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[[logged by Yla]]


Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.

Tierza walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Jozelle moves gracefully with a habital swing of her hips, up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Beyla seems to be humming to herself, as she sits cross-legged on one of the benches, several hides, with fairly intricate diagrams, scrawled on them. Her notebook sits in her lap, which she's currently scrawling equations in. "*muttermutter* Why'd I say anything about charts?" She hears Tierza and Jozelle come up the stairs and looks at them, waving a hand in greeting.

Tierza says, "Beyla? T'rell ahving you do charts for 'im too? I know /nothing/ about stars, but I'm doing some kind of tracing back to try and find patterns that match the current ones. Any of /that/ make sense to you? Luckily, Tstar is working with me, and she really knows what's going on."

Nanoc walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Beyla peers at Tierza, frowning with thought "Yeah… he caught me while I was still stuck in the infirmary. Aren't there meant to be people in the weyr who do these sort of things as a job?" Not that she minds, or anything. It's better than the latrines or stable duty.

Jozelle is not all that bright, "What charts for stars?" she questions as she reaches the top of the stairs after Tierza. She pulls a strand of hair behind her ear as she looks around the galleries. As she glances back at the stairs, sure enough, Nanoc is coming up as well. "Gee, one person goes and the rest follow?" she says outloud.

Tierza says, "Well, he did say it is good training 'cause we will need this if we are Impressed, and he's looking to see if there is a pattern to this irratic Fall in the apst soemwhere."

Nanoc nods his head "Aye.. ain't gonna stay down there scrubbin' the bowl when ya'll are up here watchin' out, y'know?" Nanoc grins and replies to Beyla at her 'accusation'. "What's up anyway?" he questions the group in general after swinging his legs over a chair and into a sitting position within the front row. "Shards… they're huge!" he states, pointing out and motioning to the eggs.

Beyla sighs, finishing some working and underlining the answer in her notebook, before turning her attention away. "Charts for the skies. Seeing how is affects Fall." she says. "Done quite a bit as a Starrie." So it's like normal work for her, rather than icky chores. "Well, they do have little dragons in them." she points out in response to Nanoc's exclaimation.

Tierza says, "Aren't they?" Spoken almost in a whisper, as if in awe of them all.. She has completely concealed the small diary she sually writes in up here. If she knew it was going to be so busy, she would have gone to the beach! "I wonder how hard they are now.."

Jozelle gives a discussed look, "So I have'ta know about stars for Impressing?" she asks. You see, Jozzie is just not that bright. Sure she does the cleaning, riding— that sort, but reading stars? Faranth! "I thought just chores and swimming were important. Shells, candidacy keeps getting harder." She flops into the chair next to Nanoc, peering at the eggs below.

Tierza says, "Not /for/ the Hatching, but if you Impress it's one of the classes we will be given. Riders need to know how to chart Threadfall."

Nanoc raises a brow "Little? Well, they'll still be big t'me when they hatch… well, sorta." Bigger than a firelizard, yes, but not so much bigger than a runner, rather about half the size if that. Cocking his head and leaning back some, he says "Aye… pretty sure they're pretty hard now… I mean, they were pretty hard the last time we got to touch 'em…"

Tierza says, "I missed the last egg-touching, I was bogged down in some silly chore, I think. probably re-bleaching those pinks back to white." Sighs and hopes there is one more at least. She really wants to make up for that first one where she made such a mistake. "How is Saria, anyway?"

Beyla looks at the eggs, eyes narrowed as she tries to recall. "Yes… I think they were…" Of course, her memories of the event span only a few minutes, so they can hardly be reliable. She sighs, pulling out a new hide and peering at it intently. "Saria? Oh she's been told to take things easy as I recall."

Jozelle grins as she spots one egg in the pile that she has had her eyes on, "There's my beaut." she says as she looks over the hardened eggs. A tear is brought to her eye from last hatchling. "Brings back the memories." she says as she studies the rest of the eggs, wondering which one of them holds her dreams.

Nanoc grins "Much better. She's well rested… should be outta there within time… but she's bein' restricted! And I'm gonna make sure she drinks plenty of water!" And waterboy strikes again "Anyone thirsty? I brought some skins up—" he grins, holding up his rucksack. "Don't wanna dehydrate!"

Beyla glares at Nanoc vaguely, before returning her attention to the hides. "No, that's alright. It's not as bad here as on the sands." she says, rather archly.

Nanoc rolls his eyes "But /still/… you should always make sure you're well hydrated! I ain't luggin' any of yous down if'n pass out or anythin'… and it /can/ happen, even if most of the heat is down there. It's still a bit warm up here…" he remarks assuringly, pulling out one of the skins and waving it around.

Jozelle arches her brow towards Beyla, "Wait until hatching. I believe they add on an extra helping of sands so this place is like walking on hot coals." she makes a face. "Poor Saria, worrying over her queen and the eggs," she says in sympathy.

Beyla eyes Jozelle, and bites her lips, forcing her voice to sound deadpan. "Oh… as if the egg touching wasn't bad enough." she suddenly becomes engrossed with fiddling with the hides around her.

Nanoc sits back, mildly disgruntled at the lack of acceptance for his precious H2O. Shrugging, he downs one skin in a matter of a few gulps and sighs "Shards. That was /the/ best skin of water, I must say. Y'sure you don't want any? Nice 'n cold too!" One last wave of it is given before it's set down to the side.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Tierza off to bed.

"Thick about if it was ten times hotter." Jozzie says as she looks to Beyla. "You may want to look pretty for teh dragons on hatching day, but you come out looking like a mess." Then she mumbles, "Even if you come out empty-handed." she has a smile on her lips, however. She would not have been blessed to be with these wonderful candidates now.

Beyla looks at Jozelle unexpectedly sharply, before glancing down again, smoothing out the hides. "I'm not worried about looking pretty," she says acerbically. "I'm worried about not passing out five minutes in." She bites her lip, trying not to look overly worried and uncertain. "Nanoc, pass me that bloody skin." she says, holding out her hand, suddenly feeling overly warm.

Nanoc nearly jumps out of his seat to hand it over "Here y'go ma'am!" he says brightly "Nice 'n cold… no passin' out now!" Can we say… over pride and joy? "Ye want any Joz?" he questions the other candie, waving another flask in front of her face.

Jozelle snatches the flask out of Nanoc's hand, beaming up at him. "Don't mind if I -do-!" she says with a light chuckle. "Oh come on Beyla!" she says with a grin,"Stop worrying. Hatchings are fun."

"I'm not worried," Beyla replies, making a notation on one of the hides on her right hand side, while taking a sip of water out of her skin. "I'm merely concerned. With good reason, I might add. Or did ye not hear what happened during the egg touching?" she sighs. "I'm almost certainly not going to be able to impress if I'm unconscious." She quirks an eyebrow at Jozzie. But it's an amusing image, though, no?

Nanoc beams brightly as his precious water is accepted by the two "Drink up and plenty 'n ye won't be passin' out no more!" that comment of course directed at Beyla. Turning his head to the side, he adds "And /you/ drink up too! It's always good to be cautious!" that comment going to Jozzie.

Jozelle grins and nods towards Nanoc, holding up her glass. "Of course!" she replies. And why has he so suddenly become the offical waterboy? She quirks her eyebrow, then shakes her head a bit. "Anyway…" Is there something else to discuss?

Nanoc stares blankly down at the eggs before snapping his attention back to the others "Huh…" Just an idle blurp really. "Anyway… yeah. So how much longer y'guys estimatin' that it'll be 'til they hatch?"

Beyla sticks her tongue out at Nanoc. "No, but I'll certainly be needing the bathroom. And it doesn't matter if you're hydrated or not when it comes to heatstroke, just the temperature." Oh, did she not mention that? Well, it seemed easier not to, than argue. She sighs, scooping up the hides into neat little piles. "And I have no idea."

Jozelle looks down at the eggs, scratching the top of her head in thought. "A few more sevendays, I would guess." she replies with. She blinks at Beyla, "I thought it did…." she replies.

Nanoc nods his head "Yeeah, 'cause the water keeps your body temp /down/ so that you won't /have/ heatstroke. Geez." Let the healer feel like the smart person he thinks he is "And I wouldn't be stickin' that tongue out anywhere ye ain't plannin' on using it.." he states with a surprisingly straight face.

Beyla wrinkles her nose at Nanoc. "Yeah, if it's on the /outside/, like being dunked in water, it'd help, but if you're in the process of digesting it, all you're gonna do is really need to go to the bathroom." She frowns and continues stacking her hides. She seems fairly certain on this point.

Jozelle just scratches her head, she must have the brains of a drudge. She just rolls her shoulders as she swirls the glass of water in her glass. "Well, it tastes good." she remarks, coming up with nothing better to say.

Nanoc rolls his eyes, setting his skin down and turning towards Beyla, his hands up as if gesturing "Look, if I remember precisely, according to m'notes—Heat stroke victims are dehydrated and require rehydration. Grant it, y'still need to be submerged in water too, but the main point is that y'dehydrated, and that's the whole cause of it! Also, as demonstrated by y'self, getting the patient to drink may be impossible!" he smirks.

"Well…" Beyla draws herself up, brandishes her pencil, waving it at Nanoc for a moment. "I say… well…." After a moment, she sends a world class glower to Nanoc, then seems to deflate. "Ok, ok. Conceded. But I still think nothing much is gonna help me down there." A finger is jabbed in the direction of the sands.

The other candidate's mind has wandered off. As usual, Jozzie is looking over at the eggs in a dreamish way. "They are very pretty…" she says absently. Sometimes she wonders why she spends so much time to sit here and daydream over them. Of course she could be daydreaming somewhere else too.

Nanoc grins "Oh, you can assure that I'll make sure that you drink up 'fore we all go out there… and 'member, I was gonna be a crutch for ya, so you ain't fallin' none either." It's all convincing, now it's just the follow through that's needed.

Beyla grins as she finishes her stacking, returning her hands to her lap, wrapping them absently around the skin. "Oh, yes, I forgot about my human crutch, thank you, dear." she winks with a grin as she takes another sip of the water.

Jozelle falls asleep.

Nanoc grins"Anytime." Well, sorta. "Anytime y'feel the need to pass out, just give me a hollar, and I'll be sure to drown ye in water… sound like a deal?" It's a perfectly sane deal, realy.

Beyla starts to giggle. Unfortunately, she's taking a sip of water at the time, so she almost spits water halfway across the galleries. Fortunately, though, she catches herself in time. "Deal." she says with a grin.

Nanoc chuckles "Yeeah. That's really lady like… y'self over there all caught up in the fact that ye have to have your skirts, and you're doin' that?" he shakes his head mockingly. "Aye, I swear—-"

Beyla flicks water at Nanoc, with a pout. "Oh, act yer age. I've not quite reached 'lady' age yet, I don't think." she grins. "Complete accident. All your fault for making me laugh."

Nanoc does one of those 'clench your heart' motions to himself, seemingly appalled, but from the smirk across his face, it's not quite so "/My/ fault… surely it can't be /my/ fault. I didn't make ye laught. That's your /own/ apparently involuntary spasms, not mine. And watch that water… ain't good to be wasting it on somethin' like me, y'know."

Beyla rolls her eyes. "We live on an Island." she says, gesturing expansively. "We're not gonna run short on water. I can waste some soaking you." She waggles the water skin warning, as if to upturn it over Nanoc's head.

Nanoc backs up a little "Ye wouldn't dare! And all that water ain't that fresh t'drink right off, I'll have ye know!" he waggles his own finger in front of her as his own warning "And 'lieve me, you do /that/ and I'll be sure to show ya where all these other skins are goin'."

Beyla blinks, attempting to look the paragon and innocence. "Me… I wouldn't do anything…" But she just said… oh never mind. Don't try and understand her. "And where might that be?"

Now does she really want him to answer that? "Well, 'ppose I can show you, eh?" he opens up the rucksack, pulls out two smaller-sized skins, reaches over, and dumps them over her head. "There we go… now ye 'stand?"

Beyla freezes for a moment, sodden hair dripping over her eyes. "You… you… MY NOTES!!!" She gapes at the ruin of the notes on her lap and about her. "RIGHT! THAT'S IT!" She jumps to her feet, shaking her hair out of her eyes. "I'm throwing you to Quarith!" she vows, reaching for him.

"I'd like t'see ye try!" And with that said, he jumps out of his chair, running and hopping over chairs to get to the back "Water ain't gonna kill 'em… they'll dry! Y'said yourself that you don't need to /drink/ the water, that y'needed it on the outside! And well, I felt you needed a little coolin' off to do!" he laughs, yelling over his shoulder.

Tstar walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

"I'm not on the sharding sands!" Beyla hisses, jumping on the bench, so as to gain some sort of advantage of height, clenching her fists. "You little… BRAT!! You've ruined my hair!" The hissing turns into a wail even as she speaks.

Nanoc is getting a real good kick out of this "Y'know what you look like right now?" he laughs hardly, clenching over before he chokes on his own tongue, his own face getting as red as hers "Ye sayin' that your hair's ever been wet eh?"

Beyla raises a finger, waving it at Nanoc. "Don't." she hisses. "Not another sharding word, because otherwise I will rip your intestines out and use them for hair ties." Nice image, eh? She slams down on the bench again, folding her arms and pout-glowering up at Nanoc through a curtain of wet hair.

Nanoc feels his guilty conscience creeping up on him, finding it near impossible to stuff it back down there where his skin protects his intestines. Tossing his hands up in front of him, he smirks, making his way back down to the front, tossing his body lifelessly onto one of the chairs, and not speaking a single word. Just that image… eww.

Beyla always has had something of a vivid imagination, and don't it show? She picks up her notes, frowning as they drip onto the floor. "By rights, I should gut you just for ruining these things." she says, wrinkling her nose in distaste.

Nanoc grins "And I could just use my superior *cough* mendin' skills t'stitch me right back up, eh?" Nice thought, but that's not likely. "Awwe, stop y'complain'… you'll live, trust me."

"I'll live." Beyla says, with a long-suffering sigh. "But my notes are a terminal case." Darn. "I'm gonna have to redo them." She waves a soggy hide at Nanoc. "You get to explain why my charts are late." she says, frowning.

Nanoc sighs, feeling the guit trip smother him "Look, if it's gonna be so bad, I'll redo them, k?" Not that he has any clue as to what he'd be doing, but it's a comprimise, right?

Beyla considers this for a moment, then bobs her head. "Fine." she waves a hand imperiously. "But you'd better get it done before the hide wrinkles overmuch."

Nanoc nods "Aye, just tell me what I'm doin' and I'll get right to 'em!" aka, later sometime. Sitting back, he folds his arms over one another as legs stretch forward to rest upon the railing.

Beyla scratches her nose. "Oh, I dunno…" she says slowly, as if thinking it over carefully. "Are you sure your waterboy mind can wrap around it?" Fortunately she's out of arm's reach at the moment, and he's already emptied the water flasks over her.

But there's still that one skin that has yet to be emptied, but now it's picked up and clenched into Nanoc's grasp. "Aye well… I dunno then." Nah, he's not really up to copying the hides over. He just wanted to to stop whining, really.

Tstar falls asleep.

Beyla just waves a hand at the notes. "Well, as long as you actually do them." she says with a sigh that says 'if you ever do'.

Nanoc rolls a shoulder "I might… 'pends if I can figure it out." You know, because copying notes from one place to another requires a great deal of thinking and concentrating. Riiiight. "When'd you need them for?"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Tstar off to bed.

Beyla didn't actually get a deadline, but it's fun to provide one, no? "Tomorrow morning." she says, stacking up the dripping hides and holding them out expectantly.

Nanoc looks the hides over good, then looks her cross in the face "Are you shardin' serious? Y'think I'm gonna get all of 'em done /that/ quickly?" Well, he can always stay up all night and keep the others up, rgiht?

Naomi bounces up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Beyla smiles sweetly. Well, if he keeps the others up, Beyla can still blame it on him for tipping the water over her head. Muaha. "Yes, indeed." she says solemnly. "TOmorrow morning."

Nanoc just stares at her for a moment with a distrusting look before his attention is diverted towards Naomi with whom he greets with a smile "Heya, how goes?" No, he's not really that happy right now, though he does manage a faint grin through his grumbling that he turns back to Beyla with.

Revenge is sweet, ain't it? Beyla smiles at Naomi, happy now, in spite of the fact that she has been thoroughly soaked, courtesy of Nanoc. "Good day, Naomi." is offered cheerfully.

Naomi wanders along in, clearly not too concerned with … well, anything. "What? Did you say something to me?" is asked of Nanoc, and then, in turn, of Beyla, a hand going over her heart. "I cannot answer such meaningless questions as these."

"Er… quite." is all Beyla can think to say in return to Naomi, reaching up and trying to wring out her stripy hair. Getting wet should be reserved for bathing, in her opinion, not the galleries.

Nanoc laughs, turning his head to look back out at Naomi "Aye… they ain't meaningless… nothin's meaningless in this Weyr, trust me with that… anything said can just as easily be backed up. Water?" he grins, holding out the clutched skin, just minorly protective of it from Beyla.

"Water? You wish me to drink water?" Naomi looks shocked — but it is clearly feigned, for in an instant, the expression is replaced with one far less offended. "Sure, why not?" Hand reaches out to accept the skin, and she eyes Beyla, smiling only slightly. "You're really sweaty, girl. Need to go back to the infirmary?"

"I'm not sweating," Beyla says archly. "He," and here she stabs a finger in Nanoc's direction. "Saw fit to dump flasks over water over me, not only ruining my hair, but my notes as well." Grr.

Nanoc grins ever so innocently "She called for it, really. She was tryin' to tell me that heatstrokes from bein' all dry on the outside… so, I took preventative measures." Simply put, yes. Smart move, probably not.

Naomi, hearing that, chuckles, and gives a nod to Nanoc. "Good one." She can't really help it, can she? Yet still, there's a moment of sympathy for poor Beyla, as Nao eases into a seat by her and wraps an arm comfortingly across her shoulders. "You can borrow my notes, if you wanna." Not that she has notes. "You gonna give me that water or not, boy?"

Beyla shakes her head slowly at Naomi. "No… these are those charts I got told to do by T'rell." she says, "The one's in for tomorrow." She tries to convey the 'I'm trying to get my own back here' in her glance to Nao.

"She needed it." Nanoc states firmly before hesitating to give the skin over to Naomi "Here y'go, drink up! Should be still cold… it ain't been that long, I don't think."

Naomi accepts the skin and takes a long drink, before looking back to Beyla, cheeks bulging with all the water in her mouth. "Mwahf nyoh?" is the first question, and then… *gulp*. The girl clutches her neck for a moment, before squeaking out, "You sure?" in Beyla's direction.

"I'm sure." Beyla says firmly. "And since Nanoc so unkindly ruined them, I leave it to him to copy them out again." Ha. Take that.

Nanoc rolls his eyes and snorts "Yeeah, but y'know.. with my lack of skill in hide copyin'" *cough* Right "I ain't so sure I'm gonna get 'em done.. but I'll stay up all night and copy 'em over, and /you/ can do m'chores for me tomorrow since I'll be much too tired to do 'em. Deal?"

"Oh, but I'll have to deliver them to T'rell." Beyla says, eyes all wide and innocent. "And then I'll be collecting more to do. I couldn't possibly take over your chores. They just wouldn't get done." Believe her, this is an innocent little face.

"I'll do them!" Naomi chirps, setting aside the skin to lean forward, elbows on her knees. "I'm more experienced than this guy, anyways." Hand is gestured hopelessly to Nanoc, and no name is given to identify him, as though all of a sudden her memory's gone blank.

Nanoc raises a 'brow "And what just makes y'so sure that you're more experienced eh?" And that can be taken on with many different meanings, but well, we all know what they're talking about, right?

Naomi blinks at Nanoc, biting her lip. "'Cause I'm just better. Who are you to argue with me, anyways?" Whoa. Someone been taking lessons from Lorsalia? Ah-hem. "Nevermind. You can have 'em all to yourself, boy, and do your chores, too."

"And she's a starcrafter," Beyla adds, smiling sweetly to Nanoc, wet hair pushed back from her face. She's just ignoring the soaked state of her top now.

Nanoc shakes his head "No no… if you /so/ think you're better than me, then /you/ do 'em, k? And I'll just do my chores." Turning back to Beyla, he shrugs "Point bein'? I'm a healer."

"The point being," Beyla says, leaning forward slightly. "That she knows more about charts than you do." Actually, Naomi, being a senior, also knows more than Beyla, but let's not talk about that, eh?

"No, no… I'd never deprive you of the personal pride found in recopying people's notes." And as for Naomi knowing more about charts than Beyla… well, we'll see about that. "In fact, I think it'd do you well to learn a little charting. Something to bring back to the healers should you fail to walk off those sands with a lump of hide to call your own." Hand waves towards the sands in a meaningless gesture, and then returns to be placed on Nanoc's shoulder.

"Like I said, she can have 'em. But I've got experience with charts" not necessarily these "bein' a healer 'n all… we do charts too, I'll have ya know. But no, feel free to do the charts y'self. I wouldn't want to hurt your own pride… after all, I /am/ just a healer… you've far too much more expertise with the charts as she stated" he motions to Beyla "More practice you y'self, the better, eh?"

Kaltia walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Egan squees up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Kaltia steps up the stairs lightly, obviously in a better mood then she has been in recently. Grinning at the others, she moves to stand near the sands, eyes darting over the eggs there.

From the hatching sands, Quarith raises her head and eyes the candidates in the galleries with quiet disdain.

"Hey Kaltia," is Beyla greeting, as she drops the hides into Nanoc's lap. "Now, don't forget," she reminds. "I want to see those letters neat and printed. Not illegibly scrawled." Not like hers in other words.

Nanoc winces "Oh, pity… all I have is messy writin'." Hardly true "Guess I can't really do 'em, eh? 'les of course I took /longer/ than when they're supposed to be handed in…"

Lorsalia steps up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Kaltia glances over her shoulder at the greeting, taking a few steps away from the edge of the sands to peer at Nanoc. A questioning gaze is directed at Beyla. "What are you making him do?" Big queen is watched out of the corner of her eye. Just in case.

"Recopy all of the notes he ruined." Beyla says succintly, "When he dumped water over my head." Hence the reason why she's dripping wet and sitting in a puddle.

"Well, now that that's settled, I expect I've got enough to do without wasting my time 'round here. Not that y'all are a waste of my time, just that, well…" Erm. Naomi purses her lips, then backs away, and finally, flees down the stairs. Not gonna finish that statement.

Naomi goes home.

Egan enters. Tada. Sorta. And then just stands there, eyes drifting Beyla and Nanoc-wards. And he catches those words about… neat handwriting. "Bleh," is all he comments at first, taken a few shuffles to Beyla and company, before giving another… 'bleh'. "I guess I could write them, seeing /I/ have good handwriting." Nod, nod.

"She needed a 'lil coolin' off 'fore she died of /heatstroke/!" is Nanoc's reprimand to the situation "She called for it… I was just tryin' to help out some." *nod* And a cute little innocent grin later, he sits back in the chair, hides put aside for the times being.

"I did not, you brat." Beyla says, frowning and glaring at Nanoc. "And no, dear," she says to Egan. "That's not necessary. He more than earned recopying duty."

Lorsalia prances into the Galleries, humming a little off-key tune to herself. Rather than join the other candidates, though, she makes her way towards the sands to gaze at the eggs. She could do this for ages, she could.

Nanoc snorts and glares right back at Beyla "Yeah you did!" Sorta. He knows what he's talking about, really he does. Rolling his eyes, he flicks his attention back to nothingness before turning and staring out at the eggs, finding nothing better to do for the times being—aside from the hides of course which he'll uh, get to later. Sure.

Egan will protest. "But really, what if he says he wants me to?" That would only make sense. "And if I have to, then I'll just pour water on you. And your notes. So that I'll have to them." Once again, it appears only logical.

Lorsalia tunes out the others as she leans on the bit of rope seperating her from the hot sands. Quietly, she swings back and forth, her mind creating a story about another group of candidates and their own experience here as she does so. The princess does have an imagination, afterall, and stories are only natural for an apprentice storyteller.

Beyla stares at Egan for a long moment. "You. Wouldn't. Dare." she says to him slowly. Mental imagery of removing intestines comes to mind. Believe her, doing that to her notes is a bad idea.

Nanoc grins, liking Egan's suave advice "Aye, I like y'plan, man! I'm all for it… have at 'em if you want." he more than willingly hands the hides off to the nanny "Aye, but make sure you have 'em by tomorrow morn'in.. 'ccording to Beyla, anyway."

Egan nods. "'Course. Tomorrow morning. No problem." Beyla only receives an eye - one learned from a few turns of Nannying - simply stating that he would, even if he wouldn't, but if he would but wouldn't, wouldn't he would, instead of wouldn't, so that he would? Err. Mrf. "I have nice handwriting," he boasts to himself, or anyone else near him. Beam.

Beyla snatches the hides out of Egan's hands. "Don't be ridiculous." she insists firmly. "Nanoc ruined them, therefore he must recopy them, and don't even entertain thoughts of doing it for him!" Got that?

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