrider, Yla's still a little craftbred girl, with all the baggage that goes with that. She blinks at Carelock for a moment, then smiles. "As long as it's not my head, dear, you go right ahead."

The housekeeper arrives to cart Elgin off to bed.

Carelock laughs. "Sure thing. I'll be sure to tell whomever it is that you gave me permission."

T'rell chuckles at the exchange. "Anyone need a refill? I know I could sure use another mug this morning." He reluctantly pulls his feet back down to the floor as he makes the offer, pushing himself up from the chair.

"No thank you." Yla says, waving her still half-full mug of mosstea vaguely in the air. "I'm good. For the moment."

Hannah hears Dhiammarath's insistant voice and takes that as her cue to scuttle from the caverns.

Hannah walks with youthful grace to the Bowl.

Carelock hastily swallows the last of the klah in her mug, then holds it out to the weyrleader. "Yes, please."

T'rell glances after the retreating goldrider. "Saved by her dragon," he comments softly, taking Carelock's mug in his free hand.

All thoughts of rank briefly escape Yla's head, and she pouts at T'rell. "You saying she needed saving?" She waves a hand dismissively. "She blew me off. I will simply have to wait, bide my time, and take my revenge." And all this is said with a cheery smile. Maybe she /is/ a skeery greenrider.

Carelock laughs. "Just wait 'til she and her dragon go proddy. Revenge will take care of itself."

T'rell refills the pair of mugs at the hearth without immediately replying, but when he returns to the table he sets Carelock's mug down before her and turns to Yla with an impish grin. "So what you're saying is that if, say, Hannah were to be the target of a prank…" he raises his eyebrows at the young greenrider, "… then we'll know exactly who to look for." Then he laughs abruptly at the brownrider's comment. "Oh, aye. Poor kid." He lands again in his chair, causing it to creak in protest as he immediately balances it backwards on two legs.

Yla straightens a little, tugging on her blouse. "Maybe." she says, somewhat archly, before tilting her head. "Hmm… her dragon rising… somewhat less immediate. But I suppose it might do."

Elgin walks in from the South Caverns.

"Come now," T'rell grins to Yla. "Any good prankster knows the value of patience." Now sipping his second mug of morning klah, he's beginning to wake up.

Carelock accepts her mug with thanks, then grins at T'rell. "Revenge is a dish best served cold, eh?"

"Unlike klah," the bronzerider agrees with a wink.

Elgin pours himself a cup of klah and then takes his seat back at the table

Yla contemplates that. "Cold, with a side order of cookies." She finally pronounces, and leans back, having seeming to have decided on a course of action internally. Anyone hear an evil cackle brewing?

T'rell glances to Elgin with a chuckle. "Back so soon? I figured you were waiting 'till Sunshine over here was well and gone." He watches Yla, eyebrow quirked up; mental note — get the weyrbrats to follow her around for a while.

Carelock blinks. "Cold klah and cookies? Blech." Oh, wait. Sheepish grin. "Nevermind."

Elgin laughs and grins, "Oh she doesn't scare me much, " He adds jokingly, "Should she?"

Carelock wisely keeps her mouth shut, but the look she shoots T'rell clearly says, 'Ah, to be that innocent again.'

Yla can escape from weyrbrats though. Unless they've developed the ability to scale sheer rock in order to reach her weyr. Blinking at Elgin's words, Yla turns around towards the man, leaning towards him. "I don't scare you? Well well. I must not be doing my job properly." Let her finish her tea and she'll get on with the scaring. Kay?

T'rell answers Carelock with a quiet grin, then for Elgin's benefit, he considers, scratching the stubble on his chin thoughtfully. About to reply, he closes his mouth again without having spoken — wouldn't want to put any ideas in this greenrider's head. Klah— yes, klah is a good thing. He drinks.

Elgin grins, starting his own mug of klah.

T'rell changes the subject abruptly. "So, Yla, everything I've heard says you folks flew well with the wings in Fall. How was it?"

Carelock carefully considers her response, then quietly murmurs, "I don't remember 'being scary' as being part of the job description when I was a weyrling. Have things changed that much?

Yla's eyes slide away from the surface of her tea. "I'm told so." she says with a grin towards the brownrider, then starts at T'rell's topic shift. "Uh… good. Scary." Try terrifying. "But… uh. No one died. So. Good."

Elgin grins, "Hmm…Scary that seems to be an on going theme with riders doesn't it?"

T'rell nods. "Very good. You're scheduled in for next Fall again, too," he adds. "Seems like you'll all do just fine." He drains his mug, again rising reluctantly. "Sorry, folks. Sejith calls."

Carelock chokes off a laugh. "So, what you're saying is that I'm ancient? I guess I am, at that." Suddenly serious. "Yes, if no one dies and no one gets seriously injured, then it's a good flight." Grin at Elgin. "Some riders."

T'rell strides cheerfully to the Bowl.

"Not… ancient…" Yla says slowly, grinning. "And yes. Some of us. We've been carefully trained to hone our abilities to terrify people." She nods earnestly to accompany her words.

Carelock blinks. "You can say it. I'm ancient and decrepit and disintegrating rapidly." Evil grin. "Unlike some people, I don't mind admitting the truth even when it's not particularly flattering to me."

Elgin chuckles, "well I'll leave you two ladies to work this out." Laughs as he heads towards the bowl

Elgin walks to the Bowl.

Yla tilts her head, wrinkling her nose. "Disintegrating rapidly? Please don't disintegrate into my tea? I'm sure that it would alter the taste quite a bit."

Carelock's eyes unfocus for a moment, then she gets to her feet with a grin. "I'm sure it would. Morath calls, so I guess I have to take my creaky bones elsewhere and your tea will be safe."

Yla nods absently. "Oh yes. Don't let me keep you." she says, sipping at her tea and looking vaguely thoughtful, as if something had just occured to her.

Carelock nods, and tosses off a rakish salute as she leaves. "Have a good one."

Carelock strides to the Bowl.

Elgin walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Elgin waves to Yla as he comes back in, "Everyone left?"

"Yes," Yla says succintly, swirling her tea in her cup. "They ran screaming. Really. Quite amusing."

Elgin laughs, "I'm sure. Why don't you go to the party over at Ista Hold? I heard there was one there."

Yla shrugs lightly. "I might, later…" She blinks for a moment. "Hmm. Cassie's hungry. I'd better go get her food." She gets to her feet, smiling cheerily at Elgin. "Nice t'meet you, by the way."

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